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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 20, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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next tuesday october 27 at 2:00 p.m. thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day, tomorrow night molly hemingway and brian morgenstern, only on this program. you are welcome and good night. liz: two weeks ago president trump heading to another rally, this time in pennsylvania you're looking at a life picture from the scene the first lady feeling under the weather and recovering from covid-19 but will be there, this is news coming in the real clear politics average show that president trump has cut his deficits and half in the state ofth pennsylvania and down shy f four-point, this race is kidnapped, the stocks are higher on the day in hopes that nancy pelosi will break a stalemate in covid-19 relief in the senate
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will vote monday amy coney barrett to the supreme court. with us tonight on the major headlines and much, much more, harmeet dhillon, ken starr, joe concha, kelli armstrong and acting custom and border protection commissioner mark morgan here are the developments of the day, pressuring the attorney general to act before the election on the hunter biden laptop e-mail story, that story is taking hits from critics over credibility problems, we will break it down, rudy giuliani says more hunter biden documents as the new york post puts up an photo showing joe biden meeting with hunter biden's business partner in kazakhstan despite joe biden knowing anything about his sons business dealing, we will break that down in the debate over this more than 60 former intelligence officials who suspect hunter biden e-mails or russian disinformation but admit they can't know either way and can't say for sure either way whether the biden e-mails are f fake and more on the
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intercept green greenwald questioning the main mainstream media silence around the hunter biden story, this is the media has a long history reporting on the biden leveraging the greatest assets, joe biden's name, this happened around the world from china to ukraine to rumania to costa rica, we will show you all of that and show you how that compares to the accusations of the trump family dealings amid the presidency, growing criticism democrats ignoring how migrants lives are put in danger from illegal border crossing put inn danger from human and drug traffickers, thank you for joining user i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. okay, look who is here and t who is back, harmeet dhillon, transparency 20 advisory board member, it is so great to always
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have you t back on, there is blowback against the president to the attorney general a prosecutor on the biden laptop e-mail story before the election critics say that is wrong, frank lund says it is a mistake to only campaign on the bidens, other people say the trump campaign is not doing that, when you heard the headlines, what was your first response and your reaction. >> first i would say the president has by far not only campaigning on the bidens, i would say is not being mentioned enough but the president is talking about his record this is a referendum on his record and he's done a tremendous job growing our economy but biden story cannot be ignored and it is not just because implications for the next four years but crimes that were committed in our country by the biden family and by his son peddling access for whatever his reasons were, we know all the foreign
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oligarchs and crypto class are selling actress to our country in the white house. that could be a crime and that needs to be investigated for the integrity of our entire system of government.. liz: the debate is coming in the trump campaign objected that the debate is not traditionally customarily about foreign policy. it will be about national security, ron johnson and senator lankford said the fbi should debrief the senate on the national security concern over the biden story, how should a president handle this at the debate thursday night? >> the way that the entire debate situation has evolved this year is very disappointing and i say that as a republican, i know republicans agreed to
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this format but never again should we agree to let the left and liberal reporters control this process, cutting off the president potentially which is what the democrats want to do during this important last debate is terrible, we need to hear from each of the candidates what their vision is so in terms of the question regarding in briefing the senate, the fact that a person close to the vice president was selling access to the whitete house and we see photographs of the very shady foreign characters with joe biden in different locations, we need to get toha the bottom in terms of disinformation, i am concerned that foreign governments are targetingof famy members of the bidens, the potential future president, all of that needs to be brief, if the debate moderator will no not ask the important questions on everybody's mind i'm confident the president will throw those questions out and put joe biden to the test even though there is a two-minute clock there will be six minutes of uncocked on
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interrupted discussion time where they can exchange views during each segment and i'm pretty sure the president will ask hard questions. >> we are expecting the president is going to say voters eve a right to know how and whether or not joe biden was compromised by the business dealings involving his family, not just his son hunter, also nts brothers and others too. we will dig into that in the next segment when you some more than 50 former intelligence officials who worked for four presidents including under president trump when you sell that they signed a letter saying russian disinformation and they admitted they don't know for sure and cannot say either way, the question is these and ominously sourced story saying this is russian disinformation when there is no proof of that when the biden campaign has not aidenied the laptop and the validity of the e-mails, when you see this coming when the letter signed by obama intelligence officials like john brennan and james clapper, when you see those stories out there,
