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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  February 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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market open at the ipo. charles: i've ten seconds the momentum doesn't stay in place for a little bit? >> right now is a new all-time high. i'm looking for the market to pull back a little bit but i think after the pullback the momentum is going to pick up again. charles: by the depth, danielle shea, waiter handed over to my colleague liz claman, pretty good momentum going into the last hour of trading. liz: happy monday. we have symbols dancing around, 59 minutes left to trade stocks are climbing to all-time highs but look at bitcoin blasting through the all-time record ceiling is stands at $43000, this digital token the elon musk, tesla charging a bitcoin after the announcement of the three, investment of the crypto currency that has the entire crypto universe moving at light
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speed from light coin to dolch coin to ask rp in war, we have all the mega moves and whether the sec can rain down on the crypto parade, two experts with skin in the game are here in speaking of games what can football fans do now that the big game is over, how about develop the next eastport franchise. then i felt teaming up with skills in a blockbuster deal that have gamer fans do just that. in his first interview since last night's big game and your paradises here on how the partnership with the nfl is going to work and who's going to create the game and how much is a cut the nfl is going to take, market less than an hour away we will check on gamestop, amc, apple, hyundai in more because they are all on the move but to our top story crypto dancing across the screen as tesla revealed its purchase $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and said it would accept the
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crypto as a form of payment for the electric cars. tesla ceo elon musk has been hyping a bitcoin in dose coin a lower value crypto over the past few days, elon musk was enjoying the last 24 hours by the likes of snoop dogg and gene simmons and posting tweets and means in just the past day he tweeted more than one dozen times about the. to. digital currency, is this a sign of widespread adoption or the fastest forming bubbles speak into the scene in the space. let's bring in kr ve digital assets cofounder isaiah jackson. to you first, bitcoin's wild price action, crypto investors it seems that they see elon's investment as validation that bitcoin is real and a legitimate investment. do you think that is a legitimate outlook and what do you think drove his investment
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questioning. >> in retrospect it was inevitable, elon musk can say to himself it seemed so tesla ceo d one and a half billion dollars a bitcoin is something that every ceo and cfo will have to take a look at in the coming future and i think his investment is just another knock on the belt for bitcoin as a store of value long-term and i think we will see more of this in the coming future. liz: and look at the price right now it's at 43000 and change, the height of the session $44211, i gotta tell you we can put through the other ones, everything from xrt to light coin it is unbelievable, theory m is up 8.9%, xrt up to seven and a quarter percent and that one has an sec investigation going in. what do you think about this?
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>> i think let's start with the sec first, bitcoin is not a security it does not fall under the purview of the fcc and tesla publicly listed company is under the purview of the fcc which is why elon musk waited to make any public statements until tesla filed officially this morning that statement indicating what it's doing with the corporate treasury and when it comes to other crypto assets are coin shareware for billion in assets primarily in bitcoin but last week we tracked the fund flows of investors allocating to publicly listed investment vehicles and last week 80% of inflows or about $175 million went into a theory of investment products and we've never seen institutional products like that before. the landscape is changing and we see allocations to bitcoin and
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other digital assets that could have long-term potential for the balance sheets. liz: they have been very big but also like bitcoin it's almost as if this moment in time is very big for crypto currency but i'm not sure people understand what is happening especially considering you have celebrities like jim simmons and snoop dogg waiting in obviously he's making a play on dogecoin because it's a little dog but tell me what worries you and excites you about the sexual moment right now when the man is saying i am the god of dogecoin. >> anybody who is an investor or looking at the digital assets you have to realize these are speculative and dogecoin as well as others are the talk of the
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town right now because of the increase in price but they are speculative and you have to remember a lot of celebrities whenever something becomes popular they jump on the wave which is good but bitcoin has been years since 2009 it's here to stay and i think the staying power is a testament to the value it will bring long-term to ceos like elon musk and i think the celebrities joining in will definitely have their say as far as increase in value. long-term bitcoin is the place. liz: tell me, you're absolutely right because it's not an actual stock these names are not under the purview of the sec but ask rp says that the currency in fcc says no you're actually an investment vehicle. they will fight that out and right now investors in srp does not seem to have a problem. that's moving higher. but you went to mit and so to the commodity futures trading commission former sec chair gary
