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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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we left it all on the floor babying fellowman twitter an instagram at kennedy nation, facebook kennedy fbn, e-mail also dave smith in california public and congressman darrell issa. tonight was a good one, tomorrow's going to be a good one. make every day a canny day. texas is now sending military and medical personnel to the border to handle covid-19 cases. we have that story. also, suing a sanctuary city but their continued silence on what is going on at the border and angel families also silence on antifa. inconvenient truth on what americans are really experiencing and enduring. with us tonight is governor
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bobby jindal, ronald as well as a budget ranking republican jason smith, charles heard and angel husband say i'm on the top headlines for the day. we have a big new debate about the biden administration doing away with ed killing fossil fuel jobs in the middle of a pandemic when the oil boom did stop the u.s. and plunging into deeper recessions in prior decades. this is john kerry today saying the biden administration will wipe out those jobs, but claims those workers can get green jobs immediately and make solar panels instead. even as john kerry today admits the u.s. could "go to zero tomorrow in admissions and not solve climate change" because "90% of global emissions comes from outside the u.s. is a quote on trend".
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even though the fbi director already testified that the fbi is targeting left-wing writers. this as homeland security issues a new warning on domestic extremism. we will break that down. a profoundly moving human interest story. the families impacted by washington border policy. and angel husbands whose life was changed forever. shattered after an illegal alien took the life of his wife. more uncertain lockdown policy surfacing among the 50 states as lockdowns continue to drag on. we will show you the latest examples that may make your head spin. plus, more proof that lockdowns just do not work. thanks for joining us. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪♪ thank you for joining us. you are watching the foxbusiness network.
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extending it now through the march. it could come in the next coming weeks. the 2016 presidential candidate -- let's break it down. no indication to indicate a specific credible plot. can we take this on first? >> we need to defend our country. they do a great job. what we do not want to do a seat law enforcement politicized. what i worry about from the left is all of a sudden we are treating criminals and potential threats against our country differently based on their political affiliation. we need to take all threats against our country seriously. those that want to do harm to our police, destroyed property, it does not matter if they are antifa or some other group, we need to condemn them all. i do worry about the pull that
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his eyes asian of law enforcement under the radical left. >> now critics are asking why is the white house avoiding questions on whether it will consider antifa as domestic terrorists when christopher wray already testified last september that, yes, antifa is a real thing and the fbi does have multiple domestic terrorism probes targeting thousand self identified with antifa. let's roll tape on this. let's watch us. >> antifa is a real thing. it is not a group or an organization. it is a movement or an ideology. we have quite a number. i have said this consistently since before my first time appearing before this committee. we have any number of investigations into what we would describe as violent
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anarchist extremists. some of those individuals self identify with antifa. >> you and i talked about this yesterday and conveyed that all violence happening around the country will be reviewed as the tasking that was done by that national security team. i don't have anything to preview on it. >> the issue is, when while the white house include antifa as part of the new probe into extremism. >> i think what we are seeing is biden was too weak to stand up to the radical left. he was too weak then and two week now. it should not matter political affiliation. the democrats, the left where condemning police and promoting standing up for rioters. at least this year they are condemning writers and standing up for the police. a little bit of progress, but they need to be more consistent. we have set all the while joe biden is not strong enough to
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stand up to the radical elements in this party. democrats like to talk about justice. they use that word a lot. it is not justice. it is not fair to treat writers and anarchists differently based on their political affiliation. the left -- that is just wrong. >> people who sell, the minorities outsell their businesses describe, their communities destroyed, when will d.c. wake up and answer the wake-up call that's been ringing off the hook for months on end, governor? here is the other practical issue. they have to talk about shutting down all mob violence because christopher wray fbi director testified that our foreign adversaries like china and russia are trying to piggyback on this chaos. >> one of the best things that president trump did was he highlighted the threat of china. china now since his weakness in
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the white house. they sanction former secretary of state pompeo. they are sanctioning some of our u.s. senators. they are speaking up about chinese trade practices. china is now threatening to send out their forces in international waters. their planes are threatening taiwan's airspace. i think they are probing. i don't think they expect a firm response from the biden's white house. they are probing to see what they can get away with. we need to stand on a bipartisan basis. china already engaged in this fight. he woke america up so it was not a one-sided fight. we need to push back on the economic front, diplomatic front and across the board. they are probing for our weaknesses. you see it in taiwan and you see it online. >> let's get back to what is happening in the home front. what we are seeing is antifa definition. increasingly elastic.
