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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 30, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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to turn in tomorrow night for kennedy's near game night extravaganza, i was not invited but you do not want to miss it, kennedy back next week happy almost new year to all of you ad good night from new york. ♪. elizabeth: we have breaking news the senate just adjournednt moments ago until tomorrow at noon eastern time senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the democrats plan to give americans $2000 co-pay to relief check says no realistic path to quickly pass the senate, senators continue to fight over that and it is so bad they're fighting over winter vote to override the president's veto on the $740 billion defense spending bill critics say there's so much pork in the bill even a hawk would choke on it, trump says if you can hand out
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the port give americans the money, joining us tonight ken fox, kristin tate, ken cuccinelli, brent tolman and all the developing headlines. we will get you updated on the fight in the senate and the crucial senate runoff in georgia will determine the future of the country we have more disturbing revelation about the democrat senate candidate and also will bring you what other media will not the man-made disasters crated by democrat leaders that wrecked the country in 2020 the aftershock is still rock in america today we are talking about 2020 worst politicians who let writers destroy their fities, we will show you the name, so out-of-control dozens were killed, numerous cops injured and cops injured to the point ofe being blinded and retired cops like police captain david was shot dead and innocent civilians to this day getting assaulted happened in new york city, because critics say the
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egoistic of vanity of the politician, the new textbook examples, that is who they are new textbook examples of how not to lead, we will show you the ivory tower media host losing sanctimony on camera they down pill laid the riot when dozens were killed and billions of dollars of property destroyed, plus how 2020 launched the d from the police push that is still slamming innocenty. americans today we will show you all of that and how the skyrocketing crime and has hammering minorities communities and minorities are saying stop enough is enough your literally killing us and we will get you updated on more embarrassing problems for hunter biden, this time a new court decision was involved in critics say the whole things stinks and the new development and border officials warning biden's team keep trump's successful borderr policy. will he do it and for how long, thank you for joining usi' i'm
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elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts rightt now. ♪. elizabeth: where an breakingng news mode we will talk with congressman ken, what is your take that the senate majority leader mitchco mcconnell is sayg that the democrats plan to give $2000 and covered relief checks no realistic path forward, your reaction to that, good to have you on. >> good to be on>> with you andi think senator mcconnell is absolutely right if the democrats in the house that even willing to cut the pork and increases 600-dollar payment by $1400 to $2000 they would receive republican support in the house and all ofou the democrat support but they did not, they were willing to cut it, they were willing to help their friends in state and local government information and all other areas,nt the result they just wanted to add $1400
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appointment to what they already had and it's unacceptable in the senate should not pass it. elizabeth: are you letting it be the enemy of the good because the pork is still in there but your say no to more money for americans, let's show what is in the bill. show the viewer. lego ahead. >> what i am saying the deficit is so high right now that we cannot afford any pork in the park should come out of the bill. >> your giving it to sudan, jordan, you're doing border security for lebanon, tunisia, you are giving money to central america to fight corruption, money to ukraine, money to bur burma, why can you not cut those amounts and give it to americans? gr absolutely i agree we should cut it in this priority should be americans and american should get the $2000 but we should not be giving americans the $2000
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and giving the other countries that outrageous amount the democrats have to bend on a few issues and the issues are all the money going overseas and all the money going to noncovered related pet projects here in the u.s. elizabeth: is seems like americans are going to get hung out to dry but the money overseas is still going to flow out, that is the complaint, right? >> absolutely american should get the $2000 in the money should not flow overseas, absolutely. elizabeth: here is the other thing, basically the president is saying republicans have a death wish if they don't allow the $2000 to go out, what do you say to that. >> it's clear what should've happened a few months ago the president and the senate negotiators should have figured out how to give the americans the $2000 checks and should've figured out how to streamline a
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bill without all the pork. had that happen and people negotiated inn good faith we would not be there right now, what happened instead nancy pelosi wanda bailout blue state pension fund and put that in the covid bill, then she wanted to make sure the president did not get credit for a check that went to americans before the campaign before the election and that did not work. at thehe last minute she stuffed the bill full of pork giving americans $600 when she should've gave themns $2000. elizabeth: this has been going on for months. why is it time and time again this happens at the 11th hour, there's a rush out the door and then americans get stuck with the bill and stuck withmo less money. >> it is the swamp and is always the swamp and they gave us 5000 page bill and i say the members
