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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 21, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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john sole mon and attorney phil klein among our guests. reminder follow lou on twitter @lou done and follow him on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. that's it. thanks for joi . kennedy: lookee here. hi welcome to it. i've got breaking news about the big coronavirus stimulus bill. after nine long months, a devote now scheduled for tonight. so who is going to help? individuals who need it or corporations that don't? that is coming up. can i ask a big favor? can you take tucker carlson out of my ear? thank you. first a highly infectious been coronavirus trade in the uk causing alarm on both sides of "the atlantic". we are told, i do 70% more contagious than the current virus. so should we be banning
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flights? or is there nothing to worry about? it depends on who you ask for at least 40 countries have already halted travel to and from the uk. new york governor andrew cuomo said the u.s. should consider doing the same thing. watch. >> why don't we act intelligently for a change? why don't we mandate testing before people get on a flight. or, halt the flights from the uk now. many other countries have done this. >>. kennedy: earlier today surgeon general jerome adams that is not that big of a deal. >> here's what is important for the american people to understand. and i always speak to people the way i would speak to my own family. viruses mutate. it is what they do. sars cove into which causes covenant teen has mutated dozens of times this year for the decimate is more dangerous, does not mean it's
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more contagious. the work of the w.h.o. work at the cdc, we are working with -- to figure out whether this new strain of virus is going to behave any differently. >> so who on gods green and golden urchin would listen to? as we all know the first wave of coronavirus came to the u.s. on planes from asia and europe. and, we all know how that turned out. more than 300,000 americans have died. and that number is growing for joining me tonight family and emergency medicine certified physician, medical director and fox news contributor dr. janette nesheiwat. welcome back to the show doctor. >> thanks kennedy. kennedy: i cannot hear you. >> you can't hear me? >> can hear me now? if i can hate you from these speaker in the heavens above with our lord baby jesus. hi dr. janette nesheiwat it's great to be here. >> is great to be here. kennedy: let's talk more about
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this for they are sounding alarm bells in the uk. the virus has apparently mutated to the point where 70% more contagious. stateside we are hearing that's really not something to be too concerned about. but in the uk they are talking not shutting everything down including christmas, what is your take? >> we need to pay attention, we need to monitor many to file the facts for let's look at the science and the data. what is assigned to data tell us? what we know so far it is not more very lens at which means is not more deadly but yes, it looks like it potentially spreads more easily from person-to-person which means meeting to continue wearing our masks and practice fissile distancing and avoid large crowds and social distancing. the goodness is it does not here to be more very early. that's important but does not appear to have an impact on the vaccine. meeting the vaccine will still work. but we have not with isaias and moderna is still effective against this strain of
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coronavirus. and all the other strains. this is not the person variants of covid-19. we have had several others variance occur, it's common comment that happens it's naturally expected. but we need to do now is continue to take precautions and monitor watch it closely. now we have a multiple variations in multiple strains that occur in all at once or occur quickly that is a concern. that is about we really need to look at maybe we need a new vaccine and the next year, tears, three years. i think now we are okay we just seem to be really careful and watch the strain very closely. kennedy: if you had your choice between the pfizer vaccine, the moderna vaccine and one that's coming down the pipe from johnson & johnson, which would you take? >> i will take whichever one comes first for they are all excellent vaccines. kennedy: but they're different. >> nil moderna pfizer very similar. johnson & johnson is a little different. so far we have moderna pfizer have high levels of safety,
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efficacy and quality. i mean 94.1% efficacy with moderna, 95% with pfizer, that is pretty darn right and very happy with that. and i don't think we need to get nitpicky with the details. this is a vaccine we do have time to wait for. we need it now because it's going to save lives for it we have over 3000 deaths a day. we have over 100,000 people who are hospitalized. thousands of americans right now it is getting worse. most will do not even have the option to choose right now print may be in six you will have the option. if you have the opportunity to get that things out you get it, for structure dr. about the risks and the benefits. and i would not delay. again fda approved, which goes through rigorous studies and trials with the best doctors and scientists we have in the world reviewing and allowing it to proceed to be given to the american public and to the
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world. and so i would not worry too much about which one is better. kennedy: i would i always want to get the best one. you have a choice and there are going to be minor differences or great differences in them. the johnson & johnson vaccine apparently you only need one ja jab. are you concerned about the lack of icu beds? and are hospitals able to recover and adapt from that? >> it's very tough right now, kennedy. hospitals are struggling for their some hospitals in california right now as we speak that have 0% capacity in their icu. nurses are stretched thin. respiratory texts, doctors, what is that me when hospitals are full? when it means is you do not have a nurse or doctor to take care of you. or a nurse for example the icu present to give to patients she sang care for five. you are not going to get the care you need and you're going to suffer in that manner. that's what's so important we do that now which is easy.
