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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 23, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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now says he won't dial back all of president trump's immigration policies on day one of his presidency. i'm edward lawrence in for liz elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. edward: mouse democrats agree they will try to pass this measure. will more money be on the way
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for those struggling in the pandemic? with me to break it down texas republican brian babin. congressman, is trump right to take issue with this bill? >> i think he is right, absolutely. you know, i support every time we can find in waste and foreign aid, omnibus covid relief package giving it back to the u.s. taxpayers. we know we keep hearing that, these were, these were his own administrators that made this change but actually this was something that the american people needed and expect out of their own government. edward: so there was a call we're understanding within the last few hours with republicans. did you feel blind-sided, were you on this call first of all, did you feel blindsided own president's statements on this. >> no i really didn't. i was with the president two days ago in the white house talking about the election
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process. he had mentioned it as well to some of us who were there. so i kind of, i kind of knew this was getting ready to happen. edward: were you on this call with the other republicans in the house? >> yes, i was. edward: what was the tenor of call, can you tell us? >> well you know what? in defense of both sides things are, this country has been in a heck of a shape here for months on end, months on end. and you know, my colleagues on the republican side are trying to do the best they can. we don't control the house of representatives. over 40 times we have tried to reauthorize the ppp program, the most successful provision of the cares act and we have been stiff armed each time by nancy pelosi with the democrats and even though there were millions and millions of dollars still sitting there, wouldn't need to
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appropriate anymore money. we couldn't get them to do it. they lumped all this together in a multitrillion dollar package. it is real hard for the american people to understand even how this thing operates. and so in defense of the republican conference, the folks out there that are so upset, we actually did not have anything to do with this except to try to get the people, the provisions and the aid that they need and nancy pelosi controls it all. let's put it like that. edward: so congressman, the house speaker is tweeting out, mr. president sign the bill in front of you. then on christmas day we'll come back for unanimous consent and get that $2,000 he wants, upping the price tag. number one, do you believe her she will do that if he signs the bill? number two, that will be tough to get that through the senate where a number of republican
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senators don't want that package to add more to the debt. >> well, listen i understand that very, very plainly. you know the best stimulus package we could possibly have would be to open up this economy ben and put americans back to work. they don't want and they shouldn't have to depend on the federal government to make ends meet. and the democrats want to keep schools and businesses closed and insure that americans continue to rely on government instead of their own hard work. it is about power around control and our economy will not survive another shutdown. so instead of seeing monies go to pakistan and sudan, gender studies these types of things, if you give some money, give it to the american people. that is what i say. i think that is exactly what the president is meaning when he says he may veto this thing because of that. edward: just to your point, look at some of the things actually
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in this massive bill on both sides here. you're looking 26 -- looking here first at $600 in stimulus checks. you have $300 billion to help small businesses. it extends unemployment benefits. there is no blank check for state and local government but there is no liability shield for those businesses. on the other side of that, what you were talking about, this $26 million for the kennedy center which has been closed. $10 million for gender programs in pakistan. $193 million in federal aid for workers to buy new cars overseas. 1.5 million for the appropriation committees office of diversity and inclusion. the bill mandates hiring new measures to insure diversity in the intel committee or community. you could just go on and on related to what's in there. does it anger you a little bit some of this stuff has been packed in, so close to christmas break, trying to force this
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through? >> absolutely. i'll tell you this, edward. this should have been done months and months and months ago. yet because of the in ininintransigence of the pelosi-led democratic party, making demand as you said, at the very end of the bill we get a bill 6,000 pages long. it is so big that the capital printing presses broke down, the computers crash. no amendments were allowed. the whole process was. no committee work. couldn't see the final product. just a handful of members. $2.3 trillion bill. the rest of us are told take it or leave it, do it in less than four hours. it was irresponsible to my constituents and to the rest of the american taxpayers to pass a bill we didn't really know all of the details on. it is coming out since that time. real easy to talk about it in hindsight but when you have a bill that is actually broken up
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into two bills, this long, it is very, very difficult to know what is going on. edward: one quick, i want to change subjects we only have minute left, national defense authorization act vetoed by the president because section 230 that gives immunity to media companies was not revised. do you support the veto? will it be override when the house put as vote? >> i will say this, i voted against it to begin with. i'm supporting president trump. i think right now from what we've seen over the last, especially the last year and even several years, we've seen these big tech has been censoring us. we have got to repeal section 230 of the communications decency act. i think president trump made it very clear from the start what he wanted to see included in the mdaa and the democrats refused to act. so i can just tell you this, that i would not blame him for