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of the house, 5000 page bill with a few hours to read it before they call the vote and they knew it was a must pass a bill to keep government open and they stuffed it with goodies with their friends but they refused to give us the time to go through the bill and offer amendments to take out the bad items in the bill, it is what they do every year. elizabeth: we have to move on to the other story, this is a new development to u.s. b-52 bombers, to air force strata fortresses and a show to iran fine over the persian gulf use it on house foreign affairs this is the second time in a month, how worried are you that iran will retaliate on the upcoming anniversary of the killing of the iranian soleimani, what is going to happen, what do you think? >> i don't know what iran does but i know what they do will be met with strong actions of the united states iran is a road nation, they have supported
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against our allies like israel and across the world frankly and this president has stood up to them, it's the right thing to do and anything that they do now on any anniversary or for whatever reason will be met with deadly force and i think they have to understand that before they engage in any type of provocative behavior. elizabeth: general frank mckenzie the commander of central command in that region he is saying the u.s. is moving in and deploying combat capabilities into the area and there could be a rocket attack ttand iraq and drone strikes agn in oilfields like tehran did accused of doing that was saudi arabia but that is the serious threat that we could see in the coming days rocket attacks by iran in the region, your final word on that. >> we are much better prepared now than we were before before the types of rocket affects and
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i believe the combat ready troops that they should not engage in this behavior and they're trying too take advantae of a transition of power in this country and making a serious mistake if they do. elizabeth: congressman ken buck, great to have you on i appreciate it.ot elizabeth: we have a special programming note check at the future of capitalism virtual town hall with the charles payne, he is terrific it is coming up on january 13 at 2:00 p.m. on fox business an important discussion on the future of capitalism with the incoming biden administration ready to unleash a potential swarm of new regulation and taxes, you can send us your questions on facebook or instagram or you can e-mail at invested in you and we have a jam packed show were moving on a lot of headlines, we will bring on young americans kristin tate she
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will talk to us about what is going to happen next week with the georgia senate runoff and that will determine the future of the country and we are more disturbing revelation of a democratat candidate there in te senate runoff race in georgia. the story next. >> we cannot run the government from the senate but we can sure hellll stop socialism and we hae control of the senate, that is why everybody needs to get out and vote in georgia. ♪ modern or reliable. we want both - we want a hybrid. so do banks. that's why they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach helps them personalize experiences with watson ai while helping keep data secure. ♪ ♪ from banking to manufacturing, businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm. ♪ ♪ (kids laughing)
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elizabeth: now we have breaking news coming in let's woken young american kristin tate, we have the news coming in, 100 republicans could challenge the electoral college votes for joe biden next week, this comes on the heels ofsh senator josh hawy saying he would object during congress tally of the electoral college votes next week, 100 republicans challenging the vote for biden, what is your reaction to that story? >> this is a stunning development, it's in the constitutional right to do so democratsw that the would be doing the exact same thing if they were in this position, having said all of that i think it would be smart for all of us to remain hopeful but still prepare as beau biden is going to be our next president and that means staying
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laser focused on the elections in georgia and keeping the senate quite frankly. elizabeth: we have new jersey representative saying he will not vote to certify joe biden as president, is this it a growing ground or will this work is going to stand? what do you think. >> i think it will be a growing ground swell, we seem real angep from trump and people all across the country even independent who feel like there's a lot of unanswered questions aboutle the selection in many unanswered questions and allegation of outright fraud and it's funny and infuriating because the same people for the last four years have been telling us that trump was not our lid judgment president and he colluded with r russia despite having no evidence of that, they say this was a completely clean election how dare you ask any questions let's move on, i think were going to see this become more of
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a movement with our elected officials because the people and the voters want answers to questions. elizabeth: then we got that happening, the electoral college vote tally by congress next week, the georgia senate runoff coming up, your reaction now to coming out,on negative stuff coming out about thens democrat candidate, now tt we have news coming in that the democrat senate candidate, raphael warnock in his 2014 book compares the far left hate creature jeremiah rice to state augustine he is a preacher that said god damn america. >> also the candidates in georgia, the democratic candidates are real radicals but i want to stress that these elections in georgia are so much more than just the candidates on the ballot, this is about saving
