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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 1, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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instagram at kennedy nation. facebook kennedy fbn, e-mail kennedy at bennett tomorrow is a good one alexander whips john wilkes, robby soave, wednesday homestay is reason day here. good night. ♪ ♪ specs darks start on a high note was in hopes of vaccine and a recovery for the cdc draws up a list of who will get that vaccine first. joining us tonight jason chapin's comment jason grants, congressman greg stupid, and plus leon, jeff duncan and texas congressman elect tony gonzalo. resistance to covid lockdown is rising as more politicians demonstrate that it is one law for them and one for the rest of us. like los angeles county supervisor dining at a local restaurant after voting to ban outdoor eating.
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for seattle, or the homicide rate is soaring to a ten year high just of the city plans to cut a big chunk of its police department budget. plus the mounting follett of the assassination of iranian nuclear scientists. the iranian say that israel was behind it. they pulled it off at some very high-tech and very deadly remote weapons. the balance of power in the senate is in the balance itself. all now hanging onto key senate races in georgia. also tonight, will tell you what president trump is made significant progress in attracting hispanic voters to the republican party despite liberal saying. i am gerry baker in for elizabeth mcdonald. the evening and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ we began with the latest on that cdc meeting over who won't get the covid-19 vaccine first and when. greg berman is at the white
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house for sprayed blank what's the latest very suspect this is a key advisory group helping up the cdc they are the advisory committee for immunization practices. after a lengthy discussion a little while ago they have voted to recommend that frontline healthcare workers be the first one to eventually get a covid-19 vaccine it comes down the line potential in the upcoming weeks but here's the recommendation. what a covid-19 vaccine is authorized by fda and recommend by a cip fox nation in the initial phase of the covid-19 program should be offered to both one, healthcare personnel, and to residents of long-term care facilities were to be you talk about healthcare workers, that list includes those who work at those long-term healthcare facilities along with those in hospitals, outpatient facilities home healthcare pharmacies ems workers and public health officials. right now jerry they're roughly 21 million adults of the u.s. or healthcare professionals for that is about 8% of the adult
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population. as for those in nursing homes, it is about 1.3 million individuals out of a 1.7 beds available. add it all up you're talking about 22, 23 million individuals the advisory committee just recommended they be the first one to get the vaccines. one thing to keep in mind though, this is an advisory group for the cdc. this is their recommendation. what they think should happen. at the end of the day when there is a vaccine and that gets distributed out to the states, it will be the governors who eventually have the final say within their states as to where a vaccine may or may not initially go. vectors quickly, is a 22, 23 million people in that first order of priority. i think the companies that are making these vaccines have said maybe they have 20, 30 million doses available quickly. any sense of how quickly, once they are approved they will be able to get the vaccines to the people who are first
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priority? everything we've heard from operation warp speed is when there's approval from the fda it should be out the door than 24, maybe 36 hours. we know the fda is going to take up pfizer on december 10, 9 days for now. moderna week after that. it's certainly possible your time but the first dose of the fox nation at some point in the middle of this month. blake thank you so very much indeed. the race to the vaccine is unfolding as lawmakers inched closer to a covid relief bill. speaker pelosi sec. treasury edition spoke again today. there is a quote slimmer proposal be inflicted by senate republicans. at a bipartisan group of senators and leadership from the house problem solvers caucus unveiled their own proposal. with one senator calling it quote stupidity on steroids. do not do a bill before christmas. watch this. suspect that that night at a billion-dollar framework which will take us in december 1 through march 31. not going to make everybody
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happy. but there's been an enormous amount of work done. there's been a lot of enormously good give and take. i came to this with the notion i am hearing from virginians, somebody is it in a brother turned that it would be stupidity on steroids if congress left for christmas without doing an interim package as a bridge. perhaps cynics would say it would not be the first time congress is demonstrated stupidity on steroids. joining me now is congressman, former house speaker oversight committee jason, thank you for joining me. thanks jerry. what are the odds of some kind of stimulus, some kind of cares and mark that we are going to get before the end of the year? before the end of congress? i think the odds are pretty good. now that the election, the voting is done i think that democrats will loosen up some of their demands. i don't think there's any way that nancy pelosi for instance
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was going to do a package prior to the election. i just hope it as as clean a bill as possible. they were a lot of superb listings in these other bills. stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus. if they keep the build clean, the key but risible, there's no reason why both ends of the political spectrum can't come together and get this done. you think a bill is likely to include some provision for fox nation? it's going to be a expensive. pelosi said the bill should contain that. you think that will be ended? >> yes and that is germane to the topic at hand. i think and making sure they fox nation is widely available and prioritized for first responders, nurses, doctors people like that. and there is not a cost to the american people. they ultimately pay it in the forms of taxes per there's still a bill for the american people. but the immediate need to come up with a credit card or cash