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where your mass, social distancing physical distancing. be careful at social gatherings and parties. and you know the holidays that are coming up. because right now the data that we have shows 75% almost a seven from the social gatherings in the mixing of the households. we have the control to control this virus from keep it from spreading it what her future holds. it's a matter of taking control. kennedy: the future, hopefully vaccines and personal responsibility will work in concert to fix this damn thing. because it has been too much too long, thank you dr. janette nesheiwat get to talk to us always. >> thank you kennedy you too. kennedy: it's been a tough year for helping to governor gavin newsom but 2021 might be even topper. the effort to recall the hypocritical politician as a state is heating up to struggle in the coronavirus crisis. and years of mismanagement. organizers of the movement are angry and have collected more than half of the 1.5 million
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petition signatures to place the recall on the ballot. former san francisco mayor willie brown said newsom has a reason to be worried. he wrote because there's a genuine chance recall to make the ballot. if that happens don't bet against someone well known jumping into try to replace newsom. even a democrat. while mike next gas at the governor should take the recall very seriously. in fact it was a driving force but tiny 2003 successful recall effort against then governor davis. here with me now he's on the top three congressmen on the show. as a republican elect then it's his freshman in that district, it is darrell issa walk back to the show. >> thanks ken it's good to be back. two years of rest and relaxation is too much for me. kennedy: but now you are very busy representing a district in a state that is an up evil. so i don't imagine that this recall effort stems mostly from gavin newsom's trip to
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the french laundry. this got to be other systemic problems. but isn't coronavirus and the fact that the state is completely overwhelmed? is that's what driving it? select the similarities between 2003 and today are just right down the line. in 2003 as you remember, the electricity is going out in california. now every hot day in the center because of the big green new deal that we have in california, we have rolling blackouts under so-called planned blackouts for the seal exactly the same as redoing in 2003. people cannot rely on electricity. we have a governor, and a tide in which people are suffering is calling for a tax increase because he doesn't want to cut his budget. and of course you have the hypocrisy of do as i say not as i do. you put that altogether in governor newsom is looking a lot more like gray davis then
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gray davis. kennedy: great davis was a horrible un- charismatic governor. he really badly mismanaged the state which has become a magnet for crappy governors. [laughter] but you put a good chunk of your fortune into the 2003 recall effort. will you just the same here? are you going to pony up? stomach i'm going to help raise the money. right now is about a million and a half letters going out to people in the state asking them to hand us 25 or $50.3 signatures for the recall. based on what we get into thousand three that should put us over the top. then the real question is will people come forward customer john coxey room before, kevin faulkner and others and put themselves out there as possible real alternatives to a failed governor. you can't beat somebody with nobody. we're going to have to have some and is competent, who has a track record and who quite
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frankly has the passion to reverse the wrong direction is actually causing people to leave this state in greater numbers and they are coming in. we are going to lose a congressional seat because of outmigration for the first time in over hundred 50 years. sue for that's absolute right or talk to him last week of the week before, congressman tom emmer mcclintock. he came very close to the governorship. he was beat out by arnold swanson the current 2003, unfortunately. you think mcclintock would be a good candidate for governor? smith book tom is a seasoned professional but is done a lot and learned a lot in the years since the recall. he has become a very competent congressman representing an area of california that really appreciates the work he has done. so he certainly would be a serious contender. kennedy: would you run? >> quite frankly newsom has a choice.
