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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 25, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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gd sdundayunorniunun yo ome to "su "ay morayningay ture"re i'maria mabaomo boakinoggg ws, nwsineineayins away from election day 2020, coming up white house chief of staff mark meadows on a blockbuster admission as the final presidential debate joe biden on transitioning the oil & gas industry. president trump: would you close it down? >> i would transition from the oil industry yes. president trump: oh, transition. maria: plus, the plot thickens on the biden family big money deals in china and ukraine, senator ron johnson with new
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evidence on how hunter biden was allegedly briefing the skids for china to get approval to buy up american innovation pocketing millions while doing so investigative journalist peter schweizer is here with new e-mails never released plus congressman jim jordan and doug collins on the ramifications of big technology covering up the stories of corruption after john ratcliffe pounces on the falsehoods and continues to claim of russia noise. >> let me be clear the intelligence community doesn't believe that, because there's no intelligence that supports that and we have shared no intelligence with chairman sc hiff, or any other member of congress that hunter biden's laptop is part of some russian disinformation campaign. it's simply not true. maria: all that and more as we look ahead right here, right now , on "sunday morning futures ."
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>> all of that coming up but first this breaking news excerpt from my interview with president trump for my upcoming book out this tuesday, this never- released interview conducted in august suggests president trump knew of china's influence on his attackers, even as they continued to push a russia falsehood. take a listen. president trump: they never used china. do you know why? because they're all getting richer in china, they have their deals with china, but they always use russia. i said i wonder maybe china, no, no, it was russia. maria: what was the biggest takeaway in your first term in terms of the one thing you learned that you didn't know beforehand about washington? president trump: deep-seeded corruption, deep-seeded moreys, people are there and they're protected and to this day they're protected it's hard for me to get people to go after people, they're protected. maria: my new book will be out this tuesday, and for more of my
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exclusive interview with president trump tune into our one one-hour special tonight on fox news, 10 p.m. eastern based on the book by james freepan and myself, the cost, trump, china and the american revival. the wall street journals james freeman and i are coming out with this book this upcoming tuesday. few lawmakers know more about the protect people in washington that senate homeland security chairman ron johnson, he's been telling us on this program about the roadblocks he's faced in his quest to expose deep state corruption for years. he joins me right now. senator good morning to you. thanks very much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: before we get to what you've uncovered and the letter you've sent to the fbi ig, i want to get your take on the sc otus confirmation process the senate in session this weekend debating judge barrett's tammy bruce it nation. are we on track for a floor vote will you be voting to confirm amy coney barrett tomorrow morning? >> absolutely and it'll be a
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real pleasure to do so. she's a wonderful person, a great judge. she really ought to get at least as many votes as ruth bader ginsburg got in 96. i get 100-0 but that won't be the case it'll be a partisan vote but she'll be confirmed later tomorrow. maria: let me move on to the letter that you sent michael horowitz, this past week on the 21st and you write that the fbi possessed the laptop allegedly belonging to hunter biden for a year, the public has the right to know why they sat on it. i want to just point out that joe biden says none of this is true. here is a sound bite of biden at the debate with president trump this past week. >> my son has not made money in terms of this thing about what are you talking about, china. i have not had, the only guy that made money from china is this guy. the only one. nobody else has made money from china. maria: senator johnson, your reaction. >> well the vice president is
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lying, again. check out page 78 of our report where we show a company, a chinese company, cefc transferred about $5 million to businesses controlled by hunter biden. $5 million, so no, he's lying. he's lying about the fact he said he never spoke to his son hunter about his overseas business connections, flew over to china, had a handshake with jonathan li, who ended up being a business partner in bohai harvest rst, which is that investment firm and we documented and talked to the vice president and the conflict of interest in ukraine, the vice president then talked to hunter to raise a meeting with ms. hoch stein, so the vice president has been caught in repeated lies over biden inc about his family's businesses. maria: you know you say biden, i nc, that's interesting because i've got a politico argument back from 2019 and the title of it is biden, inc.
