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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 21, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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covid-19 and nursing home reducing their risk of residents getting sick by 80% and could be used as a complement to vaccines with eli lilly shares up. thank you to dagen mcdowell and amar, always a pleasure and honor. we will see you soon and had-- have a wonderful day, everyone. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. 100 million americans have a piece of the stock market action. most have at least a small piece of the five big american technology companies that now dominate the economy. you should be smiling because big tech went on a roll on inauguration day. you are in the money. after yesterdays huge big tech rally apple, amazon, facebook, google, microsoft are worth collectively $7.52 trillion.
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that was at the close of trading yesterday. they are now all up again. perhaps, they are up because big tech has been in favor with incoming administration, perhaps because of some of the stimulus and money printing will find its way to them, whatever the reason it's true to say that america's a big tech giants still lead the market and they still be the economy. this is the first full day of the biden administration and in the markets are moving higher. dow jones is a bit lower, but we have the nasdaq up again. big tech for you. s&p is also on the opposite side. the nasdaq is-- it will be close to 13400, maybe 500 today. about is the market's reaction to president biden. the media's reaction is best described as a love affair bordering on infatuation. president biden could do no wrong, but mr. trump,
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republicans, conservatives and the millions that voted for president trump, nothing but contempt and hatred with impeachment moves, conservative opinions canceled and all calls to make republicans apologize and recanted their opinions, not exactly in line with president biden's call for unity. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪ stuart: binding is in there right now. i went to get to the media from the start we will deal with markets later, but first the media. clearly, fawning all over president biden and of course they were slamming president trump on his way out. watch this.
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>> the 46th president of the united states putting his soul into his first address. >> he gave the kind of inaugural address our presidents used to give it. >> his speech was so sincere. >> we saw the steely determination and compassion. >> welcome sight for many americans. president trump is leaving. >> and little pathetic. >> is almost leaving town like on auto crack. >> just looks like a small man. stuart: well, well, well, come on in pete's. i know you have something to say, but obviously unity is not the media's theme, is it >> well, no because the unity-- the media is cheering for their home team. i will use a soccer analogy-- i would normally go with football but we will go with international football, like if your high school buddies scored the winning coral: note world cup, you would fawn over
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every word you could find for their brilliance in a moment. that's precisely how in the taint our media are right now for joe biden if your they loath president trump. they have done everything they can to undercut him all the way down to using words they think will tweak them on the way out as you here with small crowds, a small man, it's condescension right there and on the other side they are getting chills and it was epic address that bill clinton fell asleep during, by the way if you didn't notice, so clearly one-sided commentary and it's what to average americans understand from most media institutions that they are in the tank and donald trump exposed that and then they continued to expose themselves with the days like yesterday. stuart: i guess we should have expected it and that's exactly what we got. pete, i know you went to harvard recently. i know you graduated from the kennedy school, but you went back to recently to talk to
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students about them pulling new york harbor off harvard's advisory board because of her election politics. pulled the second. i went to play a clip from what you found at harvard. >> republican from new york along with wonder-- 1140 other republicans, kicked her off the board. what you think of that? >> for her to support that light i think it disqualifies her entirely. >> comes with a certain degree of supporting misinformation. >> i think it's fair to remove her. >> i don't agree with what they are doing in the government, but i think that's a little far. >> is a cancel culture? >> of course it's canceled culture. stuart: this is retroactive censorship, pete. in fact, it's revenge. >> of course it is and they understand it to be such and at an institution that used to be about truth and in
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fact students talk about truth and it used to be biblical truth in western civilization capitalism now is left wing monocultural and orthodox and they say their truth is centered around that shifting line and in this case if you are trump supporter or not everything was above order for the election you must be cancel and that's what happened to italy's, but they do want balance, some republicans, just the ones that are acceptable to them. you can't be too adamant about the first or second amendment, you have to have a weak republican and they will let you sit on the board stuart: the trouble is those folks inhabit the newsrooms of america and are pushing that censorship in the newsroom. i'm out of time. i know you have a lot of steam left, but we will bore you back soon. looking at futures, up on the nasdaq. that's the important one to look at because big tech going up again. it's all green for big tech.
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apple, amazon, facebook, alphabet and microsoft in the green again. d.r. barton is with us. you know, i can't get over how sick i can this rally is. of those five copies are worth 7.52 trillion. extraordinary. would you put more money in any of them connect i think you have to, stuart. there's a very simple reason. they are still growing at such a great eclipse we used it to include netflix in that same group and they had that big 20% year-over-year revenue when it looks like they are going cash positive. you look at all these companies doing double-digit growth, all five of them except for apple because they are doing double-digit growth in the big areas that matter, highest profit area, wearables and services growing at 20.5 and 16.4%. i think they will grow
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bigger. i like apple. i liked apple a lot yesterday when it was down at the open and i think you could put more money to work there had their earnings. stuart: do you have a price target on apple? >> i don't. i can definitely see putting some money to work down and having a nice 15, 20% gain in a company that's finally innovating again, talking electric cars and all kinds of new things with apple in addition to the things they are executing on so well and i found 12 sales will surprise to the upside. stuart: lets move aside from big tech for a second. i know you also like disney. i have that stock around $170 a share at the moment. it do you think it's going-- 174, right now or do you think it's going up? >> i do like disney and there is one big reason. it's that netflix follow
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on that will help them right now. here's where they are, $1.94 billion in streaming revenues, their first full year, stuart. that's phenomenal. it looks like by several different analysts view that they are going to more than double that by the end of 2022. take that with a really pent-up demand for their theme parks, cruise lines, theaters and sports events with espn and i think you have some company here. stuart: not bad. d.r. barton, you came through again. we will see you soon. thank you. let's get to amazon because they are now-- repeat, now offering to help the biden administration with the distribution of the vaccine. susan, amazon never offer that kind of help
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to president trump and it seems to me if i may offer an opinion, seems to me amazon is trying to curry favor with the new administration. susan: i would probably use the word limited is a better word when it comes to what amazon is doing. yes, in the new administration you have amazon firmly raising their hand ready to assist biden and the administration in reaching their goal of vaccinating 100 million americans in the first 100 days of the administration. to be fair, amazon did hold talks with the us government officials during the trump era when it comes to covid response. did they necessarily write this letter, sources at operation warp speed said no, they did not, but notice in the letter amazon also asking for its workers to get in front of the line for covid vaccine in exchange for its help so it has to give to get so president biden said
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it would like help with the covid fight so maybe they are getting ahead of this and we do know the production act will likely be invoked by president biden so i think it's a give give here. stuart: okay. let's move aside from that particular argument and move towards the huge gain across the board for big tech yesterday and again this morning. i think that part of that gain is because they have gone all out to help the incoming biden administration. what say you? susan: i would say they would probably put off the antitrust investigation, higher corporate taxes might be on the back border-- burner for at least the first year because you need majority consensus in the senate. stimulus spending will help big tech. stuart: and big tech is going up. thank you. checking futures overall, this is the first full day of the biden administration appeared we have a picture in the early
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going, but nothing mixed about the nasdaq. at big tech going up again, a quarter percentage up for the nasdaq. quote from the new white house press secretary, we vowed to bring transparency back to the briefing room. that's what she said. how can you have any transparency with softball questions like these? watch. >> do you see your primary role as promoting the interest of the president or are you there to provide truth? >> can you give us color for what it was like for him going into the oval office? >> will he keep donald trump air force one theme color change? stuart: that's a very-- that's a really different tone, is that from the press conferences of the last four years, very different indeed. president biden promises to unify the country, but he's not telling democrats to stand down on impeachment. we will get to that. will cain is the next.
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stuart: look at this, thursday morning in the nasdaq is going up again, up about a third of 1% on the nasdaq ticker big tech is doing well and is so is with a lot of metadata out this morning lauren, i take it housing is still booming? lauren: still booming and it has cemented 2020 as a phenomenal year for the market. construction of new homes rising four straight months after i 5.8% jump in december
9:18 am
coming in at an annualized rate of 1.669 million units with most of the games where we need it, stuart, single-family constructions with decembers rate at the highest level in 14 years. you have two the back to september, 2006. if you look it housing permits as an indication of future construction, they rose four and a half percent to an annualized rate of 1.7 million, so bottom line housing market remains on fire. stuart: yeah, going back to may 2006, it was on fire then as well. it's a replay. hope they don't get a vast. unity was the central theme of the biden inauguration. listen to the response to foxnews peter doocy when he asked about dropping impeachment. roll tape. >> if president biden once the theme of his presidency to be unify the country, does he think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer should
9:19 am
drop a potentially divisive senate impeachment trial? >> we are confident though that just like the american people can, the senate can also multitask and they can do their constitutional duty while continuing to conduct the business of the american people. stuart: i would call that a dock will cain, right hand side of your screen. where is the unity if the democrats are going gung ho on impeachment? >> not in that answer as you pointed out and i still don't know the answer to the question if joe biden will encourage the impeachment process or discourage it from the senate. i doubt that he will, stuart. i doubt he will discourage it. i imagine democrats will pursue some type of impeachment process, a trial cut that sell political win for them in their imagination. they aren't really into unity. forgive me for my skepticism.
