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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 26, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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coming up next on fox business and she will continue our coverage of the important senate vote confirming judge amy coney barrett. thank you for being with us, see you tomorrow and good night from sussex. and this just happened, breaking news tonight you're looking light at the senate floor, which is very damp with democrat tears right now. we just saw a vote. most about that would not come before the election. amy coney barrett confirmed as the newest associate supreme court justice. her nomination of its very contentious. it is more ideological conservative direction. she is expected to be sworn in and little over an hour tonight. reportedly would be administered by justice thomas at the white house. and in the backdrop, next week
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enormous presidential election. you want drama baby, i will give you 2020 prescription strength drama. here at the very latest is foxbusiness white house correspondents, the one and only blake burman. like break it down, what just have embraced back either kennedy good to be with you. it was exactly one month ago september 26 when president trump announced that he would be tapping amy coney barrett to head to the supreme court of course to replace the late justice ruth bader ginsburg. now that is all beneficial at this hour. here in washington. as the proceedings are underway. the white house is not yet said what will happen later this evening. however there is expected to be some sort of formal celebration over at the white house later this evening. once everything has become official. as for president trump, he was out on the campaign trail earlier today. three different stops in pennsylvania. this is how he was celebrating his third supreme court nominee. watch price to back that was a good choice wasn't it?
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i am glad she's not running for president i would much rather go get sleepy joe. judge barrett is one of the most brilliant legal might show defend our rights, liberties and god-given freedoms. >> of coursers of democratic support in the senate whatsoever for amy coney barrett sprayed they feel republicans are being hypocritical for how coney barrett has been treated in election-year versus how merrick garland was can treated in the last election in 2016. as for joe biden, he made some comments earlier today, kennedy. and he focused on the accept affected celebration over the white house. remember at the events in the rose garden about a month ago, that was believed to be a super sporadic, covid-19 super spreader events. participants there, very tight, no social distancing, masks were a rarity. earlier today, this was what biden had to say about what we are expecting over at the white house. >> people should be tested
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first before they even show up. number one. number two, they should be wearing masks. number three, they should be socially distant. and number four, it should not be a huge crowd. whether it is outside or not. >> and as you've mentioned, once events move on over to the white house, the supreme court justice clarence thomas is expected to administer the oath to amy coney barrett. >> and he is eight conservative side, beloved. it will go from one generation to the next obviously he is it ideological stand-in for her mentor. the late justice anthony's glia. thank you so much polite good reporting praise to back this confirmation could not come in a more usual time. a week before a nasty election during a spiking pandemic. but our democrats complaining too much? and are they making too big of a deal about her judicial record. let's get straight to
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tonight's party panoply look who we've go got, lgbt founder and right turn strategies president chris barron's ear along the coast of "sincerely kat" on fox nation. she's also for the show kat timpf it's here it's her birthday week what? we've got former aide to senator schumer. also hosted the aggressive progressive podcast, christopher hahn is here. it's great to see you guys good to see face to back so cat and i get a talk for little bit we want you boys to fight first. so chris barron, do you think this secures the president's legacy in a way that even the most optimistic traps supporters could not have anticipated four years ago? >> absolutely. let's just be honest. even if president trump lost the election, which i do not think is going to happen. his legacy will be unmatched when it comes to transforming the judicial system in the united states. for a generation,
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conservatives have thought to move the courts to the right. and now amy coney barrett's confirmation tonight, we have a supreme court that is going to be ideologically different than the one we have seen for the last 30 years. it is actually going to defend the constitution. it is one that we can be proud of. no matter what happens on election day, president trump's legacy is going to last an entire generation. spirit. kennedy: . christopher hahn, democrats feel different about that. the good old days would bruise bader ginsburg was confirmed, pretty much every senator was on board. but not one democrat votes. you think this almost justice barrett, she's not been sworn in quite yet. you think she should have declined the nomination? christopher hahn go. >> i think she's allowing herself to be used as a political pawn. i would not call her appointment confirmation trumps attention trumps legacy it's mitch mcconnell's legacy.
