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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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way. that does it for us. thanks for watching "fox business tonight." tune in tomorrow i will speak with steve moore, her shades schlapp. do not miss the debut of larry kudlow's new show. it will be on at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. ♪. elizabeth: okay. we've got new developments at the border. president biden's new immigration and border policy heads to capitol hill this week but republicans increasingly slam it as a runaway train that could hurt national security. we have brandon judd, kim klacik, jim trusstry, brad blakeman, james carafano and detroit police chief james craig on this story. we have this, left-wing groups demand all 500 miles of border wall built with taxpayer money be attorney down. a weakened i.c.e. dealing with biden deportation freeze nearly
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mistakenly releases into u.s. society illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes. we have establish example of do as we say not as we do government workers breaking their own shutdown rules. pressure growing on governor cuomo. protests at his new york city office. protesters now demand an obstruction of justice probe on governor cuomo and that he resign. his team admitted they hid thousands of nursing home deaths because they feared trump investigation into. he continues to shift the blame. that is what critics are say. questions are growing what if governor cuomo did if his own parent died in a nursing home because of that? where is the nursings probe launched by trump in four states. we'll talk to a family. they're suffering from that outrage. they lost their mother to covid-19 in a new york nursing home. we're on the story. a new potential smoking gun now
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surfacing in government documents underscoring accusations the fbi did mislead the secret fisa court during the trump-russia probe. a secret court that is meant to catch terrorists but instead turned on a political opposition campaign. also critics warn about a new democrat push to get the government to go after conservative groups as questions now mount. critics demanding how is the anti-trump lincoln project led by steve schmidt, george conway and rick wilson, how is it allowed to operate as it did as accusations grow that lincoln project broke the law on multiple fronts? its founders are fleeing that non-profit. these guys were all over msnbc and cnn making a ton of money, pulling in tax-free dollars going after president trump. how did it break the rules? we'll talk to experts about that. look at this. a growing number of cities backtracking on defunding the police. they don't want to do it. why? crime is skyrocketing. they realize they need cops to
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protect minorities communities because of increasing crime. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. look who is back with us, national border patrol council president brandon judd. brandon, we love having you on. two illegal immigrants of sex assault, one convicted of indecency with a child. i.c.e. is so confused about biden's deportation freeze, i.c.e. almost accidentally released them into u.s. society. what is going on? >> liz, this story is not just frustrating it is flat-out scary and it should scare the public. we have to be able to deport those individuals that committed crimes against united states citizens. how many more kate steinles do have very to have? thousands of united states citizens have been victimized by
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illegal aliens, but unfortunately politics continue to come into play talking about border security. we're talking about the safety and security of american public. we continue to put politics in front of what is best for u.s. citizens. that is not how the government is supposed to work. i hope there will be a large pushback by the american public when they see numbers continue to rise on the border as people continue to flood across our borders illegally. not legally. illegally. elizabeth: yeah. we've got, this is, it is not about illegal immigration. this is about crime. border mayhem. human smugglers endangering illegal aliens found packed inside things like refrigerated tractor-trailers to try to sneak into the u.s. nearly 140 illegals arrested coming into trucks including a convicted sex offender. pot smugglers tried to dump 600-pounds of pot into the rio grande river after they were caught. we had nearly $6 million worth of meth seized at the laredo port of entry.