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the country from a unchecked far left wing agenda, if democrats get unified control they can fundamentally and radicallyou changes country starting with removing the filibuster giving statehood to d.c. in puerto rico which would secure left-wing power perhaps for generations giving illegal immigration's amnesty which would create permanent democratic voting block and passive massive's blue state bailouts to subsidize decades of irresponsible fiscal decisions by the democrat run nsstates. and joe biden has been trying to keep the radical wing of his party locked away in the basement until after the runoff, georgia voters need to understand what they will be unleashing if they give the democrats control. you don't have to love kelli left in her or purdue to understand to what th alternatie is. elizabeth: the washington post is asking what is the georgia senate democrat senator jon
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ossoff, it is reporting he will not reveal his company finances or his business dealings or where he gets his money from from overseas dealings with china, hong kong, he is a ceo of insight, a company that produces documentary video and at the 11th hour it is not a good look at the 11th hour that he amended his financial disclosures to show paymentw frm 32 groups, gop senator david perdue of georgia is saying china is targeting liberals like awsat and eric swalwell and hunter biden, is that legit witticism. >> absolutely they have a china problem in jon ossoff tried to hide his connection to a media company that has direct ties to the communist chinese governme government, he needs to answer questions about this and be clear about what his views on china really are and i hope republicans inn georgia realize
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that this is not just about republicans in democrats it's about putting someone in the senate who won't even acknowledge the threat that china poses to this country, i will say this i am optimistic because even though the democratic candidates in georgia have raised a record $200 million, i suspect they won't ultimately bee successful, it reminds me of bait or work who also raised record amount of money from out-of-state and propped up by the media and ended up losing to ted cruz so hopefully the same thing will yhappen in georgia and remember in november democrats in the senate and down while it race lagged behind, the same trend carried over into the statehood in georgia, we remain hopeful and republicans there realize that we fight for the soul of this nation. elizabeth: kristin tate, thank you for joining us.
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>> coming up we will stay on the breaking news that 100 republicans will contest the electoral college vote tally that congress will take next week, were bringing on ken cuccinelli top homeland security official, we will talk about the man-made disasters crated bye immigrant leaders in the worst politicians who let riots destroy their city worse than 2020 coming up. >> it is true, that's happening in poland. >> that is a myth being spread. >> there is videos everywhere online, fires and riots and fireworks at federal officers, dhs is there, look online. ♪ two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors
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♪ ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome top homeland security official ken cuccinelli, it's great to have you on, first the breaking news reports coming in 100 republicans in congress will object to the vote tally, the electoral college by congress for joe biden, josh hawley saying he will object to it and
9:25 pm
that vote tally, basically chuck schumer saying this is disgusting these kinds of moves, he said that today, what is your reaction to all of this? >> it is easy to him say is disgusting after playing along with the miles per hour and the defending violent mobs all over the country including his home state of new york, this is part of the constitutional process and honestly for the other side who is now shouting unity after shouting violence and impeachment and all the other fake news things from the last four years, they should not be surprised that their cries fall on deaf ears, they have made their bed and now they have to sleep in it and let's face it,
9:26 pm
there are real questions about fraud in the selection and until they resolve with transparency. elizabeth: i want to clarify republican adam kings and your 100 republicans may object not senator josh hawley it's adam ca.finish your thoughts. >> i was just noting part of the problem with people accepting the outcome of the election was the widespread lack of transparency, critical moments in time and i would go back to florida in 2000, florida realized they were made and national joke in 2000, they looked awful, their system was a wreck and you know what florida did, they fixed it and we need
9:27 pm
this attention to update, upgrade and make transparent our whole election process and every single state so this questioning and this fraud cannot happen again. elizabeth: people say is not totally fixed in florida but we hear what you're saying let's move on with the story the man-made disasters, will show you the worst of the worst the politicians that let rioters destroy their cities, jenny durkan, ted wheeler of portland, oregon in new york city bill de blasio, riots spread across the country, billions of dollars in private and community property destroyed dozens of people killed but what happened politicians let peaceful protests over the killing of black americans of breonna taylor another in police custody and they let the protest spiral out of control into riots so your reaction to these three individuals? >> first of all the real
9:28 pm
