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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 12, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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role of president trump's leadership in bringing that vaccine to america. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. please join us here tomorrow. see you then. good night from sussex. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: president trump and his team still putting up election fight as they won a court victory in pennsylvania today. it may not change the count there the deadline is next week for states to start certifying the vote. is the trump gam gameplan to. with us tonight mick mulvaney, bobby jindal, matthew whitaker, along with ford o'connell, deneen borelli and harmeet dhillon. we have headlines for you. it's a jam-packed show. we have pushback against a biden
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coindividual advisor that the federal government should enforce a nationwide u.s. lock down, that u.s. taxpayers pay for it, paying everybody's wages including u.s. government workers. the white house covid-19 task force is warn about this. the debate is lockdowns did throw 30 million people out of work. the debate tonight, is that really the fix? the pandemic is bad. everyone understands that. the half the country according to gallup would be against another lockdown. they would not comply with it. plus experts say, federal lockdown run by the u.s. government is unconstitutional. this is likely why people are taking to the streets to protest lockdowns in dozens of countries around the world on five major continents. in every region of the globe from poor to rich. as more u.s. politicians warn, don't you dare turn your thanks giving or christmas celebration into a superspreader event or
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we'll punish you big time. don't you talk loudly or sing in bars. that is a warning from a democrat governor. we'll play you the sound tonight. plus is the trump administration preparing to declassify more trump-russia probe documents and more michael flynn documents as the president makes person until changes at the nsa and pentagon. could we see more bombshells? we'll show you our recap of the media in the time of president trump as members of the unbiased, non-partisan free press now advising people to go ahead, move to georgia, to ruin republicans chances of winning in the senate runoff there, even though georgia officials say that is voter fraud and a felony. to this story, are government authorities finally throwing the book at rioters and looters? as a portland gentleman, an individual was charged with a disturbing vicious beating caught on tape t was a beating that nearly killed a man. he get as sentence critics say is not tough enough. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit" joins us right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. let's go right at it with me on the phone right now is mick mulvaney. he is former white house chief of staff. mick, always great to have you back on the show. mick, are you advising the president to concede? are you telling anyone close to president trump he should concede? >> absolutely not. i have not talked to the president the last couple days. i talked to other folks at the white house. no, i'm giving them the same advice hillary clinton gave joe biden, there is no reason to concede. al gore waited 37 days. he fully litigated the matter in 2000. that is exactly what the trump team should be and is doing right now. there is no reason to concede. it doesn't have any bearing anyway. the results are going to be what the results are. concessions are some of our practices so forth, the history, not really binding. it doesn't make any difference. joe biden could concede tonight.
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if he wins it wouldn't make any difference. no, concession is one of the things a lot of people in the left-wing media care about. they ignored the fact that biden was getting instructions never to concede. that's fine. i do not expect a concession in anytime soon if ever. what you will see continued battle in the courts which is exactly what we expected. that is the right place for them to be. elizabeth: you know, we've got reports of multiple trump advisors telling, telling the president that lawsuits won't change the outcome of the election. that they don't see a path to victory. we're hearing that president trump is coming to terms with this he is talking about running in 2024. we've got sources saying that multiple news outlets, including fox news, that trump would concede if a lawsuits don't work and closest he may come to conceding, we can't trust the results but i'm not contesting them. is that what you're hearing? >> i'm not. that may be. by the way, that is legitimate conversation to have. if you think you can win the
