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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 9, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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we'll be joined by parler ceo john matze tomorrow, electoral fraud whistle-blowers, patrick colbert and jessie morgan. you don't want to miss kennedy: i have got breaking news today. so much news has broken we are going to need a broom. hunter waited dropping insane news saying he's officially under investigation for his quote unquote tax affairs. [laughter] that could be a pretty broad umbrella. it all has to do with, are you ready? china and possibly the infamous laptop. but holy moly it gets even juicier. earlier this evening hunter released quote i learned for the first time that the u.s. attorney's office of delaware advised by legal counsel all through yesterday they are investigating my tax affairs. i take this matter very
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seriously but i'm confident that a professional objective revealed these matters will demonstrate that i handled my affairs illegally and appropriately. included with the benefit of professional tax advisors. and strippers. i think he meant that. as you know there have been many reports that hunter man violated not only tax but money laundering laws. edward told the feds are issuing subpoenas and interviewing witnesses. but here's where it gets even more interesting. according to cnn while to an end, fake news seriously for the fbi's been looking into hunter's shady dealings it's at least 2018. we're told the investigation was paused in the months leading up the 2020 election to not influence the outcome of the said election. that is so convenient, like a church lady. i wonder who at the fbi to do that? the fighting campaign also releasing a statement reading apart quote president elected by and is deeply proud of his son was fought through difficult challenges including the vicious personal attacks
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of recent months only to emerge stronger. big word. so what does this mean for hunter? for joe? and for the entire 2020 election customer joining me now arizona republican congressman in houston freedom caucus chair andy biggs is back. welcome back congressman. beck thanks candy good to be with you. kennedy: in about a high slice of the cylinder is not looking for hunter biden. what can we expect from this investigation? >> it like many of the other investigations is going to go on for an advert and ever they will never indict anybody or tells with going on. look, we are talking about a guy is getting $50000 a month from a company in the ukraine print come back with a billion-dollar deal out of china. one of my favorite parts of the story, kennedy, is he was given by a chinese business associate at 2.8 carats of diamonds. i'm not even sure was in a ring setting, but it was a diamond. kennedy: that's pretty serious
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that's a real sign of commitment there from the chairman of that chinese bank he was now gone missing. >> exactly but my favorite light in the story is that hunter biden says you know it didn't really feel right. but i kept it in gave it to one of my associates. see portnoy didn't you how i know he didn't? because the ring was alluded to in the divorce agreement. because his ex-wife knows that he still has the ring. and she was part of the value of that ring because that's how those things work. so i think you are right, that is so frustrating. he did something wrong like every other american that does something wrong, he should have to pay for. >> that is right. the question i would ask too, think about this. if joe biden actually takes office on the 20th of january, on the 21st as he fire the u.s. attorney for delaware? and will the media didn't say a way to second you are
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obstructing justice? >> the call that a saturday night massacre. even when donald trump did not fire someone even when he did not fire robert mulder they preemptively called another saturday night massacre. >> right. i am just waiting with anticipation to see how that unfolds. because the reality is we would expect that an investigation here would produce something fairly quickly. you have the fbi and the irs looking into this. which tells you there is a potential for something really wrong here. you're right there time but money laundering but there also talking about other corrupt practices. and that seems to be status quo for the biden family. kennedy: this should be interviewing all of his business partners. john kerry's stepson and everyone else's had a part in these schemes. i'm sure it is a cottage industry in washington to try to figure out how to make as much money as possible for doing as little work as possible, by writing your parent's coattails.