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it's not like these things weren't out before over his decades in office, and pes politico writes middle class joe 's family fortunes closely tracked his political career from august of 2019 when they call it biden, inc. i've got a list of deals i want you to talk about here this is hunter biden's alleged business deals you mentioned the $5 million from the chinese oil company cefc, he also created a $1 billion investment fund for his company bhr with state-owned bank of china and he received $3.5 million in a wire transfer from the wife of the former mayor of moscow, and he earned $83,000 a month totaling more than $4 million to serve on the board of ukrainian energy company barisma. what have you learned about these deals? >> well that they actually happened. i think essentially you raise that politico article written back in august 2019 whenever are major news media wasn't in the
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tank for joe biden they are probably in the tank for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren so they are actually critically looking at joe biden's checkered past when it comes to these foreign business entanglements and his family profiting off his name. that's what we're finding out is that whether it's his brother, his son hunter what we're really finding out is hunter really cracked the code. somewhere around 2013-2014, in terms of how to really vacuum up these dollars and how to track money from people that why they have influence and utilize the biden name, it started with working with first of all christopher heinz and devon arch er whose a convicted felon, that he implemented in 2013-2014 but it's amazing when you take a look at all of the different companies, rosemont senica
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partners, and bohai harvest rst, and even before that, paradigm global advisors that's pointed out in that politico article, so there's just been a vast and complex web of financial dealings but the one thing that they have in common is they're all trading off the fact that joe biden was either a u.s. senator or vice president of the united states. maria: yeah we're going to talk with peter schweizer coming up he's gone through these 26,000 e-mails he has and throughout those e-mails they keep referring to the biden lift. come into business with us and your business will get the biden lift, so we'll talk with peter about that, but you just mentioned business dealings in 2014. this was when joe biden was a sitting vice president and we've got a list here that vice president biden meets with his son's business partner in 2014. this was april of 2014 and he meets with devon archer at the white house in april of 2014 he visits ukraine and soon to be
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described by president obama as the public face of the administration's handling of ukraine. of course archer joins the bari sma board later that month on april 22 and then later on, in the month, in may of 201i sma board and over the course of the next several years makes more than $4 million how come this wasn't frowned upon when it was happening? you've got obviously, a sitting vice president's son doing deals with the companies that will be affected by the very policy his father is negotiateing. >> it was first of all buzzfeed sent a e-mail to the executive office of the vice president when they found out when burisma announced that hunter joined the board to paraphrase said this is a true represents a glaring concept of interest so that was back in 2014 by the way it's the exact same wording i used in my report
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the news media ignored and of course one of the things they said about my report when they ignored it is well there's nothing illegal here and maria it's not my job to determine whether something is legal or in legal but what i would say is you take a look at all of these glaring conflicts of interest and all these foreign entanglements at a minimum, it is grotesquely sleazy and that's who the american people are going to pose voting for or against, somebody like vice president biden whose involved in incredibly sleazy, possibly- illegal dealings. we don't know the full extent. my report raises far more troubling questions than it ever answers, but it also really points out to three different scandals. you have the biden family financial scandals, you have the news media suppressing the story, and you have the deep state not providing types of documents that we need in a legitimate congressional oversight. maria: so senator, i mean, the question becomes, will you subpoena hunter biden? why haven't you subpoenaed hunter biden and i want to
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really understand if you're being stopped. are you being stopped by officials within the judiciary committee that you cannot allow certain people to come testify. whose stopping you, senator? >> first of all we've sent out two letters to invite hunter biden and requesting the information from him. what i get is some pretty nasty letters back from his attorneys referring to joe mccarthy and everything else. if you take a look at how i've been treated the false allegations. allegations accusing me of dealing in russian disinformation. i can understand kind of a reluctance on the part of other members of our conference getting fully behind this investigation. the good news, maria, is that the damage is breaking we're just seeing this log jam break of all kinds of information that i hope the american public is paying attention to. i think there's going to be far less resistance to me really getting at the bottom of this because the american people really do deserve the truth. maria: are there people within your judiciary committee and are there people within the senate