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lawsuits but it doesn't change the outcome, that is a conversation that needs to be had. that is a rational thing to be discussing right now in the white house. no, i'm not hearing anything that the people are encouraging one way or the other what the president should do. i'm glad to see what they're doing trying to figure out who really won. you would think everybody on both sides would want to know who won this election. with all of the rumors, which are now starting to be back you had up by evidence. that is important, liz. we're starting to see affidavits first time. starting to see hard evidence for the first time. that is development the last 24, 48 hours. there is no reason to rush it. no reason to give up. you go through at the end. day you look people in the eye, people can no who the real win are is the race. important for the country we do that. of the it is important that nobody give up early. elizabeth: we've got a growing number of republican senators joining senator james langford saying that joe biden should be given classified briefings. senator chuck grassley saying
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that. senator lindsay graham saying that. senator rob portman, john thune saying that. what do you think? >> i don't see the harm in doing that. joe biden was vice president. he has been senator for decades. there is no harm that i can see coming from actually getting him read in on some of these matters. if he turns out that trump wins, there has been no harm by sharing that information with joe biden. if joe biden end up winning the country benefits from having a president getting up to speed. that is one of the places i don't see harm in allowing biden to start to be read in those things. elizabeth: go right at it. the trump campaign dropped the lawsuit in nevada challenging the ballot counting. included hundred of out-of-state addresses used by active military families vote absentee while stationed away from home. we hear what you're saying about the affidavits and trump victory today in pennsylvania disqualifying a number of mail-in ballots for pennsylvania voters unable to confirm their identification but the issue is this big enough to turn around
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the vote down right now? because you know, we're seeing the math, it would have to be tens of thousands of societies spread across pennsylvania and two of three other battlegrounds in order for this to be reversed. in the past we've seen recounts involving hundreds of votes, not tens of thousands of votes, mick. >> fair enough. liz, don't lose track of the fact that the president is leader of the party. while there may not be enough votes, i don't know, there may not be enough votes in pennsylvania to turn the presidential election, there may be enough to turn a congressional race or local county council race or school board race. we need to know all of the winners. all of the legal winners of this race. i hear what you're saying. i know sometimes those or the races, those down ballot races get lost but integrity of this election matters just as much for school board as it does the president of the united states. they are completely right i think, at the white house to continue to press the issue. elizabeth: yeah. we hear what you're saying because it is congressional
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races and senate races. it is understood. you would think nobody would want to go into office with a cloud over their head or an asterisk by their name, mick, is that what you're saying? >> why doesn't everybody want to know who won? that is why i ask my democrat friends, i ask the media, do other networks, don't you want to know? we hear same rumors dead people voting. we hear same anecdotes. or is it important enough your guy wins you don't care what the facts are. yes, it could take a couple weeks. yes, it could be ugly but at the end of the process if the majority of country can look yourself in the eye, if you know what, i believe this person won and this person lost. there is benefit of that to this nation. it is worth going through little bit of difficult times the next couple weeks to get to that end point. elizabeth: okay, the trump team is doing a long shot effort to try to stop state officials from
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certifying election results. that is what the "wall street journal" is reporting reporting with lawsuits and the like. the certification starts next week in georgia. it rolls through pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, arizona and nevada. do you think this is going to take how wrong? do you think it will take a month or longer? what do you think? >> took, what, 37, 40 days for gore, bush in 2000. by some miracle the country still managed to soldier on. we'll do it again, if it takes shorter than that, that's fine. if it takes longer than that that's fine. the value of the knowledge and the value of having some integrity in the system is worth taking extra couple weeks. we will have either a peaceful transition of power come january 20th. you can simply take that to the bank there is not constitutional crisis. there is not undermining democracy. every time someone asks me do i think the trump team undermining democracy? i ask them if the circumstances