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there are a lot of people who do that. that is not a crime. but it is a crime to sell access to your dad when he is the sitting vice president. >> that is exactly right speed that is why the burisma thing comes back, the ukraine thing needs to come back up. that's why hunter biden rolling off air force to comic going in there in a few days later walking home to united states with a billion dollars under contract to manage. those things, that does not pass the smell test. that is why they should be investigated. the fact they're looking at tax fraud or tax evasion as well as a money laundering indicates this has reached a critical points. and so when you say what are we going to anticipate? in a normal investigation of uri it would be fairly quickly and then a grand jury hearing and then indictment rollout of what happened here. if it's true that they've been looking into this for two
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years and in a positive for the election, and here we are gassing it up again, it just makes you wonder what does it take to get our d.o.j. and fbi really rolling on these people? kennedy: else i would take spirit it takes for eric or don junior to be investigated. because of their dad runs again in 2024 guarantee they're not going to take your foot off the gas. congressman andy biggs i appreciate your time. >> thanks kennedy. kennedy: in the meantime, all my god i would really love to find needs way to marry these two stories pretty kind of did on twitter for a notes journal sick of your responsibilities seriously customer journalism? come on man. anti- trump congressman eric swallow that's the one and made a big's inky mess of his own for the last 24 hours with this while well was very chummy, even spoony with a suspected female honey trap society what by the austin powers last name. swallow claims he did nothing
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wrong but won't say whether or not they may have about it congress. that's five or here's the thing for years follows but on the soapbox claiming president trump was compromised by russia. in fact a russian agent when swallow himself may have been compromised by beautiful chinese lady. today signor's while welded his best to defend himself on cnn, watch. >> that was six years ago i was told about this individual. and then i offered to help and i did help. i was thanked by the fbi for my help. that person is no longer in the country. kennedy: yes but they are still facebook friends and she is still facebook friends with while bill's brother. i'm sure he did help her out of that tight fitting dress. he also claimed the white house leaked the story to damage and politically. >> and to do that against the credit of the president.
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they may think they're going to silence me for they're not going to silence me. but what they are going to do is make others think twice when they are asked to sit down and provide defensive information about people like this. >> regardless of whether this has a chilling effect on others, liz cheney said only republicans are willing to stand up to chin china. practices part of the much larger pattern were we know the chinese communist party, the chinese government is on the attack against the united states of america. and so far it seems that only one party in congress is willing to take them on. willing to stand up to the united states, willing to fight back. see for the libertarian spread and now the republicans want swalwell off the house intelligence committee. was he compromise? is he a hypocrite? yes and yes i'll answer that in advance. let's look at the party panel got reason editor pinch-hitter and podcast okay let the word out. it is not wealth the award
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winner great because matt doesn't matter if you didn't go to the cleaners. if got the host of the richard fowler show. richard fowler is here. also fox news conservative former utah congressman and future utah governor jason chaffetz is back in the house. welcome gentlemen. spect thank you courtesy academy. kennedy: so much coming out of congress tonight. this is quite exciting. jason, what you make of congressman's while well and is honey trap? >> apparently she had relations i'm not when use foul words because i respect you, jason. but she had relations with two mayors. >> think everyone would like to know who those mayors were. now with the anderson part of the story. one of the things, i've kind of digest of the story is why take the chance?
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what is it that nancy pelosi believes, why does eric swalwell will have to be on this committee? it seems that he has been compromised. he's not disputing the details of this. and now he's making up and spewing things about donald trump must have dropped this. if they would drop it to embarrass them they would've done that before the election out a month after the election. and he offers no evidence about that whatsoever. but as a very serious story. every member of congress is bored when they come in about intelligence agencies for they're going to come after you and look at everything. and then all the sudden. support likely join the nba. they tell you their friends out there will tell you that they cannot get pregnant and then all of a sudden you on the hook for 18 years. so i think it is not dissimilar, richard. back when they were friends, was before eric swalwell was marrie married. that is when you have the iphone six and iphone seven when you could unlock it with
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your thumb. so she gives him something to a sleepy night night after they and then she unlocks his phone with his big dumb hulking sahm and has access to the kitty. richard. >> there is no evidence of that. but let's be very clear. i agree jason there should be some distance urging him the investigation. there's no evidence that the trump team sort of dropped it pretty think it speaks to a larger problem that we have in our foreign policy. it's joe biden kamala harris take over the white house will reset the foreign policy in this country. we really should be looking at how do we deal with china? how do we sort of put the clamp on china will also understanding have to protect the american economy. protect the american farmer and not engage in frivolous trade wars. how do we balance those things. as with joe biden's foreign policies going to look at. how do we stop china from
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meddling at the same time protecting americans economy pretty think that is what we should be looking at. we know china is a real foe as we go into this next sector. kennedy: maps, you can answer that. from a libertarian perspective how you keep trying and check at the same time join here economic fruits as eric swalwell probably did? >> with a stiff arm. one of things you can do from the beginning, which the trump administration had trouble doin doing, is saying forthrightly early and often that china is violating the human rights of people in hong kong. and especially the uighurs, can even time but for years on this program. they can de-escalate tensions with the country while at the same time being critical of the human rights record print that should be a sweet spot for america and historically was. i look forward to someday, and with toynbee next week, next year, next administration for that to be restored.
