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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 10, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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instagram and parler. get in the christmas spirit. go to, and get that extraordinary beautiful, official, "lou dobbs tonight" mug for whatever you want to kennedy: we have a good one for you. dd media and big attack buried the hunter biting story to help you has pappy elected? that is a rhetorical question. of course they did. and one day after we all learned hunters under a grand jury investigation you've got to wonder will there ever be any repercussions? as you know the president-elect screwball sun yesterday admitted the feds were looking into what he politely referred to as his tax affairs. and after decades of shady dealings in places like china, ukraine, well we will soon learn that the jig isn't backed up. but if you would like to
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before the election with all the nurse first broke. the liberal media did their very best to sweep it under the rug, watch. >> we know that this hold smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin. >> russian disinformation, foreign disinformation or campaign disinformation. subject this is russia propaganda priest to make the charges are so heinous and i'm going to say them. to back peddling conspiracy theories budge abided in assembly. >> prosecutors do not open investigation based on information provided by russian intelligence. kennedy: come on man it's always funny to see jeffrey cuban good thing is behind the desk. i do can guess the republicans are pretty anger with all those bozos. earlier today iowa center chuck grassley let them have it. check go-ahead. >> those same liberal outlets that disparaged our investigation, now report that hunter biden's financial deals in china raised
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counterintelligence concerns. so you can understand why i think it is very outrageous that the state would choose to ignore facts when they are uncovered by republicans. before that her old friend ohio republican i'm trying to say two words at one time. republican congressman jim jordan gave c8 at a need drop from the top of the ropes. jim. >> there needs to be a special counsel. we need to dig into it. now look, we know he's being investigated. looks like tax issues and everything else. i think it's interesting the same people that told us the protests were peaceful for the same people as of the dossier was real. the same people that told us the anonymous whistleblower had to be believed even though we could never see who he was, never cross-examine them. the same people et cetera is nothing there to the hunter biting story. kennedy: so did the main stream media purposely avoid the hunter biden story to help
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slip joe over the finish line. let's get to it with another man panoply of this federal senior editor he is the author of the donald just-in-time for the holidays get your copy it is christopher bedford. along with comedian and podcast host of the award-winning show part of the problem. it is so good and beloved david smith is back. got former dnc advisor democratic strategist he is one of our favorites, kevin walling. welcome everyone. steve acted to be with you. kennedy: chris to start the a biden family what a bunch of drifters. if this is to be believed 5 million here form .000000 of their uncle jimmy, it is unreal. >> it is unreal in this demo been up exactly like you said there. called the russian disinformation with had to deal with last year, two years or more is absolutely absurd by the department of justice and said that is not true. the director of national
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intelligence of this is not to bring the department of state said it's not true. but it kept on being pushed over and over again. just like a talking point to gets e-mailed out in time to be repeated for all the talking heads on cnn or some of these other networks. the fact is all the reporting has been a by fox news, the daily caller news foundation, the "new york post" is all being borne out bit by bit to actually be backed up by some real investigations. we have to wait and see where all this is going to go. for this a lot of egg on the face of the media. and big tech and other groups like this they shamelessly sacrificed what remaining integrity they to shut this down before the election. her's a real cause for americans to be upset about. kennedy: you should be upset you should be worried the big tech and media that's incredibly biased when it comes to this story worked together to bury it. and they did it very effectively, dave. >> yes, it is truly something to watch. now you have the corporate
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press completely ignoring a story in ridiculing people who'd bring it up. give big tech companies censoring the story. i mean flat out hard censorship. they suspended the account of the biggest newspapers in the world and began the link from being shared. but the other element you have your coming of the corporate press, big tech, that he also the deep state working with them. your time with the fbi come the cia, the nsa. joe biden stood on a debate stage and said dozens of former intelligence leaders had said this is russia disinformation. all of these groups are working together. and also that the intelligence community is quite comfortable lying to the american people, provoking tensions with russia. and burying what is a very relevant story that the american people have a right to know. this is something out of a novel it's pretty crazy.