substance that was worthy of discussion in the breonna taylor situation in the george floyd situation, that was lost to the violence, not 100% but their memories were not respected by the silence, they were set asi aside, the mirrors that you named were examples of abandoning the responsibilities especially the number one responsibility of everyone at government, that is public safety, all the other rights that we have grown from our ability to be safe in our community and so frequently we saw violent white liberals trashing minority neighborhoods because they are angry with president trump or whatever it was at that moment. how much sense does that make and you have liberal radically liberal mayors, the three that you named our way to the left, defending them, defending the
9:29 pm
violent people in the mobsters, defending the rioters were destroying cities all wall screaming for defunding a police, guess what, protect those most meaningful neighborhoods where crime is the worst and where families of the snow that they need the protection there not being listened to or being heard because of the protocol signaling that is sacrificing those americans. elizabeth: it got so bad rioters targeted the personal homes of seattle police chief in the chicago mayor, oakland mayor libby schaff, and d.c. mayor, despite what should be obvious, it is this, peaceful protesters do no throw explosive to federal courthouse or cops, there's nothing peaceful about dozens getting killed and riots and people getting shot or stabbed, nothing peaceful about writers
9:30 pm
pointing lasers at cops or to attack them with power tools or commercial grade fireworks or trap cops in buildings to bring the buildings down. but we have the media downplaying this and that would be cnn don lemon at one point said the writing is not extreme, let's listen to brian downplay the violence going on in seattle. watch this. >> it looks like a big deal when you zoom into pine street and the surrounding area but let's zoom out and show all of seattle and get a sense of the context for this, this is happening about six city blocks. elizabeth: within a few weeks of him saying that, after he said that there were four shootings in that area into people shot dead, your reaction? >> don't forget the sexual assault that were unable to be investigated that occurred there as well, we had a model, seattle
9:31 pm
gave us a model that's what life looks like in the cities without police and looks like for attempted murders into murders and some countless sexual assaults and six blocks and just a matter of weeks that is what defunding the police look like america, now we know and whether brian thinks it's a big deal or not or the mayor of seattle herself thinks it's a big deal or not, it clearly is and most americans believe that even democrats in the house you remember after the elections were republicans did so well you had democrats screaming to the roofs you fools talking about defunding police and socialism you are killing us, those ideas destroy america and ideas have consequences and we sell it play out across cities across the country. elizabeth: ken cuccinelli, thank you for joining us. good to see you.
9:32 pm
just at the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox business network, former nypd lieutenant darrin porcher has a lot to say about this will show you the worst of the media the tv host downplay the riots when dozens were killed and billions of property destroyed and we will talk more about 2020 launched the d from the police push which is still rocking the country today as innocent citizens are still getting attacked and minorities are saying stop enough is enough you're erroneous policies are killing us. that story next. ♪ [female narrator] today, the heroes that fight
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9:37 pm
country in racine san francisco. l.a., seattle another cities defunding and crime is skyrocketing. >> this is problematic from a political perspective we saw how it flipped and the house of representatives in relation to the d from police movement, people live in these communities, the local citizens do not want defunding the police because when we see what happened in new york, seattle, portland in chicago, these communities came under siege as a result of people that acted with impunity because they believe that d from the police movement was something that the politicians o were attaching, we need to moveit forward to a betr place and it's unfortunate, i live in new york city and bill de blasio is at the helm in denigrating and the quality of life in new york and it's all based on the prefaces of d from the police. elizabeth: yesterday we had a family coming in to look at the christmas tree in their car in
9:38 pm
teenagers on bicycles jumped on the car, smashed their windshield and the habited downtown manhattan, we have crime skyrocketing in the community saying you are killing us when you take an oath to defend and protect americans, this is a serious story that is still having ramifications right now in our country. i would like to have you take a look again at a sound from her grandmother in brooklyn who 1-year-old grandson was shot dead sitting in a stroller in brooklyn, let's listen to theli grandmother she has a big statement to make, this happened earlier this year, watch this. >> for the coward that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself because everybody is
9:39 pm
talking about black lives matter, what about babies lives, what about teenagers lives, you took ao innocent child from a mother and a father as well as the grandparents, go to hell, you can go to hell and excuse my expression but you took something that was precious from me, precious from my son, something precious from his mother and he cannot come back. elizabeth: you can feel the raw emotion, we are going to move to this, the media downplay the violence, watch the curious audit exchange and that's probably an understatement between cnn don lemon and chris cuomo mocking the rise in crime. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now, is this what you want from joe biden and they will take your country away and taking down the statures.