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look at this, burritos, stuffed with a mexican xanax seized at the el paso border there is mayhem at the border, brandon. >> liz you nailed it, people put in refrigerator trucks, u-haul trucks, i personally had to respond to aliens that have died on the border and it is absolutely frustrating to see that liberal policies put these people in the manneds of dangerous criminal cartels. they don't care about these people. they continue to hut them in danger. it is all about profit. our policies is allowing them to generate the profit. it flat-out doesn't make sense when you look at it at face value. elizabeth: okay. listen to retired i.c.e. acting director tom homan on this. watch. >> this isn't about public safety at all because he says sex offenders are still a priority. but he hasn't done a thing about sanctuary cities. they're not going to honor
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i.c.e. detainers whether a sexual predator or not. this is a false narrative to the american people. elizabeth: your reaction? >> well, again, kate steinle, do we need to say more? we cannot have united states citizens being victimized by people who do not have a right to be here and should not be here. they need to be sent back to their countries of origin. we have to protect the american public. elizabeth: now we have left-wing groups demanding president biden tear down the entire border wall built under the bush, obama, trump administration. your reaction to that? the border patrol says 75 to 100% effective stopping crime at border. if not this the crime occurs. your reaction? >> numbers bear out. when i patrol the border, put on a uniform i patrol the border if i have physical barriers i have a much better chance of being effective. i have much better chance to catch the human smugglers, to
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catch the dangerous criminals. when we do not have that same infrastructure, they, they're able to cross the border and they're able to get away. where our effectiveness level goes way down when we do not have infrastructure. we have to keep the border barriers in place. elizabeth: europe has them. canada uses them. mexico using them. brandon judd, terrific to have you back on. come back soon. thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you. elizabeth: move on to this story, listen to governor ron desantis with our own maria bartiromo talking about the threat of the biden administration to do a travel ban. let's watch this. >> of course they're not being screened for covid at the southern border because this is all political. so he is opening the border. he is letting illegals pour in, yet he wants to potentially make you take a test if you get on an airplane to fly from one american city to the next? he wants to prevent travel to the state of florida? this stinks to high heaven.
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that is a huge contradiction, you can't square opening borders for illegal aliens but also restricting u.s. citizens from basically traveling around the country as they see fit. i think the american people see the hypocrisy in that. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show, former maryland congressional candidate, kim klacik. we love your perspective and insights. united states is a humanitarian country. we're for legal, safe immigration. this is about something far different. can you talk about what ron desantis just said in relation to the border? >> absolutely. liz, thank you so much for having me. but it seems that president joe biden and his administration want it both ways. they're either acting if this covid virus is so real they have to now track americans, we're doing contact tracing for us but the border we let people walk right through. they're not being tested for covid. they're not wearing two masks that they suggest we do. ron desantis is doing a great
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jock. job. it is all political. the schools are open. numbers are relatively down. he is doing a great job. looks like president joe biden doesn't love the fact he is doing such a great job so it makes you wonder. elizabeth: governor desantis talked about a 2024 successor to president trump. republican representative jim jordan tweeting quote, president biden has done more to open the southern border than american schools. your reaction to that? >> is absolutely correct on that. we talked about this before. i have a four-year-old been at school since labor day. they have been doing it well effectively. unfortunately they're talking about opening schools for one day a week. we have more schools open right now doing hybrid two or three days a week. joe biden seems like he dropped the ball on that. kids need to be in school. i don't know why he is so for letting illegal immigrants across the border. this is slap in the face for those wasting legally to get
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into the country. millions of people are it with fog do it the right way, going through the process. that is how we welcome people into this country. so we heard a lot from joe biden how he would do exactly what trump did, putting america first but he is showing exact opposite. elizabeth: you know we also have this, the double standard more do as i say not as i do. we have an executive board member of the chicago teachers union demanding schools remain closed but, kim she is demanding it while on vacation in puerto rico. she is sara chambers. she is on the executive board. put up an instagram post, tweeting to rally teachers do not return to work but doing that from her poolside in puerto rico. your reaction? >> they love their vacation time, right? they're still getting paid regardless. the teachers union, still getting fees into their accounts regardless. so who is hurting? the parents and the students that are not going to school. and so she can tweet that out and post that up, to me, how negligent is she for even doing something like that.
