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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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subscribe to our new podcast kennedy saves the world. it's on spotify, apple podcasts. new episode coming out at five in the morning, friday morning. that is 2:00 a.m. on the west coast. it's all about robots. it's going to be superhot. you have been warned. good night. got to show the proof and quite time is running out. deadline is december 13. with us tonight plus congressman rick also on today's top stories but we are b going to dig in what they are alleging today so highlights of what went down. and ron johnson, now out with
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even more new information. apparently from hunter biden's former business partner, detailing just how close hunter biden and his business associates were in dealing with the chinese energy company. the communist china considered tto russia for energy fields. working with vladimir putin. the senator say the new details deepen their existing concerns about counter intelligent risks, intelligent risks and much more. we also the growing backlash against the media. and democrats are trying to politicize and attack operation warp speed. it's bringing effective vaccines to the market. onthe debate are the putting politics of your health? also we've got more on newark's governor andrew cuomo attacking arab corner for asking about school closures by the governorer said you know what, you are wrong. the announcement came out moments later that new york city schools were in fact closing due to covid 19. now parentse and taxpayers are
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increasingly worried that elected officials don't know what they are doing. and anger is mounting it california lawmakers who are straight up breaking their ownwn covid 19. the states own covid 19 rules. now they are trying to defend a crucial and essential that they needed to go ons a plush junket to hawaii paid for by corporate lobbyists to figure out how to open up their home state of california. that is a head scratcher. we are going to dig into that. enter the board a big issue. more help mexico force the u.s. government to go back to mexico a former mexican defense secretary arrested in the u.s. on drug corruption charges for allegedly helping one of the most notorious and deadly mexican cartels is this now a tipping point in u.s./mexico relations customer thanks for joining us i'm elizabeth mcdonald, the evening and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ joining me now federal
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prosecutor, it's good to see a gym. let's do this. let's listen. let's listen to rudy giuliani lay out the presidents case about voter fraud. watch this. >> you're going to tell me that 60 people are lying? they did not just tell me this for they swore on the penalty of perjury, when it happened 15000 times that people in pittsburgh walk into vote they had already voted according to the democrats election machine did they forget? we have specific evidence of intimidation changes of vote. that will be the lawsuit that comes out tomorrow. she's basically trained to cheat too. she said that i was instructed by myed supervisor to adjust a mailing date of these absentee
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ballot packages to beg dated earlier when they were sent in then she was instructed by my supervisor to not ask for a drivers license or id you shut the time and energy to go look for them that's your job i get your job tom. defend the presiden president. becky saying they've got evidence of all of this. it's going to come out tomorrow in a lawsuit. you think this is going to be enough to overcome the results? the certification happens by december 13, the electoral colleges moves on december 14. that got toh. move them to facet that got the proof. which reaction to today's press conference? >> they do have to move fast for its type or look everything on an expedited track when seen from that media in particular his overreaction to this case as an amended complaint. or this case was denied.
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nothing's been decided on the merits at this point spread your talk about things like preliminary injunctions that are very different procedural animals than the full-blown trial. i think what rudy was affected doing today is basically knocking on the notion there is no evidence for it because he kept point to these hundreds of affidavits it should raise an eyebrow will people consider these things and hear whether they had massivee fraud. whether they win the day-old to mentally or not is too early to know. it's going to move quickly. but they've got to get the higher courts. that is the bottom line. they've got to get to the point were constitutional rulers are taking place. or maybe wisconsin is going on to state law that has to do with soliciting absentee ballots. and it got to get these things elevated quickly and essentially stop things in their track by about december 12 or 13th.mb >> trumps current chief of staff mark meadows said yesterday the real question fundamentally continue to be are there enough votes out there to overturn the election? dubious votes.
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they've got to overturn the results of pennsylvania plus two other states. that means overturning tens of thousands of votes. taso what is the proof they could do that? and what is the proof it's a centralized plan by democrat run cities to overturn the election? that's a really big thing to say of rudy giuliani said that was a logical conclusion reach. he linked together incidents he said took place in several lates. you see any proof today of any of that? tobacco rudy's opening statement turned into a closing argument. went to dipped outage was old mafia fighting days and talk about conspiracy law. but it is a bridge too far pretty don't need to go there. yeah it might be an inference to draw some point. but really everyone n of these fights is a fight with an individual states. with different laws, different legal theories at work. i thought a little bit of overshooting and trashing philly and sang some of things he said. might've felt good but it was not as focused as it could have been.
