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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  October 23, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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just the wealthy or those making above $400,000. that really needs to be looked at. charles: always a pleasure. thank you. have a great weekend. the s&p 500, it's up a little bit but it's been just really tough, i guess, liz, this is probably a good proxy for the whole week, up a little bit, down a little bit. that's where we've been. liz: yeah, it is really toggling and that is a reflection, you might agree, with the news headlines that we're waiting on when it comes to stimulus and it's going to kind of remain that way certainly for the next couple of days. we also have this breaking news. centuries-old hostilities that have blocked trade for thousands of years are falling as we speak. sudan becoming the third arab government to normalize relations with israel in just the past two months. today, the deal brokered once again by the trump
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administration looks at the reopening of long-shuttered trade routes mean for u.s. business, not just israel and of course these other nations, but u.s. business and could saudi arabia and maybe even iran be next to step up? the president's director of trade and manufacturing policy, peter navarro, will join us live on what this relationship might just do to boost trade in america's struggling covid economy. rivalry on the baseball diamond still in full swing. game three of the world series set for tonight. the major league baseball organization is going high tech to help you light up your social media with grand slam videos of your own. find out how the mlb film room is taking a place in the google cloud. narrow tech trading in play as the prospect of a stimulus deal remains on mothballs on capitol hill. dow jones industrials down 61 but the s&p just popped up to positive territory, better by three.
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the nasdaq up nearly -- down nearly five points. all of the major indices appear to be headed for weekly losses. we have this fox business alert. positive vaccine news helping the markets just now coming up off the lows. here's what we know. this is just hitting the tape. the fda has just informed astra-zeneca that it can now restart its covid-19 vaccine trial in the united states. so the stock which had been down is now flat to slightly higher. this comes after the fda has concluded an examination of two neurological cases that emerged within patients who were part of the trial. they came up with some type of illness. that has now been investigated and astra-zeneca being given the green light at this hour to restart its vaccine trial. just yesterday, the fda had given the nod to gilead sciences' remdesivir as the first approved treatment for the coronavirus in hospitalized patients 12 years and older. that stock up about .5% to
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$60.98. this as both moderna and pfizer say they expect their vaccines could be ready by the end of the year. we've got moderna down about .75%, pfizer better by 1.5%. but as viable vaccines, you know, you could call it inching along, inch closer to reality for the general public, jpmorgan strategists are warning investors that when that much-awaited moment of success arrives, beware and this comes down to your portfolio, beware of companies that will then be vulnerable to significant selloff. jpmorgan says it may be time to go short on the following names, zoom, chegg, grub hub, overstock and costco. it's not really a surprise that these names are all down at the moment when they are outed by jpmorgan. here's what jpmorgan says. because these names have seen such incredible momentum during the pandemic and have crowded positioning, that may turn tail
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when consumer activity normalizes ostensibly because of a viable vaccine. to our floor show traders. teddy, personally, i don't see a vaccine the likes where once we get it, zoom and these other names go dark, but what do you think of jpmorgan's list and what would you add to that? >> well, i'm not sure i add anything, but i'm not sure that i agree with them 100%. i think the reality is perhaps yes, there will be some softness but i think the fact that a lot of the enthusiasm for a lot of these names, particularly in the drug area, have kind of waned. you know, maybe it's a case of selling on the good news, we'll have to see. at the end of the day, we certainly want to see this vaccine. i think the real issue for all these companies is perhaps if we don't get the vaccine for some reason, then we have much bigger problems. but rather than look at their list, i think the opportunities are really in the next sectors that will do well if, in fact, this vaccine comes in a very
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timely fashion. i think that's a much easier trade. the airlines, the entertainment, united airlines, disney, commercial real estate in new york city which is horrendous. i think it's a lot easier at this point to pick the potential winners when we get a vaccine and not worry so much about the stocks that might be or might not be ahead of themselves in anticipation of the vaccine. liz: both are tough to do, figuring out what will do well, what won't. what do you think, phil? give me your list of what you think should be added and maybe subtracted from what jpmorgan has to say. >> first of all, i think if we do get a vaccine, it is going to open up the door for an incredible stock market rally overall. i think some of these names that will get hurt might get risen by the rest of the tide. some of those that you mentioned like zoom, i think netflix could
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be another one that could take a little bit of a hit. they are already warning their surge in subscribers may slow down once people actually go back to work. they are supposedly working from home but watching netflix at the same time. allegedly. i don't know that for a fact. but you hear that. but i think the sectors that got beat up, i think teddy touched on the airlines. i think that's a great thing, if people start to travel again. oil and gas, assuming vice president biden does get elected, those are going to be great buys at this point. and food and entertainment, travel and leisure, these are stocks that will come back in a big way because we know americans want to get back, they want to be involved in the economy, they want to start living their lives again and they don't want to be locked up at home. i think once we get that vooks se vaccine, we will quickly see a lot of good things happen in the economy, good things happen for these businesses, good thing for travel and leisure, energy, you name it. it's going to be a nice time. i can't wait.
