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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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job. this is sort of a sugar pill so to speak. as a real defensive posture for america. gregg: join us tomorrow. lance gooden and investigative journalist sarah carter are our guests. i'm in for lou dobbs. thanks for joining us. i hope you have a great weekend. david: we are now awaiting president trump signing the covid relief bill. $900 billion in emergency aid, providing a lifeline to millions of struggling americans and businesses hurt by the pandemic. meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi calling the 600-dollar stimulus checks, quote significant but remember when she called trump's 1,000-dollar tax bonuses just crumbs. we have the sound. plus americans are so fed up with extreme lockdowns they stormed their state capital, clashing with police and smashing glass doors in salem, oregon. with us tonight we have andy puzder, the white house's brian
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morganstern, fred fleitz and christian gate, jump trusty, deneen borelli, scott walker and congressman andy biggs. we're digging into the democrat and mainstream media blackout of while house majority whip jim clyburn deflecting questions on eric swalwell and his tie toes a suspected chinese spy network. "the new york times" has not covered the story at all. to a report that georgia democrat senate candidate jon ossoff was taking money from a company with ties to china. also lindsey graham says he likes joe biden but he will not give hunter biden a pass on accusations of shady overseas business dealings. plus new squad member jamaal bowman, calling capitalism savory by another name. he says democrats should follow the squad, not former president obama. dramatic video showing the moment a shooter open fire on a
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pennsylvania officer, then escaped from custody. a manhunt is now underway for the suspect that police warn is armed and dangerous. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. david: first up tonight despite an apparent deal on a covid relief bill there are many complaints about not enough money in the bill but will any bailout from congress be enough to save millions of small businesses struggling to survive new covid lockdowns? the key question may not be how to get a bigger handout from washington but how to get america working again. joining me now to discuss this is former cke restaurants ceo andy puzder. andy, great to see you. politicians as you well know, they like bailouts because it makes them feel like santa claus
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even though they're handing out other peoples money but american businesses need a lot more than just money. they need room to grow. they need the end to lockdowns. they need to get back into business. that involves more than just handouts, doesn't it? >> yeah, absolutely. you can't, the government can't keep these hundreds of thousands of businesses, these hundreds of thousands of jobs, they can't keep these businesses alive with government aid. look, the government aid will be very much appreciated. i know a lot of small restaurant businesses in particular are waiting for this money and need it but it is not enough. you have got to end the lockdowns. these lockdowns are ridiculous. there are no scientific basis for locking down restaurants. california, new york city, are locking them down. no indoor dining in new york which in the winter means no dining at all. california is shut down even outdoor dining which is very safe given at that they put up these guards, they have the new
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sanitation methods. it's american businesses need for the democrats to back off, to open up these economy as little bit. gregg: we also have to provide incentives getting people back into the businesses, whether retail or restaurants in particular, your former business. david: there was one idea, it is in the relief bill, to, and it is being ridiculed by the media and democrats as a three-martini lunch rule t would essentially allow businesses to deduct for of their restaurant business from their taxes, as much as 100%. i know it sounds like a bailout for businesses, allowing them for free lunches but it is incentive, rather than money from the taxpayer, it provides an incentive for businesses, for restaurants in particular to bring customers back in. they need those incentives, don't they? >> yeah, particularly, particularly the restaurants that are rely suffering through
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this. the sit-down restaurants are being hurt. if you have a restaurant with a drive-through lean like burger joint like mcdonald's, wendy's, carl's or hardee's, you are probably doing well. delivery pizza is doing well. it is sit-down neighborhood italian restaurant or steak joint needs the help and this deduction allowing businesses to make this deduction will increase that business, when you criticize it, what you're ignoring the thousand of employees that depend upon jobs in those restaurants. david: absolutely. >> this is people we should be looking to protect. that is what this deduction would do. it goes where it should go. david: hundreds of thousands of people rely on the restaurant jobs just in new york alone. so millions and millions of people, up i think the number is 15 million across the united states. >> largest employer in the united states. david: there are pushbacks against these lockdowns and