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look that brings us to dominion, could be eight ridiculous conspiracy theory but if not if cindy pal can be believed. they can critically get beyond credibility and have a forensic analysis of software that should be able to demonstrate actual large-scale voter suppression, voter fraud. that would be huge. i think that's got to be a big part of their emphasis right now. is getting their hands on that stuff. which is different when you're not in law enforcement, it is a little trickier. >> is an affidavit by somebody who's watching the vote count saying i saw that vote for it i saw irregularities with that vote. isn't affidavit enough to overturn that vote? not by itself has more than get their nose under the tent figure out the large scale misconduct. rere there instructions being given to shade the way you calculate votes. not in the individual except
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the exception of the dominion issue. that also begs a different issue. on the early stages of this litigation, most of the judges are not even going to get to the point of credibility. but if they do, this happened in wayne county is one of the cases. a credibility finding against the people who are being brought out by giuliani and company is a really bad sign. we had a one case like that so far with the judge and up luminary injunction setting basically dismiss thefa credibility in wayne county. that does not bode well. that is the kind of stuff that is immunized appellate review. they do not want a second gas findings of credibility. that silly thing you've got to adverset for now is credibility rulings. otherwise every thing is in play, everything needs to play out. and recognizers different legal theories and different bases for getting into these different courts. >> president trump to get
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criticize a person called the republicans or the two republicans onso michigan wayne county board of canvassers, they are moving to rescind their votes to certify claiming they are bullied into siding with democrats to certify it. they say they were called racist and they and their families were threatened. they were docs on socialat medi. that's going on the got their wisconsin recountn of 800,000 votes in two counties happening in wisconsin but it's required by law because president trump team paid $3 million to do that recounts. biden t when the state by nearly 21000 votes. you have all of that. they stripped out the fraud claims in the pennsylvania suit spread than they're saying voter fraud. so you are right. there are a lot of moving parts for and what are your thoughts on now republican jim jordan and james comey are saying to have fiduciary pretties got to do a hearing and a probe of election integrity. not sure carolyn's good to go for that, what your thoughts on that? >> here is a difficult part.
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if you're trying to resolve this by the middle of december, all of three and a half weeks of now. who are really going to have to rely upon the litigants in civil court. law enforcement usually can't move that quickly to build a case and to persuade people that they brought a righteous case. congress may havebr hearings, may have moments where they talk about this. but again over the long run of corruption in our system. because of things not going to win the day for president trump. look at thee resolution you look at civil litigation >> deceptively higherel courts including supreme court. sales shakes out. here's the other thing. there's a story out there that the president is basically doing this to delegitimize the election for joe biden. is looking at 2024. could the courts take anything any statements along those lines into consideration of whether not to overturn the
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count? >> usually extra statements by people going on social media do not become embraced as a legal theory of the case. will become all that damaging. we have seen kind of different rules for trump or he is said things were in the supreme court does what about his campaign promise? it's not necessarily helpful to make those types of comments. that should not decide the merits of the cases we get into the courts. because politics is politics. this is factual determinations ofse election, what software may or may not have done part i think it will save fairly sideload off frompl that. smokee okay well this is good be a nailbiter of the next few weeks. jim trusty work and how you want to break it down the been terrific thanks are breaking here.n >> thanks liz. coming up former deputy independent counsel back with
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us on more revelations. brand-new revelations in the hunter biden controversy. republican senator chuck grassley and rod johnson on getting more information from tony about the millions of dollars he was getting from china will china was working to pursue energy deals with russia. their concerns about counter intelligent risks and more. paul riesenberg, next. about counterintelligence risk and more. sol wisenberg he got three to half million dollars from the mayor of moscow's wife. and he got $6 million to his law firm from chinese billionaires. these are all national security concerns pretty special you talk about the energy industry very sensitive technology rate not to mention the intellectual property theft from china. ♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ]
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elizabeth: what's welcome back to the form a trip to the show, we love having you all in. what are toin call you first about this. senate finance and homeland security chair chuck grassley, ron johnson looks like they got more information by hunter biden's for businesss partner tony bobulinski pernicious hunter biden was working even more closely than realize with the chinese energy company. and also helping this company, which china regarded as as bridge to russia for energy deals. working with this company to get energy deals in russia.
