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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 21, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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thank you so much. it you can below me on twitter and instagram. e-mail me, tomorrow night, and good night. will finally, government checks were individuals and small businesses looking to be on the way as congress finally gets ready to vote in a covid-19 relief deal. after months of deadlocked. the house could begin debate on the bill in less than an hour . this as the first doses of mederna vaccine arrived at facilities nationwide today. while scientists are now concerned over new mutant straight of the coronavirus detected on the uk that appears to be even more contagious. it is six flights are still arriving every day in new york city from london despite the uk and cut off by 32 other nations
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. with us tonight congressman tom reed and former california republican party chair, and former acting attorney general matthew, weaker and counsel, can start along with china expert michael pillsbury and david webb and la county deputy d.a. jon . ross of any get the georgia run also part of the reason the coronavirus relief deal is getting done. if also tonight new questions about the fate and hundred biden probe is the incoming white house press secretary said the president elect joe biden will not discuss the investigation into his son hunter with any potential nominee for attorney general. will the probe get swept under the rug once biden takes office. and we will show you biden once again dodging questions about his son. plus another, top republican in the house until committee is calling for a new criminal referral to investigate why the fda the doj failed to turn over
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text messages to congress from former fbi agent peter struck earlier as of this text would've been keep for republicans investigations of the russia probe. also house minority leader kevin mccartney demanding the democratic eric be kicked off the house until committee first ties to a suspected chinese front. i'm in for elisabeth mcdonald, the evening and it starts right now. david: a new mutated strain of covid-19 is spreading fast in the uk as congress is finally after weeks of tense negotiations of the vote on a new covid-19 relief package. in this one includes a new round of stimulus checks for any americans jobless aid for small businesses and ppe small business loans as well.
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there's and a majority leader, mitch mcconnell and all of this watch. >> thanks to the particular leadership and direction of president trump and secretary minutia and households will receive a second round of direct relief checks . $600 per adult. and per child. and this is just some of the exit we will be getting americans way in a matter of hours. note sprawling left-wing's wish list and no unconstrained bailouts for state and local government and with no connection to covid-19, just smart and targeted and bipartisan policies. listen republicans have been recommending since the summer. david: joining me now to discuss all of this is republican, read on housed waves and means committee . cumbersome and thank you for joining us. sounds like is a classic is mr. mcconnell was saying, is just a classic deal in congress.
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as a compromise with republicans get some things, and they got to take out this state aid for problems simply states have been in since before covid-19. on the other hand to democrats took on the part that ends liability. the covid-19 liability for small businesses. so everybody give a little. wife couldn't this kind of classic compromise have been done before the election. tom: hi ruth you. this commitment done easily before the election. it is frustrating. at the appointed time, they were putting politics first and they were worried about giving in my opinion, the president trump and win. and maybe thinking that that would sway the election one way or the other. sue and forgive me but let me just put a fine point on the screen of what your saying is that nancy pelosi purposely withheld the compromise because she wanted to make americans suffer so they would vote for biden during the election. tom: will titillate and today we are celebrating.
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this should've been done before the election. i will let the speaker, answer for those questions. and i agree with the sentiment. it's a shame that we had to wait this long to get this relief. but i'm an optimist i was look at the good. and today we have $900 billion that will be moving out of this town and we were able to do it in the smart targeted way as mitch mcconnell says and also did it in a way where we repurposed approximate $500 billion in regards to the money that was already in the treasury it already appropriated. so other than wicket for the money, let's reprogram it. so that we don't have wasted. david: silliman just getting clear, they had received in the first covid-19 package the fed had received about 41,209,000,000,000 if i'm not mistaken of funds used for emergency loans and some of it was sent out but they had 41,209,000,000,000 left over. that has been agreed to be
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repurposed as part of this $900 billion package. tom: and cracked about a hundred $30 billion in the paycheck projected and to protect money from them . so rather than waste those dollars, his hard-working american taxpayer dollars . we put it to our needed to go over into small businesses and to people that are suffering with us direct stimulus checks and also making sure is things like the vaccine are distributed it. that is the ultimate solution to this crisis print is getting the vaccine distributed so that we can make covid-19 a thing of history. david: and small business loan package, does that forgive the laws that we have. a lot of these businesses they come outside to get a loan when i needed it so i can keep my business open. but now we have new lockdowns. i cannot reopen the business to pay back the loans. for those loans be forgiven now. as part of this new relief package . tom: absolutely, following the original paycheck protection program issue. anywhere any people talk about the attacks in the original paycheck protection program. the money and we made it very clear. this money will not be tax . as
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well as this new program it will not be subject to taxation. as a people who were worried about the textile are not going to have that tax deductibility. we fought very hard for this. and working together, we were able to make sure the small businesses and individuals were not going to pay a tax bill. on paycheck protection money. david: whenever you have this kind of money going out of washington, there's always the poor it concerns a lot of people. one thing that i have looked at with suspicion was $20 billion for newspapers, tv and radio. and as you know there are billionaires who own tv stations, who own newspapers. i'm just wondering if this is going to lead to a bailout for jeff pesos. tom: a legitimate concern when you have a bill of this magnitude. but what we really try to do and being involved in this in a bipartisan way with those group of senators. group of strong people.
