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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

9:00 pm tomorrow night on the show, mcfarlane, charlie hurts and mike chase joins me for a new episode of kennedy. tomorrow night is a big night. good night. ♪♪
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more on president biden first 100 days, president biden's call on the uncivil war. the lower the temperature, time for unity. here's the debate, split the country. give it a growing cause to punish even blacklist, these programs from 75 million voting for trump. one just said all of america need to be on. democrats, not talking about the irs and conservative nonprofits picking up the story and this debate, can they listen to americans? they keep saying we are scared, you're not listening to us. we are anxious, desperate, frustrated. our needs are not getting hurt. you've got to stop the political clash of turning our hometowns
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into ghost towns with their bad policies. we are going to take on this new debate president biden said it's time to move on, washington set in. nancy pelosi talking about 9/11 and looking into these ties. russia may still have the black male video in moscow hotel room. the argument against all that. also, donald trump now at the 11th hour ordering the declassification of documents under the russia problem. new debate, what's in it? this new debate, a new trend started at the border, a game changer. mexico and guatemala now standing up from mexico and guatemala think enough is enough. the country now saying caravans for violent, they are wrong, you are responsible, dangerous from mexico and guatemala think caravans violate the laws. here is the story.
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will washington was in? thanks for watching. the evening at it right now. ♪♪ ♪♪ welcome to the show. were walking watching fox business. in washington, good to see you, reverend. >> good afternoon. good evening. there's a flurry of activity right now at the white house with president joe biden there, signing 17 executive orders basically undoing a lot of president trump had done here. among those executive orders, he's going to not build another foot of the border wall. he will reach the pairs, awards and world health organization. he will mandate mask on federal property and federal buildings. biden is offering a path to citizenship for this eight years for the 11 million so-called dreamers. also an executive order to go
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back and count them illegally in the u.s. census. this message during the inauguration is unity. >> today at this time in this place, let's start fresh, all of us. listen to one another again. here one another, seeing one another, show respect to one another. this doesn't have to be a raging fire. every disagreement doesn't have to be cause for total war. reporter: the key would be the actions behind the words that are there. mapping out a timeline for impeachment of president donald trump and they are trying to confirm the cabinet for president biden. what democrats worry about mr. president trump coming back in 2024. in his last speech, the 45th president, president trump said
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that it's not exactly over. listen. >> i wish the new administration great luck and success. they all have great success. they have the foundation to do something really spectacular so just goodbye, we love you. we will be back in some form. [cheering] reporter: that's what the democrats are concerned about. one more thing, vice president kamala harris is sworn in, or replace in the u.s. senate as well as rafael warnock and john also, that means officially the senate is now 50/50. as a ceremony at the white house there at the white house for president biden. back to you. elizabeth: great to see you. thank you for joining us. who is back with us, washington examiner, hey, fred. we love having you on can you
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give us your thoughts on today? >> i thought the speech was fine. it wasn't too long. joe biden is unity and it's a good idea and he is fortunate when there are so many things republicans disagree with about his agenda and the biggest issue, which is the coronavirus mark covid-19 is one that there is unity on the biggest issue in the country and i think biden probably has pretty much every hand on what he wants to do on the issue, he wants more people to wear masks among other things. the hogan's will just have to go along. elizabeth: we talk about that, 1.9 trillion covid relief bill toward the senate, we know it will pass on a simple majority
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but biden has 17 executive actions, that puts them at six right now, the executive actions behind them, he could do more. a federal national vaccination, what is that? >> trump is calling for new doses created from the vaccine and he's going to want those to be used. i don't think you can force people to do that but we'll see. i think he has a free hand on this, any other issue facing it. the public will be with him and republicans will not try to block any of these things. that is just the way it works. truthfully, given how biden, the hogan's and democrats are, biden
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is lucky to have one big issue he can handle pretty much on his own. elizabeth: it reopen, reopen, reopen. the country needs to reopen with vaccines. they are in a pandemic downturn. historic 50/50 split, even in both the house and the senate. that's probably why is going to move rapidly now to do more executive orders to push the agenda through. republicans are getting ready to push back on these items. anything that will hurt bloom, border security, stopping chinese telecoms from getting into the networks and tech sites. the pipeline is in the 17th new executive action. your reaction to that? >> this was just what republicans did in the case of president obama who had so many issues on what he pushed through
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executive action and republicans got rid of him. when they had the majority to do that and we are seeing bidens retribution in getting these things. it goes with the matter. if you really want something to be lasting, to be tough for the other party to throw out, you need to get it congress and then it becomes law. executive action makes things too easy and that makes it too easy to kill. elizabeth: if you do, that's right. what you are saying, executive actions which presidents have done in the past, it creates to mold, more turnover and divisiveness in d.c. when it comes to the pipeline, justin trudeau, don't kill of right now, thousands of labor union jobs, the chamber of commerce is against stopping the