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that are trying to silence you, senator? >> well first of all it's homeland security committee and let's face this some of the members of that committee have gone quite public in their viewpoint of what my investigation, whether it's appropriate or not. i think it's completely appropriate. i am the senator of oversight committee. we have oversight jurisdiction over conflicts of interest that's specifically written in our jurisdiction and our responsibilities that's what this is a glaring conflict of interest. and by the way, chris cruz lied about me and said we spent millions. i haven't spent a dime other than my staff salary. this is what we do. we investigate things, it's just normal senate salary. we haven't spent a dime more than just my basic committee budget. maria: senator thank you for ex posing this to the american public. we appreciate your time and your leadership here. we'll be watching your efforts, thank you, sir. >> have a good day. maria: senator ron johnson joining us after this short break congressman jim jordan and doug collins have been exposing d.c. corruption on this program
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>> there are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he's accusing me of is a russian plan. they have said that this has all the , four, five former heads of the cia, both parties, say what he's saying is a bunch of garbage. nobody believes it except his good friend rudy giuliani. president trump: you mean the laptop is now another russia russia russia hoax? is this what you're doing? this is where he's going. the laptop is russia russia russia. >> i want to stay on the issue of race. president trump: you have to be kidding me. maria: all right, that was former vp joe biden, defending hunter biden, his son, against the corruption attacks allegations of thursday night's debate insisting that the story
6:17 pm
is russian disinformation, among those 50 former national intelligence folks that he referred to, john brennan and james clapper, who may very well be involved in the coo to take down donald trump. joining us right now is congressman jim jordan the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee and congressman doug collins also on the committee gentlemen it's great to see you. thanks very much for joining us first let me get your reaction to what adam schiff has been doing going around gathering up as many people as he can to say the hunter biden story disinformation, john ratcliffe threw a wrench in all of that the director director of national intelligence joined me monday and we played that earlier in the program, congressman jordon your reaction >> how can it be disinformation we have the drop slip hunter biden signed and john ratcliffe and the fbi saying it's not russian disinformation we have an eye witness who says the e-mails are real, we have an eye witness who says the big guy in one of the e-mails in fact refers to joe biden and that same eye witness met with joe biden about this whole
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subject area. remember, these are the same people the same 50 people who signed this letter, the same people who said the fake dossier is real. now they're saying the real laptop, the real e-mails are fake. no one believes them. the only problem is big tech is censoring this information, and not enough journalists are doing their job so americans can find out what really happens. it's all true. maria: go ahead. and congressman collins, you've been also talking about the coo , both of you have done such great work to expose the real issues here and the way that there was a coo to take down donald trump your reaction. >> look i go a step further maria, no, brennan and clapper were in the middle of it and what we've seen everywhere leads back to the folks trying to cover their own tracks and jim is right about this. why is it that the new york times can report about the president's tax returns and things like that that they were given to report that they didn't name the sources, but yet the
6:19 pm
twitter didn't sensor them but yet twitter and other social media are censoring the new york post for actually posting the truth about hunter biden. this is an up and down world and why the media is so disliked and why they are trying to bend this election for joe biden. understand what we're in is sort of an alice-in-wonderland is up , what's up is down and what's down is up, all of the rest of the coo do not want you focused on what they did so they are trying to continue this narrative and look if adam schiff is saying it whose believing it? he said so in majority it things if his lips are moving he's not telling the truth most of the time anyway. collusion in plain sight jim and i have been seeing this it's time to clear this up and hold those accountable right now. maria: yeah, i mean, what you have going on here is the same group that tried to put all of this disinformation into the et her in 2016 about donald trump colluding, that's the same group that wants to be in power again. it's as simple as that, joe biden was coming up with the
6:20 pm
logan act, jim jordan, and he now wants to be president. >> yeah, never forget these people told us that there was supposed collusion between the trump campaign and russia between president trump and russia when in fact, they knew, they knew it wasn't true, and we know, we now know they knew it wasn't true because ric grenell released the transcripts that proved there was no proper predicate for launching this investigation in the first place, so, these people have mislead the american people for four years now, and they're trying to do it again here just nine days before an important election. >> maria, i just want to point out what jim thought think about this , when jim jordon and ourself and others fighting on this impeachment when we were going through this i'm at a point where i'm tired of the intelligence community, i'm tired of the fbi slow-walking this stuff. they are slow-walking to the senate and everywhere else it's time for christopher wray and frankly if the cia is slow walking this information they need to go, because if they had