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now it will riot against -- not police. we saw them go after an i.c.e. facility and take a down. a riot against joe biden winning the election. when is the administration going to stand up and shut this down? >> they were shouting and protesting against i.c.e. no nations, no borders. ridiculous beliefs, ridiculous slogans. they are afraid to stand up. they have supported groups that hate law enforcement. they want to abolish i.c.e. every day americans living in the real world including democratic voters that like law enforcement. worried when they see their property being burned. you had voices last year telling us these rioters, these arsonists fall on violence. tell that to the small business
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owner. tell that to the folks, police officers harmed, folks were killed during these rights last year. they called these folks political protesters. that is just crazy. the democratic party has a real problem. the leaders don't have the courage to stand up. every day average americans that don't have armed security guards, they want law enforcement keeping them safe. elizabeth: okay. it is great to have you on. thank you for your insight. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: the heritage foundation on this hot new debate. it is happening right now. impeachment going into the rearview mirror. senator rand paul saying the votes are not there. he is now pushing democrats, do a rethink of your own rhetoric. we've got that story and a big push back today as democrats that could kill jobs.
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possibly their hold on the house of representatives. that story next. >> no democrat will honestly ask whether bernie sanders cited the shooter that nearly killed steve scully's. the shooter nearly pulled off a massacre. i was there. he believed the false and inflammatory rhetoric spewed by bernie and other democrats such as a republican health care plan for the uninsured is that you die. is this about bernie supporters, nearly killing him and shot one of our coaches in three of our staff, he screamed this is for healthcare. ask me or anyone if that is incitement. ♪♪ h try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big.
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♪. elizabeth: joining m joining f me now as heritage foundation senior legal fellow. it is great to see you again and you on. senator rand paul says impeachment already failed. senator tim kaine says we will not get the 67 votes. now they are talking sensor. what do you think of all of that? >> i think holding a trial now of a private citizen is unconstitutional. the impeachment clause in the constitution very clearly only applies to current federal officers and only intended for the purpose of removing officers
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and it simply does not apply once a federal official has resigned and become a private citizen. this is really a waste of time. particularly since it is pretty clear they will not be able to get the two thirds vote necessary to convict. elizabeth: okay. we also have this. senator rand paul is saying that democrats insist on applying a test of incitement that they refuse to apply to themselves. i would like to have you take a listen to this. watch. >> many on the t democrat side f the aisle cheered them on. kamala harris, famously offered to pay the bill for those that were arrested. i wonder if she will be brought up on charges of inciting violence for that now that she is vice president. should kamala harris be impeached for offering to pay for violent people to get out of jail that have been burning our
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cities down? no. no republican has offered that. we are not going down the road the democrats have decided. this low road of impeaching people for political speech. elizabeth: also cited representative maxine waters and cory booker. that is senator rand paul there. take that on and take it on in light of, you know, the idea and the debate about inciting unrest at the capital riot. can you square this? >> i i think rand paul has a definite look, you can agree or disagree on what the president was saying. whether he should have been saying it, but incitement to write is a very specific federal crime that is defined under federal law.f if you take the political speech that the president was engaging
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in as senator paul has pointed out, it really was not any different than or somehow worse than the political speech we heard from vice president kamala harris and others and it would seem that they will have a tough time proving that this was an incitement to riot, rather than political speech that, like i said, some may disagree with and think was a bad idea, but did it meet the definition of incitement to riot? i think they have a tough time with that kind of case. elizabeth: all right. here is the issue. the biden agenda is moving through the congress. they are talking about tax hikes to fix government pensions, the commerce secretary talking about tax hikes on the middle class to pay for climate change, talking about gas tax hikes, taxes on
