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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  December 27, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EST

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of complicated history. under the surface, the battle for bethlehem continues. >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo's wall street". maria: welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was helps position you for the week ahead. i hope everyone had a very merry christmas. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up a few moments bobby van's steakhouse owner joseph smith giving his take on the stimulus package. will it be enough to keep the struggling restaurant industry afloat? my one-on-one with donald trump campaign advisor george papadopoulus fresh off his presidential pardon. we'll look at big moment this is week on top newsmakers with
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"mornings with maria" on this edition of the week's talkers. watch tell me about purchasing the blue dosages, now the new information on the covid dosages? >> it is important vaccines and vaccinations are not new to cvs. this we've been building for the last 15 years. we have infrastructure to handle covid vacs seeps as they roll out -- vaccines. maria: you released a report what you deem as irregular find frogs election 2020. >> basically what i found, maria, after sifting through thousands of documents, there is basically a coordinated democratic party strategy to stuff the ballot box with mail-in and absentee ballots. >> represented gorge today in the house. how do you see things? >> both jon ossoff and rafael warnock nominated extraordinarily radical candidates, may be the most radical candidate ever nominated
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by a major party to the senate. i think almost certainly they will lose. maria: in the united states a number of government agencies were breached as well as companies. >> the only way they can really fight with us is asymmetric warfare and asymetric warfare is down secretly and coy vertly like computer hacks. this is one last where they can -- maria: president trump says he wants congress to fix the recently passed stimulus bill calling it a disgrace. the president has asked congress to cut spending way down, shore up more money for americans. 2,000-dollar checks instead of 600. joining me to discuss this and rest of capital markets news this week, mark mobius. thanks for joining us. as they wrangle with the stimulus package, you're happy to see some kind of relief, you think it will be positive for
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america but the whole world? >> definitely, no question about it. if trump gets his way. the original bill was very, have he good towards the u.s. and the world. any money that is printed in the u.s. finds its way overseas. so it is very good news for emerging markets, europe and all the other countries. maria: so let me ask you about allocating capital today, mark. you travel the world and have found real growth stories in the emerging markets but of course there is a, there is a debate right now over china. are there any other areas of the world that you would see the kind of growth that is possible for companies and for economies that could compare to what you're seeing in china in terms of the potential of selling to 1.4 billion people? >> well it is india. india is at the top of our list because india is growing like gangbusters. they will duplicate what the
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chinese did in 2010. they were growing at 10% or so india is the big story. don't forget china. china continues to grow from a bigger base. so it is difficult to achieve 10% or even 8% growth numbers but they will do very well. the whole world will do very well next year because we're coming from a negative growth, if you want to call it negative growth or shrinkage to positive. so the numbers will be very impressive for everybody. maria: so tell me how you do that. how are you allocating capital right now mark, across the world. of course i want to get your take on the united states as well. >> well, number one is india. number two is kia and taiwan -- korea and taiwan. they are great tech countries and have wonderful companies in the tech area. we go further, even in south
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africa we're finding bargains. in turkey we're finding bargains. most of all latin america and brazil it is particularly exciting. by the way the currency is amazing. the real has against the u.s. dollar has appreciated dramaticallythe same is true with other currencies in emerging markets. big increases in places like south africa where you wouldn't expect it but their currency strong against the u.s. dollar. maria: that is an interesting dynamic because the dollar has been trading down. we're down to like a two-year low. tell me the impact on those currencies as the dollar trades down. is that an opportunity, mark? >> it is and of course what happens is that when people see that, they become much more confident. you know the most frequent question we get about these emerging countries, about the currency, they're worried about currency risk.
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as our currencies against the u.s. dollar they become much more confident this is good news for the countries. if they're in debt, their debt becomes easier to pay in u.s. dollars. maria: so what about the u.s. mark? do you see any opportunities in the u.s. after this year, 2020, saw major market records. you are looking at double-digit moves. look at the nasdaq up 40 plus percent with a lot of technology names and and stay at home companies leading the way, do you see any opportunity here in the u.s.? >> yes i do. i think you have to look at those bombed out sectors like travel, airlines, even the cruise industries. these companies i think that will come back next year and perform very, very well. they really were bombed out. people will begin to travel again. i think things will become
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normal next year. so these companies are going to look quite good. any company using technology even in the traditional industries, those are latching on to intelligent systems will do very well in the u.s. maria: mark, great to catch up with you as you are on the road across the world. thanks very much for joining us this morning. we so appreciate it. >> thank you. maria: mark mobius joining us there. stay right here we'll talk about the state of the restaurant industry with the owner broken windshield... take 1... hey guys, my windshield just got broken, i feel like i need to blow off some steam. let's go... 1, 2, 3, 4... mr. blanks? there's no need to be stressed. geico makes it easy to file a claim online, on the app, or over the phone. yeah, but what if i never hear back? that's gonna make me want to go jab...jab! nope! your geico claims team is always there for you. that makes me want to celebrate with some fireworks. 5,6,7 go... boom, boom, boom, boom boom boom boom boom boom, yeah! geico. great service without all the drama.