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the bite is continue to downplay this. joe d biden said none of this is true. basically downplayed this. your take on this new information coming out? >> well, it is more of the same. it t is certainly smoke, and it should be looked at. the first question is why? why are you giving $3 million to different amounts of $3 million to a law firm of a person is not particular distinguished lawyer who has had a lot of problems. and has no particular expertise in your area, why? that is always the question. it was the same question with burisma. an energy company putting hunter on the board, hunter biden on the board who are no particular experience and energy. and had buy them a number of personal problems that were well-known and infected his employment. could it havepr something to do, is it conceivable that had
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something to do thehe fact that his father was vice president at the time? all of these certainly should be investigated. and the idea that you just say there is nothing to it and we should walk away, i think is wrong. but at this point in time that is as much as you can say. but i certainly think it is suspicious of people to not answer questions about or blow it off. i'm talking about hunter because there's not much evidence of joe's involvement. >> the center is saying really worried about counter intelligence and concerns. let me back up. tony bobulinski is laying it out. they wanted a 10 million-dollar deal, hunter and tony with this chinese energy company cfc.nt that fell apart. and then this chinese company started setting millions of fdollars into these off balance sheet shell companies. they bury the payments and now they just found another $3 million that went to walker
9:19 pm
llc break that was hunter biden's business partner. so it seems like millions of dollars is sloshing around after the deal fell apart. and here's more information for this just came out. the leader of this company, of the chairman of the chinese energy company, hunter biden is sending a text message to tony bobulinski saying we had a standing a week phone call, the two of us. he would come to myal apartment, we would cook dinners. together. he helped on personal matters like visas for his staff. ended this guy goes missing. he was the go to guy for energy deals in russia. and then hunter biden sends another text message saying i have the top spy of china and my apartment. that is a concern for these two senators, what you think? >> there all kinds of concerns. number one you always have to sebe concerned about possible
9:20 pm
foreign extortion. that is with the fbi was supposedly concerned about with respect to president trump when he was a candidate for the presidency. you mentioned something interesting. youdi mentioned bobulinski deal falling apart. don't forget that one reason that might've fallen apart was because bobulinski kept insisting that it be done on the up and up. and that it be done the right way. then all of a sudden he's ignored and he finds out years goingthat the money is to biden through a different path. all of that is worth looking at. and you notice that hunter biden in one of these e-mails he mentions the foreign corrupt ac act. there is a big scandal a few years ago in china were a t major u.s. bank had a program called the sons and daughters program p. for they had huge contracts with the chinese government at
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the same time they were offering employment to the sonsse and daughters of chinese communist officials. and so i am not saying the exact same thing happened 'mhere, but that is a kind of thing the u.s. government and the justice department investigates and prosecutes all the time. we do not knowar that it happened here. but the idea that the fbi should not investigate this or that it is not a cause for concern is just simply ridiculous. elizabeth: gotcha. there could have you later on the show were going to stay on the story in another segment in a little bit.te we got a lot more to discuss on this story. i thought in a>> couple minutes. next up fox contributing on the backlist with the democrats. relook at warp speed is pretty successful in bringing vaccines to market, maybe in a few weeks. the debate are they putting politics over your health? clusters more on your governor and you cuomo report attacking
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reporters, the announcement came in moments g later that yes new york city schools were in fact closing due to code 19. does this edify you? does it make you feel like they know what they're doing? that story is next. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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do not confuse your confused. read the law read the law and you won't be confused. look, i don't really care you think. elizabeth: okay, let's welcome the hill media opinion colonists, shreve got a lot to say about that one, joe, what did you think about that? i thought is watching sonny other name was taken in the cuomo family. a tough guy calling a reporter obnoxious, saying he was confused as far as the facts are concerned. the other foot being that of donald trump or you'll be hearing declarations of this
9:27 pm
was it unprovoked attack on the fourth estate and the free and fair press in terms of speaking truth to power in challenging our leaders at press conferences. this shall not stand. but of course cuomo if you watch national beta gets a free pass on this particular instance. and by the way he calls a reporter confused the reporter, from the wall street journal said parents are confused in terms of when their kids are going to school when they may not be. we are hearing these stories they may be pulled out of school without even 24 hours notice for it and turn of after cuomo said nor your confused, just moments later bill de blasio apparently does not talk to the governor of the state very often buttery" in new york on thursday despite a positivity rate of 0.19. which is almost nothing. so here you have governor cuomo just an incompetent egomaniac is currently on a book tour promoting the fact he defeated the coronavirus. weight in fact 302nd wave and a surge like many