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meanwhile that's important to point out that phong fong is an absolutely amazing name for honeypot of any variety. we should enjoy ourselves. i think eric swalwell has a point in this. as eli lake, our friend also pointed out in the times of the russian investigation, selective leaks from fbi national security investigations that are selected towards a person as they work towards donald trump in december and january of 2016 and 2017, unfairly i might add. as a journalist i want things to be leaked when is targeted towards a person we should be suspicious of the timing of that and arch and i bro at least. it is not fit eric swalwell is important, he's not. becky's the next president united states met. >> good luck with that. no, he declared himself in sync donald trump is guilty of treason. >> on is a member the house
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speaker intel committee as is adam schiff pictures that committee. so if eric swalwell was compromised and he's saying this unfounded things because he has secret information and schiff is in the same thing, how do we know schiff was not compromise? we don't. the man panel return a little bit later. first of president trump says he will intervene in the texas attorney general lawsuit to overturn the election. what exactly does that mean? and does the case in case stand a chance in the supreme court. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lose weight, look great, and be healthy. go to that's a-e-r-o ♪ ♪ ♪ before seeing it if you know it. president trump may be nobody's not out. seven states have joined texas in support of the supreme court lawsuit that seeks to stop georgia, michigan, wisconsin pennsylvania from finalizing their election results. president trump on twitter called this case the big one. and says his campaign will be playing a role the outcome for this morning texas attorney general ken paxton explained how his state has the standing to petition the court for a change. >> these elections and other
11:19 pm
states were state law was not followed as required by the constitution affects my voters. these are national elections. so if they are fraudulent activities that affect an election in state law is not followed as is required by the constitution, it affects our state. sue four oh mercy produces case the big one? is it the big break? hereto discusses fox evening anchor shannon bream. shannon how are you. >> i'm great kennedy how are yo you? before i'm fascinated watching all the stuff for the president says this is the big one paid what is the victory look like? infectious the fact the court is not tosses out as of step in the right direction for those supporting the president's efforts here. texas is bringing this. just let the start that dissent the wind it's the lower courts oversee with all the other state courts and lower double federal courts were there to dispute between texas says it is. they are suing these other states where they can take it straight to the supreme
11:20 pm
court. bikes were the court has ordered that these states they have to file their response rates of the fact that the court is even allowing that to be live and putting it on the daca is a step. now whether they're going to hear this case is an entirely another situation. that would be a big leap. it's not impossible it is improbable. kennedy: so let's say for arguments sake, that they do decide to take it up. what does that look like? what did the arguments look like? what are the possible outcomes? stomach this is so unusual. and because of the times we are under the fact the electoral college is such a vote next week, i cannot imagine exactly how this is going to go down. it's going to be a very unique situation. because the first response before states are due tomorrow the court would likely give texas a chance to reply to that, that usually how goes. the initial filing, the response of people being sued, and that final reply. in the court would have to vote and decide whether going to get involved with this.
11:21 pm
it would have to happen very quickly. no we saw the push before 20 years ago. when there are things happening 31st of the kind very rare, the court connected very quickly it's able to do that. everyone is meeting remotely right now everything is on the phone for the court. they can do this, it's a question of whether they want to get involved. kennedy: and what the outcome would be? what do they do? did the sages say you're right you gotta go back and prove there is no malfeasance? and when we see ted cruz? we're not going to see mls were in the courts. the way here ted cruz will he be a part of this? is going to argue the pennsylvania case. >> yes right lissa, years and years ago before he was on the map running for senate out of texas i used to hear him as one of the oral advocates of the supreme court primer pulling aside after were the cases were interviewed said this guy survey were the top two or three people who he is. he is just that good but he's
11:22 pm
brilliant, he has clerked there he knows these justices. on the foal be a little different it will not impact his intellect and understanding of the court and the arguments he needs to take. i think it is a long shot. but listen, before how do you decide who advocates for your side in front of the court? how does that work? >> i guess it is the state of texas the attorney general paxton is going to bring that. that that make that decision within his office will be on the solicitor general's there? will be someone else in texas. that's how i first saw takers making the case at supreme court but i think there's some heated discussions in texas about it. i don't think they're measuring the drapes quite yet. kennedy: zoellick ted cruz sits in front of a class and went anyone like to argue before the court and ted stands her seeing me, me, meaning, and they say anyone, anyone else other than ted? >> based on his abilities at the supreme court in think
11:23 pm
taxes somehow gets a chance to argue this case they could do much worse than ted cruz. kennedy: by the way ted cruz argument for the supreme court a lawsuit on behalf of 15 states against for swing states, it has to happen on december 31 because that is the perfect end to 2020. shannon bream thank you 11:00 p.m. eastern in the west on the fox news show. right billionaire élan musk packing his bags moving from california taxes. why? because the gold state is losing its luster and killing business. i will explain why élan is making the best choice in my memo ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪
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offer it's always been proximity per if you went to work in tech then california is the only place to be. until it wasn't. elon musk's had upped his martian eyeballs with california, even labeled the state ashes were they not let their castle workers back in the factory. one san diego lawmaker said past elon musk, yeah he asked right off to texas with her fewer regulations, cheaper houses first employees and most important a no income tax. comparing the dominance to a sports franchise. >> the team's minute waiting for so unpaid they are getting a little complacent, entitled the minute when the championship anymore. california is been waiting for a long time. i think they're taking them for granted. before damn skippy. california thanks they are the joe namath. sadly that entered the sam donald area.