9:20 am
defy sickness has been a successful political strategy, the vitus on race, class, corning to our political beliefs, call for deprogramming, d platforming, censorship and call for putting donald trump on trial. that's been a political win, all of that for democrats, so as of today, stuart, i remain i guess a somewhat helpful for unity, but skeptically hopeful. stuart: weller said. "fox & friends" visited a diner over a year ago i think it was an back then it was booming. but, you went back, will cain, to the same restaurant and now i think they are struggling to keep their doors open in pennsylvania. >> stuart, not enough attention is paid to the actual businesses that are being destroyed through these lockdowns and what i mean is their story. anyone that has owned a small business knows it's a story, separate
9:21 am
from your marriage in this case billy and holly on the people's kitchen in bethlehem, pennsylvania. they got married, had the business together and then less than a year later everything gets shut down for debate live upstairs in the air now sitting with 80% of their revenue gone. how do you do that? there take away only, no indoor dining. we have to tell these stories. yes, i went and talked to them, got into the kitchen, made some food. i wanted to see what it's like and i'm going to keep doing this seeing their story because it's the american story, the american dream and is being crushed. we have charts on the screen. tell me a business that everyone is investing in today and if you keep investing, if you block off 80% of their gross revenue, how do you succeed? stuart: well, you would not. they are getting
9:22 am
crushed. keep them coming, will. we like these of stories because that's the truth where things are really happening. thank you, will cain. another platform has been president trump circle lauren, who is in now? lauren: twitch. they have banned president trump indefinitely starting today. he became a private citizen, so twitch said the president the statements continue to be interpreted as quote call to action. trump cannot appeal the van, he cannot create another account, so he's left essentially a man without a social media platform as he has been silenced by big tech. loans twitch? amazon. and video live streaming-- streaming service in their daily active users top 15 million. stuart: pandering to the biden administration, get on the right side of them and they will treat you leniently when it comes to antitrust legislation. the writing is on the wall.
9:23 am
to the overall market, how will we open in about six minutes? we will open up, more green especially for the nasdaq and tech stocks. i will show you again, almost one year into the pandemic, that's a deserted times square in new york city. ♪♪ sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪
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stuart: big rally for the market yesterday and it looks like we are going up a bit more. and has been a long time: the stock market and now he appears to be bullish for the economy cousin you have raised your forecast of the economic growth rate for this year, 5.8%. that is strong, ed. >> absolutely. we are getting another round of stimulus checks coming at us and a lot of people need it, but from an economic standpoint the economy is already almost backed where was before the pandemic. a real gdp during the current quarter will probably match where we were fourth-quarter 2019. it's been spectacular and part of that was because of the cares act part one and now, we will have cares act part two, basically, with
9:28 am
$2000 in checks and that will be stimulative in the first quarter of this year and of the first half of the year. stuart: it's been criticized like sugar water, a nice high when you drink it and then you come down to earth when the sugar has gone through your system. any comparison? >> well, it's like a comparison, it's not my favorite. i'm more thinking about kind of the parties and rum punch, you know. the fed keeps filling up the ball and the fiscal authorities keep throwing money at the economy and a lot of people really are suffering and need it, but it seems to me it's not really targeted to exactly the people that need it so there's a tremendous amount of money that will revive the economy, but it's also going into asset prices, home prices are soaring, stock prices are soaring, so it's more kind of a party, if you will.
9:29 am
stuart: we are going to get some inflation out of this? >> well, i have been a disinflation us for 40 years, a longtime believer powerful forces keep inflation down, but i will have to rethink this a story because i think we are getting to a bubble on the inflation front and if it worked for the feds buying these bonds and notes that the feds are issuing i think the bonds would be 2% today which would take some of the froth out of the party so inflation is a concern in my opinion. stuart: we will watch it. ed yardeni, thank you. your appearance on this program is always appreciated. thank you. they will ring the bell center look, this will be the first full day of trading for the first full day of the biden administration. a very strong start yesterday. the president it was sworn around 12 noon. four hours of trading after the mat-- after
9:30 am
that market with straight up, especially big tech. futures, left-hand side of the screen took that's the way we expect to open the market this morning this thursday morning. how we will close is anyone's guess. i have no idea. depends on the news of the day, but the bellies reading and entry seconds will the often running. first full day of the biden administration and we have open on the upside. not a huge rally for the dow jones. of about .10%, but look at 31222. i think that may be an intraday record. i'm not sure, but stocks are up at the opening bell. how about the s&p? we are up six points, .12% gain, 3856 on the s&p. show me the nasdaq, all-time high and believed, yes, up nearly a half a percentage point, 13500, a new high.
9:31 am
show me big tech. here's how they have opened this morning, all in the green, especially apple which is up one and a half percent. major gain for a company of that size remember, it's worth two and a quarter trillion dollars. general motors i notice is going up again. it's had a traffic run, 5672 and look at ford took ford this morning is up for and how%. why, lauren? lauren: same reason as gm, electric vacation it's similar to the gm crew story. ford has a unknown stake in the electric truck maker rypien. they have not sold vehicles yet, but they plan to do so soon and wall street considers it a hidden asset for ford, raised about $3 billion from outside investors earlier in the week and that boosted value to about $28 billion and with that it's ford's value, 43 billion market
9:32 am
shares at 52 week high. stuart: how about eli lilly? i presume they have good news on something concerning the pandemic. what's the story? lauren: the stock is up 1%, they have phase three data out that their entire body drug cuts the risk of getting covid for people who are residents of nursing homes by 80% so pretty effective, but also cuts the risk for staff it's a preventative weapon if you will to supplement vaccination and lily plans to ask regulators to widen the allowed use of the drug because not all long-term nursing home residents have gotten the vaccine and many staff have not so if you can give them this drug, it's a protection as we fight the pandemic. stuart: good news for a lot of people. thank you. facebook, google, snap, twitter are all getting new price targets today.
9:33 am
susan, star with facebook. susan: piper sandler starting new coverage on the social media players and they are probably least bullish with facebook. you won't make much money from the stock from here so price target to understand a five. by calls on google, stamp and twitter, they say google is worth over $2000 a piece of snap $66 in their view and even twitter $45 and that is an average by the way of double digit gains on current level for all three and that assumes that there will be eight recovery when it comes to add revenue this year. stuart: may be the upgrade to work because all four of the stocks are on the upside. however, we have some downgrades and i think we wolves-- no, no, we have some more stop-- stock upgrades. start with under armour, lauren. lauren: look at that stock, up four and half percent.
9:34 am
deutsche bank upgraded it to a by saying green shoes is what they see for the products coming from under armour particularly their sneakers and they have a new mind with steph curry so they are given in a $22 price target. paypal up to a by. they like this shift of digital payments and they like crypto. paypal allows hundreds of millions of users to hold, sell, buy crypto in their digital wallets with the price target 300. astrazeneca is moving slightly to the downside but they were upgraded as jeffreys to hold and they see oil prices which we've seen going up, they see them supported for the deleveraging. stuart: i just can't see robin hood investors getting into occidental petroleum. just not there, stock, i think. let's get to the downgrade. there are a few. how about city.
9:35 am
susan: the stocks really aren't moving out much on the bad news. they cut city to a whole because citigroup shares probably 50% in the past three months, but what they say is the transformation going on will cost money and they also raised the price target to 70 so that's good news. the dow jones stock, caterpillar of course a company like how to tell her that makes machinery with then-- benefit from infrastructure package that we made to it that citigroup downgraded them to a hold while raising the price target to 205 they just want a better sense of earnings. chevron, another oil giant, they just say look, chevron is lacking they are european rivals when he comes to transitioning to renewables because every company even the oil companies are transitioning to green where they can. stuart: thank you.
9:36 am
was given to apple. i notice that stock, apple, worth two and a quarter trillion is up again, 1.6%. susan, why the big move? susan: wouldn't you call it the stock of the day, mostly all benchmarks at this point. morgan stanley said they are getting close to the 1502 level. news that apple is hoping to produce a virtual reality headset. that goes head to head with facebook oculus, that there are been several development hurdles so the headset might be delayed until 2023. that also delays apple future goals to bring these augmented reality glasses as well and conservative the sales numbers penciled in so they won't be blockbuster like 200 million units of iphone face out each year, but again a new enterprise. think of the apple car that should be coming and i think there's been a rethink given the
9:37 am
microsoft 2 billion-dollar partnership with gm. do you think it makes it more likely? i think investors say yes. stuart: if they get a reputation as being innovative again i can understand with a platform like that, you could really take off if you can innovate whole new industries. susan: also the stock move tells me they will show a lot of growth in their earnings next week include out-- including blowout iphone 12 sales took it indicative of a bullish call for those members. stuart: they are up again. thank you. more things out: this morning, travelers let start with that, lauren. lauren: we are bringing this up because it's a dow jones component one of three dow stocks reporting today, ibm and intel after the bow but the dow jones is up 10 points and travelers is contributing 40
9:38 am
points to that. stronger profits, 1.3 billion in the quarter thanks to fewer catastrophes and they are able to charge higher premium rates for customers that renew. that's the story behind travelers. it will be big when the closing the rings. stuart: that's "after the bell", ibm up a buck 50, intel down ever so slightly. thank you. here's where we go to other markets, other indicators in the financial world took 10 year treasury yields, 1.10% took the price of gold, where's that? 1868, down about 90. bitcoin, i think it's down today, doctor $31000 per coin. remember, it hit 42000 about seven or eight days ago, 31000 now. shortly we will talk to a young woman who got in early two bitcoin and made a time of the money. has she bought anymore? i will ask her.
