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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 9, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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♪ thank you so much for watching the best our everyday, tomorrow night peter cinnamon, daniel turner and doctor marc siegel, he has shots for everyone, medicine two. good night. elizabeth: we are in breaking news mode, senator mitch mcconnell threw his support behind president trump refusal to concede the election. same president trump is 100% within his rights to challenge the results as senator mcconnell declines to recognize joe biden's victory, republicans are now split, one side saying fight the fight and the other side saying concede and be a kingmaker. multiple reports of president trump is privately discussing another run at 2024. where is this all now headed, with us tonight former counsel to senate judiciary, joe concha,
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congressman along with james to her funeral, david webb and congressman ryan babb in taking on the big stories, we have that debate, what is going to happen next in the 2020 base, also this new hot debate in washington, president trump fires the pentagon chief, it was a long-awaited move, who else can be on the chopping block and now this new debate, will president trump barden michael flynn whose case is still in legal limbo, that talk on washington ratcheting up in stocks or ripping higher as pfizer says the new covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective, there is a chance to return to normal byex next sprig and we have news coming and david bossie trump advisor in ben carson have tested positive for covid-19, those reports coming into the studio now, also this next big fight, republican
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control of the senate, two races in georgia and run off that could determine that all as top democrats admit they botched it and they botched it badly with historic losses at the federal, state and local levels showing that america is not for the left or the far right either, if americans want radical change or revolution americans would not vote for a divided government, the civil war breaking out in the democrat party over embarrassing losses, the progressive left squad firing back after beating claim for the there trying to downplay socialism saying it's a slogann republicans are using in a republican smear even though that the name of their own movement as they fear they will be squeezed out of a potential bite in the administration and as republicans have gained power in congress and ready to knock out their personal agenda, they
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are now turning on each other, attacking each other, writing, they've got the story, we will get the on the border, when it comes to the board of policies, what could joe biden connect with republican senate, am elizabeth mcdonagh, "the evening edit" start right now. ♪. elizabeth: joining me now brett tolman, former counsel, top counsel to senators senate judiciary, we love having you on, you heard the top of theou show, where is it headed as senator mitch mcconnell, where you think this is headed as senator mitch mcconnell is saying trump was in 100% in his rights to challenge the election results as a florida recount in the year 2000 was challenged, what do you think will happen next ? >> let's step back, we have some officiallyng transfers until you have the final election results and
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obviously in january we need to have a single candidate ready to be sworn in, let's see what there is out there, is there validity to the allegations or is or not, if there is nothe validity, let's move on as a country embrace the new president, try to work with them and get things done in this country because both sides are going to argue for a long time that they felt wrong about the selection or that and if there are some things about the allegations that are true let's expose them and i think democrat should watch that just as much mi the democrats entered republicans do is be when the general services administration is not releasing funds for the transition, the gop is split we see chris christie, roy blunt, mitch mcconnell and others on the one side same president trump should concede and be a kingmaker, we have ted cruz, lindsey graham and now mitch
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mcconnell saying he is within his rights to fight back. we know the margins are very tight in pennsylvania, nevada yet to come in final result, arizona is very tight,oo draw georgia is very tight, what would it take to overturn a result inwo those states, we hae to validate tens of thousands of votes, remember florida in 2000 that was less than 1800 votes, this is something distinctly different, what do youk, think? >> i have looked at fraud tithroughout my career and sometimes there are obligations that do not add up in the end and the evidence is not there. here there are allegations that have been put into writing, they have been sworn to, there are affidavits by individuals that work there, let's see if their valid, once they're determined to be valid, what how a large oa scale is that and doesn't add up to the votes that would actually turn thee state.
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there are allegations that do account for thousands of potential boats, let's get to the bottomm of those, if there s nothing there that we don't do anything, we don't have to worry and efficacy president trump gracefully indicate that he is challenged and lost thehe challenge. but we are not there yet and there is time to get to the bottom of it. elizabeth: do you have to prove systemic fraud, what do you need to prove that the votes were fraudulent, the ballots were fraudulent, is it enough to have an eyewitness, is not enough, what does it take to overturn is a heckuva thing to overturn a vote count, what does it take to do that. >> there is two sides that are important to look at, process and that's whether individuals e are ludden to observe and some of the general allegations, that is probably not going to carry the day.