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>> liz. liz: the restaurant chains. yes, teddy. >> liz, if i can, i really do, this is not an easy business no matter what, but i do think as phil points out, he kind of mimicked what i was trying to say, i think the easier trade is really the long side and the sectors that are out of favor, is in fact this vaccine is coming as soon as everybody seems to think it is. that's the trade. i give jpmorgan a lot of credit for putting out a list of short sales, but don't forget, people that sell short buy them back or go to prison, you know? short sellers are all potential buyers. liz: hey, we love our short sellers, too. we are agnostic here. teddy, phil, great to see you both. have a good friday and a good weekend, if you can. we've got some breaking news right now. democratic presidential candidate joe biden making his very first comments since last night's debate. he's delivering a speech in
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wilmington, delaware and in particular, discussing his plan to beat covid-19. he just called for increasing coronavirus testing in order to facilitate the reopening of the economy and he accused president trump of giving up on fighting the pandemic. we will let you know if more news comes out of this speech. a fox business alert now on a dow component we need to tell you about. of course, that's intel, the world's largest semiconductor company has sunk to the depths of the s&p 500 after pandemic-struck businesses and governments chopped away at data center spending which has become in the last five years a key and massive division under the intel umbrella. the stock is falling 11% right now, but how bad was it? well, the data center business plummeted 47% after two quarters of growth. we should check on rival chip makers, if we can, nvidia, micron, amd.
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we see nvidia and micron moving higher. nvidia and advanced microdevices moving higher. micron technology down about 3%. all right. this is important. is it that kids are bored during the pandemic, or that parents felt guilty during the pandemic that barney saw this huge renaissance? mattel surging after the toy company posted better than expected quarterly results in large part because consumers bought up half a billion dollars worth of barbie dolls. hasbro taking a leap on the news but mattel up about 10.6%. big move for that stock. hasbro better by 3%. speaking of barbie news, move over, ken. rock star elton john is getting his own barbie doll. not apparently in his likeness but with his fabulous style. mattel says some of the credit for the earnings beetlat also g to the success of its baby yoda
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plush doll. okay. don't say it. do or do not, there is no try. yoda was a hard butt. really mean. i don't want to hear i can't. there is no try, there is only do. all right. that's that. boston beer, boston beer hitting a record. the maker of the truly hard seltzer raising its 2020 forecast for profits after beating estimates for the third quarter. brokerages rushing to raise price targets. the median price target now stands at, you ready, $1,015 a share. we are at $1,080 right now. up 17%. nice intraday move today. it is a good bet that the beer will be flowing in just a few hours. the rays and the dodgers getting ready to play ball in what might be the most social world series
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ever, even as the pandemic keeps in-person fans away. america's pasttime making its most high tech pitch to fans ever before. the stocks that could sail to home plate with the closing bell ringing in just 50 minutes, what about that time yours truly threw out the first pitch at the angels game? if you guys are good, and you stay with me through the commercial break, i might just show you how hideki caught my pitch. you're watching "the claman countdown." businesses today are looking to tomorrow.