9:39 am
and oil, the average for a gallon of gasoline has gone up to the $2.36. that's because oil is at $53 a barrel. looks like president biden getting the green light to my grand caravans like this one. they stopped construction-- new construction of the wall , new tent cities are going up in south texas and they are expected to house a surge in migrants. how that that, let them in and put them up intense. tom holman will be here to react. there's a call for unity under the new administration, but it sounds like they just want revenge on conservatives and republicans. roll tape. >> it would be my policy that a republican must assert the truth before they are allowed to share any other views. they should be able to
9:40 am
protect against fake news. stuart: well, well, well, you have to recant before you can express an opinion. they must only mean unity with one point of view. you are an intellectual straitjacket these days. more on that throughout the program. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: the dow jones has turned lower, but at the opening bell the dow jones average and the nasdaq composite is all-time high. that was at the opening bell. the nasdaq keeping a fraction of its gain, up of three points as we speak. then we have bitcoin. show me. that's a three-week low, $31000 a coin. susan, explain something to me.
9:45 am
they are adding bitcoin to two funds of. susan: it's part of bitcoin going mainstream and the reason we reached 42000 record level, black rock world's largest money manager allowing clients access to trade bitcoin in two of its funds. black coin has-- blackrock has eight billion dollars allowing more ways for average investors. paypal, robin hood has hundreds of millions of accounts allowing bitcoin trade and that's positive. bitcoin, three-week low, down 10% today and off of yesterday. the reason's concerns of more government regulation and this is after you heard from incoming treasury secretary janet yellin warning about the illicit use of cryptocurrency translated into possible more government oversight. stuart: as the problem, i think. thank you.
9:46 am
shortly bitcoin again, still on your screen, $31400 a coin. nikki beesetti is with us. in 2017, you are on and have done very well. in 2017, you bought $2000 worth of bitcoin. i want to know how me bitcoin's did that by and what are they worth now? >> thank you for having me. i was able to buy one bitcoin@$2000 which ended up turning out to be 19000 by the end of 2017. that was just enough for me too pay my tuition, so after that i sold my bitcoin was able to pay my second semester of college with that. stuart: that's pretty good. did you go back into bitcoin or are you done with it? >> i went back in, yes. stuart: how many do you have now-- forgive me for asking, but how many do you got? >> i have a few.
9:47 am
i invest in not only bitcoin, but another cryptocurrency called east cerium which has done pretty well for me as well. stuart: why did you do this, i mean, i know you are an active investor, obviously and you are looking for profit, but is there something more to your investment? are you a great believer in crypto? >> yes, i'm a great believer in cryptocurrency. when i was in college i was studying electrical engineering and at the time i saw bitcoin being computer science and engineering breakthrough and i knew i really wanted to be part of something like that, so that's when i started to do a lot more research into the opportunities with bitcoin, the risk and the potential and that's when i knew i really wanted to get my feet wet. stuart: just for the interest of our viewers, who may not be totally in bitcoin or totally out of it, i know you are an
9:48 am
investor. what proportion of your assets-- tell me this-- is in bitcoin? >> i follow this rule that i should not put more than 20% of my net worth into one asset class, so i don't have more than 20% in bitcoin stuart: what is the rest of your money and, may i ask? stocks, big tech? >> yes. mostly etf and big tech stocks. stuart: this is terrific. i don't know how old you are, but you are much younger than im. it's great to see young people investing actively, taking care of their assets and watching them grow. you know, nikki, you are a lesson to everyone of your age, lesson to everyone period. what are you going to do in the future? what's your investment
9:49 am
outlook for 2021? >> oh, definitely to invest more in tech stocks. that's done well for me the past year. going to continue to invest in etf's as well as cryptocurrency's. right now, i feel like it might be a little too high for a lot of investors to get into, but i recommend looking at a few alternative cryptocurrency's light coin and so forth because those could be a good way to gain entry into the cryptocurrency market. stuart: fascinating. wouldn't invest in general motors or us steel or goodyear tire rating like that? that's not for you. nikki, thank you for being with us. come back soon. nikki beesetti, thank you. this is something extraordinary care. we have more than 500 authors and publishing
9:50 am
professionals as they call themselves calling on their industry to refuse book tv-- but deals with former trump officials, another way to silence conservative voices. i think it's safe to say the media is having a love fest with the new president. show you this again, roll tape. >> we saw the steely determination compassion of the president joe biden. >> what a great love story between jill biden and joe biden. >> we have not had a love story in the white house and four years. stuart: they helped put biden in the white house and they intend to keep him there, obviously. we will be back. ♪♪
9:51 am
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9:54 am
stuart: president biden once to reverse many of mr. krebs policies and he starting a round of executive orders to try to do that. blake at berman is a with us. what's he doing today, blake connect to big things, the president will find 10 different executive orders as a relates to covid-19 and how to help with the
9:55 am
pandemic and he will also release his 23 page national strategy as to how his administration will go about it. let me pick through a handful of the executive orders. it will call and government agencies threat the government to accelerate manufacturing and delivery of ppe. the president will set up a covid-19 pandemic testing board. he will instruct hhs in the department of education to issue guidance has a relates to school opening and instruct osha to issue new guidance for workers and businesses. the president will sign an executive order requiring mask wearing in airports and other places where public transportation is used in ports of entry. as for the national strategy president biden will unveil, it will for example, set up a covid-19 response office , it will create federally run vaccination centers, 100,000 contact tracers and healthcare workers. the president will invoke the defense production act to
9:56 am
increase supplies across the country and call for a national strategy for school reopening. stuber, where do things stand now is the president takes over? here's the latest numbers from the cdc, about 36 million doses so far this tribute it across the country, but less than half of that has actually been administered, just 2.1 it-- 2.1 million people so far has gotten both doses of the vaccines. stuart: not where we went to be. thank you. ahead on this program, miranda devine, jason rants, brian bromberg, tom homan all coming up for the second hour of "varney & co." next. ♪♪ investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. . .
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♪ stuart: that is the empire state building right in the center of new york city on a rather cold day. good morning, everyone. 10:00 on the east coast. big show still ahead. let me tell you again, miranda devine is about to join us, kiron skinner, jason rantz this hour. 11:00 hour, brian brenberg, tom homan, dan henninger and israel former ambassador danny danon. at the opening bell, dow and nasdaq hit all-time record highs.
10:01 am
they're still holding. 31,200 almost for the dow. look at the nasdaq. it hit 13,500 earlier. it backed off a little but you still got a lot of green right there. it is all about the big techs. that was the story on the market yesterday. it is the story again today. they're all up, especially, look at apple, a 2% gain of a company that size, extraordinary. alphabet, otherwise known as google. that has hit another all-time high. look at this, it is 10:01 eastern time on a thursday, mortgage rates. what have you got, lauren? lauren: they went down to 2.77%. i remember last week we had said, oh, they're starting to rise because treasury yields are going up, well they have moved back down. also moving lower, the 15-year which is popular for refinancing. that declined to 2.21%. housing market on fire, boosted by really low mortgage rates.
10:02 am
stuart: we got the housing start numbers earlier which were very, very strong. slightly lower mortgage rates. housing looking good, is it not? now this. the media gave candidate joe biden a huge assist throughout the presidential campaign, never a critical question, always a fawning attitude. well having helped put him in the white house the media clearly wants to keep him there. they just love joe biden. he is quote, the better angel president said nbc. chuck todd. god bless joe biden said msnbc's joy reid. at abc, byron pitts suggested biden is the father of the nation, the papa in chief as he puts it. the media love affair with the left continues and so does its contempt for mr. trump. watch this. >> it is interesting, he really
10:03 am
is doing everything he can that's wrong. you think that he couldn't get anymore disgraceful. well, just give him a few hours. >> he looks small. he looks like a small man. stuart: dearie me, that is what 300 million americans see whenever they turn on the tv news and read the newspapers. the left hold as virtual monopoly over the public square. they dictate the terms of the debate. this is dangerous. the media shapes public opinion, using their monopoly power they dictate opinion. this is not good for democracy, any democracy. the public square should be an open forum for free debate with all opinions included. that's not what we've got. instead of critical analysis we have fawning adulation. once again the elite media is leading us down the garden path of group think. love joe, hate trump. intellectually weak, politically damaging, not in america's best
10:04 am
interests. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪. it is great to have a star columnist with us today and a star columnist is what we've got. miranda devine, a columnist i should say at "the new york post." miranda, welcome to the show. i think this is your first appearance with me certainly. welcome aboard. good to see you. >> good morning, stuart, great to see you too on this beautiful day. stuart: is that an australian accent? >> it is an australian accent. you picked it. a lot of americans think it is british but i guess you wouldn't think so. stuart: well i've got a son in australia. i've been there myself. let's get on with this thing. is this the story of the next four years a fawning media which will do its best to keep president biden in the oval office?
