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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 8, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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spirit, go to lou dobbs pick up my national best-seller, "the trump century" and the great official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. kennedy: here we go. a better way think a president trump operation warp speed has been an amazing success. in just nine months we have at least three effective vaccines with perhaps three more in the pipeline. a nine month process that usually takes years it is staggering. americans could start getting jabbed as early as this weekend. today the president took a little bit of a victory lap will he praise what he called in a miracle watch. >> life will be much easier for this country because what we have done right now. and because a lot of the people in this room, the job you have down the vaccine
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together with a lot of others has been a modern-day miracle. and it has really been acknowledged as such. kennedy: drinks on me at mar-a-lago. but today's coronavirus summit comes amid a "new york times" report that pfizer offered the white house priority for more doses. but the trump administration turned that offer down for the times also reporting that now more doses will not be available from pfizer until june. today the president pushed back and set americans will absolutely get first dibs. here you go. so back we have worked very well with the companies it. but if her any reason we have any problems we will be instituting the defense production act. we will make sure that we do not have any problems very long. before giving province customer getting things up for the present also said the next administration will benefit from all these medical advances. and the administration after that. and that one as well. by the next administration, he means his second term. >> we're going to to deceive
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the next administration is. but whatever the next administration is, will really benefit by what we have been able to do with this. kennedy: 's are these vaccines the miracle the president claims? and logistically how the distribution work so all americans can have access for joining me tonight competitive enterprise senior fellow i listen to this compass he most impressive resume ever run the show. he is an associate professor of surgery at the mount sinai school of medicine. he is also an attorney and an economist. my god your family must be proud of. welcome to the show. did someone call you into the lou dobbs show? >> thanks for having me know they didn't. back in that case say whatever you want. you are a genius. and clearly the president is excited. you know pfizer sort of throws a little bit of cold water on the notion that we will have millions and millions of
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vaccines available. but what do you see from your lens as an economist and a surgeon? soon it is really a fantastic achievement. vaccines for new virus new disease usually take about ten years. here we are in ten months were on the verge of approving two, several are in the wings. and i don't think this is going to be a problem with the fisa hundred million dollars dose limit. because the same day or more or less the same day that isaac came out then moderna came forward with good results for they have committed 100 million doses. and right behind them we have j and j, johnson and johnson and astrazeneca. we'll have a lot of different doses. it's not a bad idea to have different companies. because you just don't know who's vaccine is going to work. and it may work for different groups different ways. and there are different logistical issues with the different vaccines as it turns out. kennedy: that is a really good points.
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obviously time is important point with this virus. there still a lot of things we don't know is all this unfolds. so what we rely on complex anecdotal information. a lot of people posit with what they believe and not the so the facts. and word-of-mouth information which it could also be wrong. so if you hear from your neighbor helen that johnson & johnson has the better vaccine we be able to pick? or will you get jabbed with whatever's available? >> they're probably going to be coming out at different times slightly different times. but i referred to before about the logistical issues, the pfizer vaccine requires that it be stored at extreme cold. not every hospital not every drugstore will be able to have that. it is a very specific and difficult distribution problem. that some of the other vaccines are not going to have. so that moderna vaccine has to be sold and regular freezers.
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the astrazeneca and the johnson & johnson vaccines will not require freezers. in the johnson & johnson vaccin vaccine, at least currently configured is a one does vaccine rather than a two dose vaccine. so when that becomes available many people they opt for that backseat if it as effective or even a little less effective. simply because they are much more likely to want to go only a single time. we already have a lot of problems and people do not want to get vaccinated. going to be a lot easier. kennedy: glad you brought that up. she's introduced a bill to make vaccines in mandatory, make the covid vaccine mandatory in new york state. i have a few problems with that for a number of reasons. i want to know as a doctor and a competitive enterprise or, how do you feel? >> there is precedent for making vaccines mandatory.