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to do it i think can be part of that relief package. but there are small businesses, big businesses like airlines and others that do need relief and they need it now. democrats are still pushing them at a big bailout for those states particular blue states that if got themselves into a deep physical problems. republicans i'm guessing are not warming to that idea. i think that is where fiscal conservatives are very concerned. there's more than $100 billion. what i read in this 900 plus billion-dollar package that would go to states, putting some guardrails where they can use it how they can use it so it doesn't just grow government. we went through this with the rock obama and joe biden. ed 787 billion-dollar package that was supposed to go through infrastructure and that sort of thing. but less than 5% actually did that. the concern is that's going to be repeated unless you actually put some guardrails. give it to the people who need it, people who live in a
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restaurant, people who really actually need that relief and they can get it soon. senate republicans of talked about a slimmer proposal. something much on the order of what you've been talking up at what are the odds would be included in that? or the odd something like that get passed? >> you would've thought they could have got this done for five months ago. i would like to say into the election is over that is good. the slimmer the package in terms of making sure its focus on those who need it increases the odds. but when you start throwing and provisions about immigration and these types of things, that has absolutely nothing to do with what is needed for covid relief, then you got a lot of people throw up their hands and sam not going to be party to it. congressmen were got two other big news today teacher attorney general william barr announcing the prosecutor he has appointed to investigate aspects to do with the russian investigation, making him a
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special counsel. which i think as you can explain what that means. it sorta protects him and means that investigation will be ongoing to the biden administration. give us response to that. will evidently this designation happened back in october. were turning the corner into december. it basically means the investigation can continue. even under a new attorney general. they firing of this person is near impossible. you'd have to come up with some really good reasons to do it. you can't just say he is an at will employee and then terminate this. he's a special prosecutor, has a budget, has special resources has the ability to go get the documents he needs. also the wherewithal to do so without having an attorney general or someone fire him along the way. this a real important step it up disappointed the investigation didn't wrap up before the election part of so curious to know what mr. durum has found.
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jason will be following that for some time to come. jason chaffetz thanks much for joining us. coming up a radio show host jason rantz unweighted city council is slashing the police department budget by nearly 20%. just as the murder rate in that city continues to spike to the highest levels in more than a decade. these are run by new liberal progressive or socialist democrats with far left policies that are hurting the very people they've always cared about. neighbor 1: allez! (sound from wind chimes) neighbor 2: (laughing) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save even more. neighbor 2: hey, sarah, hey, peter! neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to
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gerry: in seattle democratic mayor general any ducker kin plans to >> democratic mayor durgin planned to sign a new 2021 city budget that will cut the police budget thereby 18%. at the same time homicides in the city had the highest level in more than a decade. joining me now seattle-based radio show host jason rantz. jason thank you for joining me. thanks for having me. heard the mayor of your fair city referred to is going on there, the violence, vandalism, the writing jenn love. is the summer of no seat homicide rising with the budget being cut. to be expected winter of love to? ut i would imagine so pray think of the tragic of desperate they were debating how much more there going to deep on the seattle police. there were two stabbings brewed by the stabbings was a
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random person walking in downtown seattle, stabbed in the neck. the good news is he's going to be okay. the badges is that second stabbing was a caseworker who was working on essentially a facility for formerly homeless people who were getting help to get their lives back in order. she was stabbed to death. this was happening while we were talking about cutting more funds from the police. we have 55 homicides this year. that is up for context from 28 lastth year. things are not going wellin seattle. i can't sam surprised by these statistics. we just had an election here where they put their hands up after the election said this whole deep on the police they was a disaster for the party especially in house speaker races. here you are coming got rising crimes terrible sappy or cutting the police budget.
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with the political reaction pray the political reaction in the northwest is generally different than what's going on nationally. here you and brace you end up getting reelectedd" part if you get the deet next to your name, the chances are including if you are literally a sack of potatoes you are going to have a high chance, if not a for sure certainty that you're actually going to get elected or reelected. regardless of your results as someone whoou has already been in office. and so simply taking on and parroting some of the talking points coming from the activist community, it basically needs your going to empower for a very long time. we are just output it in perspective heard we are going into your 16 of a tenure plan to end homelessness. so we don't necessarily judge results here in seattle to be judged talking points and the ability to a count how and placate some of the very loud and very angry activist.