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what he is doing again. this is i'm a veteran of the air force and the army. i've always supported our military. however there is some, and there are some good things in there but there is also some things, if we don't get section 230 repealed from big tech censorship under this administration, if we do go into a biden administration we will never get it done. it is censorship of the american people and conservatives and that is inexcusable. there is question -- edward: congressman, i really appreciate it. the break will come whether i like it or not. i really appreciate your time on this thank you so much for coming on. very interesting comments on this. coming up world-renown china expert michael pillsbury on house majority whip clyburn brushing off questions about democrat eric swalwell entanglement with a suspected chinese spy and how china might try and test a biden
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♪. >> eric swalwell alleged ties with a chinese spy. until they're verified one way or the other you say he should stay on the house intelligence committee, i just want to be clear. >> i have -- allegations are allegations. i have no idea what you're talking about. so i'm not going to pass judgment on what swalwell should or should not do when when i have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. edward: house minority whip james clyburn reflecting questions on eric swalwell's ties with a suspected chinese spy. joining me michael pillsbury, hutson institute on chinese strategy. advised president trump on chinese trade deal that was made. michael, swalwell met fang fang in 2011. does this show how far ahead the chinese are working to get this influence? >> yes. they have a pattern. not just congressman swalwell. they have a pattern making what
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they call early investments in people, hoping it will pay off much later. they have been quite successful. large parts of our country still think china is our best friend. they think china has no ill intentions toward us. so the eric swalwell investment seems to have paid off in the sense he as a congressman never spoken out against china i don't think in any way. this is quite a coup for the chinese. quite a plus for them. edward: do you think we'll find more of this type of thing where they're trying to target these young politicians and groom them almost as they get older? >> yes, but it is not just young politicians. i think they don't even give up with somebody that is a senior citizen. we have awful lot of people who made large amounts of money in china. i don't mean $100,000. i mean $100 million and it has been made clear to businessmen, investors, everybody involved that you cannot speak against china. you cannot criticize them for
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the tibet self-i am mowlations of almost 200 monks now. can't talk about tianamen square. that is china's goal. they want as many people as possible in positions of power to think postively about china. -- success in that. edward: if it is not direct influence, a democratic contender seat in georgia, jon ossoff reportedly has interests in a media company that received money from a hong kong-based company with links to the chinese communist government. he calls it a paperwork error in this but does this show how the tentacles that the chinese government is using with money to entice people, sort of in to their side? >> yes, it does. they really two instruments. they use money. they use the power of presenting positive ideas, whether walt disney movies or any number of books they published. the way they treat scholars in
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our country an think tankses they are positive towards china you get to have a meeting with xi xinping. the idea is that china is a peace-loving country, wouldn't harm a flea. has no ambitionses. wouldn't steel intellectual property. a lot of people going to china come back say this type of thing. it does work. edward: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. do you see china testing a new biden administration and how do you see them doing that? >> i had contact with the biden transition people. president trump still believes he will have a second term. he is not surrendering yet. there have been some conversations the biden people seem to be aware of their image they are softer on china. they do anticipate i think a challenge, whether south china sea, some kind of incident with taiwan. the strange flying of four chinese bombers off of japan with two russian bombers with them, that the russians have
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released on the defense ministry website. that is a very strange behavior. it hasn't happened for several years. i do expect a test. i think the biden people are on the defensive about it themselves. edward: phase one trade deal, they know president trump would impact with massive tariffs if they broke it, do you think they will ignore intellectual property rights, could that be the test? >> i don't think so. the biden people think the trade agreement all 95 pages is pretty good. there is a lot of wall street opportunities to go buy chinese companies and operate fully-owned investment operations inside of china. a lot of good things for the farmers president trump personally negotiated. the chinese kind of whined after the deal that president trump got better part of them. they made too many concessions because trump was too smart. i think the biden keep will keep the agreement. they may reduce some of tariffs.
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they claim the tariffs on steel, aluminum are not so good. but i think the biden people well criticize trump and demonize him but grudgingly entirely accept his whole china policy -- edward: in the last 10 seconds do you think that china will ignore some of those things to see what the biden administration would do? >> yes. they might. they have been warning their public in newspaper stories not to expect too much concessions and softness from biden. they have expect some but not a total sellout. edward: michael pillsbury, thank you very much. the expert on china for us and all things asia. thank you very much. next on "the evening edit" congressman ken buck from the house judiciary committee on new questions swirling about hunter biden's past overseas disdealings. >> right now euphemistically it is the biden camp said they're looking at has taxes.