10:05 am
>> look, i would hope not because it is pretty horrifying to see them so much in the tank for one candidate and now the president. that is not their role but the way they have behaved in the last four years towards donald trump has been so dishonest as well as hate-filled but most importantly, dishonest. the russia collusion conspiracy theory. they kept spinning for three years and they are still clinging to it. and you know, they were conspired with the democrats to attack and belittle and bring down eventually the president. so we saw during the election campaign that joe biden got away with just hiding in his basement throughout and giving speeches on teleprompter and you know, obviously having cognitive difficulties. all of this was covered up.
10:06 am
when the "new york post" had hunter biden's laptop and we published some emails and documents from there that showed that joe biden was implicated in his family's influence peddling scheme including in china, our greatest strategic threat, there was just radio silence from the media until they decided to go along with john brennan and his friends spurious claim it was russian disinformation when it was nothing of the sort. big tech get involved. they, they crushed the "new york post" story. they censored it. twitter locked the "new york post" account for two weeks. and throughout the campaign you also know that google was tailoring searches now to, so that it benefited joe biden. it was a giant conspiracy from the media to get their man elected. now he is elected you're not hearing any truth to power.
10:07 am
the first press conference yesterday was really an exercise in softball questions again. the only reporter there who had any self-respect was peter doocy from fox news who actually asked a tough question which was, you know, how can joe biden talk about unity in his speech when you know, his party is still going ahead with impeaching donald trump? stuart: yeah. it is a remarkable situation. i'm not sure the profession of journalism will recover anytime soon. miranda, thanks for being with us this first time on the show. we really appreciate it. we hope you come back again real soon. miranda devine. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: sure thing. take a look at the market again please because we've got downside moves s&p and dow. a small gain now for the nasdaq. i want to bring in shana sissel. shana market watcher of the morning.
10:08 am
shana, welcome to the show. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. stuart: this is the time of year when people get to choose where their 401(k) money goes. so give us some hard advice here, advice for our viewers. you got a 401(k) and can make your investments now, where do you think the money should go, stocks, bonds, bitcoin, where? >> you can't buy bitcoin in a 401(k) unfortunately. there is really no active way for retail investor to purchase bitcoin. so we'll kind of take that off the table. i'm focusing the most on small cap securities right now. mid and small cap. mutual funds, individual stocks where i want to put my money. we've seen a real turn, small caps in recent months. they have significantly outperformed large caps after years of underperforming. so that would be the number one place i would be putting my money right now if i had a 401(k) and i was looking to reallocate. stuart: that would be like the russell index? you could buy into an index fund
10:09 am
for example, very small caps, that would -- >> russell 2000 index is perfect example after small cap index fund. also the s&p small cap 600 is another one. stuart: would it all be in stocks, your 401(k) money. would you put any money elsewhere? >> well it would really depend on your age and always hard to give advice for people of all different ages how much time you have left. obviously if you're older you wouldn't want to avoid bonds completely. but this day and age with interest rates low as they are it is really not possible for bonds to have large gains. so it is really about the coupon, the yield that you get as an income stream but if you're younger, i would not be investing in traditional investment grade bonds. interest rates at virtually zero mean that the only way that bonds make money are in their coupon when it goes up. but when bond yields go up, bond prices go down, that is not good for your total return.
10:10 am
stuart: when i'm kind of old, so i'm taking your advice but i'm not going to go into bonds. that's a fact. shana, thanks for being with us. come back to see us soon. we appreciate i. thanks very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: we don't have a huge move in either direction for the overall market today but i will bet we've got some individual stocks which really are moving. i'm looking at united airlines there. susan what do you have? >> susan: ual losing two billion dollars last few months of year. in total losing $7 billion. they talked about a brief surge in travel, an uptick during the holidays but that was short-lived. fubotv where you watch soccer or put ball games. it is worth $40 billion according to "barron's." apple leading the stock markets higher. worth $152 according to morgan stanley. wall street is pretty bullish
10:11 am
heading into earnings and blowout iphone sales. raised to outperform. fastly is a company that services google and other cloud providers but they dot back end work. finally amazon. bank of america says amazon is going to $4,000. hey, with your risk tolerance maybe bonds are aren't what, too safe for you? maybe amazon might be something to look at. stuart: too expensive for me. i can't pay that high a price. there you go. we'll see how we go. thanks, susan. oh, wait a minute. look at twitter. twitter has, okay, $47 a share but they have had a rough start to the year overall, lauren. what's the problem? lauren: they're the worst s&p 500 stock this year, down 12%. you know this coincides with the company's ban, their permanent mentor ban on president trump's account which has spurred investor concern over how it, how its peers will be regulated
10:12 am
by the biden administration. if you ask me i think twitter is more in the eye of the storm here. that is why its stock has gotten hit harder than let's say alphabet or facebook. twitter, they don't have as many streams of revenue. so you know president trump had what, 88 million users. that is a lot of eyeballs. so you have so many americans and lawmakers just uncomfortable with the precedent that big tech is making decisions about whose speech is censored, whose is allowed. if the rules don't work, fine, change them. but make sure that you apply them equally. stuart: yes. well-said. thank you, lauren. violent inauguration day riots hit the west coast, including a riot in portland where the rioters threw rocks and eggs in an attempt to damage the immigration building, the i.c.e. building. we've got a live report there. amazon suddenly offering to help the white house with its
10:13 am
covid-19 efforts on day one of the biden administration. coincidence? currying favor with the new team? we're on it. plus the republicans which stood by senator josh hawley in face of calls to cancel his book deal is explaining why he is giving that book deal. i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren.
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and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. stuart: not much change for the markets so far today. they're all up but only just. the big deal today, mark my words, apple, really going strong. show me ford motor company, please. i think it is still nicely
10:18 am
higher. yes it is. up 5%. this is about electric vehicles. ford's stake in the electric truck maker rivian, they raised $3 billion from outside investors. ford doing well. homebuilders, show them please. d.r. horton, lennar, after we showed strong housing data and housing starts, building permits accelerating. we have senator josh hawley. he has found a new publisher for his book following the cancellation of the original contract after the capitol hill riots. the publisher is tom spence. rignery, that is the way you pronounce it? that's right, thank you, stuart. stuart: why are you publishing hawley's book? >> we're publishing senator hawley's book for two reasons. one, we think there is a market
10:19 am
for it. we can make money selling that book. and second, because we think he has an important message to offer. the book is about the growing power of high-tech, monopoly power and their ability to control people's lives in so many ways. and, when we, when we publish a book or consider a book for publication we ask, is this, is this a well-done book? does the author have something new and interesting, compelling to say? is it something true. and that, that is what we ask. in my industry now, of book publishing there is another consideration that is growing in publisher's minds. that is, does this author have some affiliation that we don't like? and that is called blacklisting. that is what happened to him at the, with the original publisher that was going to bring out the tyranny of big tech.
10:20 am
my company, regnery is trying to take a stand at that. stuart: we understand some 500 authors and so-called book publishing professionals are demanding that former trump officials not be able to publish a book. i guess that would include kayleigh mcenany and even treasury secretary steve mnuchin. i don't understand this. how can you say you can't publish a book by secretary treasury mnuchin because he was connected to the trump administration? i don't understand this. i just don't get it. >> you don't get it because you're not a bigot. this, what happened to senator hawley is a little snapshot of this, but this letter by the 500 so-called publishing professionals i think lays out the big picture which is that blacklist something back. it is not only back but it is
10:21 am
back with a vengance and it has become a form of virtue signaling. no one is trying to hide it now. they have served notice on you know, i don't know how many thousands of people were participants, that is the word they used in the trump administration. stuart, you know, you and i know countless people who were in the trump administration in one form or another who are exemplary citizens, incredibly talented people, who in most cases at some financial sacrifice served their country by being in the administration. and these people are saying that, that no one, in other words, no one who is, in the administration should ever have a book contract. that is ugly. that is un-american. and it is dangerous. stuart: real fast, is there any
10:22 am
backlash against you and regnery? can you be hurt because of what you're doing? >> we have not experienced backlash yet except, a lot of ugly emails. there are many points in our business where we and other independent publishers are vulnerable. so far, so far so good. but, you know, if amazon were to say, well, we're not going to carry senator hawley's book, that's a big problem. they haven't said that i don't expect it. our distribution, printing, every, everything involved in getting a book from the printer into the hands of the consumer is in some ways in the hands of big tech these days. so we're looking at the situation and going to do what we can. we sell books over our own website, it is not amazon but it works if
10:23 am
we have a problem. stuart: good. tom, what you're doing. regnery, i will remember the name and i will get it right. >> thank you so much for having me, stu. stuart: thanks so much. now that president trump has left office chinese telecom services they're hoping to get back to a listing on the new york stock exchange. susan that is likely to happen? susan: depends on how and what biden plans to do. it has been in again, out again with the new york stock exchange. they were confused about the u.s. blacklist on chinese companies that work with the chinese military, telecom, unicom and mobile are asking to stay listed on the new york stock exchange pending a possible biden review of the trump executive order. now they have been suspended for the past 10 days but they're hoping for some sort of reprieve. same thing with regenery, it looked like regeneron. but i have that input for the
10:24 am
future. stuart: i stuck an e in the middle of the name. it is regnery. that is the way it is. great company. susan, thank you very much. the housing market, actually it is getting tighter and harder to get into. lauren is going to explain this. why? lauren: i love this story because this explain as lot of what's going on. we're staying in our homes longer. average of 13 years. compare that to eight or nine years a decade ago. that comes from red fin. they also find one in four of us have lived in the same home for more than 20 years. i'm always asking my parents, when will you sell the home? what do they say? they say it is easier to stay put than list a home, try to find a new home when prices are so high. that right there, $311,000 is the median new home price. it is rising as supply is shrinking. inventory down 22% from last year. and all of that helps to overshadow these really enticing
10:25 am
rates, 2.77% today, from freddie mac. stuart: yeah. easier to stay put. i got it. thanks, lauren. lauren: yeah. stuart: president biden set to add his signature to a new of executive orders today. what exactly is he signing? we'll have details for you, promise. it is the inauguration image going viral. bernie sanders might not have won the democrat presidential nomination but he definitely stood out on the inauguration stage yesterday. we'll tell you the full story after this. ♪
10:26 am
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10:29 am
stuart: first full day of the biden administration, the s&p hit an all time high. that joints -- joins the dow and nasdaq. plenty of green on the screen. joe biden is in the white house. he wants to take us into the iran nuclear deal. kiron skinner is with us. she has a lot of foreign policy
10:30 am
experience. iran has a road map for nuclear talks for the administration. what do they want to start the talks? >> what they want is immediate sanctions relief. that was a major innovation of the trump administration. continue all sanction on iranians called the maximum pressure campaign. that is what they want to see stopped, or at least alleviated. that i think will be on the table in the discussions and you know, to the broader.that you're really bringing up, the fact of the matter is that the america first approach is being abandoned. has been abandoned and it will be most clearly visible, the shift in policy, in the multilateral realm. the iran nuclear deal. new discussions there, which i think will let in fact build on what the trump administration has done, a return to the paris climate accord. president biden has declared
10:31 am
that his first trip abroad in fact may be to nato, to try to rebuild ties there. a return to the world health organization, across the board, multilateralism will be a major theme of the new administration. stuart: but the trump administration brought a degree of peace to the mid-east and rearranged the power in the middle east to favor, israel, saudi arabia, and the united states and to down player ran. what reason could there be to open up nuclear talks with the iranians all over again? wouldn't that upset the whole status of the mid-east? >> brilliant question, hard question, and that is one i think this new administration needs to think carefully about. it seems to be that they have a reflexive approach. abandon all of america first in its full dimensions but i think once reality sets in, they have a few weeks in office.
