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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 8, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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maria: that would do it for us. thank you for joining us and have a fantastic day. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: headline of the day new virus cases down, death down and stock up. while media headlines following virus anxiety the mood of the country outside new york and california seems to be turning, despite the anxiety chronos-- at us we are putting our money on the futures. "new york times" tracked new cases and deaths every day and today they reported a 31% downtrend in new cases of over the past two weeks. a9% jott-- cropping deaths. this is a monday morning
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stock market rally again with dow industrials look like they are going up about 130 odd points with a similar gain for the s&p which is getting closer to the 4000 level and the nasdaq on the up side getting a bit closer to the 14000 level. stocks up this monday. breaking this morning, elon musk says tesla has bought one and a half billion dollars worth of bitcoin and he says the company will accept bitcoin s payment immediately. tesla went up and so did bitcoin, $2000 per coin earlier this morning and right now it's 43900, bitcoin up. there is some buying in gamestop, a.m. seeing another shorted stocks, but a far cry from the recent frenzy. robinhood ran a commercial during the super bowl and made no mention of the turmoil. south africa will no longer use astrazeneca's vaccine as once said--
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studies adjust its ineffective against the new variant, but australia is reassuring citizens that astrazeneca vaccine is effective in the stock is up 1%. here is something that may help the market overall, democrats have introduced legislation that will provide $3600 a year force millions of families with children under six years old and $3000 for older children under 18 in the family. in my opinion it's buying votes, but wall street doesn't care as investors love a town of money thrown at that economy. there's the super bowl and tom brady and gronk, trouble at the sports betting sites overloaded, some crashing gamblers are not happy but tom brady has won his seventh super bowl, mvp again, clearly the best and he teamed up with gronk to crush the chiefs 31-nine. brady's breakfast this morning, if he keeps to
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his supercharged diet as he's already had a glass of water with electrolytes and avocado we thought you would like to know. what else do we have? the president waffles on reopening the schools and said we need fewer people and rework ventilation systems and said we will get the science from reopening from the cdc this weekend in philadelphia teachers were supposed to go back to classroom but the union says note-- know. a report on open for business florida coming up with ashley webster there and so is rob smith. in new york it's deep-freeze lockdown anxiety. was it like in the sunshine state? the answer is different "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: the empire state building shimmering in 19 degrees, different from florida, shall we say. a cold morning this monday, ending new york. the bugs-- buccaneers defeated the chiefs winning the super bowl, number 55. roll tape. >> brady play action with a third option. gronk. >> here comes mahomes trying to find the end of zone and it know, one last time. tampa bay buccaneers have a second super bowl title in franchise history. tom brady doesn't pass the torch quite yet to mahomes. >> we are coming back. stuart: we are coming back, why quit when you are ahead?
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coming up we talked to super bowl winning quarterback joe theismann on this show later the big story of the day, how about tesla, the dues on tesla and bitcoin. laid out for us a. susan: have we met before? susan: first time ever for car company to accept the bitcoin for cars and they are buying one and half billion dollars in actual bitcoin. bitcoin prices up to record level, crossing almost 44000, incredible. stuart: we crossed it. susan: we have. the power of the elon musk and we know he's a big cryptocurrency fan. when an app billion dollars is a significant use of tesla's cash. the company has had cash crunches and problems for a few years so questions could invest-- question if 7% use of cash flow on bitcoin is a smart move for a car company that might need cash since they have austin and berlin
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factors coming online. investors may say if i wanted bitcoin i would invest in it myself. stuart: it appears investors have bought into elon musk's vision, they have bought tesla, moved to higher, but bitcoin, moved to trot-- higher. they trust this guy. susan: it's a cold stock led by cold leader, they say. stuart: great to be back. let's get straight to money with futures pointing higher this monday morning, nicely so again, monday morning rally. we have keith fitz-gerald back this monday. , virus cases down, deaths down, stocks up. are they connected when the absolutely connected. isn't this the coolest? this is what i love about this business of markets are forward-looking and they are building on hope, aspiration so i think we could get 4233 with very little holding the rally
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back. may be a hiccup in the stimulus, other than that earnings are strong, hope is strong, you better be in the windy. stuart: wait a second, one of the producers was talking in my earpiece just as you said there is nothing to stop the market going too well, say it again? >> 4233 is my back of the envelope calculation , could be off but that's what i think. stuart: the s&p by the way, not the dow jones? >> corrective. stuart: let's get that straight. it's a rally anyway you slice it. the impeachment trial begins tomorrow you could does it make any difference to the market? >> you know, i would like to believe it does not because many americans have gotten political fatigue and they want to move on, so why there is this grandstanding right or wrong, love or hate him, i don't think it impacts the market. stuart: what is the best area to be invested in right now?
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let's say we go to my 42 on the s&p, if we go to that level, where are the big winnings to be made? >> this is like a horse race, stick with the horses winning. i think you stick with financials, defense, medicine and technology above all else because this isn't just about the next 12 months, it's about the next to 10 years and if you own stocks in those areas and with the economy reopens and when we have a global reset you will have missed one of the great runs. stuart: i have owned a big tech for 20 years. no time to stop-- so? >> i don't think so, i mean, if you need to take some of the money off the table, no problem, but i think you'll kick yourself if you bailout. stuart: okay. thank you for being with us. see you soon. let's look ahead to the rest of the week because it's a big week for earnings. susan: disney is the big one thursday. tuesday twitter and lyft and uber comes out wednesday, but a reminder it's been a fantastic earning season
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so far and profits have gone up by the most in the year, more than 80% of companies 30 plus have reported so far have made more money than anticipated. second-highest in a decade. here's the problem, stock market has not rewarded the results are companies that have come out ahead actually down, going in the opposite direction of the five-year average we have seen so over the past five years we have seen increases of close to 1% and rewards for other companies premium to date on the big story last week. susan: a lot of things you can imagine that have put apple on this partnership with sunday. apple doesn't like the leaks and reports around the apple car. plans are usually secretive. also there was no deal with sunday or kia despite that sunday was
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talking to suppliers. apparently apple have been talking to korean and japanese carmakers for the apple car so maybe they decided to go some with elves-- was someone else other than kia. may be hyundai learned since apple doesn't like to operate and i guess to tell people about future projects they want to keep it quiet. most expect and apple car of some sort in the next decade and reports suggest 24, 25. the number one analyst says it makes sense to her. stuart: bottom line is there will still be a car? susan: likely, according to analysts. stuart: that is the big story with apple down a tiny bit this morning. overall, the market is going up. we are of about 140, dow jones. treasury secretary janet yellin says the $1.000000000000 stimulus package is the key to getting jobs back. watch this.
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>> absolutely no reason why we should suffer through a long slow recovery. i would expect if this packages past that we would get back to full employment next year. stuart: is that how we are getting jobs back, spending money? how about opening the economy, wouldn't that be a better choice? tweets from elon musk and other celebrities are sending dogecoin-- what is it? susan: there's multiple ways to pronounce it so you are right trendline. stuart: even yours truly makes a cameo in one of the elon musk's tweets. goodness me. we will explain it all after this. ♪♪
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stuart: just joining us? you have a monday morning rally with the dow jones of about 100, nice day-- came for the nasdaq. big tech, we used to look at it every single day, dropped off a bit, but now big tech is up across the board except for apple which is down a fraction. elon musk sending dogecoin soaring again. before we get to your report, what is this about me being involved about a tweet about nine susan: it's your world and we just live in it. we were talking about a video elon musk tweeted out-- there you are. actually started the video. elon musk cheerleading the cryptocurrency tweeting out, who led that dogecoin out over the weekend another
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celebrity judge joined in including snoop dogg, of course snoop dogg taking advantage of this. gina simmons of "kiss" tweeting he bought dogecoin because he thinks it will go up and with all the celebrity power you can imagine dogecoin went up hitting a record high above 8 cents according now worth $10 billion in market value. remember the coin started off as a joke in 2013, but thanks to social media and other reddit brigade and its actual real money, real value. are we going to run some of that video? stuart: show me, show me. susan: awesome pronunciation as there are multiple ways to pronounce dogecoin. dogecoin like the palace in venice is the way the founder once it pronounced. there are multiple ways to say it. stuart: it's up eight cents per
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coin, like up eight folds of couple of months ago. susan: something like that. stuart: only time will tell if there is real value that vein. edward yardeni is with us. as i said cases down, death down, futures up, are they linked? >> absolutely and also over the weekend sunday janet yellin said she wants to run the economy hot and she wants to have the democrats push through the $1.9 trillion package. we had the shortest ever recession last year, lasted only two months. it was terrible, but lasted only two months and we have had the most amazing v shaped recovery and we should be back to where we were before the pandemic in real gdp by the second quarter and now she wants to slam on the accelerator and get almost the entire expansion that could
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take a few years, she wants that to my 4% unemployment next year. that is ambitious, but there are risks involved particularly on the inflation front and those bond landed shots starting to stir. stuart: i was always told that if you chuckle loads and loads of money into the economy, sooner or later you end up with inflation. are we going to end up with inflation if we do 1.9 trillion on top of what we have already gotten in the fed prints money etc., do dc inflation on the horizon >> of the honest answer is i don't know but we will find out. for the past 10 years we have had what i thought was monetary policy but i thought there were powerful forces offsetting that keeping a lid on inflation, so the monetary notion it's always a monetary phenomenon doesn't work, but this is a unprecedented, i mean, i'm looking at m1 m2 charts and they are off the charts, just
9:20 am
vertical, talking about several trillion dollars in the economy and on top of that they want to provide another stimulus program. i'm not saying there are people that need the help, but it looks as though it's just going to be another mass amount of money thrown at the system and the stock market is up on that, obviously. stuart: i think this is modern monetary theory, printing money, chucking money, it doesn't matter because you are just replacing money that was lost. does that argument hold any value for you? >> well, i mean, i'm not a fan it of modern monetary theory, but the fact of the matter is, so far it's working as certainly a strong recovery in the economy, but i think at some point there will be a price to be paid for it. i think we will see potential for a melt up, inflation which could set the stage for a melt
9:21 am
down and i think we could see a pickup of inflation. other things to consider is that you have to i guess it's a political question, how big do you want the government to get? modern monetary theory is basically a blank check for the government to get bigger and bigger. stuart: are we close to a melt up situation right now? >> i think we are almost halfway there. i keep comparing this to the prince song, party like it's 1999, we are following that rhythm in the lyrics pretty well. we are halfway there with the nasdaq up almost 100% this time around-- last time around it was up 125%. stuart: dance if you must, dance if you will, but keep a close eye on the exit door because sooner or later it will slam shut. i should remember that. edward yardeni, thank you. now there is this, south africa halting astrazeneca's vaccine shot. y, lauren?