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the numberle of miles you travel inhe your car. let's listen to the biden administration john kerry. he was asked about the biden agenda killing oil and gas jobs. listen to his explanation. watch. >> they could be untried be the people that go to work to make solar panels. i think workers with the biden administration, they willl havea much better set of choices and frankly it will create more jobs elizabeth: okay. let's show the scroll of the obama administration. green energy failures. we have been here before 10 years ago trying to file government taxpayer dollars towards green companies that bellyflop. time and again, what is your take of the conflict john kerry said? heof is getting really heavily criticized coming off as an elitist. your reaction. >> well, he should be heavily
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criticized for this. all of these increases in taxes will hit the middle class, which already has been hit hard by this pandemic that shut down the country, the economy is struggling and making it more expensive for the middle class, for blue-collar workers, particularly with things like gasoline tax, which, yeah, i know, folks that drive around in limos don't worry about that, but folks that drive their pickup trucks to work and half a living, for them, those kinds of taxes really hurt them and hit them hard. i just cannot believe they are foolish enough to be pushing these kinds of tax increases on america. elizabeth: talking about m gettg rid of jobs in the middle of a pandemic when they need to take care of their loved ones if they happen to come down with covid-19, i mean, how is it unity when you want to add more jobless people, jobless workers to the unemployment line?
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>> it does it. like i said, it makes no sense to do things that will cut jobs, like, for example, more than 11,000 jobs will be cut because of the fact that they are stopping the keystone pipeline construction which also is going to cut down on the flow of oil and gasoline into the country. elizabeth: can i just say this, because i've been covering government for three decades, 2014. presidentn obama names joe biden his job training czar. go look at the dozens of married job training programs the federal government is running and report back to me. tell me what is going on. he spent tens of millions of dollars, came back and said, the answer is job training does not work. it is called train and pray. train and pray that workers get
9:21 pm
a job. is that a practical way to help american peoplet that are payig their government salaries? >> low taxes and you need to deregulate so industry will recover and boom so that small businesses will once again grow and not be hit as they have by the pandemic. that is how you create jobs in this country. creating theil right atmosphereo that private industry will take offin and grow. every think they are proposing is the exact opposite of that. elizabeth: all right. great tofo see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: next up. we have reports coming in, more caravans heading to the border. the biden administration is easing up on border policies. texas is asking the pentagon to get militaryedicalicalic psonnel t theouerountherth bdeo t dealalde wit cov9idases.
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reports of more caravans headed towards the border. can you tell us about that? >> we put out a signal the biden administration told the world while he was campaigning and now it's president they are really soft onon immigration enforcemet like other border security. folks coming from honduras and another caravan forming behind them, they are responding to incentives sent out by this administration. there is no jobs, very few jobs in honduras, a corrupt government, terrible violence and cartel activity. they will attempt to do what the caravanse previously have done because they realize now that we have rolled back everything that was made under the trump administration where they remain in mexico program. the asylum with northern china. people will now be back in this scenario. the emigration allows them to come into the united states, they get caught by border patrol
9:27 pm
and then there is not enough space in detention. no family detention space that is viable. they cannot have a hearing while they are still in custody so theyey are released into the country. elizabeth: okay. i >> when you roll that back you will encourage more people. this is a rational act by people that are responding to the incentives that they will get let go. elizabeth: but now we have border patrol agents in the rio grande valley sector in texas. preparing for a possible spread ofe covid-19 in southwest texas and the problem is border patrol guys are not yet fully vaccinated. that is an issue. now we have the texas governor getting the pentagon to deploy medical military personnel from the army, navy and air force to the southern border. can you tell us about this? >> there is always a risk at the border. the activity of cartels and smugglers in large numbers of people coming across, first responders, customs and border
9:28 pm