10:32 am
they begin to deal with the iranians again, they will realize it's a new world than the one that they worked in more than four years ago. the dynamics in the middle east have changed in no small measure due to the abraham accords that the trump white house helped broker. no one thought there could be peace agreements between israel and the other countries that have signed on and a better relationship with the saudis as well. so we can't abandon the "abraham accords" because they have been the basis for the growing peace in the middle east. and, they are the basis for containing iran. i don't see evidence yet that this new administration has thought through all of these pieces. i do believe once they step back, study the record, they
10:33 am
will realize there is more of the america first agenda that they will need to keep than abandon. stuart: we have israel's former u.n. ambassador on the show a little later. i will ask him those very same questions. kiron skinner, thanks again, good to see you again in the future. >> thank you. stuart: president biden signed a slew of executive orders on his first day in office. he plans about a dozen more today. lauren, what is he, what are the executive orders today? what are they about? >> about 10 more. they mostly deal with the pandemic and increasing the federal response to it. let me highlight a couple. biden wants to increase vaccinations using fema to set up 100 community vac centers in the next few months, and states expand eligibility for anyone over the age of 65. he wants to use the defense production act, wartime powers to increase productive gear that is available.
10:34 am
yeah, he wants to reopen schools, reimburse them what they need so they can reopen safely. much of this builds on the trump administration efforts but it centralizes coordination with the federal government over the states. that's more bureaucracy and you know governor desantis of florida says, look, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. we're doing just fine doing this ourselves. we don't really need the federal government to tell us how to do it or where to do it or when to do it. we're fine. stuart: desantis is a standout governor there in florida. all good stuff. lauren, thank you very much indeed. you probably seen this picture of bernie sanders dressed, i would say rather casually at president biden's inauguration. susan -- susan: i can't stand as you say it. casually. stuart: casually. susan: yeah. stuart: can, are we serious here, can you get a bobblehead of bernie in that outfit? susan: yes you can. starting in may this year.
10:35 am
kohl's amused bernie sanders in brown zip up, colorful mittens, bobblehead version available preorder, $25. this is my favorite story of the day. i was going through all the hilarious memes of bernie sanders. bernie on a ski lift. bernie on the moon. bernie waiting in line. it goes own and on. what do you think going through his head when that photograph was taken? stuart: he is not a suit and tie kind of guy. he doesn't wear capitalist clothing. super cash oomph is the name of the game for the socialists. you don't remember this, susan, many, many years ago, there was a leader of the british labour party, michael foote. he appeared at a memorial service for our dead heroes. he appeared in sloppy shows, looking slovenly, an lost in a
10:36 am
landslide. his clothing did i had for him. susan: he hooks so unamused. some. themes floating through his head according to memes, inaugural address could be done in email. better a date. i have things to do like raise minimum wage. stuart: the trouble, you can't see emotion when you're wearing a mask. i doubt that he was smiling however. that is not bernie's style. you rarely see socialists smile. they're always angry. all right, susan. let's leave him to himself. arnold schwarzenegger, he did get the jab and encouraging others to get the jab too. watch this. >> all right. just got my vaccine and i will recommend it to anyone and everyone. come with me if you want to live. stuart: [laughter]. that is a good one. we'll tell you what else the terminator is saving as well. amazon suddenly offering to help the white house with its covid
10:37 am
efforts, just hours after donald trump left office. purely coincidence of course. we're on it.
10:38 am
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stuart: big rally yesterday, that rally continues. dow up 50. nasdaq up 65. s&p up 8. plenty of green right there. now show me bitcoin, please. i think it come down to, yeah, i think that is a three-week low. susan, what do you have on bitcoin today. susan: it is interesting. would you rather be paid in bitcoin or cash as your salary? one internet services provider, sequoia holdings, offering its employees you can be paid in bitcoin if you want.
10:42 am
technology companies as you know, ahead of the curve. we're down roughly 20% the past few days. we're wiping out $100 billion in the crypto market because there is concern over regulation and government oversight especially janet yellen in the confirmation hearing, she calls it illicit use of cryptocurrency. there is concern the u.s. government, other governments step in to regulate it. that would limit the use or holdings of bitcoin. stuart: that is a main factor in the 10% drop. that follows what janet yellen had to say a few days ago. let's move on. amazon helping to hope distribute covid vaccines now that president biden enis in the white house. let's go to edward lawrence in the white house. come on, edward, i don't think they ever offered any help like that with the trump administration, did they? reporter: that is exactly correct. the ink is not dry on the
10:43 am
administration with amazon trying to provide help with big tech. the big tech will be under scrutiny. many are trying to make moves to show their support for the new administration. amazon sending a letter saying this, quote, we have an agreement in place with a licensed third party occupational health care provider to administer vaccines on sight with our amazon facilities. we are prepared to move quickly once the vaccines are available. amazon hinting that they can vaccinate their own 800,000 essential workers. then work withed biden administration to help on its national plan. the trump administration did not, as i said get the same offer but a senior operation, "operation warp speed" official said they were never really rolling out a federal program here but former cdc director robert redfield said the states are reaching one million vaccinations a day without a shift to a federal program. he says the new administration is trying to downplay the
10:44 am
achievements much "operation warp speed." back to you. stuart: i think amazon is trying to curry favor with the administration. that is just my opinion. that is all it is. edward, thanks very much indeed. more vaccine news, sort of. arnold schwarzenegger received the first dose of the vaccine. he has got a special message to those who have not yet received it. lauren, tell me more about the terminator. >> that was yesterday morning. he was getting his first shot at dodgers stadium. he called up. got an appointment right away, he posted this video. >> i would recommend it -- just got my vaccine. and i would recommend it to anyone and everyone. come with me if you want to live lauren: so the famous line obviously from the terminator. he could also say i'll be back because he has to return for his second dose sometime next month. i love this video. because you know some people say we're hesitant.
10:45 am
you can call schwarzenegger a celebrity, right? we need more famous people rolling up their sleeves to show you, to get it. just do it. stuart: i agree with you, 100%, definitely. thanks, lauren. democrats and the media calling for trump supporters to be deprogrammed. run those sound bites again please. >> the question is how are we going to really, almost deprogram these people. >> the trumpist cult and we have to be deprogrammed. >> all of america needs deprogramming. stuart: deprogramming does not imply unity. i will address that in "my take" at the top of the next hour. violent inauguration day riots hit the west coast including one in portland, oregon, that damaged an i.c.e. building. the immigration building. we have a report on the ground coming up for you. ♪
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10:50 am
♪. stuart: i'm going to call this the stock of the day. apple up 3%. folks, that is a gigantic gain, a gain for a company already worth $2.25 trillion. they report their earnings next week. a lot of speculation their iphone 12 sales will be very strong. up four bucks, 136. show me pfizer please. this just coming at us. the company says it is willing to sell vaccines directly to states if they get approval from the federal government. does that mean a bidding war between the states for the vaccine? i don't know. the stock actually is down just a fraction, 36 bucks on pfizer. protesters in portland oregon, attacked and damage ad i.c.e. building overnight. hook at those vie loan scenes. dan springer is there. i believe these rioters were anti-biden protesters, right? reporter: stuart, we're in seattle but we'll be talking about portland as well.