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lauren: they suspended it before they even administered it because it was an effective against the south african variant. it was a very small trial, but they found it 10% efficacy rate against-- against the new variant so it opens up the door to johnson & johnson, johnson & johnson said they could speed up delivery of their one-shot vaccine to south africa where the effective rate is 57%, so still less than we are seeing against the other variant, but higher than 10% in the shots could read this week. south african regulators have not approved the j&j shot yet, but they are in advanced discussions about they call it quote potential additional collaboration , so we will see if they get approval and get the j&j shot out because the new variants are proving to be tricky for every drug maker specifically the south african one. stuart: cases down, death down, stock up this morning. checking the overall
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market, look at the futures, up across the board. we will take you to all three after this. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause.
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stuart: almost ready to open the stock market and we are going up by the looks at the futures. show me the shorted stocks, please work they are up, but nothing like the rally we saw the last couple of weeks or gamestop 70, up 10%. jeff sica is with us. jeff, what is this new movie about the gamestop saga? are they going to make another big short? >> amazingly, last week on the shore i talked about gamestop would be a good plot for a movie with the underdog, the david and goliath theme. lats week that's what happened. we had four major companies, hbo came out, hbo is actually bringing in the writer who brought her locker, a guy who won an academy award bringing him in. young mgm licensing a
9:28 am
movie and you have hbo bringing in the same people who did the billions, so a lot of people are rushing to the table to make this movie. not only could there be one movie, there may be for movies about something that we really can't even figure out who the antagonist is. we don't know if it is the hedge fund or robinhood emma we are confused about the plot here. stuart: by the time they have made the movie-- movies, poor, we will figure out who won and who lost. i had to talk about disney as they report thursday afternoon, i think. is the magic number and there's always a magic number for these big companies, is the magic number 100 million subscribers on disney plus? >> absolutely and i believe they will hit 1 million subscribers i mean what disney has done has been extraordinary. they get their theme parks closed, there
9:29 am
cruises are shut down, people are going to the movies and debate pivoted on disney plus and they will hit in my opinion, they will hit 100 million subscribers. what i like about disney is with disney plus, now hopefully you're getting to the end of the pandemic and at some point in the theaters will open again and their blockbusters will come out and then the theme park it's open, california just opened disneyland at last week and we will start to see them turning out revenue , not only from the pandemic, but also from the pandemic being over so i would say expected big number on thursday. stuart: i think investors are expecting a big number is some thing positive down the road to disney is 184 this morning, on the up side. i know you are a big proponent bitcoin, jeff. did you see this morning, $44000 per coin elon musk about in.
9:30 am
i am out of time. sorry, but you are the guy with bitcoin previously and i'm sure you are having a blast to today. they are going to ring the bell right about now because in 10 seconds-- on cue, right there waiting the barrel-- green the bell. your we go, often running and already i can see green) gecko. up about 130 dow jones, 31000. of the stocks that have open among the dow jones 30, 24 to the upper five. s&p 500 is also opened in the green with a gain of .4%, 3900 s&p. all-time high, getting close to my 4000 and 10 for the nasdaq 13935, getting close to my 14000. that's an all-time high kicks in with the dow jones, 31263, all-time high. stock of the day, tesla
9:31 am
up 2% right now. they put a billion and a half into bitcoin. susan: possibly accepting bitcoin for cars in the future, seems like wall street likes this move and we know bitcoin has spiked possible record levels about 44000 this morning. there should be question from the investor community about the use of tesla's cash i mean if i wanted to buy bitcoin, i would buy it directly, why investing tesla and we know tesla in the past has had trouble with cash and cash burning giving austin coming online and berlin factory opening, you might want to preserve cash, but if people buy into tesla because they believe in elon musk. he's a futurist and he sees the future ahead of everyone else and i think they are giving him the benefit of the doubt, but i should point out tesla has questioned by china's regulators over quality issues and we saw tesla up 2%, dipped into negative territory when these headlines crossed,
9:32 am
but i think people are focusing on bitcoin right now. stuart: shouldn't elon musk have been saying something to the fcc about purchasing bitcoin once he was promoting crypto in tweets for the past couple of weeks? susan: good question. he should have his tweets verified by his communications department after settling with the fcc and being sued, but this was not a regulatory filing. the knowledge this morning that tesla has about about one half billion so he can say i filed with the fcc. stuart: i don't think he cares so much about the fcc. susan: that's right. stuart: hasbrouck, toy people, they were surging, not so much now. there was strong demand from parent to spend money on toys and board games to keep kids occupied. i thought they were spending lots of the money on electronics, but apparently hasbro has done well. ibm, palantir partnering up, big deal, it has to be something to do with the cloud. susan: hybrid cloud.
9:33 am
this is the first partnership of its kind which usually works with government agencies, but this deal is a boost for the sales force while making ibm artificial intelligence software easier to use. palantir soft will worth supplement the data in the ai tools ibm offers so one person-- they are implementing each other's services pick palantir is a data analysis committee who was credited with finding osama bin laden. stuart: look at a go up 10% as we speak. energizer, that's the battery people, surging on blowout earnings, upgraded a full-year outlook. up 6.8%. susan: okay. stuart: you were about to say something? susan: was a fantastic quarter because they benefited from increased demand and lower cost. stuart: that's always the point.
9:34 am
mgm, hershey's, target all got price upgrades. start with mgm because i thought they had problems last night, overloaded their sports betting system. susan: don't forget this is a record year for sports betting on the super bowl especially with online betting more states allowing it so that's why bank of america upgrading mgm to a price target of $35. hershey's chocolate maker getting it upgrade worth $170 and they say the chocolate maker will be able to hold the recent market share gains because of how well they are doing in terms of competition with competitors. stuart: 170 on hershey's, it's at 149 now. target? susan: were you a part of that trillion dollar i guess retell wearable sales? stuart: no. susan: apparel, they sold a trillion dollars-- a billion dollars, pardon me. that's important because target with people
9:35 am
upgrading the retailer stock to a buy because of strong games like digital and increased in popularity same-day delivery and pickup. stuart: i like the upgrades you bring us, not so keen on the downgrades. las vegas sands downgraded. susan: that's interesting counter trade, of trading mgm and downgrading sands with a price target $57. stuart: i guess that's all about sports betting. susan: that has more to do with macau. lbs and win which they also downgraded and macau has struggled to reopen especially during the popular time. stuart: viacom cbs. susan: it's interesting, they were downgraded. did you watch the super bowl last night? stuart: a bit of it. susan: before you read pm bedtime.