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were exactly the opposite, trump had every vote biden had and vice versa, fox declared donald trump to be the winner the left would be screaming they are undermining democracy. that is not happening. no one is undermining democracy. we have to take time to do it right. we can and should do that. elizabeth: shut be pointed out trump's allies talked about counting any votes. that would delegitimatize trump's victory. you hear one side. this is over. biden won, game over, this is done. the other side said wait a second, there issues, there are voting irregularities. the question again and again, mick, is it enough to overturn the vote count. what are you hearing, what are you saying? >> i'm having difficult get a straight answer to your question, i'm having difficult getting good information about the number of votes outstanding in arizona. the number of votes outstanding
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in pennsylvania. i suggest the point is moot whether or not it is enough votes to change the presidential election. it may change the georgia senate race, it may change a pennsylvania house race. we get caught up at the top of the ticket you about every race matters. i think the trump team as head of the party is right to be leading that charge. it may be they don't have enough votes to win pennsylvania, if they beat conor lamb in his house district outside of philadelphia, that makes a difference. that is worth debating. it is worth litigating. it is worth spending time and energy to resolve. elizabeth: okay. you know, mick, let's move on. we have another issue we would like to talk to you about if you have a second. we have a report by "politico" coming in the white house will potentially making big, conservative policy moves. potentially 15 executive orders and executive actions in the next ten weeks on trade, on health care, china and school choice. white house chief of staff mark meadows is being quoted asking senior -- this is quote, he was
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asking senior aides on a call for considered. you know, we don't, we don't know how legally binding each of these actions might be but the president did sign an executive order today barring americans from investing in some companies that help china's military. so we could see more actions like that in coming weeks. what do you think of that, mick? >> i think it is great. he is the president until he not the president. he is the president, if he loses he is the president until january 19th. if he wins he is president another four years and two months. he is right to be doing that, to tee up the next administration. look what happened today. we banned people from investing in certain things related to china. do we think joe biden will come in on the first day of his administration to undo that? i hope not. maybe he will. it is worth laying on the table. okay, to possibly incoming biden administration, do you really want to undo these things? the president is the president until he is not. he has the right to do this. the constitutional authority to
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do. this is nothing wrong. certainly not first president to do executive orders in a lame duck. huge pieces of legislation passed through a lame duck. there is nothing magic about this period of time. elizabeth: mick mulvaney, we love having you on. you're a straight-shooter. tell it like it is. thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: go right at it again, we'll bring back on the show, former louisiana governor bobby jindal. governor, i want your take on this story. good to see you again. biden's covid-19 advisor, dr. michael osterholm says the u.s. should go into a total national lock down for up to six weeks to control the covid-19 pandemic while a vaccine ramps up. he says it would revive the economy and the u.s. taxpayers can pay for everyone as wages during it including government workers. we know the white house covid task force saying hospitalizations are up. this is really dangerous, lethal virus but do you think this is the right move at this time?
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>> first of all, liz, thank you for having me back. yes, look, numbers will get worse. we're seeing the number of cases go up, setting records. number of hospitalizations go up. fortunately we have new treatments, vaccines about to be approved. pfizer is first. probably moderna and others soon thereafter. this is absolutely the wrong move at the wrong time. you have to wonder what advice is vice president biding getting? first one advisor, dr. emanuel america should give vaccines to other countries before america gets a vaccine. he contradicted government experts say we shouldn't across the world prioritize elderly others most vulnerable a second advisor saying he wants to lock down the entire economy for four to six weeks. liz, why is he being so cheap. why is he -- federal government to use money to replace's everybody's dollars. why not buy everybody a car?
