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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mcdaniel. a reminder to follow me on twitter and @loudobbs and like me on facebook and at instagram @loudobbstonight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you shortly. elizabeth: tonight the final presidential debate in nashville, tennessee, it is just a few hours away. you're looking at a live shot of the scene. president trump, joe biden, making their closing arguments in one of the most unusual elections in u.s. history. covid-19, the new hunter biden bombshell emails and text messages, national security, china, russia, iran will likely light up the last debate. with us tonight on this, the rest of the day's top stories, lara trump, congressman devin nunes, ric grenell along with congressman james comer, charles hurt, white house spokesperson brian morgenstern.
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here is the deal. sources say you can expect joe biden to call the hunter biden email and text story more russian misinformation. tonight as hunter biden's former business partner, tony bobulinski will be one of the president's special guests as the former knave lieutenant gave a trove of documents and e-mails, text messages he exchanged with joe biden. he gave them to senate finance. he said yes, joe biden did know about hunter biden's business deals overseas despite joe biden denying that. the texts if true, looks like they are, are pretty damning. they reportedly talk of getting joe a 10% stake in a china deal. warning to keep joe's role covered up. don't mention joe biden being involved. they are paranoid. this is the third separate source saying joe biden knew about hunter's dealings despite denying it. who has more about the biden
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book deals and income, just how they used limited liability companies, murphy sort of vehicleses to basically take in their income. we'll break that down. also senator ron jones son calls for the -- ron johnson call for the inspector general why the fbi is foot-dragging on hunter biden's infamous laptop in the custody of the fbi. npr editor joins a growing list of media and big tech ignoring the story of joe biden, allegedly letting his son sell access to his name to insiders in the first place. npr call it a distraction. not a real story. the biden team not saying that the emails and texts. democratic senators got booed by left-wing protesters today even after democrats boycotted the vote to nominate judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court. a full senate vote coming this
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monday. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. let's get right at it. look who is here, back with us, lara trump, trump 2020 senior advisor. lara so good to see you. i know you're down there at the scene. tell us more about the president inviting hunter biden's business partner, former navy lieutenant, tony bobulinski. he is the one with new bombshell hunter biden emails and text messages. why did the president invite him to the debate tonight? >> i don't have a lot of information about that. i don't know if that has been 100% confirmed yet. what i can tell you, what we've seen with the emails, now confirmation these emails were talking about joe biden and actually prove that joe biden knew his family was profiting off of his, you know, position
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as vice president of the united states while he was in office to the tune of tens of millions of dollars is a major, major problem and the fact that has been suppressed by social media outlets, not covered on major networks across the country, by and large by the mainstream media is absolutely outrageous. the american people deserve answers. they deserve to know from joe biden, why has he lied about that for so long. elizabeth: so we expect the president to really go after joe biden over these pay-to-play conflicts of interest allegations. explain how that is a winning closing argument for undecided? because people go into the voting booth saying, hey what are you going to do for me? the president has to make a case how his policies help peoples daily lives are concerned. how is the hunter biden story going it to help swing decideds
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toward the president? >> i don't know that is the strategy. it has not been covered like it should have. it is not covered so the they were people can be informed about it. it is sadly about the president to bring it up, if it is not brought up by kristen welker. the strategy of the president always has been to talk about the great accomplishments of this president. the president gave us the best economy in the world, gave us the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of america. stock market highs under president donald trump. he kept promises delivered results with tax cuts, with rolling back regulations, helping small businesses and on on thes across this country. entrepreneurs. people felt positive impact by this president. remind them of that. as we're coming out after global pandemic, the likes we have never seen in modern america. we want to know we get back to those great economic highs. one man has been able to do it between the two of them. it is president donald trump and
