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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 22, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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with this story and it is inexcusable. it is now verified by a witness who will speak on it. we have literal receipts about it. this is critically important. elizabeth: all right. brian, thanks for joining us, brian morganstern. thanks for watching. join us tomorrow night ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, we're now 12 days from what president trump calls the most important election in our history and this country is in the midst of what seems to be in many places an utter breakdown of american society. the radical left, the radical dems, have decided it doesn't matter who votes in this election so long as the left-wing corporate media, big tech, globalist elites, of course the deep state all deny the voters the knowledge of any wrongdoing by their candidate joe biden. the left in this country seems to believe that you have the
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right to vote -- certainly believe you don't have the right to know and it is that thinking, that commitment on the part of the left, that arrogance that could spark a political explosion in this country, one that would turn our republic upside down. recent bombshell expose's about the corruption of joe and hunter biden have been censored by social media giants in silicon valley, building if you will a silicon wall between americans and the knowledge of what their government and their politicians are really doing. radical dems in congress like senators chuck schumer and ron wyden said the fbi should refrain from opening any investigation into the bidens because it could quote, damage the democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law. my goodness. the newsrooms of the corporate left-wing national media have become outposts for the radical
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dems and the left. they have all tried to bury reports on the bidens whether it be from the "new york post" or fox news. those reports have only been allowed to, well, come to light because of the brave few who are willing to expose the full corruption of the biden family. something white house chief of staff mark meadows expressed here today. >> so now we're all of sudden seeing whistle-blowers and other witnesses coming forward to say that not only was this not russian disinformation, but it was very troubling in terms of the activity. it's pay-to-play access to joe biden and the white house and supposedly nothing was wrong but yet what we do know president donald trump has been saying this for a long time, now finally the facts are coming out that supports his allegations from years ago. lou: another of hunter biden's
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former business partners has stepped forward to further expose the bidens corrupt an possibly criminal ways. fox news today obtained text messages between hunter biden and his former business partner tony bobulinski. fox news correspondent mike emanuel has been reviewing those text messages and he shares what he has found in those communications in tonight's report. reporter: good evening, hunter biden's former business partner on a chinese energy deal tony bobulinski breaks his silence unloading text messages emails, documents about hunter biden's overseas business dealings. from may 17th, 2017 hunter says to his team, chinese are coming quote, to be my partner, to be partner with the bidens. two days later, quote when he said his chairman he was talking about his dad and i think your dismissal of it maybe offended him a bit but you don't know what he was talking about. the next day, may 20th, tony bobulinski is warned by business
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partner james gilliar, don't mention joe being involved, only when you are face-to-face. i know you know that but they're paranoid. tony bobulinski served four years in the navy back in 1990s, who later was brought on to be ceo of hunter biden's group in a chinese energy deal. in a statement to fox he says quote, hunter biden called his dad the big guy or my chairman and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals we were discussing. i've seen vice president biden saying he never talked to hunter about his business. i've seen first-hand that that's not true because it wasn't just hunter's business. they said they were putting the biden family name and his legacy on the line. missouri republican senator josh hawley says it is time for joe biden to talk. >> you have got emails now or looks like he is getting kickbacks, joe biden, getting kickbacks from china. american people deserve answers. he needs to be asked about it at tonight's debate.
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reporter: bobulinski intends to provide material to the senate finance and homeland security committees. he is president trump's guest tonight's predential debate. lou. lou: that ought to be something to see. thank you, mike emanuel reporting. president trump will no doubt bring up the biden business dealings at tonight's debate. he is also leaving no doubt how he feels about lesley stahl of "60 minutes." fox business's hillary vaughn is in nashville and has more on the story. hillary? reporter: hi, lou. well the president followed through on his threat today to dump his own footage from the "60 minutes" interview with lesley stahl before it airs on sunday. the president says this is proof that he faces unfair fact checks and tough questions and his opponent joe biden does not. >> let me ask you what you think your, the biggest domestic priority is for you right now? president trump: well, ultimately, let me and i'll tell you, it was happening.