protection officers, increasing just because of the activity. when you put covid in the pandemic on top of that, you raise the risks for everybody. we have to watch what happens. i am sure the governor's request will be responded to favorably. we will have to watch the numbers closely. large numbers of people walking up to the border is a potential problem for that state and other states. elizabeth: okay. weou have that issue and then we have agents being trained to offer medical screening and ppe to migrants who cross illegally. agents coming across anyone showing signs of covid-19 they get sent to a medical facility. it is not just border crossings, it's having to deal with the medical crisis. that is a lot for border patrol to have to deal with. >> correct. added the complexity and level of risk that is very delicate. they have to protect themselves and use the technique and
9:29 pm
procedures, the ppe and et cetera. a medical screening that has to take place. it is, there is a lot of threat in that situation. they have to do everything they can to respond to the public health need. people that may be in custody. elizabeth: and then we have this story. a texas judge blocked the biden administrationo freeze on deportation because the white house fails to provide any justification for that 100 day pause.ed it c means that a legals charged with crimesy' as heinous as homicide, if their only charge and not convicted, they can be set free. is that it? >> a pause without exception for criminal activity was always a bad idea. pushing back on this and the judge ruled in favor of the state because stopping the enforcement of immigration law,
9:30 pm
here is the scenario. committeddy a crime. in custody. turned over to i.c.e. and then they could not be deported after the judge ordered them deported. that was always a bad idea to not have the acception of criminals. federal governments to nullify immigration law. so many people were deported or who were in the country illegally does not get removed or deported. that was always a bad idea. have a no exception criminal activity is a dereliction of trying to figure out what is going on out there. what is a pause of stopping the enforcement. it is not the border community. not doing that to help shore up the enterprise and it's not good for theh: people involved. >> thank you so much for joining us again. so great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: ranking republican jason smith. more absurd lockdowns, policy,
9:31 pm
examples we've got them. surfacingam and coming to light among the 50 states. they are coming to the surface as lockdowns drag on. these examples may make your head spin. stay right there. >> we cannot pin down anywhere directly. just shutting stuff down from the standpoint of looking good. it was the wrong thing to deal. from the standpoint of west virginia and the economics in west virginia, we keep moving in the right direction. ♪♪ (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first.
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9:36 pm
appeals in san francisco says keep churches lock down a california when balls and tattoo parlors are open for inside service, so our theme parks, but schools have to remain close. can you figure that one out? >> first of all, thanks for having me on. it is outrageous to think they have these lockdown policies that itor is okay for strip clus and tattoo parlors to be open, but if you want to worship your god in a church, unacceptable. these are the liberal crazy policies that have been going on whether it is in california, whether it is in new york, they have put the stranglehold on the small businesses where businesses are collapsing. they cannot barely keep their doors open. in fact, they are not working. whether it is new york or california, they have some of the highest death rates, highest unemployment rates. it is absolutely outrageous. elizabeth: now it seems like the
9:37 pm
democrats in the white house are going after the governors that are doing it right. in florida, the deaths per below the national average even though they are vulnerable populationsns there. republican florida governor, ron d santos, he is going after white house press secretary who wrongfully suggested that florida was sitting on vaccines when florida is not doing that. it is holding onto that supply because seniors and others need a second dose. let's listen to the white house press secretary. watch. >> data first year, facts first year. they have only distributed about 50% of the vaccines that they have been given in florida. so, clearly, they have a good deal of the vaccine. thatey supply will need to continue to increase as they are able to effectively reach people across the state. elizabeth: okay. fax first. governoror desantis says florida is not just sitting on viable vaccines. the supply she is talking about
9:38 pm
is second dose is for those that already got their first dose. your reaction to that story? >> you know, it is ridiculous. i can tell you from the state of missouri igo talked to my goverr today, mike parson. they need more vaccinations. we get on average 125,000 shots a week and we could use five-600,000. we just need the federal government to release the shots so that state can bring it forward. for -- to be going after dee santos because he has been fairly successful inta his state compared toco his liberal counterparts in california and new york and pennsylvania it is just really ridiculous. elizabeth: also, congressman, we have so many parents that are frustrated coast-to-coast with what d their local school systes are doing. the teachers unions in a big
9:39 pm