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gensler and he's the one who taught a course on bitcoin, he's not afraid of it, is he going to rain on any parade or will he take a step back? >> actually gary gensler and i testified in front of congress together in 2019 during the hearing and i will tell you this mr. gansler is very well aware of the bitcoin and what makes bitcoin so unique compared to srp, really what this is about, bitcoin is clearly under the purview of the cftc and that is really concerned with market manipulation and market fairness but bitcoin supply is known and there is no insider information around bitcoin because bitcoin has the walk chain that is extremely transparent and a lot of data providers that are
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accessible light coin metrics that help people analyze what is happening in the bitcoin network just like people analyze what is happening in the oil industry to get a sense of oil prices where they might be going. i'm less concerned about the sec approach toward bitcoin but as an asset manager we create listed products and people can buy and sell in their brokerage account to their 401ks and iras what we really want to see is more clarity on listed bit venture bitcoin investment products that allow u.s. investors whether their institutions are retail investors to get access to bitcoin at the actual price of bitcoin, a lot of products traded a premium so i think the sec will have a lot on his plate but there's a whole host of financial issues right now as we saw last week with gamestop and robinhood i don't know how high bitcoin itself will be on that list, i will say this with tesla having bitcoin on its balance sheet and tesla december 20 was
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added to the index funds, there will be a lot more coverage of bitcoin and corporate treasuries and that is something we can all be excited about when it comes to more education and more investor awareness. liz: i think you and isaiah agree you have to have legitimacy swirling around and maybe tesla gives that with the huge investment but will be watching it, please come back again because this story is continuing, dogecoin and crypto is one of my hot market tiktok this morning. i put in the headlines follow me on tiktok at red fox liz i show you all the stuff about snoop dogg and got you ready for that in brady one, you gotta give a tip of the hat to that. it should be lost on know when the all these people chatting up crypto are getting their message out via twitter, twitter above 2% higher but can you slap a value on that with the fourth quarter earnings on deck before
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the bell tomorrow, were looking at other big names reporting from lift to gruber, gm and disney let's get to our floor show trader. how are you trading twitter ahead of the quarterly report and what trade is working best for you at least so far? >> it's really good to see that twitter was not allowed for debt if you remember the first week of january when president trump was put off twitter and beyond 88 million people will not be on twitter anymore and meanwhile that was the bottom of the stock the stocks rallied 30% since he got kicked off of twitter, going into the earnings tomorrow it's probably not a great active trade because it's priced for a huge solid report but longer-term were not even to 2013 all-time high when it became public so i think there's a lot of room for long-term investors to stay involved in twitter and be a little careful short-term because it rallied 30% from the january lows but all in all twitter proved i
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cannot live without twitter if you look to all social media that's where creative friends around the world and we get to interact and it's a big time value with twitter and it is here to stay. liz: it's funny i cannot live without chocolate and twitter. phil, it is clear, we cannot ignore the major elephant in the room and that is stimulus, where is it, president biden looks to be going ahead with his stimulus plan without republicans despite what he put out saying we will do this with bipartisan voting, what this will do with the markets is stimulus the next catalyst doesn't have the power to push the market higher? >> i'm shocked president biden will go out on his own, i'm
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shocked 500 executive orders in the week i don't know how many there were, there's no doubt about it the market loves stimulus in german the stocks even though we haven't had a stimulus bill every time we talk about getting close to a stimulus bill the stock market makes new highs or rallies an incredible amount only to be disappointed at some time when they get the details and we fall back, if he actually get something done we will have a big blowoff rally when it gets done but i think it will come back and we will correct because the markets will say it's been six months and we want more. just like what we saw in charles dickens book. i want more, i want more and then market will need more. yes give me more what else do you have, bring some more money, we need it. i definitely think that we are in there if you look at the chart today there pretty parabolic and it looks like we will continue to drive the new highs and we have a little bit of consolidation, you talk about what scott said about twitter all earnings have been great any
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and expectations, that is driving as well you have the green center back it up some enthusiasm and you throw out a little stimulus you can get a nice ride. liz: it was mark lester with his angelic face, may i have some more please sir, back in the day. good to see you guys. scott phil as always great to have you we have about that is more important than election day for some amazon workers taking place right now in alabama that could decide the fate of unions that the online giant affect the stock, up-to-the-minute details from alabama to seattle to the white house with the closing bell ringing in 47 minutes, the dow is up 155 and only need to gain a 40 to see a new record. "the claman countdown" is coming right back. ♪
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liz: voting underway in alabama as thousands of amazon warehouse workers make a choice unionized or not after failed attempts in