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that is ridiculous plan. governor of mississippi, tate, this is not constitutional. the federal government down have the power this is something states, governors can decide based on local circumstances. we can be safe, protect the vulnerable from the virus without shutting down the economy. what i am worried about, biden speculating about a national mask mandate, before he realize he doesn't have the power to do it. speck lating about shutting down the economy. this is not about the economy. this is not legal, constitutional from a top down, one size fit all federal approach. elizabeth: with a lockdown that threw 30 million people out of work, right? so and by the way, you know, the federal government, would they even have the man power to enforce a federal government, nationwide lockdown, right? how would they enforce it? >> you raise a great question. i talked to parents, friends of mind whose kids are in college. you hear about onerous requirements testing kids every
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three days. students are reporting on each other. tracking their i.d. cards to see where they go on campus. imagine if the federal government tried to do that across the country. can you imagine coming to your house to make sure you don't have too many people for thanksgiving? come into the your house to make sure you do not have too many people in the backyard. we can barbecue outside. it is little warmer down here than up there. they're monitoring people's social media accounts to make sure you're not hanging out with too many people. this is ridiculous. it is are consistent. you heard what governor cuomo said. he said it was good news, but bad news the pfizer vaccine would come out during the trump administration. time tore democrats to put country before party. reality is they should welcome the good news. "operation warp speed" is producing new therapeutics, new medications. we're seeing new vaccines. that is great news. it will be rough, let's be monnest for american people. next few days, next few weeks,
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during cold weather came, flu season it is getting worse. not only here it is gets worse. lockdowns are not the answers. criticizing vaccines is not the answer. criticizing is this not the answer. elizabeth: you lock down, people go indoors. we understand the nature what is happening. dr. osterholm is talking like the federal government has the power to do it. he saying the spring lockdown was not uniform and tough enough across the board, states like minnesota deemed 80% of workers essential. this is top down. minnesota governor tim walz talking about people singing or talking too loudly in bars. or shut down dining service after 10:00 p.m. if you're singing, playing darts, standing next to someone in crowded bar you will be a super spreading, he says you
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will be spreading it. this is top down talk we're now seeing again we heard back in the spring. what do you think? >> liz, first of all, sounds like the good doctor's real complaint is with the democratic governor of minnesota. if he didn't like the lockdown, probably only person in the country looking back at spring the problem in america we didn't have lockdowns long enough, strict enough. i don't know how in the world they expect any kind of compliance. the american people will not put up with this nonsense this is fundamental approach between the left and right. this is they want top-down approach. this is dangerous virus. you need to army the american people with the facts. you need to tell them the best things they need to do to protect themselves. they shouldn't unnecessarily expose themselves to risk and make responsible decisions not to goes their children and families. we play outdoor sports. i'm glad they're able to do that. some districts some states they're not able to do that.
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there is no way for the federal government to enforce this. this needs to be a state and local decision based on local circumstances. i don't think the left understand what the damage is done to the economy. the businesses don't magically come back. it is easy to an academic preyou shut off the economy four to six weeks, flip a switch it all comes back. that is not the way the real world works. this is dangerous rhetoric and irresponsible. it is foolish to think the federal government can borrow print enough money to make everything okay. does the good doctor the understand where his food comes from? where do health care workers? critical infrastructure is a lot of people. elizabeth: yesterday it was learned president trump's campaign advisor cory corey lewandoski come down with the virus. rnc chief of staff comes down with covid-19. "gallup poll" shows less than
6:20 pm
half of americans would comply with a lockdown. we'll dig it into later in the show with harmeet dhillon. people are taking to the streets in protest of lockdowns in 26 countries around the world. people around the world are saying don't do lockdowns again. it is concerning that we've got single day highs of 61,000 hospitalizations and we've got infections hitting 136,000. when you look at the hospital sailses going up, that is concerning. that is concerning of course. this is, you know, people are really worried about this virus? death are about half what they were in the peak in april. still we haven't got, we not gotten it under control. the question is, what is the way to do it and it is just saying top down lockdown is that the way to do it? people say don't do it again. you threw 30 million people out of the work in the spring. don't do it again. your thoughts? >> problem with the lockdowns they were not applied