9:36 am
stuart: a bit of it. susan: if you watched you notice there was a lot of cbs in palace streaming advertising so basically took up a lot of the advertising space. it's downgraded to a cell at $29 because they're so much streaming competition. stuart: lets look at the overall market. if you're just joining us and especially for our radio listeners, we are up again today, up nearly 200 points dow jones, 31300 is where we are. it's a monday morning rally. 10 year treasury yield coming in at 1.18%, back up again with the price of gold-- all this talk about inflation but it's not doing much, of $20 but still i wish he $1833 per ounce. bitcoin is now right at $44000 a coin, oriole, has a gone above 56? yes, $57 per barrel, up
9:37 am
1%. on a day like this you will come across it a few losers among the dow 30 and on your screen couple, mcdonald's, travelers, merck the biggest dow jones loser. biggest losers among the s&p 500, hasbro, netflix, sba, but the top of the board their hasbro way down this morning. now, winners, always like to see the winners, disney reporting earnings thursday afternoon. that's a new high, 185, chevron, ibm, boeing, catapult her on the upside. among the dow 30 there are-- s&p-- tongue-tied here, s&p winners to be clear on your screen right now some of them up nearly 12% in the rest of four, 5%. the big attraction last night with all eyes on the super bowl. did you catch some of the commercials like this one? related. >> liking good neighbor
9:38 am
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thirty percent? really? sure! get a quote in 3 minutes at that is easy. so, stuart: test quote in 3 minutes at stuart: checking the markets this monday because all three, dow jones, s&p, nasdaq all-time highs at the opening bell this monday morning. speaking of all-time highs, how about disney as its 185 per share, an all-time high. ray wang is with us. ray, we'll is come to you for comment on big tech which is on the screen now, but i want to know which other
9:43 am
technology companies you are looking out besides the big five. i understand you are hot on. ashley: ai. explain, please. >> it's part of a larger category we are looking at, 500 billion-dollar category called ai software and it is part of that. figured out pricing optimization and spotting fraud, it's founded by tom siebel and they have just started to ramp up with 40 people in a sales, but they grew 71% last quarter and you can see the growth continue as people are looking at figuring out how to put ai, data and cloud together. stuart: i understand, how about snowflake? you like that, where do you think it's going? >> snowflake is doing a great job. it brings data from all of the place, from
9:44 am
highbred, on premises and uses that data so people can use it easily to figure actionable intelligence and by doing that they been able to take cloud data, take on premise that andrea together so companies can make faster decisions with the concept we call decision velocity. they are doing a good job giving everyone a run for their money, they cloud vendors who have decided to invest in competitors because they realize snowflake is becoming more powerful. stuart: does snowflake know all about me and you and susan and everyone in this building and everyone in this city? [laughter] >> they don't, but if you put the data in one central place and then you can figure out some insight, but it is still a tool that brings data together but it doesn't know everything about everyone. stuart: last one, palantir, i know it's a today as they have a
9:45 am
deal going with ibm. where is it going from here? >> well, we talked about this when they had their ipo and they have quadrupled their price since ipo and it's coming because there's a perception of it being a services company, but they are moving towards a soft well and ibm deal signifies that. they are the ones that are able to bring lots of the signal intelligence and figure out patterns that other people haven't found and there is are is more commercial customers instead of government customers that they have had for quite some time. stuart: c3ai, snowflake, palantir, stocks for the future by our man of the future, ray wang. thank you. we have to talk super bowl commercials. see this one, think this is the one about norway, this is the norway commercial i think from
9:46 am
general motors peer tell me more. lauren: it was one of the few i liked. it was 90 seconds which mean general motors paid a pretty penny using comedy to stress why the us is lagging norway and electric vehicles. >> norway is beating as. meet me there in an hour >> at the studio? >> no. >> soon everyone can dry and the. lauren: so, gm is investing $27 billion and electric cars by 2025 putting 30 new models on the market in that time. that's key because one reason the us is trailing countries like norway is there isn't a lot of choice. since last year there were 17 electric car models on the us car market and that's why detroit and silicon valley are investing to change that. i looked up market share, do you knew electric risk-- vehicles
9:47 am
are 54% of the norway market and in the us it's 2%. that's why ford and gm and others are making big investments. stuart: did you also know that norway is the richest company in the world and it's all based on offshore drilling. thank you. wait a minute, wait a minute, what about the state farm super bowl ad. wise that's a big? lauren: it's so big because of the cameo by the rapper drake. watch. >> hold on, is that drake? >> that's right, drake from state farm. like a good neighbor-- like a good neighbor. stand-in's don't have lines. lauren: there were other celebrities and that, paul read was the stand-in for aaron rodgers and esau patrick mahomes , but drake is getting all the buzz with viewers tweeting things like where is your new album.
9:48 am
it's been two years since he released an album. creativity editors commented that drake gives jake from state farm and they say find someone that looks at you like drake looks at jake. if you look here you can see the heart in his hair, so alexis says be ready for the drake heart, i mean, i thought the ad was okay but people are loving it on social media so we brought it to you. stuart: i wonder if that's-- i don't know anyway. i didn't see it. thank you. wait a minute, we are not done. we are never done. there was a five second audit last night. who is that? lauren: read it-- susan: it was read it. can you read back, five seconds, shadow to the underdog and yes reddit.
9:49 am
you are supposed to read that in five seconds as they said they didn't have the money for five and a half million dollars and 830 second spot but they said they were inspired. shortest commercial in history. there was a half second ad from any a regional from a seattle based restaurant. stuart: five seconds. moving away from the super bowl in the markets and the rest of it i will tell you about house democrats getting ready to unveil legislation that would send up to make $3600 per child to millions of families. economists stephen moore joins us. what you think about the price tag on that thing? could be disney will leave california? there are reports they could move some of its operations to florida, which is open for business. that's where ashley webster is. details on this coming up next. ♪♪
9:50 am
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9:53 am
stuart: that's a good graphic, mass exodus. get this, disney considering moving some
9:54 am
of its operations from california to florida and that's where ashley webster is now. actually, he's in orlando peer qwerty know about this possible disney move? ashley: well, it's just back, possible, but disney is the perfect example of the difference between wide-open florida and shut down california and a disney struggles to keep their theme parks going. southern california disneyland shutdown last march and it still is closed and could reopen early this summer with disney world behind me reopen in july at 25% capacity and now at 35% capacity here could no doubt, disney is upset with the southern california and governor gavin newsom of california for not being more flexible. in fact, they say we may indeed moved some of our corporate divisions back to central florida, which is good news for central florida. we reached out to disney for comment to say how imminent is this and are
9:55 am
you considering it and they told us they are the largest employer in central florida and they said we are always exploring opportunities for additional locations within the vicinity of our themepark, but there's nothing concrete , so not a lot there but they are not dismissing it took disney ceo has a slam to california knew some calling the shutdown policy quote disappointing adding california is decimating small businesses in the local economy and he's not alone in his anger as the efforts to recall gavin newsom is gaining momentum. listen to california republican joe collins on "fox & friends" this morning. >> the homelessness has been a huge issue, our education system has failed and right now with the coronavirus pandemic going on, thousands and thousands of business owners have permanently shut their doors and people are leaving california so i think now california sees they deserve better
9:56 am
ashley: they deserve better. they often come here or texas and asked for the recall petition they need 1.5 million signatures and at last count 1.4 million and they have until march 15, to get that on the ballot which many say could be a bellwether thing for that elections in 2022 with disney in the middle of it. we are open for business here in florida. stuart: yes, you are. thank you. still ahead, joe theismann, steve forbes, laurel logan in the second hour of "varney & co." begins after this. ♪♪ . .
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♪. stuart: lovely day. not quite bill withers. not quite, it is 19, 20 degrees. freezing cold. snow all over the streets. it ain't florida. it is new york. 10:00 in new york. let's get to the markets. we have hit all-time record highs for the three major indicators the dow at 31,300. s&p at 3900. not that far away from 4,000, is
10:01 am
it? nasdaq, 13,954, not that far away from 14,000. amazing. another monday morning rally. and now this. elon musk does it again. a shock announcement and immediate market response. tesla has put 1 1/2 billion dollars into bitcoin and musk will accept bitcoin as payment. first off, that is a big chunk of tesla's available cash. so it is a major crypto commitment. second, it had an immediate impact on bitcoin's price. it went up immediately to a brand new high, hitting over 44,000 bucks. investors seem to trust musk's vision for the future. they trusted him on tesla. now they trust him on bitcoin. of course there is risk. musk is making tesla a crypto investor, accepting payment in bitcoin means the company's crypto holdings are probably going to rise but the dollar value of bitcoin is volatile. he has bought 1 1/2 billion dollars worth. what's the value say a month
10:02 am
from now? we don't know. another point, why didn't musk disclose tesla's bitcoin ownership? he has been tweeting about bitcoin for couple weeks perhaps while he is buying. will the sec call him to account? does it matter if they do? i have no answers to the questions. the market is valleying with the investment frenzy over gamestop, wild swings own ipos, spacs, and now cryptos. it's a very strange period of market history. we'll analyze it in a moment. the second hour of "varney" about to begin. ♪. stuart: let's bring him in right from the get-go, dennis gartman is back with us. cryptos, spacs, ipos, you're shaking your head. you still think this ends in
10:03 am
tears. i know you do. >> oh, yeah. stuart: when does it ends in tears? >> it ends when it ends. the old rule that don't fight the fed but you doesn't mean you don't have to fight the fed. the fed has been unbelievably accommodative. monetary authorities are unbelievably accommodative. it will go until it stops. it is astonishing to me it continues to go that way. the yield curve is more postivelily sloped. if you have to buy something buy banks because it does well in a postively sloped yield curve. two years from now, five years from now it will be dramatically higher t will end in tears but end sometime in the future. it will go until it goes. it astonished me for the past three months. it will continue to as ton mesh me. as john maynard keynes, the market can remain illogical far longer than you or i can remain
10:04 am
solvent. tesla, valuation at 16, eight, 10, 12, 16 largest automobile manufacturers, tesla sells at greater value than all 16 combined. it makes no sense. it will end in tears but for now don't fight the fed. stuart: is the underlying problem massive debt we are incurring? 27 trillion now, heading towards 30 trillion, very quickly i suspect. is that the underlying cause? >> watch what is going on in the long end of the curve. you have the long bond almost going to 2% today. it will go to 3, 4, and 5% over the course of the next several years. once it gets over 3%, suddenly debt becomes a competitor with the equities market. that is one of the fundamental reasons stock prices will go down. until you get the long bond above 3%, even that will not be problematic. i heard the argument rising debt will be detrimental to the night. i heard that for 50 years.
10:05 am
eventually it shall be. there shall come a time when the debt of the united states is detrimental to the economy, is detrimental to consumers, is detrimental to business. it has been for 45 years i've been in the market. i'm concerned than i was two years ago, because long bond is turning up, yields are turning higher. watch the long bond. we've been paying too much attention to the 10-year. start getting attention to the 30 year. it is getting 2%. it will go to 3, go to 4, go to 5 over the next several years. stuart: we've been warned, dennis. i'm sure you will be back real soon with another warnerring. we'll take it. dennis, see you soon. thank you. this is important. democrats will unveil a plan today which will give families 3600 bucks per child to millions of families. that is part of president biden's covid relief package.
10:06 am
stephen moore is with us. i know you don't like this. i guarranty you don't like 3600 bucks. you don't like a $1.9 trillion plan. spell out the repercussions when and if we get all of this? >> well fascinated with your previous conversation. i agree that you can't, you can't continue to borrow trillions of dollars and note expect negative consequences. and you are going to see interest rates rise. you are going to see potential financial bubble bursting if we continue to spend money like it is m&ms. in terms of this child credit, if parents can use that money for private schools because the big issue for parents right now is we talked about some times on your show, stuart, is the negative, not just education but economic consequences of these schools remaining to be shut down. parents need alternatives. maybe they could spend some of the money to go to catholic schools or jewish schools or
10:07 am
montessori schools. that is the upside. 1.9 trillion, as "the wall street journal" said over the weekend this is the first time we've seen phil graham, former senator from texas, a sharp fiscal conservative, and larry summers, bill clinton's treasury secretary is the price tag is in sane and putting america in great financial peril. stuart: we don't know when a financial bubble, if it develops, might be developing, we don't know when it bursts do we? >> no. i'm as shocked as your previous guest about the rally in the market. i think it is overpriced but who am i to say but you know we know from other countries stuart this story of borrowing, borrowing well above 100% of your gdp is a story that does not have a happy ending. everybody as you say want to get in the game until it collapses. we lived through 2000, the internet bubble, the financial crisis we saw in 2007 and 2008.