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in all 50 states our children get vaccinated for childhood diseases. minority of states have mandates for health workers to get vaccinated against influenza, many private institutions like hospitals and nursing homes require their people, their staff to be vaccinated. kennedy: i'm okay with that. >> says she is pushing for a broad mandate a broad government mandate. this comes on the heel just a month ago of the bar association saying there should be a statewide mandate with no opt out for religious objections. so i think they are being a little, they are jumping the gun a bit. there being a little overbroad and over coercive. we went to aim any types of coercion very narrowly at the people you think it is going to benefit the most. and that is going to be the most vulnerable. the elderly, the people in nursing homes, the people with
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pre-existing conditions and no underlying medical conditions. and you do not want to have to mandate it for everyone. the interesting thing by the way about this new york law which very few people probably know is that a new york state they are not going to allow the vaccine unless a new york state task force. kennedy: we have heard that from the governor. we will see if he follows through on that after inauguration day. so much to be learned. i hope you come back, very insightful thank you doctor. stomach thank you. super you might be needing a doctor after this holiday season. not just because of the covid, new polls show since the pandemic began, mental health is at its lowest point in two decades. one in three americans have confessed to binge drinking. that seems like a low number. and even divorce rates have inched up worldwide at the state home lockdowns have extended. so is getting covid better or worse than losing your mind? and your spouse.
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and your liver. let's meet tonight party panel prep lgb and strategies president is emil chris barron. reason we have katherine mangu-ward sound run with good books. and grew corn and principals and former spokesman for president clinton d.o.j. michael gordon is back, welcome one at all yea. >> hey there. kennedy: can't stop one-stop. chris brenneman to start with you. the shutdowns have been -- i think they've slowed down on the bench again think that was a fun zoom activity in april and may then i think people want whatever and they sort of slowed down what you see out in the wilderness? >> what i think it's time the shutdowns have been a complete and total disaster. they have been a complete failure. we have shut down huge parts of our economy.
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people are gaining more weight for they are becoming more vulnerable to covid-19 forcing higher rates of drinking, drug use depression suicide and guesswork, we are still having another round of the pandemic despite the fact that everyone has been told for nine months to stay at home where mask socially distanced washer hands only by cross eyed. the fact is, these shutdowns have not worked. president trump got criticized earlier this year we said we cannot have a cure that's worse than the disease. and unfortunately that is exactly what's happening. and by the way tonight were hearing pennsylvania may shut down jim's tomorrow jim's which give people the opportunity to be healthy. give people the opportunity to make themselves a less vulnerable to covid-19. on the government of pennsylvania that's trying to look busy and look what they're trying to do something is now talk about shutting down jim's. making their population more
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vulnerable. kennedy: i understand shutting down like classes or people are really close and certain machines and weights we are sweating everywhere. but i don't understand shutting down pools. i talked to fellow swimmers like this is so dumb. last i checked lorena clint kills microbes. not just that kennedy. think about how clean jim's are normally. it's one thing to say you're closing down a bar, okay fine. jim's are already incredibly sanitary place to begin with. jim owners have spent hundreds of dollars trying to make them even more safe. yes absolutely. katherine let's talk marriage. i have loved you for so long f. >> i think tonight is the night. i think what happened with a lot of people had an escape hatch every day they would go to work. they would go to poker night, bingo night and everyone saw hang out the spouse. that was 20 forms a day, what do you think?