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liz: we have this fox business alert. we are now, we are just getting these reports that johnson & johnson's coronavirus vaccine trial also will resume soon. trials were initially paused on october 12th due to a study participant's unexplained illness. this is a lot of news in the last call it 14 minutes since the show started. astra-zeneca now allowed to restart its vaccine program, and now johnson & johnson. johnson & johnson's stock is up about .25% at the moment.
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so the process continues. operation warp speed. all right. the l.a. dodgers are just three wins away from their seventh world series championship. they are taking on the tampa bay rays tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fox in game three of this fall classic. so any of you who have been watching me know i am a die-hard cleveland indians fan because when i moved to ohio back in the '90s, of course you become an indian fan. growing up in l.a., i was dodger blue. back then, i think we are talking, what, 1991, fernando-mania swept across the southland. and of course, he was flanked by the ever-loveable manager, hall of famer tommy lasorda. who doesn't love him, right? guess how long it took team "countdown" to find these decades-old clips you're looking at, dig them up and edit them together? two minutes. thanks to the new partnership between google on the mlb film
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room. now fans, all of you guys, can easily create ultimate video highlight reels on your own for free. the film room just launched and has now sparked a year over year 253% increase in searches on's video portal. what else is mlb doing to drive fan engagement? chief operations and strategy officer chris marinack is the man tasked with keeping fans excited during i guess you could call it a year like no other. in the past, the league was so proprietary about clips and highlights. now we were amazed, we can curate video of fernando v valenzuela whenever we want. what led to this change and the partnership with google? >> it was an unusual year this year and because of all we have gone through, with the pandemic and not being able to have fans come to the ballpark, we felt it
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was important to bring the game to our fans at home and the film room product is just one example of how we have done that. we unlocked all of our video library, almost four million videos, and gave our fans a chance to be in control to make their own highlight reels because we can't produce everything that fans want to see and be able to let our fans at home control the highlights they put together and then share them with their friends and family, we felt like that was a really great way to bring the game to our fans at home. liz: and with the help of an outfit like google, obviously with youtube, alphabet, all of the power behind that, that partnership has enabled people to jump on and start kind of editing their own little highlight reel. who are the most popular at the moment when it comes to clips that people are hunting and searching for? >> yeah. we just released our top ten most searched-for players in the post season. fernando tatis is an exciting
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young player who hit a number of home runs early in the post season and had a viral video clip of him doing a back flip and hitting a home run in one of the games earlier in the post season. he's generated a lot of buzz. those are the types of things we have seen fans really grab on to. for them to be able to create their own highlight reel with his at-bats, it's been a really unique opportunity for fans to engage with baseball. liz: we've got this board, teaming up with the mlb and twitter is right there, too. talk about what relationship you struck with twitter and how fans will feel it directly. >> for anybody that's been to a game, you know going to the ballpark is kind of the peak experience of a baseball fan, and the pinnacle is going to the world series, obviously. given all we have been through this year, not as many fans will be going to the world series and throughout the regular season, no one went to a game for the entire regular season. so we were brainstorming ideas of how we could bring the baseball experience to our fans, and what better way than to
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allow fans to get that batting practice souvenir, to catch a ball, home run ball from batting practice. so we tasked our fans with sending in tweets and some of the tweets were stamped on balls that were authentic batting practice home run balls from pregame and the world series. we will be shipping those balls off to some lucky fans over the course of the next couple days. liz: okay. about an hour ago i tweeted something with the hash tag, @mlb. i'm waiting for my ball. what about snap? you've got a partnership with snap as well. >> you might be a winner. liz: i might be a winner. okay. tell me about snap. because this is an interesting one. >> so snap is probably the best example where we are trying to connect with the next generation of fans, the gen-z audience. obviously, snap is a leader in the gen-z space. they are also a leader in the augmented reality space. our young fans love to create these a.r. photos and videos of them in different scenarios,
3:21 pm
then share them with their friend and user community. so the snap partnership has allowed us again to bring the fan to the ballpark. so you can put yourself on the jumbotron, you can put yourself at globe life field, you can put on a hat of the dodgers and rays and create a really fun photo or video, then share it with your friends on any platform, and really, just create another way for you to have a fun engagement with baseball during this world series over the next week or so. liz: chris, when we were trying to put our highlight reel together, there was one highlight or maybe -- well, it wasn't a lowlight. it was a highlight. may of 2010, we could not find it but we had it in our archives. it was me throwing out the first pitch at the angels game. yes, i was on the mound. can i just say. and i threw it to hideki and it was just a bit outside. but i did do it and i got to tell you, i have done a lot of nervewracking things.
