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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 7, 2020 7:00am-8:00am EST

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lou: among our guests this coming monday will be former congressman jason chaffetz, radio host larry elder. we also hope you have a great weekend. thanks for being with us, see you monday. good night sussex. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: okay, welcome to the show. we've got some breaking news for you coming in to the studio. we're monitoring closely a developing story in philadelphia. there's a growing i crowd of protesters outside of the convention center in the philadelphia where they are counting the votes. it's unclear who the protesters are. it appears to be both sides, anti-trump protesters and also don't steal the vote protesters. it's a fluid situation. we're on it, we're going to monitor the situation for you throughout the hour. thanks for joining us. we are closing out day four of the election. the state of play right now, all eyes on four battlegrounds. we're talking pennsylvania, nevada, georgia and north
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carolina as the president saws he will fight -- says he will fight to the end as joe biden will speak in a couple of hours. with us tonight we're going to bring to you robert ray,ly lewandowski, harmeet dhillon, jim trust key and former -- jim trusty and matthew whitaker on the breaking news happening now. we're talking a georgia recount could happen. but here's the story, could a recount also happen in pennsylvania, nevada and the other battlegrounds too? and how long until the u.s. gets a final result? also we are going to ask corey lewandowski what the trump team says it is seeing on the ground when it comes to voter fraud. but do they have direct documentary evidence of voter fraud that would be admissible in court as critics are blasting back saying it's not there, that the case is weak? and the president says, quote, expect a lot of litigation. critics blasting back at the president's e rhetoric.
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plus, the democrats continue to lose seats in the house. democrat outrage and anger growing hotter by the day. they're blaming nancy pelosi and the hard left for alienating voters with extreme rhetoric like defund the police. the irony rich because now conservatives took those democrat seats, and pelosi's house speaker job could be on the chopping block. so here's the question, how can pelosi and the democrats ignored the moderates' warnings, e ignored the moderates' wake-up calls ringing off the hook for so many months right now? and now democrats are blaming the same polls and forecasts that they were riding high on for now being so wrong, the exact same polls they said were so right when it showed them winning. and why critics are now asking why members of the media have yet to answer their wake-up call too, that the media is so out of touch that they are baffled now over i why a certain big voting bloc abandoned democrats when
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the trend has also been there and growing for months on end? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the everyoning edit" -- evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. your watching the -- you're watching the fox business network. we're going to jump right into it, go right at it. we welcome back to the show former federal prosecutor, jim trusty. he is a great guest, he has a lot of insights and perspectives, people love him. okay. so, jim, this president, he's going to fight to the end. what do you think of the fight right now. how do you see it playing out? because the president's basically saying he will sue in every state biden won since election day. what do you think's going to happen? >> there's the public pronouncement and the actual civil complaint. i'll say this, it's uphill. there are significant challenges to overturning electoral results based on fraud.
