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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 22, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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folks, not necessarily elderly. [closing bell rings] they have got the dollars. that will do it for "the claman countdown." our thanks to alan patricof, walking our third economic undercard. the dow up 154 points that will do it for "the claman countdown." it is time for "after the bell." connell: we are now five hours away from what will be the last presidential debate of 20720. as we close it up on wall street what was a choppy session we do end to the upside and stocks are rising today on stimulus hopes. that is what is driving things lately. president trump and his democratic rival joe biden are getting set to go head-to-head. we have a lot to talk about. i'm connell mcshane reporting live from sandy springs georgia as we continue the swing state economy series. >>s it hand about a great series. i'm jackie deangelis in for melissa francis today this is "after the bell." s&p 500 and nasdaq ending in the green.
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connell: we'll talk to business owners as we usually do on a battle ground state in georgia. national polls in the state, joe biden has lead by one, another one shows biden up by 10 points. national polls. it is swing states like this that will decide the election and race much closer in many of these states. hillary vaughn is in nashville ahead of the debate. hillary? reporter: connell, president trump is on the ground here in nashville, tennessee, and democratic nominee joe biden is on his way for tonight's final face-to-face between the two candidates before election day. there are six topics tonight. president trump might be adding one to the list. hunter biden.
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>> he is going to get into this issue of hunter biden. the american people need to know if the biden family in any way is beholden to china. i mean this is our biggest geopolitical adversary. the fact that most of the mainstream media is refusing to cover this story is gravely concerning but the president's willing to bring it up himself if necessary. reporter: but joe biden still has not gone on the record to address these reports. instead today his campaign is dismissing them as russian misinformation. >> we expect that trump will attack biden and his family and every time he does that, all he is doing is reinforcing what we have said all along. he acknowledging he has no case for a second term. reporter: fox news today has obtained text messages from hunter biden to his former business partner, tony bobulinski. the text messages show hunter biden repeatedly talking about a deal with the chinese.
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the business partner says this in a statement to fox news. hunter biden called his dad the big guy or my chairman. frequently referenced asking him for signoff or ad vase on various potential deals we were discussing. i've seen vice president biden saying he never talked to hunter about his business. i've seen first-hand that is not true. one year ago i did ask joe biden that very question and this was his response. there is a photo of you consulting with your son hunter and his partner devin archer. do you stand by your statement you did not discuss any of your son's overseas business? >> yes i stand by that statement. reporter: biden still today has not taken that back, connell. he may get a chance to correct the record when the president presses him on it tonight. we're learning that the president will be bringing that business partner here to the debate tonight. actually plans to point him out while he addresses hunter biden
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on stage. connell? connell: all right. hillary, thank you. hillary vaughn in nashville, more to come on the debate. blake burman who is the at white house and has had a busy week to himself following all the stimulus talks. what is the latest? reporter: we heard from nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, and she seems bullish of prospects of a deal. both sides are getting closer as it relates to a key priority of hers, to develop a national testing and tracing plan for covid-19. watch here. >> we are not going to be epup schools and our economy safely unless we crush the virus. so i'm pleased that we have reached a point where we at least, or still have, they still haven't completely signed off on it but i think we're just about. reporter: i think we're just about there. however she also noted there are policy differences that remain. for example, she specifically named how much money will be given to state and local
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businesses. democrats want higher figure. liability protections is outstanding issue that is important to republicans. there is a difference how much or how education money should be spent. but on fox business earlier this morning, larry kudlow echoed that it is the first two points on your screen right there, that are still outstanding issues. watch. >> we need to talk and committee people in both houses are discussing key issues, senate and house. there are still significant policy differences between the two teams. and those policy differences have not yet been solved. they have not been resolved. reporter: as you heard from hillary president trump is now in tennessee. as you can see the right-hand side of the screen he was joined by the first lady. that is notable, connell, because this is the first lady's first appearance since contract contracting coved covid-19.