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he will do it again. elizabeth: you know the president has been accused of being caustic, of being defiant, being belligerent in his personal attacks. his approval rating never crossed 50%. is the team worried that the tone may blank out for undecided voters what he has done? like overhauling nafta, getting rid of regulations, tax cuts, eight out of 10 americans saw their taxes go down, higher incomes, unemployment hitting record lows? you just pointed that out. criminal justice reform and more, is the tone, is the president not going to be as interrupting as he was in the first debate? is he going to dial it back? i'm not suggesting he will do what al gore did in the second debate george w. bush where al gore dialed it back. we can expect a still fiery trump but will he go after biden hard and still try to interrupt as much as he did first time? >> they are trying to stop him
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from that. they have the mute button they're featuring in this debate. the president has a right to call out joe biden when he is plainly lying about his policies, what he has done for america. i think it is very frustrating to sit there and listen to somebody lie to the american people about you and then expect the president to be very soft about it. this president has delivered results for this country many ways because of his fiery nature. because he is a guy that goes out there and gets the job done. that is how he saw success as businessman. the american people have benefited from that. whether we're talking about usmca, repealing nafta. phase two of the china trade agreement. talking about rebuilding revitalizing our military, making our allies pay their fair share. these are things the president accomplished because he is a strong leader. he has the right to call joe biden out if he is lying. >> the hunter biden email text
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message story, president as outsider still taking on the swamp. that is the narrative for the undecided voter. it is unclear whether the undecided voter will go for that when they pull the lever. that seems to be the narrative. the other thing, when you stay in that lane there, many people said after the, after the first debate the president just let joe biden talk voters would not be happy to hear about all of joe biden's tax hikes. he will have to raise taxes on the middle class given the big expensive government health plans. he claims he is for working middle class but he wants to increase taxes on 401(k) retirement plans that helps the working class overall. will he let joe biden talk and talk about the tax hikes? >> i think he should. i think that we need to hear a lot more from joe biden because the reality is, he is advocating for socialist policies that with turn america into a socialist country. he has said he wants to raise taxes on the american people by
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four trillion dollars. 82% of americans would see their taxes go up. liz, as i mentioned we're coming out of a pandemic. the president says i want another tax cut for the american people. we need to get the economy back up and running t would be absolutely devastating to have taxes raised right now. you top that with the green new deal. what that would do to energy jobs. would no longer be independent. we wouldn't be a energy exporter like we are in america. joe biden's policies would be very bad for the american people. he absolutely should be telling us all about them so people can make their decision very, very clearly. i think once they hear more from joe biden, they will decide to vote for donald trump. elizabeth: stay on the covid-19 pandemic. the president has been taking hits there. the biden campaign is really hammering away at the president on that. how will the president defend himself there? >> well, joe biden, thank goodness was not our president in january when donald trump decided to stop the travel coming from china to the united
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states of america. stopped travel with europe. joe biden of course would have been very pc about it. been very soft about it. we know china has been very lucrative for joe biden. so he would have no incentive to save american lives. at the very onset that was a very important tinge the thing that the president did t saved thousandses and thousands of lives arguably. the president has been ahead of the curve. this is novel virus. with testing, therapeutics, with a vaccine on the horizon. that will be great for the american people down the pipe soon. elizabeth: you just say joe biden, excuse me, joe biden -- purported business dealings via his son hunter in china would not give him an incentive to save lives. is that, do you really mean that? that is a tough statement? your final word. >> look i think that it is absolutely within the american people's rights to know exactly