9:28 pm
predicted it would. and yet he wrote a book it is now doing a book to her about what a great job he did. what a joke. elizabeth: okay. the real hero there was the guy who's trying to sign language it during that fight. he is the rear her now. that guy. let's move onto this in. the democrat side going to pull politicized the covenant vaccine. let's watch msnbc falsely learned trent say moderna and pfizer could not consider operation warp speed and they got more than $4 billion for it. watch this space to back the company some cells produce vaccine were not involved in operation work speed up to has said is much it that's a lie. >> that is not a lie but she might be referred desperate resulting devises and they did not get researched mine but they got money to distribute to it and other things. then you have governor cuomo saying the reason he vaccine
9:29 pm
development is moving so fast is quote ego and money, that the first drug company has the vaccine has big money. you don't need to tell trump that he had nothing to do with it. it's really about ego and money, is that a fair assessment? >> let me go back dejoy read first. what she said as a light not just money to pfizer in terms of a couple million dollars. $1.95billion. that was for vaccine delivery. moderna who she also said nothing to do with operation warp speed, they were involved in vaccine development. the part with nih. who's in nh the national institute for health that is the group that doctor fauci is a part of. that is an easy fact check you will never seen apology there. as far as cuomo, he said this spring the badness is the vaccine came two months too early. other was before the biden administration takes over. he would on to say, elizabeth, that we cannot this fox nation plan go forward. imagine that? you are most vulnerable in new york state. we are to saw what happened in nursing homes part of the
9:30 pm
12000 people sent back to nursing homes who are covid positive, by an order by governor cuomo because of politics for this at the howard stern that he is not governor who physically assault president trump, that he would deck him. again the eagle on the sky. in the bottom line is if he does not allow the fox nation plan to go forward, people in new york, the most vulnerable of 70 years old that had pre-existing health problems don't get that vaccine. because this guys what, try to make a point? elizabeth: i got it. i want to show the viewer what operation warp feed is refunding part let's start showing the scroll of the funding of what they are doing over there. because now they got the wall street journal james freeman is pointing this out that nbc claimed back in august there was quote no evidence for the president to be saying operation warp speed would produce a vaccine before the end of the year. saying this was largely false.
9:31 pm
but the question is why politicized this? why attacks this? the former hhs director she is well-regarded for the health sector. she's also saying trump was right about financial muscle behind this. to get the government working she gives a lot of credit to the trump administration. she says they were wrong in other ways. but this made a huge difference. so let me back up, why politicized this? >> that is the thing. i think, elizabeth, this is a signature achievement of this administration to get this vaccine so fast. and february, we saw a fact check from the "washington post" that admonished president trump or send me what have vaccine around this time. and even doctor fauci. this isn't criticism, it is an unprecedented virus. he said late february it would take anywhere from a year to a year end a half, or talk about march of 2021 to somewhere
9:32 pm
september 2021 to be at the stage we are now. you can have the military getting doses as early as this month. front-line workers getting in as early as next month. this is unprecedented. the blind partisan have to get out of the way get the president this administration credit where credit is due to read this is a signature achievement, elizabeth. elizabeth: show so good to see is thank you for joining us, i really appreciate it. symmetric to see a thank you. elizabeth: same here. next up former deputy independent counsel back with us on new information surfacing and the hunter biting controversy. we are going to break it down for you, that is next. >> present obama's administration was concerned about it. this was not something that popped up on the eve of an election. this is something that's been going on for a very long time. if they would just use their, the same thin and bigger that they investigated trump a lot more would have dropped earlier. they need to continue to investigate it fully.
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elizabeth: okay more the hunter biting story the new senate report. back to made the former deputy of independent counsel. the new information, it appears the information from tony bobulinski, hunter's former partner. he is getting billions of dollars by the chinese energy conglomerate. why that same company is trying to energy deals with russia. that company was china's main bridge to russia on energy fields produce cultivating ties with officials close to vladimir putin, the chair of the cfcul company. at the same time he's paying hunter biting nines and millions of dollars to the shell companies. these off-balance-sheet shell companies. what is your take on this? >> is not illegal to do business with a foreign government. unless they are on a prohibited list.
9:38 pm
everything is contextual. i am not as excited about that yet. to me as some of the other stuff with marie's mother. to me some of the key is why does this guy, obviously if his name was hunter wise and burn, for hunter wilson, or somebody like that, and he was basically a regular old lawyer, he would not be getting -- your tongue but his law firm alone from what i have read in the report, the law firm alone got $6 million. then you have all of this other money coming in. the question is, what is he getting paid for? and why? the fact that he is being hired to look lobby with russian interest to be very interesting to all but since his father was a president could be subject to extortion.