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doing so he's both damage the reputation of the court and really destroyed the senate. what he did four years ago he made his case, he said if this is why we cannot have a judicial appointments at this point in time, when it was way earlier in the election cycle. and now he is just ramped one through three this is the fastest confirmation in recent history. it is an amazing price back it's not the fastest in history there but other confirmations. >> i said recent history, i corrected myself. and again, this is something that is going to really destroy the balance of the courts. and destroy the american people's understanding of the court is a nonpolitical branch. it's amazing to me any moment take this appointment this point in time. >> agenda before he could not imagine to me judges who would take the supreme court nomination. like new growth, the president was like seriously irrational and fun?
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and you like that is much as the next which plays hop on the court? that kat doesn't this to show how hypocritical both parties are since they both completely switch sides in this argument? >> rights for thought is really funny when democrats were calling republicans hypocrites. not because of not hypocrites of the situation, yes they were. but so were democrats. so it is weird. like arguing epic court squared if you're calling someone hypocrite when you are. there arguing the exact same thing. there arguing the exact same thing. for me people get so concerned whenever this happens. about their rights, and how this is going to change their lives. and i think that we should take a look at the system kinda from a larger, bigger, broader view. and say hey, maybe if power is so concentrated among such few individuals in this country that we actually have to worry about something like that, maybe we need to take a look at that. i'd have the power be more individual.
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kennedy: yes i think that's what she's saying. i'm glad you brought that up or select thank you for twisting my words to make the exact opposite points. that political party. [inaudible] >> it's adding justices to the court for political reasons. would go against what you were they making a political arm. you obviously know what i wanted to say. kennedy: chris hahn, chris hahn, chris hahn, don't talk when someone else is talking, we cannot do that with these fully digital panels. it is impossible. you've given up your turn so i'm going to go to chris barron right now. chris, the president wins reelection should he pack the court and expand the size of the supreme court? >> as much as i want to say yes, i am not insane so the answer is no. of course we should not undermine the supreme court to attempt to supplant some sort of political agenda.
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i mean look, i understand why mr. hahn is angry. that left has relied on the supreme court to do it's unable to do the ballot boxes and the legislature for decades. and now they're not going to be able to do that anymore. so i am sure he's mad. i'm sure is completely and totally ticked off about it. but unfortunately that is the way it worked out. the voters voted for donald trump and elected him in 2016. dissent was held in 2018 by a republican. as many times as you want to say jm or schama or ram, whatever arrives, sue laura k panel were going to return a little while later. >> i'm not angry. before i know you not angry that's why appreciate you. cadigan talked about how classy my pearls are. that is coming up a little later sue should all hang around. first up we love liberty and the freedom on the kennedy show. so how might justice barrett rule on cases regarding your civil liberties, free speech, guns, mass surveillance. here with me now that the
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director of cato institute and the author of the fantastic new book, supreme disorder. ilya's imperial is back. we also have damon roots. also it author. welcome too both of you. i will start with you ilya. how might justice barrett be influential on the court? w does that work? >> it's great to be back first of all. it's great to have you back on foxbusiness, that is wonderful. i think she's going to be a very strong justice. her chores proved in such a shutter academic writings indeed makes her similar to her late mentor, scalia. then she takes the structure of the constitution seriously bristle weathers the freedom of speech, the second amendment the fourth amendment, justice kalil was a big friend of criminal defendants you might not know purge she had rulings on the
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seventh circuit that deny qualified immunity for example for law enforcement that violates constitutional rights. enforcing certain provisions. so generally i think she's going to be a breath of fresh air. she is so disarming up there. i think she might be influential behind the scenes. kennedy: interesting. so damon let's talk a little bit about some the things that were missed during the confirmation process. obviously centers through a lot out her and there are certain things she cannot answer. i was surprised that qualified immunity did not come up more since she was the author on that opinion. but what about mass surveillance? i was very frustrated, especially democrats focus so much on daca, that we did not get to some really important constitutional issues involving government spying. party or thoughts? >> the issue serenity fourth amendment, that is where the biggest things he supreme court is going to face in the coming year. think the comparison to justice khalil is apt for