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we wanted to target relief quite enough to this point because questions. but the bottom line is, those new newspapers employ a lot of people. we want to make sure those peoples saying avoid . david: , is been very quickly as you all know there's a new strain of this virus that is closing down the uk to a lot of countries around europe. we still have flights coming into new york and i am sure there is some going elsewhere in the united states from london. should those flights be shut down because of this new strain of the covid-19 virus. tom: is concerning. my hope is that health officials will make that call magazine because any threat with a new strain of the covid-19 virus need to be nipped in the bud just like president trump's shut down the flights to china we should be considering that. david: merry christmas to you and happy new year. tom: merry christmas . david: the markets were down most of the day due to this concerns we were just talking about. the new covid-19 strain in the uk. but even if this new strain does not spread here, we will trigger happy politicians demand new
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even harsher lockdowns like they have now in illinois, california and michigan in new york, you name it. they're all blue states. here is former california republican party chair, tom. nobody is seen it more of these lockdowns the any say go far beyond what is necessary than the californians. is this new strain of the virus, do you think going to trigger more of these lockdowns . tom: and joe biden if he gets morning and will be doing the same. in all of that uncertainty, it's the enemy of good economics. that leads people to hold back on investments. it tells restaurant owners that they may not be able to make it. we have state of new lawsuits out here in california. pursuing gavin newsom saying that feeding people, the restaurants should be essential. david: is a getting anywhere. the are these losses getting anywhere. tom: in any ways yes . we are
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sending out, sitting out of a 1.5 million tensions. we past the 850,000 mark. these losses are being filed. because remember david o'malley admitted that they do not have scientific proof that outdoor dining causes a problem. and so yes, there are places that is making a difference. david: you're always hearing from democrats for the little guy. they it's the republicans that represent the big corporations. but here's the dirty little secret to these lockdowns. they are killing the little guys with the big guys, these silicon valley high-tech firms are making out like bandits in the situation. no fault to them. the fact that they're making a lot of money. but there is a 26 million-dollar tax windfall that is coming from silicon valley in terms of the extra money that they been making. money that is going to california.
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so while they are really putting the screws to the small businesses, any of whom are going out of business, the big companies of the high-tech firms are doing fine with all of this. tom: keep in mind, i'm a small business attorney. and i have talked to clients last three or four weeks about what we do. do i go out of business. what do i do about my lease. do i have to go through the math. and at worst off staying in business or just going under. and as far as the little guy, you ended on your first guest on the $600. for each person or whatever. why didn't that happen in june. six months later, if you care and little guy, why did you withhold all the money. and hypocrisy that you seep. this is why people are so frustrated with washington and is reaching new heights . david: with the guy was been couldn't directly but i did. the key is that the democrats wanted americans to suffer more so they can with the blame on the current president. in order to win the election. that is what that was all about. that is my own opinion. but i think it.
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kentom: i second your motion. david: good luck in california. it is going to be a tough letter for you guys for all of us with particular for all of you . the future direction of the united states hanging in the balance of the upcoming george's senate runoffs . the vice president-elect, harris, and into that state to campaign today and former acting at tintern general matthew whitaker with his state on the high-stakes. >> the democratic party is not your grandparents democratic party. this is the democratic party that believes you, they believe that you defund the police and stop taking care of those who serve us. they believe that socialism is a new way of life for unit and they think that you should put your lives in your healthcare in the god hands of government.