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key stone and so are the teamsters. oil will be affected anyway, even down the pipeline and the alternative is will be exported to china, whoever pulls out. it feels this will be a fight, coming technicians, it is about the economy right now. you are a historian, you got a keen eye for this. somebody said it look like 1994 and 2009 again, the first terms again, what you say? >> i think we will see it soon. i was amazed today to see the lead story, the day joe biden would be sworn in as president, the immigration issue, the issue that divides the hogan's and democrats more than any other issue is being touted by the
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biden administration already, we are going to have a huge fight over that, i am surprised biden would leave with that issue, it is going to be trouble for them. marco rubio says when you are in favor of amnesty for the people here unlawfully, we are going to block him. elizabeth: thank you for your insight. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. elizabeth: coming up, former deputy assistant fbi director, danny, a d.c. mystery. trump at the 11th hour our ordering declassification government documents on the russia probe. what's in the binder? that story coming up.
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>> my sources tell me the documents coming sunday night or monday, declassified documents. former extensive been lindsey graham and the judiciary committee released today. things are absolutely going to speak to how much the fbi knew and the senior leadership new, when did they know it? how did they abuse their positions of trust and power? ♪♪
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elizabeth: look who's back with us, former fbi director, we loved having you on the show, danny.nk what you think about this mystery binder with the trump russia probe documents that trump ordered declassified at the 11th hour? what are you hearing? >> i don't have a crystal ball, i wish i did. what we have seen so far, more of the same thing. more evidence the fbi used a tfake document to deceive the visor record and get more into surveillance. i don't know what's in the new stuff but i can pretty much guarantee it is more dramatic than what we have seen come out today. there's all kinds of questions here. where is durham? i've seen evidence, right knee reports and exonerate these people will prosecute them.
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this is too much. i think he owes a duty to the american people and to the people the man investigated and maybe with good cause. elizabeth: why is it taking so long to declassified this information? >> there is a process. i've been involved in that in the fbi and cia, they are all concerned about losing their sources. by giving up information from our adversaries with information is, it is a most say. they can put that together and compromise sources and methods. that's why it takes a long time. people are dragging their feet because they don't want to get out. elizabeth: john solomon has been on this story, he's reporting is sources say the mystery finder
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has details of interviews the fbi did in the fall of 2017 with the anti- trump dossier offer customer steel. christopher steel talks about his potential motive for leaking to the media, the collusion narrative, christopher steel testified in court in england that he was hired by the hillary clinton campaign and financed by democrats to dig up dirt on trump to challenge the 2016 election that hillary lost what it looks like thatt information was used to challenge the 2016 election because it ended up getting in court, in the fbi to do the russia probe. what you say? >> how terrible is that? first of all, the fbi should be more sophisticated and not subcontract after probable
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cause. that's not right.i i don't know what happened to cause him to do it now but if that did happen, durham needs to address that. i blame the fbi for that. we are not supposed to be duped by people coming in and we were we were duped, not only duped but we use the information provided, knowing it was false. we get the pfizer court application. that is troubling to me. the relationship state courts and mislead them purposely, that's about as bad as i have ever heard. elizabeth: here's what the pfizer court w apparently did nt hear, asking for the wiretaps on the trump campaign. a new york agent and fbi bureau said definitely, it's obvious
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that christopher steel's stuff was political. another source fbi agent said he is untrustworthy. zero corroboration, we can't cooperate anything he is telling them that the russian source not even in the russia, they were in the u.s. working for them james, he said and unverified material but then you see it in the footnotes in the wiretap applications, how does that happen? you and i talked about this, the wiretaps were meant to stop another night 11, not to be used for political opposition. >> i think it's really simple, they took the legal counsel fbi out of the process. every time i signed this, my counsel division, that's it and they go through an interrogation process they go back to the
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ancient and say, how do you know this? what is the reliability of this individual? go to the court, you have to say i have a source and comment on his reliability. if they didn't do that, it is game on with perjury, armed civil rights violations. when you take away the fourth htamendment right not to be surveilled with a fake document, that is a serious issue on that. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. good to have your insight. >> thanks. elizabeth: good to have you on. just ahead, rnc official on this new debate. president biden says it time to move on but washington still want to settle scores. nancy pelosi wants a new 9/11 commission to look into the
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election russia ties. james comey raises the sector that russia they still have the black male video of moscow hotel room. we've gotav the argument against all of that coming up next. ♪♪ >> it's not just that the court was like to, it's the whole crossfire hurricane investigation continued on much longer than it should have. everybody at d.o.j. and fbi knew by early 2017 that there was no there there. ♪♪
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and there are over 20 exercises to choose from. get gym results at home. no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. go to to get yours now. let's look at the committeeee, california ernie dillon. great to have you back on. what are yourwh thoughts on nany pelosi morning a new congressional commission to investigate trump russia ties and hillary clinton agrees to that, what you think? >> that is directly contradictory to the speech our new president gave this morning regarding unity. he repeated the termhe several times. yet the democrats on capitol hill are not even looking at the last few weeksew or months but literally the previous election cycle want to relitigate that.