9:39 pm
could be comparable to issue.on there is no pro vision during the business as long as you make all the disclosures you should. llelizabeth: the information coming out as a chinese company knew the value of the biden name and went forhe it. here's new information. hunter biting was key too the goodwill to surround the chairman of the cfc chairman to surround this chinese chairman with goodwill. hunter biden's name associated with him so they could do deals in omaha, luxembourg, columbia, romania and also russia. what the balance sheet also shows hunter's getting the money, the families getting money for shopping freeze to avoid registering as a forte agent with the u.s. government, that's the use of the shell company. there's also questions about money laundering that hunter laptop the fbi is still investigated. the shells were used for money
9:40 pm
polaundering two, their 70 avenues for the story what you say? >> your throwing a lot at me. let me just they that this goodwill, this goodwill that's a lot of money for goodwill. business people don't pay something expecting to get nothing in return. you just don't pay somebody money because his dad was vice president. that doesn't do anything for meme. keep in mind that with money laundering, you still need for money laundering to show money laundering andel underlying, and almost all cases what's called specified unlawful activity. anes underlying crime. i commit a sophisticated bank fraud and then i do something with that money. so that is the question, what is the underlying crime? all i know it is the supreme interest that this amount of money is being paid, being peyton ahead and wait to somebody like that. and why.
9:41 pm
elizabeth: i'm so sorry we hit yosemite and overloaded you pretty will not do that again good to have you on. >> that's right that's alright. keep it simple. [laughter] elizabeth: okay coming up congressman at greg's tubing from house judiciary on the california lawmakers saying whilean we had to violate the rules because it's crucial and essential to go to hawaii on a junket so they could see how to open up their home state of california partner going to give you more on that head scratcher next. >> there saying not to have a certain amount people thanksgiving at your house. their talk about maybe you need to wear a p mask in your house. the american people had it i'm not going to enforce any of these.
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the show florida congressman greg steube. glad to have you back when you can figure this out. the gop lawmakers, nine of them out of california when including democrats. they said they broke the california covid rules that they had to fly to a junket in hawaii. but this trip to hawaii was crucial, essential to get ideas on how to safely reopen in california. why do need to fly to white affair how to reopen california? >> it just shows you democratic hypocrisy knows no bounds produce the with speaker pelosi mandating met masks in san francisco per bc governor newson violated the ordinances there but we seeov with governor cuomo going to georgia, violet his restrictions would receive a d.c. bowser going to delaware for joe biden event when calling it essential travel. so as long as he rules don't apply to the democratic
9:47 pm
leaders that are instilling these lockdowns on the american people, they don't care pretty doesn't apply to pretty just applies to all of us lower beings in america that have to abide by their very mondayy and, atrocious overreaching regulations. elizabeth: we should point out that democratic lawmakers out ofea california he went to why are so far silent. here the republican state lawmakers trying to explainrn i. but go figure. you note else is going on we have sheriffs in four states saying we can't enforce thesen thanksgiving locked down rules going to people's private homes to see how many people you are having dinner with. pat the same time we have california governor gavin newsom going to a restaurant with 24 people the same day, the same day he put the brakes on reopening. he attends an indoor dinner partyy with two dozen people in napa valley. they are not wearing masks. the media and people are really angry about this for their really ripping into
9:48 pm
him. what is your take on the story? >> ofou course not and then divide that is following all his covid restriction then come to find out they actually were inside not outside like he said they were filing all of his restrictions for it and you have not heard from him since that comment recanting on his wife to the people of california. i look, this is the alleged party of science and the party of investigations andnd scientist scientists. there's actually no real evidence these lockdowns even work. look at countries like sweden that never lockdown did not have infection rates like their singh and other countries that did lockdown. look at states like florida print we have been open since may kids have been in school in person since may. summer camps, sports equipment. you're not saying that infection rates in florida like some of the other states. we don't really know what is spreading covid. so i lockdown the american people on unenforceable rules? the sheriffs are right do not going to enforce how many people you have your thanksgiving dinner and knocking your door and s make sure everybody inside is wearing masks.