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the other side is concrete evidence, say the allegation out there that 405,000 votes were votes that were just for the president and they did not cast the vote on any of the other races. look at those and of those are determined. >> yeah sorry, just l provided. if you look at those and they appear to be problematic in that it's people that were deceased were under age or could not vote or people that were notot in the state, then you might have enough, but we don't know whether there is enough to overturn, and find the democratt right now i want to get to the bottom so i don't have to hear about it for four years. elizabeth: but they are not saying that, nobody's talking about that. so they're talking about a sworn affidavit that the term campaign has from a pennsylvania postal worker talking about backdating ballots who allege knowing about a scheme to backdate the postmark, there is things like
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that, we see the stories coming through the system and we have looked into and checked the other claims under gone viral labout the use of black sharpie pens and validating ballots, that did not happen, there was a guy who was pulling equipment that was not having --'s own television equipment nothing about ballot boxes, another thing went viral the people were stuffing ballot boxes that video came out of russia but again, say theologically you're a judge sitting there and you see a case coming in about voter fraud and you have to decide this case, you judge brett tolman, what would you want to see for proof that there is voter fraud? >> a couple of things, everything you cited is a great example of weeding through the ridiculous allegations versus one that might have merit. for example the software itself,
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are there glitches besides just the one? are there glitches in the other counties that's been used in the other states? the affidavit for michigan and nevada do articulate and effort in scheme to make sure that those were counting ballots were not invalidating ballots that appear to be invalid, if that is the case, get to the bottom of how extensive, was that one employee that was being told to do something or was it systemic, that's what i be looking at the judge, how large of scale, let's face it you and i both know there's a fraud that occurs in every election since lyndon johnson bragged about it in his state run in texas, we know it always occurs in both parties have committed these things over the years. but this one does have irregularities of let's get to the bottom and move on as a country one way or another.
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elizabeth: brett tolman, thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: come in a fox news contributor joe concha on this next big spite in washington republican control of the senate, to races in georgia and run off that could determine at all as top democrats admit they botched it and botched it badly. america is not far left nor far right either and basically america is moderate, it is centerleft or center-right, where is this all headed, the story next. >> we just got to make sure that we understand one thing, if america is not far left, america is not far right it's either centerleft or center-right and that's where it's been and that's where it's going to be, the funding, the police or even the attack on oil gas everybody has their own district, in my
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29 competitive house seats they lost the senate and three -- democrat lost three state legislators, the senate, the ovgovernorship of montana, if americans want radical far left rachange, they wouldn't vote for divided government, what do you think? >> i think they haven't lost the senate yet democrats, they have the two runoffs in georgia where you'll see hundreds of millionsa of dollars thrown in to those two races, that will be held in early january but i think joe biden, tell me if you think i'm wrong, deep down in places he doesn't want to talk about it parties, he probably does not want a democratic senate because that means you have a clear lane from the house to the senate right to his office, all this legislation that will involve a lot of abolishing of the electoral college or the filibuster or ice or expanding of the supreme court or perhaps expanding the senate by adding two states, banning, beginning
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fracking, canceling, canceling student debt, trillions of dollars for the green d new dea, more for free college, yet less money for police in defending police departments, if you told joe biden i think in 2008, all these things will happen under your future presidency he would say what areur you crazy, of course i will not go for any of those things. elizabeth: that is interesting you put it that way, biden will say this publicly but you're right he probably would be fortunate republicans keep control of the senate because it would give him cover so he doesn't have to bend to the hard left in the house, is that what you're saying? >> absolutely, he sees the progressive wing, alexandria ocasio-cortez's and she has more followers on social media and more attention for a a freshman senator or house member then you oversee, she's not anymore, shall be entering her second term but the point is, that is not how she wants the party to be defining, it happens that we were all the stuff goes through i don't think a running 24 he's
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a one term president but he knows the party will be toast in the midterms and absolutely in the next election breaking of a donald trump running for a second term, it is perfectly allowed but i don't know who joe biden is exactly he's been around for 47 years but even after the campaign, no coherent message or bumper sticker to walk away from outside of donald trump is bad, but for me i'm a good guy he seems to do things for applicable expediency at this point, we got a preview of abiding presidency today, he made some remarks and then afterwards about the coronavirus task force, does not take any veestions from the press whatsoever. donald trump was a most successful president we've ever seen in taking questions from reporters after every event and every time he left the white house and seems. elizabeth: yeah, with the covid-19 task force, we sort of don't see much change, we hear talk of a national mandate from joe biden but he was triple testing, going forward with