3:22 pm
that was the most nervewracking thing i have ever done. have you thrown out the first pitch? [ speaking simultaneously ] liz: hey, mitch williams coached me. yes, the former phillie coached me beforehand. chris, great to see you. good luck with the world series. it's on fox tonight and we appreciate all that mlb is doing during this difficult time. thank you. >> thanks a lot for having me. liz: by the way, yes, the tampa bay rays, we love our rays fans, too. game three, world series 2020. only on fox. what else do you have to do on a friday night, you guys? tune in. okay. the fireworks certainly flying at the final presidential fight night from big oil to covid to china, white house director of trade and manufacturing policy peter navarro weighs in live from the white house in just a few moments. next tuesday, i'm among the fox business all-stars joining charles payne in the next
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america votes together virtual town hall. we are going to tackle your questions about the major economic issues of the nation just one week before election day. you guys, whether you are big or small business owner, or individual investor, e-mail a video of yourself asking a question to we may feature it next tuesday. 2:00 p.m. eastern only on fox business. closing bell, we are about 37 minutes away. the dow struggling, down about 50 points. we'll be right back. ve an idea . oh yeah, you going to place it? not until i'm sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk.
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because while your reverse dunk days may be behind you, your coaching days are just beginning. aetna medicare advantage plans. medicare annual enrollment ends december 7th. call today to learn more and we'll send you a $10 visa reward card with no obligation to enroll. liz: goldman sachs is, well, let's call it flat line, right? it's barely moving here, one day after the bank's malaysian subsidiary admitted guilt in the now infamous 1ndb scandal. the wall street titan has now agreed to pay $2.9 billion to the u.s. justice department to
3:28 pm
settle embezzlement charges in connection with the foreign bribery case where in essence, money was raised for development projects but somehow got diverted for spending sprees. that's in addition to the $2.5 billion goldman agreed to pay malaysia's government back in july. so just about $5 billion plus here, we are talking about. the alleged mastermind behind the fraud is a businessman named joe lowe. he's on your screen there. he's still on the run from malaysian authorities, believed to be hiding out in china despite an interpol red notice filed by malaysian police. as part of the goldman settlement, executives including former ceo lloyd blankfein will see salary claw-backs totalling about $174 million. david solomon's pay slashed as well as that of two other top executives currently at the firm.
3:29 pm
solomon saying yesterday quote, we must learn from our mistakes and accept the consequences when we fail. goldman sachs looking forward now. all right. though the actual embezzlement did happen between 2009 and 2013, the lid fully blew off the scandal in 2015, when a journalist in london and the "wall street journal" were tipped off to fraud. you can see what goldman has done since 2015. the peak was about 2018. so then you've got covid and a bunch of other drama. goldman fighting back. to some better news here in the markets at this hour. let's get to lauren simonetti for today's fox business brief. hello, lauren. lauren: happy friday. let's start with this. btig upgrading the auto research and shopping site to a buy, pointing to both its cheap valuation and the potential for a pop in automobile demand when a stimulus deal is finally reached on capitol hill. let's take a look at shake
3:30 pm
shack mixing it up coming into the close. oppenheimer going bullish on the burger chain, predicting a full recovery from the pandemic by 2022. shake shack up 3.2%. the iphone 12 hitting store shelves today but reports from around the world say the usual long lines that have accompanied past apple product debuts have been replaced, even in china, with the covid-fueled shift to online ordering. apple just one of many companies swept up in president trump's trade wars. could a new market be ready to open in iran? we will have white house trade policy chief peter navarro on "countdown" next.