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but for everyone else looking at that, we're thinking wow, this is where their priorities are. kids should come first. teachers in my opinion are essential workers. our kids need an education so they can go on to be successful to get good jobs and go live the american dream like everybody else. the fact that teachers would do that to me, so irresponsible. i don't understand it. elizabeth: yes. >> i think, we saw lori lightfoot, the mayor of chicago, she admitted she put $100 million into the schools to help with the ventilation systems. so if any city should be open right now it should be chicago. elizabeth: all right. kim klacik, thanks for joining us again. come back soon, okay? >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. coming up we have developments happening right now. new york democrats now moving on a potential bill to pull governor andrew cuomo's emergency powers after his administration covered up thousands of nursing home deaths tied to his executive order. where is the doj probe though into the four states that put
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nursing, excuse me, covid patients back into nursing homes? that was a probe launched under the trump administration. we'll dig into it with a family, coming up next. the family they lost their mother to covid-19 in a new york state nursing home. the story next. >> biden says he wants to unify the country and be the president for everyone. okay. how about just start with people who died in nursing homes and their families in new york. get your doj involved. you want to be the president for everyone? that is a big task. just start with the people who died in nursing homes in new york, mr. president. ♪. here's something you shouldn't try at home. insurance is cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers
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♪. >> well, from what i see today in the reporting president biden actually closed the case that the doj was working on and i spoke to a senior official with the department of justice in december and i asked them how the investigation was going? and they told me, quote, we haven't received anything from this administration. so she is lying there, the fact that they were getting all of their ducks in a row and they were helping the justice department with their investigation. that's a complete lie. elizabeth: okay that was januaries janice dean. both of her in-laws died of covid-19 in a new york nursing home.
6:17 pm
she said the biden administration may drop the doj probe started under trump administration why new york, pennsylvania, michigan and new jersey put patients back into nursing homes causing death of thousands. we have three siblings who lost their mother agnes due to covid-19 in a nursing home in new york. this is a harrowing story and painful. ted, we're so deeply sorry what happened this is your mom. can you tell us what happened? >> well, march 12th, we were all locked out of the nursing home. we couldn't see her anymore. and in april she came down with pneumonia and she started getting very sick and they sent her out to the hospital where she was tested. she had covid and she passed away on the 22nd of april. and then two weeks later in the
6:18 pm
same facility, my father-in-law passed away on may 4th from covid. he was sent out to the veterans hospital where he passed away there. it just has been terrible this whole time. elizabeth: it's terrible. cindy, you know, tell us, was your family, when was your family informed that the cuomo administration put you know, thousands, were putting patients back into nursing homes? what were you guys told? >> well, we weren't, no one informed us. we just did our homework and we found out about the mandate on mile-an-hour -- march 25th. there were rumors it would be happening. we couldn't believe it. we contacted the facility. they were not transparent. and my brothers contacted the attorney general as office. i contacted governor cuomo's
6:19 pm
office, just left a message and no one has gotten back to us at all in regard to this. we. elizabeth: so nothing, go ahead, finish, cindy, go ahead. >> we were there every day. my sister-in-law and our husbands and our sister-in-laws were with my mother every single day. to be locked out, never able to comfort her was totally devastating this just, shouldn't happen and we pray that it doesn't happen again to those that are still in the nursing homes. elizabeth: okay. let's give the lay of the land. a top cuomo aid, melissa derosa admitted the cuomo administration covered up the fact there were 15,000 deaths in new york nursing homes after the governor's executive order in march placing 9,000 likely, it could be higher, patients back into nursing homes. you know, phil, i would like you to listen to new york governor
6:20 pm
cuomo on this story earlier in the year. let's watch. oh, sorry, we're not going to play the sot. we would rather talk to you guys. he basically said, who cares, people died. what do you say to that, phil? >> it was cold, coollous, arrogant, uncaring, unfeeling. i don't know what else i can say. it was just completely unacceptable to us. and it just goes to show you the type of person that he is. you know, i listened to his news conference today. i, i just couldn't believe what i was hearing. you know, it was just doctor. >> more lies. >> more lies and more, it was worthy of an emmy today also. and i just, i couldn't take any longer. i just the things he was saying. nothing was brought up about derosa at all. that should have been brought up in the news conference. not that i heard.