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soon-to-be justice acb. likes khalil we can expect her to probably be strong in that area. that is certainly an area were conservative justices have and publishes on the right side of the issues. >> absolutely. there also is not been a ton of discussion about libertarian views. because there are many people in this country who do subscribe to original -ism. ilya, so how did she come down in terms of liberty? what what we expect specifically? >> it depends what aspects of liberty. in terms of the constitutional structure, because of course structure protects liberty. but there's a separation of powers of the accountable administrative state does not go beyond its constitutional limits. she's going to write their cabin on pushing back on
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that. they limited number of cases under chicago-based court. on the federal government passing laws that might go beyond its enumerated powers, i think she would be solid there. i have some questions about state laws that might infringe on the enumerated lights. those that are not listed. weathertight but economic liberties, privacy rights of various kinds. one of her famous articles that quoted a lot during her hearings was a review of randy barney's book, art republican constitution. or she seemed to accept rational basis the idea that state governments at least can regulate without passing much of a constitutional smelter. that is something that may give concern, maybe relating to covid restrictions or some other things. but generally i think she will hold both bureaucrats and legislator feet to the constitution of fire. kennedy: quickly damon, what about her past writing a
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decision on in terms of chevron deference? which is referring to federal agencies instead of the actual, perhaps a vague text of the law. is that a concern for you? >> i'm less worried about that. i would like to echo ilya's concern about liberty. she has writings and in fact exchange with setter josh hadley during her scent and her hearings and doors i think on the wrong historical view of the locker casing 1905. i think we should deafly be worried about her being too deferential to lawmakers when it comes to economic rights, economic liberties. and that is certainly something senator hawley does not have a problem with. likes to see big government conservatism in the economic sphere. and that is an area were libertarian conservatives often disagree about the law. in the returns are right. the original meaning of the 14th amendment, and i think she's going to be wrong on that. >> i think one thing we can all agree on is brett
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kavanaugh's going to party tonight super hard at the white house. and he is going to teach justice barrett to play the devils troika. gentlemen think it's a much we will rely on your expertise in the coming months free thanks again. >> coming up this just eight days until the election on a bunch of poll suggests the race is tightening. are the pollsters almost all wrong? like they were 2016. what happens if they are what are we going to do them? will tom breaks it down and breaks businesses today are looking to tomorrow. adapting. innovating. setting the course. but new ways of working demand a new type of network. one that's more than just fast. you need flexibility- to work from anywhere. and manage from everywhere. advanced technology. with serious security.
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kennedy: some breaking news you're seeing here first. senate republicans moments ago handing the president a major victory confirming amy coney barrett to the supreme court's. we learned just before, it will become official tomorrow. and what a time for all this to happen. unless you've been under iraq, and a flooded cave in uranus. you know they're just eight days until the election. candidates are their final push. so how might the supreme court conversation moved to undecided voters customer 22 break the numbers down, its executive editor tom bevan is back. this is such an exciting week. i know people are so invested in their candidates. for those of us to just follow
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the happenings like sports fans without a team. it truly is exciting. so tom, what kind of trends are you seeing this time around that are either exactly similar to or slightly different from 2016 that could give us pause. >> let's start with the acb, amy coney barrett confirmation. i'm not sure this is going to move the numbers. the kavanaugh confirmation was so -- was so polarizing and really galvanize republican voters, right before the 2018 election. the process was so different it will remind republican voters why they like at donald trump. right? this is one of the reasons they voted for him in the first place. it is a friendly reminder right before the election of one of the issues that really work in his favor. if you are sort of a squishy republican who was on the fence. but as far as the trends go, look, there are a lot of echoes that you thousand 16 how this race is shaping up. but there are a lot of differences. a couple differences here, joe
11:21 pm
biden is much more --'s favorable ratings much higher than hillary clinton at this time. for i have said that all along by the way the biggest asset joe biden has right now she is not hillary clinton. i'm not saying that because what happened rice me crazy is it's the truth. so many people came out and garage voted against hillary clinton. it's a truck really running against himself? the people who were so radically supporting him and so angry at him they cannot wait to mail in their ballot early? >> that's one of the things he's income but now. that's obviously a difference. there is not so much third-party support out there. so you were different than four years ago. there's an enthusiasm gap, we see it on booktv every day with the rallies and booktv and check rates at all that. trump supporters are wanting to turn out for their candidate. democrats not as enthusiastic to turn out and chauffeured jump vote for joe biden. kennedy: are there more of them? >> there's more of them but negative partisanship.