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♪. edward: joe biden just yesterday dismissed his stories of his son selling influence overseas as russian disinformation but more details are emerging how hunter biden used his family fame to aid in dealings with powerful european and chinese tycoons. this as republican lawmakers continue their investigation into multiple federal probes into hunter biden's business and tax dealings. they're underway. as this is all happening air force one is arriving at palm beach international airport. the president on his way to mar-a-lago for a winter break. as we watch air force one here let's welcome in republican ken buck. he is on house judiciary and foreign affairs committees. congressman, good to see you. in a statement today for his last day, the outgoing attorney general bill barr says this, quote, over the past two years the dedicated men and will of this department including its operational components have risen to meet historic challenges and upheld their vital mission to enforce the
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rule of law. john durham has special prosecutor status for beginnings of the russia probe out of all of this but there is no indication there will be a special counsel for the hunter biden investigation. will the hunter biden investigation content then, congressman, in the next term? >> i think it will continue in the next term. you have irs agents, fbi agents working on the case right now. you have department of justice attorneys assigned to the case with a special counsel it would be insulated from the political process. tax charges and other types of charges have to be approved by political officials at the department of justice. i think it would be a good idea to have a special counsel f they don't have a special counsel they have to make some other arrangements to make sure there is credibility in this investigation. the worst thing that we can have is this kind of cloud hanging over the the biden administratin for years pause of the corruption his son engaged in. edward: so do you think that we might see the designation of a special counsel within the next
9:26 pm
20 days or so? >> i don't think so. i think the attorney general has said that he does not believe a special counsel is necessary. if the acting attorney general who replaces bill barr decides that there needs to be one i suppose he could put one in. i think president biden should seriously consider, president-elect biden should seriously consider appointing a special counsel to make sure this investigation moves forward. edward: you're on the foreign affairs committee. here in 2019 in iowa the president-elect joe biden said nobody from his family would own or work for foreign companies if he was president. well "the wall street journal" is coming out saying hunter biden still has a 10% stake in bhr partners. now the source for hunter biden said he had difficulty off-loading has stake, his assets, those assets are unlisted. the attention has been on hunter biden made it very difficult to
9:27 pm
value that going forward. do you see, do you see a problem with this entanglement if president-elect biden comes into office and his son is still connected to this chinese firm? >> well i certainly see a problem with this entanglement and i see a problem with hunter biden's ethics moving forward but the real issue why wasn't it wrong for him to do this when joe biden was vice president? why was it wrong only wrong for hunter biden to engage in the activities while his father was president? he is corrupt. hiss dad knew about it. that is why a special counsel has to be appointed, this case needs to be pursued, what he did when, what hunter biden did when joe biden was vice president is absolutely wrong, illegal and should be prosecuted. edward: you do feel like as we peel back this onion as investigators look through this we're going to find more? >> absolutely. i can't believe that hunter biden abandon ad laptop and the laptop was turned over to the
9:28 pm
government with a wealth of information and all types of lead now that the fbi and irs will pursue in tracking down what really happened in this case. edward: just quickly in the last 30 seconds your thoughts on the president hinting of possible veto of omnibus and coronavirus relief bill because the direct checks to americans are not enough and the other pork that is in it? >> question. i voted against both bills. i think the president is on to something. he talked about vetoing the national defense authorization act before it was passed. he gave fair warning to everybody that it was unacceptable. i would be surprised if he doesn't veto at least that bill. edward: congressman, thank you for your time. i really appreciate it. as we are still watching air force one. see the president could possibly emerge from air force one. well keep an eye if he speaks to the media. still ahead fox news contributor joe concha and
9:29 pm
prosecutor doug burns about the escalating pushback against covid-19 lockdown measures. mayor bill de blasio travelers from the uk, sheriffs deputies may coming noing for you. ♪. >> since april cuomo, newsom and the other democrat governors demanded they be in charge of uply meanting policy, not the trump administration. the other media blamed the trump administration but it is gavin newsom and andrew cuomo who have been running the show and running people out of business. poverty is not better than the alternative did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was
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♪. >> for folks coming in from the united kingdom, we will have a new approach given this new strain we're seeing there. effective immediately, all travelers, literally every single traveler coming in from the united kingdom will receive department of health
9:34 pm
commissioner's order, directing them to quarantine. specifically from the folks coming from the uk given that particular concern we'll have sheriffs deputies go to the home or the hotel of every single traveler coming in from the uk. there is going to be a follow up direct home visit or -- visit from the sheriff's deputy to confirm that they are following the quarantine or if they are not, they will be penalized. >> that was new york city mayor bill de blasio warning he will dispatch sheriffs deputies to make sure travelers are following quarantine orders or else, facing 1000-dollar a day fine. joining us to talk about this, fox news contributor joe concha, former federal prosecutor doug burns. i will start with you, doug. can the marielly do this, go inside of someone's home to make sure they're there? >> it is really hard to believe what we're seeing. i don't believe in coincidences, edward.