fight with parent saying our children are really losing out here. everybody understands covid-19 is dangerous. frustrated parents are saying, wait a second, what are our local school boards doing. let's listen to this frustrated parent from virginia. >> you should be fired from your day jobs. if yourn employers knew you were inefficient than than the dmv, you would be replaced in a heartbeat. i just finished a conference call because i'm having to multitask to be here. you are a bunch of cowards. you think you are some sort of martyr is because of the decisions youec are making when the statistics do not lie. the vast majority of the population is not at risk because of this virus. the garbage workers that pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day! more than anyone in the school system! figure it out or get off the
9:40 pm
podium! people like me in a line of other people out there that will gladly take your seat and figure it out! it is not a high bard. elizabeth: he said raise the freaking bar. do you hear his frustration, congressman? these are people on the ground saying, will you guys wake up. go ahead. >> i hear that frustration all the time. i am back here in southern missouri and people want schools open.. parents want to send their kids to school. it is unacceptable that the schools are being closed. even the cdc has said open up the schools. the cdc under biden has said open y up the schools. the fact that you are having teachers union boycotting and going on strike, in chicago and everywhere else just because
9:41 pm
they do not want to educate their kids, think about this. rural southeast missouri, if you went online, guess what, a lot of our kids, they don't have computers. a lot of our families have no access to broadband. you go online and those kids will not be educated. they are so many kids in our school system because they are ins poor families. sometimes the only food they receive is in our school districts. open up the schools. this is what everyone is saying back home. this is what has to happen. elizabeth: congressman, you were terrific. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. come back soon. >> thank you. appreciate it. we will stay on this story. we have proof that lockdowns just do not work. the story, next. >> people are getting fed up. they are getting fed up being
9:42 pm
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show the washington times opinion editor charles. we are taking another look at this. lockdowns don't work when he said there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of a pandemic. is he admitting lockdowns don't work? >> i don't believe there is any other way of looking at that. he admits exactly that. running this nine months of campaigns against president trump and his handling of the pandemic, his strategy is to basically keep doing the same thing president trump has been doing albeit with a federal mask mandate that won't do anything and even joe biden himself is
9:47 pm
not following. elizabeth: all right. so we have cdc hospitalizations. it shows hospitalization seem to bept going down. there is a drop in symptomatic covid-19 patients coming to emergency rooms. we have u city state and federal leaders giving us pandemic chaos. charles, we'd like to show this. the top 10 states with -- they do not have intense restrictions. they have dialed it back. they are jobless rate is a lot lower than the top 10 states with the worst restrictions. top 10 states with the wrist restrictions are blue democratic states mostly. those that opt out back are red states. your take on that? >> anything like this will be affected a whole lot more at the state level which is what you
9:48 pm
would predict. what we are talking about here is politics and the reason democrats for the past year now have decided to nationalize this issue and blame every single one of these deaths on president trump is because they wanted to make political hay out of it. what kind of a person takes a calamity like this, takes a crisis like this in which hundreds of thousands of americans will die and decides to turn it into a political cudgel in order to score political points. you have to be a really, really sick person in order to do that sort ofhe thing. that is exactly what they did. now joe biden is in the white house and we are finding out what you and i have known all along which is there is a very limited amount that the federal government can do to stop all of this,, to stop the pandemic. there is a whole lot more that i think that states can do in terms of, you know, having the
9:49 pm
vaccine ready and distributing it aslo we are seeing in places like floridada where they are doing a very good job of that versus, say, a place like new york where democrats are struggling to do it. this whole thing has been politicized. i cannot think of it being any more disgusting than that. >> okay. it is so good to see you. thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it. coming a human interest story for you. there has been a lot of talk of statistics and data in the border in washington. faces and human beings to this story. an angel husband has his life changed forever. after criminal illegal alien took the life of his wife. that a story next. >> over 14,000 illegal aliens and isis custody. 71% of which are convicted
9:50 pm
criminals or have pending charges which means they will have top release up to 10,000 criminal aliens. these are not aliens that broke the law coming here illegally, these are people that robbed, raped, murdered, et cetera. ♪♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!