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spending there's absolutely a situation here we are asking marriages and nuclear families to be everything to people. because some as we were just discussing, a kind of irrational and erratic choice of shutting down all kinds of activities that in retrospect should have stayed open in the earlier stages could have been safe. could have been a state where he let business owners use or own common sense and let customers make their own decisions and set up across that made everybody angst he and see. at the same time, there is really -- we started for a very strong plays and think that's worth keeping in mind. we were at a point of historically low divorce rates and really historically low rates of a lot of things you would want to discourage including teen pregnancies abortions all kinds of things. socially and some things we went into this pretty strong. i think a little spike rates
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and divorce rates are be terrible for the people undergoing it, it's worth keeping in perspective that were starting for a pretty good place. kennedy: michael you say covid ruined everything here's what i think we should about the binge drinking for here's what i would recommend people. start making crack cocktails but it takes time patients and mone money. you can't go binging six or seven manhattan's that you make with a 200-dollar bourbon. i don't think i'm wrong here, michael. [laughter] listened covid has ruined everything unless you own a grocery store did not have any friends to begin with. i've got the exact opposite view of your other panelists. i think what has happened is people about their guard down. they are not do the things they need to do to contain the virus print that is why we've seen a spike. the u.s. design significantly worse in our polite neighbors to the north. if we were as good as canada, we would have a wonderful thousand fewer deaths in this
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kennedy: the supreme court today rejected a bid to decertify pennsylvania's election results. but the fight continues in pennsylvania with two more high court cases filed over the states mail in balloting. the commonwealth i should say. that state of texas assuming multiple swing states alleging they've been disenfranchised by russian election procedure changes by officials in georgia, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. the president's lead counsel
11:18 pm
rudy giuliani had vowed to continue the fight to overturn the election until inauguration day. but is the president running out of roads to victory? or could one of the supreme court cases change the entire situation. here to break a data turning fox news contributor emily compagno. welcome back to the show emily. >> hello entity. kennedy: hello darling. supreme court rejected one of the pennsylvania bids for tell me about that and how is that different from some of the other cases that are still lingering in the ether? tobacco case of the one they denied today the injunctive relief, that was arguing the state legislature had no authority to allow, basically a no excuse mail and voting part that was a blanket argument. that is what senator ted cruz said. if these merits are so important i myself will argue in front of the supreme court. the one that is lingering still is the one that says there was no authority for
11:19 pm
them to extend the deadline of the mail in balloting. that is what the supreme court ruled on, one applicant said victory parched is output anything that came out after that deadline that was extended keep those in the separate box just in case. before that was a samuel alito decision correct? select correct. that was in order it's not quite a decision in the way goes through an analysis of the merits. it's what he says. [inaudible] super that's missing this guy on death row once a stay and they say okay fine instead of sitting around all night thinking about it. chin stroking. will the president be victorious here in some of these cases to the point where he will still be president we will have to talk about javier ever again? >> i highly doubt it to be honest quickly went to talk with when you touched on with texas. okay thank you. that was filed by the texas attorney general. he is suing georgia,
11:20 pm
pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin and saying i want you to be kept out of the electoral college process for the moment. he is arguing all of the individual cases are arguing. the individual bodies lacked authorities to change the rules. the rules were thus unconstitutional part and the rules were and equitably applied. kennedy: how can one agc for states? i love it it's bold, fun. but it is weird. >> he is going all in part also as a separate case in error jonah were just today the lawyers argued to the judge please hurry up with their decision so we can add arizona to that one. it's five states to hail mary to be honest. that too comes into play that's what all the legal challenges have to be in for
11:21 pm
this the day that will live in infancy anthony. make sure there's time for various courts to hear these challenges bush v gore that went on a little longer didn't it? >> yes and justice breyer in his dissent on that casey said action the date that really mattered is for this year the 1h is the date the electoral college actually meets. and note that wisconsin will not make the safe harbor deadline. they are breathing a sigh of relief. their college will still count given the backdrop that this place up against. safeco badgers and my right? sure. alright so what is most likely to happen here? all of these cases are dismissed or one or two more get to the supreme court. and if so which ones? i think if anything the one that would make it to supreme court is the authority to extend the deadline of the mail in balloting.
11:22 pm
i do have to say that obvious or focusing on these cases it didn't come through. the cases that come through. but they matter but does a certain narrative any student thing that's happening at the notion of the hail mary being thrown here. it really is important for people to feel secure in for these answers to be concluded. for these answers to be provided before 2022 and 2024 per because heaven forbid it's different bodies are making rules. there are still questions of the constitutionality of that. that is a real lose. kennedy: they have to be consistent, have to be constitutionally got to lock it up. emily compagno thanks so much as always good to see it. >> thank you. super coming up to joe biden cabinet picks, they sure sound like a pair of a winking war mongers. i will speak with their nominees. he was government has been dealing with aliens for decades.