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you've got to have evidence now. you might be able to file the complaint on what they call information and relief, basically saying here's my theory, here's what i'm hoping to prove. but very quickly if you're going to withstand judicial scrutiny, you're going to have to come up with solid evidence. it's the type of stuff that's going to withstand judicial scrutiny at different levels, and keep in mind, liz, i think we -- elizabeth: what -- >> go ahead. elizabeth: go ahead. >> courts are not looking to wade into an election or to state processes. so there are philosophical and practical obstacles that make this pretty tough. elizabeth: okay. so what would be admissible in court? >> well, you've got to get to the point where you're getting injunctive relief. you've got to impress the court there's some qualm of evidence that's not just a newspaper clipping or a rough allegation, but an actual statement, like a declaration from witnesses. i recognize you're not going to have people confess, hey, i just put 100,000 biden ballots in the
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till, but you might have 100,000 straight ballots went towards biden numerically, or at least the nontransparency which gets your nose under the tent. at least you can start looking at individual ballots at that point. elizabeth: you know, jim, we're also seeing the rnc, the republican national committee, they do have legal teams on the ground in four battleground states, arizona, pennsylvania, georgia and michigan. and now they saw they have numerous incidences of voting irregularities. we're hearing that rnc chair ron that mcdaniel saying they have an actual whistle blow or in michigan claiming this person was ordered to back date ballots. nevada, there's a criminal referral to the doj about voter fraud there. can you break this down for us, what's happening here? >> well, the criminal stuff is going to go slowly, so you really can't pun your hopes on the fbi or any other law enforcement agency building up a case, exposing the case,
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indicting and prosecuting it in the time period that we have. so i think you really can't hold your breath for criminal prosecution to come through and help the day. but in terms of real-life testimony, whistleblower testimony, that's huge. if they have that, they've got a fighting chance. but, again, it's got to be geared towards overturning the election results in that state to really make a difference to the court. they have to know it's not just an outlier, but something that systematically took the voter's will and replaced it with some sort of fraud. elizabeth: yeah. and so when it comes to the voter fraud allegations in nevada, for instance, claiming things like dead voters, they have to prove that somebody voted. they have to have proof that the dead voter, somebody used that name to vote. and, you know, the issue with nevada, they lose their eligibility when they leave the state temporarily, but maybe military members, that's the theory out there, were working out of state. also casino workers worked out of state due to the pandemic. so there's a lot of things
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hitting these cases. and we hear what you're saying. the trump lawsuits over states delaying the deadlines that nevada will accept ballots postmarked by november 10th, in pennsylvania they can, you know, accept a ballot if it arrives without a postmark. those seem to be decisions made by state courts. the u.s. constitution says the state legislature gets to decide what is, what valid counts towards the electoral college vote. what do you think of this fight? >> i think that's a better fight for the president and, frankly, pennsylvania is the one that i think has the most traction. because you have the pennsylvania supreme court changing the deadlines, and they may have been well intended. they may have said, well, covid is different, but that's just not how the state constitution work, how the balance of power works. it is supposed to be the legislature that decides the deadline, they had decided that. so that was a bit of judicial activism that could get the u.s. supreme court interested because it was such an overreach.
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and that's what you had back with bush v. gore, a florida supreme court that really overreached, and that's the only reason the u.s. supreme court start to have interest in intervening. elizabeth and that was about a ballot recount in florida. in some instances the trump team is saying stop the counting because these ballots, they say, are allegedly illegal. it looks like the trump team will ask for a recount. it looks like georgia may be moving toward a recount, maybe wisconsin. possibly a recount in philadelphia as we continue to watch the action in philadelphia live right now. crowds gathering outside where they are counting the ballots in philadelphia. talk to us a little bit about the recount idea of this. >> well, look, there's usually a state statute that decides what the percentage is that triggers a recount. the only thing to say about a recount is it buys the trump team some time, it gives them an opportunity, hopefully, to examine individual ballots. but typically recounts don't move the needle very far.
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they don't really result in tens of thousands of votes breaking in a different direction. so, again, i don't want to be the debbie downer here, but i think recounts typically aren't going to move it by the amount that he may need in a place like michigan or wisconsin. elizabeth: yeah. we also saw something else, separate case, separate from this, the three major -- three big ns, abc, cbs, nbc, other networks, cut away from the president's press conference last night because they were saying he was making false claims about the integrity of the election. the president said, quote: i've been talking about mail-in voting for a long time, it's really destroyed our system, it's a corrupt system. it makes people corrupt. is so there was a pushback against that. vice president mike pence, who did not appear with trump -- the president, rather, last night -- said he stands with the president. so did senator ted cruz, senator lindsey graham. we had sean spicer, chris christie, rick santorum, a number of republicans pushing back on the president there. i know you like to only talk
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about legal issues, but when you hear statements like the system is corrupt or -- what is your first response when you hear words like that? >> well, i mean, welcome to 2020, right? when has anything been genteel this year? look, i would say this, whether you love trump or not, it would not be a shock to think that he could be a little punchdrunk in terms of how he's treated by the media, by social media, by his opposition. so, you know, i tend to think, look, he's going to say what he's going to say. i think anybody close to him gave up a long time ago on reining him in. if he feels something, he's been pretty transparent about how he feels. that's going to be in the rearview mirror soon enough. it's going to come down to finalized vote counts, and this stuff will all be in the rearview mirror pretty quickly. elizabeth: and the evidence, right? you have to have the evidence to bring it into court. we're going to talk to corey lewandowski about that. jim trusty, hey, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it.