10:08 am
these things -- investors should be afraid of that. one other quick thing if i may, stuart, your previous guest was talking about the long bond going to 3, 4, 5%, everyone percentage point increase in that long bond costs the treasury department another trillion dollars, stuart. if we go from 1 1/2 to four, we're talking about another 3 or $4 trillion just in borrowing costs. this is getting crazy! stuart: both you and i agree the way to get more jobs for the economy, get growth, is to open up the economy in various states. we agree on that. president biden is saying achieving herd immunity will be difficult before the summer. that is a negative to me. >> well sure is if he is right. i think he is wrong by the way. you're looking at a situation right now where we're going to hopefully have this vaccine widely available by the end of march. we're doing pretty well on vaccine distribution thanks to
10:09 am
"operation warp speed." so you know, i'm hoping that we can see a much faster recovery than that, you know, jen psaki, the new biden press secretary said you will have to wear a mask, have to socially distance for another six or nine months. i mean, we have to get the virus under control. we have to get the economy open. we don't need $1.9 trillion because that is going to put our country in great peril. by the way, i lived through the 850 billion-dollar stimulus bill under obama. it was a failure. it was not a failure because we didn't spend enough money. it is a failure because government spending did not stimulate. it crowded out private investment. we need more private investment in the economy, not government investment. stuart: we have short memories, stephen. thanks. see you later. back to the markets. we still have a nice handsome rally on our hands.
10:10 am
nasdaq up sharply be up 114 points. getting real close to 14,000. the big movers, please, susan. susan: let's start with apple down because they and kia were not in talks to build that apple car but that doesn't necessarily mean apple is talking to other carmakers about building a car in the future. they probably doesn't like the numerous media leaks. we know apple is secretive when it comes to future projects. rbc raising its price target to apple stock to 171. apple, according to rbc, this is important, you started this hour talking about tesla and the bitcoin purchase, apple might be the next to buy some bitcoin. they have enough cash on the balance sheet. 200 billion on the balance sheet at the end of last year. stuart: why? susan: rbc says apple could be the next to buy bitcoin. it makes sense if you want to appreciate the value of your assets. i guess that buys into the idea that bitcoin will only go up
10:11 am
from here, right? stuart: that is the idea i guess. 44,000 this morning. what have we got on target? susan: target is called a buy at stifel. deliveries have been impressive. target has a billion dollarsactive wear brand sales. paypal, bitcoin, talking about that all morning long because of tesla buying bitcoin, they're early adopters. they are the first to allow users to buy and sell bitcoin. you can imagine with bitcoin only going up to 44,000 levels there will be more activity in paypal and square. if we bring up palantir, we're up double digits. up 16% at session highs. a big deal with ibm. with palantir offering to supplement its data analysis with ibm's cloud. stuart: there are serious big gains today, that's a fact, whether you're talking cryptos or the stock market.
10:12 am
that is huge gains. susan: you started off this hour talking about when the music stops, whether or not this party ends, this type of market activity is kind of on par, right, after we coming off a recession. usually go into bull market run that happened in 2008 with the longest bull market that lasted 11 years almost. stuart: just the speed and velocity going straight up, that is where i think has a lot of people worried. there we go. 31,000. susan: i'm trying to point out it is a different world, a different investing world. there are younger investors. stuart: that is what they always say, it is different this time. all right, susan, i got your point. let's change course. antifa in d.c., calling to quote, burn down the city, if their demands are not met. watch this, please. [shouting] >> burn it down! stuart: sounds like insure recollection to me. where is the media coverage on that? lara logan is here shortly.
10:13 am
tom brady and the tampa bay bucs dominated the chiefs. took home the super bowl. watch it again. >> brady, play action. looking, third option, caught! gronkowski again! looking at the greatest right there. stuart: story of brady and gronk in my opinion. look who is going to be on the show, shortly? joe theismann coming up for you. ♪. research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool.
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10:18 am
stuart: can we call this progress on schools reopening? new york city public middle schools will reopen for in-person learning february the 25th. mayor bill de blasio. february 250th, new york city middle schools. check the markets please. lauren, i'm looking at blink. it has a big move up, what does it do and why is it up? lauren: they make the chargers, the electric charging stations for evs. so that's great, we're trying to advance evs in the u.s. you need a place to charge them. blink has that. the stock is up 7%, we're expanding into the state of new hampshire for the first time. so norway might be beating the u.s. when it comes to electric but the world is set to catch up. did you know that global ev purchases they're forecast to hit 10 million by 2025 from like two million now? that's a nice jump.
10:19 am
i also want to show you twitter shares because they report earnings tomorrow. we've seen analysts raise projections ahead of this release. the shares are at a seven-year high, stuart. maybe that will be a solid report when we get it tomorrow. stuart: maybe it pays to censor conservatives. i'm being -- oil, whole, that is brent. that is brent, not west texas intermediate. what is going on, lauren? lauren: brent hit 60. that is a milestone because we haven't seen that in a year. this is wti it is up almost 2%. this is the highest level since last january. it is up six days in a row. why? there is hope travel comes back especially this summer. you're seeing market, producers tighten supply. it is working. it is also working at the gas pump unfortunately. let's take a look at the national average today. it is 2.$46. that is actually more than it
10:20 am
was time last year. experts say, don't worry, we're not expecting a national average of $3. we'll see. these gains have been a wouldn't fall for oil stocks this year. look at exxon, it is up over 20%. the energy sector is up 12%. really energy coming in strong in 2021. stuart: yes indeed. lauren, we have the dow up close to 200 points first thing this monday morning. now this. president biden is all in with the climate crowd. it is not going down with old line leftists especially his decision to kill the keystone lifeline. here is journalists richard swan questioning the afl-cio richard trumka. >> do you think biden realizes that was a mistake, that inapt mains? >> i think so, yes.
10:21 am
stuart: journalist him do you think he will back off on that deal? trumka said, yes i think he will. richard trumka is not the only one, the state of new mexico will lose a great deal of money when the revenue from oil and gas drilling on federal lands. same with wyoming. will the administration cave and reverse course on keystone? i think that is doubtful. the climate crowd would be apoplectic. aoc and bernie sanders demand end of fossil fuels. killing pipelines and drilling. they don't care if blue-collar jobs come to an end or we lose our energy independence. they believe the world is coming to an end. the only way to save the planet is the green new deal. it is about time we brought in daniel yergin who knows a thing or two about oil all around the world. what do you think, daniel, do you think the administration will back away from the climate stand?
10:22 am
i don't think so. >> i don't think so. they're very committed to it. it is the question you raised at the other side of it, what does it mean for a oil and gas industry that has over 10 million jobs in the united states? i think there will be some caution there but certainly, the concerns about the biden administration is one of the factors for that big jump that you talked about in oil prices but the main reasons are vaccine, and we just raised our forecast for the u.s. economy to over 5% this year. which means that by the middle of the year we're back to where we were in 2019. all of that plus opec discipline, all of that is coming together to give the oil price a boost that people a few months ago didn't think was possible. stuart: okay. the price of oil is going up. you got that one. what about natural gas? what about home heating oil? what about gasoline in the tank? i'm trying to look at energy all across the board and ask, is all energy going up in price? >> i think gasoline is certainly
10:23 am
going to see demand going up as people get back in their cars and start moving around again. i think the thing that will be the slowest recovery is jet fuel because that will be the slowest area that you will start to see business travel again. and natural gas people continuing to hook up natural gas homes, all the time. so it is, continues to be actually our major source of electric generation today, stuart. stuart: adjusted for inflation, however, these higher energy prices are not so high, right? >> no. this is still, listen, in the united states energy is still a bargain and if you talk about you know, equity and justice, reasonable energy prices for lower income people should be a very important consideration going forward and not losing sight of that. stuart: how about the state of play in america's fracking industry? under pressure from all sides. is it holding up? >> it is holding up. it has been kind of flattish.
10:24 am
i think with these kind prices they're sustained we'll see an uptick in activity. we see drilling rigs activity up from where it was in the real depths of despair there. i think growth will resume probably in the second half of the year. i think it will be a modest growth. the other thing we'll continue to see is consolidation in that sector as people seek to manage their costs by reducing overhead. stuart: do you think we will actually eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the united states at anytime in the next two decades? is it possible? >> stuart, when we do our analysis of, even with all the policies that everyone is talking about, oil and gas will continue to be an important part of the energy mix for a long time. we'll see more focus on carbon captures it is called. but it just doesn't go away. there are 280 million cars in the united states. virtually all of them run on gasoline. the average car in the united states stays on the road, 12, 15
10:25 am
years. we'll be using it i think for a long time. it will be more of a mix. we'll see more solar. we'll see more wind. all of those things will come together to support the economy. but oil and gas are here for considerable while. stuart: daniel yergin, thanks for joining us. see you again soon, daniel. i have one stock i want to look at right now. that is apple. it is actually down in otherwise up market. hyundai and kia are not talking to apple about making a self-driving car after all. we have more on that for you in a moment. astrazeneca vaccine halted in south africa. officials say it doesn't work well against the new strain. dr. siegel here on that next. ♪.