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kennedy: here's the thing. kevin if this is just a story about hunter biden beneng usedd at atr alublublulu lepeopigpe've e'verongedut tbuould nould ofould ohaesha vo. inalstin ist t is iles iioles it e. nululul cha ce.e. oeafrt ohert oto,,, the t t ufuf that't'oing ooiutow,utut e is ilnd lin sinp sinsp r mo usus suserushe ssnssinisrmationn sp satomsingsmroep rtsor om u tait thare t 18 t 2o4 nt old th th ththirculaticung theng thengn prayprhathaha isne tng... that isat isat i what w the t fr y not tou t bec bse ofse the chain oai caitody of tto ve lortops themselves. but ttue here is hunter biden created accounts that were directly fed by state run chinese communist banks and operatives that he then
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apparently disseminated to his family members who have no good explanation for how thousands, and sometimes it millions of dollars ended up in those accounts. how did that as for the president-elect? are so spending this is a bedsore for the biden transition for the incoming president. i've a lot more questions of answers just needs last few days with the confirmation that there is an investigation into hunter biden. what i am convinced of is the president elect, joe biden ex-president will handle is hopefully the transparency part hopeless openness and away we have not seen the last four years. before why we think that we have not seen them without on the story. is not connect with the malfeasance hunter biden is accused of. before how do we know that if we have in a proper investigation? there's been an open investigation for some time. and now a grand jury has been assembled. >> we have had this investigation now we find every two years pray there's
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no charges yet brought for against hunter that's important to clarify. withing 20 years of joe biden's tax returns for we know he personally is not benefited from any of this. kennedy: because usually when money is longer, that is squeaky clean money that was watered so well at these reports are to be believed. that stiffens up in your possession usually claimant on your taxes. [laughter] that's especially the running for president that is typically what is done. man panel stick around because we need your hotness. right now we have to switch gears to the honey trap california congress boy eric's while well is the talk of the town still. god i love these two arm in arm today the exclusive report of swallows of budgeted tag with the chinese had the republicans on the hill howling, watch this. >> this man should not be on the intel committee perspectives nothing classified about eric's while
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well socialite for fundraising practices price becky also said his life was classified rhino somewhere bill clinton is probably kicking himself saying why did not think of that? this is the real question, when did nancy posey know of this and why did she maintain him on the committee? the question is what did you know when she know, good job kevin. some of california republicans, meanwhile nancy plus is that republicans on the committee knew about the situation it is fine for the gop piercing to cool their heels. our republicans overreacting or swell well not sharp enough for the intel committee? back to discuss congressman house speaker judiciary committee and house speaker foreign affairs committee member guy reschenthaler, welcome back congressman. >> thanks have a mountain please call me guy. great and glad we got that out of the way. so what is it with california democrats and chinese spies?
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because we know they had a spy guy and apparently eric swalwell the plot is really thickening here. nancy losey is saying it's fine how do we note something to worry about? how deeply was he compromised? do we know that yet? are there ways of knowing? >> the democrats and the real story here is the fact that the democrat the whole democrat party has refused again to recognize opposed by the chinese, his party. the fact that they knew eric swalwell had this connection with this by was still placed on the intel committee without telling ranking member devin noonan about without telling kevin mccarthy about it clearly that is outrageous. it just shows you again that they refused to acknowledge the threat that comes from china. i often, candidate, wonder what is a ccp have on the democrat party? and has to be something buried
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they did not take part of the china task force which i'm on. they have reputedly to hold him accountable. there's another instance where they refuse to call it china. superman to help out on capitol hill it is devin nunes. it's the portuguese. i think it's weird. i think there are questions. we have questions like this you need answers. eric swalwell along with adam schiff were so easy and quick to jump in for the cameras have the current president is a russian spy he has a russian asked that he's been compromised and apparently eric swalwell knows a lot about the business of compromising. [laughter] first stop i've got to talk to devon about the pronunciation of his last name. i'm in a check you on that one. kennedy: checked me check yourself.