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they're growing now. we saw an instance in salem, oregon, the capital in oregon, there was arrests being made because things got a little bit out of control. there is video from the scene. meanwhile you still have governor cuomo in california in new york, the governor of california, governor of michigan, calling for more lockdowns, more severe lockdowns. i want to play a sound bite though. governor cuomo is still patting himself on the back for the work he did. i want to get your reaction. play the sound. >> there is going to be a time when people turn around and say, why did 57 people die and why did we have more people die than anywhere else? you don't want to have to answer that question and the answer can't be because we played politics. so, healthy holiday. i will have a great one. santa will be very good to me, i
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can tell. i worked hard this year. david: so here's a guy who is saying he deserves a great christmas, one, increased the lockdowns, threw thousands of businesses out of work, ruined lives. also was responsible for that horrible situation in nursing homes. i have a producer who just lost his grandmother. it is still going on, these covid deaths in nursing homes largely because of policies that he initiated. he is still patting himself, these politicians just don't get it, do they? >> no. you really couldn't find a governor that handled the situation any worse than governor cuomo. he keeps getting awards and accolades. it is terrible what happened in new york. it is embarrassing. california is the second worst state dealing with the crisis. they're the ones trying to lock people out of their jobs. david: andy, it is a terrible situation, we have the vaccines. we'll be able to open up. >> thank god. david: thank god because of "operation warp speed." i think the darkest hour is
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behind us. i better be careful what i say but that is my christmas wish anyway. great to see you, andy, merry christmas, happy new year. there is plenty of pork in the 5533 page 900 billion-dollar covid spending bill, including funding for museums, newspapers, more subsidies for private colleges. tens of millions for the kennedy center. there is even a section detailing reincarnation of the dalai lama. here to break it all down is brian morgan stern. white house communications director. i will not spend a lot of time with the dalai lama, god bless him. will the president sign the bill? i know he wanted more money sent out to individuals? >> david, thank you for having me. the president indicated his intent to sign the bill for a few reasons. this is going to take care of american families with stimulus checks. it will take care of american small businesses with the
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renewed ppp program, the paycheck protection program. small businesses make up half of the workforce in this country. also unemployment insurance for people who have been displaced through no fault of their own. it will have money to get schools open. it is going to help get vaccines where they need to be. there is a lot of good content in this bill, things the president has been pushing for for months. the unfortunate parts of, number one the democrats obstructed this for months to play politics of they thought passing this bill would be a win for president trump. they waited too long. that is unfortunate. the process is messy. the american people are have been speak -- david: forgive me for interrupting we're running right now some of the pork in this, including another $24 million for the kennedy center. i remember the president condemning that kind of spending with the first covid bill but
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there is more of it now. i guess you have to live with that? >> david, unfortunate the way this call came together with the obstruction, and then forcing some things into it maybe weren't so directly connected to covid but the fact of the matter is it contains really important provisions to protect american families, american businesses, to get vaccines out, to get schools open again. this is relief the american people have needed for months. the democrats stood in the way. at least we're getting it done now before christmas. david: democrats, forgive me, democrats had no interest in passing it before the election because they didn't want to give the president a win. nancy pelosi essentially admitted to that the other day. now she also by the way called $600 significant, even though she said she wanted more but it was significant enough so she was able to pass that but that is a flip-flop from what she said on tax benefits. let me play two sound bites for you, get your quick reaction.