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>> thanks. see ya. elizabeth: okay. as we just said, trump 2020 senior adviser corey lewandowski, we're going to bring him on next. he and his team are on the ground. we're going to ask him what evidence do you have of voter fraud that would be documentary evidence admissible in courts as the critics are blasting back at the president's rhetoric and what is going on with the voter fraud allegations. the story next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show trump 2020 senior adviser corey lewandowski. corey, we're continuing to monitor the situation in philadelphia. there's a growing crowd of protesters outside philadelphia. okay, let's jump right in. critics across the country say you guys don't have direct proof of voter fraud that would be admissible in court. sean spicer's saying he hasn't seen it, chris christie, rick santorum. what do you say? >> well, i respect some of those people, but none of them are here in philadelphia, one of them, to the best of my knowledge, are even in the state of pennsylvania right now. i've been on the ground here since wednesday morning first thing. we have unequivocal proof of individuals who have died and have voted, who, as a matter of fact, we have uni give call proof of an individual who died on one date, his ballot was requested seven days later and recorded for this election. that's one very specific example
7:16 am
in one specific county, but i can also tell you that here in the city of philadelphia there have been a number of individuals whose ballots have been rejected because they lacked the, it lacked the inner secrecy envelope. so away looked at was how many of those renexts took place. and -- rejections took place. of the partisan breakout in philadelphia, all of the democratic ballots that were rejected, those voters were notified that their ballots were rejected and had the opportunity to vote. however, all the republicans we've been in touch of say none of them were notified about the tact that their ballots were rejected, and they weren't given the opportunity to vote. you couple that with the fact that we had a court order in my hand yesterday that required the city to allow us and the observers to go inside the convention center and stand within 6 feet of the people who are or counting these ballots, and not only did the city solicitor are reject the court
7:17 am
order, so did the sheriff's office and the board of elections. and they simply denied that it was a valid order even though i presented them a valid court order from the appeals court, what they call the commonwealth court here in pennsylvania, and they said feel free to hold us in contempt. we will not provide you access. elizabeth: okay. so you're hitting on a number of things there. let's start with the first. how many examples deutch -- do you have to show that this problem with voter fraud, as you guys allege, is systemic? because you have to bring -- if you want to try to overturn the vote, you have to show it's sizable and that it's systemic if you want to get the votes set aside. how big is it, what you're seeing? >> it's clearly widespread. it is spread from western pennsylvania all the way to philadelphia -- elizabeth what's the proof of that? >> oh, we have -- elizabeth: how many votes, how many votes are you saying are
7:18 am
fraudulent? >> i don't want to get in front of any potential litigation, but i can tell you we have secured numerous affidavits from individuals who have alerted us to the fraud that has transpired. we have secured after a davids from numerous individuals -- affidavits from numerous individuals who have seen fraud take place, also from individuals who personally witnessed the fraud transpiring. so that is a legal document, an affidavit. someone is swearing to under the penalty of perjury that they have witnessed fraud to transpire. so we feel very comfortable with that information. and we will be moving forward with that information when the time is appropriate. elizabeth: okay. let's talk about that. are you guys planning to go to, what, the local federal district court? and would you go so far to the supreme court to try to set aside the vote count in one or more of these battleground states? what's the battle plan here? >> well, i don't want to get out in front of our legal team. look, it wouldn't be my decision, but i can tell you we believe we have a very strong,
7:19 am