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states like tennessee and delaware right now 0 amazon unions for a company that has 576,000 employees amazon taken down 8% right now but the bow is grabbing the attention of the white house and lawmakers alike to hillary vaughn on capitol hill this is a vote by mail when can we expect to see numbers coming out. >> workers have until march 29 to get the ballot in so were still several weeks out before those votes are going to be tallied but as you mentioned the ballots have been mailed they got out today to over 5000 workers in alabama to see if they want to opt in or opt out of unionizing but if they do they will be the first amazon warehouse to unionize and workers in alabama are getting the attention of prounion leaders in washington the union president says he briefed the
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white house on their plans to unionize amazon facility and they got support from bernie sanders who sent pizza to workers at a rally over the weekend he signaled what happens in alabama could have a ripple effect across the country it cannot be overstated how powerful it will be if amazon workers in alabama vote to form a union are taken on powerful antiunion forces and a strong antiunion states, the victory will benefit every worker in america amazon has gone on an aggressive counter campaign discouraging workers from voting to join the union even placing flyers and bathroom stalls and amazon spokesperson davis' statement the truth is amazon offers what unions are requesting for employees industry-leading pay, comprehensive benefits on the first day of the job, opportunity for career growth and workers in alabama make over $15 an hour at that facility and get healthcare, vision, dental
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and retirement plan and even though the vote is happening now by mail amazon tried to delay it they wanted workers to show up and vote in person when it is safe but an agency representative with the nlrb tells us they rejected the push to delay in the ballots have gone out. liz: thank you, we heard that story before where some people want to vote by ballot and mail it in to be safe and others to get in line. keep us posted on this we do have time before we find out but it could affect the stock, covid up-and-down not denting disney stock at this hour shares of the magic kingdom hitting an all-time high ahead of earnings due out thursday this goes all the way back to the 50s that's when they went public walt disney shares up $8.32 to 189 could that be a bigger move in the works then disney's latest
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liz: fox business alert one day after the big showdown in tampa bay the major sports betting stocks are suffering a super bowl sized hangover national gaming a draftkings are down vandal by the way which is majority owned by flutter entertainment a third of 8% but the other two are flagging after tom brady in tampa bay dominated the kansas city chiefs. here's the things things got drafty as vandal and draftkings reported technology issues just prior to kickoff, not good, the
3:26 pm
american gaming association forecasted 7.6 million bettors placed bets on online sports this year. forget the day after how about three weeks later read it gamestop at amc both extending losses in the final hour of trade, gamestop had popped 11% premarket before reversing shortly after the open it's down 7.7% and you can see with amc it reversed its down 10.5%. if you look at the charts over the past month gamestop is still up 227% while amc is still up 191%. the bunny keeps going and going for energizer as shares rally after beating first quarter estimates there hitting the highest level since august energizer up by 2% so energizer was a product of increased demand paired with the lower
3:27 pm
cost. that is a good combo and it shows for the stock right now. shares of data analytics palling tear surging after announcing a deal with ibm the new partnership will bring together ibm cloud data platform with palling tear with a product plan for march, palling tear up 5.9%, ibm up one and a quarter percent. >> you in the tampa bay buccaneers have won the super bowl , what are you going to do next? >> brady might not be the only one slotting a trip to disney world disney could be moving its burbank operation to the sunshine state as a california exit is continuous, ashley webster lived in l.a., so did i, i am from their. who leaves l.a., i guess
3:28 pm
everybody. >> i guess they do, tom brady did not say disneyland, they would've gone there and the gates would've been locked, disneyland has been locked and shut down for nearly a year it may not reopen until the summer, disney world behind me is operating at 35% capacity and being reopen for about seven months. fair to say disney not happy with the state of california and that's where we hear reports that they are considering moving corporate divisions from southern california from burbank to central florida, 30 the biggest employer here so we reached out to disney saying is there any truth in these reports here's what we got back from them. as the largest employer in central florida were always exporting opportunities for additional locations within the facility of our theme park. but disney says there is nothing concrete. even talking about it sends a
3:29 pm
shot across of california and california governor gavin newsom and if disney does move more of the operations is not going to be a lot to have many businesses to up stakes, come here, low taxes, business friendly and not just retirees moving to florida anymore people looking for cheaper cost of living and the cost of sunshine which is not out today. listen to what ron desantis had to say about everybody moving in. >> they are flooding into the state we have investment coming and we are people buying homes like never before just the fact that we have schools open people are leaving in every corner of the state because we have schools. >> about 300,000 plus per year coming to the state, to put that into context that's about the city the size of orlando coming
3:30 pm