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the defense secretary in the history congressional waiver for having retired sooner than the seven year window the law calls for. but that is not my biggest beef with him. he has horrible instincts that applied on a major scale will get lots and lots of people killed. in all sorts of inevitable new context. 2014 he either ignored or misunderstood the intel about isis printed laughably called them a flash in the pan. and then he was all in on the
11:28 pm
horrific idea arming syriac moderates to fight isis for us on the battlefield. when confronted with the process for betting and weeding out these fickle mind he did talk his tail between his legs in a bid in 2016 only 45 u.s. moderates were still on the battlefield. this for a 500 million-dollar program. well done general. imagine what he could do with an 800 billion-dollar pentagon budget? with the dismal failure of antony blinken and his secretary state pic and you have an amalgamation of incompetence of warmongering make dick cheney look like gandhi. lincoln famously told biden to wake up for voting for an supporting the iraq war invasion. and later pushed iraq into a three a partition for his universally denounced as it would immediately have resulted in ethnic cleansing. tidy indeed. blanca never had the
11:29 pm
intellectual depth to understand the genesis of violence the way austin could not see the obvious and horrific consequences of arming a bunch of dudes who would turn around and point u.s. guns at our troops. all hail the wonder twins, these two toxic demo bulbs will be the string colors to biden's marionette. this deadly puppetry validity straight to a brave new world of wars. you have been warned and that is the memo. joe biden is touting his new pics. but some democrats are arty pushing back. democrats, yes, moderates like michigan congresswoman says a civilian should have the top seat to protect the pentagon. and everyone has been uneasy of lincoln's record. so what is there to like about these two kinds customer joined me now iraq combat veteran the one and only bryan suits. welcome back.
11:30 pm
>> howdy. kennedy: take your pick who do you want to tackle first? often or blinken? back often. kennedy: go ahead. >> i am with you pretty like the arrangement were a civilian who perhaps is never worn the uniform administers the department of defense. think the gold standard and think most people will agree over the last four years has been robert gates. a guy who never wore the uniform. he served cia, he served in government but he was such a good secretary when bush left and obama became president obama kept and protected light gates at first because he did not wear the uniform. but i learned like the guy because i like the constitution. austin is a legendary pretties inspirational commies big counties boisterous he sounds like a motivational speaker flash ted talks the whole thing. that is what he looks good in biden's class picture. but i think you are right,
11:31 pm
that is the way i feel. for years between uniform and suit and ties not enough. and even then, the problem is this is going to be an era of naval growth. our confrontation with china is going to manifest itself on the sea. this is a guy who came up with everyone three or four stars in the army. i just do not think he is the right kite the right time. unfortunately i think he is such a dominant presence he is and iraq, as a general hood where this battle rattle. he is a legend in the army. maybe that is where it should stay. i am with you. i'm one guy in a suit and tied is a reason for that. the military answers to people with suits and ties or maybe miniskirts. kennedy: for better or worse it is a political position. there is so much at stake.
11:32 pm
talk about bob gates being on the right side of history with always in terms of foreign policy abides on the wrong side of history the reason he is on the wrong side of history's heat listen to antony blinken. i think he is a horrible pick what he sure thought? >> think they put the band back together. the democrats are the ones that came out first keep in mind senator know biden in the iraq war as well. he does not want to hear from anyone who wants to redo 2001, 2002, 2003. but i think lincoln is a really smart guy. he does have the track record predicts will come up i don't
11:33 pm
think these two i think this is going to be austin. kennedy: is that sophie's choice if you have to sacrifice one, who's the good one to keep? >> blinken. he has a silly name n/a track record. kennedy: great wonderful. we also have xavier becerra to contend with as well. bryan suits, the dark secret places into it every week and snuggle with it. bryan thank you. another biden cabinet pic is also making waves among republicans on capitol hill. this time it is health and human services nominee xavier becerra who was currently the attorney general of california paid republicans including arkansas senator tom cotton says the pic as a surprise and a radical one. listen. >> lester step three with the problems of this nomination. first he supports medicare for
11:34 pm
all, second he is a true radical on abortion. third, look at what has happened in california during this pandemic. he has been on the forefront of locking down that entire state. xavier becerra will be joe biden's nation wide locked out enforcer. kennedy: alright he loving liberal a wise choice to have one of the most blood imparts the next administration? the party panel has return, chris barron, katherine mangu-ward, and michael gordon. katherine i'll start with you from a liberty perspective produce anything to like about xavier becerra? we have had our eye on them for a while paid but like to keep track things in california we are based. and i've got to say, we are not fans. i don't necessary agree with tom cotton. were they kinda put put the emphasis. but among other things tend you to fight the war on drugs but after court california agreed that drugs could win.