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liz: major trade and diplomatic news announced this afternoon. the white house, israel and sudan have agreed to normalize ties. the trump administration brokered this deal between the african nation that borders the red sea and one of america's top allies. of course, israel. the united arab emirates and bahrain were the first in the past couple months to sign peace accords with israel, also brokered by the trump administration. as the sands of diplomacy shift in the middle east after centuries of battle, trade doors are starting to crack open as well. so let us bring in peter navarro, senior trade adviser to president trump. you're smiling -- [ speaking simultaneously ] >> metaphors working overtime there. metaphors working overtime. sand and doors. anyway, go ahead. liz: i got a smart team here. i give them credit. let's break it down for our viewers. >> sure. liz: trade is incredibly
3:36 pm
important. there's been so much focus on trade with asia and trade with europe. what about trade with the middle east? and to open up these areas between israel and these countries which were previously a big feuding partner, tell me what this means for the world and the united states. >> i'm reminded of attorney general barr's expression about communist china, they're not interested in trade, they want to raid. in this case, we got a case, it's trade not terrorism. we had a situation with sudan back in the older days where they were a primary exporter of state-sponsored terrorism. we're now in a new transitional government and this is a case where economic security for the united states is also national security to the extent that we can lift the fortunes of very poor countries like sudan by engaging them economically,
3:37 pm
that's all to the good and i'm glad we're not playing by the kristen welker rules, we can actually talk about foreign policy, this is a great foreign policy achievement of president donald j. trump bringing peace to the middle east. maybe we can do a redo -- liz: who's next? >> -- and add this to the list. liz: to that end, peter, to that end, who's next? there's lots of chatter about saudi arabia which would not be the biggest leap in the world, i get that part, but today, prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel and president trump also brought up, i couldn't believe this, iran and both said hey, you know, if there's a possibility of this, why wouldn't we look at it. >> i think there's a realization among middle east leaders that they spent the better part of 50 years going back to the six day
3:38 pm
war, engaged in fruitless endeavors which did not lift up the spirits or the well-being of the people of the middle east, and israel itself is a cutting edge technologically innovative country that can bring a lot to the table with these countries when the united states is brought in on that triangle. you can imagine a world and i think a lot of middle east leaders, the younger generation is looking forward to a world where they know the oil's running out and they are going to have to go to the next move and that's going to be a very different kind of economy, and having israel and the united states be part of that partnership is a really different vision from what we have been seeing for many, many, many, many years. we still have the problem of iran and its nuclear weapons and its horrific system of
3:39 pm
repression, of women and that's got to change. liz: it's awful. >> all these other countries are moving along so it's great for president trump. it's too bad that this topic wasn't talked about in that debate but if i may, i can tell you that that debate may well have won the president the election or at least won the midwest for him because one of the things that really caught my eye, i have been working on these reports going state by state, on the theme of all job creation is local, and if you look at three states, michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, you have in michigan the shale formation, you got 8,000 fracking wells there. go over to pennsylvania, you got the marcellus shale formation. liz: hold on. let me just play that clip of that interaction between joe
3:40 pm
biden and donald trump regarding oil and fracking. then we can talk about it. >> would you close down the oil -- >> i have a transition from the oil industry, yes. >> oh, transition. >> that's a big statement because i would stop -- we actually do -- >> all right. we have one final question. >> -- that's the biggest statement because basically -- >> one final question, mr. president. >> -- he is going to destroy the oil industry. will you remember that, texas. will you remember that, pennsylvania, oklahoma? liz: well, so texas was probably or looks to be probably going with president trump but that was an interesting moment for pennsylvanian voters when he flagged them but you know, don't discount that group of people as well who are understanding that this kind of transition takes a long time which i think was joe biden's message but the president jumped on that and that was an important moment during the debate yesterday. >> and as usual, kristen welker tried to jump on his punch line
3:41 pm
but we -- liz: no, no, i'm going to defend kristen welker. >> do that all you want. let's have that conversation after we talk about why president trump may well have won michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. again, you got 8,000 fracking wells in the anthem shale formation in michigan, 9,000 in pennsylvania in maccercellus sh formation. in wisconsin, they got frack send in the western part of the state that employs a ton of people. if you think about all the votes there that hinge on fracking, it's thousands and thousands of votes and the margins of victory in those states are going to be quite slim. i think the president did an excellent job there. i think the second thing the president did to really help in those states as well as the rest of the country was to clearly portray joe biden as the
3:42 pm
lockdown president and the beautiful discussion about how the democrat governors in michigan and wisconsin, pennsylvania, have all erred on the side of punishing lockdown that really hasn't helped contain the spread. really i think set up a really nice contrast between the two candidates. the last thing is the president did yesterday outside of the -- liz: quickly. we are running out of time. >> the retirement plan he's going to really help rescue these delphi salary workers who were punished unfairly by joe biden and barack obama and obama's treasury department. i thought it was a good day for the president in the midwest with respect to that whole issue. liz: we will know november 3rd or at least we will start to know on november 3rd. >> i wouldn't guarantee that. liz: peter, great to have you.