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she scratched that appearance because she still had lingering effects. the president was tested on air force one on the way to tennessee and tested negative. connell? connell: tested negative. blake, thank you, blake burman back on the north lawn. jackie. jackie: here to react now freedomworks economist, steve moore. always great to see you. so much to talk about this afternoon but let's start with where blake burman left off in the stimulus negotiations. there is always two parts to coming together on a deal, right? there are the financials and then there are the details that go inside. as larry kudlow said there are two sticking points there. president trump came up on the numbers but will republicans give nancy pelosi what she wants because she dug her heels in here? >> it seems to change by the hour, jackie, so i have almost given up prognosticating what is going to happen with this bill. we are what, 10 days before this amazing election and they're
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still ironing out the details. we got really good news on the economy this morning, jackie, that showed you know, nice reduction in the number of people who signed up for you unemployment insurance claims. this economy is red hot right now. every indication the economy is strong as ever. so that takes the heat off of the need for a stimulus. i talked to a number of republican senators who have said, you know, we don't really need this massive increase in government spending and debt. the economy seems, the v-shape is happening. you look what is happening in real estate, what is happening in construction, what is happening in banking. consumers are spending. so i think a lot of the republicans are saying i think quite correctly, this maybe isn't necessary. of course the other thing this massive giveaway to state and local governments. we have 20 states, mostly republican states have already balanced their budgets. they say they don't need the money. people in texas, tennessee, florida, are not too eager to
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see tax dollars bailing out illinois, california and new york. jackie: you bring up some great points. i want to talk about those jobless claims. not only are we at a seven-month low at this number, but showing recovery is actually happening, the continuing claims are less than expected. that is what people look for. the ones continue to stay on looking for benefits. when it comes to president trump, the one thing he has in his corner is the economy and i'm sure he will bring it up tonight. but what surprises me that it is not on the list for the moderator? >> you know, if i were advising trump and i talked to the white house about this, whatever the question is, the answer is the economy. trump is going to win this election because we've got an economy coming back big time. he has got an amazing economic record. nobody would have thought six or seven months ago we would have you know, reduced, you mentioned unemployment claims, they have come down by 15 million. 15 million in six months which is spectacular. i think trump has to just make
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this case, that you know, i know how to do this. i've done it. we're on a great course right now, with the plane flying high right now, you don't want to change pilots. i think that is the strongest argument. people do look at the biden agenda. they see all taxes, regulations, the hits against small business and people say, this isn't the right time for that. so i just hope that he keeps on that message of jobs, jobs, jobs, the economy and you can't trust a combination of pelosi schumer and biden running this economy. jackie: you know, steve, you've got steve out there saying stock market is not a barometer of economy. more than half, 50% of americans, in some way tangentially invested in the market. the dow is under 29,000. if joe biden gets control of the wheel, he will raise taxes which will have a cooling effect.
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he will raise taxes on certain individuals. that will have impact too. there really would be a massive shift in policy that would have impact on just not the economy but the stock market as well? >> so nothing annoys me and irritates me more when i hear wall street people saying that joe biden would be good for the stock market. these are people who are addicted to to the crack cocaine of government big deficits and spending. if you look at actual amount of money people get from the profits of companies, if you raise the capital gains tax, the corporate tax, that is a direct tax on the shareholders, right? i estimate that instead of getting you know, about 65% of the profits right now and government getting 35%, under the biden plan, shareholder you get 45% of profits and the government gets 55% of the profits. how in the world, ladies and gentlemen, is that good for shareholders? so i think this is a good point. by the way the market is strong and i'm going to tell you, jackie i think one of the things
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that the stock market is telling us is, i think a lot of investors think that donald trump is going to win this election. they see something that maybe we're not seeing. jackie: steve moore, we'll leave it there. great to see you. >> you too. connell: "fox business alert." now, jackie, this is a big "after the bell" earnings report. intel is in. you may have seen some of the numbers bottom of the screen. third quarter results, they're okay. they're right in line with what analysts were expecting on the earnings per share. the revenue is better than analysts expected. on top of that intel guided higher for the fourth quarter. however as you can see the stock is selling off aggressively by 9%. okay is not good you have enough for investors of the they may have been looking for more than they received in the guidance for the fourth quarter. the stock at these levels, down eight 1/2, 9%, would take 30 plus points off the dow jones industrial average tomorrow. intc, that will be one to watch. a new warning to americans. intelligence officials say two
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u.s. adversaries are trying to meddle in our presidential election. what officials are doing to try to keep the vote safe. we'll have that coming up. the cdc is calling out a distressing new trend in covid-19 cases. number of hospitalizations now started to go up again. up now in 42 states, topping 40,000 for the first time since august 21st. the country also reporting more than 1000 new covid-19 related deaths on wednesday, the highest daily death toll recorded in more than one month. more to come on all of that. we'll have more from here in swing state georgia. speaking to a couple local business owners a moment. two very different takes on the white house race in this key swing state. we'll be back with the beautiful afternoon in sandy springs, georgia, in the atlanta suck suburbs looking down the chattahoochee river.