9:40 pm
>> define police. >> it so bad in the defunding police. elizabeth: crime is up in dozens of cities nationwide even the new york times is reporting that, your reaction. >> the crime rate in new york is that a meteor cries, homicide rate this year i want to say has been 40% higher than it was last year in connection with what is happening without experience in brooklyn as related to the innocent child that lost their life to gun violence and begs e the question of the level of effectiveness of public safety strategy that should be employed like a city like new york and on a national level crime has been going up but we have not had an answer from a lot of the democratically elected officials we need to sit and take a step back and make a qualitative assessment as what is necessary and put forth the agenda of the
9:41 pm
law enforcement practitioners to ensure we can reduce crime as a result. elizabeth: thatn is seen as the right wing initiative when we know both sides of the aisle is saying it's not right wing, you have to keep us safe but we have nancy pelosinc downplaying riots taking down statues saying people do what they do in the maryland governor said there is no place for lawlessness like that, were here what you're saying about democrat leaders but when you have that what you do, democrats don't bring up the violence in the riots of their own convention. >> this is when we as voters need to vote out thoses individuals that are putting forth an agenda that is harmful to the public safety of the citizens that they represent we have just in new york, amol bowman who was elected to congress that is moving forth the same agenda of defunding police in the same hold true with alexandria ocasio-cortez in the new york area these are
9:42 pm
terriblele elected officials and we need to put a stop to this as citizens and ensure these people don't get elected moving forwa forward. elizabeth: there is an issue about police brutality but defunding the police with minority communities, that is the debate and it's great to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me's. elizabeth: former u.s. attorney brett coleman we are more embarrassing problems for hunter biden and new court decision plans that chinese former business partner that paid hunter to help them. that story next. >> do you still think that your son hunter -- >> yes, yes, yes. [inaudible]
9:43 pm
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mr. rogers said, "look for the helpers! you can always find people who are helping." thank you to all the first responders who put their lives in danger to help us when my brothers and sisters need them. we look out for the helpers, because they look out for us. thank you, first responders! thank you, first responders! love you! be safe, look after yourself and look after one another.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former u.s. attorney brett tolman, the hunter biden -- is back in the headlines yemen appeals court upheld the conviction of hunters chinese former business partner patrick hello was convicted of paying bribes to chad in uganda, he paid hunter $1 million to help defend them, your thoughts on the story? >> while this is happening the united states is ripping up its efforts under the foreign corrupt practices act, ten messages foreign and domestic that they will not tolerate corruption on the form of bribes and we have these allegations,
9:48 pm
not only that but money transferst from him to hunter fr alleged legal services, it is concerning and i has to expand the scope of this investigation. elizabeth: this guy patrick accused of bribing to get china's drilling rights and africa was reportedly stuffy millions of dollars in cash and boxes and bringing them to the leaders of chad and reportedly uganda. that is still out there for hunter biden and then you have the story secretary of state mikmike pompeo seine hunter bid, eric swalwell were the tip of the iceberg in china has done a full court press to soften up americans to be more embracing of chinese communism, what do you say that? >> i agree with the secretary and also you back in 2003 we were made aware when i was chief
9:49 pm
counsel over crime and terrorism issues we were made aware then this was strategy by the chinese to soften the infrastructure inn individuals in the desires when it came to china and to be able to get them to agree to some of the behavior that it would lead them into, it's notng just the business world they were doing it with politicians and now are seeing it with the sons of politicians because it has an ability to get them what they want. elizabeth: final question, how deep does this go with u.s. politicians in china? >> i would tell you i wish i could say that this is something that we could root out easily, we cannot, these are issues that have been prevalent for decades, they are deep seated and we have individuals that are going to fiercely try too protect themselves and to cover their behavior and actions, the tip of
9:50 pm
the iceberg does describe it well and i think we will be shocked to see how this country has been infiltrated by the chinese. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, it is good to see you. >> great to see you, thank you, liz. next up national border patrol council back with us, we have a new development, border officials warning the biden team you have to keepni in place trus successful border policies, will they do it and how long. that debate next. >> i'm significantly concerned as i know k you are, what this president was able to calm push out the border was really unprecedented in many said it could not be done. ♪ t, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims,