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change what he does or exactly like davis help us make the recall succeed. i was told people all along, great davis couldn't stop the recall any time by stopping the digging of a hole that was burying our state. right now newsom is still digging a hole. he's shutting down process at a rally to reopen el cajon one of the cities in my district. that fact is people are sick and tired for the not republicans are simply people cannot afford to have their lives shut down. especially their economic lives. kennedy: would you run? you would be governor of california? stomach you know i will support a candidate. i will help with the recall. and i will continue to tell my governor that it is never too late to stop digging a hole and save our states. and i think that is a little different roles than it was 17 years ago. but hopefully i am the sage that says you know what? i would rather save the state then worry about who the next
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governors. if newsom will change she can save his job. if he won't than ultimately he will be replaced. kennedy: could a republican elect of the governor of california in this climate? stomach absolutely. people pick the alternative to failure. that could be a democrat but clearly is more likely to be republican. kennedy: could be a progressive. congressman it's always great to talk to. best of luck mary christmas happy new year thank you. coming up, lawmakers tonight voting on a coronavirus stimulus bill with a 900 billion-dollar price tag. but with the people who need the help actually get it? my memo in the candy walked in the party panel up next. stay with us. this is andy, my schwab financial consultant. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk,
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kennedy: so congress is about to reach a deal on the coronavirus stimulus and the hope is this desperately needed lifeline most save those most affected by the lockdown. more likely it's an economic news that will strangle the economy through a naked corrupt cronyism. the march relief bill went mostly to larger businesses. many of them took the loans and tax reagan pitstop with the rest of the many companies like at&t, wells fargo and
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carnival user sweetheart fed loan to fluff themselves and their corporate suites all while laying off workers. so much for paycheck protection. a 20 billion-dollar canadian company called got a 54 million-dollar tax refund. how does that for licking your own lollipop? united natural food so the profits soar by $1 billion, get they get a fat 28 million-dollar handout from uncle sam. what did you get? a lube lip prostate exam for 30% of small businesses who asked did not even get a loan. and minority owned businesses only received 12% of their requested money. omni properties got between 30 and $70 billion. or million, they furloughed workers and cut off their healthcare. big government and healthcare havoc holy alliance that shocks smaller companies. the devil is always in the details for the problem is both major parties are in such
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a rush to spend your money they don't check the details and eliminate proper tools and protocols that would make sure the money was justly awarded. why are national chains awarded forgivable loans of $10 million apiece and there's relatively little risk they will go under. while local mom-and-pop shops shutter for good? because connected big pigs that's in themselves that the government trough and there's no reason to believe it will be significantly different in round two. sure, now that ppp goes to companies with newer than 300 employees as opposed to 500 the captive last time. but mark my words when government is involved to this degree, those who need it most will get it last. at least now you can write off what had a% of your three martini lunch and toast politicians who are drunk on power i just getting drunk yourself. and that is the memo. the first vote on this rescue bill expected within the hour. here's a live look at debate
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going on, on the house speaker floor right now. does it seemed like they've really been working that hard for nine months? or did they just scribble it on a bar napkin sometime last night? let's meet tonight's party panel. lgb for trump it is chris barron. along with recent editor at large and cohost of the award-winning fifth column podcast on its 50th year, matt welch forgot political analysts formal congressional press secretary rochelle ritchie is back. welcome everyone. >> hi kennedy. before chris i will start with you. this bill is 5593 pages. how on earth are we expected to know exactly what is in their? >> we are not and that is the whole purpose per defect is look we have industries that have been shut down by the government during covid. we ought to be doing something
8:21 pm
to assist those industries. the restaurant industry, the fitness industry, and those people got absolutely nothing out of this covid relief bill. meanwhile the airline industry that was struggling before because they had a bad business model is back for another handout. they get billions of dollars. it's absolutely unbelievable to me that we have industries that are being physically barred from doing their job. they're not asking for a handou handout. restaurants are not asking for handout because there business sucks it's because governors will shut them down not allowing them to make money. they have no choice but to look for the federal government. in some of the federal government doing his job it will instead reword the airlines have been passing around money and deceives for decades and a flight of high powered lobbyist doing their bidding. this is the worst? you brought up a good point. airlines are still flying, gyms are completely closed down. and matt come once again like