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joe biden. we first welcome ginger howard, the owner of ginger howard selections. a georgia republican national committee woman. ginger, thanks for coming on. your store is in buckhead. >> it is thank you for coming to georgia, connell. a great day. georgia, for seven years in a row we've been the greatest state to do business. so it's a great state. we're happy you're here today. connell: i don't know how much business focus will be here. from the report we heard president wants to bring up the story about vice president biden's son. what would you like to hear? >> i would like to hear him talk about all he has done for the economy. he has done amazes things. we had a wonderful economy before the pandemic. we're coming back. he helped bring jobs back to america. he helped businesses like mind by cutting taxes an regulations. that is what i'm hoping. he delivered for the american people. he needs to talk about his record. connell: that would resonate for with you. i think it is similar to what we've heard as the race seems to be tightening in some swing
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states from other, just voters. we have been around to number of states. if it is a trump supporter they almost bring up the economy. they don't talk about the law and order message or hunter biden story. usually the economy. >> i totally agree with you. that is my focus as a small business owner. what i hear from talking to suburban women, last night i had a wonderful opportunity to go out to tomorrow georgia, be with women with all different walks of life. they are for president trump. they are really concentrating on the economy. connell: what was the conversation like? that is the group we're told by the numbers that we see that the president has been really struggling with? >> the conversation was really interesting. there was a single mother, a african-american mother with a young son, she has come every wednesday night for the last seven weeks to make phone calls for the president. she feels like the president has done so much to help her with the child cuts, tax credits. other things like that. there were different ages. some older people that care about, they care about safety and their medicare and medicaid
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and social security but others really, the economy to me is the number one thing. so i hope the president talks about that. connell: how is your business doing before we wrap up with that? >> thank you for asking that question. it is doing fine. we're not at the capacity we were last year but that is to be expected. but business is picking back up. i'm thankful for our governor brian kemp who opened up early. we're getting back slowly but surely. connell: they were aggressive with georgia. ginger will be part of our prime time coverage with neil cavuto. >> excited about that. connell: other side of things also from a business perspective, we welcome hugh atchison back to the show. he is from cooking shows. restaurant owner and chef. i guess he has number of restaurants here in georgia, right. you're on today, hugh, because you're also a biden supporter and that is an interesting business perspective to follow up on what ginger is saying. so what is your take on this? because when we talk to business people, many of them say well the president's policies as you heard moments ago are more
4:20 pm
quote, unquote business-friendly. how do you look at things? >> yeah. i think there have been very many successful democrat business people in history. i think that as a business owner i haven't really soon the effects of this economy on the massive up swing. i'm not a corporate ceo. i'm a small business person and, the ravages of the pandemic have really taken an economic toll. the restaurant business as a whole is in relative shambles. i have places in atlanta and athens. we're strong in athens. we're weak in atlanta right now. i think because people are not in their offices predominantly. i just, i, the economy has been in great shape, i will give it that overall but we haven't seen a boon to our business because of it or a lot of money in our pockets because of changes in legislation or tax structure in the last four years, that it wasn't really a hellhole of an economy during the obama years t
4:21 pm
was pretty strong. connell: would you be concerned if not only joe biden were to win but the democrats take back control of the senate that you would have higher costs? that taxes would go up, and if so are you okay with that? is something else driving your vote? >> yeah. i mean at the end of the day, look, i want on my tombstone, i want it to read he was a really good person. i think that comes way before money and so if it's a matter of creating equity in this country and, i can take the hit and we'll be fine. i know how to live on a little bit less. i'm comfortable to do so. i've tried really hard in this world to do well, doing well, being success is not just money in my bank account. it is about who i am in my community. who i want to be as a father to my children. connell: all right. i will ask you the same final question just to wrap it up here that i asked of ginger a moment