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what was expected from china of joe biden for the millions of dollars that his family received. when ever you're compromised by a foreign nation. it might make you think twice before stopping travel coming to the united states of america. we know joe biden immediately called it xenophobic and fear-mongering when the president did it. it is absolutely right for the american people to question what would he have done and the early stages of coronavirus. would it have cost americans their lives? elizabeth: okay. lara trump, thanks for taking all of that on. i appreciate it. come back soon, okay? >> thank you. elizabeth: good to see you. be sure to catch our special coverage ever the final presidential debate hosted by neil cavuto starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox business network. listen, we have a hot show coming up tonight for you. house intelligence ranking republican devin nunes with us. also ric grenell. we'll talk about the biden team, they plan to call the hunter
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biden email story more russian misinformation tonight. we'll show how that will likely fail for the plan tonight. we have texts from joe biden and his former business partner tony bobulinski, why the former navy lieutenant knew about hunter biden's business dealings overseas. we'll break it down for you next. stay right there. >> when it comes to ininternational trade, amazing to think when we took office, half of our international trade deficit was with communist china. $500 billion a year we were losing to china our trading relationship. joe biden, he has been a chirp leader for communist china all along the way. he actually said the rise of china was a positive development
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6:17 pm
the text messages he has given to senate finance and senate homeland security? what is the significance of this? >> i don't think there needed to be another nail in the coffin but this is really it. this is the second business partner now that turned. this is one that actually is not in prison. so this is a major deal. media will continue to cover this up. i think the most disappointing part about all of this, the fbi covered this up. that is the bottom line. when we were going through the impeachment, i was the lead on the house side from the intelligence committee that led with this impeachment nonsense. we dealt with it all through august and september and october, november and december of 2019. then of course it got kicked to the senate. we've been in touch with the computer tex, my team has and look what we understand is, they brought this forward specifically to the fbi because of what was in the news. we had the impeachment of the president of the united states
6:18 pm
and the fbi buried it. and so, look i think it is just karma that this now comes out right before the election. this is something that should have ended the whole impeachment hoax a year ago but it didn't come out because the fbi buried it. now biden can't explain it. i have never seen anything like it. you have the media running around ignoring it. it is quite incredible. elizabeth: now we've got senator ron johnson saying to the doj-ig investigate the foot-dragging of the fbi on this because they had the laptop as you note. go through the emails and text messages which lieutenant bobulinski over. he served in the navy. so did his father, his brother, so did his grandfather. may 2017 we'll see bobulinski on an email talking about a 10% stake in a deal with a chinese energy company. 10% for the quote, big guy, meaning joe biden. it moves on. you are going to see even more
6:19 pm
text messages. hunter biden calling joe biden, quote, my chairman, my guy. don't mention joe being involved in any of this stuff. they are paranoid. hunter biden complaining i don't want to sign over my family's brand, my family's only asset. there is even more that we have that we're looking at. can joe biden still say he did not know what was going on after, with hunter biden after he left office? >> well only if he is in the same state that bob mueller was when mueller didn't even understand his report after he spent $40 million of taxpayer money. that would be the only way that biden could explain this away, that he is totally incompetent and out of it today. look, i don't know what is worse. you have got the issue that the biden family was doing corrupt things with russians after we spent four years dealing with russians. you have the whole impeachment
6:20 pm