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we created the greatest economy in the history of our country and the other side -- >> you know, you know that is not true. president trump: it is totally true. >> no. president trump: virtually every number was the best. we had the best economy ever. what was happening things were coming together. reporter: tonight the president is combing with his own questions to ask biden at tonight's debate in case the moderator doesn't. sources familiar tell fox news that trump plans to bring up the recent scandal swirling around biden and his son hunter's so-called shady business dealings overseas. tonight's final debate between president trump and joe biden will also look a lot different and sound a lot different. six topics will be discussed. and a mute button will be used to make sure each candidate gets an interrupt-free two minutes before open discussion. trump campaign is putting a representative in the room with the person in charge of pressing mute to make sure they don't abuse that power to mute the
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president of the united states. both trump and biden tested negative for covid today but we are noticing a key difference on stage tonight, lou. there was a plexiglass barrier set up between the two lech turns. that has since been removed. the source familiar with the removal. there are no plans to put the plexiglass wall back up before the debate tonight. lou? lou: hillary, thank you very much. hillary vaughn reporting from nashville. we'll have much more on tonight's debate of course as well as the corruption of joe and hunter biden. president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani joins us and republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel among our guests here this hour. republicans on the senate judiciary committee today unanimously voted to advance the supreme court nomination of judge amy coney barrett to the full senate. the radical dems on the committee boycotted today's
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proceedings. that helped make it a unanimous decision. the full senate will vote to make judge barrett a supreme court justice monday. turning now to wall street, stocks moved higher today. the dow jones industrials gained 153 points, nasdaq 18, volume on the big board 4.2 billion shares. reef minder to listen to my reports on the salem radio network. up next, npr, changes its tune about the newsworthiness of the biden corruption scandal. sanctimoniously they say, they don't feel that it's, well they shouldn't be covering it and it is just a distraction. we'll show you what they were saying a year ago before there was a democratic nominee by the name of joe biden. we take it all up with rudy giuliani and thank you to everyone who has made my new book a national best-seller.
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"the trump century," how our president changed the course of history forever. it is available now,,, a place for patriots. we'll tell you that, stay with us, we're coming right back with much, much more. [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪. lou: less than two weeks from the election npr saying that the hunter biden laptop story is a waste of everyone's time and just a distraction. npr's managing editor, terrence samuels today stated this as a reason npr is not covering the story. quote, we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and we don't want to waste the listeners and readers time on stories that are just pure distractions. that sanctimonious statement is far different than npr's posture a year ago when it said hunter biden was a story and they went after it aggressively. but this was before of course biden was the nominee. take a listen. >> why would -- >> you know it didn't look good
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for hunter biden to be on the board even if he didn't do knowing wrong. optics are not good. you talk about the what it means to be biden and integrity imbued in the family name. former white house aides of yours tried to warn you about potential conflicts of interest. >> no warned me about potential conflicts interest. nobody warned me. >> george kent the state department official testified he raised it to you. >> he didn't say me. >> to your staff. stand corrected. >> i never heard that once. >> to your staff and your staff told him he has no bandwidth. lou: don't you find that interesting? he, he says he would have to be warned that there was the appearance of a conflict of interest. good grief. what kind of compass does he have? what has changed from that interview almost a year ago to now? joe biden is of course now the democratic presidential nominee and it is who npr is obviously
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working for. joining us tonight is president trump's personal attorney, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. also host of the common sense podcast and chat with the mayor on wabc radio in new york. when he is not busy he is trying to save the republic. good to have you with us, rudy. >> [laughter]. good to be with you. lou: start with -- great to see you. the idea that npr is not covering this story, don't they have a record of what they cover? i mean that kind of sanctimonious stuff on the part of public broadcasting is pathetic, isn't it? >> i think it is corrupt, lou. that is what i think it is. i think the woman is corrupt. if you can't see this story you're either extraordinarily stupid or you're corrupt. i mean the reality is, first of all it is not a conflict of interest. it's a bribe. straight out and out bribe.
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if she made any attention to what she is not covering, she would know the story moved dramatically forward since then. there is a text message that ends the whole question definitely. it's from hunter biden to his daughter, bitter about how he has been used by his father who is a real user and he explains the 30-year criminal conspiracy that the bidens have had. here is what he says. i love all of but i don't receive any respect and that's fine i guess. works for you apparently. i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it is really hard, but don't worry, unlike pop, i won't make you give me half your salary. what does that say, lou? what that says is, that the
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money that -- lou: yeah. >> as a prosecutor -- lou: it is sad and true. go ahead. >> that is what you call an admission by a coconspirator. go explain that. particularly go explain, biden, how the heck you have five homes on the salary of a, of a senator? this is how you have it. kickbacks from your son, your brother, your sister-in-law and your other brother since you were taking little amounts "money" when you were a grifter in delaware selling out for 3 and $4,000, when james was a crooked lobbiest. this guy is a big crook. lou: i want to do this, rudy -- >> 14 million from ukraine. lou: tony bobulinski, he is making a statement. we'll come right back to you. let's listen to what he has to say. >> i love to hear it. >> and his son hunter biden in dealings with the chinese.