6:21 pm
this laptop, last december, when jim and myself and so many other s were out there fighting hard showing what was happening in the ukraine, that it was not the president, it was them if they had this information then, i am appalled that we did not get that on the hill. that should have been something that should have been investigated back then instead of us just kinding out about it now that's the problem right now maria: well it really is extraordinary that it is the same group of people who abuse power in 2016, want to be back in power. i got to ask you about this potential coverup, both of you on the media. jim jordan, you have actually looked at these e-mails and you have authenticated them i want to ask you about that and also what happens if joe biden does win this election and becomes president with all of these business entanglements from china to ukraine let's take a break and get into that when we come right back we've got jim jordan and doug collins with more straight ahead
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maria: welcome back. we're back with congressman jim jordan and doug collins they both sit on the house judiciary committee and i want to ask you about the media and twitter, but first, jim jordan, your staff independently authenticated these e-mails that we're talking about from hunter biden's laptop what can you tell us in terms of what's fact? >> no, maria, they are as real as real can be we have the eye witness mr. bobalinski, who said these are authentic and real and the big guy in these e-mails does in fact mean joe biden and he himself had spoke to former vice president biden, so, this is as real as it gets and here is the fundamental question. why won't joe biden say they're not real? if they're not accurate, if these aren't accurate e-mails why won't the bidens say so and why, frankly, why won't the
6:26 pm
press asking that fundamental question, that basic question, mr. biden are these actually accurate? is this hunter biden's laptop and in fact are you the big guy? they won't ask him that question but the american people know those facts are true. maria: i mean, doug collins, this e-mail is really the smoking gun. here it is written by hunter biden to an executive at that chinese company cefc, it says my understanding is that the original agreement with the director was for consulting fees based on introductions alone, at a rate of $10 million a year for three-year guarantee of $30 million, the chairman then changed the deal after we met in miami to a much more lasting and lucrative arrangement to create a holding company 50% owned by me and 50% owned by him consulting fees is one piece of our income stream, but the reason this proposal by the chairman was so much more interesting to me an my family is that we would also be partner s in the equity and profits of the joint ventures investment at the end of the e-mail, they break it down in terms of who gets what and it says 20 held by hunter, another
6:27 pm
20 held by jim biden his brother , another 10 held by h for the big guy, doug collins the big guy, being joe biden. >> joe biden. i mean, it's amazing here. what jim just wrote down is true and what is amazing to me is the biden campaign and the willing accomplices of the media have never denied the authenticity of these documents and never tried to attack these documents they just give broad sweeping arguments saying oh, it's not real but you know we found out something we talk about in the previous center biden ain't a matchmaker, i guess has a competition here because his job was to go out and make sure he could get the access through his father whose the vice president, so he could make money, for biden,inc. this is becoming the concern here and you made a comment earlier, maria, about this. why should this concern people? you're getting, he's asking to be put in the most powerful chair in the world. the president of the united states. and these are the kind of deals he did as vice president. everybody should be scared to death of this.
6:28 pm
maria: yeah, what about media and social media, let's talk real quick jim jim jordan twitter ceo and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg are testifying before the senate judiciary committee next month but you've been calling for them in the house for months now, what are you going to do about this coverup going on by the media? >> well two things when they testify, i think the first question i would ask jack dorsey is why are you censoring the new york post? all these facts we talked about are real. why are you still censoring the new york post and a publication that's been around since alexander hamilton for goodness sake so why are you doing that the remedy is legislation we've introduced doug and others on the judiciary committee that does a complete overhaul of section 230 brings back some liability for these folks and will have the incentives in place so that they can't keep censoring conservatives like they've been doing. >> exactly. maria: it's pretty extraordinary i know you both were recipients of that, go ahead final word
6:29 pm