9:35 pm
most trial lawyers don't. just time and time again throughout this entire episode you know we see political fault lines over and over what is supposed to be an objective medical pandemic. to your question they are on murky ground for sure in terms of you know, entering premises, fourth amendment to the constitution. again it is breath taking to watch the manuevers that they are trying you know, to exercise as people in the political realm -- explained many times, just to try to grab power over people. it is just, it is breath taking to watch. it is incredible. edward: so then, doug, how do you get people from overseas then to abide by a quarantine because the uk's strain might be more, you know, might spread more easily? >> well, that is a great question, edward. the reason that is a good question, it breaks down to discussions. those are the two discussions
9:36 pm
you could have. in a medical pandemic and crisis of course, you can you know, suggest that people you know, make sure you stay quarantined for two weeks. make sure you do this. that is perfectly appropriate. we consulted with panels of medical experts. this is what they're recommending, notice the semantics there, minute you take it to a law enforcement level, we're going to come to your house, we're going to enter, we're going to fine people thousands of dollars. you have related seminars about restaurant and bar owners, don't need to get into all that but people know what i'm talking about, on and on, fining people. vin dix -- vindictive when they complain, do media on it. perfectly okay. let's try to beat the thing medically. when you start bringing in law enforcement, i scratch my head, wow, i really can't believe i'm seeing this. edward: joe, i have one for you. there must be a better use for
9:37 pm
sheriff's deputies in new york city. >> one would think that, right? you see shootings, gun violence skyrocketing over the past year. we're talking about doubling in one year alone, despite many people being at home under this mayor and de blasio, under this governor in cuomo. i would think that we used those resources a bit better. by the way, we kept hearing from cuomo and de blasio that we need to listen to the doctors and listen to the science when it comes to making decisions around covid-19. let's listen to doctor fauci. he says that the u.s. should keep an eye on it, that the is new strain in the uk but we don't want to overreact. he also advises against banning flights from the uk as well. so if we're livessenning to the scientists why aren't we listening to dr. fauci? the same thing we saw with restaurants here in new york city where 1000, more than 1000 have closed since this pandemic began. now they're closed again where they can't do outdoor dining because it is freezing out. there is no indoor dining and you look at the study and stats
9:38 pm
and science again. 74% of cases of covid happen inside of the home. only 1.3% happen inside of restaurants. cuomo shut them down any way. now, you know, rightly revolting, restaurant owners are because they're on the verge of extinction. edward: to that point, joe, what do you think about this movement sort of growing where they want to ban, restaurants want to ban de blasio and from coming in? you will see blowback across the country, lawmakers not be able to come in. what do you think about that, joe? >> restaurant owners want the governor and the mayor to be consistent. can't allow "saturday night live" to have in-studio audience, i don't care if they're testing, don't care if people i've been in the studio, it is no bigger than my apartment in hoe beck cone. they're going after -- they see
9:39 pm
broadway closed, see restaurants closed, say where is the consistency? edward: doug we see scenes in blue states where restaurant owners who are normal law-abiding citizens normally are getting these enforcement knocks, some cases led away in handcuffs because they're trying to pay tear bills, pay their workers. how far across the country can this be pushed? how can restaurants push back legally? >> well, joe's point is critical which is even assuming for the sake of argument they wanted to impose these draconian measures it has to be done in a consistent fashion as he says. it is just incredible to see a tv show being allowed to do something. there was an incident where a movie was filming. they did an entire scene in a restaurant. nobody objected t was perfectly fine. yet that, a restaurant excuse me, next door, couldn't
9:40 pm
function. it is just remarkable. inconsistency. the other point i wanted to walk off joe real quick is, turn around and say let's listen to the science, that is the key but i ask everybody what happens when a scientist really well-credentialed scientist disagrees with their narrative on the media? what do they do, hysterically shout him down and mock him. it is incredible. edward: we may be moving slowly toward as head. joe concha, doug burns. thank you for your time. appreciate you coming out. detroit police chief james craig breaks down why his city is suing black lives matter activists. amid a growing push in several u.s. cities to defund the police. >> there has been a summer of silence from liberals when it comes to the riots. see people like you mentioned in last segment, another socialist claiming in new york city we