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i have heard joe biden say he has never discussed business with hunter. that is false. i have first-hand knowledge about this because i directly dealt with the biden family including joe biden. i have also heard that vice president biden said on tuesday that senator ron johnson, the chair of the senate homeland security committee, should be ashamed for suggesting that biden family sought to profit from their name. well here are the facts i know and everything i'm saying is corroborated by emails, whatsapp chats, agreements, documents, and other evidence. and the american people can judge for themselves. i brought, i guess, for record, three phones that spanned the years 2015 through 2018. these phones have never been held by anybody else besides
7:19 pm
myself. i was told this past sunday by somebody who is also involved in this matter that if i went public this information would be, it would bury all of us, man. the bidens included. i have no wish to bury nun. i have never been political. the few contributions i have made have been to democrats but what i am is a patriot and a veteran. to protect my family flame and my business reputation i need to insure that the true facts are out there. in late 2015 i was approached by james gilliar who i had known many years joining him in a deal he said would involve the chinese state-owned enterprise, cfc china energy and what he called one of the most prominent families in the united states. i was informed first by gilliar and then by hunter biden and by rob walker who was working with the bidens, that the bidens
7:20 pm
wanted to form a new entry with cfc which was to invest in stuck struck, real estate, and technology in the u.s. and around the world and the entity would initially capitalized with $10 million and then grow to billions of dollars of investment capital. after months of discussion i agreed that giilliar hunter biden request to become ceo of sino hawk. sino representing chinese side, hawk representing hunter's brother beau favorite animal. we exchanged emails, messages concerning sino hawk. the night before joe biden was to appear before the milken conference i was introduced to joe biden by jim biden and hunter biden. at my approximately hour long
7:21 pm
meeting with joe that night we discussed the bidens history, the bidens family business plans with the chinese, with which he was plainly familiar at least at a high level. after that meeting i had numerous communications with hunter, walker, gilar, jim biden regarding allocation equity ownership of sign knowhawk. on may 13th, 2017 i received an email concerning allocation of equity which says 10% held by h for the big guy. in that email there is no question that h stands for hunter, big guy for his father, joe biden. and jim for jim biden. in fact, hunter often referred to his father as the big guy or my chairman. on numerous occasions it was made clear to me that joe biden's involvement was not to be mentioned in writing but only face-to-face. in fact i was advised by gilliar
7:22 pm
and walker that hunter and jim biden were paranoid keeping joe biden's involvement secret. i also had a disagreement with hunter about the funds cfc was contributing to sinohawk. hunter wanted five million of those funds to go to himself and his family. so he wanted the funds wired directly to an entity affiliated with him. i objected because that was contrary to our written agreements concerning sinohawk. he said referring to the chairman, his father, that cfc was really investing in the biden family. that he held the trump card and that he was the one putting his family legacy on the line. he also said to me on may 17th, 2017, that cfc wanted to be my partner, to be partner with the bidens. during these negotiations i repeated to hunter and others that sinohawk could not be hunter's personal piggybank. i demanded property corporate
7:23 pm
governance procedures be implemented for capital distributions. hunter became very epset with me. cfc through july 2017 was assuring me that the funds would be transferred to sinohawk. but they were never sent to our company. instead i found out from senator johnson's september report that the five million dollars was sent in august of 2017 to entities affiliated with hunter. tomorrow i will be meeting with the senate committee members concerning this matter and i will be providing to the fbi the devices which contain the evidence corroborating what i have said. so i will not be taking any questions at this time. reporter: you will be taking questions? >> i will not be taking questions at this time. reporter: we'll ask them anyway. will you tell us about the evidence giving to the fbi. >> the evidence sits on three
7:24 pm
phones. i don't want to go with anything further of the this will be discussed with senator johnson and his committee. the american people will decide what is fact. reporter: who paid for you to be here? who paid for your expenses to be here. >> thank you. lou: tony bobulinski, one-time business associate of hunter and obviously joe biden, who was well, according to bobulinski, deeply involved in the business activities of the biden family, and in this instance with a chinese company. i want to go back to rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney who has been revealing much what is now known about these dealings as a result of the emails and other material on a laptop left by hunter biden at a maryland computer repair shop. rudedy, you just heard tony bobulinski. >> yeah.