11:35 pm
that is just something is really worth keeping in mind it has potential role at hss. he is really prolactin. not only that his methodology in california is worth keeping an eye on. he is incredibly litigious. he fights stuff out in the courts. that is an attribute in an hhs secretary that really worries me. i don't think that is the right venue for this battle to be fought. kennedy: yes. are we going to the name on some of those supreme court cases? michael gordon? for smelliest litigious because he is the attorney general the largest state of the country so he oversees a lot. but beyond that disguise a fighter on a lot of issues with democrat party when the issue on healthcare in 2018 pretties going to fight to expand health care. fights for women's rights. he is a good pick for issues
11:36 pm
on voters he's done a lot of work on that front. kennedy: absolute right, chris barron. >> 's announcement today, joe biden announced he was nominating javier -- xavier becerra for health and education services. then on. in all seriousness pretty know you are from california, kennedy. california is a beautiful state lots of great things about it. but the folks in charge have run the state into the ground. what do they get for driving a big, beautiful state into the ground and ruining it? a promotion and opportunities take the failed policies of california nationwide. it is absolutely i understand you're saying. some spins off a lot of time in california, if you can get
11:37 pm
their car said he, kamala harris and xavier becerra out of the state into the biden administration. [laughter] [laughter] enough kennedy don't get off lady gotta keep them. back what i want to know is -- advising that biden is president now? or is he on trenton although it a failure? before you mean all the second term you mean? vice president cotton he sure i is. cypriot the common on these things as they come. there are republicans who are very, very hopeful that some of these lawsuits are going to make purchase. three giuliani at the helm anything can happen per panel stay right here. we're going to talk aliens for this is going to be the best part of the show. do you believe in aliens? a former israeli general said they are definitely here.
11:38 pm
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♪ ♪'s reports on for another edition of conspiracy theories today. i can report to you that aliens exist. so says a former israeli space security chief, it is a real guy he claims they have been in contact with the world leaders. and you have not been told because you cannot handle the truth. according to the former head of israeli defense ministry space wing of the galactic federation is made an agreement with the u.s. government to conduct experiments here on earth. president trump is on the verge of going public with the information but what convinced to keep quiet to prevent mass
11:43 pm
hysteria. part of the story the camp believe is president trump kept quiet because i told them to. cuba libre one of them? bring back the party panel. michael gordy you go first buried the galactic federation is so exciting. subject so far be it for me till i criticize the israeli military i think this guys try to sell a book. but putting that aside for a minute i believed from his in the middle of this i believe he knows about it. has such an ugly personnel as aliens have inhabited him for the last four years. and we learn this news the world finally made sense again and explains trumps crazy behavior. kennedy: so katherine why the u.s.? does that mean we really are the most powerful nation ever on earth? >> this is why i could never be a real conspiracy theorist.