9:41 pm
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♪. edward: u.s. cities saw violent protests and destruction in the streets this year but one city is now fighting back. detroit reportedly countersuing black lives matters activists for civil conspiracy, defaming the mayor and police. with me detroit police chief james craig. thank you for joining us. the lawsuit claims that civil conspiracy claiming the protests in city repeatedly turned violent endangering the lives of the police and the public. you're saying this is orchestrated for maximum harm to people? is that what it is say? >> here is what is the bottom line. take rashida tlaib. she say this is unthinkable
9:46 pm
assault on constitutional rights. that is absolutely wrong. first of all we supported the freedom of speech, peaceful protests in excess of 100 days of protests, in excess of 100 days, seven times over the course of the 100 times did we have to use force. two reasons. we were attacked or secondly we were making a lawful arrest, there is resistant. this notion about each and every protest was peaceful and we're infringing on their first amendment right is clearly wrong. that is what this group does. they change the narrative and they put outfalls narrative to say that we're the ones at fault. i got to tell you best example of that, a we're involved in officer-involved shooting, officers were doing investigation, unprovoked, a
9:47 pm
suspect came up shot at our officer at close range. fortunately he wasn't hit. we returned fire. that individual succumbed to its injuries. this same group got out on social media put out a narrative that we shot an unarmed black man, seated on his porch, shot him 15 times. that action alone caused major unrest in our city. as you know dewas one few cities, we didn't have looting, we didn't have burning. our officers were attacked on occasions. our police cars were damaged. edward: that misinformation too sort of exacerbating it. how do you know who to sue? black lives matter says, i haven't seen a leader, quote, unquote, leader of black lives matter. it is also a movement. so who do you sue? >> well they have a, a group of plaintiffs. there is a couple of so-called
9:48 pm
leaders. we have a good idea. they're putting out a false narrative. they get out in the public domain and say we've done certain things. so those individuals are our target. you know what else is so troubling, and this is what we shouldn't forget, throughout the weeks and days of protests there were journalists embedded walking with the protests. many of them saw the aggressive actions, the attacks on the police officers, attacking our police vehicles but some of them have opted to say nothing. edward: so is this a message then, that you're trying to send back, that you know, you won't take this kind of violent protests? yes, peaceful protest, fine, this kind of violence and misinformation that leads to the violence won't stand? is this the message? >> absolutely. i got to tell you, edward, we sent a message this summer. we didn't, we weren't going to have a lawless zone like in seattle. we sent a message. we would not tolerate looting
9:49 pm
and burning buildings. we sent a message. we didn't retreat in detroit. because we didn't retreat and they couldn't get traction with detroiters, they're angry. so create a false narrative. edward: so a little bit about you, ten years old you watched the city burn in 1967 there. 20 years old you said you were going to be police chief. fix things, make things better there. you watched these riots and level of violence happened this year. how do you make sure the past doesn't repeat itself then? >> i got to tell you this is so different. this is a wide scale, orchestrated planned effort that we have not seen at anytime. you know when we were having riots in the late '60s, these were individual cities. we didn't have social media or the init net. frankly detroit has grown beyond it. people expected detroit to burn but detroit didn't burn because
9:50 pm
this community, by and large stands with us. it was the outside agitators that came in and embedded themselves with largely peaceful protesters, who tied to provoke the violence. these people are different parts of the country. some as far away as california. they came here with one agenda, one agenda only. and so for this group, detroit will breathe, to say there was never any violence and rashida tlaib, this is just so unthinkable because of our assault. she is unaware of violence, it is laughable. that's laughable. edward: chief, thank you. chief james craig. thank you. i really appreciate it. thank you for coming on tonight. thank you for your service to the community. >> appreciate it. edward: coming up on "the evening edit" retired price acting director tom homan why joe biden says don't expect him to roll back president trump's signature immigration policies on his first day of his
9:51 pm
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9:55 pm