9:27 pm
why do they want to do that? and 11 and this election are over they want to telegraph trump supporters, if they don't stay d online or change and move more to thee left, we can expect more of this demagoguery and punishment from the left and that's what's being signaled here and that's why you see revoke and capitol hill including republican leaders abandon then president, though supporters under the bus and make unnecessary remarks. the new evidence that have come to light regarding the russia collusion, it is no different than what we are ready new we have more supposition and innuendo and details but the inclusion president did not collude with russia and we need to move on for the sake of our country and talk about the future. elizabeth: former fbi director james comey is on a book tour after reportedly saying he believes russia may have the
9:28 pm
black male video of trump in a moscow hotel room with prostitutes, that is with the steel dossierer alleged michael cohen what he testified, he doesn't think it exists and connie is basing it on the intelligence report dismissive of the steel dossier talking about was going on at the moscow hotel. what is goingot on here? >> it may be as cynical as his raised former b federal officia, james comey who should not see the light of day in terms of selling books or any other public attention. he's trying to maintain relevance.e. maybe he is aiming for a certain role in this administration, who knows? the facts have notot changed. his credibility has not changed. heed plays a very central, bad role in the attempt by a prior
9:29 pm
administration, obama administration to investigate the new administration, the trump administration and that should never happen in america. i'm confident some people i know in the trumpw administration thy are not doing that to the new biden administration and we should not do that in our country. we should focus on the legitimate issues before the american people, serious issues facing the country right now. we need to fix that and work together on what we can disagree with what wee can't but russia stuff is irrelevant and i'm more concerned about china. there are serious questions with the biden administration and the family. we need to be alert to current threats to our country, that is not what happened in the 2016 election. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. people in america are talking about accountability, brand call totough words about james comey.
9:30 pm
we are going to finish out with this. >> we w talk start taking advice from kony, a guy who ruined the fbi, used enormous power of the governmentpp, people start takig his advice, it's the wrong advice. i don't plan on listening anything c from kony, we should put him in prison for what he did. elizabeth: in prison for the things he did. it's a brand-new day in washington, accountability. >> i think one of the failures of the trump administration is holding people accountable for the crimes committed against our government and laws including people, senior people, d.o.j. and fbi. i blame d.o.j. leadership for that, there was never a serious attempt to bring people to heal four years later. we are having seen an
9:31 pm
commentatorshe from all these people are runninges free, spewg lies and nobody held accountable is sad thing in america right now. elizabeth: good to see you. we are coming into the bottom of the hour, you are watching the foxbusiness network. next, fox news contributor on president biden today saying lower the temperature, stop the uncivil war. time for healing and peace and unity. washington on politics with the country. a growing call by tv host, to punish, blacklist, even the program the voter, 75 million strong who voted for trump. one cnn yes all of america needs to be deprogrammed. next.. ♪♪
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back with mene now, fox news contributor, dineen, it's great to have yous, on, good to see y. president biden saying lower the temperatures, stop the uncivilp war but we got democrats and tv hosts still talk about punishing, censoring and deprogramming the 75 million who voted for trump, even one cnn close that all america needs. we got the former director saying libertarian, who may have been involved in the capital riots. libertarians? why libertarians? take all of this on, dineen. >> i think those arere just wors joe biden because he should have condemned everything you just mentioned at the start of this segment of the top of your show
9:37 pm
but when you think about what is going on, youav have democrats e liberal media despising conservatives, they despise conservative speech and want to control everything. what's going on with our country in terms of conservative speech, they want to shut you down and they want to punish you. i've been doing this for a number of years, public policy, radio tv, i can't even say some of the vile things said to me in e-mails, social media because i have a difference of opinion. what they want to do is making an example of people so no one speaks their mind to make people afraid to intimidate people. >> we are so sorry you have been enjoying that, that is horrible. let'shi clarify what is going o.