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right now this activist happened to be anti- police. they have the years of the council the mayor's office. >> your still getting widespread violence and vandalism. supposedly joe biden was elected president. it's a bullying tactic by left-wing radicals what's going on what are they want to see these sign of more dead cops. anarchy? it's interesting you have two different groups within that large seattle. number will be cut the police department budget by 18%. there are some that want to cut it by 50%. maybe they a threw that number out there little too quickly.
9:18 pm
but they still intend to get to 50%. so the group was the victims of being over promise and under delivered. but then you got another loud group, it'she much smaller than the 50% crowd that literally want to see the abolition of opolice. they want to get rid of the prisons pray they want to get rid of prison sentences. they are not hiding some of these positions. and they do have allies. click on the city council, the town council, the city legislatures. theret are people are starting to apparently more fringe positions. at least not fully adopting them, they are at least sympathetic towards them. when it is just empowering these people. last night we had essentially a riot of protesters who were out there doing what they do. vandalizing big business. terrorizing neighborhoods. please start really loud to do their jobs.
9:19 pm
part of the problem is we have the lowest of police deployable staff in the city m seattle 1990 pray to let that sink in. we are seeing a mass exodus of officers who continue to leave. received almost 150 officers assure who have left. we believe, i believe on the sources i've talked to the numbers we get closer to 200 and the next month. i got 100 officers out to different agencies around the region. this ismu not going to get better. jason thank you very much. for the people's republic of seattle think you did for joining us. >> next gregg from the house judiciary angers by governor gavin newsom who wants you to follow their tough covid-19 lockdown measures. they get themselves a pass to break them. >> i did not have aic choice. to me it was if i close again, i won't be able to reopen at all.
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♪. gerry: meanwhile in california the democratic governor is warning that a surge in >> meanwhile covering the democratic governor is warding a surgeon coronavirus cases and hospitalizations may trigger new stay-at-home orders but gavin newsom applied that he could impose the additional restrictions in the next couple of weeks. targeting areas where hospitals are most at risk for being overwhelmed by patients. that many residents and business owners are now pushing back. so let's bring in congressman greg steube of florida thank youha for joining me. thanks for having me. so back we are single restrictions being imposed by governors of some of these blue states. were s m also starting to see me andth more people getting really tired of this. not being able to stand what's going on with the damages been done to businesses. how do you going to play out? >> finally americans is that enough is an upwardly listed the beginning it said shut down for three weeks and been the curve, flatten a curve in all these different things the
9:25 pm
scientists allegedly weree saying. and then we were going to a back to a normal life. yet you see democrats all across the country see mayor lightfoot in chicago, she is with a whole bunch of people around mass close at a rally pretty see the mayor of d.c. at a biden rally. is he allll these democrats are in whatever they want to do in violation of their own covid restrictions and rules while restaurants and business owners in these democratically led cities endemic of the lead states are being decimated by the economic impact of shutting down their businesses. thank god ... state of florida were our governors not donee that. you do not see a spike in cases here. you have kids there in school per 99.9% of the people under the age of 50 who contracts covid-19 do not die from covid-19. so why would we shut down the entire economy when there's absolutely no scientific basis for lockdowns across the countr country? congressman you mentioned exactly the double standards by these leaders you miss
9:26 pm
laurie lightfoot, gavin newsom in california, telling people not to reach out and going out or needing mass close to one of the most expensive restaurants in the world with a bunch of friends. said another story and l.a., san jose mayor apologizing for going to thanks givinglo party. what is it aboutat these democratic politicians, you do is i do and not as they say? it's all about power. it's all about power. i mean look at speaker pelosi who laid out a mask mandate in the capital. yet she does not follow her own restrictions in the city of san francisco when she's getting her hair done by wearing a mask. there is no actual protocol and the united states capital in the house for members coming in and out. just out everybody's m required to wear a mask for the remote requirements at the home i went to with my grandfather today with temperature checks, logs and all of this benefit capital of our country.