will lead to a major surge in border crossings in january. biden says, we could see two million people on our border. this after the president-elect said he would make the major changes on day one but now says it will take time. joining me now is retired i.c.e. acting director tom homan. ah, the famous flip-flop in washington. are you surprised because president trump's policies have worked so well? >> i'm not surprised that the policies worked well. president trump said exactly what we should be doing. based on his actions illegal immigration is down 80% depending what month you look at. that is unprecedented. what i'm shocked at joe biden got something right when it came to immigration border security. for the year he is running for president this is the first time he said something accurate. if he rolls back the policies there will be a surge at the border. beyond that, joe, but believe me will roll back those policies. it's a matter of time. he is putting off the
9:56 pm
inevitability. the second issue no one talking about the budget passed congress. they took over $300 million from i.c.e. they cut their detention capacity by almost 40%. what does that mean? during the last surge we had over 50,000 people in detention. congress said we'll give you 31,000. what that means, when the surge comes, it is catch-and-release because i.c.e. won't have the capacity to detain them or money to detain them. edward: we have heard that there is some caravans possibly coming this way for january because they're anticipating a softer stance on immigration from the, a biden administration. does that, one, does that surprise you, two, does that concern you? >> no, doesn't surprise me. we've been talking about it on "the evening edit" for six months. i think joe biden is watching "the evening edit," reading my op-eds one or the other. i think it is too late to turn the spigot off. he said things like moratorium on deportations, ending i.c.e.
9:57 pm
detention, free medical care, giving health insurance to illegal aliens, doing away with the remain in mexico program, asylum-seekers enter the united states, all the things he said already started. that spigot is already running. i don't know if if what he said yesterday is enough to turn it back. believe me the cartels are gearing up. groups are gearing up. transportation infrastructure is being set up. edward: i want to show the audience what was seized in october of this year. more than 33,000-pounds of marijuana seized. 10,000-pounds of cocaine, 1400-pounds of heroin, 21,000-pounds of meth. more than 1000-pounds of fentanyl. some of this might have been stopped pre-trump the policies here, the volume this has been stopped, do you think that is directly related to the policies we have now at the border? >> absolutely related to the actions of president trump. because what he has done on the border with 80% decline in
9:58 pm
illegal immigration, anywhere between 60, 80, depending what month you look at, border patrol, port of entry are doing their job. they're not taking care of families, changing diapers, making hospital runs. they're vigilant doing their jobs. between the intelligence apparatus and targeting program they're catching more drugs for once in years they're allowed to do their john. they're very good professionals. catching a lot more than they ever caught before. edward: in october they caught 69,000 people trying to cross the mexican border illegally. do you feel like, put on the prediction hat in january, what is that number going to look like at the end of january? >> the number will continue to climb. january, i say, february, you're going to see it climb a lot. you have the migration periods when they come back after the holidays and the vegetation growing in the farms and produce. they're coming start coming back late january, early february.
9:59 pm
i expect another family surge because of what joe biden said. that is another thing, cut i.c.e. family detention facilities in half? when you can't be detained and joe biden said, i will put a moratorium on deportation. they know they can enter illegally. they will not be detained because i.c.e. won't have beds. they will not be deported because joe biden set a moratorium on deportation. they will be released in america. they will be in the wind. add to 12 to 20 illegal aliens. stay here long enough. hide out long enough. to wait for the next amnesty joe biden will give them. edward: in the next 15 seconds do you severe lens increasing at border then? >> absolutely. when you lose border control the cartels are going to start operating faster. when he they push family groups, groups with 200 families in one sector, they do that. the cartels run that why? because they tie up border patrol assets in this sector they move the drugs and bad
10:00 pm
people to the other sector that don't want to be caught. that will result in more violence, cross-border violence. edward: i really appreciate it. end of the show is coming. i appreciate your time the thank you very much. i'm edwardn for liz beg mcdonald. you're watching evening edit. that does it for us. have a great holiday. >> good evening, president trump has followed through on his threat to veto the 741 billion dollar national defense authorization act, president had slammed that bill for failing to terminate second 230 protections for big tech, as president demanded. president trump also said it restricted his ability to put an end-to-end less wars. and trump also taking another stand against the lawmakers on capitol hill, who placed


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