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♪ ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show national border patrol council viceci president art del cueto, it's great to have you on, we have reports coming in the border patrol officials warned the biden team do not cut into trumps order success stories and his policies, your reaction? >> it is good they are speaking up and saying, i will tell you right now is not the time to take steps back, there was a lot
9:55 pm
of policies put in place during the last administration the trump administration that secured our nation borders and it would be disastrous right now to take steps back but we are seeing it down on the line some of the individuals crossing illegally have been swarming the areas and the numbers are going up in entries and a lot has to do with them thinking that the policies are going to go away and they believe they will have a free ticket to be in the united states. elizabeth: the first two months of this fiscal year 2021 we have 135,000 apprehended at the border for those two months that is a seven-year high, were hearing the biden team is saying yes we will keep for now the you expel illegal border crossers immediately where they cannot get due process waiting for court and they remain in mexico program where they have to stay and
9:56 pm
apply for asylum, they will keep it for now but could get rid of it down the road right? >> anything can happen down the road and it's constraining because they need to make sure they have the proper things a in place and where they will process these individuals in the right number ofev immigration judges and asylum officers in those areas, the apprehension numbers are up but the real concern, how many people have not been caught, the numbers have gone up astronomically and when you see apprehensions, got away numbers are going up and those are numbers we need to concentrate, that is what scary you don't know how many people come through at the beginning of the fiscal year end you do not know their intention while they're in the united states, that is a problem. elizabeth: here's the issue, drug cartels are loading up into backpacks, lethal drugs like fentanyl and hard narcotics like cocaine and methamphetamine and
9:57 pm
they're having illegal border crossers carry them, smuggled that across the border in terrorists coming across the border that, people from countries not to central america but from the mid east and yemen in china coming in, we have custom and border protection mark morgan saying that joe biden does p plan to end the u.. agreement with central america meaning honduras, water mall, el salvador and mexico to say if we catch your nationals you have to take them back, that used to be the policy for a long time and bsuddenly that was changed and trump put it back in placece and biden might get rid of it is that here come the caravans again moment. >> not just the caravans but we have to talk just like you mentioned the drug cartel, they are very much aware of what is going on in many times when they see this open border stance what
9:58 pm
they do they work with the drug, the human smuggling organizations and flood certain areas with the individuals knowing it would move the agents fromha the locations and what happens they start bringing in the drug product, currently a big war going on with the drug cartels a lot of peoplee have nt been reporting but make no mistake that is something that will affect our country and the agents working the border and god knows how much more people will end up dying down there and they will bring their product across and something that will affect the united states foror years too come, right now is not the time to take steps back and i don't want to sound like i'm fear mongering and i'm telling you the truth that is at the end of the day what needs to be told, the truth needs toru be told. it's not time just take steps back when it comes to immigration process. elizabeth: pull show americans even immigrants that legal
9:59 pm
immigration, not the illegal immigration, what is going on with the drug cartel war that you just brought up, can you tell us more about it? >> if you look at the news outlets you will see there's drug wars going on in the stateh of sonora south of arizona and there always position for power, i was even speaking to friends that are trying to get her legally into the united states and even those people are affected or individuals in the united states trying to doly it legally, the courts can get flooded and you don't even know where their status is going extentot but the war on drugs ad the cartels fighting amongst each other trying to get their product across that is something that people need to be aware of because it does notot stay in mexico and it does not stay on the border town that comes into the united states and were talking about drugs like cocaine, heroin and fentanyl and something that is horrible right now and we need to sears to buckle down and take care of our nation's borders.
10:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you for joininl us, thank you for the service to our country. thank you for watching, i am elizabeth macdonald and you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. happy new year and watching us and joining us again, we will have a great show in the coming days. ♪ i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. well, we are one week away from if congress certifying the electoral ledge votes in favor of joe biden, but today a republican senator announced that he will join more than a dozen colleagues in the house of representatives and stand up for the nearly 75 million americans who voted for president trump. many of who feel that election was stolen from the president and want their concerns about the integrity of the election to be heard loud and clear. senator josh hawley says he will object to the certification of certain states'


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