9:18 pm
operation work speed that president trump did already and now we have pfizer basically saying our new vaccine is 90% effective and they have money to district with the vaccine not development, that's what pfizer is saying, you wonder you wonder what the difference would be if joe biden is defeated in january, when you look at the sanders biden democrat platform it was really hard left and you wonder if voters heard what that platform was because you did not thear it from the candidates so you wonder if republicans are nsing to force president biden to center like they did the republicans to billin clinton. that could be coming to as well. right joe? >> i wonder if the markets are responding so well over the last couple of days because they see probably a government that does nothing under abiding presidency because the house will try too pass thing in the senate if it
9:19 pm
goes to republican control and better chance at it not it will, they will block anything and joe biden will have much to do in the markets like that a lot, what government does not interfere all that much, there probably will be too many changes at all from what were seen outside of an executive order that joe biden can do but that only takes you so far. elizabeth: the big thing is the obamacare case in the supreme court coming in tomorrow about the individual mandate, that is what conservatives have said the first step toward a socialist government, government run healthcare but the democrats watched it so badly with the far left now being vilified for losses, they cannot get a medicare for all to be on the floor, that's how much they have been playing for a democrat losses so biden wants public auction and medicare. that's where the debate is now, i don't know full cne bait into
9:20 pm
debate about government run healthcare right now because it looks like obamacare could gets knocked out by the supreme court, or start to be knocked out tomorrow, what is your final word. >> final word, everybody's focus on the presidency as far as what was onepets or lost, they do not lose control but they lost the narrative that the progressives trying to push and they won't get it back anytime soon. elizabeth: thanks so much for joining us, good to see you. >> good to see you, take care. elizabeth: next up tom mcclintock on the new civil war, were gonna stay on it, it's happening on the democrat party we've been reporting the democrats at the federal, state and local level. the progressive left getting blamed they fear of getting iced out of power, the running for cover, democrat socialist tried to downplay the term socialism saying republicans are using that as a slogan as republicans are gaining power in the house and getting ready to knock out
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elizabeth: let's welcome congressman tom mcclintock, the
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news coming in about the senator enmitch mcconnell same president trump is 100% within his right to basically challenge the election results, what is your reaction to that story, overhearing a backlash against senator mcconnell, what is your take? >> there have been serious allegations of illegal votes and illegal procedures and by the way still vote counts going on in states that flip the outcome, we haveha a process that is very good at weighing the evidence of allegations and i think that's absolutely vital to the legitimacy of the election. if the allegations are not fully aired in the evidence is weighed there will be appalled of religiouillegitimacy over the nt president united states per we need the process to weigh out. elizabeth: there is a tremendous amount of inciting as
9:26 pm
progressives fear they would be squeezed out of power and income invited a administration, democrat blaming the law of love for the embarrassing losses, look at t this, the democrats ae saying socialism is not a good playbook to run on, you hear that from henry, jim clyburn, richardson, they say the hard left socialist playbook is not a good one and did not equal victory to the equal losses. what is your reaction to alexandria ocasio-cortez the leading member of the democratic socialist of america trying to claim socialism it just a republican smear and largely a slogan, what is your take on that. >> if you lead the biden sanders unity declaration as a manifesto the california case and of the country if you will. i do think alexandria causey ori cortez is correct that biden
9:27 pm
owes the far left his election and i think that they are going to do everything that they can to collect on that debt and i'm not entirely sure he will be adverse to it, during the campaign he said he was going to put beto o'rourke in gun policy, alexandria ocasio-cortez on gun energy and yesterday he said in ezekiel emanuel is going to be on the coronavirus task force ad calling for a stringent locked out of the country c with devastating economic consequences for every family. elizabeth: let's move back to this, i hear what you're saying with that. but we are checking the rhetoric, we want to keep the honest and real, now we have democrat representative ilhan omar from f minnesota, she calld to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department, she is now saying that was a republican narrative that radical movements are to blamese for democrat losses but she does say d from theve police movement
9:28 pm
complicated the basis for democrat and swing districts. alexandria ocasio-cortez says defund the police, nobody campaigned on that but she is trying to downplay that, we know that nobody outright campaigned on it but the electorate reacted to it, voters reacted, they don't want to do from the police and many of the cities that are seen crime going up, and july squad members ayanna pressley and rashida tlaib brought back legislation to strip federal funding for police department, it seems like the squad is running away from the prior position, what do you think? >> i don't think the running away from those positions at all, i think thei o very content for those policies. elizabeth: the tried to downplay. >> but they have been very intent on enacting these several for the last years in the american people saw the violence in the streets, the