10:51 am
these folks were anti-biden. they were before that anti-trump. definitely antipolice. really anti-capitalism. here on this wall at a amazon ghost store, they wrote the words, kill the american dream. hank bezos. eat the rich. you name the slogan. we're seeing it all from that. a new administration certainly did not bring peace and calm to the streets of pacific northwest. the violence was not from the angry trump supporters we saw a few weeks ago at the u.s. capitol. the violence being predicted or threatened, talked about by the fbi and warnings they put out. it was from the same group we've been seeing causing violence, really antifa types, anarchists causing damage in seattle and portland for years which really ramped up last summer during the "black lives matter" protests. portland saw the most violence t kicked off in the afternoon when a group of 150 anarchists boldly
10:52 am
surrounded a few officers on bicycles, refused to let them leave. that prompted a big police response. they confiscated several weapons and made at least eight arrests, among the targets damaged, the democratic party of oregon office. police deployed tear gas. this was just the first of two confrontations during the night in portland. meantime in seattle the group numbered around 100. they started their protest at the federal building, protesting immigrations an customs enforcement. then they moved to destroy priority property. they smashed windows at several businesses including the original starbucks an amazon stores. this fits with their anti-capitalism and something that we see every may day since wto riots more than 20 years ago. police made at least three arrests in seattle. in denver it was a smaller demonstration. 50 people marched around the colorado state capital. at one point they stopped to burn an american flag on the steps of the capital. security was tight at this and every other capital after the
10:53 am
fbi warned of violence tied to the u.s. capital siege two weeks ago. but that threat never materialized. all of the violence we saw last night and yesterday were tied to left-wing extremists. stuart. stuart: dan, we hear you. thanks very much indeed, dan springer there. all right let's bring in jason rantz. jason, you run a talk show in seattle. i'm looking at these violent riots, especially in portland. they were violent. they attacked a government building but i hear absolutely no condemnation of this whatsoever. why not? >> i mean in part a lot of the people doing this are supporters of the very politicians you're expecting to call out this violence. they realized, the democrats right now, i think, or they should, they created this monster last year for sir, months when they said virtually nothing to condemn all of the rioting that were going on by antifa members and fringe members of the
10:54 am
black lives matter movement. essentially taking advantage of the blm movement for their own anticapitalist and anti-american agenda. they empowered these people. they created an environment of lawlessness which just begets more lawlessness. so at some point they do have to start stepping up to take this seriously. it is not going to go away. quite the opposite. not own live will it continue, they have been told essentially if you continue to do this kind of activism in air quotes, that you were actually going to be rewarded. remember after all the violence in seattle, for example, they got one of their policies passed by the council which is to defund the police. so we're just rewarding these people. we're expecting somehow they are going to stop? stuart: but at the national level you've got the democrats, the left, using the capitol hill riot as a weapon to beat any and all republicans and trump and conservatives, just beat them over the head with this.
10:55 am
never let them forget it. now, you have got violent riots attacking a government building from the far left and nobody says anything. it is just a double standard. i can't, it is hard to get your arms around what is going on in america today. when you go on the air in seattle and your talk show, what's the response from listeners? >> everyone says what you just did. everyone takes the exact same position. that's the problem you know everyone, everyone, condemned what happened on january 6th. republicans were the ones who unilaterally spoke consistently, loudly, proactive saying this is wrong. they didn't need media members to call them out to ask them for their opinions. democrats, i guess to their credit also called it out, except they were silent for the previous six months. they're still going to remain silent. they do not take this kind of political violence seriously because i think they think, that it actually helps their cause. certainly thought that last year.
10:56 am
all that chaos allowed them to go after donald trump and blame him for the chaos. vote for biden who will bring a semblance of normally here. they will find a position where they either continue with this, or use it to try to blame conservatives. stuart: jason rantz, thanks for being with us today. very important subject. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: right. another big hour straight ahead. brian brenberg, tom homan, dan henninger, ambassador danny danon. joe biden calls for unity while democrats in the media push for revenge and deprogramming conservatives. that is the subject of my take right after this. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> they love president trump, they've done everything that they can undercut him. they are completely in the tank and donald trump exposed that. >> as of today i will remain somewhat hopeful for unity but skeptical. >> you don't hear truth to power the press conference yesterday was really an exercise in question. >> were getting another round of stimulus checks coming out of a lot of people needed but to our macro economics can point the economy is already almost back to where it was, real gdp during the current quarter is going to
11:01 am
match what we were during the fourth quarter of 2019, it's been spectacular ♪ ♪. stuart: what's a song, didn't 70 right a book saying shut up and sing, they went to a bruce springsteen concert he was rapping on about politics and they said shut up and saying. another on the east coast, president biden's first full day in office. and if you look at the market, you will see a lot of green, s&p, nasdaq all hitting brand-new intraday highs. now this. stuart: after years of harsh political conflict it would truly be a relief to come
11:02 am
together with the public display of unity. that was the theme of president biden's inaugural address, we can all come together with unifying civil discourse, got it. but you don't get unity with impeachment and it sure looks like the democrats are gone how to put the former president on trial and it's not unity, that is political revenge, you don't get unity by canceling banning conservatives and conservative opinion, hundreds have signed the petition to stop the publication of books by all trump officials, where is the unity and censorship. you don't get unity with the star commission either to look into the event of january the sixth commission with public hearing, that would have the look and the feel of us dominus show trial, you can't talk the divisiveness from msnbc nicole wallace believes republican must assert the truth before they're allowed to share any other
11:03 am
views, and other words they have to recount, change your opinions and apologize in order to join the unity, cue the eye roll, the left does not want unity unless of course everyone converts to their opinion, what they want is to use the events of january the sixth as a weapon to bludgeon their political opponents. what were about to see is an orgy of revenge. impeachment cancellation, truth commission, the hatred rolls on. directed at trump with republicans, conservatives and the 74 million people who voted for donald trump and that has absolutely nothing to do with unity. the third hour of "varney & company" continues ♪ ♪. stuart: let's get right to the
11:04 am
market, a lot to go upside moves everywhere, all time intraday highs all across the board look who is here heather. big tech, i think big tech is the stark group of the day if not the week, why are they doing so well, there up again today. >> or the year, it's amazing, the technology sector continues to power higher you look at higher evaluations in the market across the board and i'm looking at the $900,000 job loss this morning, that actually is pretty bad news is as more people are losing their jobs as a pandemic is still continuing to be a problem that means more people are still working from home but that's fueling facebook and amazon and apple and big tech when were losing jobs to automation you talk about the
11:05 am
digitization of the future and at some point in time you're going to see the tech sector pullback but right now all dips are being bought. stuart: i think they're pandering to the incoming administration, being nice to them doing them favors, does that have something to do with a big tech rally today? >> that cannot hurt of course are doing them favors, now amazon is willing to cooperatively throw down the red carpet for the incoming administration. where was the voluntary help for the last administration, there was not any. they also no regulation and reform is on the table for both democrats and republicans, section 230 that was going to be refilled and that was a big issue before the censorship of the president. i do think the pandering to the new administration but all the stimulus and the money printing another 1.9 trillion on the
11:06 am
table has to find someplace to go and it's going into the stock market you cannot get a return in the bond market and that's why there's nowhere else to put your money and if you're on the sidelines are looking at the market at historic highs almost every day thinking i missed it, i want a part of it. that's what we see happen. stuart: phone mobile, fear of missing out. wait a second you have a new book i'm going to quote the title the man's guide to corporate culture. have added heather, give me 20 seconds worth of advice on this brave new world. >> with all the political rhetoric and the divisiveness there's a lot of books written for women on how to succeed but there aren't that many written for men in this book will help you feel more confident as we go
11:07 am
back to the workplace post pandemic, we have a new administration and a sensitive culture and environment in the help you protect yourself, your job, reputation i'm assuming your good guy and an anxiety of working with people and reduce your chances of making about decision that could cost you your job, the man's guide to corporate culture is available this week. thank you. >> not that you need it, i sent you a copy but i know you're not at the headquarters today, you will get it. stuart: i got it, i want that advice, thank you for joining us, come again soon. >> thank you. >> president biden expected to sign ten executive orders today, brian ben berg is with us, you looked at these executive orders but my question is do any of them do anything good for the economy in your opinion?