10:26 am
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10:30 am
back to 60. what we might call the reddit rally appears to have stalled this monday morning. there is this. south africa halting astrazeneca's vaccine rollout. a new study shows it is less effective against the variant. dr. siegel is with us. should we be concerned about this, doctor? >> no, ashley. because stuart, it looked at 2000 participants at age around 31 is the average. the young people showed a decrease in getting mild cases of about 22%, which is not good enough. but here is what works. the astrazeneca vaccine works at decreasing severe illness. it decreases hospitalization. it has been shown to decrease spread. all even with that south african variant. also, the moderna and pfizer vaccines are working better against the variant. and also, if you were were to need to, you could reengineer the moderna and the pfizer vaccines to cover that variant. australia is panicking over this
10:31 am
but they have only seven cases over the last day. they have an unbelievably low number of cases in australia. they're very, very, vigilant. so i'm not deeply concerned about this news at all. this does show show that we need to make that variant seriously. stuart: every day i check out the number of new cases and the number of deaths and the last couple of weeks, new cases down, deaths down, yet president biden says it will be very difficult to reach herd immunity before the summer. just watch this again, doctor, for a second, roll tape. >> the idea that this can be done and we can get to herd immunity much before the end of this summer is, is very difficult. stuart: he is -- spelling out some rather bad news there. it is taking a dark picture of our immediate future. when cases are down and deaths are down. explain it all. herd immunity to, me, doctor is the secret to opening up the
10:32 am
economy? >> yes, stuart, but you know unfortunately leaders, presidents and politicians shouldn't be throwing around the word herd immunity. you know why? ooh i'm much more interested in a different idea, what will it take to slow this down to a crawl. herd immunity entire herd had it or vaccinated against it. that imply as lot of compliance. if we even get 150 or 200 million people vaccinated, plus another 70 million probably had it, we're going to slow it way down to a crawl. israel, stuart, 30% of the people vaccinated, decrease in hospitalizations by 30%. people get the vaccine, they don't get sick from covid or get it at all. they don't spread it. we don't necessarily have to get all the way to herd immunity to make an enormous difference. we're on the road to that already. stuart: what are we vaccinating now a million a day in the united states? is it that number? >> it is higher. it is a million four already.
10:33 am
we're heading closer around closer to two million a day which is what we need. we're at one million 400,000 a day going on. that is even taking into account the rigid restrictions about who can get it and who can't. that has got to be relieved. we need to vaccinate everyone we can and if the person doesn't show up for the vaccine, stuart, it should be given to some one else. stuart: i got it. doctor, thanks, again. see you soon. now the big news last week was apple and the apple car and hyundai, kia, those two companies, well it is one company, hyundai kia denying reports they're talking with apple over these driverless cars. what more do we have? susan: they're traded as separate companies. stuart: yes, they are. susan: we saw both these stocks selling off yesterday in south korean trade. as you can imagine when they backtracked on these reports their stockholders must think this may not happen, however, you have to think about what apple does when it comes to their future projects, right? they probably don't like
10:34 am
numerous press leaks around the future developments in their car plans. there wasn't a finalized deal with hyundai or kia. we know apple according to several reports are talking to other suppliers, possibly japanese carmakers. for hyundai kia doesn't mean the deal is off, right? maybe they're backtracking a bit on some press releases and press reports and we know at least according to analysts this is going to be a reality, a apple car in the next few years at some point. stuart: maybe apple is playing them off against each other, looking for the best deal. japanese carmakers, korean carmakers, all apple wants to use money effectively to get a better deal. susan: a morgan stanley analyst says it will be a reality. if you think about it it is a 10 trillion-dollar car market. if apple gets 3% of that, that is almost equivalent when they control a third of the smartphone market which is $500 billion.
10:35 am
stuart: fascinating,. susan: electric car sales will outstrip gasoline in 15 years. it makes sense for apple to get into it. stuart: apple is down 50 cents at the moment pat 136. bumble on your screens, a dating service. i believe there is news on this dating service, lauren. what's the news? lauren: the ipo is coming. it is a stellar 2020 and 2021 for public debuts. this is the app where women make the first move. it increases size and range of their offerings. they plan to sell 45 million shares. the price is 37 to $39 million each. raising almost $1.8 billion. valuing this company at seven billion. we'll get pricing later this week. they have 42 million monthly active users. demand is there. market seems to be too, with both equity market and ipo frenzy. stuart: 42 million active daily users or monthly users. lauren: monthly, yeah.
10:36 am
a lot of people dating. stuart: so i'm told. straighten out, stu. talk about a political divide, the company that canceled senator josh hawley's book is publishing hunter biden's memoir. more on that just ahead. plus chicago students could be back in the classroom soon. the teachers union and school districts say they reached a tentative deal but it is really not over. it is still confused. we have got a report from chicago for you after this. ♪. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body
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♪. stuart: still a rally, monday morning, still up 31,300 on the dow. 3900 on the s&p, and the nasdaq is at 13,941. how about chicago? reportedly they reached a tentative deal to reopen the
10:41 am
schools. mike tobin is in chicago and he has got the latest. are they opening soon, mike? reporter: you could start seeing students in different grades phase in later this week. there is light at the end of the tunnel now in this great struggle to get chicago public school students back in the classroom. chicago mayor lori lightfoot, the ceo of chicago public schools, janice jackson, announced a deal that is tentative. it is tentative because it needs to be ratified by the union rank-and-file. before it gets to the rank-and-file, it needs to be approved by a body of house of delegates within the union. no member will be required to return to the classroom without opportunity to be vac -- vaccinated. if the positivity rate increases seven days in a reor three cases cone crone within a 14-day period.
10:42 am
the return of students should start phasing in this week. the second street within 15 months by the chicago teachers seems to have been prevented. >> this most recent process with the ctu has been very hard and complicated. particularly we're wrestling with health and safety issues in the middle of a pandemic when emotions are fraught and the fear is real. i am confident, confident, that the measures that we have and will put in place will make our schools even safer than they already are. reporter: now san francisco teachers have also arrived at a tentative deal. they operate with a series of color-coded tiers. teachers will return to the classroom when san francisco arrives at its second most restrictive level, the red tier, if on-site staff has access to vaccinations. if they get to the orange or moderate tear they will return without vaccinations. problem san francisco is at the more serious purple tier.
10:43 am
in philadelphia, the head of the union called teachers not to show up. called buildings unsafe. the chief talent officer, if teachers don't show up teachers are subject to disciplinary action. the city council worked out a deal so the teachers won't get in trouble if they don't show up today. stuart. stuart: hard to keep a straight face. might be tobin. ah, the teachers union. we're on solid grounds with the market. we have a nice rally with shopify. susan: shopify has hit a record high after amazon's record 100 billion-dollar plus quarter the end of last year, shopify will report a blowout in the last three months of 2020 as well. nvidia, world's biggest chipmaker. activation, blizzard, call of duty game-maker reported big numbers. nvidia made its name on graphic chips for gaming. they make the games life like with the graphic chips.
10:44 am
bitcoin up at record levels that is helping, likely driving higher sales of n nvidia's chip. hershey, called outperform by rbc. the chocolate maker is outperforming because outcompeting their other customers shall we say and competitors out there. finally disney, we have a big earnings report. you like the stock. stuart: 186. susan: we talked about the disney plus streaming numbers. you said it is going to be 100 million. that's the key. i would say it is, kind of built in. that is much more than that, because already forecasting by 2024, 230 million to 260 million subscribers. stuart: down the road aways. >> less than three years, isn't it? i think 100 million is built in to the end of the year. stuart: whatever you say, susan. tell you what is happening now. the stock is at 186. up 3%. that is a record high for disney. susan: yeah. stuart: seeing california theme park come back on stream. susan: yeah. stuart: maybe the vaccine will help the cruise business.
10:45 am
>> i think so. stuart: all kinds of things like that. looking up for disney down the road. >> that is what i think it is trading on. stuart: thursday afternoon, folks, that is when they report. look at tesla up 2%. they are going to accept bitcoin as payment. a lot more news. susan: first time ever for a car company to possibly accept bitcoin for a tesla car. they're buying 1 1/2 billion dollars above what they have. that is spiking bitcoin prices. we're trading almost 45,000. record highs here. musk, we know is a crypto fan. he likes dogecoin as well. 1 1/2 billion dollars, what do you think about this? you questioned before elon musk's leadership. with 1 1/2 billion dollars represents 7% of tesla's cash reserves, right? in the past we know tesla had problems with holding enough cash especially for their business. they have been in these cash crunches. if you were an investor in tesla would you want this type of usage of cash if you have often berlin factory coming on-line
10:46 am
this year? stuart: investors in tesla believe elon musk is a visionary. they will go whatever his vision is. if the vision is for the car, the tesla, they go with it and tesla's car is up. if his vision is bitcoin is the way to go they're with him. susan: that would assume a appreciation of value too, right? stuart: that's the point, isn't it? how do you know? you bought 1 1/2 billion dollars worth of bitcoin now. how do you know what it is worth a month from now or a year from now? susan: if i want to invest in bitcoin why would i invest in tesla. i would buy bitcoin itself. stuart: why didn't he tell the sec. susan: this was in the filing this morning but you're saying because -- all the tweeting -- stuart: why didn't he reveal it before? he is tweeting about all these cryptos, at the same time looks like he has been buying cryptos. he should have said, i'm buying and -- susan: the company, i'm not personally buying. maybe he es. but the company itself. if there is maybe a seg a goings between tesla and him as a
10:47 am
director and ceo of a company. stuart: that is a fine distinction, isn't. >> fine distinction. stuart: he doesn't care. he does not care. he is the world's richest personal. why should he care? we have treasury secretary janet yellen she says we can get to full employment next year if the near 2 trillion-dollar stimulus bill is passed. steve forbes has something to say on that. i don't think he likes it. tom brady and the bucs crowned super bowl champions. roll tape, again. >> brady play action, third option, caught, gronkowski! again. you're looking at the greatest right there. stuart: yes you are. the greatest indeed. here is another straight. joe theismann, great quarterback, he is on the show with us later, what is next for brady? i will ask. ♪
10:48 am
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stuart: i'm sure you know by now, yeah the bucs beat the chiefs at super bowl lv. super bowl winning quarterback joe theismann is with us again this morning. always good to see joe thighs
10:52 am
man. look, joe, i didn't see the whole game. i go to sleep at about 8:30 at night, that is the way it is. but do you think it was an exciting game, an exciting event given the restrictions on the crowd and all the rest of it? >> i think it was, stuart. first of all it is great to see you. the nfl season is over. tom brady is world champion. i guess things are pretty normal in the world of football. it seems to be over the last couple years. i felt like the nfl did a fabulous job allocating tickets to people, to some capitol police, to the family of the policeman who was murdered, or killed, i guess you could say. then also the first-responders and everybody, but i thought the game went pretty much the way the nfl would like it. there were enough fans to make it is not sy. you had cutouts looked like a lot more people there. from a presentation standpoint i think the nfl put on a heck of a show. stuart: what do you think about
10:53 am
tom brady? do you think he will quit now? seems unlikely. why quit why you're ahead? >> no he won't. i had a conversation with tom three years ago. it was super bowl he wasn't playing in. hated every minute of it. he was on a commitment. we were at a dinner together. how long will you play, another year? i will play to 45. i took it with a grain of salt. he will. he will be back next year. i think everybody has to be scared. depends how much of the tampa bay buccaneer football team they can keep together. as great as tom was, i thought tampa bay's defense was terrific. shaq barrett, devon white. they gave patrick mahomes nowhere to go. it was a great victory. i love the fact that tom continues to stand above everyone else. stuart: he looks younger, he looks younger than he looked a couple years ago. is that has to do with his diet?