6:21 pm
elizabeth: governor, not yeah, we saw that too. you know, ted, governor cuomo is saying you know, he is blaming the trump administration, he is blaming "the new york times," he is blaming "the wall street journal," he is blaming nursing home staffers, blaming new york nursing homeworkers and visitors. you know is claiming criticism of him is a conspiracy. his brother chris cuomo never covered it on his own cnn show. brian stelter at cnn not doing anything about that. criticizing all other media for lack of their coverage on certain other issues. ted, what do you guys want to see happen? what is the next step? >> we just, an investigation. we need to have this investigated. you know, when you are in that position, and you're blaming everyone else around you, that it is every one else's fault but you're in charge, something went wrong. it has to be investigated. this has to go, you know, from department of justice.
6:22 pm
elizabeth: yeah. >> the local departments, the attorney general, she has done a terrific job. she has brought this out. it has to continue. we have to finish it. elizabeth: we, we got to wrap it. we're up against a hard break. ted, cindy, phil, thanks for joining us. we'll have you back on. we're so sorry we're up against a hard break. >> thank you so much. elizabeth: thanks for sharing the story. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for coming on. >> thank you. elizabeth: sure. we'll have more after the break. stay right there. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, okay, it is talked about as a potential new smoking gun, that former fbi director james comey emailed cia chief james clapper at that time that the fbi could not sufficiently corroborate the anti-trump steele dossier but at same time james comey was signing off the on a pfizer wiretap application that the telling secret court meant for terrorists that it was verified. can you break this down for us? >> the timing is the key. i will try to keep it relatively simple here. the first thing, christopher steele, the source of the
6:27 pm
dossier he had been fired as an informant in november of 2016. i think november first of 2016. he had been demonstrably breaking rules, breaking his contract as an informant going to the media, okay? talking to yahoo! news and some other outlets. that ends up making its way into the fisa affidavit as if it is corroborating the dossier even though it came from their informant. starting point, steele was supposed to be out. the fbi using his information as fired informant laundering it through bruce ohr, to his credit this guy hates trump. you need to tread carefully this may not be reliable information. so when you see by january comey is going back and forth with clapper is light rally like putting lipstick on a pig. the story is already written. deception to the court is already being established and he is trying to use man tick ticks
6:28 pm
to walk away from how deep his knowledge was of this dossier. elizabeth: this happened in january 2017. later the fbi would acknowledge at that time the trump russia, the case against general michael flynn was falling apart. fbi director james comey signs off on a nice is surveillance warrant but doesn't tell the secret court it was funded by the democrats including the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign, that christopher steele's own source said this is hearsay, unverified, it is basically gossip said over beers. didn't tell the court that. they basically didn't tell the court that hillary clinton had a plan to use this trump-russia collusion narrative in order to quote, vilify trump and also basically to distract from her own email scandal. where is john durham, the criminal prosecutor on the jump russia probe? where is he on this? seems like the fisa court was
6:29 pm
seriously misled. the southern legal foundation, john solomon have been reporting on this. what do you say about this? >> what is maddening about john durham he is a professional prosecutor, doesn't air all his information. we're sitting here for a long time, john, get to the finish line, let us know your findings. i still have faith. i think john durham is a very professional prosecutor. he is not sharing things with the media like say jim comey was doing for years. so i think the bottom line is, we might know something fairly soon, depend as little bit on the next attorney general and how transparent they're going to be about any sort of durham report or durham indictment. he has got to be looking at this. if you're somebody in the criminal justice system for a long time like durham, like i have been, 31 years, i have started when i was four or five you look at this, you get offended. this is outrageous, that they would take these types of steps for politics. elizabeth: you know the intelligence community refuses to put the steele dossier in the intelligence community assessment on russian meddling
6:30 pm
and it wasn't good for that but some how much it was good enough to, you know, mislead the fisa court on it. we'll stay on the story. jim trusty, you're great. thanks so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> good seeing you. elizabeth: coming into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. critics warning about a new democrat push for the government to do more domestic surveilance of conservative groups. there is that, this double standard. to push even the irs to go after conservative groups. where was the government, where was the irs how the anti-trump lincoln project led by steve schmidt and rick wilson was allowed to operate as they did? they're allegedly accused now of breaking the law on multiple fronts. its founders are now fleeing that non-profit. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush with his take next. >> karma is a you know what, mike and what we've seen from the lincoln project grifters all
6:31 pm
this time, this is all about them making money. this has never been some idealogical pursuit or real deep-seeded hatred against president trump this is a series of low-life grifters trying to self-enrich themselves but i think the american people really are now getting a look at what this group has been about. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down.