here every year, i will tell you some of the locals are not happy because so many people coming and getting more crowded house prices going up, schools are becoming more crowded, there is a price to pay but listen there is a reason people come here low low taxes especially when you're coming from new york and california. liz: please go so there's less traffic on the 405 in 110. >> never going to happen. >> world five is always packed. liz: the cut off as johnny carson used to say. gil stock is popping since joining forces with the national football league how the titan is planning to keep the touchdown coming and investors celebrating in the end zone, ceo andrew paradise and his first interview since the big game opens the
3:31 pm
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liz: we have a rating story he may have when the seventh super bowl and the first for the tampa bay buccaneers but tom brady moves the needle in new england. our friends at sports business daily reports as super bowl l rating from boston surpassed the rating in tampa last night. but the nfl turning its attention to the tinier screen and mobile gaming the league announced its teeming with skillz to launch cash prize games. they're looking to build a championship formula together with the new nfl branded east sports game. skillz is a winner when it comes to user engagement at 62 minutes
3:36 pm
per user. it not only edges out tiktok but crushes facebook and youtube and snap. how will the nfl partnership work and add to the bottom line in his first interview we welcome skillz founder and ceo andrew paradise. great to see you, first of all were you watching analytics come in on your site what does it look like and what you expect to see overall. >> were not directly related to a sports broadcast like the super bowl and as a new partner of the nfl were excited to be the first publicly traded east sports platform partnered with an amazing association. when you think about the deal between skillz and the nfl, this is a partnership to drive the convergence of off-line activity like the super bowl with online sports. it's a multiyear deal where developer community has the ability to access nfl brands and
3:37 pm
nfl marketing muscle to further their games and endeavors. liz: excited to us and the viewers the structure of the end of all partnership who's going to make the game, will there be one or several and how involved will the league be improving these games? >> the partnership that we announce is a collaboration between our team and our skillz developer relations team and the nfl in 10 million global game makers out there have an opportunity to compete to win branding from the nfl. it's literally a videogame competition for the nfl and skillz will judge it together. liz: you provide app developers for people to understand and wrap their minds around what you do. you provide the developers with an opportunity to monetize their games. forgive me if these are not totally correct but you take about a 14% cut in the gamer takes the rest and they give out
3:38 pm
the prizes themselves. with the nfl can you say what percentage the league might get is it more than what you get? >> i cannot disclose up specifically right now but it is a meaningful partnership for both sides when you think about the nfl in the contributions there contribute in one of the most iconic sports brands in the world if not most recognized brand and on top of that the marketing power of the nfl organization is really first of its kind opportunity there's never been an opportunity for the small to medium-size developers to compete and win branding and marketing from the nfl this is the first time in history it's a massive step forward in democratizing a sports for everyone which is a major part of our mission. liz: you been known for casual games of skill not so much diehard sports you just signed a deal of the arcade game big buck
3:39 pm
hunter, are you in talks as you go forward with the nfl with other leagues is our hope that you have with this one works out? >> prior to the nfl partnership we had about a year ago to date made a partnership with the ppa through their owner bolero so we did the professional plover association a year ago now the partnership with nfl i think it's a very logical thing for more of the off-line sports association to look at how to partner in the next generation of entertainment and media and how to engage their fans in the online world. liz: you went public via reverse merger and since then from the low to the high europe 340% over year-over-year when it comes to the . you've done incredibly well tell me where you see the future going in considering we've
3:40 pm
already shown user engagement there's a real opportunity but post-pandemic will remain as intense when it comes to people looking at the phone? >> we believe competition is inherently human it so universal to who we are but were building a 100 year vision about the definition of the future of competition in the online world and going public is a huge milestone and important as you think about the race to give us access to capital and grower business bigger and faster than ever before but this is a vision to centralize the future of competition and one company and one layer across the internet. it's an idea we can build competition software as a utility and service and make it so everyone can owner by being public and we can enable it for every game maker of every kind and every consumer to compete in every that they seek out online. liz: at such a burgeoning
3:41 pm
industry were watching the stock and you, thank you so much come back again. >> thank you for having me. >> andrew paradise, founded it, great story. the tiktok saga not over as abiding administration taken a fresh look at the potential deal with oracle, remember that charlie breaks it next and in case you missed it the queen of apps joined by everyone talks to liz podcast rare for an apple entrepreneur to hit number one most downloaded in the app store she's done it multiple times. you gotta hear how she's done it especially her latest one with her husband the app that has been downloaded more than 100 times. listen to my everyone talks to liz podcast on spotify, apple, google or wherever you get podcast. so inspirational, closing bell ringing in 19 minutes we're coming right back.