6:21 pm
consistently. people rebelled because how irrational lockdowns were. governor of michigan said you can go to this store, not that store. you can buy these products. we found out her own husband broke the rules to go boating. that is the real concern american people have. they are politicized lockdowns. they want to say you can't go to church. you can't go to large groups. if you're out there protesting police or out there on the streets congratulating and celebrating a democratic electoral victories then it is okay. apparently those kind of large gatherings don't spread virus. apparently the virus is partisan. the reason there is no support for lockdowns they're not applied consistently. they're politicized. give people the best information. there are good therapeutics around the corner if we can just hold on. elizabeth: governor bobby jindal. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> always good to see you. elizabeth: next up, former acting attorney general matthew whitaker on a big debate
6:22 pm
breaking out in washington. is the trump administration getting ready to declassify even more government documents in the trump-russia probe, even general michael flynn probe to unveil abuses in both ever those probes? the story next. >> we now know that insiders in the government at the cia, at doj, at fbi, they knew that this was a russian collusion hoax and they allowed it to go forward for a variety of reasons. they were convinced that hillary would win. juggled life for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. sir, great to have you back on. we're hearing the president is making personnel changes at nsa and pentagon to help get more government documents decrassified to show abuses in the trump and michael flynn probes. what more could come out? what is your read on this story? >> again so much of this is just transparency. we had the russian collusion fable which lasted over two years. as you know, liz, i supervised the mueller are investigation when i was acting attorney general. it ended up being essentially
6:27 pm
founded on very little if nothing, what we put our country through, what we put this president through. i think the american people deserve some transparency and accountability. i know ric grenell when he was acting dni, and i know john ratcliffe, he have and i were u.s. attorneys together, who is now the director of national intelligence. i really believe these moves the president is making are the right moves. we need people in there while protecting our sources an protecting our means for collecting intelligence, we need to get the information out as to why our national nightmare lasted for over two years and you know, i at somebody like john brennan, who has been very outspoken, seems like everything he said, very early on in the russian collusion fable has proved wrong. so you know, he is the one that is squawking the most. i think there is several others that have not been honest and are trying to keep this information away from the american people. elizabeth: you know, there might be a push to do this now, to declassify even more now because
6:28 pm
republican chairs are about to be term-limited from running their committees. we know senator chuck grassley is expected to go over to senate judiciary. he is really running, pushing forward hard on this. senator ron johnson is expected to be replaced by senator rob portman at senate homeland security. senator ron johnson has been pushing forward on that and also hunter biden. the pros could be housed under under the permanent subcommittees on there. time and again we heard from our sources that it really was a politicized probe. it was using the intelligence powers of the united states to go after an opposition campaign with the very thin layer of evidence to start it. so, if you just take out the names trump, obama, you know, hillary clinton, and you just see the facts of it, intelligence sources and fbi sources keep saying time and again the american people have not seen the full story. what do you think, what more could come out? >> well, i think one of the
6:29 pm
things we need to make sure this never happens again. the department of justice and the intelligence community weaponized to go after a presidential candidate and then ultimately a president, just can never happen again. so you know, there is a part of our republic is is self-healing and self-reflective and i think, you know this turnover in the senate will be unfortunate because ron johnson and my home state senator chuck grassley have been warriors on these issues. but at the same time i don't have any doubt whoever takes over those committees is going to continue some of this probing because again, the american people deserve and demand answers to some of these questions. we still don't have them. elizabeth: so far what we've seen declassified by dni ratcliff involved you know, former cia director john brennan basically sending over to the fbi a referral about the hillary clinton team trying to connect
6:30 pm
then candidate trump to the hack of the dnc and dcc emails, the democrat emails. so we've seen that. we've seen the fbi spreadsheet trying to validate the steele dossier probe every which way from sunday as much as they could even though andrew mccabe in testimony told the senate the steele dossier was not that important to the probe. turns out it really was. like your reaction to former acting dni ric grenell told us about how this was so badly politicized under the obama administration and we keep hearing from our fbi sources this goes right to the top. it goes right to president obama and joe biden. that they knew earlier than realized about what was going on. let's take a listen. >> us accused seeing those warnings. brennan is accused of seeing those warnings. susan rice is accused of seeing those warnings. barack obama and joe biden are