very compelling case, one that is based on facts and the evidence to support those facts. we believe once those facts are presented the american people will agree there's been widespread fraud in a number of these places, and maybe some people it's only one example or a hundred example or a thousand examples or tens of thousands, and it's one example that would be one too many. and more than that, we have to understand that the integrity of our process is at stake here. and there is no way that dozens and hundreds of potentially people are coming forward and signing affidavits saying that they've been witness to fraud or the fraud that we're finding on our own that should tell us that we don't have a problem in this process. we knew there was going to be a problem in the voting process as it pertained to mail-in ballots. "the washington post" and new york times wrote about this, you know, 10, 20 years ago that this was a flawed system. but now because the system benefits the democrats, they're saying there was no issue. there are serious irregularities that need to be addressed. elizabeth: corey, when will you
7:20 am
guys be showing the proof? >> look, when the time is right. we are certain that we are going act in a timely manner. elizabeth: how long? is that going to to be a week? is that going to be a week? is it going to be two weeks? is it going to be within a month? how long? >> -- faster than that. we understand the expedited nature of what is transpiring right now. we know that joe biden believes he has won some states that have not been called for him, we believe we have won a number of states that have not been called for us, so we understand how important it is to be judicious and timely in this, and that will be coming relatively soon. elizabeth: okay. so, corey, you're going to be back in just a bit, and we've got another story we want to tackle with you. it's about the growing protest, the don't steal the vote so-called protest and the counter-protesters. corey, you're going to come back in a little bit. you're going to stay with us in just a few moments. next up, trump 2020 advisory
7:21 am
board member harmeet dhillon on democrat outreach and anger growing white hot as they now blame nancy pelosi and the hard left for increasing democrat losses in the house, for alienating voters with extreme rhetoric like defund police and big government spending and taxes as, look at this, pelosi's house speaker job is looking all otc pain relievers including voltaren have one thing in common none are proven stronger or more effective against pain than salonpas patch large there's surprising power in this patch salonpas dependable, powerful relief. hisamitsu.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: let's welcome back trump 2020 advisory board member, harmeet dhillon. okay, so here's the story, looks like democrats are getting angry and outraged, blaming nancy pelosi and the hard left for democrats losing eight seats in the house. we've got 29 races still undecided. they could lose up to a does -- dozen even more, and her job as house speaker could be on the chopping block. when you saw this, what was your first reaction? >> well, it was glee, i was happy because nancy pelosi herself, by the way, not of the far left in her party, but she capitulate ared to them. she's a multimillionaire san francisco limousine liberal, but she let the squad dictate the
7:26 am
policies and the campaign agenda in her party, and these are the results. turns out that even democrats in america are not as extreme as the leaders who aspire to lead them. and so i think that what's happening over there in the democratic caucus is like a game of musical chairs. everybody's wondering who's going to be left standing at the end of the music playing. here in california, we have several races where we expect to pick back up some of the seats that we lost in 2018. so it's going to be a dozen plus that she loses, and she may not be the next speaker of the house. that would be a good thing, actually. elizabeth: she's been in power for 17 years, and moderates are agreeing with you, it would be a good thing if nancy pelosi stepped aside. moderates have been saying, 15 of them last year, we've within warning you -- we've been warning you. how can you are you are -- ignoring our wake-up call for
7:27 am
months? listen to virginia democrat representative abigail spanberger, she's a moderate. she really lit up a conference call with pelosi and the top democrats yesterday. listen to representative span berger. >> shouldn't have lost. the number one concern i think that people brought to me in my if -- [inaudible] was defunding the police. we not to ever use the word socialist or socialism ever again. elizabeth: okay. so, you know, what were they campaigning on? what policies, harmeet? people are saying where's the infrastructure, where's the immigration reform. you're campaigning on abolishing the police? you're campaigning on equity of outcome, electoral college get rid of it, all of that. so people are saying, what are you doing, democrat party? this is -- you and i have been talking about this. this story is also about the collapse of the democrat party as well. what is your reaction?