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plus, 0% interest for 60 months. ends monday. liz: remember when president donald trump said i'm going to band tiktok because it's chinese owned the short form video app was the talk of the town this summer as kids and parents alike rushed downloaded before disappear. trump's said in the sense owned by u.s. company forget it. now it seems tiktok is here to stay. >> remember when that was the biggest story consuming the markets, not gamestop that was a long time ago as you know at fox business your show in neosho we were way ahead. here's what we know about the situation. trump's said he would band tiktok from use in the u.s.
3:47 pm
because the chinese parent company we are taking user data and using for surveillance purposes. tiktok started negotiating and we broke the story that microsoft wanted to buy the whole thing those talks fell through because china did not want to sell to u.s. company and then somehow out of the blue came a deal with oracle one by larry ellison and a good friend of donald trump said a republican where it was a joint venture and that's where it was going to go in the election happened it is slow down and the trump administration was back and forth whether they should approve it or not and some people in d.o.j. did not want to prove it some people did steven mnuchin was in the middle trying to negotiate the deal and then trump was out of office and right now it's up to the biden administration and its committee to approve the deal. they have not approved the deal here's what we know about what's going on in the biden world
3:48 pm
regarding tiktok. they are slow walking any decision on the deal and taking what is been described as a fresh look they are concerned about how the oracle deal manifested itself that is steven mnuchin treasury secretary in the middle of the steel that is very rare that that happens and oracle obviously has connection with the republicans in trump they don't like the way that that manifested itself and then getting this people with direct knowledge of thinking of it. >> they still might approve and taken a new look at the transaction, they are, the biden people are concerned about national security implications, particularly if the chinese have access to user data and where is the user data being located, this deal as a been told the oracle, tiktok solution has been
3:49 pm
told by one person close to the manner as an unclear if this is going to happen or not that does not mean tiktok will go away the courts are involved in temporary restraining orders preventing the elimination of the app biden may say you don't have to do this, if you secure the data in other ways but clearly the thing with oracle which was a grand solution that never came is very murky right now in the biden administration is slow walking. if you are a stockholder at oracle or a walmart which will be part of the crazy joint venture with tiktok to advertise stuff that might be a slight negative if this doesn't happen oracle was going to make a lot of money with this arrangement hosting tiktok on his cloud a lot of money to be made, walmart would make somebody on its side of the deal, if you're an average tiktok user keep using and posting stupid videos. including your favorite one, what's his name.
3:50 pm
liz: that young pasta but i like jake dillon he does a jersey mom thing. you go down a rabbit hole. you're looking at it for five minutes and then two days goes by. >> the young pasta that you use. liz: yes. >> everybody knows it's an italian-american kid talking about what it's like to grow up with italian-american parents and how nasty they can be a brings back nightmares, whenever you send me one of those i go to a semi-fit and i'm like i remember my mother hitting the with a wooden spoon and breaking over my shoulder. [laughter] liz: i will send you mine instead from now on at red fox liz, their hilarious and there's so much fun to do. thank you very much. reddit reviving a big debate silver or gold.
3:51 pm
our countdown closer top pick cap is next we have ten minutes before the closing bell rings. down charging ahead 183-point were looking out for records for the major industry. stay tuned. (deborah) i was hesitant to get the hearing aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them. (vo) discover the exclusive, new miracle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids. new miracle-earmini. so small and comfortable that no one will see them, but you'll notice the difference. call today to start your 30-day risk-free trial. start the year with better hearing and big savings. call miracle-ear today.