here go ahead. >> no, maria i appreciate it because jim and i have been the victims, i think we're on the tip of the sphere they don't want to hear from jim jordan and doug collins. we had a campaign ad they took down because it was too sensitive and when jim jordon and doug collins tell the truth about this president who worked so hard for the american and attacked and they give joe biden a pass, that should tell the american people all they need to know about the media giants right now. maria: it's pretty extraordinary , guys it's great to see you both congressman, thank you so much doug collins and jim jordan we'll keep following it and peter schweizer is coming up and will join us with breaking news after the break but first white house chief of staff mark meadows on chief of staff mark meadows on the side of this stay limu emu ♪ you know limu, after all these years it's the ones that got away that haunt me the most. [ squawks ] 'cause you're not like everybody else. that's why liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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maria: welcome back. president trump securing another foreign policy victory this week , with the announcement of another middle eastern peace deal on friday that would normalize ties between israel and sudan. this comes just over a month after he brokered a similar agreement between israel and two arab states the united arab emirate and bahrain. the president told reporters there is even more progress on the way joining me right now is white house chief of staff, mark meadows. chief meadows great to see you this morning thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be with you thanks maria. maria: what is the president trying to achieve here another victory normalizing relationship s with israel, are
6:34 pm
we going to see more countries and what's at stake? >> well, we will see more countries coming in, the president has been not only a leader but he's been very proactive on trying to make sure that peace in the middle east is really not just a dream but a reality and i can tell you that for him, it's all about our men and women in the military wanting to make sure that we don't get involved in endless wars and yet they have to understand that there's an american strength and an american might. he's made sure that the military is well-funded but listen if you had asked me even three years ago or three months ago if we would have an agreement between sudan and israel, i would not have put the odds at a great betting odd but never bet against this president, because he's been able to accomplish this , him and his team, they've done miraculous work three
6:35 pm
countries where peace is on the way. more countries to come as many as four to five additional countries, perhaps entering into that and so the great news is for all of americans, is that we have the hope of finally having peace in the middle east because of this president's leadership. maria: yeah, it's an incredible story, a great story. didn't come out last week at the debate. what did you think of the president's performance at the debate, you know a lot of people are saying it was one of his best performances up at that podium, but there's nine days away from the election is it going to be enough to resonate, sir? >> well his record is going to be enough to resonate with the american people and he did an incredible job poll after poll suggested not only did he win but he won by an overwhelming margin and it's real easy to do when you have someone who has accomplished so much in 47 months versus a career politician. you know, it was very evident on that debate stage, there was one
6:36 pm
candidate joe biden who did a lot of talking about what he could do even blamed barack obama for his inability hads to get things donald yet this president is running on his report and running on a hope that we will continue to make the next four years better than this four years and i'm optimistic we'll get there. maria: yeah, i want to talk about the oil industry because of course that was one of the highlights of the debate this past week, and banning fracking would impact some 7.5 million jobs we've got a report here talking about the importance of job creation within the oil industry. let me play a bit of the debate exchange on oil and fracking between the president and former vp joe biden here it is. >> i never said i oppose fracking. president trump: you said it in the tape. >> show the tape. put it on your website. president trump: i'll put it on. >> put it on on on the website.
6:37 pm
>> would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a biden administration? >> no. we would work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated. maria: make sure it's eliminated , we took that from your team, tweeting the past comments from joe biden. your reaction and do you believe that he is, in fact, going to regulate this industry as a business, he keeps saying he's not going to ban fracking now. >> well it's two or three weeks before an election and he needs pennsylvania and texas and ohio and some of the others so of course flip flopping joe is going to say that. his record is very clear. he's going to not only get rid of fossil fuels and what does that mean for all americans whether you're in an oil- producing state or not your gasoline prices go up, your home heating prices go up, listen, this is about a candidate, joe biden, who the only job he created was
6:38 pm
actually for the biden family. he's never created a job for the working class americans, and yet, he pretends like he's going to do it. this be just a major harm to the economy, a major harm to the working families across america, and that's the joe biden future that he promises for so many. maria: yeah, kamala harris has also said she wants to ban fossil fuels and fracking. the american petroleum institute is estimating that the industry supports directly or indirect ly employment of almost 11 million americans, so this is a big deal when it comes to jobs, we'll be watching how this plays out, certainly in terms of policy. what other policies do you believe are resonating with the american people in terms of the president's record? i want to get back to the hunter biden and the joe biden story in terms of corruption, but let's talk policy for a moment and what you believe is going to resonate with the american people nine days out of an election.