8:22 pm
the most powerful of these big businesses, they are the ones who reap the benefits. so the president at one point claims epp was going to say 50 million jobs. it saved 2.3 million jobs the first couple of months but that's a significantly lower number. what other items are in here that give you pause? spin" we are going to build a new museum for a latino i think on the national mall for some language in there about the dalai lama because nothing says stimulus like the dalai lama. [laughter] were going to go against streaming, crackdown. no one's seen this ability impossible to read it it's that rare case when justin mosh and aoc are singing the same tune and they are in harmony incorrect on this pretty should not pass a bill you have not read. for going to try to help americans at here's an idea pretty going to spend money you don't have which is what
8:23 pm
they're doing right now. the skies the limit, okay, if this was the case for this bill we would all every single american, man woman and child get a check for $200,700. they'll be pretty sweet right now. instead, some of us might get a check for 600. we've already spent $3 trillion in march and april of this year. we forget about that? the largest stimulus in american history. no big deal. that would've been $9000 to all of us. the jew feel $9000 richer after all that? >> though be great this time of your man own mercy. what i could do with nine large. >> this is exactly everything is wrong with washington right now. everything last minute nobody reads it it's negotiated by leadership you couldn't not offer single amendment or anything like this. in a ghostly fatcat rich who write in the good corporations the right diesel provisions that no one has a chance to look at. meanwhile americans continue to get screwed.
8:24 pm
it should be voted down like the bailout was initially voted down in congress in 2008 by people who had a spine back then. they should do that now. >> shout out to frederick douglass and camille 2020 in your background i appreciate that very much. -when should bide and read it right now. so, rochelle. nancy pelosi caved on a lot of the stuff. so why don't they do a better job of making sure the money goes where it needs to go. instead of giving it to national chains that are at least in give it to the tiniest of businesses with the smallest voices who have had to lay off their employees? >> you know kennedy or absolutely right just another example of failed leadership and failed government paid the fact it is taken this long to even get to this point on they were doing absolutely nothing
8:25 pm
to bring forward a bill that would actually help the american people is really sad. that's really on both sides. we are talking $600 that's what about a hundred $50 a week? imagine i think the first stimulus check went out in april if i'm not mistaken. you are talking $150 per month basically. that is ridiculous. so when you talk about these companies that are getting these tax refunds and bailing out the airlines, i thought we were not supposed be traveling anyway. joe the airlines getting bailed out this is really amazing. it's a slap in the face. at this point i have no confidence in the american people. i will cite the great they're going to increase to 18% when you're talking 5000 pages come on. no was going to read it. submit can you imagine what else is in there? this is so irresponsible place to back the dalai lama what's going on? >> maybe the llama can doing mine melt figure out what's in there and break it down for so
8:26 pm
what else is going to be able to breed the panels going to stick around. much more them, documents showing just how far the chinese communist because of went to censor bad news about the coronavirus. is this a smoking gun the rest of the world has long suspected? also pretty much every day we will learn something shady about hunter biden purred so why won't attorney general bill barr launched another investigation? his words, your thoughts, that is next. neighbor 1: allez! (sound from wind chimes) neighbor 2: (laughing) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save even more. neighbor 2: hey, sarah, hey, peter! neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to
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kennedy: is hunter biden's out of the woods hunting rabbits? or is it of the show about to drop on his face? attorney general bill barr said he doesn't think there needs to be special counsel to investigate the president-elect sun. but come wednesday bill barr would not be attorney general anymore pizza how about them apples. the united states office in delhi was like a fine job looking into hunter's taxes and dealings and monday laundry and corruption with china. it's an investigation that's been underway since 2018. but hunter and the rest just found out a few weeks ago. ag barr announced his resignation last week and is due to be replaced by deputy attorney general jeffrey james rosen. but my finger. james rosen has refused to answer whether he will appoint a special counsel to look into hunter's shady dealings. so when it comes to be investigate by the spell still