7:25 pm
lou: those are startling comments. your reaction? >> not to me. that is everything i know from the hard drive. everything that mr. bobulinski said and more, a lot more is borne out by the text messages, hard drives, documents, documents left behind this is extraordinary. he didn't point out who the chinese partners were by the way. the chinese partners were three members, high level members of the chinese communist party. xi meng, not only high level member of the chinese communist party but a china necessary intelligence operative who recruited people and put together companies like this in order to create compromising situations for him. this operation from the chinese side was to envelop the bidens in a compromising situation so that the chinese could own him should he become president. that was the objective of xi
7:26 pm
ming. he carried it out with a gentleman stapled stanley ho. who was an american representative and another gentleman named dunne, all three high level members of the communist party. two intelligence level officers and one a spy. those were the people the biden family were in business with. three high level chinese communists. why would some one who wants to the president of the united states go into business with chinese communists? why would he lie for several years about the fact he have didn't know about his son's foreign business? i'm going to tell you why. because he has been taking bribes from his son and his brother for 30 years and the press covers it up. and i have only been saying this for the last two years. so everything mr. bobulinski said is not only not a surprise to me, it is only one of about eight other transactions just like that. some of it involving more money. this is a ten million dollar a
7:27 pm
year deal. they have much bigger deals than that. this family is thoroughly corrupt. it also has other problems that are quite serious. and the major reason for it -- lou: what are those problems? >> this family has been corrupted by -- this family has been corrupted by none other than joe biden. a decent man doesn't take his son who is drug ad debt as a young man and put him in this kind of world. a decent man keeps him out of this world. joe had plenty of bums in washington who could have been his bagmen. he didn't have to ruin his son, did he? this is not a good man. he is pretending to be a good man. lou: yeah. you put that, i think the proper, i think you put that in the proper relationship. so many of the the left-wing media denying the story, refusing to report it, talking about it appropriately the drug
7:28 pm
problems of hunter biden. >> i feel sorry for him. lou: to the, to hunter biden is using his father. in point of fact as you suggested it was joe biden using a son who was deeply in trouble, whatever his mental and emotional health with addiction. this is an ugly, ugly story. and uglier still. >> an ugly man. lou: the way in this country's institutions we depend upon as american citizens for a government that is both transparent and responsive, we have, this laptop apparently rudy, has been in the possession of the fbi for almost a year? and nothing has been done? >> you know -- lou: the descriptions of what it contains are, that you have told us is amazing. >> i went through it with my former police commissioner bernie kerik. i came out with six crimes in three days. lou: right. >> then i came across startling
7:29 pm
information and pictures that can only be described as endangering the safety of underage girls. and i immediately called the delaware state police. i traveled to delaware. i handed it to them. i said what are you going to do about it? you know what they did about it. shot it up to the ag of delaware who is a, let me say it nicely, a political associate of biden and she punted it back to the fbi. who haven't done anything in a year. now i'm going to tell you, yesterday, the fbi finally opened an investigation. i got their investigation opened. that's ridiculous. any trained, half-wit agent hooking at this would immediately go protect those children. immediately. it is outrageous what they did. and immediately would figure out this is a high level bribery
7:30 pm
case and everything that joe biden has said is a big lie. there is a lot more to it than mr. bobulinski, but mr. bobulinski told the entire truth. wait until you see the emails and texts that back him up. then wait and see how this family conducts itself. joe biden did as bad as job taking care of the kids in the family as he did his son. he didn't do anything built. his son reported to him almost desperately. his son reported to him almost desperately. i pose a very big danger a psychiatrist reported the same thing to joe biden. i have it right here -- lou: rudy -- >> -- had to toughen it up because of his public office. lou: the cover-ups go on, as you
7:31 pm