4:22 pm
ago, you started to answer. you said your businesses are split. the one in atlanta is not doing as well? tell us how things are going very quick. >> midtown atlanta is very office dominated. those offices are empty. the pandemic really affect things no matter what the governor of georgia does. the many of the legal firms are empty. my office upstairs has 2500 employees with it is pretty crickets. in athens, we have a really big footprint. they have clients come to us because we can do it safely and smartly and have a lot of protocols in place. connell: good to have you on, hugh. with that perspective. >> thank you, connell. connell: jackie, back to you in new york. jackie: we have a "fox business alert." gilead has announced the fda approved its coronavirus
4:23 pm
anti-viral drug remdesivir for patients with the virus requiring hospitalization. that is a drug we've been talking about for quite some time. you can see the talk is up more than 3% right there. meantime getting called in. the senate judiciary committee voting to subpoena the ceos of facebook and twitter over their handling of the bombshell "new york post" report about the salacious contents of a laptop allegedly left at a delaware computer shop by former vice president joe biden's son hunter. ♪. atwe do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first.
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♪. jackie: security threats to the 2020 race. u.s. officials are warning of new attempts to interfere in the
4:28 pm
presidential election. fox news's david punt is at the justice department with the details. david? reporter: good afternoon. it is like 2016 all over again. we heard a lot about russia four years ago but now russia and iran. iran is officially on notice from the united states government for stealing some voter information, not actual ballots but stealing some of that voter registration information. director of national intelligence john ratcliffe, fbi director christopher wray, they held a news conference a last minute news conference last night and mentioned both countries are doing work to damage the confidence of voters. ratcliff mentioned russia as being involved he didn't give specific examples about that country. his focus, iran. >> we have already seen iran sending spoofed emails designed to intimidate voters, incite social unrest, and damage president trump.
4:29 pm
you may have seen some reports on this in the last 24 hours or you may have even been one of the recipients of those emails. reporter: directorate cliff mentioned hurting president trump but did not mention the name joe biden. he says the spoofed emails are supposed to be violence inciting group the proud boys. he says many are from iran. senate minority leader chuck schumer received a briefing from directorate cliff yesterday on the subject just before ratcliff's statement to the public. listen here. >> i can tell you from the briefing i have the strong impression it was much rather to undermine confidence in elections and not aimed at any particular figure but rather to undermine the very wellspring of our democracy elections. reporter: ratcliff took no questions from the press and did not give many more specifics although february by director christopher wray said voters can feel confident their actual ballots will be counted. jackie? jackie: david, thank you so
4:30 pm
much. reporter: sure. jackie: the senate judiciary committee clearing the way for a full senate vote on judge amy coney barrett despite a decision by the democrats to boycott. a live report on what to expect coming up. plus, connell? connell: well, less than two weeks to go, jackie, until the election more than 45 million americans have already voted. one historically red state has filed the most ballots so far. we'll tell you where that's happening coming up next. speaking of historically red states, here in georgia we'll speak to congressman doug collins, locked in a tight senate race. fellow republican involved, democrat involved, there could be a runoff. the results could have a big implications for the balance of power in washington. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. connell: welcome back here. state of georgia, two key races that could impact the balance ever power in the senate, both happening here. first one between david perdue and jon ossoff. they're pretty much tied in that race. looks like it will come down to the wire. there is the special election. we have a lot going on. the democrat in the latest polling he has the lead against would republicans doug collins and kelly loeffler. we're joined by congressman collins in the race for senate. this is something.