9:38 pm
the capital speech and drives were wrong, promptly and then click mitch b mcconnell, publics saying it was wrong. vice president said completely wrong, shouldn't have done it. we also have on the internet conspiracy theories that are poisonous on both sides of the aisle from the internet social media companies being told stop that, turn off the poison but then you have trump voters who didn't agree with any of that, they liked trump policies and you have bareknuckle politics creating division and bleeding into the media and into the country. listen to the clinton. watch this. >> we now know not just him his enablers, his cult members have the same disregard for
9:39 pm
democracy. elizabeth: where the enablers from whole numbers? you see the generalizations here people are frustrated with the kind of language. >> i totally agree. i'd like to know what happened to the thousands of e-mails hillary clinton supposedly doesn't know what happened to them the rhetoric going t on, nonsense demonizing individuals who have a difference of opinion, namely conservative, they are trying to make an example out of all of us. i find the rhetoric and nonsense unbelievable. they want to target punish you. alexandria cortez called cycle fans because they don't want people who worked for president trump to get a job anywhere. we do now media today --
9:40 pm
>> is your thoughts. elizabeth: not just an attack, kayleigh mcenany saying i hope she enjoys her job as a waitress. this is their mindset, they are downright evil. >> that is rude. they are saying democrat in the white house talking about getting to the irs to go after charlie's group for having two events in florida essentially spreading covid. that's not their job to look after nonprofits because they had an event for spreading covid. that is not what the irs is for. we seen democrats say we are going to look at who they are giving money to, the amy coney barrett thing. now got this story coming back. got openr lender letter, to anybody in the trump
9:41 pm
administration. the media is not creating with a like to say is a safe space. 75 million are still upset about shutdowns. turning america into a ghost town. listen to the media talk about -- let's hear them talking about unity. listen to the media. >> their challenges from the grassroots all the way to the presidency. the rock is a every layer. >> millions of americans, almost all white, almost all republicans who somehow need to be l deprogrammed. >> the bottom line is, all of america needs deprogramming because we've all been negative influenced by donald trump. >> i've covered wars abroad, i've seen ugly things this country now resembles but i've never seen country no a more in-depth about safety at home right now, the enemy is us.
9:42 pm
>> they can't even open their mouth about unity. >> they are not family because your conservative, because you saw. you say evil week. elizabeth: i want toizka revisit again, the capital riots were wrong, publicans and it is this is our wrong people condemn that but now people talk about, we've got to listen to both sides president biden is talking about unity and peace. how can they have peace when you hear that rhetoric? your thoughts. >> you can't. the liberal media as part of the problem and that's one of theouo reasons why our country is divided. propaganda on a regular basis versus they are doingng with conservative networks taking them off the provider platform they want to control the
9:43 pm
narrative and skew the propaganda without being challenged. elizabeth: we are sitting right in the middle looking at both sides of the evening at and we are seeing trump voters don't support what they are slamming them forth. thank you so much, appreciate you coming on. coming up, national border patrol, we've got a new trend, it is a game changer. mexico and guatemala now standing up. enough is enough. stop with the border caravan. these countries saying caravans are violent,ca wrong, irresponsible and dangerous. a violet mexico and guatemalans one laws. the washington listen? next. >> thousands of people broke intola guatemala and honduras yesterday and they will try to
9:44 pm
do the same at the mexican border and then the same at the u.s. order which we saw a couple of years ago. they would have rushed the water in san diego in the u.s. ♪♪
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okay, with me now, national border patrol council vice president for securities now, it's a big deal right now with the incoming biden administration. but there is a game changer, a new pushback by mexico and guatemala against caravans. both now blasting honduras letting caravans crossing to the countries. what you think of this? >> thank you for having me on. i think it'ss good using other countries t showing there is a problem with illegal immigration. we've been seeing all along, what is ironic is when you have
9:49 pm
states concentrating on border security, everyone is quick to throw in racism but here you have countries trying to defend their borders and that is what it comes down to. illegal is not a race and defending our nation's order is something that's very important for every country you. elizabeth: now these two countries are saying we are going to defend our borders. mexico is now saying we will send more troops to theor border to protect our border. we have the secretary of guatemala, pedro charging on during security forces accompanied the honduran cabin toward the border and that angered guatemala because it got violent and they violated guatemala sovereignty. guatemala is very angry and so is mexico.