8:31 pm
counsel, is hunter about to become the hunted? let's get into it once you go tonight's party panel, chris barron, matt welch, and rochelle ritchie. i think there's some weird stuff going on but i admit i have special counsel fatigue. what is a body to do? >> quick correction it's not china's red china if we could thank you. i know you want to be reminded of that. the thing is, special counsel is not like some big red button on the console you pressman your mad. like it exists for a reason. that reason isn't just that i think this person is a corrupt sleaze bucket. which i think everybody outside the immediate biden family, maybe some people within it would agree to that. it is when there are a series of overlapping conflict of interest that believe the normal channels for investigate and separates corrupted and somewhere can't be trusted. so when the president fires
8:32 pm
the fbi director over an investigation that's happening in the fbi, regardless of what you think about that investigation you can understand why of all things that we've got to get special counsel involved part of what you're asking and attorney general in the pocket of the president which is happened in the last several presidencies, maybe special the clinton presidency. they can't be trusted, that's what you use that for pretty don't use it for when you have an attorney general who has historically been pretty friendly with the president as this outgoing one has up until the last couple of weeks. just to investigate someone who's coming the incoming president but it does not make sense on that level. there's an investigation ongoing for there's no reason to believe that investigation has been tainted. kennedy: i agree with you there. i don't think we should act like president-elect biden has already fired the u.s. attorney general in delaware. rochelle, that leads to the natural question, is joe biden as president capable of having
8:33 pm
an investigation into his son? >> yes i mean from pat investigation into his entire family. i don't see why this can't happen with joe biden. like you, i've special counsel fatigue. i don't give any credit to attorney general barr. i mean he is doing the same thing, he's at his last few days of the trump administration. and now he was to come out and act as if he has really been protecting the constitution and upholding the law all the time. we know that is not true. this is the same man that said in article two of the constitution trump is at power over all agencies which means that he could have overseen his own investigation into himself. i mean this is just smoke and mirrors for it i'm over it, i'm ready for him to go. the thing is, there's something there there's evidence there fight investigated. if not move on. >> can't stop won't stop, chris barron last word. >> look, i disagree with the
8:34 pm
last about attorney general. i think he should get it kudos for this but look we have a special counsel that was appointed in the beginnings of how the russia probe came about. think that was appropriate. i don't think the president needs to leave office with a slew of special councils than the democrats will just say ignore all of this, it was all political part at the end of the day we need to find out what happened with the russian probert we need to know how politicized the fbi, state department and justice department were under obama. and we need to know what happens. if we have a slew of special counsel out there it's going to be easy to write all them off. i am not for any more special counsel. focus on the russia probe and how it started. nietzsche into the bottom of this. kennedy: so the problem is when you have too many specials, no one is special. going to the panel just a little bit. but now a disturbing report shows just exactly how chinese
8:35 pm
communist, red chinese party officials all the way down to local goons controlled and censored the spread of information about covid and the crucial early months of the outbreak. thousands of documents obtained by hackers show propaganda workers told to delete articles with vital information. online trolls pay to overwhelm social media with communist talking points and instructions on how to delete videos about an outspoken wuhan doctor that eventually succumb to covid of bebo. so how different with that rest of 2020 had been at the chinese communist party had told the truth in january and february? during media's recent editor and host of the recent interview podcast the one and only niclas. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. you know, i worry that news is being directed and molded the weight is in china. that is a bad thing. so you have a lot of people
8:36 pm
here who are willing to protect politicians who happen to be journalists. and in china an order for the collective to save face, they withheld critical information and criticism. and that turned out to be deadly global pandemic. kennedy: yeah it's not good. before we get into the province with the chinese comet's party let's say thank you to hackers. they are kind of an ill repute now. there against edward snowden, they are against reality winner, they are against is going to be having an extradition in january. hackers help make this happen. they are forcing transparency on corporations, and especially on governments that don't one it's. good on them and good for them. we wish we had this information earlier. what is happening in china is completely predictable. it's utterly contemptible.