6:39 pm
>> well joe biden is the only candidate other than walter mon dale that campaigned on a promise to increase your taxes whether it's increasing taxes on middle income americans , whether it's bringing back the individual mandate, which is a tax on not just those middle income wage earners but those below that. you start to see that it didn't work real well for walter mondale. i think he won 13 electoral votes his home state of minnesota and even the people of minnesota know that the joe biden that is out there suggesting that his policies are going to resonate, they just need to look at 47 years. really, he's only passed two pieces of legislation and one of those he's running away from so one of those he's about de funding the police and not about a secure communities whether it's in suburbs or cities or anything else, his record is real clear, his
6:40 pm
rhetoric is misleading at-best. maria: actually i'm glad you mentioned defunding the police. that's one issue that seems to be resonating with the black vote. we've been talking with the african american communities and president trump, we had herschel walker on recently, burr guess owens and i've got a rasmussen poll that i'm looking at that says approval among likely black voters jumping to 46% after that debate , that sounds unlikely to me, such an incredible number but the president is speaking to that portion of the community, increasingly isn't he? >> well he's not just speaking to that portion of the american electorate. he's actually acting on their behalf. for some when they watch this debate this was the first time that they found that the president had not only invested in opportunity zones, in historically black colleges but he'd also passed criminal justice reform, which put fourth
6:41 pm
an equities that largely affect ed in minority communities and he's all-into do that so it's his actions versus once again, joe biden's inaction, and so it's making a big difference, but to suggest that no one wants safe communities is to paint it with a broad brush that it's just not accurate, and so this president is about making sure our communities are safe. maria: all right chief we've been talking all morning about corruption and this joe biden story about play-to-play. what's your take on how important this will be to american voters? there's a lot of pushback in the media. you're not even seeing story being covered on social media and yet as we just heard, from senator ron johnson and congressman jim jordan these allegations are serious that you're seeing all these business deals setup by hunter biden and his partners putting money aside for joe biden. what's your take on how
6:42 pm
important this will be come election day? >> well it's very important because what we see is what most americans hate about washington d.c. a politician gets elected and they go out and enrich themselves and their family and there's no denying that that happened here when we start to see the evidence, whether it comes out in the next nine days or the next nine months, joe biden will be at the very center of this. he will be a guilty player in all of this and when you start to look at the mounting evidence , whether it is with money laundering or whether it is with a number of witnesses that are now coming forward, joe 's story just doesn't holdup. it's just like his fracking comment her he flip flopped on that. we'll see that there's another fracking that takes place and that's with joe biden's alibi in terms of his denial of corruption here. maria: all right before you go, chief, i want to ask you about the cover up here because the fbi had this information for
6:43 pm
a year. even as the president was getting impeached in january of this year, the fbi had these e-mails and the laptop from hunter biden, they sat on it and the media won't show it. will christopher wray be fired after the election for in subordination, for not releasing this and to the public and what about gina haspell, we're understanding she's also blocking the dissemination of declassified documents, will these two be fired after the election? >> well obviously, i don't get into personnel decisions on national tv. we're evaluating all our personnel. i can tell you it is troubling when you're fighting against the swamp, and the swamp continues to fight back with lack of transparency and troubl ing and it will be accountability this president should make sure that he holds his administration very accountable so it's transparent for the american people.
6:44 pm
pete: great to see you. thank you so much. mark meadows joining us.
6:45 pm
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for a lifetime. maria: the investigative journalist peter schweizer has been writing the biden deals for seven years now and one of hunter biden's former partners has given schweizer 26,000 e-mails from prison some of which suggests the chinese partners wanted u.s. approval for acquisitions in the united states, as we've talked about many times on this program, china has long-invested and acquired u.s. companies and then forced the transfer of technology to china. in a new op-ed in the new york post today, schweizer discusses the biden lift which is used as currency and the author of " secret empires" and has done great work and joins me right now. thank you so much, peter for being here congratulations on all of your hard-hitting reporting tell me about the biden lift and about those
6:48 pm
e-mails that you are in possession of? >> yeah, the e-mails come from bevin cooney, whose was business partners with devon archer and hunter biden and he went to jail for an indian bond fraud scheme that took place in 2013-2014 and devon archer is going to jail for that as well and bevin cooney was quite upset and he admitted he made mistakes but he feels like the people that were the ring leaders of this , devon archer had avoided any criminal penalt ies and he believed that hunter biden got a pass as well, so, these e-mails offer a glimpse, maria, into how the business partners saw hunter biden's role. they talked candidly about the fact that he doesn't bring any money to the table. he doesn't bring in the expertise to the table, what he brings to the table is the fact that his father is vice president of the united states, he can get a meeting, he had help them with regulatory matter