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if you compare how swalwell was treated compared to the president trump is treated. swalwell has given a defensive briefing he broke ties right away pray president trump was treated as if he was a suspect. members of the incoming administration were literally spied upon by our own bureaucracy. supported you know fog fog embedded an intern and swalwell staff? and lord knows what that person had access to. just goes to show you that we need to have background checks pretty specially on staffers that are staffing members on the intel committee. this is a problem. today it nancy pelosi again refused to acknowledge this threat. completely dismiss the fact we might want to have background checks that might have sensitive information there around these members. again this is a problem. i find myself wondering, kennedy what is it that they
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have on the democrat party? before i don't know man i don't trust anyone pretty truly don't treat after reading the stories about hunter biden and eric swalwell , apparently all it takes is a super sexy lady. and you are screwed. and who knows what national secrets were compromised. we don't know? i can't imagine swallows investigating and now nancy pelosi is asking is his goalie. you've got a goon and a goalie and no stanley cup as far as i can see guy. vic i tell you what getting back to biden i called today for special counsel to be appointed to investigate hunter biden, his connection to ukraine and russia and the chinese communist party. because of the democrat party wasted three years chasing the ghost of russian collusion which we knew there is zero evidence for. we have real evidence there are issues with hunter biden was compromised on that laptop there should be a special counsel appointed from day one
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when joe biden comes in the office and we should investigate what hunter biden was doing. kennedy: out to see what happens with the grand jury. nothing ever comes of congressional even special counsel. we get the florid long-winded explanations of absolutely nothing. not that i don't have faith in congress, i have very little. congressman thanks so much or stopping by appreciated. thanks candy take care. kennedy: it is a safe haven take care. have deeply embedded china and these united states? and how much of a threat did they pose? or we do the same thing over there? maybe we should. plus a president trump announcing of the peace deal with israel. as a middle east peace, is policy's biggest unsung success? that is all next. (harold) twelve hundred strings of lights.
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kennedy: that is so legit. that back congressman eric swalwell story is not america's only case of chinese infiltration. although from what i hear, he mostly infiltrated her. [laughter] thank you boys. this would director of national and intelligence also known as the dni warned americans need to take the
8:19 pm
china threat very seriously, watch. to back china and china alone is the greatest national security threat that we face. and we see them growing their military. we see them economically as you talk about stealing through intellectual property, stealing through cyber wear for. stealing from our universities. stealing medical research. alt again information that they know is what you need to dominate technologically. kennedy: that is a good summation pray so how compromised are we buy china? what can we do about it? are we do the same thing to the them? driving out former cia officer in president of diligence llc, michael baker is back. baker gave her a shaker you quaker. >> happy holidays. before you as well. are we doing the same thing to china? are we sticking it to them the way they are to us with the ip theft? >> you know what given their aggressiveness and how much
8:20 pm
they have hoover duck, stolen not just from us but from allies as well for the past several decades, we better hope we are. and any nation that has the resources and the motivation to protect the national security interest is working hard to protect those interests. the interest being that china decades ago made the decision, think about what japan did. japan came out of world war ii devastated for they said how are we going to recover? how are you going to get back on the world stage? going to do it through innovation. the authorities there said decades ago we are going to get to the top of the food chain by skipping all of the cost in the years involves an engineering and we are going to take that information regarding steel it economic espionage, theft of intellectual property. were going to re- browned it. that is what they've done.