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david with your help, with your help, your voice, and >> with your help in your voice, and your vote. georgia, will save america. what we did in november, we can do again because it comes from very deep place inside of us.
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understanding, this is not about it gesture. this is about our lives. david: is about the future of america. that was ivanka trump and kamala harris today and republicans and democrats campaign for the senate candidates. ahead of the january 5th runoffs previous welcome former acting attorney general matthew whitaker . thank you for coming and for unit i heard optimistic reports from republicans by carl for example on "fox news" suggesting based on the 1.5 million early voters, there is some reason to be optimistic if you're republican party to be sure that you . mathew: let's remember the georgia has traditionally been a red state. in another we saw some and ended up not being that way for the presidential election . but bltimately i think the georgia republicans are going to vote
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for both of these well-qualified candidates and send them back to the senate targeted lesser self that this voting and irregularities that we saw in november 5th, fixed. by the state officials and so we have a clean election. david: hate to say it. but i think it's unlikely that we can't . people are still arguing about the 1960 election. in our reasons to argue. legitimate reasons to argue about 1960 and 2020. we have to be clear about that. and some will probably be resolved years from now and without cloud, dark cloud hanging over a lot of republicans who voted for donald trump or delay the state of georgia, will that prevent some of them from going out on election day in voting for their candidate. mathew: i i don't think so. understand the president is going back before the election. and so i think that will, second time that is been in georgia and
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is been down there several times. i think that ultimately, the trump voters in georgia will vote for these two well-qualified senators. i do think there's going to be any problem of the trump nation singing home in georgia. david: just want to put another . over the focus too much in the weeds here. the total male inn voting talkig with the pre- voting it's going to come in at 569,504. the total in person early those are about 900,000. this one adds up to about 1.5 million . the fact that you have about twice as any in person votes the melon votes, that is i believe way some republicans are saying that it is good for republicans. would you agree. matthew: nobody told me that would be math involved today. but that being said, i think that he's a smart political mind. know that the ground again for both leffler and purdue very strong. theyno are not being worse, the
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making but her contact, there's no doubt that the republicans in georgia and those that trend to republicans are being activated. they will show up for unit and omere's reason to be cautiously optimistic. david: met, a vital question. this concerns something that i will be talking to ken about the next section is located since you are acting attorney general, deciding not to appoint special prosecutors investigator for either the biden affair for what happened in the elections. to think that was the right decision. matthew: it requires a conflict and also need to be in the public interest. obviously bill bar does not think that standard is triggered by however i will tell you in order to ensure that those investigations continue to their natural conclusion i think that ultimately special counsel need
9:21 pm
to be into place. to ensure that. david: we have to remember that one was appointed by the previous, the first attorney general donald trump. so it's conceivable that could happen. but we will have to wait and see. a pleasure to see you matthew whitaker. thank you for being here. and coming up next to biden once, dodging a question about his son hunter is for business dealings. it's aor white are more reportes asking that same very simple and logical question. former independent counsel ken starr with his reaction next. [ engine revs ] ♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right?
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david: is a question were around the biden families older business dealings, attorney general bill barr, said he will not pursue the case. watch for unit. >> i think to the extent there's an investigation, i think that is being handled professionally and currently with in this department into this point i'men not seen reason to point special counsel. i have no plan to do so before i
9:26 pm
leave. david: in joining me now, very person to talk about all of this . formerr independent counsel kn starr. ken, you're more than familiar with the role of the independent counsel . have you seen enough evidence coming out of the hunter biden laptop in all of those e-mail exchanges and eyewitnesses like the former business partner. toward a special prosecutor. ken: limited david, the evidence is very serious. t seems to be. this is a very serious case. the williaml barr is an honest to goodness, he calls them as he sees them. we can agree or disagree. at this time, know this keywords, at this time to point special counsel. attorney general bart has great confidence in theal integrity of the justice department that something will happen on januar. if as we expect for the vice
9:27 pm
president biden becomes the president elect virtue of the action of the congress and re- viewing of the electoral college results . at that point, my judgment, conflict of interest is now going to exasperated it does. not exist right now. you may exist for the acting attorney general. sue and because now, you don't have ati biden administration ad power. and as you say, weas will know that the second week of january. but according to the biden people, the spokesperson for mrt the fact that he will not interfere in any particular investigation. on a plate for sound bite from your reaction. >> no decision has been made who we he will not know me to be the attorney general. that person will overseeing independent debarment. he will not be discussing an investigation of his son with
9:28 pm
any attorney general candidate . olll not be discussing it with anyone is considering for the role. and he will not be discussing it with a fruit and future attorney general. david: here's a former vice president who felt so close to his son hunter that he was willing to have the appearance of conflict of interest by having them on air force to fly to china andna fly to ukraine ad have ascended off and immediately deals, million-dollar deals. if he did not see that is conflict of interest. i really wonder if he's going to create huge barrier between him and the justice department. over and investigations to hunter. ken: we will check only because he's made a very firm spokesperson, the very firm freedom not going together. no conversations whatsoever. that means the attorney general, whoever that is. have a special counsel has not been invited by the time come that will be the first decision.