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go ahead, play the bite. >> we also have in the legislation direct payments which were not in the republican bill to america's working families. i would like them to have been bigger but they are significant and this will be going out soon. in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. it is so pathetic. i think it is insignificant. david: that is insignificant but this $600 is significant. bottom line is, she is discuss playing politics. she held back any kind of deal before the election because she didn't want to give trump the credit. >> that is exactly right, david. it is really disgusting. the american people should be outraged. we are grad there is relief coming now but it should have come a a a long time ago, david,
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there is something in there for conservatives also. about $600 billion is being repurposed from previously appropriated monies and redirected toward things that will really help the american people, families and small businesses. that is a win. we were able to avoid the slush fund democrats wanted for mismanaged state and local governments. there was progress made in the process. we're pleased essential provisions checks to families, small business support, getting vaccines out, opening schools. these are some of the positive things in this bill. it is a shame it had to come out about this way the obstruction and messy process democrats made us have here. david: people were suffering while politicians eating fancy ice creams in their homes. brian, thank you very. appreciate it. have a good christmas. coming up a democrat and mainstream media blackout. majority whip clyburn dodging
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questions on eric swalwell and his ties to a suspected chinese spy. "the new york times" has not even covered it at all. a report that georgia democratic senate candidate jon ossoff taking money from a company with ties to china. this news coming out as the race there draws ever closer. stick here. we'll be right back. >> we want a culture where differences of opinion and debate are encouraged, not canceled. georgia will decide which party controls the united states senate. you will decide which party writes our laws, which party holds congressional hearings, and which party spends your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. georgia will decide whether our children will grow up under an oppressive government or whether america will remain the land of the free.
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its own making judgments about how they should proceed. david: it was a little hard to hear that. those were questions put forth by our own peter doocy from fox news. joe biden saying that the stories about his son hunter biden selling influence overseas are russian disinformation. former national security council chief of staff fred fleitz. fred, it is extraordinary. hunter himself confirming that the investigation is ongoing and now you have not only joe biden but you also have all these intel officials, these former intel officials, people like john brennan, et cetera, standing by their comments that this is all russian disinformation. i mean, it, it clearly, they're just, they have got blinders on. they're not admitting what everybody knows to be the truth. there is an investigation going on. >> no, they don't have blinders on. they're lying. they know very well this is not
6:19 pm
russian disinformation. this is a deliberate effort by liberal intelligence officers to lie during the presidential campaign to hurt donald trump and to help joe biden. they knew there was nothing to this russia link. biden knows that too. david: it is really extraordinary though in light of the fact we now know and have confirmed there are investigations ongoing. meanwhile you also have denial about the eric swalwell story and the fact that he was seduced by a chinese spy and "the new york times" is not covering it at all but clearly there was significant, it was a significant matter of espionage that might have put national security at risk because he is on the intel committee. what do you think the chinese actually got out of their relations with swalwell? >> it's fascinating, very worrisome. this guy was only in congress for two years. had no intelligence background.
6:20 pm
suddenly got on the intelligence committee while he was friends with a chinese spy. did she urge him to get on the committee? did she coach him? he was still friend with her in 2015 when the fbi warned him about her. then she disappear. did he warn her about this? even if he didn't pass on secrets, david, having a relationship with someone in such a sensitive position, you can pick up a lot of crucial details, dates, meetings, who he is meeting with, where he is traveling this could have been a gold mine for chinese intelligence even if they did not get a classified document from swalwell. david: fred, we have only 30 seconds but do you have any confidence in the biden administration's ability or desire if you will to push back on chinese influence in the united states now because there has got to be some kind of pushback? >> i think biden grossly underestimates the threat of the chinese communist party as a threat to the united states.