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do you think there is any way that the media will push further to get to the bottom what happened with joe biden and his family. >> i don't expect the media to push harder because it gets its talking points from the very people who have betrayed our oath to the country i say that not lightly but the very same people whoho are saying russian disinformation, they said the same thing about president trump and said that was not true so why would we be surprised that there saying this, i'm a simple country lawye lawyer that in a courtroom somebody coming with an affidavit signed by 50 people with no personal knowledge the judge would throw that out as incompetent not evidence of anything other than they are biased and their support for joe biden and willingness to do it by any means necessary but the most shocking thing, big tech has suppressed truthful reporting on the very scandal and it may be too late for the
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senate and congress to do anything about it but what i missed opportunity if we are not able to hold them accountable for lying to the p american pe people. liz: the question, the media including the new york times, washington post and wall streety journal have been unable to verify the new york post report of hunter biden's influence peddling, the question is how social media handle that story but should journalists stop digging once they hear it's russian disinformation, she keeps going because russian disinformation is a crime, shouldn't people try to get to the bottom i of it just as journalists try to get to the bottom of the steele dossier and the general flynn story. >> absolutely, of course they should, in the united states and i'm a first amendment lawyer, journalists have been responsible for getting to the
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bottom of major coverups in our country and major crimes, pollution issues, abuse of children in human beings and trafficking, why are they advocating the responsibility out of their tremendous power iw this critical time should we all like to know if there are members of any political family in the united states who have been compromised and politicians running for the highest office in the country who have taken bribes, that is the allegation not to put too fine a point on it, has joe biden toly benefit s son or himself compromised his position, let dogs or criminals or crooks into the white house or into his orbit, done favors which almost seems to be the case with the burisma situation, people need to know one way or the other and if you're good reporter and wanted joe biden to win you would help them out by getting to the bottom and assuring people that these e-mails are fake that the people on them did not actually send them or receive them but they are not doing their job, they are trophy directly to suppressing all this information and by doing so they are destroying their own credibility
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as the objective arbiters of the truth in t information. liz: this story will not go away, remember the clinton whitewater story the trump russian collision story which is been out there for four years, the story will not go away abiding wins, they will still go after right? >> absolutely and this story is just getting started, i think we will hear a lot more and see other shady characters pop up over coming days. liz: great to see you, thank you for joining us, come back soon. >> thank you, liz. liz: former independent counsel ken starr with more on the debate the more than 50 intelligence officials suspect the hide hunter biden with russn disinformation but they cannot admit either way if for sure what it is and whether or not the e-mails were fake, ken starr is going to take this on next
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and break it down. stay with us. >> itdid you see "shifty" schiff we think the laptop was made by russia. , he just said it was made by russia, here we go again, russian didn't, russia, russia, russia, the head of dni came out and said that was false information. ♪ could have used a little salt. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be.
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liz: let's welcome back to the show former independent counsell ken starr, it is always great to have your perspective and insight, when you saw more than 50 former intelligence officials, more than 50 who worked for four presidents including president trump when you saw that they signed a letter the hunter biden story the laptop e-mail look like russian disinformation and they admitted they can't see either way and they don't have evidence or the e-mails are real or fake, is this throwing accelerant on the story and making it worse for the bidens, what was your reaction when you saw it. >> my reaction is that it was a political act, it was not an act otof professionalism, let's analyze these documents, let's look at the vice president's calendar, there is something that does not seem right and it looks like russian disinformation, i think it was
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an act in thehe political campan and they should be ashamed and simply say let's find out, let's track it down, there's ways of doing that, let's get the job done. liz: glenn greenwald has said the cia, the fbi, the nsa are manipulating the american people by basically putting anonymous information into stories saying this is russian disinformation when they have provided no proof of that, dni ratcliffe said there's no evidence of the, it is sort of like a conclusion of where the mines come to rest, the russian disinformation was not look into it let's undercut the story but not verify any of that, does that feel to you what's going on. >> it appears to be, don't bother me with the facts, i see these very inconvenient facts in the calls should be let's