8:21 pm
i know i appeared to be mainly in my mid- 30s but i'm a little bit older than that. thirty-five plus years ago one of my first cases that i worked on is a bright-eyed agency officer involved a student, a chinese student here in the u.s. going to grad school that oddly enough was affiliated with the chinese intelligence operation. they played the long game pizza that individuals going to school. they do not care about what he did as long as he got very good grades in the got a job. they do not care where the job was. because you know what? then they'll get another job for it eventually 20 years on the road he will end up at raytheon or westinghouse. kennedy: absolutely. but that is what's different. make a really good points. remember in the 80s we were worried that sony was going to buy everything? in the japanese companies are
8:22 pm
going to snap up every building in manhattan, people were terrified. least they were overt about it. the chinese are putting a short name and a long game. they're saying let's just steal at the long game is infiltrating into universities, corporations and with politicians and grooming these real dumb dems. like eric swalwell hoping that at some point he's going to fail upward. and some point is going to bend the intel committee. that is a big deal they massaged it for years. constantly. whether they look at agents of influence are trying to saddle up and get next to somebody like a swalwell well, or whether they are hoover enough information by sending their people to conferences, academic events when they're students here who are reporting back, whether they are playing on the first, second or third generation chinese that live in america that's a very strong powerful tool for them. they appealed to them and say look ultimately had to help
8:23 pm
the homeland. you got work for china. every single year for decades we have been investigating chinese apps being sprayed the fbi estimates that half of their counterintelligence cases in the states involved china. that is a phenomenal number. we are individuals in this country that is what this country's great. they're about the collective and that's how they train people through propaganda to operate their entire lives freedom is the ultimate goal, mike baker thank you very much. back you're welcome so much happy holidays. kennedy: to you as well. thank you. in the meantime or peace in the middle east. morocco agreed to normalize relations with israel and it deal brokered by the trump administration. this is why it's important. kennedy: therapies agree with the presidents push through and just four months. the white house claims the big enchilada, saudi arabia's on the way. is this the greatest and most lasting achievement of his
8:24 pm
presidency? here is me tonight fox news contributor and dispatch editor it is jonah goldberg. welcome back jonah. great time no see. i thought that was a tubing reference at first. [laughter] before that is really funny. that is so gross. that's why love it. so let's discuss this a little bit. i like the idea of countries, normalizing relations. because the more normal things on the middle east the more likely to see no more wars read what is your take on this and how much credit as the president deserve? >> i am not a big fan of president trump herbicide disorders a considerable amount of credit. when bad things happen on the president's watch they get the blame for it whether they entirely deserve it. when good things happen they get the credit for. ny trump should be immune to that treatment is ridiculous. if this would've happened on obama's watching of the media would be going crazy giving him all sorts of praise.
8:25 pm
but that was one of the ironies of this. in a perverse way, one of the people who deserves a lot of credit for this is barack obama because of his and incredibly harebrained i radian peace deal. it deal stabilize the region and all sorts of ways and created an opening that trump, to his credit exploited to get these countries to start playing ball with israel. because they decided iran was a much bigger threat to their interests than israel is. i know israel is in the neighborhood. but sorry been the enemy of my enemy is a friend sort of logic started to kick in. plus it's the only place you can get good bagels that entire neighborhood. spirit when you combine bagels and homicide here's quite delicious. it's interesting because the destabilization of iraq during the second bush years, that made way for iran's hegemony. new in the u.s. struck the
8:26 pm
steel started giving them a bunch of cash, firearms like this is great unsold mind psycho mike gautama being controlled the whole thing. i rockets a total poop hole. in syria's devolving into a civil war. libya screwed. give all this other country saying wait were not jerks we are the run here trying to keep the lights on. jordan, uae and even saudi arabia's i'm not a huge fan of theirs. but i think you're absolutely right. with that gift to the rest of the middle east obama's incompetence is made them get in line and realize that the long-term goal for them should be peace and economic transactions. because at some point no one is going to be dependent on oil. subject yes, that's another big part of it in something trump deserves credit for. and so to previous administrations. because our move towards energy independence, fracking and the shale undercut saudi arabia's economic model mightily. i'm not a big fan of the saudi
8:27 pm
regime. but it seems to understand if they want to avoid the term ultimate overthrow from a messed up political culture, they need to modernize their economy. they need to get into the global beyond rely on petrodollars for if you're going to do that the country with access to capital, know-how, global market that is israel. but certainly not iran. it makes a lot of sense for whole bunch of reasons. the never cared about palestinians as people. they cared about it as an issue. once it became clear the palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. but the united states a lot of the arab countries, all this other stuff going on the markets are changing bruce back where we fighting wars? why or propagandizing people