9:29 pm
i think the special counsel regulations will cry outha at te time. sorry mr. attorney general, guess what you get to do . good to appoint special counsel to investigate the hunter biden matter which is clearly going to touch on the president at least as a witness. nothing is a subject may not sing his attorney but at least it is a witness. david: you have to trust the president to keep his hands off an investigation into his son. when wai way was vice president, helm had no qualms about appearances, real appearances, conflict of interest. ken: he may turn over a new plea. the appearance . david: forgive me. ken: will be better turn over a new leaf. because the special counsel regulations are absolutely fitted for this kind of situation where there is a conflict or appearance of
9:30 pm
conflict. and i think both exist here. be. david: one sign is that he's not turnover new leaf isll his unwillingness to address specific questions. a lot of that is the fault of the media. we have one reporter, "fox news" reporter peter who was willing to have a question. let me just roll of tape of that means reaction. >> hunter biden commit a crime duty. have you spoken to your son mr. president-elect targeted are ngu confident your son hunter did nothing wrong. >> i am confident targeted. >> special counsel. [inaudible]. david: i don't see any new leaves there to you. ken:n: now blood is thicker than water. so don't think going to have a confession. by the vice president biden. to be as hunter did some really wrong things. his rightly under investigation. so course, were not going to get
9:31 pm
an admission from him. but he is his relationship with the attorney general who are there will be in is that a relationship of integrity. or is that it is a will be compromised early on. the jury is out . david: quickly on another subject. it congressman devon former head of the intel committee with no republicans on house. calling for a criminal investigation over the fbi in the doj withholding some text messages from peter struck in between other people at the fbi in the doj. this could've really revealed the details of the whole russian hoax before we all realized it was a hoax. we plate soundbite from the congress men and get your reaction. >> these are kind of the text messages that we've all been waiting for. we knew probably existed. give us the hard evidence that are investigation really needed
9:32 pm
several years ago. we know the fbi is lying to congress. should there be a criminal investigation. ken: just based on what the chairman said, there has to be investigation. may very well be that is to be read quickly by the office of professional responsibility which has complete integrity. total integrity. then to make the determination and refer it to the criminal division. but there clearly needs to be an investigation because it seriously to withhold information from congress . and might constitute a crime namely .nstruction of congress . david: what a pleasure to see you again ken starr . and merry christmas to you. ken: and merry christmas to you david: coming up, kevin mccarthy demanding eric swallow be kicked off the house intel committee for his size to a suspected chinese spy.