11:29 pm
tech startups intend nevada california. they'll be following hewlett-packard, cbre group, paps to bring, joe rogan and charles swap tv america rage. all have flown the finger to the now golden state that ranks 48th on the tax foundation business climate lists. california has a 50% higher consulate and the rest of the country. settled bureaucratic incompetence and bureaucratic hurdles that make starting and running a business less attractive than branching your great aunt. florida come tennessee and nevada also have no income tax which is why they're part of a handful of states who are gaining residents fleeing places like new york, new jersey, illinois and michigan. they all think they can tax their way out of hardship. they can't because that's not how works it more. just ask david pepper longtime new jersey resident that move from the garden state to florida. cussing new jersey $100 billion a year in lost income tax revenue. so in california's leaders ask
11:30 pm
themselves why the second richest man in the world bailed, costing them an estimated $7 billion, the answer is simpl simple. elon shrugged, that is the memo. kennedy: leslie california resident and comedian adam corolla, made this fine point about musk's move. student i just heard today elon musk was moving to texas. the smartest plan chemin on on the planet has decided to move away from the dumbest governor in the united states. so when the smartest guy in the world says i am moving, what does that say to the rest of us? before i will move to. so what did the billionaires move save the rest of us living in tax places, the party panel has returned, match welch, richard fowler, and jason chaffetz. jason i will let you take first crack of musk's move. it's a side of a reader exodus
11:31 pm
away from the golden state and other states it overtaxed the residence? california's been the biggest aid in the union since the 60s one is born their way back when, it won't be by 2045 at this rate, this pre-pandemic rate texas will outgrow it, california. that it's crazy. california group to have to for a half times the rate of united states of america. the united states is a growing country it always has been. but every single census since its inception it did that until around 1990 it stopped. it has the same number of seats in the house speaker of representatives. meanwhile texas is growing. it's not just taxes for the housing affordability is really a huge bit of that. like california has a hard time just allowing people to build houses. thinking there is some magic not called the market that's going to solve the affordable housing crisis. but it's also like a mentality. i don't if you been to silicon valley, but the bay area general even our beloved los
11:32 pm
angeles, people getting cramps there. it's pretty joyless, pretty gri grim. known as ever said about austin, texas, the people kind of suck they are not fun. that's out there saying. austin is a great place to get great barbecue great music that's just two of the stereotypes. there are other aspects of the areas surrounding austin that has really become a magnet for people. and matt is right, richard it's not just billionaires trying to leave unfavorable tax climates. he would work and live from silicon valley and really stronger and softer to do that because you have to be close. now they don't have to be close. so why should anyone lives in a state that punishes them of the kind of regulation that makes it impossible for places like california to build full-time family dwellings which they don't, they do not allow. i think matt has a good point about affordable housing for think that's one of the
11:33 pm
biggest struggles in california, new york and other places are dealing with. how to make house you like was the texas turn into a blue stat state. there's both population growth going. >> they cannot help themselves for they cannot help themselves. stop raising taxes. that is what makes them attractive. i do not know how leaders in places like new york and california and michigan and illinois. there's a lot. >> you also have to pay property taxes. try paying property tax in new jersey it's garbage.