6:21 pm
he will take the tariffs off. he will use traditional diplomacy. i'm afraid china will start walking all over us again just like they did obama. david: fred fleitz, good to see you, fred. thank you very much. appreciate you coming here. up next, accusations against hunter biden might just scratch the surface in the biden family. former federal prosecutor jim trusty with his take coming up. >> if it were up to me i would take the u.s. attorney in delaware and give him the entire hunter biden portfolio so he could look at everything hunter biden did throughout the world which is pretty massive industrial sized influence peddling. i think we need a special counsel because i worry that what hunter biden did may have compromised our ability to wage foreign policy. we were the first to bring 5g nationwide. and now that sprint is a part of t-mobile
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6:26 pm
hunter biden has had all kind of problems but i can promise you what i'm asking for needs to be done. we'll not give the democrat as pass. david: remember hunter is under investigation by the u.s. attorney in delaware. let's talk about all this with former federal prosecutor jim trusty for the real deal. good so see you, jim. what exactly is hunter being investigated for right now? >> that is a great question. right now euphemistically the biden camp said they're looking at their taxes. that might be optimistic because there are other federal statutes in play, foreign registration act, corrupt practices act, money laundering. that is weighty before we get into what is on his laptop which could create jeopardy as well. they are calling that a tax case. they're the ones that announced that. that is very interesting moment what is going on behind the scenes. david: i heard a grand jury has been impaneled to look into part of it. is there another investigation
6:27 pm
in addition to what grand jury is being look at? >> there are a lot of open questions in part because barr and the u.s. attorney's office are doing the right thing which is not publicizing investigation. it came from biden in self-serving terms as being a tax case. the grand jury opened by itself doesn't mean a whole lot, david. it could mean ministerial, gathering up tax records, things like that. it could be very aggressive. it could interview cpas. putting tony bobulinski in grand jury testimony. without knowing what is going on the fact of a grand jury is not particularly compelling. one quick note, talking about pittsburgh one of the offices investigating, that is interesting, because kind of a niche for cyber investigations. so i'm wondering if pitburg is focusing heavily on his laptop more than the broader picture. david: well, that would put it more than just a tax charge, right? that would put it whether he was doing something that was really beyond just not fessing up to all the money he owed in taxes?
6:28 pm
>> look. a laptop, i mean the hard lesson that white-collar crime defendants learn all the time that text messages, emails, laptops are devastating. you lose plausible deniability. you have admissions. you have all sorts of gold mines for prosecutors to look at with that type of material. that may be what is going on here. again, biden camp says it's a tax case. maybe, it could also be a lot more. this next two week period, three week period will be interesting with barr leaving. david: right. >> a new acting ag who has never been a prosecutor in the delaware u.s. attorney's office chugging along in negotiations with hunter biden and attorney. david: it could be more than just hunter. not just what hunter did, senator tom cotton from arkansas talked about that earlier. let me roll that tape and get your reaction. go ahead. >> it is not just hunter biden either. it is part of a pattern of joe biden's family. his sister and his brother and his son trading on his name and
6:29 pm
public office going back decade in joe biden public life t happened when he was senator. it happened when he was vice president. what makes anyone think if he soups the most powerful office in the land it will stop now? david: could be other people involved. question, who will investigate it? we have on going investigation or we may have several but, but, without any interest, with the biden administration will this go anywhere? no interest by the press, by the way. the president usually does investigations not this time except for us? >> there is a media blackout, the biden camp lifted blackout in limited fashion. there is a lot we don't know. i will say this, congressional investigations they may dig up good documents. they may lead to very good press appearances. it is not the same as criminal investigation. criminal investigators are using grand jury subpoenas to compel testimony. they could do search warrants,
6:30 pm
forensic audits of tax returns. forensic examination of laptops. there is deeper information involving information greater than hunter biden. david: jim trusty i think there is lot i would like to know now but you helped elucidate what we now know. >> thanks. david: one of the democrat contenders for the senate sieve in georgia, jon ossoff, reportedly has interest in a media company that received money from a hong kong company with links to the chinese government. of course the story has also received little media attention because it focuses on a democrat. bring in kristin tate from the young americans for liberty. so, kristin, we should mention by the way that at first ossoff's campaign was kind of prevaricating whether or not this was any connection. then they admitted, well there might have been some money but it was under the 5000-dollar limit you had to report. so that is why we didn't report it. what do you make of this? >> right.