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david: house minority leader kevin mccarthy must eric swallow off the house intel committee. over swallow else ties to a suspected chinese spy. roll the tape . >> the intel committee is different than any of the committee. this is where america secrets are kept. this is where the individuals are able to see things that others are not. one answer that i got out of the everything was there is no way eric swallow should continue to serve on the committee. >> avoiding can requested everything a member of the house
9:38 pm
intelligence committee's seat exact same thing briefing that i did. because this individual sins committee got to know the background of what is going on. david: and are there others that's a question i would bring up with hudson institute director chinese strategy and author of the hundred year earth on . soon the whole book while tiny and how the chinese influence american politics. it is called the 100 year marathon. michael pillsbury pleasuremi dysuria. knowing the chinese agents have their masters in beijing operates, do you think that he is irredeemably compromised. >> i agree with kevin mccarthy that the numbers of the house intelligence committee should get this one hour briefing. exactly what happened. the fbi could've been trapped and instead of being warned off,
9:39 pm
he could've been arrested and prosecuted. so that's a very lucky ricky god. we just don't know what it entails . with this one hour briefing might be. it's obviously seery enough that he's having a class now with nancy pelosi. why did she do this and appoint such a junior member of congress to such an important bowsprit usually discretion and prudence is required of all the members. it's assumed that justt because they were electedhe that gives them access to secrets if there on that committee. david: is a very select committee. it usually point people have years of express andis for poliy the sky had zero experience at all in dealing with intel material, how people gather things and certainly nobody should not be doing the least me to question and ask you, how cody in just a second term with no experience get on this committee. he couldne the chinese have
9:40 pm
influenced his ability to get on the committee somehow. >> attorneys overall strategy for influencing american politics in congress is to focus on getting people early. so that they think the right thing about china and then testing them as a threat and cultivate them over any any years. so that it is possible i don't know. i've not had the fbi reasoning but as possible that he was directed or suggested to him by the chinese they can help to be in that committee. it is a strange assignment . somberly involved in his career to this kindh of thing. it's it's a mystery by nancy pelosi chose to do this. now she needs his votes for speaker. it would be a close vote perhaps more cautiously, he could resigned from the committee after the election of nancy pelosi as speaker. the one you know that there have been other age men and in ages.
9:41 pm
senator feinstein is the best example of that . and of course he was briefed once u.s. government found out about it. it was hard intel find out about it. but could there be others have any other delivery in the u.s. congress. >> there can be others. i think thereri are two separate categories of influence, the chinese strategy. one is classic apps you not getting people to sell cigarettes . that is a criminal offense, 20 years in prison. the other is much more ambiguous. as to be an influence agent to help china and i various ways, give them tips and especially to block legislation. the might hurt china. there's quite a few bills of the senators and house members have introduced to take extra measures against china. and hold them accountable for the virus for example. people like eric and others, they can block that kind legislation . and it's equally
9:42 pm
important to be good influence agent versus to be a spike in basic chance of 20 years in prison. if you're caught. sue and in theda question of courses on the chinese give for that help that they would precede by congressman and we now have as a president-elect, a man whose son is entire family is actually benefited from a reciprocal gift by either the ukrainians for the chineseeg . t specifically with our to the chinese necessity quick michael. dohe they believe that american foreign policy be bought . >> i think they do david. and i think their technique and sort very well is to seek out people who already are in a dirt of china. people think china is a friendly country. i think work on them. ngt going to sit down with you or maria to recruit. thead going to see somebody was already ready and they're talking about how china is a wonderful place. in the recruit them. suet is extraordinary and is going on at least some of this
9:43 pm
is getting out now. i just wonder whether the cat will go back on with the next administration. michael, great to see you. and thank you very much for being here. well it's the fourth time in less than two weeks the charlotte area police officer has been taught on duty. of the officers have died. one of the officers chief of police calls the violence against law enforcement insane. fox news contributor david webb withouthe in the continuing push to defund the police. to support a strong immune system,
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david: in charlotte, north carolina, four officers were shot in the line of duty in about a week. two of them wereis killed. let's listen to kings mountain police chief, the proctor speak about her fellow officers in the mission to serve the community despite all of the danger. roll the tape. >> there's hundreds of thousands
9:48 pm
of us every day they put themselves in danger . we don't do this on for glory . but this on because we have a passion for the people in the communities that we served . we don't do it for the pay period any of us they could go home and retire or choose to go do another profession. butt this is the god calling on her life to serve and honor those people. and for this thousands they go to work everyday to do the right thing, and integrity, i'm here to stand up for you. and setting up for the officers. sue and with me now is the host of the david webb showed with fox news contributor david. great to see rated you listen to the police chief david and you wonder how in the can they recruit any police officers anymore and that city in the country. webb: when you hear the pain in
9:49 pm
her voice anded i am reminded ai listen, just a few days ago was a tragic anniversary of the attacks in their police car in new york city.s this is been years in the making. we have seen a concerted effort to destroy law enforcement in thisho country by those who clam to be elected leaders. their elected officials. the etiology that is dangerous to ourur communities. because that without law enforcement, we lose critical on the case is not only safe from crime. it also keeps us safe whether it is an accident of medical emergency or otherwise. david: and we know that because we know what works and what does not work. when they got this crazy new bail reform, the quality reform albill. in new york city, were essentially letting violent criminals out of jail without bail, we kneww is going to lead
9:50 pm
to problems. he claimed it was going to reduce the prison population and cut down on violent crime. in fact, the shootings have gone up 94 percent since then. and now you have a rising prison environment as well. webb: if you look at this realistically from a common sense perspective. and that data bears out and there are multiple causes and reasons for crime as it exists. then have the one action bail reform, remove that issue. this is like putting a dirty band-aid on an open wound . the open wound is crime. what we need to do is do everything we can you remember the days of the broken windows were put in place in new york city . reduce the small crimes. the medium to higher-level . is stopped that. when you do, you actually clean up. before you get to this dirty band-aid which is what bail reform is . david: will from 2200 murders a year to less than 400.