well know -- [inaudible conversations] >> not about children. lou: rued duh, they've been a part of the cover-up in nearly every aspect of the past four years as the deep state and the radical dems tried to unseat a president. and before that, they tried to block -- as you well know -- his casey. let me ask you, this because i'm very concerned about this. you turned over a laptop to the delaware state police? and did you keep copies of everything that was on that? i, i would assume so -- [laughter] >> of course i did. lou: -- but i had to ask. >> everything, and few -- if they don't do something about it, i'm going to have their badges. i don't take that likely. lou: well, i wish you, i bush you -- i don't think any of us should take any part of this lightly. this, what you have revealed, shows a man who is, with all this evidence, i can't imagine how anyone would consider him
7:32 pm
fit for the highest office in the land are. rudy giuliani, who has done much to make sure that the public in this country knows what's going on. rudy, good to have you with us. thanks for your service to the nation. joining us now is republican national committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. i don't know how much of what has just happened on this broadcast you managed to hear. but tony bobulinski, former business associate of hunter biden, effectively dutying the form -- indicting the former vice president if everything he says is true. and we're told by rudy giuliani not only is what he said true, but there is more to come. i want to get your thoughts about is he unfit for office? and should that be a major focus of tonight's debate? >> well, i can't think of any higher level of corruption than
7:33 pm
monetizing the office of vice president, allowing your son to do dealings with foreign countries that you have jurisdiction over and profiting for your family's benefit. it is deeply troubling. you know what's e even deeply troubling, lou, is that fox news is the only one that carried that broadcast. as these stories are unfolding, the media is completely blocking them out. and, you know, we talk about how we're on a pathway to a socialist nation with joe biden. well, we're already part of the way there with the loss of a free and fair press. why will they not discuss this, investigate this? for a candidate running for president at the highest level, this level of corruption needs to be discussed. lou: it is -- i take your point. we're well beyond discussion now in this country. this is a republic, the constitutional republic, its existence is threatened by the fourth estate that has become the fifth column in this country
7:34 pm
aligned with corporate interests, aligned with the left and is social -- and socialists may be the least of the concerns of the american people as we approach election day. this is an outrage. it's authoritarian and a blackout on the public's right to know is an outrange that shouldn't be -- outrage that shouldn't be tolerated for a day, let alone an entire political campaign run by one joe biden. this debate tonight, give us a sense of what you expect the president to do, what he has to do in your judgment to prevail. >> i think the president just needs to talk about the differences between how he has governed, how he led this country to the great economic comeback with record low unemployment, with the economy booming, to how he's led us true this pandemic. we're on a path to a vaccine, what he did with the ppp loans, and we're coming out of this at a pace that nobody expected
7:35 pm
versus joe biden who's saying i'm going the raise taxes, embrace the green new deal which means higher gas prices for everybody, and fundamentally dismantle the third branch of the government by stacking the supreme court. highlight the differents between -- differences between these two candidates, and we win every time when we talk about the powell and the success -- the policy and the success of donald trump. lou: in the back of, i think, everyone's mind right now who will be watching this debate is the knowledge that 47 million americans have already voted. give us a sense of the weight and the breakdown of that vote, in your judgment. >> lou, we're seeing all the momentum heading our way. we know that our voters like to vote in person, but we're seeing our voters come out in drove, and that will continue through election day. it's tight. everyone get out to vote. go to, we knead you -- we need you, but i feel very
7:36 pm
good about the momentum for donald trump being reelected. lou: ronna mcdaniel, we appreciate it. thanks so much. up next, as we head toward tonight's debate, corey lewandowski, david bossie with us, senior advisers to the trump campaign. stay with us, we'll be right back. non-valvular afib can mean a lifetime of blood thinners. and if you're troubled by falls and bleeds, worry follows you everywhere. over 100,000 people have left blood thinners behind with watchman. it's a one-time, minimally invasive procedure that reduces stroke risk-- and bleeding worry--for life. watchman. it's one time. for a lifetime.