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investigate and's find out is ts authentic were not and as was just said if it is disinformation, it's civil actions that are appropriate but from what little i have seen and we have not seen all that much, there are a lot of in bishop of reliability have not seen jump to a conclusion but certainrs indicators that this should be taken seriously instead of being dismissed out of hand, i strongly disagree with the idea that it's russian disinformati disinformation, but spare your heads in the sand. liz: if you do not dig into it and if it's russian disinformation, that is a crime and election meddling, that shouldea be pursued, if you leae it hanging out as russian disinformation and you let it go
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at that, then you can dismiss the story as unverified and unproven and undercut it, we have obama and james clapper pushed the russia conspiracy theory, we need to get to the steele dossier in the general flynn use the abuses of power, isn't the sort of the same thing. >> it looks like it can bee very close to that and instead of shouting we don't want to look at this, why don't we hear the shout, were interested in the facts, we want the facts to come out and assess the facts, we don't have to jump to any conclusions or make any accusations against anyone but letson fact take a professional attitude as opposed to a political attitude, were in the election season and we need more professionalism and less politics, we are not getting it, there are truth seekers, let's step back and say there are people, cops on the beat, i is doingw what the fbibi
9:19 pm
or the other intelligence t committee doing, but we do know in the fourth estate in the media there are truth seekers and we need more of them. liz: joe biden's tax returns, we are still digging into them to see if there's any evidence, did you see the story about hunter biden getting a deal with the former executive of china with the chinese energy company where the e-mails indicated that 20% is jointly shared fun is going to be 20% went to hunter biden in 10% for the bigeye we don't know if that is joe biden or not but were digging into that that the 2017 story, i would like you to listen to former deputy, let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> i don't think he's going toth do that and i am not sure he should, i'm not sure the fbi should be involved this close to
9:20 pm
an election in answering a specific question like that. but you already had an answer fromre the director of national intelligence which is very significant development that is kinda being censored by the mainstream press where he said there's no indication whatsoever that this is russian disinformation, i am confused and i'm troubled by the outright censorship going on, where was the skepticism when the steele dossier came out in 2017, we heard about four years when it was pretty obvious early on that it was ridiculous. liz: your thoughts on that? >> bingo soul weisselberg hit the proverbial homerun, he is exactly right and everything should listen carefully to what john radcliffe, the dci is saying, let's take this seriously and find out. liz:z: ken starr, thank you for
9:21 pm
joining us, come back soon. >> thank you lives. >> nex.liz: joe concha takes ons big story the intercept glenn greenwald he is saying there is a mainstream media tone of silence around the hunter biden story when the biden campaign is yet to fully denyy the e-mails and deny that hunter laptop is false too, i will show you the long history of how the media did report on the bidens leveraging the greatest asset, joe biden's name they leveraged around the world from china to ukraine to rumania, to iraq in costa rica and more. that story is next. >> adam schiff is seriously the most pathological liar in all of american politics that i have seen in all of my time covering politics and journalism, he fabricates and accusations at the drop of a hat the way people
9:22 pm
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liz: let's talk the hill media reported back on the show joe concha, always great to have you on. do you think there's a tone of silence in the media around the new york post story about hunter biden's laptop with the influence peddling e-mails that strickland greenwald says, when we were finding a long history of media like abc, the new york times, washington post reporting on the bidens cashing in on the family name. >> tone of silence, it's almost like a pillow to the face, complete and total suppression that thou shall not mention the story, if you share the story on social media, twitter and facebook made sure last week that your account was locked out, ask kayleigh mcenany, the term campaign in terms of that, this is barely being covered, there is no curiosity, that's probably the number one adjective to describe in the past in terms of answering very
9:27 pm
simple questions, does a computer belong to hunter biden, are the e-mails authentic because abiding camp is not denying it, they would say these are absolutely fabricated, you would think and if they are real, joe biden lied when he said he did not talk to his son about any of the foreign dealings, those are three very basic journalism one-on-one questions that should be asked and explored at this point but instead we are seeing complete and total suppression and if joe biden has ever asked the question as he did on sunday he yells down the reporter and there's no condemnation from the media in terms of attacking the free press like with donald trump if he's unhappy with the question, is not just oppression at this point, the boston globe has an headline out today, enough about hunter biden what about ivanka trump, but in this case what about hunter biden pretty substantial evidence, knows not been verified but can we explore verifying the information i thought that was a
9:28 pm
job journalist were supposed to do. >> we have been looking into it what the bidens have been doing, is not just hunter biden getting a consulting fee from the early 2000 while joe biden was helping in bna with consumer bankruptcy provisions in new laws that would stop consumers in discharging debt, has to do with nbc reporter, hunter biden getting involved with the real estate tycoon in romania and construction deals in iraq, land development and costa rica, the bidens cashing in on the biden family name has been a story that has been out there, how does this compare to the criticism that the president's family has been doing the same thing. >> it is interesting, i'm old enough to know the trump meeting that happened in 2015 that was reported a couple of years later and were hearing about indictments for donald trump jr.