on ukraine. looks like there was a lot of money laundering going on. that is the only thing i can imagine these types of paints were being made to american citizens. if they were being made to any other american citizen including you or including anybody in the america the fbi would have knocked down your door and said why did you get 3 1/2 million dollars from a russian oligarch? now we move to the china stuff. china is so important because they're on a trajectory for their economy to pass the united states of america. it is the issue of the day. it is one house intelligence committee republicans have been running a decades long investigation into china. how on earth will biden come in and take the chinese threat seriously when it looks like he was on their payroll. this has to be answered before the election. hopefully donald trump gets to it tonight. elizabeth: congressman nunes, thanks so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. come back soon, okay? >> thank you. >> former acting dni ric
6:21 pm
grenell. we're going to ask him for his reaction to this new hunter biden text and email bombshell story. senator ron johnson as we reported calling on the -- fbi foot-dragging on this. president trump: tied to the communist china party to receive $10 million a year for introductions. well that sounds reasonable. i think you would do that. i think i would even do it, 10 million hey, i like to introduce you. send me 10 million. just get a qt really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show former acting director of national intelligence ric grenell who is at the debate in nashville. great to see you again. your reaction to hunter biden former business partner, lieutenant tony bobulinski who knew about his son's hunter biden's business dealings? what was your first reaction when you saw the story? >> my first reaction we should protect whistle-blowers, right? this is a whistle-blower, who is coming clean, saying exactly what he saw. he has emails, he has text
6:26 pm
messages. it is clear he should be treated like a whistle-blower. elizabeth: he is saying this is not russian misinformation because he i am self was on the email chains. now he is talking to senator johnson and senator chuck grassley. he is saying he stepped forward because he was tired of hearing this is russian misinformation. he is saying he doesn't have a political axe to grind. he wanted to pull back the curtain how the bidens leverage the family name in places like communist china. do you feel his veracity is little higher given what he is saying? >> look, let's be clear, russian propaganda is a real problem. russian misinformation. it has affected a lot of people. we know the russian tactics and we have to be able to say that russians propaganda is real when it's really think we're in
6:27 pm
danger of labeling everything as russian propaganda in a way that, it really lets the real russian propaganda off the hook and i think that is the worst part about this. i think that is what this whistle-blower is doing. he is recognizing that we have a problem with russian propaganda but this is not one of those instances and when we use it as an excuse constantly then we really ruin the ability to call it out when it is supposed to be called out and so what i think now what we're facing is a scandal that the american people are beginning to see, they're beginning to read about it. the washington way is to completely focus on the lack of media attention which is clear the media aren't doing it but i actually think that the media are showing their irrelevance because social media has allowed this story to get out. the american people see it. i've been campaigning in the midwest, everybody knows about
6:28 pm
it. everybody is reading about it. there is plenty of news sources that will give it to you. so i'm hoping that president trump tonight will be able to prosecute joe biden on this issue. elizabeth: all right. let's go through it. you know we have been pouring through vice president biden's financial disclosures, his tax returns when you left office, he had anywhere from 780,000 in debt up to 1.6 million in debt. they give a range on the financial disclosures. that's versus something like $280,000 in income, in assets, rather and a million in assets. he has got a lot of debt. then we see the joe biden and his wife setting up two limited liability companies to get their book income slipped through that so they don't have to pay payroll taxes on it. they're coming out of delaware. delaware is known for doing thing like llcs, also shell
6:29 pm
companies, which hunter biden's company used, rosemont seneca. it is murky. we understand the bidens made in the two years, after joe biden left office double what they made in the 19 years before that. so it is book deals they're saying but it is hard to see whether or not he got, joe biden got any money from hunter biden's business dealings. you're not going to see it on his tax returns. it will come through those llcs. that's the issue. also offshore accounts. so that is the issue. >> yeah. elizabeth: do you think the senate investigators are going to start looking at that? >> look, joe biden's been in washington for 47 years if there is one thing i know, washington knows how to hide money. they know how to play the game. they know how to do shell companies. this is, you know, a huge problem. i see, also breaking today they got a interest-free loan. look interest-free loans are illegal in the united states.