9:29 pm
breakdown of law and order and watch the leftist regimes in various cities actually defunded the police and deliberately withholding police protection from law-abiding citizens since a left-wing mob crew stated in a rampage that burn people's businesses, destroyed their livelihood and threaten their lives so that the american people got a pretty clear view of what life will be like if the love takes over and in that regard i suppose abraham lincoln had good advice he said the voters are everything if they get their backsides to close to the fire they will have to sit on the blisters a while. hopefully when the electoral count is done that will not be the case in the selection. but it does not look good at the moment. elizabeth: we had alexandria ocasio-cortez, nobody took her seriously but she was tweeting out take the names of the trump's fans and archive them
9:30 pm
because they are talking about payback effectively. i understand people aren't taking it seriously, and other words the hard left wants biden to enact revenge beau biden is calling for unity. wall street journal editorial pages saying that after he called trump supporters trump's and blame trump for every covid-19 t death. so the rhetoric has been very divisive, needs to be toned down, what do you think. >> i'm afraid biden is a figurehead in the hard left will be in control of that administration, we can see that with the election of the vice president canada, but here is the most liberal, i should say leftists ofth the u.s. senate, that is deeply disturbing. and only time will tell. elizabeth: it's good to see you, thank you for coming on. just ahead retired u.s. army
9:31 pm
lieutenant colonel james kerr faneuil, a new flood of sanctions as iran demandsn the u.s. returned to the 2016 nuclear deal. this debate is taken off in washington, many quarters down there, couldld president trump pardon general michael flynn, that story next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh.
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elizabeth: with me now retired u.s. army games kerr funnel, gray tabby one, your reaction to the president of firing the pentagon chief, your reaction to that and do you think the president will pardon michael flynn, take on the pentagon chief first. >> i thought mark esper did a good job, the president signaled he was going to do a bunch of changes he had a lot of people that helped him in the first-term agenda and i think he
9:36 pm
is still hopes the election will go his way and he wants to move out with the second term, that's all there is there. elizabeth: will have pardon general flynn? >> i am not a lawyer, here's what i do know i've known mike flynn many years in our military service, he is an incredibly honorable man, i think is a great patriot, i think anybody would agree that publicly known a lot of irregularities in the investigation and the prosecution, we the those chicago seven go because the edosecutors did not do their job and we let the american indian movement go because the government and the prosecutors did not do their job is certainly seems liketo the case, this man has been ill treated by his government. elizabeth: next case, iran is calling the u.s. to return the nuclear deal and the trump administration is pleaded to hit iran with the new flood of sanctions, your reaction to the
9:37 pm
story? >> there is two data points people really need to wrap their heads around, it is easy to say both go back to the iran deal, regardless of who is president but how are you going to do that in practice, are you going to let them out, are you going to flood that with cash, what are you going to do about all the cheating, both campaign said what we need is a stronger deal, a stronger proliferation measure, stronger guarantee about the ballistic missile program, less meddling in the region, whoever is president in january is going to want that in the sanctions give the u.s. more leverage and we'd be idiots if we did not use the leverage to bring iran to heal it would be a catastrophe of foreign policy. elizabeth: interesting because the trump's sanctions would be over iran's ballistic missiles, human rights violation and iran still supporting terror activity
9:38 pm
you say their love or did they work, is that what you're saying. >> absolutely, the weakest iran has ever been in the region all of the circuits are under pressure, countries are lining up with israel against iran, the weakest the military has ever been, this is the most pressure they've ever been under and if you look listen to both campaigns, what we need is a better deal, if you want to better deal the only way is the regime and iran is to use the intense pressure we have now through the maximum campaign to force them to the table, i actually think that europeans will sign up behind that, president trump was very close that getting the europeans to go back to the table to go for a better deal, did not come together but i think that they know that they have to do that and we have to get a better deal and i i think regardless of whos president in january they are going to come to the table andit have to work because otherwise were justst starting over and
9:39 pm
that's the last thing we want to do in the middle east. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying, let's move on, talk that president obama former ambassador to the united nations and former national security advisor susan rice is being touted as a likely early favorite for secretary of state and incoming biden administration, what do you think about twice? >> i'm not going to comment on anybody who has not been nominated. obama's eight years of foreign policy, this is not political, they were bad, they were not good for great politician, they didid a deal with china, russiar iran, whether you like this iesident or not last for years we made tremendous progress in every part of the world and go away for that would be a bad idea, to go back to anything that looks like the obama policy that is are reversal of americas interest for sure. elizabeth: colonel james carafano, it is good too see yo.