4:35 pm
as i said obviously could impact the balance of power. but your race has a lot of complications to it. what is the strategy here down the stretch run, to get yourself in the top two, right? >> exactly. what we have here, connell, the governor chose to have this as special election. we should have had it in the primary, been traditional republican against democrat. they tried to stretch out the to give senator loeffler a little more time t has complicated the situation. we'll go to the top two. 50 plus one. in november and december we could have a senate race between myself and reverend warn knock, it could possibly determine the balance of power in senate. connell: right now the battle between you and senator loeffler who is more conservative. we're in georgia, everybody says this is now a new type of state a swing state. the area where we are in the atlanta suburbs is up for grabs,
4:36 pm
right? you guys are battling it out. the last debate was good example, who is more conservative. what does that do in terms of setting up a general election matchup with the democrat down the line? >> well it is like any republican primary. you can't think of this in just general election this is primary for both republicans and democrats. for reverend warnoch's fortune he doesn't have a democrat pushing him. what we have in our primary is really against myself and senator loeffler. we're talking about values to get in the runoff. the real issue who is conservative. i'm that person. we've proving the other is not. the other issue who worked for georgia. things like criminal justice reform. things like mental health issues, opioid abuse. these appeal to all georgia voters especially suburban voters. we've been doing that. the first step act the president is running on. we were the author of that bill. we're looking ahead on
4:37 pm
republican issue not only like a regular primary but how we run in a general election as well. connell: yeah. the polls are so close in the state in the presidential election. thinking president trump has upper hand is usually is a red-leaning state but much closer than it has in the past. what is impact there? how impact does it you guys running your wait and last couple weeks to go? >> last couple weeks we're out on the road, as we have been the last little bit, talking to voters. we do traditional campaign things of tv, mail. we've been out and for, in five days into a 17-day tour. the president, one of the things people forget about georgia. they always thought georgia was massively red state but mississippi or oklahoma. remember, connell you need to this about this state, the last election, four to six point race.
4:38 pm
-close at its base, conservative state. i think we're winning elections, in these last two weeks you will see that base come out. i do believe that the president is going to win georgia, david perdue will win his seat. i think myself and rafael warnoch for the runoff in the senate seat. connell: that brings up a larger question, congressman. in fairness, the direct you represent in the congress is among the most conservative in the country. doesn't that make it more difficult, very difficult in this environment to get elected statewide in georgia, given how the state might be changing. >> no. it makes it easier because my republican vote, the republican voters in northern georgia know who i am. our voters are turning back out because they want to make sure georgia stays conservative. we've seen that in theri past.
4:39 pm
in any cycle. remember i'm not a candidate running in the republican -- i'm one that has things we run on. first step act. talking about intellectual property. as we done those things, as pastor and military chaplain i understand issues of voters in georgia. we have issues, find commonality. finding issues for people in georgia as weave been many years. connell: we'll watch it, congressman. not just up november 3rd but well beyond. if it comes down to you and somebody else, however it figures itself out because it could decide how the senate is balanced. congressman doug collins, thank you, running for senate in the state of georgia. jackie, back to you in new york. jackie: thanks, connell. early voting breaking records. more than 42 million votes cast in the 2020 presidential race so far with 12 days left before election day. fox news's casey stegall has the story from dallas. reporter: it is estimated some
4:40 pm
42 million americans have already voted in this election, the most being right here in texas where an estimated 5.3 million ballots have already been cast. you know, an extra week was added to the early voting period across the lone star state because of the pandemic and there is still one week left to go. a little more than in fact. some of texas' largest turnout reported in and around harris county which is the houston area. during the first eight days, more than 800,000 ballots have been cast down there. behind california's 4 1/2 million, florida ranks number three by early vote. 3.6 million floridians have voted. analysts say 21 million turned out what would be considered the battleground states. >> there is a great deal of energy behind this election cycle.