11:22 pm
we saw that 2018 will see it again they share. democrats may not be in favor biden, but they are fired up to turn out the vote against trump. we are seeing sort of two different campaigns that are being run. work trump was scrambling around, he's going to visit six or seven states in the next few days. he visited four states the other day. meanwhile biden called the lid 11:30 on a sunday. he's not really keeping that sort of pace. and so we will see. it certainly looks like republicans are going to turn out on election day. there will be a red way. whether that red wave will be big enough to offset the number of democrats that have voted early and who shows up on election. kennedy: there hoping it is a crimson tide. so tom bevan's, bottom line, is it anyway with the polling you are seeing in the consistency and many of those battleground states, is there anyway we will see another trump victory? >> it is certainly possible. look, steve or more of a long
11:23 pm
shot this truth in 2016? >> i think the polling suggests it's more of a long shot this time around. but again, we are seeing some signs that it is going to be closer than i think the national poll suggests urgently. and even some of the staples. i think it's going to be close. i think personally on a spectrum of things is going to be closer to 2016 that a biden blowout. see for it's going to be fascinating. no matter what next tuesday is going to be a long night. because there may be a lot of sad, drunk republicans, we will just not know the outcome. for that i celebrated all week long. tom bevan thank you so much, it's always good to talk to you. >> thank you kennedy. >> meanwhile another hilarious gaffe from sleepy joe biden pray take a look at this very >> and the character my country, is literally on the ballots. what kind of country we are going to be. or more years of george, georgia organ to find
11:24 pm
ourselves in a position if trump gets elected we are going to be in a different world praise to back georgia, georgia, jill is like no, no. are you ready for the next four years? trump fired back this morning any tweets", joe biden call me george yesterday, could not remember my name. that's about from the anchor to get into the interview. the fake news cartels working overtime to cover it up. so who is going to come out on top next week question the party panel has returned, chris barro barron, kat timpf and chris hahn. so chris hahn you like talking so start with you. it's closer than the polls may suggest. but at this point, i still very much give joe biden the edge. is keeping a lid on little budd buddy, the best strategy for democrats right now? >> well, it does not really matter. the election was never about
11:25 pm
joe biden. donald trump donald trump wanted it to be about donald trump. and most people in this country don't like donald trump. he can have all of the rallies he wants, he's arty spent all of his money. look, we see rallies in ac 11 our lines at polls. people are not lining up for 11 hours of polls because they are happy. they're coming out because they are bad. and they are done with this guy. but again, i don't think the fact that george biden is going to the georgia to campaign is going back to georgia to campaign. that's all you need to really know about this race. if georgia is employed, god help florida pretty lost pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. at arizona i think you can kiss that goodbye too. so far i don't know yet but i would not be too, too confident about arizona. that is what hillary clinton was saying in 2016 and it did not bode well for her.