9:40 pm
up next fox news contributor david webb on this new twist, democrats and left-wing protesters now turning on each other, attacking each other, riding against a each other, ths extraordinary turn of events. that story next. ♪ [shouting] ♪te he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: joining me now david webb host of theni david webb show, great to have you back on, there is an odd new twist that biden supporters and black lives matter protesters are fighting with each other, they fought in madison wisconsin, we sell writers importing targeted and
9:45 pm
attacked the oregon headquarters, what is going on here, why are they fighting with each other? >> what is going on is something that we talked about quite a bit before these are the left-wing turning on the left wing because the goal is anarchy and violence for some whether it's black lives matter, antifa, some other group, some named group or individuals look at the way they are themselves when they come, they're not coming for peaceful protest and they're not worried because in the cities like portland and seattle prosecutors are dismissed and the charges en masse against them so why not push forward violence in any form is taken down the american culture and their dream whether anarchy or some other left-wing socialists treat. elizabeth: are democrats hoping this all goes away because nonstop writing and like antifa
9:46 pm
and democrat run cities did turn off millions of people on the democrat party, they lost at the federal, state and local level, they may even see more losses in the house and the historically strong minority support went toward republicans notably in texas and florida, a dar are democrats hoping this goes away people ignore it, it is still going on big time. >> some are probably hoping it goes away but let's look at this from a different angle, i have told people for years what we see is a goal that is being executed by the far left by aoc, the socialist wing, bernie sanders, even further than socialist and their goal is not based on this moment is based on the long-term like an election cycle, when they break down pieces of the culture, when they tear down our trust in the
9:47 pm
elections, when they spent four years of fake narrative of russia collusion they are moving forward with their agenda and tden is only a factor as long as he's available for them to be used but he can be tossed aside the moment they have something else where he's no longer useful to them. elizabeth: then we see conservatives, nobody is taking this seriously, if you are taking it seriously but it was striking that alexandria ocasio-cortez, a sitting member of congress tweeted that the names of trump fans should be archived for future reference and tweeting that we need to know their names for the future, itit sounds like they foresee se revenge enacted via an incoming biden administration, we have seen a group calling the self the tropicana building project streaming up saying remember what they did and the website declares we should not allow
9:48 pm
these groups and people to profit from their backing of trump, they are taking names and it sounds like they're trying tt enact revenge, as biden is saying we need unity, your take on all that? >> first of all that biden should be calling for unity, he did not call for his supporters and his staffers to stop helping to raise money for the rioters and the fact this again is about moving forward you put together an enemies list, don't we remember the last time a couple of regimes did that with the bolshevik revolution, what happened underer nasi germany wh a enemies list, don't take it likely, they have an idea that they will have 71 million plus or more americans that support donald trump were frankly who anyone supports america into a position where they shouldca be fearful but i talked to a lot of
9:49 pm
people my radio show where rational and reasonable people and theyab said one thing, don't come for me or m my family in ay way whether docs and putting a public information, criminality or further god for bid because if you do you will lose, americans are not going to put up with this, reasonable americans are not going to put up with it being put together. elizabeth: we talked a lot on the show, you and i did about how the rhetoric from the top down needs to be about unity, peace and meaningful, you hear what you're saying but it's also both sides, i think people don't want the divisiveness anymore, the u.s. is not a divisive country, it's not about the far left, it's not about the farar light and turn right it's either center-right or center-left, that's the way it goes and that's the way the country has to move forward, talk about any
9:50 pm
of the list or the militant activity on either side is not who the united states is. your final word. >> it is not, i fully agree, this country lives and breathes and evolves and gets better because were successful, because we have opportunity for everyone that wants to take hold and build their dream and when you talk about extremists they are outside the norm of either party, unfortunately the left needs to get control of their caucus. elizabeth: david webb, thank you for joining us we really appreciate it. >> thank you. elizabeth: good to see her. coming up texas congressman brian babin we will get you an update of what's one at the border, what will happen to the presidents border policy if there's an incoming biden a administration, that story next. >> cartels are making millions of dollars a day, the same cartel that have murdered u.s. agents, the same cartels smuggle drugs that killed 16000 people one year and i told them here's
9:51 pm
a simple way to fix it, they do not want to fix it they want tpresident trump to feel his number one campaign promise, president trump has illegal immigration on 80% he succeeded white any and congress congress has not addressed the loophole that is causing this. ♪ everyday security. bankers here to help. for wherever you want to go. chase. make more of what's yours. dcoughing's not new.. this woman coughs... and that guy does, too. people cough in the country, at sea, and downtown. but don't worry, julie... robitussin shuts coughs down.