8:28 pm
to kill innocents we could be buying cheap crab. and selling cheap crab. that is what keeps the world peaceful. jonah absent a jury here, thank you so much it's good to see you i love your dogs ... them on twitter. coming up president trump and joe biden have both said a lot of crazy stuff. i'm going to read a quote can you guess which one set it? the man panel plays one of our favorite new games, that is what he said, that is next. ♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] ♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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you work hard for your money. stretched days for it. juggled life for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours. kennedy: ding ding ding. it's time for mark as new game that is what he said. joe biden likes to tell everyone he is much more of a gentleman than president trump. and he will restore dignity to the oval office. but we did a little digging, turns out these two are a lot more similar than sleep which i would have you believe. in fact they are so close joe
8:33 pm
even knows what the presidents hair smells like. not victory. i'm going to read a list of quotes for the check panel is what to guess who said than paid some are from biden others are from trump. we even threw in a celebrity wildcards just to mix things up. as an added bonus the winner will receive an all expense paid trip to president trump's second inauguration, all-expenses-paid you guys, this is a big deal. i know bedford is on board. you guys ready to play man pane panel? >> yes absolutely it's do it. >> aren't crisp this is for you. i am not sorry for anything that i have ever done. i have never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman, who said it? the options are joe biden, trump or george clooney also known as jorge clooney. back. [laughter] i'm going to go with joe biden on that one periods before oh my god you are right.
8:34 pm
chris has a point, forgot to make my scoreboard. okay big bang, one for christopher bedford, he is already winning. >> i demand a recount already. kennedy: very good. dave here's your question it's a quote rather i guess i'm going to fade into bolivian, who said it? joe biden, donald trump or mike tyson? >> i'm going to go to tyson on that one. support i'm in a goal you are right on that i'm going like that coat of buddies it everyday for a week. speculative great against roy jones. safari really did come he really did account sci-fi 20 paul brothers. kevin here you go. i guess we'll have to compare iq tests. if i can tell you was going to win. who said that joe biden, donald trump, kanye west? oh goodness kanye? notes trump you love to talk about iqs.
8:35 pm
support he sure does come we have a three way tie. it was a three way. >> do not tell eric's wall well. [laughter] 's before just imagine the secrets that are plaguing his conscience like plaque at the dentist. okay question number four this is round two. this goes to you chris bedford. after i die i will probably come back as a paintbrush. is it joe biden, donald trump or sylvester stallone? >> 's investor saloon? kennedy: how did you know these? do one of our producers get to beforehand have you been infiltrated by one of the kennedy staff? >> is always considered himself an artist. so for okay dave this is your second quotes. as hard as i've tried i don't know how not to be adorable, joe biden, donald trump? or justin bieber there? >> geez that is a weird one
8:36 pm
for any man to say. [laughter] i will go justin bieber. before justin bieber is correct you are all batting a thousand so far but i'm up adorable manner will not lie. grab a drink kevin here's your second quotes. i would rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are a sleep. to set it, joe biden, donald trump or michael douglas? >> hopefully michael douglas to katherine sita jones. see for enforcer knowledge freely you were was joe biden who said that. he's going to make sweet doctor love to jill while the children are asleep. because of nitrous oxide. here's a third quote for chris bedford. i actually gave a teacher a black eye. who said it john joe biden, donald trump or john gotti? >> sounds like john gotti but could be joe biden for it i
8:37 pm
will go with john gotti. kennedy: knew went the wrong wa way. unfortunately, dave's smithy component to the lead, that is what he said as he what we are playing on game night. do i have a large frog of o'hare? something is crawling out of my scalp, who said that? joe biden, donald trump or joaquin phoenix? that is such a crazy thing to say it must be joe biden. kennedy: [laughter] know your book got it wrong that was walking phoenix. and it was he did have a large croak crawling out of his scout. kevin here's your third quote he can pull into a three-way type you get this right. iowa lottery my parents, especially my mother and father. who said that, joe biden, donald trump, or the hammer head shark greg norman. >> i love norman the golfer but it's probably a trap quote. kennedy: no it was the shack,
8:38 pm
it was greg norman, what are you smuggling there man? down under his right. this is the last round, this is for all of the marbles for these are two points apiece anyone can win. chris this is your quote. by the way there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned german shepherd. he said that joe biden, donald trump, or adolf hitler? [laughter] i'm going to go with donald trump. kennedy: oh chris bedford with a commanding lead. he's not to point over his closest competitor david smith. dave this is your last quote. there is no drug users have been an appetite for drug there be no market for them. who said that joe biden, donald trump, or pablo escobar. >> donald trump. kennedy: no, no, you lose. alright kevin you can only hope for second place.