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♪. charles: six minutes to go before the closing bell rings. it's a party for four today. the dow, s&p, nasdaq and russell all throttling towards fresh closing highs. all right, we got this. time to pump the breaks. screenian carmaker hyundai, kia are saying never mind what we said last week. we're not currently in talks with apple to develop an electric car. cheryl casone in the newsroom with stock reaction, maybe insight how they got ahead of their skis on this? reporter: interesting the way the whole story played out. the end result, shares of hyundai and kia, well they fell after both companies said they were not in talks with apple to
3:55 pm
develop a car following several media reports that the iphone maker was looking to them to develop a self-driving car. now hyundai and kia said they were getting requests from multiple companies for cooperation to jointly develop autonomous electric vehicles but nothing has been decided. hyundai, kia could revisit talks with apple to develop a car in the future. it is not off the table. remember hyundai initially said it was in early stage talks with apple. later they revise the statement. they made no mention of the iphone maker. reports surfaced that apple would strike a deal with these two manufacture a apple car at kia's assembly plant in georgia. lot got pretty particular. apple is always cagey with this stuff. today as you just mentioned big reversal. apple is not comments on these reports, liz. talk of an apple i-car by 2024 is still a buzz on the street. who they make that car with remains to be seen, liz.
3:56 pm
it is interesting back and forth. liz: yes, exactly. loose lips sink electric vehicles. reddit squeeze on silver, a big spike you see see on the drop-o. it could not hold. today's "countdown" closer says don't look there, look at gold instead. make the case for gold over silver, frank, right now. >> the big differences are that gold is the fourth most liquid asset class in the world and it is used by central bankers 60% of demand is love, jewelry. silver is bigger industrial footprint. you require much more storage if
3:57 pm
you require silver. silver is unique. it has a volatility 50% more than gold. it will go up in a rising gold market by 50% more and it will fall so investors have to recognize the dna volatility on silver is much greater gold. if you're more conservative, you want gold jewelry, and 24-carat gold material than buying gold. liz: 2020 marked, what, the fifth year in a row that gold moved higher. what happened in 2021? >> so far of the year it is rising 10-year government bonds always put as damper on what they call negative real interest rates for gold. what i think is short term. it starts out this way, by the end of the year gold outperformed. it has been up 80% of the time this century. it is highly correlated to modern monetary theory, basically printing trillions of dollars by the g20 countries.
3:58 pm
that is not going away. we have 1.7 trillion coming out here soon. so i think gold, will shine ben in its own unique way. for speculation silver is much more interesting and it is also used for solar panels. and that demand is really captured the interest of this new investor. liz. i get it, i get it. there are arguments to be made for both. you're not just a one-trick gold pony here. you also have other picks. you like the airlines. i'm just checking, delta, american, united airlines, they're all moving higher today. is it too late to get in? did people miss the pandemic panic where they all fell so dramatically? >> not really. because historically in the past three major crises, 9/11, 2003 sars and 2008, and 2008 and 2009. this industry would fall 70%. a year later it is up 80 to
3:59 pm
120%. we had a big leg a big surge. correction and another surge. the whole movement of the vaccine being pushed out. as that news gets better and better, the airlines will tear it on the upside. liz: it's great to see you, frank. thank you very much. he likes the global jets etf. the pure play, airline one. thank you very much, frank holmes. can i see if we look at bitcoin for a second here? it now just jumped up above 44,000. again earlier it hit this all-time record. you start to see that a lot of these cryptocurrencies are smoking through their all-time highs including dogecoin. xrp moving higher. litecoin, on the news elon musk and tesla have invested more than a billion dollars in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. we stand at 44,183.
4:00 pm
take a look we have all kinds of fireworks here because the dow, s&p, nasdaq and russell are closing at fresh all-time highs. that will do it for "the claman countdown." thank you so much for joining us as time for "after the bell." [closing bell rings] connell: put it in the record books. stocks again hitting all-time highs today. we have hopes for stimulus. we have vaccine progress. we also have strong corporate profits. put it all together at the close the dow is at a record, the s&p 500 is at a record, so is the nasdaq up about 1%. the sixth day a row we've had gains for the dow and s&p. the six in a row, that is the longest winning streak for since august for both dow and s&p. third day of gains of records for nasdaq composite. we're on a pretty good wall street run. i'm connell mcshane. it is time for "after the bell." great to be with you. time for the news happening at this


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