9:29 pm
and how was that was a real smoking gun when donald trump jr. jared kushner met with the russian lawyer that wanted to talk about adoptions and that dominated the new cycle and journalist became very curious about everything that went on during the meeting that turned out to be completely false, as with the dossier, the important sounding dossier sound like it's out of a bond film, without the dossier you don't have pfizer warnings, the dossier does not get into the public domain except for buzzfeed put that out there without verifying it as did cnn and that led to the special counsel investigation that ate up to a half years of the country's time that led to a show about nothing like seinfeld absolutely nothing with impeachment and wasting this time instead of solving the problems that this country has and there are many. at this point hunter biden will not go out there and defend himself, he's been told not to say word but joe biden is on a 96 hour debate prep since sunday
9:30 pm
before debate happening thursday night which you would think for 47 years, you probably know your record by now and where you stand on things but the vice president hiding as well and you can say it's debate prep but it coincides pretty much with the story possibly getting bigger and glenn greenwald is right, let's be clear who glenn greenwald is, he's a cofounder, he is not getting the invite to c pat, he's quite to the left this is not just a conservative complaining about a story not being covered but he knows good journalism when he sees it. when he talks of autumn shift being the most pathological liar in this country and somebody who changes his mind or fabricate stories more than people change underwear, i hate to bring up that with the recent new cycle, adam schiff in his first year alone in donald trump's presidency, 227 tv interviews, 111 on msnbc, 87 on cnn talking
9:31 pm
about russia collusion and proof that he had, i've yet to see the proof presented. yet he still gets airtime. liz: i want to jump in. lelet's listen to glenn greenwa, he challenged journalist to say with a straight face, if you believe the mills related to the bidens were fabricated or fraudulently altered, then say so, the bidens are staying silent, the fbi staying silent watch glenn greenwald with tucker carlson explaining here are the basic questions that should be asked about this. >> what makes it so much worse the reasons the bidens are not answering basic questions about the story like did hunter biden drop the laptop off at the repair shop, are the e-mails authentic, do you deny that they are, do you claim any had been
9:32 pm
altered or fabricated, did you in fact meet with burisma, the reason that they don't answer the questions is because the media has signaled that they do not have to, journalists will be attacked and vilified simply for asking. liz: your final word. >> if the president brings us up on thursday, joe biden will point to the press and said this has been disproven in the smear campaign and he will run into a brick wall unless there's a moderator to hold joe biden's feet to the fire after the president draws us out we'll be right back to where we started, it's up to journalist to pursue this and nobody is up for the task. liz: that's the important point about the moderator, it's great to have you on. >> pleasure is always on the side of the camera. liz: and a special programming note we are having on tomorrow night the intercept cofounder glenn greenwald, he will be my special guest on "the evening
9:33 pm
edit". just ahead congressman kelly armstrong from house judiciary, we will break down the extent of the biden leveraging their most important asset, there last name as rudy giuliani says morse under more documents will come out tomorrow on the biden family on what they were doing to cash in on the bidens name. that story next. >> joe biden is always and always has been a corrupt politician. joe biden is a corrupt politician and you know what, you knew that and a lot of people knew it for a long time but now you have the laptop, it is over. it is over. ♪
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♪. >> he is also not wanting >> he is also not wanting to answer the critical questions what he knew about hunter bidens alleged corrupt activities, what
9:38 pm
he knew about the interference, i find it fascinating that some of the monies to the biden family broadly come from romania, ukraine and china in the very three countries that joe biden was a special envoy too, when you look at this, the comparisons are very troubling. liz: that was white house chief of staff mark meadows talking about the bidens cashing in on the family's most important asset, their last name, he said it ranges from china to ukraine to russia, you romania, were finding iraq, costa rica and more this was happening while joe biden was overseeing foreign policies vice president, this is about the biden family getting money from people paying for connection from the bidens position as vice president, let's welcome back to the show
9:39 pm
congressman kelly armstrong of houseees judiciary, when you fel this coming out the story keeps getting hotter joe biden is off the campaign trail, there is a time when new york times, the washington post, abc reported on all of this and now there is silence on it, what is going on. >> there is a political story about communications and james biden saint all over the world with willing to cash in, this is why the computer in the e-mails between vice president biden and hunter biden are so important because he lied when he said he did not talk to anybody about his global doings in this is been going on for a long time and it's shocking that nobody is doing more to i investigate it. liz: abc reports the final year of the obama investigation, he meets with them under wealthy romania tycoon when vice president joe biden was pushing
9:40 pm
romania to cracked under corruption there is no evidence of any improper activities but not enough reporting or intelligence officials looking into it, you have the new yorkt. times, political, abc looking into it, you brought a paradigm, that was joe biden's brother taking over an investment phone call, paradigm was starting to solicit money from unions, labor unions and their pension funds, so he was basically quoted as saying, we have people, investors lined up around the world who want to message joe biden, we have 747 planes lined up filled with cash, this is the stuff that we are seeing when we dig into the story, are you seeing the same thing. >> absolutely we know at the very least that hunter biden was trying to profit offff of this o what his father knew is a viable question and again, from what we already know, we know that joe biden line saying he would never