11:08 am
>> i am still waiting for that it was really an interesting day we had a lot of talk about unity moving forward together but the executive order on paying attention to on the energy side do not say anything about unity and in fact the order on the keystone xl pipeline is a divisive order within joe biden's own rhetoric this is a person who talked about creating good paying good color paying jobs and helping that part of america and the first thing he did in office is say we are done with the pipeline, one moved to make right off the bat to chill the business community until the business community you can engage in big investments and make plans but watch out if you run a follow of the climate agenda and follow the folks in my administration who are running the climate agenda watch out we will bulldoze your plans in a heartbeat with the stroke
11:09 am
of the pen. how in the world is going to encourage investment to the country. stuart: he wouldn't say that he will kill fracking for natural gas, what he's done instead is kill the pipeline, that's a good way of killing natural gas. stuart: i got a lead time for this, he said the new york job market i don't want to be to new york central but the new york job market was recovered until 2254 full years away. what do you say to that. >> i think new york should find some new leadership, if you're waiting till 2025 i don't see think the city has not long, you have been here i've been here you're looking around at what's going on this city needs jobs now, neither resurgence now and
11:10 am
this is the governor begging for a handout, frankly you will see a lot of governors and mayors do the same thing because they know the money is on its way, and they wanted and they get a hold the federal government hostage, the biden administration hostage until they get it, of course that's not the solution and you can hold all the government money and the fed can keep rates low as long as they want and killing the keystone wasn't that but until you do it you will not see recover. stuart: i agree with you 100%, well said, see you again soon. back to the market we have great stories about your money today, first of all i want to bring in susan, tell me about apple. susan: given the world's biggest company, it represents around 60 maximum% of the s&p 500, that the biggest and largest influence for one single stock
11:11 am
of 1980 and if it goes to this ... entire market along with it and morgan stanley is is that going to $152 in a virtual reality headset which will be released in the next two years wall street expecting block earnings and tuesday incredible iphone 12 what the president and apple will get into the electric car games, 40s up again today on the go electric trend we have some other members here, amazon it's worth $4000 according to bank of america, google is worth $2000 people are bullish on tech even in the biden the administration united airlines still losing money and the airline is still going south, united losing $7 billion last year and things don't seem to be getting better soon enough for airlines like united.
11:12 am
stuart: i'm just astonished by big tech run yesterday and again, today, it just blows me away. susan: antitrust, break up all of that on the back burner in the stimulus spending and the trends after covid is done. stuart: and the sale of iphone 12's when we get the number next week, if you keep saying that you're dead right. you are right, if they're projecting major sales gains of the iphone 12, that is very good. thank you susan. we still have a huge show still to come, wall street journal dan henninger is here, the vaccine rollout mass is bringing back bad memories of obamacare. that is interesting, he will make his case. i ran calling on president biden to return to the nuclear deal, what would that mean for our relationship with israel, we
11:13 am
will get into it. first order wall construction comes to a grinding halt on president biden's first day in office. he also paused deportation for 100 days, were about to see a return to catch and release, put him in a tent and let him go. former ice director tom hoehn next. ♪ “could have been me” by the struts
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11:18 am
they are going ahead with an impeachment trial. hardly unifying. president biden is imposing a 100 a pause on deportation as new tent facilities are being built at the southern border. tom homan former acting direct eye surgery and does now. as i see it when the caravan arrives at the border the administration of a large number of extra asylum attorneys to greet them and they are going to house them in the new tent cities which are just being built. and then catch and release, a return to what we have four years ago. >> is going to be worse than four years ago, this is worse than catch and release, the dhs enforcement operations first of all i've written operational memos for 35 years, this is a terrible written memo. the number one priority sending
11:19 am
and enforcement resource to the border to process, sending law enforcement officers help people coming to the country and 90% is fraud rather than arresting criminals, they basically abolished iced by crippling them i said many times are not in a ball is ac that is making sure they can do their job. ice arrested at a 13 member today because it will be removed. ice cannot go arrest somebody of a federal judge that convicted of child molestation he cannot be removed moratorium of deportation, the biden administration, this is the most drastic attack of public safety i've seen in my 35 year law enforcement career. it is terrible. stuart: i don't think the public will stand for. don't you already have some of the administration saying hold
11:20 am
on, hold off or not ready, were not ready, hold off, that sounds like desperation to me, i think they know what's coming out of. >> too little too late we had a surge in 2013 - 14 joe biden knows what causes surges, so when he shows out all these promises across the world for deportation, free healthcare and the national priority which he 30 done he knows it's going to cause a surge, when is more important for him to win an election to protect our country and it sounds terrible but he knew what to do with the country and it's already started, coming here is awkward to work the fire has been started in their moving. cartels are celebrated in mexico there back in business to make millions of dollars a day, more drugs will flow across-the-board because border patrol will be tied up with family groups and that means less people in the
11:21 am
border which means more americans will die of opioid overdose and more ms 13 gang members will come and this is a terrible executive order. stuart: keep sounding the alarm bell and do it on this program, this is a serious thing we are heading for a crisis. we are out of time. >> it is terrible. stuart: lay it on really thick, come back and see as real soon. tom homan, good man. president biden expending the band on evictions all the way through march, good for renters but not for landlords. kristina partsinevelos in new york city what are the landlords telling you? >> a lot of landlords are upset you have an eviction moratorium that definitely help struggling tenants but many of them own the private smaller properties in its urbane source of income and
11:22 am
now it could get a lot worse. >> the eviction moratorium you could be there for god knows how long. >> today i lost around 80000 which were folks in new york city that does not sound like a lot but appearance a decent amount, i continue to lose more each month. >> there is no doubt americans are struggling one in five are behind in rent, here new york city alone is estimated to be $1 billion payments to landlords. i spoke to douglas and william lord many are upset and believe the taken advantage of the eviction moratorium to skip out on rent. i spoke to one couple that showed lavish pictures of their tenants but the tenants have not paid rent in months. >> we have a huge room for
11:23 am
abuse. i would set a big example of that they haven't paid but they still remain in the house and evidently they had a really lavish lifestyle. >> all people have to do is fill out a financial hardship form, no proof that you have to show that you lost your income which makes it pretty easy. unfortunately landlords that are struggling to pay their mortgages and big tech attention they can't kick anyone out. stuart: landlords will never get any 70. thank you very much indeed. now look at tesla. that is quite a performance, 850 they are seeing a big boost in registration, where are the registration. susan: california and 63% of the year that is largely thanks to model why crossover sales, california's tesla's largest u.s. market over 22000 cars registered in the final quarter
11:24 am
of last year end half of those being model why, registration do not reflect exact deliveries, registration take around 30 days from the time of sale but we do know tesla said they deliver a record 500 cars last year a reason why the stock is up 850 and 700% over the past 12 months. stuart: up 700% in the last 12 months, it is spectacular. listen to this, panasonic getting into the business of transporting vaccines, are they an electronic maker, how are they planning to do this. lauren: yes, they also make batteries for tesla and they pivoted again to making cold storage containers so the vaccines can be transported they reportedly are planning to give samples to the distributors and the drugmakers in late march these containers can store the
11:25 am
vaccines at minus 94 degrees fahrenheit. i was thinking march seems awfully late but panasonic is a japanese company, japan has yet to approve a vaccine so the timing may be perfect because the 2020 postpone tokyo olympics set to take place this july so they will need the vaccine and in as many arms as they can. stuart: let's see if it goes as planned thank you very much indeed. a single winning ticket last night's powerball drawing we will tell you where someone just woke up $731 million richer, if it was you would you want to know: and forget disney world they are pulling in travelers because are successful, the vaccine rollout, canada is flocking to the sunshine state in hopes of getting the job, hospitals are cracking down on
11:26 am
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robinhood believes now is the time to do money — without the commission fees and account minimums. so, you can start investing today, wherever you are — even on the bus. download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. stuart: 16 million people have gotten the job but several
11:30 am
states are struggling to keep up with demand, some desperate people flying to florida to get their shots. ashley webster is in florida, this sounds a lot like vaccine tourism. ashley: it is, the question, is it legal, it was but now it is that, before governor ron desantis originally had a come one, come all policy and we have people coming in from other states and other countries, canada, argentina, able to book an appointment, come here and get a vaccination that has angered the local residents, you cannot jump to the head of the line, i am in volusia county about 25 miles east of daytona beach and there being vaccine noted on a drive-through basis, well over 1000 people will get them endured a vaccination and they will have to come back in 28 days. all of the people that you see here are full or part-time for
11:31 am
the residents and after they get the job they drive into this area, wait 15 minutes to make sure there is no reaction to the vaccine and in fact they have an ambulance here just in case. let me see if we can drop someone here i spoke with mary earlier, mary you are sitting here, are you feeling fine? >> i'm feeling fine. >> no reaction. >> how is a person getting a vaccination done. >> getting it done has been pretty good, getting an appointment was hard, we called a thousand times, been on the computer for a couple of days, i can get one, he could not. >> so you can get one but your husband didn't. we have been talking about people coming from out of state or even other countries coming to florida because they want to vaccination, what do you think of that. >> i don't think it's fair we've lived here all of our lives and we only get so many so we should be entitled to the ones that we
11:32 am
get. ashley: thank you very much, good luck to your husband, the rules you have to be a full or part-time resident, you have to have a florida id any utility bill they're very serious about you being a florida resident no foreigner out-of-state applicants. this is been incredibly well-rounded book, they come in, get the job and wait 15 minutes and then they're gone and we were joking if only the dmv could be run as smoothly. stuart: you are right florida is doing well on all fronts. thank you, see you again later, i've a headline for you all read it, joe biden super state, the covid vaccination mass calls to mind the catastrophic rollout of obamacare. that is interesting, comparing the superstate in the stimulus stuff to obamacare is rollout, the man who is doing that is dan henninger and he joins us now. is not a valid comparison or are
11:33 am
you just being nasty? >> i'm not being nasty i think is entirely valid, what are we going through difficulty with rolling out the process of vaccinating 300 million people, certainly people recall what happened when the great promise of obamacare came forward and the websites were not working people were having an impossible time enrolling and i think mary down there in florida summarized the situation precisely, the vaccination sites themselves have been working very well around the country but the process of getting an appointment for vaccinations through crashing websites, people sitting on phones for hours trying to get through has been a nightmare in many states across the country and what i meant by joe biden superstate, to me this is just been a case study in the problem with large government complex and
11:34 am
government bureaucracy. we figure if it's the department of motor vehicles of the department of education this is just the way that we live, now the entire country is focused on laserlike to get vaccinated and there discovering why and how the big bureaucracies simply do not function well anymore. yeah now you have joe biden proposing another $2 trillion to address virtually everything under the sun in his executive order uncovered 19 says the u.s. department of education should come up with a plan for reopening america's schools. can you imagine anything less likely than the department of education coming up with a feasible plan to open tens of thousands of schools around the country, just does not work. stuart: bureaucracy is just
11:35 am
awful and government bureaucracy is the worst of all. let's move on how do you think president trump is going to go down in the history books when those history books are written. >> i hope it'll be a long time before the history books are written with any equanimity of donald trump the events of the capital invasion have overwhelmed everything, but if you look back going through the cabinets in the administration a lot of good was accomplished in the area as education, foreign policy, complete reset of our relationship with china, energy policy which joe biden is in the process of reversing right now, tax policy, the idea that the private sector should contribute to the growth of the economy creating jobs, there was much, much good that was taken done subsequently across the four years. but digging out from under the events of the past month i think it's going to take a long time for the trump legacy.