6:31 pm
accused of seeing the warnings and the information this was a russian collusion hoax. we now know that insiders in the government at the cia, at doj, at fbi, they knew that this was a russian collusion hoax. they allowed it to go forward for a variety of reasons. they were convinced hillary would win. they thought their careers could be benefited if they just shut up. elizabeth: wow, that is a heck of a thing. he is saying that he is heard this from so many people inside of government. what are you hearing? >> yeah. what i know is, i having been inside i know that people like jim comey and brennan and others invested their entire careers and showed very poor judgment in, of a theory, this theory that somehow the russians had infiltrated the trump campaign and were coordinating directly with both the president-elect
6:32 pm
and then ultimately the president. and members of his campaign. and again, if you read, you know, the special counsel's report, there is no evidence of that. they were exhaustive in who they interviewed and who they talked to. yet many of these folks went on national tv during this time and assured us there were illegalities and connections. again, this, you know, i think, that the best solution for this is daylight as to what these folks did, how they exhibited, not only poor judgment. i think a lot of americans think there were illegal acts performed here by these folks in their rush to condemn and ultimately try to convict the president of the united states. andy mccabe is right there up with them. he is the one that opened the investigation into the sitting president of the united states with no evidence that any crime had been committed. so, it is really, it is disgusting and i know the american people are frustrated
6:33 pm
and demand answers. elizabeth: all right. matthew whitaker, thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: still ahead republican strategist ford o'connell on media, we'll talk about media in the time of trump as matthew whitaker was talking about. as media joins democrats going so far as to urge americans to move to georgia to help defeat republicans in the senate runoff elections there against democrats even though doing so would amount to fraud and would be a felony. that is according to the georgia secretary of state. the story next. >> what you do on january the 5th will determine what america looks like. if you keep senate in republican hands i will be the budget chairman. if we lose the senate because georgia got it wrong, bernie sanders will be chairman of the budget committee. that is about as big of a difference as you can think of.
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elizabeth: joining me now is republican strategist, ford o'connell. the day trump was inaugurated in 2017, chris matthews, rachel maddow, on the same day trump was hitler, fascist. other members of the media over the last four years said that he would be immediately impeached, thrown in prison. the walls were closing in. media saying they did their job. basically behind the scenes saying they saved the u.s. by stopping the country from being run by a fascist hitler dictator. what do you think? >> i don't know what they saved country from given donald trump was the first president to stand up to china, he brought us to energy independence and lowest unemployment in the last 50 years across all groups. so i don't know what they're talking about. that said to your point, basically the media was so mad about the 2016 election they vowed to make trump a one term presid at the didn't care if they had to jettison any journalistic
6:39 pm
integrity. they would problem become mouthpieces for the democratic party and obscene narratives. elizabeth: watch the media coverage, just part of it of the trump administration. >> trump is acting like a third world dictator here. >> bombshell testimony in the first public impeachment hearing. >> the first day of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry opening a bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bop bop shell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> the big bombshell today. there was a bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell revelation this testimony. >> i think mr. trump is seeing more and more of the walls closing in on him. >> do you want to see president trump in prison? >> is it president trump going to end up in jail. >> could president trump end up going to scale? elizabeth: your word ford, what do you think? >> well i think for the last four years 24/7 coverage is downright despicable. the whole goal is take down
6:40 pm
donald trump irrespective the facts. they didn't care. they wanted trump's head on the plate. what explosion. russia hopes. they should be a shame for pushing that three years. not to mention impeachment and ukraine nonsense. the media has egg on its face. it obviously wanted biden to win. frankly saying some of the things they did is downright despicable. many of them honestly should be fired. elizabeth: okay. here is the other thing that is going on. democrats and new york too many columnist thomas freed dan friedman and out-of-staters move to georgia to defeat georgia senators kelly love letter and david perdue in their runoffs against rafael warnock, and jon ossoff january 5th. even though moving to georgia for voter elections is a fraud. that is the georgia secretary of state office is making clear. your thoughts on this story? >> it is a violation of state law. how do you enforce it. this is what i'm worried about.