4:41 pm
about 90 percent of americans say they know who they will vote for president and are not likely to change their mind. reporter: of course, by the way about the new "qunnipiac poll" just released this week that shows a virtual dead heat here in texas between president trump and former vice president joe biden according to that poll. the two are tied at 47% here what is normally ruby red texas. back to you. jackie: casey stegall, thanks so much for that. enjoy the elbow room while you can. southwest airlines says it will resume booking the middle seat in december. it had been leaving it open to create more space for passengers due to the pandemic but the airline posted its largest loss ever in its quarterly report this morning, $1.99 per share. tums versus mozzarella stick
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♪. jackie: moving forward with the supreme court nomination. the senate judiciary committee advancing the vote to confirm judge amy coney barrett despite the boycott from democrats. fox news's chad pergram is here with the breakdown. chad, you know, the approval, the process is moving forward. the approval did come today but there was some political theater involved as well.
4:46 pm
tell us what happened. reporter: absolutely. this was the first stop, first step to actually put this nomination on the floor. you have to get out of the judiciary committee. there was a favorable vote by republicans to move this nomination to the senate floor but democrats boycotted the meeting. they contend that republicans broke the rules. they say you have to have at least two democrats there but republicans said, no, we're going to go ahead and do this. they voted out of committee. here is republican texas senator ted cruz. >> the boycott today frankly is a stunt to appease the left-wing activists base that is angry. they're angry that the democrats are not able to stop this nomination. reporter: the senate minority leader chuck schumer riched his counterpart majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> mcconnell is angry. why? because we democrats have exposed that he has defiled the senate as an institution more than any person in this
4:47 pm
generation and many generations because we democrats have exposed the hypocrisy of holding up merrick garland. reporter: here's the timetable. the senate must wait until friday before putting the nomination on the floor. the senate will meet all weekend debating the nomination. there will be a procedural vote on sunday afternoon to cut off a filibuster, that needs 51 yeas. then barrett opponents are allowed to burn 30 more hours on the clock. that sets up a confirmation vote on monday night, jackie. jackie: can we dig in for a second. can you explain to me, chad, you can't successfully filibuster a supreme court nominee? >> there has never been a successful filibuster of a supreme court nominee. there is a little bit anomaly, abe fortis was on the supreme court and elevated to become the chief justice of the night. he was in fact filibustered but on the supreme court. in 2013 senate majority leader then, harry reid, he lowered the
4:48 pm
bar, "nuclear option" one for most executive branch nominations from 60 votes to 51. everything but the supreme court. that is precedent change. not a rules change. they conduct a lot of business in the united states via precedent. what happened in 2017, mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader realized there would be a filibuster for neil gorsuch. this was "nuclear option" two, he lowered the from 660 to 51. if you have. 51 votes to confirm you have 51 votes to filibuster a nominee. jackie: you always break it down very quickly. where do we stand on the vote here? reporter: here is the vote matrix right now. no democrats will not vote yes. two republican knows. there is maximum of 51 yeas. susan collins of maine, faces difficult re-election bid and
4:49 pm
alaska's lisa murkowski, both flagged moving ahead with the nomination close to the election. murkowski, i shared for a while i didn't think we should take it up after the election. i have not changed. now murkowski opposed brett kavanaugh two years ago. she ultimately voted present. susan collins was a nay on nomination of brett kavanaugh. jackie? jackie: you have a special role in the debate tonight? >> yeah, absolutely. chris stirewalt and i, we'll do a live blog during the debate. we've done it with the vp debate a couple weeks ago. also the first presidential debate. look at the bottom of your screen, scan the qr code, join us for running commentary during the debate. jackie: sir, we'll be watching. can nell, over to you. connell: that is pretty cool. the great chad pergram. thank you, jackie. in a moment in swing state georgia we'll speak to one local restaurant owner how the business is changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic. that and more straight ahead. remember charles payne is set to
4:50 pm
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connell: it's true in other major cities around the country. this outdoor seating, we were in minnesota yesterday, not sitting outside. here it's a beautiful area. you didn't have this before? >> this property's been here, i've had it for 35 years, and pivoting made me have to think about that, and now i'm shooting myself in the foot -- connell: could have been doing it for years. >> i could have been doing it