8:37 pm
what needs to happen is more and more lights, more and more hacks, more pressure has to part of the chinese government to come clean as news happens. it's going to be a long process but when they liberalize their economy in the 80s, they put themselves on a path where the increased economic output. people get richer, people are going to be demanding more from political rights and civil rights and things like that. it's taking too long to get there in china. why is it taking so long customer can make it excellent point economic freedom is tied it's inextricably linked to cultural freedom. so why is it taking so long for what should be a natural cultural if not uprising, something that should file the economic success that the growing middle classes had in china. >> milton freedman talked about his series free to choose in 1980. basically throughout the course of the 80s, it looked
8:38 pm
like that script is playing out. china liberalize its economy, people got wealthier started demanding more from, you want the freedom to spend the money you have now on whatever you want. to live however you want. what happened, the chinese government rolled back certain kinds of civil liberties and cultural liberties that were starting to take place. they're very good at two things. one is surveilling their people, on the other is giving them an increase. constantly increasing standard of living. china was so poor that they have a lot of room to go before people really start pushing back per your arty seeing that producing that in hong kong which is not quite china proper. but it's very important for the rest of the country but even if official channels are not showing hong kong protesters seeing like a jimmy lai the clothier, and media who is put his body on the line. it's happening in china. the question is, what do we do from outside of china to help
8:39 pm
push it along? i think that is where we need, first to model what we want. the kind of transparency, the openness of our government. our government and our immediate lies to us all the time but we need to get that straight. then we need to do everything we can to push china, the chinese government to loosen up as well as to empower individual people. they are doing it. china built the great firewall of china back 30 years and they're trying to wall out the internet. people using vpn, bitcoin crypto currency they're using all sorts of workarounds. we got to feed that. kennedy: all right nick gillespie, spewing hot freedom in making sense. it's going i want more. nick gillespie think you'll talk to you soon. kennedy: coming up americans are being less sensitive than usual this holiday season. want to know how to lift your sagging spirits? i will be your emotional brawl.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: welcome back. maybe christmastime but americans are not seeing a lot of joy in the world. or wishing joy to the world. a new poll says 22% of americans are feeling extremely festive this christmas.
8:44 pm
sm 7% say they feel especially generous. down from 52% last. you are not alone if you are having a crab christmas. is there anything that we can do to make the final days of 2020 a little bit more merry and bright? the party panel is back with the holy spirit in the holiday spirit just got difficult. chris barron, matt welch and rochelle ritchie. my girls and we promise we would have two months of christmas because this year has sucked so bad. we have done it. i have to say this is the most festive christmas we've had a few few years, what about you? steve read to you not alone. we put up our christmas tree and christmas decorations before thanksgiving. we've been listening to christmas music every single day since thanksgiving. and we been watching classic christmas movies almost every night. last night was gremlin forgets it's a christmas music and a classic. it has been phenomenal.
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look i'm going to be just as happy and 2020 as everyone else but we should go out they bang. this is the time to hang up extralight stomach go total griswold, get the eggnog from suburban let's do it. kennedy: matt welch, for people who can be generous, if you are employed be generous. tip people ask her, give them casper listen to my podcast on spotify apples can to save the world i talk all about the wonderful things that you can give this christmas if you don't have a bunch of money. that's important. >> yes. in a time we are all hunkering down, those of us who are fortunate to not have been fired this year, cannot spend whatever money we have, we can't visit our family. make more beautiful things with your family. i would highly recommend, candy and a you done this is part of your festivities, teacher kids how to make you cocktails. [laughter] everyone benefits from the
8:46 pm
creativity. mom and dad feel a lot better. [laughter] and the kids have the pride of working with their hands to make something great. it's all about spreading more joy in this world of ours. [laughter] [laughter] 's before that's really beautifully said. tiny artisans there, how many chiggers of bourbon in the knob? take it home rochelle. >> i think people also to get themselves some grace this holiday season. a lot of people lost their jobs, a lot of people of lost love ones including myself. you have to give yourself some grace and allow yourself to be disappointed. it's okay to be upset. think there's too much pressure on people to be happy when they want to feel sad. so feel it but don't do well at it. have your moment, ride the wave is what i call it. and then get back out there and continue to live that's all we could do. >> beautifully said. extend that grace to yourself and to others. chris, matt, richelle absent club did the segment together think it's much i appreciate