9:27 pm
you're just required to a mask for going to shun you and require you to leave the house floor, the home of democracy if you are not to him at speaker pelosi tells you what to do. it's all about power i'm glad to see the u.s. supreme court from us shut down somehu of these orders like governor cuomo's order with religious institutions for differencing the courts get g g involved here and say look, we have a relight a right to her religious beliefs are right to exercise our religious beliefs. it's good to see the u.s. supreme court shutting down some of orders. you are in florida. the media's been talk about florida last six months screaming hysterically saying you got a republican state, republican governor. and deaths are going to rise hospitalizations are going to rise if you keep the economy open. tell us your experience as you said earlier you have got cases rising that's true pretty half at increased hospitalizations of the economy is doing d okay. as far as i can tell you're not suffering huge numbers of
9:28 pm
serious casualties in serious cases of the virus. >> know in the hospitals are doing fine per their not overrun. if you look at the percentage of positivity rates is not skyrocketing it's not over 10% in florida. kids have been a school here in florida since may per my own son, had him in person schooling predated temperature checks. as a kids came and they were not any incidents there were not any issues. kids need be in school, businesses need to be (if you are and where those high risk class if you're over the age of 70 and have other morbidities, you need to be careful, state home, bring food andf the type of things you need to do to protect eyourself. we should not shut down our entire economy nationwide because of the disease that only kills .01% of those under the age of 50. it just does not make sense. >> congressman greg steube thank you. as look at the data today per you have lower numbers in florida in terms of fatality rate than we have had in new york. florida has remained open, new
9:29 pm
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♪. gerry: there is potential for serious diplomatic reverberations of kil >> there is potential for serious diplomatic deliberations the killing of a top iranian nuclear scientist. iran says israel is to blame and the killing only makes iranians more united and more determined. joining me now to discuss his former cia case officer marc gerecht. thank you for joining us. >> s my pleasure. >> so democrats say this was a carefully timed attempt to sabotage the new biden's administration at attempts of maybe redoing diplomacy in the middle east. he read a very interesting peace in the wall street
9:34 pm
journal explained why that is not true. tells what you think was behindl this. >> i think it's true the israelis have been gunning for this scientist, ide think you can say i iranians prime bomb maker for some time. it's hard to say within the got a particular peace of intercept, human intelligence that decided to go for. i think the real view is israel has an x essential threat from nuclear iran, iran has military bases with substantial ballistic mission and syria is a serious threat to them. from the united states is just not true. iran is not an x essential threats. this discrepancy is decisive. i think as the united states continues to sort of re- trench s from the middle east are going to see them step up more there's been a substantial uptick in the
9:35 pm
operations in iran for it i don't think that is diminishing, it will complicate without a doubt the biden administration's attempt to reach out and restart nuclear negotiations which israelis have zero faith in. >> you mentioned an addition to taking out a very dangerous and skilled scientist, this israeli action was taking messages sending a number of messages to the iranian people in the middle east pre-tells a bit about that. it is the primary message or setting to the middle east as they can challenge i iranians. and i iranians can't do that much and response. the israelis have been pummeled seeing the revolutionary guards for almost two years. the iranian revolutionary guard corps controls theee
9:36 pm
nuclear program has been really unable to respond to which they've lost substantial life and manpower in this material. so israelis are singling very clearly very clearly. it certainly fortifies these fine went very courageous when comes to iranian threats. >> if biden does commit his team is talk about possibly redoing, resurrecting, giving theou u.s. back in the iranian nuclear dear, how do you think that will play out? the eye iranians are waiting to 70 billions of dollars he biden administration is prepared to throw before tax even begin. i think it's going to be complicated. one i think the israelis will continue to cause problems
9:37 pm
because they do not believe that these nuclear discussions can lead to anything terribly productive. and i think the eye iranians are also going to be hesitant. it won't be hesitant to take our money but they are going to be very hesitant to make any concessions that are real and substantial and go beyond the jc poa. i would expect the tension between israel and iran to go up. i would expect to see more israeli operations. and i think washington is going to have a very difficult time coercing these israelis to cease and desist. thank you for your typically excellent wall street journal editorial, thanks so much indeed. for more on the diplomatic repercussions i want to bring in the former secretary of defense and directory of the state, leon panetta. thank you for being with a very subject good to be with you. >> ben rose served in the obama administration describe this killing of this iranian scientist as outrageous but he
9:38 pm
said it's undermining the new administration's diplomacy. as we just talked about perhapsta even sabotaging that diplomacy is that your view? >> having worked with him when i was cia director, they have for a long time targeted various individuals in iran. it does not come as much of a surprise that they would try the top nuclear scientist. as to its implications, obviously it fits in with all of the other tensions in that area, surrounding iran, surrounded the united states, surrounding israel as well as the region. there is no question that it complicates the effort i am sure by the biden administration to try and reestablish a nuclear agreement with iran.