6:31 pm
well it appears that jon ossoff was trying to hide his connection to a media company with direct ties to the communist chinese government. i mean he received compensation from a hong kong firm with a pro-beijing bent. then failed to disclose that on his initial financial disclosures. voters should be asking questions about ossoff's views on china, especially since he was not quick to vocalize his support for pro-democracy protests. he didn't do that until his campaign was forced to put out a statement in response to all of these questions about his financial disclosures this is so much bigger than a republican, democrat issue. this is about whether or not we want to elect someone to the u.s. senate who potentially has ties to communist china during a time when china is trying to overtake us on the world stage, continues to flagrantly rip off our intellectual property with
6:32 pm
impunity. this is really important. david: again, if there were other journalists interested in this story, this is primarily the reporting from "national review" where we're getting all of this. "the federalist" has also done reporting on this as bell. but in light of what we know about swalwell, what he has admitted to in his relationship with a woman who we know was a chinese communist spy, you would think that there would be some, some sense of duty on the part of journalists outside of a couple, "national review" an elsewhere to do this but nothing from "the new york times." >> nothing from the media. the same media that for the last four years has been reporting on this phony collusion story about donald trump and russia but the fact is, too many democrats have been far too soft on china. voters realize it. that is why these attacks ons solve will probably be quite effective, especially because the race is so tight. i think it is also important to mention that you know these concerns about ossoff and china
6:33 pm
are just one point of concern when it comes to his campaign. i mean this is a candidate who is quite radical and openly radical on a range of issues. if we give united control to the democrats if they control the senate, the white house and all congress they can really reshape this country in ways that many americans cannot yet fathom. david: the stakes are enormous. no question, kristin tate, great to see you. thank you for coming in. have a wonderful holiday. coming up a provocative statement from the newest member of so-called squad, calling capitalism a form of slavery. how does he back that up? we have details coming up you don't want to miss. >> the reason i think it is so dangerous now though, trace, this is a concerted effort, organized, smart, brilliant effort to bring down america's capitalistic society and to replace it with something that has been disasterous everywhere it has been tried. go for 1990 for instance from
6:34 pm
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♪. david: new york congressman-elect jamaal bowman is newest member of progressive left-wing, so-called squad. he now believes american capitalism is slavery, telling the root online magazine, quote i believe our current system of capitalism is slavery by another name. we moved from physical chattel enslavement and physical racial segregation to a plantation economic system, one that keeps the majority of americans unemployed or under employed struggling just to survive while
6:39 pm
the power elite concentrate wealth in the hands of the few and allow large corporations to pretty much run the world as multinational corporations. time to bring in fox news contributor deneen borelli. deneen, help! this is pure marxist crap. you get this, you get this information from those pamphlets handed out by these crazed marxists that are on the far left fringe of some protest ramlies and now this guy is a member of congress. how do you respond to that? i didn't know the majority, the majority, as bad as the situation is now with the covid lockdowns, the majority of americans are unemployed or underemployed? >> no, you're absolutely right. congratulations new york voters for voting this guy into office. he made such a crazy, radical statement in regards to slavery, david. listen he is new to congress. he achieved his goal. he is trying to generate some
6:40 pm
media for himself by manging such a comment but the other thing he is doing is exposing just how radical he is with his views and his ideas. the guy wants to abolish i.c.e. he wants free day care. he supports the green new deal. he wants to raise taxes of course. and all kinds of other things. deep noises our police. he is really showing just what his crazy, radical, socialist policies are, that he wants to implement across our country. what is within his state. david: bottom line he is showing his desperate ignorance of the reality of what is happening in america, what is happening in the rest of the world. you know, i mean the fact is that during the trump administration, yes, we were killed by the pandemic but up until then the situation, the capitalist policies that were put in place by donald trump really helped, particularly minority americans but the blue-collar americans. look at the manufacturing jobs created compared to obama.