8:47 pm
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8:51 pm
been poisoned through his underpants. i had no idea they had taco bell in siberia. [laughter] that's what i call teargas, this is the topical storm. topic number one, the coronavirus vaccine hit some rough patches this weekend. [laughter] and not talk about vice president pence hairy arms. a nurse in tennessee raise some eyebrows and lowered some blood pressure and she fainted on live television lesson 20 minutes after taking the pfizer vaccine. a lot of women are swooning for doctor frank g. it addition to having coronavirus they may have found the cure for insomnia. i haven't seen a nurse been like that since lou dobbs bachelor party is that nurse. despite what you would think this is not hurt the demand for the pfizer vaccine per defect the company just received its largest order ever from the prison cell of bill cosby. you be glad to know this nurse
8:52 pm
made a quick recovery and explain the episode and it had nothing to do the vaccine itself. like all of our healthcare worker salty pandemics you simply exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tik tok dances she has had to learn. topic number two. a group of pacific islanders had their ship come in when a ghost about carrying $80 million worth of narcotics washed up on the shores of the marshall islands. if you are wondering where the marshall islands are, it is where johnny depp just booked his next vacation. witnesses say a vote washed ashore in the small republic caring no passengers and hundreds of bags of cocaine for the islanders called the police and after two and half hours of talk about their favorite movies they said they had a vote full of drugs without some authority set up and confiscated an extra 1500 pounds of cocaine. they brought then brought the full 1200 pounds back to the station where they log the
8:53 pm
entire 900 pounds into evidence before incinerating all of the 500 pounds of coca. authorities believe the ship may have been at sea for a year or two part which is in a normal amount of time to drift aimlessly would have unlimited cocaine. just ask hunter biden and the big guy. topic number three. it is much monday. and tonight's, we have a shifty one. a serial carjack or was caught after abandoning a vehicle just 100 feet from where he stole it. because he could not drive a stick shift. what is the? seventeen? nothing about this guy's clutch parade where is he? their areas. 23-year-old joshua johnson, what a handsome devil, accused of carjacking three different rideshare drivers at gunpoint. in one case he also bashed an uber driver over the head with a flashlight. alisa driver got to see five
8:54 pm
stars. the crime spree at the end of the redwood encountered it rideshare rideshare driver with a manual transmission. lycée joshua tried to force the driver to teach them to drive a stick at gunpoint. should've thought about that with my dad after giving him a brief lesson the driver ran away and call for help. johnson tried to speed away,. [laughter] but the shifted gears and fled on foot when the car stalled. i should have paid attention, at getaway driver said. topic number four. the federal judge has ordered to michigan parents to pay their adult son for the value of his pornography and toy collection after they threw it out before he was finished with it. although technically he had finished with that about 62000 times. according to the court filing after divorcing his wife, 42-year-old david working moved in with his parents when
8:55 pm
brought his pouring collection with him. including 428 vhs tapes and 1600 dvds. and you better believe he's watch the first 40 seconds of all of them. the inventory also quoted dozens of toys that david claimed were never used but although those things lose a lot of value when you carry them off the lot. and even more if you don't carry them with your hands. [laughter] i was just doing some jumping jacks. [laughter] [inaudible] after david moved out of his parents house, they apparently tossed his entire collection in the garbage, prompting him to sue them for its value which she claimed was $25000. i guess that is why they call it a money shot folks. federal judge agree with david and other tables turned and parents are the ones in the whole. don't worry mrs. and
8:56 pm
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thank you so much. it you can below me on twitter and instagram. e-mail me, tomorrow night, and good night. will finally, government checks were individuals and small businesses looking to be on the way as congress finally gets ready to vote in a covid-19 relief deal. after months of deadlocked. the house could begin debate on the bill in less than an hour . this as the first doses of mederna vaccine arrived at facilities nationwide today. while scientists are now concerned over new mutant straight of the coronavirus detected on the uk that appears to be even more contagious. it is six flights are still arriving every day in new york city from london despite the uk an


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