9:51 pm
and everybody credits using those very proactive police measures which are now being destroyed all of the country. we currently beend, there. i wish we had more time. thank you veryy much for coming and brain appreciate it . coming up next, lake new liberal district attorney, sparking outrage over the far left policies like non-cash middle. more than to come.
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go to to get yours now. they. david: george gascon sparking outrage over his far left policies like getting cash bail. pushing to lessen thend charges against by the criminals including child rapists and murderers print joining me now is la county deputy district attorney, jon. i'm just curious jon, he was d8 in san francisco and during his ten years there. he failed miserably. crime went up and it had got to be such a bad situation and even the san francisco mayor would not recommend him for the post and la. so had a deep get elected. jon: thank you for having me. there is a tough question to answer. i honestly don't know. i really don't know.
9:56 pm
recently, george gascon backtrack and some of his policies that he implemented on dale one taking office however the same date, there was a friday. he told her mother of murder child to shut her mouth and that she was an educated. can you imagine. this is a mother who when she home, imagine the despair and the hurt of losing a child in the hurt having the district attorneyhe tell her that she's n educated. can you imagine what she must've been thinking. if the dea won't fight for my murdered child. who would've. i cannot answer that question. they a lot of people are asking that question. in the dea has said that we need special enhancement or allegations because an underlying crime and serious murder in the rapist they will
9:57 pm
serve enough time to a five - five or 50 - lofgren the problem with the statement is if you look at that special directive it indicates that child murderers, child rapists and serial killers, cop killers will reevaluate their sentence after 15 years . so any of those individuals in a special directive said to reevaluate their sentence after 15 years. and this is scary. david: is beenen totally dispron by experience print is not as though with not been here before. by the way these are regressive. not - it always bugs me when they see his progressive policies. these are regressive policies we find them and hide them in the 60s in the 70s. this turnstile justice. releases prisoners too soon. and that allows the community to be endangered by maniacs for you and does not work . in progress way of party to survive the weight the present tough population do as well revolve the promises in your that there
9:58 pm
new bail reform would lower the prison population and lower violent crime, it's exactly the opposite so we have been there and done that. there is one question prayed for small a question a lot of people have about you. here the deputy d.a. isn't he your boss and how can you be so critical of him. if you're working so closely with him. jon: he is my boss freedom of them also a citizen freedom also a person. also the father. i love my community. i don't have to bow down to somebody that i don't believe is trying to protect children. i'm risking my job. but not going to sit idly by while somebody gets released and a child gets killed. that is just not what i believe in. david: but have you e talked to him and explain him your reasons. jon: no, more like the military.
9:59 pm
i was in the infantry. i can't just go up to my bosses office . needs to come down to me. and of the chain of commands. and he is not come down to my officeou . is not on through the chain of command to asked to see me. he didhe not take talk to any of my victims, is elected in yuma cases . david: we only have about 30 seconds. felicia dimension, is a former, in the army, a former cop. we think happened to him. jon: i don't know. he said that he was delusional. he also challenged and said that i was a fit to be a lawyer. this is somebody who has ever tried case . has never had a child understand who was molested her assaulted. it i think there's an issue with empathy. i don't know. i honestly don't know what happened other thanw i think .
10:00 pm
david: wealth know, we have to go. i'm afraid that is over time have. which are the o only thing thats holding back complete giving up by the people. we wish you the very best. in forsh elisabeth mcdonald targeted we will see you tomorrow. software updates to infiltrate the networks of at least 200 federal agencies, multi-national corporations, hospitals, universities and more.


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