8:39 pm
or you go, this is your last quote kevin. it's time for the human race to enter the solar system. who said that, joe biden, donald trump or my sexy boyfriend dan quayle? i would say old-school dan quayle. i miss dan quayle periods before you're going to" that's good enough for second place. chris bedford tops the podium, dave smith maria man? oh well. >> i'm coming in third place. before alright bedford is going to the nonaggression, congratulations my friend. thank you all for playing come see a few moments. going to talk about time magazine. they're about to announce a person of the year. outside he who made the shortlist and who should have been on it. that is next. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool.
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kennedy: the best thing about 2020 that it is almost over. and the look backs on this
8:44 pm
hellish year, well we've just started. time magazine has it shortlist of contenders for person of the year with president-elect joe biden, president donald j trump, doctor tony fauci and frontline healthcare workers that's all one blob. and the movement for racial justice rate all of this year's finalists. google also released a list of top search items and pandemic questions like how to cut men's hair, how to make hand sanitizer. so in a like no other who really deserves times top price? the panel is back. dave smith, kevin walling, and guy reschenthaler. a minister with the who deserves to be times person of the year? hands-down frontline worker. and doctor vacek rates before i would leave fauci out of that. it burke's head away brother scarf game then found she did. the people who did not have
8:45 pm
ppe, the people working a months in a row without any time off. the people who were getting sick and trying to protect themselves, their patients, their loved ones. i agree few there. and i hope to if it is a front line at the public the list of the nurses and doctors and the emts who have lost their lives especially as well as part of this. because of the lack of ppp in some places purchase become the ego in the hospital every single night everything that they to take care of us for it hopefully that's the case. kennedy: there still doing it with the second spike. dave smith who would you like to see on the cover of "time" magazine? if people still bought magazines. i would love to see biden get it. i'm talking hunter obviously. [laughter] and all of his kids. like all 15 of his kids he is like angelina and brad. something reasonable like that. you know i would love to see,
8:46 pm
maybe forgetting it to groups how about the small business owners who are defining the lockdowns and resisting the government totalitarianism that is ruined so many millions of people. if we were going to give it to doctors, some group of doctors i would love to give it to some of the whistleblowers who have exposed lies the government has told. kennedy: especially in china. three doctors in china who could have stopped this thing from the beginning for the doctors who blew the whistle on ventilators killing people who were mocked at the time when they did that. so yeah, there's a lot of good options that are part i'm none of them will get it. kennedy: chris bedford. >> ivan old-fashioned viewpoint that it should be an individual who wins person of the air. to each haptic manager basement actually do something to win person of the year. that eliminates three of the contenders right there. i would actually go to not someone who i want to see on the cover someone who ought to do, chairman xi jinping. this is someone to help
8:47 pm
unleash the environment, displayed the global economy, locked down all of his opponents and somehow got away with it. that is completely insane. notice has such an impact in the world as he has. kennedy: now and running around saying they had prior release of the whole thing totally makes sense. i do -- i think donald trump should win person of the year because he galvanized both sides of this election part he absolutely did. the people came out not for joe biden part i believe there are very few voters who were biden democrats. but they came out against the president. and these supporters who braved the cold and the mockery and went out to all of his rallies. and who are still fighting. i think that he deserves it. love him or hate him. he is the guy that everyone is obsessed with. i am obsessed with all of you,