9:39 pm
>> as the biden administration is prepared to take office, they have talked about the possibility of getting back into the nuclear deal. president trump a second very different approach. what you think the odds are thatat they will be able to route resurrect that? to establish u.s. involvement in the deal? >> it's going to take a lot of effort to get there. i thinknk it's important that they work with our allies who are involved in the nuclear agreement. it cannot just be the united states operating on its own. they're going to have to include great britain, france, germany, china to put some pressure on whether or not iran is willing to back off of what they have been doing in terms of nuclear enrichment. it is not going to get easy for them to be willing to operate within those limits. they are going to ask for economic assistance because of
9:40 pm
the feeling their economy has been damaged by the united states pulling out of the nuclear agreement. and now with the killing of this nuclear scientists, and the effort by iran to see some kind of reciprocity, that too could complicate it. it is not going to be easy to do. >> president trumpmp a second very different approach the middle east from all his predecessors pretty downplayed the centrality of the issue. eight emphasize instead challenging iran, pulling out of the nuclear deal in building an alliance of nations israel some of the arab states who are natural adversities of iran. turned upside down the chessboard in the middle even they have been critical of president trump in many respects, do you think that was a significant achievement by this administration? do you expect the biden administration to fundamentally change that and go back to the way in which
9:41 pm
u.s. administrations oppose the middle east before? >> i think on the contrary. i think the biden administration has made clear that it will try to reassert united states world leadership. i think something that the trump administration gradually withdrew from a leadership role and undermined a lot of our alliances in regard to nato. with regards to the middle east i think i think the united states is going to continue to playle a role and working with our air friends in the middle east, and working with israel to confront twore adversaries. onee is iran, and the second is terrorism. i don't think there will be any effort to try and undermine the work that has been done to build those alliances and work with him to
9:42 pm
ensure we can assure peace in thatat region. leon panetta think it's much for joiningfo us at something we will follow closely as the next few weeks and months unfold. thank you very much. coming up georgia lieutenant governor geoff duncan on how the states to senate runoffs could change the power and the senate. >> look everything's at urelection in this election for the future of our countries on the ballot january 5 right here in georgia. we know it the stakes are, we know that if chuck schumer gets his way and says now we pick georgia then we change america, they would fundamentally and radically change america for the worst. we are not going to let that happen. we are a firewall to socialism to stopping socialism right now in america and georgia and we are going to do that. only pr what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope. donate now at ♪. gerry: two georgia republican senators, back to georgia republican senators and kelly loeffler and davidid perdue are in the
9:47 pm
fight of their lights mid-january runoffs. the stakes cannot be higher. the balance of power in the senate is on the line. so it is no wonder that the trump canan plane of fraud in george's raising concerns among fellow republicans. let's welcome georgia republic are geoff duncan. thanks much for joining us. to start with some of the spresident's lawyers, some of the presidents team continue to insist there is widespread votingan fraud implored up writing you in the governor the secretary of state have pushed back and denied that.k, is there any, are there any further options or avenues for the president to get that very close election result overturne overturned? >> we continue finalizing counting every single voteeg here in florida. wednesday at midnight there'll be a recount that is finished as requested by the president and hisha campaign, that will be finished. all signs point to that being in line with the initial counts.
9:48 pm
and statistically not changing the result of the election. and so we continue to watch then process play out here in georgia. and you know what? weon are doing with mountains of misinformation that's flowing andwe literally by the second period we are saying focus on our jobs at hand. in this account every single legal vote. are you worried it's republicans continuing talk of a widespread fraud in the on liability of the vote in november could discourage republicans from voting in these crucial generally for the runoffs? >> i'm very worried jerry. i think it creates a couple edition issues. short term it creates issues for the senate runoffs which we need senator perdue and senator leffler to be in the senate sprayed not just here in georgia. we are one to be the firewall against any bad ideas that flow out of the biden administration like raising taxes on small businesses. or trying to look for opportunities to defund the police.