6:41 pm
the mining jobs, the construction jobs. construction and manufacturing far surpassing what president obama did in eight years. then we have black up employment down to the lowest level that we've had in, i think ever, down to 5.5% in 2019. household income by the way was skyrocketing at 6.8%, much higher than during the obama years. so capitalist economic policies also shrunk that, the wage gap between the richest and the poorest and the people that did the best were blue-collar workers. >> no, you laid it out perfectly, david. under president trump our economy was booming. we have had record low unemployment numbers. more johns than people to fill them. when you talk -- jobs than people to fill them. energy industry is great paying jobs. the president has our country energy independent. look at the flipside democrats despise fossil fuels.
6:42 pm
what will happen with those jobs if they implement their unicorn fantasies of renewable energy across the country? david: we know what will happen, deneen. joe biden was in charge of the green jobs in 2010, that wonderful recovery summer never happened where we never got the green jobs because they didn't exist. they were just made up in the minds of these -- by the way you mentioned his interest in defunding the police. we have a sound bite. we don't have much time. i will play the sound bite, get your kick reaction. go ahead. >> only 5% of police work is focused on violent crimes, rape, homicide, aggravated assault. the other 59% can be handled by other agencies, mental health institutions, domestic violence professionals. we've been doing policing all wrong for decades. some cities 40% of the budget goes towards policing. david: he said, get rid of 95% of the police in america, give
6:43 pm
their jobs to social workers. what do you think, quickly? >> and have americans be vulnerable to more crime than we are seeing in big cities already across the country, david. it is really outrageous. david: deneen borelli, always good to see you. thank you very much for being here. >> merry christmas. david: coming up next, dramatic video showing the moment a shooter opened fire on a pennsylvania officer escaped from custody. a manhunt underway for that suspect. the police warn is armed and dangerous. scott walker, former wisconsin governor, former presidential candidate, with us here about crime in america.
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6:48 pm
former presidential candidate, scott walker. governor, good to see you. do you think it is a coincidence we've seen rise in violent crime particularly in those places where we see calls to defund the police. >> it's a combination of things. summer of silence from liberals comes to riots. people like you mentioned in the last segment, another socialist elected in new york city, reduce the police by 95%? then on top of that, you have had liberals pushing to release criminals from prison during this global pandemic. no wonder all that together is a recipe for disaster. it is not just bad policy. liberal policies are literally dangerous to law enforcement and the general public. david: they're dangerous for the police as well. particularly when you combine that with disrespect. there was awful shooting in pennsylvania which was actually caught on tape. i think we can roll tape of that, where an officer was shot. the suspect was, got away after he shot the police. he is still considered armed and
6:49 pm
dangerous by the way. you want to check your police sources in allegheny county if you're there right now. so there is a connection, i believe, between, these shootings and a lot of police shootings all -- and disrespect for police. there are always police officers in danger. there have been police officers killed in past period in our country but this seems to be getting out of control? >> it really is absolutely out of control. not just about calls to defund the police. it is devalue. saying they're not necessary. painting them all with one broad brush. yes there are a few out there, very limited few. those are deannounced in actions taken, for example in munn minneapolis saw earlier this year in other places in america is outrageous. we need to defend the women who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us, defend the police, don't defund
6:50 pm
them. david: something is danger of rule of law in this country, that is the lockdowns. they're so arbitrary and not codified by legislature. they're sort of edicts come out of the mouths of governors. we have only 30 seconds. what do you make of the lockdowns? how soon before they're over? >> they absolutely have to stop. we have to get america back to work again. it is what our founders intended in the hands of people, not in the government. unfortunately places like oregon, the latest example of power hungry politicians. it has top now. david: oregon, michigan, california, new york, they're all blue states. is that coincidental? >> no. this should be an eye-opener, those on the left wantgrab power to put it in the hands of the government. we on the right want to put it in the hands of the people. david: never let an emergency go without taking advantage of it. i believe some famous democrat said that. scott walker, thank you very much for coming here. i appreciate it.