7:28 am
>> it's so interesting when you look at the breakdown of this election result. first of all, you can see a lot of new republican women joining congress, and even with bob trump's return -- donald trump's returns, he actually did very well with married women. so a lot of the fallacy out there about these traditional voting pattern patterns like, y, the left depending on the minority vote, these have been shattered but donald trump. it's a different party on our side, and it's a different party on their side. their side is the party of far left, it is the party of wall street, it is the part of extremists and that doesn't really sell in middle america. most americans don't want their taxes raised, don't want the far-left agenda that kamala harris has been pushing. and they really like a normal life with some police to show up if there's a mob outside. so i think that the chickens have come home to roost. as republican, i hope they don't get the message, but i do give
7:29 am
them credit, and maybe they'll regroup and do better in 2022, and it's our job to outsmart them. elizabeth: but, harmeet, you had nancy pelosi reportedly firing back saying democrats now have a mandate. how do you have a mandate when democrats lost seats in the house, and they're losing seats, when they didn't win the senate, you know, they're supposed to gain seats in the chamber, and how do you have a mandate when president trump won big with minorities and there was no blue wave? what's the mandate here? >> there's no mandate. that's a talking point for her. she's announced that she's running again for leader, and the reason that i think part of the disastrous position that she's in right now is to become the speaker in 2018, she made a lot of promises to a lot of factions in her party. in other words, he was in hock to that far-left squad s and she had to temper her more moderate rhetoric to come into line with them. if she wants to get the speakership again, she's going to have to go in hand to them.
7:30 am
there is going to to be a war in that party. who's going to come out on top? i predict it's not going to be the squad, it's going to be the moderates in the party if they know what's good for them. elizabeth: well, that would be quite a turn around because the moderates have been screaming, you know, take care of us, we're going to win you back your gavel. the irony is rich that the democrats, the moderates lost seats to the conservatives who are now going to -- the conservatives are now basically coming out in a big phalanx, and they're going to fight back against the hard left. so that's what's happening now, and the media is saying, you know, they're a baffled, like how did president trump get minorities? well, it's hispanic voters, it's the black voters saying, you know, we like the job policies, we like his economic plan. and so it's interesting that you have, you know, the democrats not seeing these trends that have been out there for months and the media not seeing it too. what's your reaction to that? >> the media is just
7:31 am
incredibly -- trump derangement system has blinded a lot of the political analysis. which americans want their taxes raised? literally, none of them. or, frankly, if they're start and want somebody else's taxes raised because that's not sustainable, people don't want their jobs to go away, to be outsourced. these are liberal talking points that play in the coasts, that play in san francisco, los angeles, new york and d.c. they don't play anywhere else in the world. and, you know, the other countries are laughing at us and, you know, we're sort of committing, we're cannibalizing ourselves with these policies. so she is rebuked, the democrats are rebuked, they are rebukedded in the senate as well. that's why you're seeing the markets show confidence even though we have an undecided presidential election right now. the markets are happy because the democrats are not in control
7:32 am