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it's over. don't worry, carl. things are looking up. visit now. lower mortgage rates mean higher savings. ♪. elizabeth: with me now, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, back with us, president george w. bush, back with us is brad blakeman. thank you so much for joining us. your reaction to the democrats now trying to push another patriot act through that would let intelligence agencies do surveillance on conservative groups, even libertarian groups because they may pose a domestic terror threat? it is one thing to investigate. it is another thing to monitor. what do you say to that? >> look, should put a chill through every american. regardless of your political
6:36 pm
persuasion. today they comb after conservatives. tomorrow who's next? no, this is not america. there is a reason for the patriot act. it was very clear when it was enacted to guard against foreign enemies attacking our country. and following the money trail on how they're financed. but going after domestic political operatives because of their political persuasion, that is abhorrent. >> yeah. let's move on to this story. legal experts and tax experts we talk to keep saying where is the government, where is the irs, in investigating the anti-trump lincoln project? they raised about $90 million. half of the money went to their own personal companies and now we have six of its eight founding members have quit the group. does it feel like they know something is coming? what do you say? >> well, enough has come out
6:37 pm
just through the reporting. these are low-lives politically speaking, personally speaking. these pimas kerr raid as republicans did the dirty work of democrats. if in fact they broke any laws that remains to be seen but in order for an investigation to go forward bit of justice department or others, there has to be complaint, has to be suspicion, there has to be evidence. there has to be corroboration. there has to be probable cause. that again remains to be seen. certainly allegations are out there. that might be warranted a look by the government based on what already has been made public but to just simply investigate conservative 501(c)(4)s or 501(c)(3)s not-for-profits is chilling. elizabeth: this is a 527 non-profit. under the law they cannot expressly advocate, advocate for candidates or against them.
6:38 pm
they are supposed to talk about issues. they're not supposed to coordinate with any candidates campaign but they can raise money tax-free only to spend on issues advocacies. they're working the laws. there is a black spot in the federal election laws where they were operating in. they worked for the biden campaign in texas. they went after trump repeatedly on cnbc and cnn then we have john weaver, the cofounder accused of sexually harassing multiple teenage boys. he has that allegation. we have george conway claiming on msnbc, well i didn't know john weaver very well when he co-founded the lincoln project with him. george conway coauthors an op-ed in "the new york times." joe concha is ripping into this. what do you say? >> this is rats leaving a sinking ship. birds of a feather. they know each other very, very well. this is, this is a group that is
6:39 pm
well-known, infamous group of political hacks in d.c. to say that they didn't know, they knew, they had a common plan and scheme. most of their funding alleged came from democratic organizations. they knew exactly what they were doing and who they were dealing with. elizabeth: brad, where did the $63 million go? where did 63 million bucks go? why did msnbc and cnn put them on and not put boilerplate on they're fund-raising what they're saying on those networks? they're making money, raising tax-free money off the attacks on president trump? where is the government and irs investigating this? i mean this is where we're at with these political groups being allowed to raise tax-free money, attacking other opposition candidates? your final word, brad. >> if we learned anything from this past election cycle we're in desperate need of uniform voting standards. we're in desperate need of campaign finance reform. these are the things that we
6:40 pm
need desperately in america. if you want to clean up the 527s, other not-for-profit this is is the wray to do it. if it is good for republicans it should be good for democrats. it is not working for either. let's fix it. elizabeth: yeah. what if a republican nonprofits were doing this, going on multiple, multiple, we're talking like dozens and dozens of times for those political attacks where they're getting paid for it. brad, good to see you. thank you so much. >> pleasure. elizabeth: talking tax nonprofit stuff there. talking about washington lawmakers are moving after president trump's impeachment acquittal. fox news mark meredith is live in washington with what's happening there. mark. >> liz, good evening. former president trump's impeachment trial wrapped up on saturday but its impact will likely felt so many months to come especially for republicans who want to focus on next year's midterm elections. seven republican senators voted