11:34 pm
>> a lot of people cannot afford to buy a house. kennedy: is because they cannot pay taxes. obviously it's the great jewel in the great wild west you can say whatever you like. >> you look at utah we have the lowest unemployment rate less than my looks. we have incredibly high growth rate between utah and idaho we are rocking and rolling. all these californians and others are fling because you have quality of. we are number one in the nation the lowest number in disparity income. so you actually see people can live here, the quality of life in the mountains and the desert. they have a stable regulatory environment and it is a right to work state. other places like new jersey and california that make it so difficult for employers, they are just not going to put up with it. kennedy: no, i do not blame them. it was a tragedy about tony hsieh he was going to invest
11:35 pm
in park city the way he had been downtown las vegas. there's so much promise there's so much creativity. a real tragedy. great to talk with all of you. the man panel now leaves us, matt, jason richard thank you so much. the radiant leaders in california and new york for flip-flopping on decisions they say will make or break their livelihood. now california judge has sided with the servers kong the los angeles mayor's decision to close outdoor dining arbitrary. that also goes to the l.a. county supervisors. meanwhile here new york governor cuomo threading to ban indoor diving again which could destroy so many struggling small businesses. how did these tyrants get the power to do this? and is there anyway to take back that power? joining me now to discuss she's a columnist my favorite newspaper the "new york post". and a contributor at the spectator. karol markowicz is here. karl was up? thanks much for having me.
11:36 pm
kennedy: it has been so frustrating seeing it awful mayor an awful governor they hate each other. somehow they're making so many bad decisions who is worse? bill de blasio or andrew corvo? >> is a carnival of incompetency is hard to pick one. i think at this point i'm angrier governor cuomo. de blasio is just a guy who does not want to work humor, that's fine. go sail off into the sunset. cuomo is very much enjoying all the power he has. he keeps using it, keep using it against as he keeps destroying small businesses all across the cities. and it's getting really old. before we look at counties surrounding new york city, york city has the lowest covid infection rates. and it is specifically threatening new york city with another indoor dining shutdown. but it all been county, where he is, you've got twice as much coping. it got more people hospitalized.
11:37 pm
you got indoor dining. >> that is the thing. we have low hospitalizations, where the second lowest in the state. and yet we are the ones targete targeted. i feel like, i heard if we stop paying governors i think covid goes away. i have no evidence of this of course. i think we should try it. that is sort of where he is. it's going to destroy anybody else's business because why not? let's give it a shot. kennedy: a lot of these governors talk about following the science, following the science. and when dancelike schools, schools transmit more covid than anywhere. gyms, are the devil. they said gyms aren't so bad, schools are fine. what side of them are you supposed to believe? i don't know every press conference contradicts the last one. i wish we had sort of a more adversarial media with him.
11:38 pm
they love him and allow him to get away with it. and it's like a two weeks ago he said restaurants are fine. but not with cyclic to close restaurants. also he is frequently massless. he's barely ever seen in a mask. after i called them out on my twitter, he started wearing his mask at the briefings. and then he went all virtual briefings. because he doesn't want to wear masks. i don't know. kennedy: i've seen those pictures. he and de blasio both have been trying to send in the cops to arrest people in their own homes for being massless. and he won't wear a mask when he is out in public. i wish more people were like you in skeptical. i hope you come back and see me soon, thank you carol. thank you. stupid. kennedy: keep up the good writing. an alarming new warning about the pfizer coronavirus vaccine. board of severe allergic
11:39 pm
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before the corona spice vaccine rohit is set to begin the coming weeks. dr. anthony fauci, doctor feel not good said today that trust on the biggest hurdles to getting americans on board to receive the vaccine. especially within communities of color. >> the process that went into deciding the safety and efficacy was both independent and transparent. we need to make sure people understand that. particularly those demographic groups that have not been treated well historically. by the medical establishment paradigm refers typically to the african-american population and to some extent the latina population. kennedy: -xc so strict sprayed
11:44 pm
at the same to others and reports in the uk of severe allergic reactions to the pfizer vaccine. so how can the government convince america the vaccine is trustworthy what's a start hearing that? hear me now memorial sloan-kettering physician a fox news contributor dr. lantz, welcome back. absently thanks for having me. support last week on outnumbered you and i spoke about the issues pfizer had with their supply chain. and that is why some of the vaccines were going to be delayed to the united states. now entering a couple people that have gotten this stick in the uk have had severe reactions. what is happening? >> let me tell you. this is a problem with the dramatic media cows with the vaccines right now. everything is causing a big headline. bottom line, there will always be a handful of people that have severe allergic reactions to any medication including vaccines. eight to 50 out of every
11:45 pm
100,000 people that take medications will have a severe reaction. all we know that is come out of the uk right now is to people that have a known history of severe allergies that actually carry around epipen have had this severe anaphylactic type reaction for this can be life-threatening by the way. here's what i have a problem with, if you look the pfizer trials which is what are fda's doing is sifting through the data, people with severe allergies were excluded from the clinical trial. so therefore they don't know how people with severe allergies would react. of course present video is excluded from the clinical trial they should not be first in line for the vaccine. that is why the united states we are saying if you are pregnant, we don't have the data to say this is safety should not take it. kennedy: what other group are excluded? really don't know it because there anaphylactic reaction from we don't actually know their allergies were. there's a lot of questions we don't have.