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♪. maria: welcome back. this week finally some relief coming to americans and business in desperate need of help. congress passed a 900 billion-dollar stimulus package with key provisions for restaurants including $325 billion to help small businesses. revival of the paycheck protection program, with a forgivable loan up to 3 1/2 times monthly payroll costs and
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tax deductible expenses t allows businesses also to deduct restaurant meals through 2022. restaurants have seen revenue plummet $130 billion compared to a year ago. joining me right now is one of those restaurateurs, the owner of bobby van's steakhouses, joseph smith. joe, great to have you this weekend. thanks for being here. merry christmas to you. it hasn't been a very merry time for your business and for the industry. tell me your reaction to this provision in the new stimulus deal which allows people to write off their meals when they go to restaurants. the thinking is more people will go to restaurants. >> first of all, maria let me say something which combs from the committee i'm part of, mark fox, our president and other people. we want to thank the people at fox, yourself, stuart, susan, dagen, for carrying the plight of every day someone on from a restaurant, and you've been
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behind us all the way. without you we wouldn't have got what we got. you are making it noticeable to the people that vote on these things. not that i really think they care but getting back to the non-taxable and the expense account, that's great if the people were back in the office but you have nine, 10% of every building midtown is only occupied. the other 90 percent are working from home. so if they're going to have those lunches, expense accounts they're not having them midtown manhattan. they're having them in long island, they're having them in queens, westchester, connecticut. it's really, it's a great thing if we get everybody back in the office but if you listen to all of the other channels besides fox all you hear is fear. fear now virus coming from london. now london is shutting down. of course de blasio and schumer,
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cuomo the three stooges will jump on top of that we haven't seen the worst of it yet. not going to help -- maria: joe, because, you have got new york closed down again with governor cuomo saying no indoor dining. as you mentioned london is under attack with this new virus strain and then california is largely shut down as well. also this week washington d.c., shut its restaurants as well. assess the situation, joe. how tough has it been for your business? >> well, first of all we're closed for seven months. we were shut down completely for seven months. you can do take-out, but you can't do take-out midtown because once again the office buildings are empty. that will not work for the likes of myself, mark fox's restaurant, places like that, san pietro, it doesn't work
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because there is no one in the offices. so they tell you to get ready to open. we spent $50,000 on each restaurant to get it ready. five weeks we were open it didn't make $50,000 each restaurant. an on top of that you had the landlord looking for some money. you had the electricity bill, the insurance bill and your payroll. so it cost us money to open up for those five weeks and then the two weeks that we could have made a little money, got ahead of the game, that we broke even they shut us down which was week and this week. there was little parties booked for tens, 12s, 20s, which normally would have been 100 or 80 or 50 people. you get ready that are little teaser, he goes, close the doors again. then i -- maria: even more than that they did not cover liability protection in this bill. so if somebody comes to your
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restaurant when you do open and get sick, decides to sue you you have got a lawsuit on your hands. joe let me ask you, what do you want to see? there are expectations that half of restaurants are going to go out of business. what is going to take to help your industry? >> it is going to take another, the 125 billion we were supposed to get that pelosi once again screwed up because she didn't want trump to get the glory before the election. everybody knows the story, it will take that 125 billion to get to the right people, to get it out to us. we need that money, or we close. we close. maria: this is people's livelihoods. you built your business and i know that all you want is gdp, not ppp. you want to be able to get back to business, joe. we will be watching. we so appreciate you joining me this weekend and laying it all out. very sad state of affairs.