10:54 am
i'm told his diet. he drinks a ton of water with electrolytes in it. his breakfast is water, with egg and avocado. does that sound like a football diet? >> not like the old days with steak and mashed potatoes and carbs. he has already taken care of his body. he is studying film before anyone else. he is the total package. when he went to tampa bay, i thought this, he will raise accountability of everyone in that building. the assistants, people in the front office, the coaches, the players. because you just don't want to disappoint tom because he set such a standard. you drop a ball from tom brady, you feel like you let him down. so everybody tries that little bit of extra. yet for tom he is so self-deprecating. he just throws the accolades out to everyone else. he thanked his teammates so
10:55 am
much. i thought he answered a question last night tremendously, how does this victory care with the others. you can't compare. they're all different but my teammates and i get a chance to really enjoy this moment together. that is exactly what he did. i would be, i would be fearful of the tampa bay buccaneers going forward if they can keep most of those guys intact. stuart: what a great story. joe theismann, great to have you back. don't be a stranger. see you soon i hope. >> anymore, stuart. stuart: we know more about brady 's diet or susan does. susan: just quoted take on water intake. he drinks half of his body weight in water. he drinks about five liters of water each and every day. stuart: kidding? susan: that's a lot. you do the math on you, with your body weight. divide that by half, how much water you drink in ounces. stuart: 10-pounds. that means i have to drink 85 pounces of water a day?
10:56 am
susan: that is about 3 1/2 liters. stuart: that is enormous. susan: this is part of tb-12 diet he wrote about in 2017 book. guess famous part, no night shades or mushrooms, peppers. al canalkaline vegetables. stuart: if i could throw a ball like that, keep going like he does, i would drink 85 ounces of water a day, every, guaranteed. good stuff. susan: fantastic. stuart: huge hour still to come. steve for example, rob smith, tom del beccaro, lara logan on deck for the 11:00 hour which is next. ♪ ♪♪ i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt. ah, sofi literally changed my life.
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11:00 am
>> we've had the most araising v-shaped recovery since then. we should be back to where we were before the pandemic by the second quarter. >> stick with the horses that are winning right now. you stick with defense, technology above all else. if you don't own the stocks in those areas, when we have global reset, you would have missed the great runs. >> this will end in tears but it will end some time in the future. it'll continue to go on until it goes. >> continue to borrow trillions of dollars and not expect
11:01 am
negative consequences. ♪ ♪ ♪ stuart: well, it started. it's 11:00 o'clock eastern time here in new york city. it's monday february 8th and the rally that not only has it started, it continues. look at this please, dow industrials up 160 odd points. 31,300. the nasdaq is up 100 points. i keep saying this but it's close to 14,000. how about that? and the s&p 500 up, what, half percent. 3900. not that far away from 4,000. yes, the it is a monday morning rally again and now this. every i check the number of new covid cases nationwide. "the new york times" conveniently publishes the numbers every day for the last 3 weeks every day. case has showed decline and so has number of deaths.
11:02 am
i would have thought this was the kind of positive light at the ended of the tunnel news that we have been looking for. for the past year we have been looking for it. the media dwells on the negative covid variants, constant barrage of anxiety. there's nothing wrong with reporting problems, you should be doing it, but it's time for balance. the down trend in new cases and deaths should not be ignored nor should we ignore the difference inperformance. texas, florida, georgia and others, they've opened up and their economies are doing well. texas actually gain jobs during the pandemic. lockdown new york and california, they lost hundreds of thousands of jobs. the restrictions they imposed hurt their economies and they still didn't avoid case load spikes. the administration is clearly on the lockdown negative side of the argument.
11:03 am
they are using virus anxiety to demand this massive $1.9 trillion spending plan and now introduced a 33,600 tax credit for families with children. really? we need all of that when case loads and deaths are falling and opening states are doing well. of course, it's still trump's fault, we know that and this week impeachment trial will allow vengeance and discrimination. i'm watching the markets, record highs. you would think we would be seeing the rallies if investors believes all the negatives the media throws out? we are looking at "the new york times", i would love to see the case load and death rate go down. if the media ever got out of new york and los angeles, they would see a very different country. the third hour of varney & company about to begin. ♪ ♪ ♪ stuart: all right,
11:04 am
11:03 eastern. man on the right-hand side, steve forbes, do you think the media will ever stop with constant scares, steve? steve: no, variations of covid-19 coming out of our ears and we should be worrying about them. any excuse to keep controls on. you hit the nail on the head, sharp contrast between red states and blue states that have been locking down. absolutely stark. that's what we should do going forward. the biden administration which would they would never do, they took a sabbatical they would look like geniuses. they are putting on massive new regulations, they want to pass taxes and when they pass the huge stimulus bills, where is the money coming from, are the -- from the printing press of the federal reserve. stuart:ly get to that and i want
11:05 am
you to hear what janet yellen said about jobs and the recovery. roll tape, please. >> absolutely no reason why we should suffer through long, slow recovery. i would expect that if this package is passed, we would get back to full employment next year. stuart: $1.9 trillion package plus tax credits, plus federal reserve printing, back to what you were talking about, steve, massive debt. nobody is talking about it and nobody seems to be pointing out the dangers down the road. steve: that's right, we want a fast recovery, not a slow recovery. if they don't pile on the regulations, stop doing dump things, destructive things like the keystone pipeline cancellation, will hurt the new businesses which is the real way we get standard living in the future. the less they do, the better off we'd be.
11:06 am
they can't stand the idea, stuart, this economy is going to do well in spite of them not being able to say we made it happen. they may try to make it happen, they are going to slow it down. stuart: do you think we would see signs of inflation now? steve: the answer is yes. commodity prices have started to inch up a little bit. you see speculation in bitcoin, massive issue answers of spec, special purpose acquisition corporations. you see all of that. we had that little thing with robinhood, thankfully looks like it's away. there's signed that there's frothiness out there and that's what the markets are worried and all of them should be worried about is there's a lot of money out there and a lot coming and we are not having a productive economy that can absorb it because what they want to do in terms of regulations and taxation, they want to pile on a bunch of new taxes. stuart: look, i just want to be
11:07 am
on the melt-up and get out in time to avoid the meltdown but i've they ever -- never been successful of timing the market. i will dream on something else. steve: smart. stuart: i want to get more on the contrast on opening up states like florida and like texas and the lockdown states like new york and california. it's a theme we've been covering on the show for some time. i want to bring in rob smith. rob, i want a report card. what does florida feel like to you? rob: florida feels like freedom, stuart. florida feels like reality, florida feels like people walking around being careful, of course, people still do wear their masks inside grocery stores, restaurants and things like that, but people are open, people are free. we are happy here. the sun is out. people are dining outside. people are meeting up with
11:08 am
friends. people are working, kids are going to school, people are happy in florida and we are happy with our governor desantis because he has made the right decision. stuart: yet, you don't have a really -- a spike in new cases whereas some lockdown states have a spike in new states. just doesn't correlate, does it? >> doesn't correlate. i'm not putting words in any politicians' mouths but when you look at the way governor desantis handled this stuff by protecting our elderly population but also opening up the economy, i think that there was really a herd immunity strategy that they were going to here. if you look back at how everything was handled in the last 9 months since i've been here you can see that's what they were going to. if i want to get a covid test
11:09 am
there's 5 places where i can go get a test. cases have leveled off and he's been able to do this and we as floridans have been able to do this by being responsible and keeping our schools open and economy open and this stuff really, really leads to a higher quality of life which is why you see so many new york and california transplants like myself that are moving to florida and freedom. stuart: i'm jealous, rob, and you know it. i want to show you an op-ed in the los angeles times. the trump bites down on pandemic get away which seems as devoted to ex-president which plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job, how am i going to resist demands for unity in the face of act of aggressive niceness. let me explain. this is a guy writing in the la times about the neighbor, i
11:10 am
presume he's not in los angeles, a neighbor, trump guy, plowed his driveway and the writer objects. you want to explain this, what the devil is going on, rob? rob: yeah, it's a weird piece and so the entire piece is satire. oh, my god, the trumpers next door are being so nice but how do i have unity with them in the face of all of this evil that these people have believed in and have supported, oh, my god, how do i unify with these people because they are deeply racist and homophobic and the entire piece is an entire satire. wreaks leftist nonsense that i want to move past. i have to be specific about unity calls from the left, they
11:11 am
are empty and they don't mean anything. i told you before, stuart, the left doesn't want unity. they want you to summit. that's all about submission. the rhetoric about trump voters and republicans being racists, xenophobes, everybody who vote for ex-president trump, do not back down and acquiesce to this. stuart: well said, in florida at least for the moment. we will see you -- >> rob: forever. stuart: really, really? rob: you never know. stuart: you have to come back soon and explain that one. thanks rob smith. we have big movers. susan: can i go to florida too. stuart: it's cheap. it's not
11:12 am
expensive. susan: i heard the weather is fantastic. i don't know if you have experienced it recently. tesla, tesla is the stock of the day, 1 and a half billion dollars in bitcoin and now they are saying they are going to accept bitcoin for cars in the future. rbc say that is apple could be the next company to start using $200 billion in cash to buy bitcoin. that's an appreciating value, right, and diversification but then bitcoin surge in boosting likes of pay wall and square as well. two of the favorite platforms to buy and celibate coin allowing hundreds of millions of accounts to buy and sell crypto currency. when bitcoin hits record highs, they take along two names with it. twitter, 7-year high for the stock, earnings on tuesday, set to report second billion dollar quarter. check out casino names. bank of america. they are upgrading mgm on sports betting expansion but downgrading wynn.