6:49 pm
s and they describe his name as a form of currency. they say that there's a biden lift particularly for overseas deals that need to be done, and they describe him as their " direct avenue" to the obama- biden administration. maria: this is unbelievable, really. i mean, it's just laid out in these e-mails and you have them. how come we haven't seen a subpoena of hunter biden? do you believe that somebody is protecting him within the senate who else is china buying? >> yeah, i agree with you. i mean, i think i said in 2019 he ought to be subpoenaed to appear before a senate committee, that there ought to be subpoenaed submitted to his financial records. we know now based on senator ron johnson's committee's great work and by the way, i really commend him for his work. i had no connection with the investigation or with the committee but he really went out on a limb. when you're prepared to call out
6:50 pm
powerful people in washington on corruption, there's a lot of people from your own political party who don't like that because they may not be engaged inexactly the same thing but they may be doing something similar or they may be aspiring to do what's been going on, so you know, the bottom line is that the bidens have been protected. this sort of behavior, where it's happening in the private sector you'd have all kinds of problems with the fcc on other matters and yet the bidens have gotten a pass, but i think it's starting to change. you see the collapse or the erosion of their position and they started by saying there were no deals it was a conspiracy theory. then they switched to well hunter was a minor player. then they switched to well joe didn't know about any of the deals, and now they're left with well joe, himself, personal ly didn't get any money. that's an erosion of the story over two years i think it's going to erode even moreover the next six months. maria: i want to ask you about
6:51 pm
mr. bobilinski, because of course the fbi threw a wrench into the meeting with senator johnson but you've met with mr. bobolinski. let's take a break and get back to that more from peter schweizer in this exexexexex age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. i have amd. it is my vision so my plan includes preservision.
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maria: and i am back with peter schweizer author of " secret empires" he's done an incredible amount of reporting on the biden family business deals peter let me ask you about siphius and the approval that a foreigner needs in order to do an acquisition in the united states . that's one of the things that you've reported on that these chinese companies needed, right? they wanted the influence of joe biden so that they could get approval to acquire companies this is what donald trump has been trying to put an end to, china coming into the u.s. , buying up silicon valley and forcing the transfer
6:55 pm
of technology giving the chinese communist party a leg up on american technology. >> no you're exactly right, maria and this is a big part, i think, of the missed story. this is not just a story about hunter biden and the family getting wealthy. it's about hunter biden participating in chinese efforts to acquire western technology. in particular, for example, there's a company called hennegu s out of michigan that produce dual-use technolog ies that the have both military and civilian application and they are anti- vibration technologies. hunter biden's chinese-funded investment firm partnered with a vik, which is the largest military contractor in china, and they, together, acquired hennegus this dual-use technology company in michigan. it has clear military application. that deal had to be approved siphius. we know in the e-mails we've now obtained that they were involved
6:56 pm
in getting approval meaning hunter biden's firm and we now know that once it was approved they actually had a celebration of this technology transfer at the u.s. embassy with chinese executives, with the participation of hunter biden's partners, and it was a celebration and the man that was there, ambassador max bokas, former senator from montana is a long time biden family friend, so let's be clear this is not just about the biden family becoming wealthy from these foreign partners. it's about the biden family participating in the transfer of u.s. technologies to china and getting paid for participating in that. maria: unbelievable this is just stunning. if joe biden were to win the presidency, there could be blackmail here. what are the implications real quick, peter as we wrap up. >> no, i think there are huge implications. look the bottom line is we have to decide whether this kind of behavior is going to be tolerable. is it going to be acceptable for family members of the
6:57 pm
highest-ranking politicians in america to be doing deals with foreign government? maria: peter it's great to have you i hope you'll come back soon we love having you i hope you'll come back in the next couple weeks, peter schweizer have a great day, everybody i'll see we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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pleasure working with you. jackie: a pleasure as always. david: lou dobbs starts right now. ♪. lou: good evening, president trump has achieved another historic accomplishment in the middle east, just 11 days before the presidential election, president trump in the oval office today announced the normalization of relations between israel and the muslim north african nation of sudan, today's peace agreement adds to those already brokered by the president between israel and bahrain as well as between israel and the united arab emirates. president trump has also brokered peace deals between the taliban and


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