9:49 pm
it is an overreach but i can tell you that the american people are sick and tired of it. elizabeth: you know governor newsom is apologizing for breaking his own y rules. but is he apologizing only after he got caught? it sort of like they get to ask for our permission. they get to ask for our forgiveness but we have to ask their permission, right? >> of course. if nobody would have reported that he was actually in there, then after said oh he was outside eating. and then there's pictures he was actually insight elbow to a elbow, everybody mask was eating. and that is not what he abide about. so absolutely. the american bugler starting to see the leaders are imparting is very over burdensome regulations on the american people are not willing to follow them themselves. because they don't believe r they actually work. or two they think they're better than the law they are enacting on the american people. elizabeth: pennsylvania's sangha t got to wear a mask if
9:50 pm
you have a visitor into your own private home. everybody has to wear a mask inside your home. elizabeth: how do you enforce that? >> yes these types of things have gone way over our constitutional protections in the united states. i hope people startur filing lawsuits if in fact these jurisdictions decide to with these over burdensome regulations. spinning right congressman's good to see events for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: national border patrol council on how mexico forced the u.s. government to send back to mexico a former mexican defense secretary. arrested in the u.s. on drug corruption charges for allegedly helping one of the mostst notorious and deadly mexican cartels but is this now a tipping point in us-mexico relations? that story is next. suspecting distributed to every corner of the country. it is very deadly and very small doses. and so we have to be vigilant.
9:51 pm
we have to have a secure border partly have to have policies in the united states that allow agents and officers to secure the border and must start way.
9:52 pm
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the mexican government. for law enforcement officers in united states and take someone into custody to deprive somebody of constitutional rights there has to be evidence that a crime wasto committed. there was evidence. the individuals, law enforcement took this mexican official into custody for
9:56 pm
proper reasons. of course the mexican government push back please very powerful individual has a cartel backing him up. we know that cartels have a lot of influence and sway in mexico, and the mexican government. elizabeth: he has one step away from the leader of mexico. he was at that time. >> he is. elizabeth: is charged with money laundering and trafficking heroin cocaine marijuana onn behalf of an h2 drug cartel that's the offshoot of a larger older criminal mafia. they created horrific acts of violence as part of the smuggling business. they did a lot of overseas maritime shipments. but senator robert menendez wants answers, why did you let them go? smith and he should be asking for those answers for the american public should be asking for this answers. at face value you have to question why this took place. now i'm going to take a step back and look at attorney general william barr inside
9:57 pm
this guy has done a phenomenal job as the attorney general. he is a law and order individual prettyne wants to protect the interest of the american public. so there has to be a reason that he made this determination. and until he explains that, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. but you look back and you look at the tipping points. if this is the tipping point and former relations between the mexican government and the united states government. it is not the particular tipping points for the tipping point was when the mainstream media called the election or joe biden. at that point the mexican government, the cartel knew that hey, we areic going back to the old way of doing business. we can start ramping up our production again. we can start crossing people illegally. we cang start making ultimatums of the united states. and that united states is going to acquiesce. because that is what we have seen in the past. elizabeth: sonoma got the story reported last night, npr reported two. sentinel is really coming on
9:58 pm
doubly strong in the western u.s., california, arizona in those states, tens of thousands of deaths from fentanyl. because now there was a breakthrough discovery at stanford university sank 2 million grams, the weight of a small mosquito can kill you it's that fatal. they're finding fentanyl and certain other opioids like oxycontin. also in xanax. there also finding it in heroin and ecstasy. and that is why it's already out west are realizing these are white people are dying more from drugs. that's because it fentanyl slipped it. and china drugmakers, china drugmakers people call and china hooking up with drug cartels in mexico to deliver this across the border to contaminate all sorts of drugs with it. what he think of the story? >> we look at the multinational criminal organizations that should be very scary to know that these chinese cartel are now hooking up with the mexican cartels.
9:59 pm
and they are partnering to get their products into the united states. steve got this fentanyl is very cheap and very dangerous fentanyl that's coming from china intoer mexico. and the mexican cartel are then getting them into the united states. huge profits are being made for both cartels. this should be very, very concerning. and it is alarming to the law enforcement community that two major powers like china and mexico would be teaming up to get drugs into the united state states. spent art brandon it's always great to have you on, thank you so much think of your service to our country. good to see my friend. i am elizabeth mcdonald that much of the evening addition ion foxbusiness for thanks much for watching. hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ sssss
10:00 pm
we come to the top of the hour. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump's legal team today saying they have the evidence to swing the election to president trump. attorneys for the trump campaign speaking for more than an hour and a half today at a news conference in washington where they chastised the radical dems and the left-wing national media for their handling of this election, and they provided damning examples of what they say is rampant vote or or fraud across the country. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, leading the charge today. giuliani says the radical dems' control and power


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