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tonight's final presidential debate. the rasmussen daily tracking poll shows the president with a 52% approval among all americans. and if you're keeping track, that is two points higher than the approval rating of one barack obama at the same point in his presidency. joining us now, david bossie, president of citizens united, former 2016 trump deputy campaign manager and sur date now for the trump 2020 campaign, corey lewandowski, senior adviser to the 2020 campaign and authors of "trump: america first. " and that subtitle has it exactly right. gentlemen, great to have you with us. david, let me begin with you. bob lis sky -- bob lin skies -- bobulinski, i mean, he spilled
7:41 pm
it in just a few minutes. rudy giuliani revealing what was on the laptop that we now know is the laptop of -- a laptop of, belonging to hunter biden. this is extraordinary. and what we're learning suggests that joe biden is certainly unfit for high office even if no crimes were actually committed here, although that's very much an open question. your thoughts. >> lou, this is -- that was a shocking press conference. i look at what these democrats did to this president, president trump, over the last four years with this fake russia investigation, with the ukraine garbage that they perpetrated, that fraud that they perpetrated on the american people. this demands a special counsel by the attorney general. we are now seeing in a press conference this person detailing and saying that he has the records on his electronic
7:42 pm
equipment and is turning it over to the fbi. this begs -- this is the reason why the special counsel was called. look, the democrats stood tall and said robert mueller must get to the bottom of it. well, now this absolutely demands a special counsel, and i'm not going to sit still until there is one, i'll be honest with you, lou. lou: corey, your reaction to what you heard today and what the president should do with it tonight. and i've got to preface this. i heard a number of rino saw haven'ts today -- savants today saying, oh, the president shouldn't bring up the biden family history, the corrupt business dealings of the biden family as it's education pressed in e-mails -- expressed on e-mails of the laptop of hunter biden, as it's expressed by a former business associate. my god, what should we pay attention to, and why in the world would anybody listen to
7:43 pm
those rinos who think a candidate has a responsibility to be dull and talk about, you know, the minutiae, policy all day? >> lou, if we listen to the presidential debate commission, we can't talk about foreign policy. we can't talk about joe biden and hunter biden and what seems to be a pay-for-play access to the highest levels of government. what do they want to talk about? they want to talk about patty cake, lou. we need a fighter that's fighting for america every day. joe biden's been in his basement for four days. what have we seen? only one major media outlet in the print side, "the new york post," has cover canned this hunter biden story. that press conference, which was so stunning, was corroborating evidence that we know that he personally has access to on his electronic devices that the big guy, who is referred to now as joe biden, which is confirmed, was looking to get money from
7:44 pm
china through hunter's relationships. this absolutely is a topic of discussion, it should be brought up tonight, and joe biden should have of to answer to the american people for what. seems to be a pay-to-play scam. lou: yeah. and china should be, certainly, a absolutely prominent issue because this is a country that has unleashed a deadly plague on the world without warning. and when they could have warned and saved so many lives. your -- i'm going to give you the last word here, david. your thoughts about what you expect the president to do in the first ten minutes. >> i think the president's going to talk about his amazing record of accomplishments for the american people. and, lou, last week at the nbc debate, you know, one of the great moments was when the woman talked about the president's smile. those of us who know the president know how charming he is.
7:45 pm
they understand, and we understand, just what kind of a person he is, and we want that, we want the american people to see that tonight. what that, what those folks did at nbc last week at the town hall meeting. so we're looking forward to him talking about higher taxes versus lower taxes and border security versus open borders and looking forward to his conversation about anarchy in the streets versus law and order. but the american people, i think, want to see the real donald trump, and i think he's going to show it to them tonight. lou: all right. corey, i'm going to give you the last word. do you agree with me the president should grin and show his sense of humor tonight? what do you think? >> absolutely, lou. look, the man that i have gotten to know over the last six or seven years, i've had the privilege to be by his side, he's funny, he's self-depracatinging, he's so gracious to everybody. i know he's tough, and we have no question about how tough he is, but i think sometimes the lighter -- lou: thank goodness he is. --
7:46 pm
human toizes him. if he does that tonight, lou, he's going to continue to win over the american people. he has a big heart for this country. lou: in my opinion, his record alone demands reelection. we'll see what the american people think about it all. david bossie, corey lewandowski, thank you for the all you do for the country. we appreciate it. up next, more on tonight's final presidential debate. republican senatorial candidate in the great state of tennessee, bill hagerty, joins us. and a reunderstood minder to buy my book, "the trump century," available on lou dobbs as well. lots of patriots go to stay with us, we'll be right back. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ muck. >> on may 13, 2017, i received an e-mail concerning allocation of equity which says 10% held by h for the big guy. in that e-mail there's no question that h stands for hunter, big guy for his father, joe biden. and jim for jim biden. in fact, hunter often referred to his father as the big guy or my chairman.