6:41 pm
right now we're in georgia 14,000 votes separating donald trump and joe biden. yet the media, democrats don't want to get to the bottom of any possible voter irregularities. the governor, brian kemp should be ashamed of himself calling a special session to make sure we tighten the rules before essentially both parties spend as much money to buy an envelope franchise. we need to be making sure that the georgia special election, we all have faith it is transparent in those elections. it will decide the fate of the republic. i am not talking about socialism. i'm talking about court packing. i'm talking about federalization of elections that could leave republicans in the wilderness for decades. elizabeth: all right. ford o'connell. good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: coming up, to, news contributor deneen borelli on this story. whether government authorities are really finally throwing the book at rioters and looters. 30 people now dead from rioting. two billion dollars worth of
6:42 pm
property now gone forever. as a portland individual charged with major crimes due to a disturbing vicious, beating caught on tape. a beating that nearly killed a man. was his sentence tough enough? critics say no. the story next >> i would agree with the attorney general. i would also agree with the attorney general, we should be pursuing charges against these people, whether it is the black lives matter or antifa group, whoever is responsible for the rioting, the arson, the violence, pursuing the charges, federal charges at the most extreme extent of the law because that is the only time you will get accountability. or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology
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6:47 pm
we first want to warn viewers, be careful here viewers. we're about to show disturbing video. it is graphic. deneen, the question about this video we're about to show, does the punishment fit the crime. this portland attacker, marquis love, sentenced to two years in prison for a vicious beating. the d.a. there said the video of this assault is so violent and so shocking, that it outraged our community and countries around the world. so, time and again we've seen footage like this. we have not shown it on camera. we're deciding to show the viewer now what we've been seeing. why we have been covering riots and protests as much as we can on "the evening edit." what do you think? was this tough enough sentence, 20 months in prison? >> liz, this guy should not see the light of date. thank goodness it is on video because. perhaps, it would have never known about it, who this person was, marquis love.
6:48 pm
but he mercilessly beat this man, adam haner. he was on the ground, defenseless. finally, knocked him out. and ran off and ran away with his tail between his legs. he should not see the light of day, liz. but unfortunately there are a lot of instances where people have gotten away with the damage and destruction that have has tan place this year innocent americans who were uninjured and harmed, businesses, that have had to shut their doors because of fires and looting and all the other destruction that has taken place. and it is unfortunate. it's a sad situation. i watched that video. i can't watch it. i cringe every time. but sadly, innocent citizens have been harmed throughout most of this year because you had the mob that took to the streets, took matters into their own hands. elizabeth: you know, critics
6:49 pm
time and again have said that we don't want to politicize this. what we are talking about is the proper response to this. because 30 people have now been killed in rioting since the spring. two billion dollars worth of property now destroyed, torched, gone forever. massive looting in various cities around the country. the response should be widespread condemnation. if we talked to law enforcement. if you don't stop it at the outset, people we hate to say this, they start to enjoy doing it. they continue to do it and put innocent people at risk. so that is what is going on here. do you think there was enough condemnation in the media and in the democrat party against what we're showing on tape and what we've been reporting on. what do you think? >> the short answer is no, liz, absolutely not. when you look at places like minnesota, for example, don't forget senator kamala harris, she promoted the minnesota
6:50 pm
freedom fund to provide bail for people who were rioting and creating destruction and damage in minnesota. her face was on their website. she was soliciting folks to donate and joe biden's staff campaign members, some of them donated to this fund. there is a lot of accountability that should be had but unfortunately there are too many people who have gotten away with damage and destruction and those who suffer are the innocent citizens in these communities who can't go to these establishments for their business, for their services, and it is just gone on way too long this year. unfortunately it should have been nipped in the bud early on. >> in minority communities. >> emboldened. they continue to do so. elizabeth: minority communities have been really hurt. deneen borelli, we ran out of time. up against a hard break. thanks for joining us.
6:51 pm
really appreciate it. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: up next trump 2020 advisory board member harmeet dhillon will join us on people taking to the streets around the world against lockdowns. the story next.