11:44 pm
because to believe a conspiracy has been kept secret is to believe in the ability to believe in a large number of people to keep a secret. have you met the u.s. governmen government? they're not keeping big secrets. i just find it wildly unlikely. and must always assume incompetence over conspiracy, confusion over conspiracy. i don't know what this guy thanks he knows. but i can tell you if donald trump knew there were aliens, i would know they were aliens too. kennedy: think they have aliens i don't know failings have contracts for but i do believe they have penetrating digits. i had a very smart professor in college, evolutionary biology professor. and he said if aliens figured
11:45 pm
out the time space continuum, and can travel faster than the speed of light without d materializes, where they sticky with the a no probe? which i thought was good. the answer kinky. but wouldn't it be perfect if right now we learned the truth, chris? . [laughter] you through me after the adel program try not to laugh too hard now. by the way, my fellow panelists here are no fun whatsoever. i hope this is true. i so want to believe this. i hope 2020 is going to go out on top with the announcement that the aliens are here. this would literally be the best adding to this entire year. kennedy: exactly right spray there's nothing more in 2020 than aliens. [inaudible] this is what we have been waiting for. unit we all need to do we need to do in booktv soap soap. he went like this and then you
11:46 pm
become an alien instantly. we should all try that that's i should end the show kennedy. kennedy: are you play music and they drive them insane and a leg? remember? you squirt them with water. to be fair if you were an alien and you landed safari katherine and chris. if you weren't alien on earth in 2020 you might just go back out. that might actually does it. just look around and say i will come back at a better time. support yet you guys are busy. [laughter] i like that. chris your last word. i think within a happen is tillery's going to rip the mask off and expose it she is asked of the alien leader. and she controls the world. [laughter] kennedy: oh, i love it. [laughter] yes, and what happen? >> the popular vote matters after all that's what that means. [laughter] [laughter] [laughter] kennedy: you guys are amazing thank you so much rick my
11:47 pm
tuesday night, chris, katherine, and michael. lovely. by the way chris, start quivering chris back one second? what is the first place they go if they come to earth? was the first place aliens go? shake shack are in and out? >> in and out i see what you're doing here to me. cano probe than nn out, i don't know what's going on tonight kennedy. kennedy: no, your mind is a knotty place, that is why i love you alright say your topical storm is research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ithe first full prescriptionis pstrength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter.
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11:53 pm
shake their tna's on the stage. they will be able to judge getting pop, lock, get down the bad cells. still the given scores from exam. in addition to breakdancing comments part of a broader strategy by the ioc to court younger viewers. but i think pull dancing would've worked better in addition to the olympic committee added new events for the sport including climbing, surfing, skateboarding and you thought pulled ulcers were getting high. that is a great one. guaranteed scholarship. topic number three. and now the story of an australian animal that harassed a woman until she feared for her life. not talk about mel gibson. an aussie woman said she was stabbed and attacked by a kangaroo because it was attracted to her sara jessica parker perfume. it's all over me.
11:54 pm
while the real sara jessica parker attracts cackling hags. oh my god she's so pretty. tracy of melbourne said she was chased down and knocked over by a loan kangaroo who became obsessed with her smell. and follow hers. she jumped over multiple fences and threw rocks at her to escape. otherwise he was be paving like a total samantha. the perfume is called lovely contains rosewood, apple martini and horny kangaroo urine, that makes sense, kangaroo loves apple martinis. if out of the driveway she ran into a stranger's house to hide from it. that is when she whipped out her laptop and began writing out, hippity hop into relationships. topic number four. a woke anti-gun stand in illinois was caught on illinois making a child cry when the little boy said he wanted a nerf gun for christmas and santa told him no, jerk.
11:55 pm
no no, not even a nerf gun. legos? bicycle? kennedy: what and a whole. that fake santa's real nutcracker, good job. made a little boy cry. do not know if that's what the elves are for? yeah. not to mention guns are huge part of christmas. like the red ryder beebe gun in a christmas story. the 9-millimeter bread and diehard. this is not the first time brother politics to work. for one thing kids with white privilege plus instead of coho he says ladies, ladies, ladies. with santa learn the treat meaning of christmas and delivered this boy a whole sack full of nerf guns. but it's real life so he will just go home and stroke his
11:56 pm
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monday song, edelweiss. this week's winner was andrew. good job and we've got a plastic mouth trumpet signed by yours truly coming your way thanks for watching spiteful man twitter instagram at kennedy nation, facebook, >> pedal-pushing primates. >> grandpa would go with a young gorilla on a motorcycle, go get a slurpee. >> grappling great apes. >> people would come and watch people box and wrestle. >> but, this whole "gorilla magilla"... >> people would come and picket the facility. >> no barrel of monkeys. >> i was told "don't open this envelope until i pass away." he's a good boy. >> that sounds like an ultimatum. >> it was. game on. ♪


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