9:49 pm
mountains of regulations for environmental purposes. we need them. long term it isoo troublesome to as we continue to chase after endless amounts of frivolous information that is debunked in ten seconds or less. i think long-term for the republican party to create some headwinds for us. we need to getho those folks that are with us on our policies. but we cannot lose the messaging that we are paying attention to real stuff. >> in the soft cycle or runoff election, turnout is the key. don't expect to get the kind of turnout thatec you would normally in a presidential election year at the same time as the presidential election. how do republicans maximize their votes? how do republicans get folks out to vote on january 5? >> i nothing this any way to model at the turnout it's going to look at. where the bits of a pandemic, where in the midst of a run-up for the midst of an election with misinformation for there's lots of moving parts here. the best thing for us to do here in georgia, this was a
9:50 pm
red state. we have a governor, lieutenant governor, all eight constitutional republicans. with that majorities in the state senate and statehouse print its estate that recognizes the importance of having someone who looks to the lens of a small business owner. someone looks of the lens of a family. someone who looks of the lens of what it takes to represent george's values. i think we've got to senators in place that currently do that. we just have to keep reminding folks bigger mind in the suburbs, remind them in georgia that we got the right direction here in georgia. sherry think there's a point things we can point back to that partner unemployment rate is extremely low compared to other states. that is because our governor, governor campos continuing to put the balance inin place. lives and livelihoods. thank you, all eyes on georgia for the next few weeks, thank you very muchex and deed lieutenant governor geoff duncan. coming up tony gonzales breaks down away trump did so wellin
9:51 pm
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♪. gerry: to the border now and immigration. president subject to the border now in immigration. president trump has been hammered nonstop by critics who say he is anti-immigrant. so how is that that trump did so wellin many counties along
9:55 pm
the border with mexico? let's welcome texas congressman elect tony gonzales for he's a mexican-american who previously spent time in the navy. >> thank you for having me. >> it is striking we listen for the last four years to the media telling us how bigoted and anti- immigrants and anti- mexican and hispanic president trump is. yet we saw on the election last month how well president trump did. in terms of getting hispanic votes, did very wellin florida. but particularly strikingly wellin texas. you look on the maps of the counties along the border. he increased his vote and enormously. tell us why that is paid why president trump actually did so well? >> the president of both hispanics because while some hispanics may be democrats, they are not socialists. they believe in rule of law. specifically in my district which is 800 miles of texas and mexican border. they believe in the american
9:56 pm
dream. and they believe at the heart of the american dream is security. as i made my way around the district, border patrol agents and experts have told me time and time again that a wall makes sense, in certain spots. but, we've got to do more than that. gotta get resources to the men and women that are joined the work. dhs, ice, border control pretty got to add technology drones and sensors as well. >> you probably sawst president obama was out there last week essentially saying once again hispanics were voting against their own interests because things like abortion matter more to them than the fact that they are hispanic. i thought it was another example, tell me what you think about how democrats team to take for granted the hispanic votes. they expect them to vote democratic no matter what the democrats actually do. seven south and west texas, i am mexican-american.
9:57 pm
specifically mexican merrick and faith and family is everything. that wasun art messages we our way around the district. this is the heart of the american dream. i would argue d that they just want to live the american dream. and the american dream does not always start in america. i would love nothing more than this conversation to shift for the wall or give against the wall are you for legal immigration? because i believe most americans are ready for immigration refor reform. >> when you think happens at the biden administration takes office next month rolls back the presidents measures to restrict illegal immigration the country? spinning out just at the border last week. and it is dangerous. it is dangerous if we take a back. take a step forward. there is no doubt that this country needs to come together. we need to come together to solve this problem, specifically in congress. this isn't an executive solution, right? and executive order is not
9:58 pm
going to solve this itsng congresses job. i look forward to getting up your and congress in working on this problemro set. you think may begin the president's relative success among the hispanics in the election, perhaps suggest the beginning of a new republican coalition here? the voters again put aside perhaps the way in which democrats thought about for so long racial identity, their sexual identity, whatever, think about the interest and the republican party has an ability by appealing to what matters to those voters to get more of those voters and build a winning coalition. suspecting what's exciting about the new class? the messenger matters. i am mexican-american, i'm able to go to communities and immediately relates by telling my story. by telling the american dream is open to all of us. at thern heart and that is free enterprise and limited government. most texans just want to live their lives.
9:59 pm
government ishe never going to solve their problems. so free enterprise, limited government, being respectful of one another.. and once again having a foundation in faith and family is what i believe alliance at most hispanics, specifically mexican americans with the republican party. congressman elect tony gonzales congratulations again look forward to seeing more of you in washington. i am gerry baker you're watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thanks for watching and have a very good evening. bell."
10:00 pm
see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump, husband legal team -- his legal team, members of the republican party making advances today in the battle for the white house. there have been significant developments in six key battleground states, all of which, all of which bolster president trump's charge that there has been clear electoral fraud, fraud that nullified the will of the people in the november election. the president's progress puts him at odds with the insudden yous rinos -- insidious


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