11:26 pm
so chris barron, your rebuttal. >> look, let's be honest here. the reality is, this is a very close race. the biden people know that this is a close race. that's why we saw today biden announced he's going to wisconsin he thought he had this thing in the bag he would not be going to wisconsin party would not be making a surprise appearance in pennsylvania. i think this is going to have very close race for things going to be very long nights. i think at the end of the day, donald trump ends up winning. i think it comes down to michigan and pennsylvania. all president trump lisa do is when one of those two and he is going to be president for more years space rick that's when he was saying his first pennsylvania rally today goes pennsylvania so goes the country. kat if you're watching 60 minutes or not last night. choosing a very good job and she was talking to kamala harris she said you are right the most liberal senate and
11:27 pm
the senate, are you going to bring that progressivism to the biden administration? and kamala harris just started laughing. it was so inappropriate. i'm looking at her thinking, what you thinking? can you not give a serious adult answer when someone is posing a question to you that could have major ramifications. not only for this administration but for future generations. >> yes it's a very fair question for each we see her do that a lot was she starts a laugh but i'm uncomfortable, sometimes i will. but i'm not running to be the vice president of the united states for it so i am allowed to do that and that's fine. i don't think we do know what to necessarily expect from a joe how biden and kamala harris presidency. hasn't been about that is not were not trump. and also because the things they are saying so different from what they're taking in
11:28 pm
the past it's very interesting and chris hahn ugly about six seconds here. when joe put the lid on it, so does kamala. i don't see her because the contrast is so stark for the two. if you see kamala red ran on his toes and george's like, what george? they be very nervous. ten seconds brace back when you're up my 14 and the fourth courtney don't you throw the bopper think doing everything right. the campaigning enough to drink a lot of zoom conferences like this and look they're going to win. matt was here didn't see a path nobody really sees a pastor donald trump is going to be over. the forest nothing like a quarterback sacking himself. that's not a jeffrey reference. penn will see a little bit later were going to talk about hillary clinton which warms my heart. and we've got so much good stuff but including, we all
11:29 pm
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11:34 pm
twitter infarct out an antichild column. news anchors and digital newspapers scream every day about president trump's flaws and violations. but they do not seem to consider they are not expecting outrage, as much as writing their own death warrant. what will this gaggle do when the trump trend ceased to shoot gravy in their faces? pretrip cnn is in the dumps. 201,400 low's primetime ratings in the network's history. at the end of his term, and it will be a meal deal if biden is elected, their ratings are up over 500%. they have course at the teat of impeachment and co-op injections but will difficult audience really stick around to watch president joe sipping lemonade while kamala cackles in a corner. msnbc saw a 3% increase in their primetime viewership. has anyone stopped to consider what happens when the lights go on and the orgy is forced to stop? [laughter] "new york times" has tribute
11:35 pm
their digital subscribers in the trump era. they're going to have to dig into their thesaurus as trump is a fourth most used word in their publication. the present used to joke the immediate would never let him loose because he has been so good for business. but, with the election evading his short fingered grass, it could be the media who loses when many big name institutions and shuttered for good at the loss of the big bad orange man. and that is the memo. >>. kennedy: so what is the media going to do after the golden goose leaves? they are going to be sacking eggs. is it going to be three months or four years? joining me now the other media madness and media buzz on the fox news channel, howard is back. >> kennedy congrats on the reboot. i think you kind of nailed it right there for a thank you very much. i've been watching this, thinking to myself, there's been so much rage leading up
11:36 pm
to the election. and i am wondering, are there people of these newsrooms standing arousing what in the hell are going to do for revenue this guy is gone? >> while there is absolutely no question pretty specially in recent months is that media becomes more blatantly, unabashedly antitrust. the democracy depends on getting them out of office after six years of inactivity. donald trump is been extremely good for the bottom line is you just laid out predigital subscriptions, ratings, the whole shebang. the irony is the business model, the guard they love to hate is nevertheless wrong the cash registers of all these organizations. i'm not saying every single journals participates in trump hatred. but a lot do. so with joe biden, if in fact trump loses and i do not take that as a foregone conclusion. if we do get a biden administration of biden's promising a to normalcy, not in-your-face. in other was a boring presidency. those numbers for these organizations are apple going to plummet. i would not see death warmed they'll be dreaming of the
11:37 pm
numbers they have now. >> they're having a hard time before him. and so many people furloughed. in so many people working from home. and big businesses looking to cut corners. a steep drop in viewership and subscriber ship, it could be a death warrant for many of these outlets. so what do they do? they treat a biden administration with the level of skepticism that can used to during the trump era? or do they somehow find a way to focus on trump and retroactively criminalized some of his presidency. >> verse 12 donald trump does affect loses braid the media will congratulate themselves, they will do a victory dance parade they will say we are warning you, america's come to its senses. we'll rewrite history to every thing happened under his presidency was absolutely awful. secondly we will suppose a certain amount of web time and airspace will be devoted to trump it don't expect donald trump to be sipping my ties.