3:43 pm
thank you very much. peter navarro. all right. we do have morgan stanley and the $7 billion buyout target eaton vance falling flat into the close. well, yeah, what's going on here? is this deal in trouble? charlie breaks it on the reason we may have in just a few moments. you want to start a successful business but you never had the courage? or you are just feeling like you can't fight, you don't know how to fight to make success for yourself? bai founder, you have had that drink, right, ben white, he created this antioxidant beverage company in the basement of his new jersey home but eventually, because he had so much fight in him, turned it into a $1.7 billion brand. he tells you, he teaches you his philosophy and how he was able to fight the fight, and now he's got this new company.
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it's on everyone talks to liz, my podcast. ben's bevolution. he's disrupting the beverage industry and continues to just fight it and kill it. he will teach you how. listen to it, let me know what you think. we'll be right back.
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and if we win, we get to tell you and doug. how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ liz: it's really only been two weeks since morgan stanley announced it would be buying fund manager eaton vance for $7 billion, but it seems the banking giant could already be facing some regulatory quicksand. to charlie gasparino. charlie, i understand first you have a new development involving apollo's leon black and that investigation into his business dealings with jeffrey epstein? charlie: yes. i just want to update the story
3:49 pm
that we did yesterday, liz. i have been told by people close to black that he's expected, expected to be on the earnings call, apollo is going to announce earnings next week. it's going to be standing room only, remotely, anyway, for that call. but i've also been told that listen, don't make too much of a big deal out of it that he's going to be on, and he's probably going to make a statement of some sort about what's going on now in an investigation he's -- internal investigation into his dealings with epstein. but it's business as usual. this is what he does all the time. he's considering this business as usual, and what people close to him say is look at what's gone on with the stock since he announced the investigation and his willingness to disclose his complete ties with epstein. shares of apollo have gone up. that's what they're saying. we'll have to see on thursday. but clearly, investors are giving him a decent thumbs up for being able -- for disclosing whatever he did with epstein and being on the up-and-up with
3:50 pm
epstein. we should point out that jeffrey epstein was a wealth manager before he was known as what he was known as, and he was considered a good one so it's not absurd that leon black would do business with him. i think we are going to see some of that if this investigation -- after this internal investigation is over. want to switch gears to morgan stanley. yes, it's been just a couple weeks since i believe it was a $7 billion purchase of eaton vance, a very well-known reputable white shoe money management firm, mutual fund company, but here's the problem that i think james goreman, ceo of morgan stanley knew from the beginning and people are starting to talk about now. if you have in-house mutual funds, do you give it preference over other mutual funds when you are dealing with small investors? and i think those sort of regulatory hurdles are going to start coming down on morgan stanley. they are going to have to deal with those regulatory hurdles because the s.e.c., various securities regulators are always wondering whether your brokers, morgan stanley brokers in this case, are showing preference when they pitch funds to investors. do they show preference to the
3:51 pm
in-house funds or do they show preference to the one with the best -- the most suitable investor. so as i talked with morgan stanley about this, they say they are dealing with it. there is going to be disclosures up the wazoo, so to speak. there is also going to be, liz, some sort of discounts and give-backs, fee rebates is the name they use, if you go into an in-house fund, you won't get dinged with double amount of fees. for example, you pay your brokerage fee, you don't pay the extra fee that would normally go to eaton vance because it's all one. so that's how they are dealing with it. it's going to be a difficult issue. it always is when you have these financial supermarkets, there's always conflicts of interest. still, i think it's a very good purchase for morgan stanley. doing something that no one else is doing, building a wealth management firm with scale, coupled with the biggest brokerage firm in the world,
3:52 pm