9:50 pm
>> they should be. i have friends in mexico. elizabeth: often and they have itold me specifically people fm honduras have come into the cities and a lot of them can't find work so they are panhandling in the cities, some in mexico are afraid because violence have gonee up and it's because these people come to the country and they can't come to the u.s., they stay in these cities and when they run out of money and supplies, they turned to crime and break into people's homes and start stealing. i'm not saying they're all bad but at the end of the day, they are breaking the laws and it is a big deal. elizabeth: there has to be humanitarian, what is going on with the government and honduras, what doing wrong and not taking care of their people. stay right there, we got more tt talk about including guatemala
9:51 pm
raising red flags about violent members infiltrating the caravans. his washington w listen? this story, next. ♪♪
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patrol council art, it is great to have you on. guatemala's government made it clear it will stop the caravan for any caravan for immigration and health reasons due to covid. talk about that. >> that is another big issue for the longest time, we have had to deal with caravans coming into the u.s. a lot of these caravans carry communicable diseases. now you have to factor in covid because it's a huge deal. you have individuals coming to thee border who don't have good hygiene as they come through, they are caring limited amount of supplies and that's a big issue we need to focus on when you have these people entering not just mexico but obviously the u.s., going to guatemala because you have people guatemala and mexico trying to enter illegally into the country so it creates a domino effect of
9:56 pm
the end of the day is very deadly, that we have seen and is owed to the american public and worldwide. elizabeth: guatemala and mexico is warning that there are violent members inside these caravans have been recruited by human smugglers, drug traffickers, there is that issue. guatemalans foreign affairs secretary also told reporters that among the thousands of those crossing the borders, they are caring big covid test results indicating they are negative when they are not. this is a humanitarian crisis. guatemala and mexico saying this has got to stop. testing for covered, they are catching people who are positive inside theee cabin who need
9:57 pm
treatment. your thoughts? >> we've seen throughout many years, individuals who enter different countries illegally, they carry fake immigration papers. they are resorting to big covid testing to have the extra leeway to get through.wa it's not a surprise. we have comest forward many stes in our immigration process right now to secure the american public. right now is not the time to take steps back and i'm very happy we have other countries in between united states and others entering illegally now that are taking it very serious. it should have been taken very seriously from the start but i am happy to see people taking it serious. our nations borders as well as any countries borders should be protected and tried to protect their own citizens. elizabeth: this might be a difficult idea to wrap people's minds around but this is a humanitarian crisis for people to travel this way because it's
9:58 pm
so dangerous to try to do it. we are seeing heartbreaking things coming in. you get any caravan, you lose contact with your family. you may not see them. we understand the unemployment and drug violence but this is so dangerous to do it this way. over the last two or three years, we are talking again, more than 1000 remains of humans at the border because they failed and they passed away. again and again, it feels like this is an underreported part of the story, it is so dangerous to do that. what you think? >> it is completely underreported.po i am one 100% for legal immigration into this country the problem is when you add this criminal element and see people
9:59 pm
enter countries illegally, there are a bunch of people who would take advantage of that within the criminal elements. people smuggling humans and at the same time individuals likeru the drug cartels bring drugs into our country. all those people take advantage of them. they do it they can bring their product across. at times, they bring illegal aliens into the u.s. and russia through one area so they can make sure they bring the drugs into another spot and try to take care of agents in a humanitariang effort. it is a serious problem. elizabeth: at the border -- yes stop the abuse at the border. border security, canada has border security. countries in asia have theirir n border security. final word, it's not just central americans, as people from pakistan, china, africa. final word. six seconds. >> e, ibottom line, illegal is a
10:00 pm
race and people need to understand that. everybody deserves is no difference in the nations borders from our homes. elizabeth: you been great. thank you for watching, i amth elizabeth macdonald. i hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ lou: good evening, everybody. after four years of the greatest single term in american history, president trump today left the white house, and he spoke to the american people one last time as president of the united states. >> what we've done has been amazing by any standard. we rebuilt the united states military -- [cheers and applause] we created a new force called space force. that in itself would be a major achievement for a regular administrationment we were not a regular administration.


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