11:46 pm
late-term trial data showed that .6% of people 42000 people had an allergy to the vaccine. by the way the placebo was .5 it's 3%. so is not a clinically significant difference. they really had no issues with allergies. so far okay so what other groups of people were excluded from the pfizer trials that you are worried about? we know pregnant women. the immuno compromised those taking biologics like myself, we do not know if they will actually mount an immune response. we do not know how they will respond to the vaccine. luckily's not a recumbent vaccine with the virus projecting better protein. but will they be able to mount that immune response? we do not know that yet. pregnant patients, children under 16 years of age, we don't have that information on right now. they did a wide range of age,
11:47 pm
ethnicity, comorbidities and all of those people seem to be doing really, really well produces the people invention, the pregnant, the children the immuno compromise. kennedy: so doctor found she talked about -- spoke about communities of color who are distrustful of mass government inoculation, and rightly so given the history of this country by the way. so how do you reengage and create that necessary trust if you are hoping to achieve herd immunity? the naacp just put out a study they looked at that 18% said that actually trust the vaccine is safe. 14% said they trusted actually works. that is a huge issue. all you have to setback in our history to understand why they would be hesitant to trust the government when it comes to thi this. bottom line is we have to have education paid we have to have transparent. we have to show them that we
11:48 pm
have blacks, latinos and these late stage trials showing how safe they were. and how efficacy they were. because latinos are four times more likely to be hospitalized. >> they have to make sure they have access to this vaccine. kennedy: dr. lantz thank you for your time a per share expertise very good. and guess w did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was "in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's before after the stock exchanges morning doordash shot up by 85%. so now the stock is as high as their delivery guys. yeah those guys arty have the munchies. fate my starbucks, jerks. this is a topical storm. topic number one for the russian ministry of emergencies, watch what happens many fireworks factory caught fire and explode exploded. the factory owner said he did not know what happened. he was just giving it to her with congressman eric swell wellin the whole place ignited. swallows have their 70 fireworks going off in her mind him of his annual chinese
11:53 pm
new year party with the side chick/. cnn fact check explain he meant to say fourth of july with his wife. the ensuing fire was reportedly so big and dangerous it took more than 400 russian firefighters to put it out. mostly because of the vodka on their breath kept reigniting the flames. i got the house from foreign russian firefighters. topic number two. authorities around the world are reporting thieves are surrounding delivery trucks, carrying playstation fives on the highway and stealing them fast and furious style. and by fast and furious style i don't mean with their shirts off. check out the video of an attempted theft in romania, the car pulls up to the back of a moving trump and two thieves climbed out of the center. one holds the other's legs while the other opens a cargo door. after heise like this i think
11:54 pm
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11:56 pm
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12:00 am
fleeting moments, got some poetry like the region. no not really thanks was the best hour of your debris fell that instagram twitter at kennedy nation can on facebook kennedy fb entered e-mail kennedy fbn >> his dream? big as a t-rex. >> when everybody else told him he was crazy, he just said, "no, i'm gonna build dinosaurs." >> his creation? a land before time. >> he was almost an engineer when it came to dinosaurs. >> can it survive without him? >> a lot of attractions that were the vision of a single person, all of a sudden they're gone, demolished. >> depends on his daughter... >> when you have an absolute passion, you think that other people feel the same way you do. >> his granddaughter... >> are you living on the edge, kiki, to make this all happen? >> a little bit. >> and his great-granddaughter. >> has your mom ever said, "we need to talk about the future of the park"? >> never. [ or


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