like they promised. there was no blue wave, they lied to their voters, and they are now having to pay the price. elizabeth: march harmeet dhillos great to see you. come back soon. >> few pleasure. elizabeth: just ahead, we're going to stay on this story, national security adviser south carolina t mcfar lan on the democrats' blame shifting on the disastrous losses in the house. they're now blaming the polls and forecasters for being so, so wrong, the exact same polls they said were so, so right when it showed them winning. kt mcfarland next and corey lewandowski is coming up soon. stay right there. >> this was also the year of the republican woman. more republican women were elected to congress than ever before. that's a great achievement. ♪ ♪
7:33 am
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7:37 am
national security adviser to the president, kt mcfarland. okay, we're going to stay on this story. the democrats are now finger-pointing and blame-shifting. they are blaming the polls now and the forecasters for being so, so wrong, kt, but these are the same exact polls that were so, so right when it showed them winning. when you saw this, what was your first reaction? >> well, they're a bunch of hypocrites. secondly, isn't this ironic? the one thing democrats and republicans now agree on is the pollsters don't know what they're doing. so maybe there is something good that comes out of this. hey, look, liz, the ting that has -- the thing that has really encouraged me is put aside for a minute the top of the ticket. look what's happened around the country. women republicans were elected in historic numbers not just to congress, but to statehouses, veterans who are republicans, his panics who are republicans -- hispanics. what it's showing is that the next generation of leaders is
7:38 am
terrific, that the republican party has amazing band strength. few daughter ran for the house of representatives -- my daughter ran in sarasota, she ran in a district that was represented by democrats before, is and she won in a blowout victory. what this means is that people aren't rejecting trumpism. they're not rejecting the ideology. they're not rejecting, you know, tax cuts, a better economy, peace in the world, prosperity. they're rejecting the crazies on the far left. they're rejecting socialism, defund the police. whatever happens at the top of the ticket, that's going to play itself out. but i'm looking at what happens in the future. the country's not nuts. they don't like the defund the police, they don't want the socialism. they're electing a whole new generation of republicans in a different way. elizabeth: okay. i see the lower, the country's not nuts, kt mcfarland. [laughter]
7:39 am
just kidding. that was a funny line you just said. to your point, if they discuss agreed with the policies, there would have been a landslide for the democrats. we're not seeing that. democrat congressional campaign chair slamming the polls and the turnout models saying everything was wrong. she's furious. down the line, she's saying all the polls were wrong, prognosticators were totally wrong. we're seeing the republicans flip ought seats for a net gain of five, there's still about 29 races still not decided. you know what's really interesting, kt? it's the big fight over this, the irony is pretty rich that voters did not like the hard left. and which voters did not like the hard left? minorities, ex-pats in cuba, exe-pats in venezuela. hispanics didn't like it because they saw in their home countries what happened with that. you know, blacks, president trump doubled his support among black women. but you know what i'd like to do? by the way, elissa slotkin, a freshman democrat, said the
7:40 am
turnout was with big, president trump really down ballot really did enormous turnout that was possible to surmount. i want your reaction to the media, the media not picking up the wake-up call, not seeing these trends in the electorate. let's listen to cnn's van jones here. listen. >> this country is not what we thought it was. i don't care who you are, nobody predicted this outcome. we predicted it was going to take longer, etc., etc., but it turns out that the outreach from republicans to african-americans, latinos was effective. elizabeth: hold the phone. hold the phone. nobody -- he's indicated nobody saw these trends? [laughter] did you hear that? did you hear what he said -- [laughter] nobody saw this. kt, you and i have been talking about this for two years, okay? we've been watching the polling numbers. you and i have been talking about hispanics, blacks and latinos. what is going on over there? what are they talking about?