4:56 pm
forever. connell: and the numbers are higher. >> the numbers are higher than last year, and we're not doing much to-go business -- connell: oh, is that right? people come here for the experience. what about indoor? you don't have restrictions here other than you have to be 6 feet apart, right? >> we've also done a lot of stuff to make people feel comfortable. we've got, we've got systems in our -- air-conditioning and heating systems to clean the air, which we did immediately before we even opened back up. we've taken every precaution to make people feel comfortable, and they need to feel comfortable because there's a lot of people that come in that are anniversaries or birthday, they're out for the first time since we've had the situation, and they need to feel comfortable. connell: now, while we have a minute, you've been in this industry for a long time, right? your dad was a restaurant owner? this. >> yes. connell: all kinds of different things, franchises and --
4:57 pm
>> right. a lot of stuff. connell: what do you think of the industry right now? we've done so many stories on restaurants that may not make it, not as lucky to have a great location. it seems like a tough, tough time for people in your industry, and i wonder how many won't come out the other side. >> well, if you've been around and you know basically what's going on, we've made changes. we looked at every expense that we had, and we made changes that actually at lower volumes has made us very viable. i feel sorry for the mom and pop. we have 'em in our restaurants all the time who always, their whole life they've envisioned being a restaurant owner. they've opened a little place because they can't afford a big rent, and it's their whole life savings into something. and there's a huge number of these people that need help badly. they really do. because they've put their whole life into something that really has come to a pretty abrupt situation. connell: when you say need help
4:58 pm
badly, you're talking about more government help? >> yes, absolutely. connell: they've been going back and forth, as you know, in washington on the stimulus. but like to see more of that money go to -- >> to help the people who need it. connell: yeah. they really do. they're struggling, right? >> right. connell: you pointed occupant, and i think -- i don't know if you used the word with efficiency or something like that, you said you were doing things a little bit more with less. so what typeover changes were you able to make, and are they permanent or temporary in terms of how you do your business? >> well, i hope we need to hire the management back that we let go, because in some of the stores we had to make it work. and we've looked at every expense that we have, we've looked at how many employees we have on every shift and how productive they are, and we've tried to adjust to that. it's amazing, you get lazy when you've got high volume restaurants. you're not looking at all the costs as closely as you should
4:59 pm
because you were doing well. connell: managers you let go, higher salaries, i suppose? >> are higher salaries, and we found out we really didn't need -- connell: is that right? >> you're always overstaffed, and like i say, when you're doing a lot of volume, it makes up for a lot of mistakes. connell: what about workers, waiting tables, was the enhanced benefit -- >> i kept all my people on the payroll all the way through. connell: just the managers. >> just the managers. i kept all our employees on the payroll. we had a good year last year and a good first part of this year, so i owed it to 'em to just do what we had to do to keep them happy. connell: well, good for you. again, beautiful place. interesting conversation, ray, about the industry. ray's on the river here. the chattahoochee river. boy with, what a beautiful afternoon it's been for us broadcasting from swing state georgia. we have special coverage tonight, i'll join neil cavuto ahead of the debate and after it
5:00 pm
with some reaction from swing state seaters. that does it for us on "after the bell." jackie, we will see you soon back in new york once again. again, i'll see you at 8:00 with neil, but we wrap up from here right now. "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. have a great night, everybody. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we are 12 days from what president trump calls the most important election in american history. and this country is in the midst to of what often seems to be an utter breakdown in american society. the radical left has decided that it doesn't matter really who votes in this election so long as the left-wing corporate media, big tech, social media and, of course, the deep state are allowed to deny voters the knowledge of any wrongdoing by their candidate, joe biden. the left in this country believes you may have the right to vote, you just don't have the right to


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