8:48 pm
chris, dave, kevin you are all great. someday we will have a party in person. like 2026, when tito's vodka be here. thanks guys topical storm is next. to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. and now with q4 wrapping up,
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kennedy: daytime host ellen degenerate says tessa positive for coronavirus but luckily no one has to quarantine because employees all quit months ago. and by employees. [inaudible] i don't mean to joke there's nothing funny about coronavirus. [laughter] is a joke on degenerates this is a topical storm i'm kidding she's great. topic number one, pharmaceutical and care has announced a nationwide recall two products after packaging error led to the mix up of an antidepressant and an erectile dysfunction medication. now all those depressed people are having an even harder time. bad luck for the men with this function. but at least they get their hopes up. that's something. the good news is they're now making will be all the day. the bad news is. [laughter] the sound is in their mouth.
8:53 pm
they blame a third-party facility for inadvertently packaging the pills together. now those packages are growing bigger by the debris the company warns are real dangers to these drugs bring the erectile dysfunction fill and cause trouble for patients with cardiovascular issues. so apparently i make sure heartthrob. and the antidepressant makes dizziness and fatigue. she will also be soft in the head, that is so sad for all the. topic number two. alright, get your popcorn nuggets ready. kfc is teaming up with lifetime for the new movie, a recipe ford's seduction. it's a romantic drama starring mario lopez as colonel sanders. i'm calling for the new chef. the cook? jessica linda skipped down. change the world. secret recipe. [laughter] over finally good to find out
8:54 pm
if the colonel is a breast or leg man. at least we know he is a tender lover. the story follows a young colonel to a world of posters and falls in love with a rich chick will fighting with her mother over who will rule the roost rate lifetime audiences are sure to eat up this whole thing because they have no tast taste. critics of social media thing this movie was dumb as a clock. this collaboration should surprise no one. kfc is a long relationship with the movie industry. most of that offers a myth brought to me to it spread who knew? the more you know. topic number three. the parent company of pepperidg pepperidge, has issued a warning that due to supply constraints, there could be a cookie shortages holiday season. that explains why my niece made a gingerbread studio apartment. that's so sad. the company said the lack of supplies due to an increase in
8:55 pm
demand for cookies as more people remain in their homes by the fact that one data analytics agency said u.s. cookie demand is increased by 25% since he start of the pandemic. with 40% of americans eating more than 48 cookies per month. well done. no wonder this country is running out of toilet paper. you're literally wiping these cookies off the face of the earth. that jokes on you sweet cheeks, your sugar mama bought the last batch. i will be selling these pies for 5999 on ebay. are you can come here and fight before them. unless you are a cookie post. topic number four. if i were you, i'd be tweeting at me too. right is viewer mail, captain america start this off. makeup does not help you. [laughter] you have no idea. i show up looking like boris yeltsin. that's after the first round
8:56 pm
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>> nailed it. thanks for watching the best hour of your day. please subscribe to my podcast. fox news talking to aliens this week. it is so good. you are going to love it. as much as i love you. goodbye. ♪ >> we are digging deeper into the hunter biden story that is now much bigger than hunter biden lead on yesterday. it is now reportedly a criminal investigation involving potential money laundering and much more paired with us tonight on this and the other stories jim and joe along with tom, brent and ronald. republicans now demanding a special counsel to look into hunter biden and his family's business dealings overseas as senator chuck grassley and ron johnson already said their committees found potential "criminal dealmaking acros


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