6:51 pm
coming up congress pushing through a new spending bill with all kinds of pork but very little for border security. we have border security caucus co-chair, congressman andy biggs joining us next. >> but that's what you get when you have open borders. we want them to come into our country by the way. we want them to come in through merit. we want them to come in legally. ♪ sanctuary music (kids laughing) ♪ upbeat tempo ♪ sanctuary music it's the final days of the wish list sales event sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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♪. david: congress pushing through a new spending bill. it is filled with all kinds of pork as we mentioned before but very little for border security. critics fear biden administration will stop those funds being properly applied causing a resurge of illegal crossings largely contained over the past couple years. congressman andy biggs tweeting on this, with another emerging crisis with our southern border this is how much of the omnibus legislation congress is setting aside for border security. infinitesimal. with very is andy biggs that is vivid display how much is being spent. crisis at the border i think one of the main reasons donald trump was elected in 2016 to the presidency. have the democrats, the democrats don't seem to have
6:56 pm
learned that lesson, don't they? >> they really haven't, david. they don't want to fund what is necessary on the border. they will stop building the fence. they will put a moratorium on repatriation. they will focus on turning border patrol agents into search-and-rescue mission instead of a border security mission. it is reflected where they're spending money. they're spending money on detention facilities and different kinds of training for the cpb but they're not giving the cpb what it needs, customs border patrol. and they're not going to fund i.c.e. the way i.c.e. needs to be funded. david: it is more than that, forgive me, congressman but kamala harris actually wants to end i.c.e. detention. she mentioned that before. she hasn't gone quite as far as some of her colleagues calling for an end to i.c.e. she is for an end to i.c.e. detention. she wants to replace it with something called, quote, community based alternatives. do you know what that is. >> no one seems to know what
6:57 pm
community-based alternatives is but one thing is it is going to look a lot like sanctuary city movement where they release criminal illegal aliens back into the community. that is what we think it means. but you're right, she is willing to defund i.c.e. others want to basically eliminate i.c.e., but at the same time, david, we're seeing a start of another surge. we had more high numbers in november. we'll have probably close to 100,000 apprehensions in december. we have caravans forming. we have cartels advertising again. and biden promising amnesty and to support sanctuary cities. everything they're talking about provides -- david: why should that surprise anybody? you increase, you increase the incentives for coming -- remember when every single candidate raised their hands would you be for free medical care for illegal aliens? every democrat running for president.
6:58 pm
there about 15 raised their hands at that point, 10 at that session. you increased incentives for coming. you decrease disincentives being here illegally. surprise, surprise you have caravans again. why should anybody be surprised? >> you can't be surprised. it is almost a carrot-and-stick approach they're taking to bring people into the country illegally that doesn't even include the people, million plus people that come in legally every year even now. and don't forget too, david, we've had increase in drug trafficking. we have increase in human smuggling going on. also mexico hasn't brought the virus under control yet either. so, there is not just from mexico. we can't forget that. we get people from all over the world crossing that border. david: absolutely. i want to switch gears pretty dramatically here. you met with the president yesterday. you were talking about strategy with some fellow republicans. specifically, just one specific
6:59 pm
question about this, will you object to the electoral count, i believe it is january 6th when that happens. i believe it is the day after the georgia vote, will you object to the electoral count in the jointer session of congress? >> for certain states i will. so, the six states that we're talking about, nevada, arizona, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania and georgia i will, yes. david: interesting. so you are going to object to it. it won't be just mo brooks. there will be others, others besides you and mo brooks? right now we have well over 20 members have come to either mo or myself and said they want to object. david: very interesting. congressman, thank you so much for being here tonight. have a wonderful holiday season. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you, david. >> thank you for watching as well, folks. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. we hope you have a wonderful holiday week. this week and next.
7:00 pm
have a great evening tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. president trump has made it abundantly clear he is not backing down from the battle for the white house. the president and his allies in congress have been talking about are possibility of challenging the electoral college votes when congress convenes january 6th. and today some of those congressional allies began pressuring u.s. senators to stand with the president and tmand that the integrity of the election is ins


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