maybe. so that's pretty interesting. they will have to deal with these regulatory issues as it goes forward but this is one of them. back to you. liz: yeah. you know, our "countdown" closer really likes morgan stanley. we are going to explain why and it doesn't have to do with the eaton vance acquisition. charlie -- charlie: i bet it does. liz: maybe. you got to stay tuned. the hitchhiker's guide to banking on dividends in your portfolio. if that didn't give it away. you got to see how much. the closing bell ringing in eight minutes. "the claman countdown" is coming right back. it's almost the end of the trading session on this friday. stick with us. this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-tim-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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liz: four and half minutes before the closing bell rings, we are looking at a market that is meandering, the dow is down
3:56 pm
40 points, the s&p is up nine, the nasdaq is up 34 but i want to drill down in the red with the dow, the dow's losses are coming from two names, intel and american express, poor earnings off 64 points collectively from these two names off the big board, imagine we will look better without intel and xp at least today, for the week, it's not a great picture entirely, we have all three major embassies looking to close down for the week, the dow will be down 1%, as a be down have 2% and the nasdaq down 1%, let's go to lauren simonetti for one of this week's biggest winners and losers all to the stimulus headlines. >> all of those hopes kind of faded, will start with the winners on the s&p 500, alliant technology make the invisible
3:57 pm
line teeth straighteners reported record revenue as dentist office reopen and people use their savings to look better on their resume calls, also expedia up 13% this week, folks getting antsy to travel again, their booking trips way ahead of the holiday, and under armour riding the wave, giving them a 20-dollar price target today ahead of earnings which is one week from today let's move over to the losers, citrix systems down 11%, intel five to say most of the losses coming today, here's the deal with intel, the enterprise and government customers that use the database center, they are pulling back, cheaper chips or devices or more possible that cuts into margins and finally union pacific down 10% on the week latest earnings report and wall street continues
3:58 pm
to punish the railroad operator, you gotta be when it comes to earnings because when you don't you get punished on wall street. liz: i was looking down, i was surprised, intel over the past five years has done very nicely, there were times four years that was bouncing around $20 a share, thank you very much, industrials, utilities and financials have led sectors this quarter so far, our next guest says, let me tell you what he says, dan is a guy who is ready to make a pic, three pics on one specific reason, dan is president of rnc capital management with a 4.8 billion under asset management, i want to hear what you have to say about this, those three sectors, young three names and three reasons down to one as to why you like them. >> when you look at the financials in particular, you have a sector that's been beat
3:59 pm
up in the situation you look at areas that are pulled back, healthcare, energy and the financials and energy has a number of issues and that's not going to go away anytime soon, the financials are overdone in the earlier segment you mentioned morgan stanley and that's one of our favorite pics, they are going to be the leading wealth manager in the world, they're going to have a trillion in half dollars in assets in management and 4 trillion in custodial assets in picking up rates, they are very laser focused which is what they're going to do and they have been focused that way for several years, when you're in a situation where you can buy this company at one times book and collect almost 3% dividend, nothing else it's a good place to hide out as the market finds a base. liz: just so your other pics don't get ignored truth has a
4:00 pm
nice dividend of 4% and bristol-myers has a dividend of 2.9%, lovely to have you, thanks for your pic and on this friday, take a collective wrath, you made it through, two up, one down, the dow does not make it to the upside, down 32 points, have a great weekend. >> stocks are mixed after a choppy session after stimulus uncertainty the dow ended in the red but well-off session lows with s&p 500 and nasdaq indian in the green, investors still remain skeptical of the deal before the presidential election, i am david asman and for connell mcshane. >> i am jacqui deangelis, this is "after the bell", we start with fox business team coverage lauren simonetti, blake burman and edward lawrence in washington, lauren were gonna go first to you.


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