11:13 am
raising 600 million plus in cash this morning selling shares. stuart: mgm is sports betting play. susan: 10 draftkings, record amount of online bets on the super bowl. busy. stuart: so busy. susan: they didn't take my bet. stuart: that's a good sign. susan: i saved my money. i was going to vote on the chiefs, by the way. stuart: you couldn't go in? susan: thankfully. stuart: here we go again. another california democratic knowing the rules, accused of throwing a wedding reception at the height of covid lockdown. more rules thee and not for me. looks like a political divide in the publishing world to me and we are going to deal with it next. ♪
11:14 am
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may have insulin resistance. to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's >> but the honesty with which he steps forward and talked about the problem and the hope that it gave me hope. i mean, it was like my boy is back. stuart: that's the president talking about his son hunter. he got emotional right there. well, hunter has written his memoir, the boob will be published by simon, same publisher which canceled senator josh hawley's book. we are bringing the ceo, tom sense who joins us once again. tom, seems to me we are developing a totally split
11:19 am
publishing system, one side publishes a few conservatives and the other side publishes everything else, is this healthy? tom: not healthy and that's a fairly new development in publishing. hunter biden seems always to end up in a very interesting place, doesn't he? stuart: yeah. tom: his book was -- is being brought out by a publisher that has made itself the symbol of the canceled culture by canceling senator hawley's book on big tech. and yet there's a flip side to the canceled culture too, they not only cancel conservative voices but the cancel the sins of the favorite ones and hunter biden and his father who benefited from that side of the canceled culture as well, right? his abandoned laptop was discovered, the same big-tech companies that josh hawley is
11:20 am
writing about canceled the reporting, kept, you know, stifled the news. so now they are bringing out hunter's memoir. stuart: in the unlikely event that the hunter biden people came to you and say -- said, would you publish this memoir, what would you say, would you publish it? tom: i -- i would look at it. i have been asked many times recently, you know, whom would you not publish and i think that's a terrible question to ask. that's not a publisher's question. the question whom would you not publish, i mean. and i guess i would look at it and then i would ask myself, well, does hunter biden have valuable and edifying advice to give people on improving their lives which is, i guess, the purpose of this memoir and i don't quarrel with simon's
11:21 am
decision that maybe he does, there may be other reasons for publishing his book as well, but we don't -- at my company, we don't exclude in principle any author. we are interested in what the person is writing. stuart: tom, good to have you on the show. come back soon and tell us how josh hawley's book is doing in terms of sales because i'm fascinating by that. tom: we don't have the president of the united states leading the publicity campaign but we will do what we can. stuart: do what you can, tom. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. see you soon. you got it. let's get back to basketball. tom brady, i know, that's the wrong accent. remember that -- it's time are you ready for some football, remember that one? susan: that's the first one you have done american accent. stuart: seventh super bowl ring but not the only thing making
11:22 am
headlines but people can't stop talking about super bowl commercials. what's your favorite? susan: i want to talk about edward scissor hands. >> go ahead, trey. stuart: that was good. susan: timothy, johnny depp, he would be a junior scissor hands. finding his own place in life with a cadillac car that drives itself. stuart: that was clever. you don't have to touch the thing. susan: i think i had too much pizza. stuart: i'm sure you did. i'm still on the super bowl. the oakley commercial. that's getting a lot of attention, why, lauren, what's so special? lauren: because it is so
11:23 am
awkward. stuart: exactly. lauren: it's so weird. the ceo, here it is, singing about the vegan milk. >> no cow. wow, wow, wow, no cow. no, no, no. lauren: that's it. stuart, that cost 5 and a half million dollars. it was a total pr success. they knew the ad would dive and premade the shirt. i totally hated the oakley commercial and gave all 500 out, the viewers did hate the commercial. one of them writes on twitter, james, i never want today drink whole milk more in my life. by the way, we had aired that commercial in sweden by they had to pull it because they were sued by dairy farmers there. bigger picture, you have oatly
11:24 am
and chabani and they are looking to ipo soon and oatly got themselves bad buzz which is a good buzz in the end. stuart: always good buzz in the end. hey, look, we are talking about it. we just put it on the air again for free for heaven's sake. susan: yeah. stuart: has to be a success. all right. lauren, stay there. dating app, bumble, let's talk, preparing to go public. all right, how much is a dating service, i repeat a dating service going to raise? lauren: dating is a lifeline for so many people right now so the answer is about $1.8 billion. this is the app -- because the market is crowd, this differs because the woman makes the first move and they have increased size and the range of their offerings, so 45 million shares to be sold, 37 to $39 each. the value for the company $7 billion and they are striking when the irony is hot. companies have raised
11:25 am
$168 billion in ipo's in 2020. that comes from deloggic and renaissance capital says 23 billion has been raised this year alone. 2021 starting where 2020 ended. bumble is different. they have an all-female executive room, most of them on the board of directors. they just stand out and they do offer other services for women, so i think they can give match and tinder a run for their money. stuart: i think it's fine that the ipo's raise all the money and bumble brings in nearly $2 billion and i'm just intrigued that much for a dating service. nothing wrong with it. let's go to california because the petition to recall governor newsom needs 5,000 signatures to get on the ballot. i have news for california republicans if there's a gubernatorial election. i will offer it to the republican chair of the
11:26 am
republican party tom because he's on the show. we have to deal with disney, could be company to pack up operation and leave california. we will be back. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:27 am
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11:29 am
11:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ stuart: mass exodus. look at disney stock now. 188, up nearly 4%. you know, they could be soon reopening the theme parks and cruises and all the rest of it. they could also be the latest company to flee california because of its taxes and lockdown. now, ashley webster right there in florida. he's in orlando. are we to assume, ashley, that disney california is going to disney orlando? is that what's happening? ashley: well, some of the corporate divisions perhaps. that's what's being discontinued right now although disney when we asked to comment were being very cagey about it and if nothing else, it's a warning shot across the bowl to california and its governor gavin newsom. you know, look, disney world behind me is open, 35% capacity.