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elizabeth: okay. with me now is an angel husband whose wife jacqueline was killed by a criminal illegal in 2019. he is joined by his attorney. let's first start with you. can youha tell us what first happened. >> sure. this happened back in november 19 of 2019. it wasng in the early morning hours around 530 in the morning. myng wife jackie was getting rey to go to the gym at that point in time. she pulled out the car from the garage and as she was pulling out, the jeep evidentially pulled up back behind her car and blocked her from leaving. you know, i was in the house and i heard the horn and i guess at
9:55 pm
that point in time is when they shot her. shot her through the window. she passed away their. igo walked over to see what was going on. the jeep pulled back. quickly took off. that is what happened. just cold blooded murder. >> words cannot express the sorrow and grief we feel for you. roberts, can you explain who this criminall illegal alien wa? >> yes. he had been on a 14 year, i am going to call it rampage through, primarily albuquerque, but through the south west. he is a documented member of a cartel gang. he had been previously deported.
9:56 pm
he had been convicted of previous criminal offenses. in 2006-2008, and each time it gets deported, it is back within a week. that is shocking in and of itself. after his 08 deportation, he was back and went on another two-year crime spree. that is what this lawsuit is about. he was then convicted and was deported in 2019. and then back again within another week. by virtue of his sanctuary policy and the city of albuquerque, even though the police department knew he was here, they did not call the federal law enforcement to arrest him and within two months, jackie was murdered.
9:57 pm
elizabeth: he has a criminal record for illegal reentry's. he has domestic violence. excuse me, assault with a deadly weapon. sam, now you are suing the sanctuary city of albuquerque. can you tell us what you want to accomplish with the lawsuit. >> try to make some changes to the policy that we have here in albuquerque and sanctuary cities. i think that my wife would be alive today if some of those policies that they have would not have been in place. againt, my goal is to try to change that and hope that this never happens to any other person anywhere. it has been, for us, a terrible experience having to go through this tragic thing that happened to my wife and my family.
9:58 pm
it is something i guess we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. it could have been avoided, in my opinion. >> you and your wife are parents of two new mexico state police officers. is that true? is that right? >> yes. that is true. elizabeth: sam, we just want you to know you are not alone. we have been covering this for about four years. other families have come on the show to talk about what you have endured. let's take a listen. we want to give everyone a voice here.ot you are not just a data point andta not just a statistic. watch this. >> of analysis to be a classmate asked for a ride home. his intent was to murder josh for his truck. he beat him. he crushed his face. he beat him in the head with a closet rod four times until it broke. he strangled himself on trent
9:59 pm
demo over and over again. he said him on fire. >> probably 120 miles per hour. >> may 12, 2014 by repeat illegal alienng who was driving drunk the wrong way. over 35 miles and slammed head-on into my son. >> they had just gotten done running a call. a drunk driver that was here illegally pulled in front of the ambulance with no regard to anybody else. my husband's ambulance flipped over and he and his partner both lost their lives in that accident. elizabeth: sam, your final word on that. >> i feel for them. you know, terrible things just do not go away.
10:00 pm
not overnight. elizabeth: it is heartbreaking. >> that is why i feel the sanctuary city policies have to change. elizabeth:h: okay. they have to change. sam and robert, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ lou: good evening, everybody. a massive selloff on wall street driven by weak earnings for boeing and chip processing company amd and why would speck thattive trading -- speculative trading on gamestop and amc and a number of other stocks little known and now known better than ever before. federal reserve chairman jerome powelled today didn't help the markets much, as is his wont, saying the pandemic is causing economic uncertainty. we didn't the know that, did we? he is always helpful with those


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