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elizabeth: okay, let's welcome back to the show trump 2020 advisory board member harmeet dhillon. always great to have you on, harmeet. the white house covid-19 task force saying it is getting bad out there. covid-19 hospitalizations are up. then you have on the other side u.s. politicians western warning americans don't dare turn thanksgiving or christmas dinner into superspreader events other we'll have punish you. we're hear that from cities and politicians across the country. what is your reaction to this take what is going on? >> my reaction is, go back to the fairly tale in childhood about the boy who cried wolf. when you have these elected officials shrieking at level 11 at every development of up tick or down-tick around lori lightfoot standing outside with no mask, with a megaphone shouting into a large crowd of supporters you say these are hypocrites, that is
6:56 pm
overreaction. i can't brief them. when you have a crisis you need people to listen, wear a mask, wash your hands, normal distancing procedures, people don't listen anymore. they're fed up. that is my concern. it is ridiculous we had so many big public events with politicians leading them. people couldn't bury their parents. people couldn't attend a wedding. people couldn't attend the birth of a child. the husband couldn't attend the birth of a child in a hospital. so the problem is a huge disconnect between our ruling classes and the reality of the ruled. there is a lot of discontent out there. people will not stand for endless lockdowns anymore, no matter what the experts say. elizabeth: yeah. we threw 30 million people out of work in the last lockdown. there is a push of various states to go into some form of lock down possibly by thanks giving. we have been tracking this more than 30 protests in 26 countries on five continent around the world. people are marching in london, berlin, ottawa, zurich, ireland,
6:57 pm
loss of livelihoods, loss of freedom. lack of scientific data to back up mandates on all sorts of things. so now we, when you see that, you see it coming here in the u.s. you have to look what is happening around the world about this, right? >> that is absolutely right. a lot of people in the united states, particularly on the democratic side, have really gas lighted the people who are against these lockdowns. they have said, oh, it is all a donald trump supporters, it is all rednecks or low i.q. people, whatever. they insulted people like me who argued in court against these lockdowns on legal ground because a lot of these governors are overstepping their grounds not to mention the president, joe biden, does not have the power in case you ever get there. when you look around the world, this is not a phenomenon of politics at all, this is phenomenon of governed and people tired of being abused, not getting straight answers seeing their politicians do something different than what they are prescribing for themselves. when you see for example, people
6:58 pm
on the other side saying in our country, hold on about these vaccines, i don't know, the vaccine is coming too early. hold the horses on the vaccine. if we had vaccines and administered them regardless of politics we might have fewer deaths in this country. you cannot play politics with that. you shouldn't. elizabeth: we have a new york councilman, joe borelli, will defy governor andrew cuomo's social distancing orders. he will host more than 10 people in his home for thanksgiving. don't advocate people doing things unsafely. we're talking about top down from politicians. new york city mayor bill de blasio, tell new yorkers don't travel out-of-state for thanksgiving when his spokesman mayor de blasio traveled out-of-state, around columbus day, why he wasn't attending city events. we do have a new "gallup poll," fewer than half of americans would comply with a covid lockdown because they're fed up. we want to, want you to take ace are en, quickly if we can to minnesota's governor on what he is now talking about with
6:59 pm
covid-19. listen to this. >> loud settings, the louder you speak, if you're singing, if you're playing darts, standing next to someone in a crowded bar, yelling back and forth, it seems like these things shouldn't be as risky or he he l it sad. what we've seen they do do that? elizabeth: talking about singing and talking in bars and pubs as spreading covid. so that is where he is taking it. what are your thoughts, final word. >> i wish politicians like him would talk less and spread less nonsense around. they have to understand the needs of the people and there needs to be balance in these policies. there is no balance. it is very one sued. elizabeth: all right. harmeet dhillon, great to have you on. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: sure. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. thanks so much for watching. join us tomorrow night as we stay on all sorts of developing stories for you.
7:00 pm
we hope you have a good evening. . we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the battle for the white house is raging, and president trump and his legal team have no plans to call it quits. court action is picking up. it's underway in a number of battleground states, and we're told more lawsuits are planned and in the works. the trump campaign today filing new affidavits in pennsylvania. those affidavits allege newly-found voter you are regular fews. here's white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany on just some of what they've discovered. >> an individual who said they received a vote-by-mail, did not request one, went to the


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