11:31 am
disneyland in southern california still closed, could stay close until the summer. now in the latest earnings conference call for disney, back in november, of course, they reported on thursday, but their last earnings call, ceo bob was very upset, expressing his anger. he said this, we are extremely disappointed at the state of california continues to keep disney closed despite our proven track record. that was in november. we are in february 2021 and it is still whether or not she ised. they are closed in the meantime more businesses, more people in ever-growing numbers are moving to this state and to texas. states that are business friendly and have low taxes. it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. just listen to florida governor ron desantis, take a listen. >> and they are flooding into the state. we have investment coming in, we have people buying homes like never before. we have the -- just the fact that we have schools open, people are leaving in every corner of the state just because
11:32 am
we have schools. ashley: how about that? we have schools, they are open. kids are learning. you know, stu, some estimates say that the average number of people moving to florida now is well over 300,000 per year, to put that in perspective, it's a city the size of orlando being created every year in florida. some of the folks i've been talking with a little bit not that pleased because a, housing prices are going through the roof, it's getting a lot more crowded and they are very concerned that they are bringing their liberal politics with them. back to you. stuart: yeah. that's an understandable concern, don't mess it up. okay. ashley, thanks very much. all right. let's get to california. the effort to recall the governor there is closing in on the 1 and a half million signatures that are needed. tom del beccaro, if they recall
11:33 am
newsom, the winner is the person who gets the most votes, that means republicans should come up with just one candidate so you don't split the vote, that's my advice, can you do it? >> well, stu, when you come out and declare we will call. most importantly we need a candidate -- over the years they packaged california republicans to appeal to everyone but they are never bold enough to solve anything and we need a candidate that will take certain issues head on, not just covid, but who knows what that will be like in august but water and electricity and jobs which your package just shows. stuart: can i stress the point here. you can't win if you don't have one single candidate because democrats outnumber republicans, i don't know, what it is 3 to 1, 4 to 1, something like that in california. they are going to -- they will vote democrat regardless of what
11:34 am
newsom did. your only hope of winning is to have 1 single unified candidate. why don't you lay the law down, tom, why don't you do that? tom: first of all, i'm chairman of rescue and not allowed to pick candidates. the last recall, only one prominent democrat ran and his career was over, cruz bistomoni because he went against the establishment. they don't want to risk their career because maybe newsom survives it. i'm looking forward to 2 or 3 strong republicans running and we will have to see, remember, special elections have reduced turnout and they tend to favor the aggrieved. when i was in party politics, we elected two in special elections. a similar dynamic occurred. of course, you're right, a powerful bold candidate that we coalesce around would be the
11:35 am
best option. stuart: yeah, the lay the law down, tom. let me move on. dianne, she's the costa county district attorney and hosted a wedding reception right in the middle of covid lockdown, this is in august in california. another case of do as i say and not as i do, what do you make of this? tom: well, you know, i lived in contra costa and i did not support at all. she got national funding like the da in la and san francisco and she came up with the harebrain idea that you have to ask the person robbing whether they needed the item before you can actually bring charges. this is bad news and hypocrisy, for sure. stuart: wait a minute, wait a minute. you have -- you are about to be mugged, you the muggee, you are supposed to ask the mugger -- >> the police are supposed to determine whether they needed the item before the charges will
11:36 am
actually be brought. stuart: i thought -- >> tom: that's how ridiculous california is. stuart: one unified candidate for republicans to win in california. just remember that beccaro, please. tom: all right, stuart, we are waiting for you. stuart: thank you, tom. we are in the upside, 100 points for the dow. let me talk -- let's ask susan explain elon musk crypto currencies and tesla stock. susan: i thought to explain elon musk and it's a broad topic and hard to do. but when it comes to elon musk and crypto currency, i have something to say about that, take a look at hit, record high after elon musk tweeting over the weekend, who let the doge out, that includes snoop dogg, of course, they have gene simmons of kiss, with all that
11:37 am
celebrity power coin hitting record high at 8 cents a coin. now worth $10 billion. just seemingly out of nowhere, there you are in the video as well that elon musk tweeted out. don't you love it where -- >> stuart: i'm part of tweet? what did i do to deserve that? susan: remember that doge coin started as a joke but thank to social media, reddit, it has real value. i'm surprised out of thin air. mark cuban tweeted and said you can buy a dollar's worth or $10 worth he says, have fun watching it all day every day literally and i say with seriousness. best entertainment bang for your buck available. he does say does it necessarily have intrinsic value? stuart: i'm not sure it has much
11:38 am
intrinsic value. whatever you say, susan. thank you very much, indeed. airlines rerouteing planes, fewer business travels taking to the skies, so where are they rerouteing the planes too? i think i have a good idea on that, we will share it later. no guest, no problem, empty hotels are pivoting to become wait for it elopement destinations. we have elopement reports with a man that knows about it jeff flock after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio,
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in these uncertain times, it's important to own physical gold. fortunately, there's an easy way to invest at the source right
11:42 am
here on american soil. we're golden independence and our advanced stage nevada gold project is located within the largest gold producing complex in the world with an historical resource of over one million ounces and active drilling to expand even further. time is now for golden independence. stuart: delta airlines will continue blocking middle seats and continue limiting capacity on their planes all the way through the end of april. the stock is up 4%. numbers on your screen, 854,000 people passed through tsa
11:43 am
checkpoints sunday, 61% down from the same day last year. lauren, okay, we know fewer people are traveling for business, so what are the airlines doing about that? lauren: they're pivoting away from those popular business routes and they're rerouteing to where there's demands. they'll go anywhere where people want to fly. the answer right now is mainly florida. so expect to see more direct flights added even from the secondary cities like cleveland, boston, indianapolis, they are adding flights to other hot, warm destinations, hawaii, mexico and the caribbean. meanwhile zoom has replaced company travel and that might be the future as well. so you have united delta and american, stocks surges today. cutback on service to the big business hubs whether it'd be london, tokyo, frankfurt. this is a sign of the times, a state of where the industry is and where it's headed. stuart: i can see that. you got it, lauren. thank you.
11:44 am
how about the hotel stocks, check them now. left-hand side of your screen. this industry is suffering first year. that was 2020. occupancy rates down what -- down 2, 44%, can't live on that. jeff flock joins us from chicago. jeff, what's this all about hotels turning to elopement to stay afloat? what do you know about this, jeff? jeff: well, you know, unfortunately i know too much about alonement. i did it once, didn't work out well but that doesn't matter. gray hotel in chicago which pivoted from the big weddings that you would typically have to alopements and you're seeing the huge run-up in this. >> we have pivoted so much from 250 people weddings to small
11:45 am
intimate weddings. jeff: stuart, they have a big venue upstairs but they don't use that much anymore. they use smaller rooms. what is this i'm seeing this, this beautiful -- >> this is called volume 39. library lounge. these are all encyclopedias. jeff: you did an elopement here? >> made its way to 15. only invited families and friends. they used the beautiful backdrop. jeff: you are running out of space for these weddings. people are still getting married but smaller, right? >> correct. we have a lot of -- no problem. we have people that are currently rebooking the weddings and they are rebooking them into this year and early next year and we are running space on the saturdays. jeff: interesting, marriage lives, mr. varney, you and i have tried it. maybe we will try it again. stuart: if i was going to elope, i would not elope to a library. simple as that. jeff: try it, you know.
11:46 am
hey, it couldn't go any worse than the last time. [laughter] stuart: i've got to move on. i'm not sure how i would do a segue from elopement to this next story but i am going to try. hold on, everybody. look at this. okay. threatened to burn down washington, d.c. during black lives matter march this weekend. where is the outrage? laura logan is next.
11:47 am
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it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but, can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and
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11:51 am
livelihoods destroyed, the cities burned down, people threatened, people killed, many people killed. and deliberate targeted actions too, assassinations, there was a mass shooting as well which the media refuses to acknowledge even though the perpetrator was a devout antifa supporter and wrote about it prolifically. there won't be outrage. the hypocrisy has been exposed and still no outrage and now we see this against the backdrop, stuart, where there is the exact opposite when it comes to the political opposition. and that's what's really sinister about this because the one thing that everybody leaves out of the conversation all of the time is that some of the most power people in this country are funding the organizations behind antifa, the many different affinity groups and foundations and political organizations, legal organizations like the national, you know, alliance, the lawyers' guilt, people like that that are
11:52 am
bailing people out of prison and, of course, the vice president who is contributing -- contributed to the bail funds and still no outrage. there won't be any outrage. what is this really about? that's the question that's most troubling. stuart: yes, i don't have a answer to that question either. listen to what cnn jake tapper says about republicans in the wake of january the first, roll tape please. >> if there is no accountability and no attempt by the republican party to stop these insane lies that have taken root in their party, this is not going to be the end of maga terrorism. this will only be the beginning. stuart: maga terrorism. should these guys really be using january the sixth to take down all republicans and talk about terror, really? >> no. no. absolutely not. in fact, it's -- i mean, it's outrageous. okay, so i'm very passionate,
11:53 am
stuart, and i lead with my heart and i have to restrain myself, right, because when i hear that it's so distressing and upsetting. and why, well, because, look at what you're talking about, we don't even know how many people were there on january 6th because you can't even get that degree of honesty out of the media. but i do know that there were thousands and thousands who were very peaceful, who were nowhere near the capitol, never mind the millions of americans who supported donald trump, voted for donald trump, who want accountability themselves. think about this, you have had the greatest lies possibly one of the greatest lies in the history of the country that the president of the united states, the elected president was a russian spy and a traitor and nobody said a word about that. and then you have other examples of americans like carter page who were framed and just a man who was working for the cia and confidential source for the fbi and a naval graduate.
11:54 am
it's just incredible. of course, you know, jake tapper has forgotten about the fact that there's not been accountability for that, no accountability for the many lies since then, right? stuart: you're right. >> how outrageous that you can condemn people like that. stuart: it's just so obvious but you don't hear it expressed properly. it's just amazing. laura, i'm sorry i'm out of time but we will be watching your time. it's called -- >> stuart, there's only one truth, right? stuart: i think so. >> no matter what jake tapper says, there's only one truth. stuart: you're looking for it. laura logan has no agenda available now on fox nation. laura always a pleasure, thanks for being us. i have to get this in and this news broke sadly moments ago. texas republican congressman ron wright has died weeks after contracting covid-19. in a statement his office says, quote, ron maintains quick whit and optimism until the very end despite years of painful,
11:55 am
sometimes debilitating treatment for cancer. congressman ron wright was 67. he's the first sitting member of congress to die from the virus. we will have more for you after this with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to ♪♪ ♪♪ announcer your smile. ♪♪ it's the first thing people notice about you. it's what people remember about you. if you want to have
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stuart: news on the opening up of new york city. new york city will reopen for indoor dining on friday of this week. that is two days earlier than governor cuomo's original plan. however restaurants will only be able to operate at 25% capacity. they have speeded up the reopening of indoor dining in this great city. wonderful. the rally still continues on wall street. dow is up 100. nasdaq is up 60. the s&p is up 12 points. there is a lot going on today. first of all we've got virus cases down, deaths down and stocks up? i think they are connected. we have got a new plan to issue what, to give $3600 worth of tax credits to families with children. and there is also, i believe that may be part of, or added on to the $1.9 trillion covid relief package. so all of that is happening. money is going to ebb thrown at
12:00 pm
the economy. the virus rate is down. the deaths are down. i would call those all positive. and the dow industrials and the s&p and nasdaq responding with record highs this monday morning. time's up for me. jerry baker. sir, it is yours. >> welcome to "cavuto: coast to coast." thanks very much indeed, stuart. i'm gerry baker in for neil cavuto. stocks starting the week in sea of green. we'll ask republican congressman tom reed about a new plan to send families with kids extra money. as teachers unions agree to return to class, others say they will stay virtual. we'll talk to former education


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