11:36 am
stuart: i agree, dan handed her, always with us on a thursday we appreciated. let's get back to the market we have a turnaround for the dow it is down in the minus column but the nasdaq is holding onto a solid gain. susan all across the market, what are you watching. susan: i am watching chinese electric car maker called a bi id at deutsche bank in tesla might be challenging tesla when it comes to the chinese local market, paypal upgraded worth around $300, bitcoin has been a game changer finally allowing their users hundreds of millions to buy and sell bitcoin, here is a name that we don't talk about anymore, down around 10% today after forecasting another week year of sales for aluminum and bauxite. netflix let's check in on the moneymaker yesterday giving back
11:37 am
the 17% in a rally that we saw yesterday, the best single day in four years because it has over 200 million subscribers and means are targeting more and will buy back shares because they don't need to borrow money at this point. 2% - 70% you will take that i'm for sure. stuart: you will call that profit-taking. susan: it is a fact you get indisputable don't you think? stuart: absolutely. stuart: president trump, he did indeed help broker the historic mideast peace deal he did it right there at the white house, that's what you're looking at will the new administration undo all of that i'll ask israel's ambassador he is on next. ♪
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stuart: president biden is facing extraordinary pressure to bailout poorly run big-name democrat states. grady trimble is in chicago looking at the financial mismanagement. there has got to be some backlash to what is going on in the blue states financially. >> there is and there's a reason the bailout as some republicans are calling it did not make it in the first couple rounds of stimulus but it is part of president biden's package, $350 billion for state and local government, as i said republicans say it amounts to bailout for blue states that have decades of financial mismanagement problems they also say states like new york and illinois in california had the most restrictive covid-19 measures and that further added to their budget. here is senator rick scott on
11:43 am
this topic. >> we cannot bailout the states for these prior problems, we should help on covid relief i went targeted help for people. but to bailout the blue states makes no sense. biden's proposal would help the economy about seven and a half million jobs but they are also realistic about the chances of it passing, what eventually will get passed through congress will likely be about half of what biden is proposing but that thatstill amounts to a trillion dollars. stuart: a bailout is a bailout whether it's 1 trillion or 2 trillion. that is the way it is. grady trimble in chicago, sirens i can hear you behind you, thank you so much grady. somebody is $731 million richer today somebody hit last night's powerball jackpot. lauren where was the winning
11:44 am
ticket sold. lauren: maryland, one winner there could take home $731 million over 30 years or one lump-sum of 547 million both before taxes, federal and state taxes about $150 million. but we might not know who the lucky person is because in the state of maryland young the option to remain anonymous. are you jealous? are you jealous you never and neither have i. stuart: what i missed is the thrill of scratching the thing off or something i'm willing to missed that. gambling is not one of my vices and i'm not going to tell you the others. lauren: the chances of winning are one and 300 million but there is hope for people who feel like they missed out right now the megamillion strolling tomorrow night jackpot, that could go to a billion dollars.
11:45 am
970 million. stuart: i think that would be the first billion-dollar jackpot if it gets to that level i could not reporting a billion-dollar jackpot. lauren: i think we should go buy tickets. stuart: whatever you say, thank you lauren. next case, rashida tlaib makes a bold claim about israel, watch this. >> i think it's important to understand the relative state would deny palestinians like my grandmother access to a vaccine. stuart: the racist state, israel's former ambassador danny down joins me live to respond to that. he is next. ♪
11:46 am
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11:50 am
biden reversed and took the new title back, reversed it. the former ambassador to the united nations danny is with us now. mr. ambassador it seems to me the biden administration is now tilting against israel, the exact opposite of what we saw with president trump. is that your reading? >> yes we are very surprised that somebody was changing the setting of the twitter of the official account of the embassy and i hope that doesn't show the direction of the new administration we have worried about the iranian issue but i think it was corrected pretty fast but it created a lot of noise mainly in social media people were shocked to see that. stuart: mr. ambassador,
11:51 am
president biden wants to take america back into the iran nuke deal, it is highly unlikely but if it were to happen what would that do to the stability and current peace in the mideast. >> that would be bad, bad for the u.s., bad for israel and bad for the u.s. i want to invite biden to speak with the region in the middle east mainly israel and the gold state before approaching iranians. and then after that he should understand what we are seeing today i ran 2021 and before that we were assigned and they light all the way and continue as a battered women's for the u.s. in the israel and the partner of the u.s. of the region.
11:52 am
stuart: mr. ambassador i'm going to roll a soundbite which are audience on just a few minutes ago, it is a squab member rashida tlaib and she says israel is a racist state, roll tape. >> i think it's really important to understand israel is a racist state and they would deny palestinians like my grandmother access to a vaccine that they don't believe she is a equal human being that deserves to live. stuart: mr. ambassador please take that on his israel racist day? >> i don't know, maybe ignorance or pure hate for maybe anti-semitism, she should know better, and the early '90s or the health issues. we are helping them but were not running the health services in the palestinian authority and she should ask a friend in the
11:53 am
palestinian, one they purchase vaccines instead of paying salaries to convicted terrorist, the palestinians spent millions of dollars every month for the pay to slave to convicted terrorist instead of, and by the way they can call me now and i would give them the phone numbers where they can purchase vaccines, instead of promoting hate she should learn the facts and try to look at them to hurt themselves bemoan i think you're a diplomat and i don't think you like what you're hearing from the income in a administration but you are going to keep it very calm, mr. ambassador, thank you very much for enjoining us we appreciated. see you again soon. stuart: take a look at the market and we will start with individual stocks, start with southwest airlines here's a development that will not affect the stock price, the company
11:54 am
will vaccinate employees for free, once a vaccine is available workers are strongly encouraged to take it but not required to get the shot. no impact on the stock an interesting development in the travel business. chevron cut to a whole, were that chevron is lagging behind in renewables, there still got the price target at $98 a share down 3% today at 92. bitcoin, come on in, they're going to add it they will make an eligible inducement investment. susan: is part of bitcoin going mainstream and when the world's largest money manager black rock allows its comments to access bitcoin trade, that is a big deal because they oversee about $8 trillion worth, that means average investors can get in not just black rock, paypal, all
11:55 am
have hundreds of millions of accounts to allow bitcoin trade, bitcoin is down roughly 15 - 20% the past few days and 100 billion wiped out a crypto market because of concern of government regulation all by janet yellen what is she going to do when she comes in as treasury secretary when she comes of illicit use of crypto currency, people asked me about crypto currency and i say you have to be prepared that it might go to 0 and you might have a very strong stomach. stuart: the leader of the world's most important central-bank insane watch out bitcoin and crypto you have to get a little nervous i think that's why were down to 31000 right now. check the big board one more time. we are down 16 points, that is a tiny fraction, look at the level 31173. more "varney" after this. ♪
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stuart: we have an important development on the issue of censorship in general, not just of conservatives. the house oversight committee, chaired by new york's carolyn maloney wants the fbi to investigate parler's role in the capitol hill's riots, letter to fbi director christopher wray,
12:00 pm
maloney says quote, questions have been raised about parler's financing and its ties to russia end quote. got to tell you now, the ceo of parler, john matze joins us on this program. he will respond to that. john matze on this program. time's up for me. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you, stuart. that should be interesting, especially now looks like christopher wray fbi staying around. joe biden indicating he will keep him in office. how he will deal with all this. good stuff. stuart, look at minor selloff we have the corner of wall and broad. the records mr. in for joe biden not only starting today with the major averages all in record territory after hitting records yesterday, declining a little bit when it comes to the dow. from the point he was elected to the point he was inaugurated, no american president has had a good of run of things in that


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