11:38 pm
but i don't expected to see them hanging out in mar-a-lago not making any noise. nevertheless are not going to into attack president biden if that's were getting. and even at they did, the new cycle is not going beat on twitter every ten seconds grade were not going to wake up and say what did i miss? i went to the bath initially were stories i have to deal with. i'm not sure is the easy way out sprayed the whole country, the whole media business may have to slow down. >> i think he's got used to shaping the narrative priest going to get you to do that. but let's talk we got about 30 seconds. to think that media treatment of amy coney barrett has been fair or unfair? >> i think it started out being very unfair. once the confirmation hearings were held and everybody can see she was very smart judge. he was also going to avoid the landmines of the questions of the democrats. i think there is a sense that she is well-qualified to be on the supreme corporate even of the mainstream media very ticked off at the fact that america garland did not get a hearing in any county barrett
11:39 pm
did. the fight went out a couple of weeks ago for it hasn't been that much of a story compared to the presidential campaign. >> thank you so it's your time. >> great to see again. steve worked great, thanks man. coming up what happened, hillar hillary? what makes her bark? is it too much she does her trump reelection. i will explain why biden victory is the worst thing for her. that is next ♪ greetings mortal! your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. liberty power! wow. that will save me lots of money. you're insured! this game's boring. let's get tacos. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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♪ ♪ sued echo here comes your band, girl. your looked like the white house where the president will be hosting in a swearing in ceremony for amy coney barrett three the senate just voted to confirm her by a razor thin margin, 52 -- 48. she must take an oath to become the justice of the supreme court for the second of which will happen tomorrow. we are told this oath of office will take place on the
11:44 pm
south lawn. little debbie updates as we get them. n/a mask account for you masks out there. where's your mask? president trump, winning reelection will literally make her, literally sick to her stomach, that's according none other than the people's pantsuit, hillary clinton, there she is. she is totally over her epic 2016 loss guys, she is good now. but as joe biden leads president trump of the post by bigger margin than hillary once did, what would really make her more upset? another trump when or a biden win that proves she was just an on electrically terrible democratic harpy. by the way, today is hillary's birthday. yea, happy birthday. still so bad. let's get back to the party panel. chris barron, kat timpf, chris hahn. chris hahn, how medicine
11:45 pm
hillary she did not get split three people in the supreme court? >> i think she is very mad pretty think america is mad. all of these people are how bad could it be? let's get this game show host a try as president. there are two or 30,000 americans dead, 8,000,006, the economies of the tent. we got three white ring that's on the supreme court. way to go but let's see how rights are job when they get a chance to hack at them now. sue for you really are aggressive. man, you'll even try to give a shred of objective analysis. i like the right wing nut. it's driving his pickup truck breeze going to kidnap richard whitmer. >> i do have hope for neal gorgeous. not so much. see 40 don't get the say that now. no, no. alright go ahead chris barron. >> i love neal gore sick offered the opinion it spent at work place discriminations
11:46 pm
for lgbtq people. peace must be some crazy white winger coming to take our rights. that's absolutely hilarious spread by the way i love hillary clinton so much. i love her so much. because every time i see her complain i realize how much her losing eats at her every day every single day but i'm here for, her tears are delicious, i want more and more, please never go away hillary. always be there like that groupie old hugs reminded just how bitter and angry you are. i love it. >> put yourself on the line. put yourself on the line chris and then make that statement. she's been a billion dollars give her whole life to this country but should put yourself out there. that is a horrible thing for you to say. so far she did not put yourself out there. >> want to show for the outrageous outright. put cork in it. putting yourself out there would be putting all of her
11:47 pm
e-mails out there, not delete half of them so catch. don't you agree that if joe biden wins it actually makes hillary look worse? because of trouble when she can set you out it was him wasn't me, there you go. just a fluke, it's going to go on another four years. but if joe biden wins especially if he wins decisively people because they didn't vote against you because they did like you. >> no, i don't think so. i think she had a lot of reasons for why she lost. that she gave herself and she did not attribute those two horses up or her own action so i do not see that darting to happen. if biden wins this time around. i think that this attitude that we see in this interview and many other places where hillary says oh, it is so disgusting. this, that. i think nothing emboldens trump supporters more than people who support biden to have this moral superiority about it. not just hey we have different views. but how could you, you sick