7:41 am
i'm sorry, it's rare that i lose my cool, but really? the cook report said house democrats lost because of the president's support for husband husband -- hispanic neighborhoods by double digits. what is going on here, nobody else saw it except us? i doubt it. go ahead. >> they are nuts. you know, the cup's not nuts -- the country's not nuts, but those guys are nuts. without a minute, don't they have any principles of their own? they're just mad because the polling was wrong? if the polling was better, they would have changed their position and changed their principles? i think they've been caught out. they're just a bunch of phonies. clause su phonies. -- crazy phonies. elizabeth: well, yeah. boy, this election is showing a washout all over the place. kt, it's great to have you on. you're a lot of fun. congratulations on your daughter's victory, that's terrific. give her our best. >> yea. elizabeth: good to see you. okay, look who's back with us, trump 2020 senior adviser coar
7:42 am
corey lewandowski. the massive crowd gathering right now in philly, it includes count the vote people saying do count the vote. there's also other rallies around the country to say don't steal the vote. corey's going to break down what is happening because he's got eyes on. he's been down boots on the ground here. we're going to get corey your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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elizabeth: okay. look who's back, trump 20 senior adviser corey lieu lewandowski. thanks so much for staying around and sticking around. coar true, you know what's really interesting? we've seen protests, riots, then it was defund the police in cities across the nation. elected officials listened and did defund the police in certain localities, so the question is will courts and authorities now listen to stop the steal push? what do you think of that? will elected officials and
7:47 am
judges say, yeah, these contested results, we've got to listen to what you guys are doing on the ground there? what do you think? >> you know, i really don't think so. i'll tell you why, these elected officials do what way about the to do. we have seen this over and over again. there is no city in america that wants to defund the police, not the people who work there every day, not the people who go to church there. there is no mother in this country right now who wants to raise their child in these city that are defunding the police, that are allowing these rioters and marauders to run through the streets. we deserve safety and security but, look, these politicians are tone deaf, and that's why when they come up for election, they're going to lose. elizabeth: okay, so the don't steal the vote push, again, you've been working in pennsylvania, what's going on with the vote count. we're tracking a story of seven election officials in pennsylvania in 2014, 2015 and
7:48 am
2017 charged with voting multiple times, election forge true, bogus ballots. so when we hear the media time and again saying there's no indication of voter fraud, we've been reporting on our show a month or so ago reports and studies that, yeah, there is an issue with this. your reaction to that. >> there's complete voter fraud. if there was no fraud, you would have allowed us to go inside in accordance with the court order. look, when i took a duly-authorized court order and provided it to the board of elections, they said, we don't care. i called the sheriff, and he said i'm not responding to this. when i brought it to the philadelphia police department, they said we'll get back to you in a few sures, and -- hours, and the city elected officials that oversee this board of election are, they went into a private meeting, decided to wait out the clock, said you're not allowed to come in and witness
7:49 am
what's going on regardless of the court order, and they basically threatened me with a guy with a great giant badge around his neck and said if you cross this line, we'll have you arrested. that's the intimidation they use so, of course, they've been doing something wrong and of course there is mayhem and misdeeds taking place there. elizabeth: all right. so is there anything -- given what you just told us, where can you take that information to get action? are you going to do anything with just that information you have told us? >> look, we took it directly to a federal judge last night and asked them to stay the count until the individuals who are duly authorized to be in that room are allowed to be there, and the federal judge said this is a state issue. the supreme court of pennsylvania ruled 5-2 that the lower court's ruling was stayed. and so we had no additional authority once the supreme court of the state of pennsylvania put a stay on what is ultimately the
7:50 am
appeals court here in pennsylvania on the ruling that said we had the right to be in that room, we had the right the witness everything in that room from 6 feet away. and when that information was presented to the elected officials and the people overseeing the ballot counting, they said we don't care and basically said go back and ask the judge to hold us in contempt. you have no enforcement mechanism. and let me tell you why that's scary. maybe that same judge hands down an order for a bank warrant or to prevent a domestic violence dispute. is that when the sheriff of philadelphia says i'm not going to enforce that order? which orders do those the police officers from the sheriff's office get toen e force and which ones don't they? it should be very scary to the american people right now. elizabeth: wow. we hate what you're saying. corey, hey, great to have you on. it's interesting information you just gave us to our viewers. thank you so much, corey lewandowski. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. next up, former acting attorney
7:51 am
general matthew whitaker. he's going talk to us about everything we've just been covering on the show. also this, how long does he think this election fight go on? the president says he's going to fight it to the end. matthew whitaker next. ♪ we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing) at least geico makes it easy to bundle our renters and car insurance. yeah, helping us save us even more... for bundling made easy, go to ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand.