7:51 pm
lou: that's former biden business associate tony bobulinski breaking his silence about his dealings with the biden family and a chinese energy firm. well, joining us now is bill hager orty. he's republican candidate for the -- haggerty -- senate in tennessee. i want to get, first, your reaction to these breaking developments on the biden family and what looks tock -- to be a clear case of corruption. >> lou, it's great to be back with you again. you know, it's very clear, joe biden cares a lot more about his family and china than he does about our families in america. this is shocking. lou: it is shocking. and we were just discussing with corey lewandowski and david boss su, his former campaign management team from 2016, this
7:52 pm
is, there are so many people telling the president he shouldn't be bringing up the biden family scandal. and i am just astonished that republicans would be saying that. they may be rinos, but still they're republicans. it's madnesses. and they're very boring people themselves. they don't seem to understand that no politician has a right to be boring. >> lou, this is a clear pay-to-play proposition. and look who it's with, china. you and i both have the same feelings about the threat china poses to america. it really is amazing, that. this shouldn't be a topic tonight. this was supposed to be a foreign policy debate. the thursday debate generally is. i'm counting on the president to do that. lou: yeah. and we should point out that the debate commission itself and the moderator didn't include foreign policy as a topic for tonight's debate, nor did they include the
7:53 pm
economy. at a time when the economy is of critical interest to all of us and certainly to the to policymakers and this president who has driven the strongest economy in our country's history. >> well, i can certainly tell you right here in tennessee that the economy is a key issue, lou. everybody wants to see us back to work. you know, the president put me on the white house economic recovery task force to work with him and the team there to get our economy to rebound. we want to see america back at the forefront. i think that we can do it. i i think that we'll be ahead of the pack, but we need to reelect president trump to make this happen because joe biden has made it e clear he's going to destroy all the policies that made our economy take off. the 2017 tax act, that put our economy into overdrive. biden wants to tax the people that create jobs, the last thing you should do as you're trying to turn around an economy coming out of a recession. we need to go back to another wave of regulatory review, take
7:54 pm
away the hurdles for businesses and really get this economy moving fast. i feel very, very confident about this economy here in america and certainly about the economy here in tennessee. it would be a perfect topic to discuss tonight here in nashville. lou: all right. and another topic to discuss, certainly, is this president and the intelligence community which has conspired against him for the course of his entire presidency. there's no doubt that the heads of the office of the dni, the cia were amongst those who were carrying out obama-era orders to do so. it looks like william barr, the attorney general with, is not going to take any action at all. i want to get your reaction to that. >> i think the american public are very, very concerned about the weapon anyization of our intelligence agencies that happened during the obama/biden
7:55 pm
administration. joe biden was deeply involved in this. another good topic to discuss tonight, because americans are certainly very deeply concerned. i can tell you people here in tennessee are very concerned about it. my friend john ratcliffe, he's gotten in and dug into this. i think we're seeing revelations, we will see more. and i certainly hope that the attorney general will take a very hard look at this. lou: well, and you're right about john ratcliffe, great service to the nation. bill hagerty, thanks so much for being with us and enjoy what promises to be a very robust debate. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ , we got griswalda. dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance. yeah, switching and saving was really easy! drink it all up. good!
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♪ ♪ lou: hunter biden's business partner, tony bobulinski -- former business partner -- speaking just moments ago on the stunning level of corruption in the biden family. >> i have heard joe biden say that he's never discussed business with hunter. that is false. i have firsthand knowledge about this because i directly dealt with the biden family including joe biden. lou: tony bobulinski. thanks for being with us tonight, and tony bobulinski will be amongst the guests, the special best of the president in this debate. and stick around after the broadcast. i'll be joining neil cavuto for
8:00 pm
fox business' special coverage of tonight's presidential debate. please follow me on twitter @loudobbs facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex, we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ >> you watching fox business -- you're watching fox business coverage of the final presidential debate. here's neil cavuto. neil: all right. if i were to have told you getting ready for the big debate that a name like tony bobulinski would have come up, you would have said, what? he's claiming there's more there this to the hunter biden e-mails, and further more, that joe biden's claim that he never talked business with his son are false. he will be the epicenter of a growing argument right now that many in the media choose to ignore, but donald trump will not tonight. this is part of the big debate and the big back


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