11:48 pm
disgusting racist pig. i don't understand big trash like you. that makes people want to listen to their side of things a lot less. and it really emboldens them a lot more without enthusiasm. i've actually met trump supporters, chris. i don't know if you hang out than he ever, i know for a fact that it's absolutely true. kennedy: could to wrap this up. >> wabc. i hear lots of trump supporters. c4 very good. chris, chris, and cats, think is so much it's always good to talk to you buys. tropical storm is age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies
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>> election analyst had this trick could be the highest voter turnout since 190 hbot all the highest voters are voting for kanye west. come on, that joke was too easy. and this is a topical storm, ding, ding, ding. topic number one. let's get it done. less like the white house was decked out with fall favors for the annual halloween fright fest relook at those little pockets, they love to be on camera with the president because it makes them look less orange. oh, check out these lucky
11:53 pm
kids checked out and there holiday best. all the while spooky tunes like michael jackson's thriller and the ghostbusters theme song part or the president calls it, classical music. as the president reading a pack of unicorns, which he says they are about as real as climate change. those are the horny things in the white house since president clinton. the president and first lady greeting ace shy little girl sucking on the bridge she's also pretending to be fbi director christopher wray, great costume. there's former staffer steve bannon jutted joining the first couple processes to that back in the white house. so the greatest political times of the generation part of course the big hit of the night, was a dual press as the president first lady for just like the president, the wake was made from real camel hair. that sweet girl is the same
11:54 pm
age, the real melania was when the president got his first divorce. it was a night to remember at america's most wanted haunted house briefing the white house look scary, just wait until january. that is when at mummy and a witch could move in. [laughter] that was capitalist left from last night. topic number two. passenger on a southwest airline got some fine tuning with a flight attendant is a ukulele to serenade her for her birthday. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> nothing like two strangers singing in-your-face during the pandemic. in keeping with southwest policy, the passenger was later was $30. notes. ask of this was all a ruse to get the other passengers to pay for headphones. apparently the flight attendant always wanted to be a professional musician. but instead became a flying band horror. passengers clapped windowsill
11:55 pm
or only because they felt cabin pressure. lisa was flying to las vegas with her husband at the time where they helpfully did enough drugs to forget this ever happened. in fact, the experience was so terrible, they switch the return flight to malaysian airlines. [laughter] in a smug shop monday. and so we take you out of this world, on the final frontier where no one can hear you screa scream. florida. all, there he is. 28-year-old james was arrested for calling 911 to report an alien invasion. or as democrats called them undocumented space tramps. james of the night but one operator he was seeing little low to the ground. and he did not want to go independence day on them. although he was kind of acting like randy quaid. in fact his acting such an unhinged crockpot is offered a job at nm sbc. most ufo sightings are not to be weather balloons for this
11:56 pm
was florida so it probably was heroin balloons. james is charged with abuse of 911 on his health on a 500-dollar bond pretty now faces 200 hours of this. [inaudible] naked, bleeding ears, i'll be right back with the mouth trumpet stock slices. for as little as $5, now anyone can own companies in the s&p 500, even if their shares cost more. at $5 a slice, you could own ten companies for $50 instead of paying thousands. all commission free online. schwab stock slices: an easy way to start investing or to give the gift of stock ownership. schwab. own your tomorrow.
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12:00 am
>> it is mouth trump monday ♪ ♪ tomorrow on the >> a precious heirloom... >> "this was once the property of george washington." you're a v.i.p. >> [ laughing ] yeah. >> ...and the pride of a modest family. >> my father was a truck driver. we got along, but we were very frugal. >> so how did she end up with washington's wallet? >> are you a descendant of george washington? >> no, i'm not. and it's quite a long story. >> a story about love of country... >> we want these things because we want a connection to these men. >> ...the allure of big bucks... >> i established a value for the wallet. >> it was a lot of money. >> ...and some good old-fashioned intrigue... >> someone took the wallet and disappeared. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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