6:30 pm
they're called gifts and so we have enough evidence from the whistle-blower, from the leaked emails, we have enough evidence to be very concerned that joe biden is unwilling to call out china for being responsible for covid-19. we know that china's responsible because 1u.s. intelligence agencies issued a very rare statement. in that rare statement they said that the covid-19 started in china. why isn't joe biden able to say that? and i think that it is pretty clear from the evidence that we're seeing is that china has something over on joe biden. he unwilling to call them out. let me also say one thing. we learned through the intelligence process that china has a strategy of intimidation on governors, on mayors, our local mayors, on members of congress. china has been caught intimidating these individuals, these politicians and saying that if they call out china or
6:31 pm
covid-19, that they wouldn't be able to get cooperation from china. we punished china for this. we shut down one of their consulates in america because of their brazen leverage against american politicians. it is pretty clear that joe biden will not say that covid-19 started in china because they have something over on him. if he puts too much pressure on china they're going to have to come clean with all of the moneys that hunter biden has made from inside of china and the 10% that the big man got. let's be honest. that is what the whistle employer is telling us. elizabeth: all right. ric grenell, good to have you. come back soon, ambassador grenell. so great to see you. thank you for joining us with your perspectives and insights. good to see you again. >> thank you. elizabeth: sure. still ahead house oversight ranking republican james comer on now an npr editor, a managing editor joining the growing list
6:32 pm
of media and big tech ignoring the story of joe biden, letting his son allegedly sell access to him as veep and as a d.c. insider. npr dismissing it as quote a distraction, not a real story. the biden team are still not saying the emails and text messages are phony. we're staying on it. the story next. >> overwhelmingly, almost unanimously members of the national media want joe biden to win desperately, and want donald trump to lose. that is fine that are right to have as preference but they're abusing journalism. they're explicitly telling their newsrooms, we do not want the story about burisma and potential corruption by the vice president and ukraine and provenance of these emails investigated because we think donald trump is so much worse. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now is house oversight ranking republican james comer. congressman, it is great to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: okay. the story keeps getting bigger and bigger even as the country's most powerful media, people in media and big tech, they continue to ignore it. npr managing editor there saying you know, this story about joe biden letting his son hunter sell access to him as vice president and ex-vice president, not a real story, distraction. what you hear that, what is your reaction? >> it makes me sick. i grew up in a rural community and all we had growing up for news was npr.
6:38 pm
i listened to that in my tractor, in my truck going to work every day and on the farm. it is very sad to see that npr clearly taking a side. they didn't have a problem reporting all the baloney about donald trump with respect to russian collusion, with respect to all of the false algations from everybody under the planet that doesn't like donald trump. they didn't have problems talking about kavanaugh and reporting all of that baseless, those baseless accusations. so it is very disappointing to see but i don't think it's a surprise to any conservative in america that the liberal media has a bias against not just donald trump but all conservatives. i think the great thing donald trump has done, he has brought it out to light. the problem now is we've got to do something about it in congress. elizabeth: you know the media hasn't been reporting for years about hunter biden and the biden family leveraging the family's biggest asset. we saw in one of the lieutenant
6:39 pm
bobulinski emails he was in on hunter biden saying i just want to give away my family's greatest asset. this is what we leverage. you know it is from the ukraine, russia, to romania, to iraq, to costa rica, what we know so far and the biden campaign is still not saying that the emails are phony. he has been off the campaign trail until the debates tonight with the president like hi going after him on this? >> i'm afraid the president will have to go after him over this because i don't have confidence in the moderators to bring it to light. this is a huge issue. this is something clearly joe biden has not been honest about. there is already more information that has come to light in the last few days implicating joe biden colluding with foreign enemies than ever, became credible information about donald trump this is something the media should be lasered in on. i'm glad fox business is lasered
6:40 pm
in on it but unfortunately the mainstream media is not. elizabeth: joe biden, he says we will eat their lunch, come on man. they are just a competitor. he called the president's travel ban on china xenophobic hysteria. ron johnson has questions for joe biden. why did you sit down with hunter biden's business partner, devin archer before you traveled to ukraine as face of ukraine policy about the obama administration? why did he meet with devin archer after the visit. listen to the intercept's glenn greenwald. he is talking to us about the media blackout on the story. he is saying that the fbi, cia, nas manipulate the american people talking about anonymous sources claiming it is russian misinformation. when lieutenant bobulinski says it is not. he was in on the email chain. listen to glenn greenwald.