9:41 pm
talk to his kids about financial doings because the veracity of information on the laptop is somewhat of a question but the more and more that we know the more it's being confirmed and nobody is talking about this and this is really important stuff, imagine if you flipped this up crossed and i think i told you this before, imagine if the names were donald trump jr. and mark under mike pompeo, the media would be going ballistic from one end of this country to the other and instead they're avoiding the question. liz: isn't it serious enough that you need to get toth the bottom of the veracity of the laptop because of the e-mailse, are true and indication that it is true, this is basically the vice presidential office being used and abused by foreign access, pay to play, get to the bottom of it. >> the vice president's family was definitely attempting to
9:42 pm
sell access to the vice president which is where you start first, i want to do something that my friends on the other side of the aisle did not do two years under the mueller investigation and the impeachment hoax and i want to give anybody the benefit of the doubt but in order to give people the benefit of the doubt we should investigate this and it's'siv fascinating to me thate absolute code of silence that exist across the spectrum regarding this issue because it's very serious. >> is not just the vice president it was when he was w a senator of senate foreign relations, we have the hunter biden family, the joe biden family members with construction deals in iraq, land development deals in costa rica and reaching out to union pension funds to get their money into an investment fund that joe biden's brother ran, hunter biden doing business deals around the world, piggybacking on to air force to and getting secret service
9:43 pm
protection for hundreds of trips around the world, former acting dni ric grenell told us that he is hearing from the intelligence community and state department officials that they were upset with what hunter biden was doing using u.s. embassies around the world to conduct business, shouldn't we look into the calendars and see what's going on, shouldn't the fbi in intelligence community be pointed on that and how was foreign-policy bent or shaped in any way by all of this o going . >> i agree, you don't have to take it from my side of the aisle, john kerry stepson mourned him, the obama was concerned and we heard from witnesses about the impeachment that they were concerned about his involvement in marie's mom, this is not just the republicans, democrats have raised the concern for years and now two weeks before the most consequential election, were just not going to talk about it, that is fascinatingly journalistic malpractice and it
9:44 pm
really smells. liz: kelly armstrong, thank you for joining us, come back soon. liz: coming up mark morgan on the growing criticism of democrats ignoring migrants lives, when those lives are put in danger, when they do illegal border crossings, put in danger by human and drug traffickers and more, before we go tore the break, we're going to talk about that after the break but before we go to w the break, answer ths question, can you guess which politician said we simply c cant let people for into the u.s. undetected, undocumented, unchecked which donald trump would say that, senator mitch mcconnell, can you guess who said it, the answer a is next. >> as a result of people that are migrating coming in and
9:45 pm
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>> we actually traveled the world showcasing stories of migrants to america coming in legally as well as the impact of illegal immigration on americans and one of the things that is so disturbing is lives lost on both side of it, i think you forget to be humanitarian of the democratic party and we call ourselves the party of humane behavior, then what we need to do is truly understand the issue and understand the messaging is actually killing people, it is not helping people i gotta tell you if you're a moderates democrat out there on the fence please watch the movie or do your due diligence before you vote because where the democratic party right now is on illegal immigration is not a
9:50 pm
good idea. liz: that was filmmaker, she is a registered democrat, she talked with us last night how she started out making what she thought would be a documentary sympathetic to illegal immigration, after years of investigating she came to a very different conclusion, she changed her mind she said it is safe -- unsafe, dangerous and wrong for people to illegally cross the border, it can cost them their lives, she said the humanitarian way is to do it legally, go through the ports of entry, if you don't you will be subject to human traffickers, drug traffickers and more. joining me not to talk about it border protection commissioner mark morgan, it's always great to have you on, it's always interesting to hear people do a 180 and the thinking when they find the information really going on atg the border, she thought the border patrol was bad and there wase bad people d
9:51 pm
their being awful to illegal immigrants, she said no it's democrats who are wrong, weree you surprised. >> noise not, everything she's been saying, we've been saying this for a long time, people ae down on both sides, it'sbo absolutely right the smugglers are nothing but a commodity in the illegal immigrants that are dying on a regular basis, 5000 rescues last year by border patrol. liz: we just came up against a hard break, i feel so terrible, we will come right back after ls little money and answer the question which politician said we can't let people pour into the u.s. undocumented, unchecked, the answer at the break, do not cheat. have left blood thinners behind with watchman. it's a one-time, minimally invasive procedure that reduces stroke risk--
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♪. liz: we asked that the break which politician said we cannot let people pour into the u.s. undocumented, unchecked the answer is barack obama he said in 2014, let's bring in mark morgan acting tbb commissioner let's return to the documentary filmmaker she had a real 180 a change of heart, change of mind about what's going on at the border that there is a dangerous to come via illegal border crossings, can you take that on.