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elizabeth: okay. with me now is former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. hey, matthew, it's great to have you back on. we hear you are in arizona. what are you hearing about the vote counts out there? >> well, we're watching everything very carefully, and there's a really good team here on the ground. there should be another vote count announced tonight at seven and then tomorrow at 9 a.m. watching that very carefully. as you know, the president started with a 200,000-vote deficit on election night, and it's been whittled down to 39,000. so so we believe we're within closing distance and, again, it's going to be very close here and, you know, we're prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure that every legal vote's counted, that it's transparent and that it's fair. and i think's what all american citizens deserve. elizabeth: okay, president trump now has no plans to concede. he's going to fight to the finish. how long do you think this will go on? what do you think? >> well, if you remember it took
7:56 am
38 days for bush v. gore, and that was only one state of florida. i think, you know, the american people need to be patient, they need to trust that, you know, we will file whatever legitimate lawsuits necessary to make sure that there is transparency. liz, i think one of the concerns that i have especially is there are a lot of anomalies, abnormalitieses, whatever you want to call it in places that have not been explained. i think the american people and everyone that voted whether you voted for joe biden or whether you voted for president trump, you deserve an explanation into how these things happen in some of these major cities especially. so i think that, you know, whether that's true a lawsuit that is explained or through these board of elections or secretaries of state explaining the abnormalities in the vote count. again, i think we should be patient, we shouldn't rush to any kind of conclusion because, again, this, you know, our republic depends on a fair vote, it has to be transparent, and i
7:57 am
think everyone is best served with having confidence in the outcome. elizabeth: what abnormalities and anomalies are you seeing? >> well, right now t mostly anecdotal, and it's all over the country. there's been reports from things that may have happened in detroit and in philadelphia as you were talking with corey. we've heard some, again, we have to do our investigations and our due diligence, but there's these various things all over the country, you know, another place that i've heard and i know matt schlapp and others have been very vocal on this is what's happening in nevada, especially clark county. so, again, each one of these has to be run to ground. as a former prosecutor myself, i understand how the investigation into facts are so important so then you can go to a court and get the adjudication of the situation. elizabeth: where do you think it is the worst? where do you think there should definitely be a recount? which state?
7:58 am
>> well, again, i don't want to rush to judgment because i want the facts. but i think what's happening in philadelphia, what's happening in atlanta, what's happening in las vegas, what happened in detroit, new all of these places -- i think all of these places, again, there needs to be transparency. with need to see sunlight on what happened, you know, how these votes sort of have been running up throughout, you know, kind of for the last two or three days, and, you know, we need an explanation, and we we need to make sure that there's an audit trail, that the results can be verified and verifiable and that we have confidence in the outcome to matter who ultimately wins the presidency. elizabeth: okay. so, of course, you're seeing pushback from the democrats, individuals in the media, state officials as well. it's unclear if there's going to be -- indication there could be a recount in georgia, possibly wisconsin. we don't know if there's going to be a recount in pennsylvania. you talked about 37, 38 days for bush v. gore in the year 2000 to
7:59 am
basically conclude. are you talking that this could go on through january? >> well, i think there's some important deadlines especially in december for certification and then for the electoral college members to meet and vote. but i think there's still a lot of game left to be played here, unfortunately. i wish we didn't have to come to this, i wish there was a clear outcome, but we've all been watching this play out for the last several days, and it's certainly going to be for the next several weeks as these lawsuits are, ultimately, argued and judges are decided and then the appeals work their way through the courts. so, you know, it's -- what i hope doesn't happen is i hope the media doesn't start putting all this pressure on whoever the, you know, the loser or the apparent loser is to concede because, you know, fundamentally this has to be acceptable to all americans as to what the result is, and some of these abnormalities need to be
8:00 am
explained and need to be litigated. elizabeth: okay. great. matthew hut kerr, thank you so much -- whitaker, thank you so much for joining us. great stuff there. good to see you. okay, i'm elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the president hangs in the balance this hour, so all the more does the nation's future. for years the radical dems have openly threatened to fundamentally change this nation and at the very least change the rules of the constitution in their favor. so now it is that same party telling us that they will now play by the rules, the rules that they've quite obviously broken in a number of states. that they will count votes honestly, they say, in democratic strongholds like philadelphia, atlanta, detroit and las


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