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maria: welcome back. this week president trump issued a number of pardons and five commutations. among the most notable names former campaign foreign policy advisor george papadopoulus. papadopoulus was charged with making false statements during the mueller investigation. he was sentenced to 14 days in prison and had to pay a 9500-dollar fine. in a fox business exclusive i spoke with papadopoulus on the
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heels of that pardon. >> i'm absolutely ecstatic. first and foremost i would really like to express how grateful i am to president trump for pardoning me and correcting what i think and what i think many people now with the overwell among evidence out there would believe was a tremendous injustice and something that should have never happened, not only for myself. 2016 presidential campaign and country as a whole. so i'm extremely grateful. it's a tremendous moment for myself and my family. it came on the cusp of christmas. so it made it even more special for me. maria: you know, george, it is interesting that you get pardoned this week when just last week we found another dump of text messages that were declassified, george, from peter strzok. some of those text messages showed that they were mocking you, that you didn't want to talk to them. that about, your mother didn't want you to talk to them and
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they were pretty much just mocking you about talking with them. i want you to go this your story, george. we've talkerred about this so many times. i know you were set up. you wrote an entire book about it. we're looking at picture of peter strzok, the disgraced fbi agent. tell me what you believe took place and why you were targeted, george, in a couple of sentences? >> well, first i think that one of president trump's biggest political achievements actually has been to expose the rot and corruption that pervaded his predecessor's attempt not only undermine the democratic process but obviously prevent a smooth transition of power. and i was one of the few caught directly in the cross-hairs of that attempt to undermine both the democratic process and the smooth transition of power to the trump administration. essentially what happened to me and it seems that john durham is looking into a lot of the allegations that i have made is that this essentially was a
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western intelligence operation lead by the obama administration to set up various members of the trump campaign to orchestrate a fake conspiracy to spy on the campaign illegally and should president trump have won, to essentially handcuff him, prevent him from governing properly. that is exactly what happened, what the country went through. with every piece of declassified information that comes out over the last weeks or so, i hope more comes out, just simply reinforces that. it really makes president trump and his associates look like they were targeted in an illegal operation. that is something that should not be viewed through a partisan lens, and something that should have never happened and never happen again. maria: george, you were working for a company called the international center of law practice i believe. and you said, oomph going to quit. i'm going to work for donald trump. help him on his campaign. they said, wait, george, before you go anywhere, before you quit on us, we want to send you on a
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trip to rome which is so crazy. you're quitting a company and they're telling you wait, we want to pay for a trip for to you go to italy. when you went to italy they introduced you to a gentleman named joseph mifsud and mifsud told you what? >> that is not only having about the trip to rome i met joseph mifsud, is the epicenter of the entire russian collusion hoax, rome is the attorney which attorney general barr and john durham traveled to, to learn about this mysterious person that provided fake information to set me up to launch the criminal investigation. this is globespanning investigation. it resulted in one indictment and prison referral by john durham to the fbi attorney that was actually running my case,
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kevin clinesmith. that is why the trip i took to rome is so critical. it is part of the new counter investigation as we speak. why i think we'll learn a lot more why i was sent to go to rome, why i met this individual and why attorney general barr and john durham felt that learning about this professor that i ran into accidentally or not accidentally triggered their criminal investigation. maria: yeah. so this professor that you quote, unquote, ran into, told you that russia had damaging emails on hillary clinton in hopes that you were going to repeat, just a couple of weeks later when you had another meeting. you think all of these people were spies? were they all trying to entrap you, george? >> yeah, look i think the situation that i found myself in was a very shady situation. just last week there were declassified text messages that
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congressman devin nunes was referring to in which phone calls between myself and the vice president, the former vice president of fox news were being recorded without warrants. we know based on declassified information that the president has eliseed to the public that pimas kerr raising as professors were actually spies recording conversations. there were honey pots involved here. i mean this was a very dirty operation. this was not run by the kgb. this was run by the u.s. government under the obama administration and after almost three years we still don't even understand how and why this particular investigation was launched except that it should have never started in the first place. maria: my thanks to george papadopoulus. don't go anywhere. wall street will be back right after this. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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maria: welcome back. that will do it for us nor this weekend. thank you for being here. tune in to fox business every friday night for another edition of wall street friday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to tune into "sunday morning futures" on the fox news channel. we have a special edition of "sunday morning futures." this our final program of the year. we're looking at the most important issue to america. that is the threat of china. we have news making interviews with secretary of state mike pompeo, director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe, attorney general bill barr and arkansas senator tom cot ton. catch the show this weekend on fox news 10:00 a.m. eastern on sunday. start every weekend on fox
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business 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern for "mornings with maria." as we set the tone for the day. thanks for being with us this weekend. we hope you had a wonderful christmas holiday. have a happy new year and i will see you next year. ♪. gerry: welcome to the "the wall street journal" at large. this is traditionally we come together to celebrate to connect with family and friends, reflect on blessings for the past year and our hopes for the next. you don't need any reminding this is not the traditional christmas and holiday season. many families are unable to come together this year out of concerns for the health of vulnerable relatives or the lockdown rules. more people will be mourning the loss of family members and loved ones. for most of u


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