9:56 pm
>> she is absolutely right, we see this again and again, when you go to theo border and investigate what is going on this is a conclusion that every rational personco comes to, it s any humane thing to encourage illegal immigration, but through the entire southwest border, again and again, agents and officers in the rescues where they save people countless liv lives, countless rescues, every single day this is happening just a couple of days ago border patrol encountered 24 -year-olds that had been abandoned by their parents and turned over to smugglers put them in a raft, sent them across the river to fend for themselves, that is not the main policy, this administration understands that and we tackle this crisis head-on. liz: the critics, media critics are saying the confidence of the people covering the story like like the washington post and
9:57 pm
calling anti-immigrant, the presidency, president trump is not saying his anti-immigrant, many people in the country are pro-immigrant, the country was built by immigrants, people were support humanitarianism and legal immigration but we need to illegally use objectors after criminals and criminals who are predators and prey upon people trying to come here, one in three women reportedly subject to sexual assault and rape trying to come here illegally, we have 70 more crimes that go unreported with the illegal border crossing, is that true. >> it's absolutely true, that's another thing i know this president and he is farthest from what they're saying anti-immigrant, that is absolutely a false narrative that a lot of people arera tryig to betray, your asked to lewdly write how you characterize us,
9:58 pm
expectation begins once they get to the united states, a lot of them become trafficking and they did not even realize they would be a victim of trafficking until there in the middle and it's too late this happens on aeg regular basis across the southwest border. liz: in other words you come here legally, you could be basically pulled into the human and trafficking ring, that's what's going on at the border, hillary clinton that said a decade or so ago we gotta control our border, chuck schumer said illegal immigration is wrong plainlo and simple and nancy pelosi said we certainly do not want anymore illegal immigrants coming in and we talked about human trafficking and trafficking, we gotta talk about the drug trafficking because the second biggest in dea history and enough doses for every man woman and child in the mexico and u.s. is also the drug
9:59 pm
cartels are involved in illegal border crossings as well. >> that's absolutely right another false statement out there a lot where all the drugs or land ports of entry, that is false and we have a tremendous amount of drugs coming in between the ports of entry and interior checkpoints, last year from that no one up 71%, meth up 25% that is another real issue, killed 71000 people in a singlet year, that is a crisis and if i say one more important thing really quick, we get chastised on this all the time, the anti-immigrant which is false, will we say not everybody coming across illegal are good people, that is the truth everyti single day we are resting gang members, pedophiles and rapists and murderers that is the truth in their endangering this country. liz: mark morgan, come back
10:00 pm
soon. thank you for your insight in our service to our country. thank you for joining us, i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit". that doesn't trust. we hope you join us tomorrow night and we hope you have a good evening. now. "lou dobbs" starts right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump is demanding further investigation into the corruption of joe and hunter biden. he said his attorney general, william barr, needs to act fast and appoint a special counsel to investigate foreign payments made to the biden family while joe biden was in office. >> we've got to get the attorney general to act. he's got act, and he's got to act fast. this is major corruption, and this has to be known about before the election. this has to be done early. so the attorney general with has to


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