6:41 pm
>> what we're seeing in response to this "new york post" bombshells with these e-mails not even hunter biden or the biden campaign are claiming fraudulent, the cia are simply asserting, people like adam schiff the chairman of the intelligence committee that the e-mails are the provenance of russia. this is russian disinformation which is an absolute lie. they have no evidence and no basis for making that claim. more disturbing still, journalists are going around asserting that. what you have is this union of journalists on the one hand and the intelligence community on the other manipulating with propaganda. not foreign populations as these agencies were constructed to do but the american population for domestic politics and it is extraordinarily dangerous for our democracy. elizabeth: congressman what do you think of that? >> you know when all else fails the democrats and the liberal media always turn to russia. you know, it is just sickening. this is something that is very
6:42 pm
serious. devin nunes was correct when he said earlier on the show if this was any other american they would be in serious trouble. if this was a member of congress, i said this many times, they would be under ethics investigation. how much money did you receive? why didn't you disclose the money? if joe biden benefited personally he should disclose it. if you fill out a financial disclosure form as member of the executive branch or congress you have to check if any immediate family members received money from foreign entities or agents lobbying on behalf of some entity for the federal government. so joe biden is in serious trouble here but he yet to deny any of this. he winks from the media from his basement, he gets away with it. so i hope and pray that this comes up in the debate tonight. it would be nice if it came up by the moderator. elizabeth: we'll be watching. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate that there. come back soon, okay? >> oh, it is a pleasure, liz.
6:43 pm
elizabeth: up next you're going to see "washington times" opinion editor charles hurt, he is fired up about this. he is going to break down why the new batch of hunter biden bombshell texts and emails could possibly hurt joe biden tonight since one of the debate topics tonight is national security. that includes the bidens dealings in countries like russia and china. charles hurt next. >> well the thing to, you know, it is no surprise that iran has done this because the jcpoa has cut them off from billions of dollars of the jackpot they received from when they signed the jcpoa. all the billions are cut off. it is not surprised they are getting involved in the lick shuns. they don't like the "abraham accords" were signed making peace with all their neighbors. no surprise with iran, same with russia.
6:44 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show "the washington times" opinion editor charles hurt. charles, thanks for joining us. okay, to the debates tonight. national security is a topic. we've got the new batch of hunter biden bombshell texts and emails from lieutenant bobulinski who worked with hunter biden. we don't know, we expect him to be a guest at the debate tonight. charles, can you break down what acting dni ric grenell just told us, if this is a all true, joe biden has opened himself up to pressure from china because it involves business dealings with china. can you break that down? >> extraordinary pressure and potentially blackmail on top of that because if this many people in the news business have access to the hard drive, our adversaries around the world have access to this hard drive, so it is a real issue. this goes to the heart of one of the big problems i have about
6:49 pm
all of this, is that, obviously the details that have been revealed in this, by the hard drive and also by what lieutenant bobulinski has told people, all of this is shocking but the big picture is also shocking. that is the fact that joe biden has been part of our foreign policy genius apparatus in this country for 50 years. he has been in power the entire time that china has been rising to become the greatest geopolitical enemy we have ever faced in our existence and my question is joe biden, how long has your son been dealing with china? how long has your son been trying to sell access to the vice-presidency and to the powers of inside of washington to china?
6:50 pm
this is, these are really, really startling questions that need to be answered but the fact that -- i have no question whatsoever that no reporter is going to be asking joe biden these questions tonight at the debate. the only way any of these questions come up during the debate is if president trump brings them up. and that is why i think, what we'll probably end up seeing tonight. elizabeth: we don't -- this may be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what emails and texts show. there could be more information. ric grenell just said before that any of these countries including china could reveal information about what the bidens were doing in their countries in terms of business dealings and hold it over him. we have not seen that so far. that is what ric grenell is saying. what is your reaction to that, final word? >> exactly, liz. when you go through some of these emails that we have seen off of the laptop, it mainly what it does, it raises
6:51 pm
questions. it raises very startling questions, very grim questions but we need answers to them and you don't get answers without asking questions. elizabeth: okay. charles hurt, thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. coming up white house press deputy secretary brian morgenstern with us next. stay right there. hi, i'm dorothy hamill. as i look toward 65, i'm thinking about medicare. i know i want coverage that connects all the different parts of my health care to keep me aging actively.