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elizabeth: we have breaking news attorney general william barr has authorized the justice department to probe substantial obligation of voting irregularities, the associated press is reporting that to saint despite all of that there is little evidence of voter fraud, let's get his reaction, back with us texas congressman brian babin house co-chair. we have this news, your reaction to that breaking new. >> my reaction to that is elation, that is something that absolutely needs to be done, people are just beside themselves, they know there was anomalies, there is not much smoke there has to be fire, yesterday i had a rally in my district in east texas, over 1000 people that showed up to support trump and to investigate the irregularities, i am very happy to hear the ag barr has
9:56 pm
done this. elizabeth: the question is, how much is there because it would take an awful lot to basically prove voter fraud and overturn the vote count, that is really the question, how big is the evidence, how much evidence do we have a voting irregularities, what is your reaction to that? >> let me just say this, when you have precincts in democrat-controlled cities and counties that are voting 100 - 115, 120% of the registered voters, yet nearly 2 million, 1.8 million voted, even more than were available to vote and register, it's incredible what we thought, 127,000 votes all 40 for trump, no other votes cast for any of the candidates, just a single ballot for joe biden. elizabeth: you're talking
9:57 pm
anomalies, forgive me for interrupting but when you said anomalies, those are the ones you are referring to, i just want to be clear, these are anomalies, we hear the stories but we don't have the actual evidence or proof right? >> no but we do have a pennsylvania case that judge alito has sequestered or segregated ballots that came in late and i'm hoping will have the same thing as some of the other states, this thing is not over, even before i heard the news about ag barr, it is not over yet. everybody's congratulating biden and he has not been declared a winner except by several media and it is simply, it is not them that make this declaration and make this guy a president. this president still has to fight and there is a lot of people that are supporting him in this investigation is very
9:58 pm
welcome. elizabeth: ag barr is saying any of these allegations should be handled with great care, attorney general william barr is moving forward very carefully, he is saying being careful about the charges of allegations of voter fraud against any party you have to be careful because it is so important about the integrity of our election the florida recount in the year 2000 was about less than 1800 votes, we are talking about invalidating tens of thousands of votes, that is at issue, right congressman. >> absolutely we don't want to do that but there's tens of thousands of very suspicious photos well, we had 118-year-old woman that voted, we had someone who died in 1984 that had voted, there is too much suspicion for the american people to have any confidence in the whole process and there's a lot of people thinking the selection is being
9:59 pm
stolen and i think we need to turn over every stone, go ahead. elizabeth: finish her thoughts. >> i know that we were going to talk about the border security and immigration policies of biden but if that is the least of what we can expect out of a biden harris presidency and reversing everything that president trump has done, over four years and open our borders and become a sanctuary nation to reverse all of these policies, i think this is the most important election in my lifetime and i think it is too important for us to just brush some of the suspicions under the rug and going to the next presidency without a fight, without an investigation and i am praying that our god and our heavenly father will shine a bright light on some of these manipulations of our voting and no matter who
10:00 pm
the president is, i will never stop. elizabeth: were running out of time. we ran out of time, i am elizabeth macdonald, you may want to "the evening edit", thank you for joining us join us again tomorrow night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, and tonight we begin with great news for everyone. we begin with an historic development in the fight against the china virus. human trial day shows a china virus vaccine developed by u.s. drugmaker pfizer and their german counterparts at biontech is more than 90% effective in early trials. pfizer said it could apply for emergency use authorization from the fda this month. suspicions about the timing of today's remarkable announcement are also running


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