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♪. elizabeth: we've pot got breaking news coming into the studio. with me white house press secretary deputy brian morgenstern. we learned the former navy lieutenant, tony bobulinski will speak at the top of the hour, 7:00 hour, what happened with his work with hunter biden. he is a former associate, business associate of hunter biden. he just turned over his emails and text messages showing that hunter biden was selling access to joe biden's name panned joe biden knew about it. senate finance and homeland security has it. lieutenant bop bop -- lieutenant bobulinski is about to speak. what he is exposinging to the nation in his statement, that the biden family may have been taken influence payments from the united states number one influence political adversary china. which means if we're looking to
6:56 pm
elect a president for the american people, not our foreign adversaries this is something the person people definitely need to know immediate. this is absolutely groundbreaking news for our nation and thank god lieutenant bobulinski will come to share this news and tell the truth about his experience with the biden family, how they may be compromised by foreign entities. i cannot stress enough how important this is. elizabeth: these emails and text messages came in 2017 after joe biden left office but, you know, they show things like, you know, joe biden is all over the text messages. hunter biden calls him my chairman, my guy, you know, don't mention joe being involved in these dealings. they are paranoid about that. hunter biden at one point allegedly says i don't want to sign over my family's name. that is our biggest asset. so you can see what lieutenant bobulinski is saying this is part and parcel of how the bidens have treated the former
6:57 pm
vice president's role in d.c., brian. that is the implication is? >> yeah. liz, this is the problem donald trump was elected to solve, career politicians using a position of trust on behalf of the american people to enrich themselves and their american family. donald trump spent his career, creating jobs, building a successful business. joe biden spent his career in government building a name for himself, looks like cashing it in with some of our adversaries overseas notably china this is a china energy company we're talking about. china suppose around the world making various deals for infrastructure and energy projects infiltrating the countries basically with the idea of taking them over time. if we have a situation where china is infiltrating the united states via projects like that, with the biden family, that is troubling and basically disqualifying. it is critical important that
6:58 pm
lieutenant bobulinski gets this out. he is not a political person, he knows in his heart, a patriot, a naval officer a son and grandson of veterans he knows it is important to get this out and he is doing his civic duty tonight. elizabeth: we've been going through joe biden's financial disclosures and tax returns. he had $780,000, at one point $6 million in debt when he left office as vice president n two years time he and his wife were making double what they made in the 19 years prior. now they did have book dealsthey did set up llcs to put their book deal income coming through the llcs on to the tax returns. so it will be very difficult to prove any of these business dealings showing up eventually on tax returns or sluce through the llcs or how else it will come through.
6:59 pm
we have joe biden on the record saying china is not a competitor. they will not eat our lunch. >> right. elizabeth: telling lara trump, joe biden said of the president's travel ban on china, xenophobic hysteria. >> exactly. elizabeth: take that on, brian. >> he has an entire career being soft on china, basically facilitating the rise of china at the expense of american workers, american jobs. now we have after he left office china donated$70 million to penn. joe is collecting many hundreds of thousands of dollars for basically a no-show job. where is that money coming from? this is exactly why president trump was elected to stop this kind of duplicitous behavior. where public servants claim to be working on behalf of the american people when they're actually just building their own name and enriching themselves. this is a huge scandal. liz, thank thank you for coverit because most of the american people absolutely on blackout
7:00 pm
with this story and it is inexcusable. it is now verified by a witness who will speak on it. we have literal receipts about it. this is critically important. elizabeth: all right. brian, thanks for joining us, brian morganstern. thanks for watching. join us tomorrow night ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, we're now 12 days from what president trump calls the most important election in our history and this country is in the midst of what seems to be in many places an utter breakdown of american society. the radical left, the radical dems, have decided it doesn't matter who votes in this election so long as the left-wing corporate media, big tech, globalist elites, of course the deep state all deny the voters the knowledge of any wrongdoing by their candidate joe biden. the left in this country seems to believe that you


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