6:41 pm
to convict the president. the list included notable names like utah's mitt romney, unexpected ones, richard burr of north carolina and bill cassidy of louisiana. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell was not one who voted to convict but in a speech after the acquittal vote he tore into the former president's behavior, making it clear he saw it as reprehensible. >> 74 million americans did not invade the capitol. hundreds of rioters did. 74 million americans did not engineer the campaign of disinformation and rage that provoked it. one person did. reporter: the big question remains what will the senate's decision mean for the former president? we saw him meet with some supporters today from his motorcade. his advisor say he is eager and ready to campaign for his hand-picked candidates going forward. >> this maga movement needs to
6:42 pm
continue. we need to unite the party. trump plus is the way back in 2022. my goal is to win in 2022 to stop the most radical agenda i've seen coming out of the democratic presidency of joe biden. we can't do that without donald trump. reporter: no one knows for sure what is going to happen in 2022 but republicans do have a few advantages. they remain in the minority and house in the senate by slim margins. if they only flip a handful of seats the next year they will be able to regain power. democrats will point to this divide with trump and anti-trump groups as proof that the republican party may face an identity crisis. liz, this will not go away. elizabeth: mark, great to see you. thanks for joining us. coming up retired u.s. army lt. colonel james carafano how the covid-19 crisis will be front and center at the g 7 mighting this friday. china now trying to do damage control, potentially covering
6:43 pm
up, that its covid-19 virus came from an accidental leak out of a labor to in china. the story next. >> it is very, very difficult for the w.h.o. to have, to force the kind of full and unrestricted international forensic investigation on china which is what we need because w.h.o., that in fact, wiv, wuhan institute of virology is potentially the equivalent of a crime scene. we wouldn't send a group of disempowered investigators to go ask questions at a crime scene. we need the kind of forensic, deep investigation so we need to, we need u.s. intelligence, we need allied intelligence. we need to put a lot more pressure on china than what we're doing now. frankly it is not just in our interests. it is in the interests of the people in china to understand what happened here so it doesn't happen again.
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elizabeth: with me now is retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel james carafano. great to have you back on. g7 meeting this friday, china trying to do damage control. the w.h.o. investigation, did china cover up the, that the virus came out of an accidental leak from a laboratory in china? what do you think? >> well, we don't know if they covered up anything on the origins of the lab but here is what we know. the w.h.o. found out nothing. it was like if you went to a crime scene and the murderer was the guy that granted you access to evidence in the crime scene. the w.h.o. was permitted no raw data. so essentially all they had access to was what the chinese government wanted to give them. and then the chinese government couple out and said that the w.h.o. investigation completely vindicated them which was a lie. so the w.h.o. utterly failed. here is i think this gets to the core of the issue, what we've
6:49 pm
learned is the world health organization has no capability whatsoever to prevent china's malicious behavior when it comes to global public health issues. the reason why we have stronger reporting requirements was because the chinese so botched their reporting under sars. and their reporting under this pandemic was actually worse. so nobody's reining in chinese behavior at all. elizabeth: that's a great point because in 2004, even the w.h.o. said yeah, china did have a sars leak, a sars virus leak out of a labor to in bay jeanne. 200 were quarantined. hundreds were sick. the china confirmed that the at that time. here we are 17 years later president trump is sounding more and more accurate what happened with the covid-19 virus and now we have potentially 13 different strains of the virus in china
6:50 pm
earlier than realized? maybe december 2019, maybe november, october. we reported the outbreak started way earlier than what was reported. what do you think? >> look, here is what the w.h.o. team did not disprove. they did not disprove that the pandemic started in china. that the chinese did not report on it in according with the requirements under the world health organization. the pandemic was probably raging a lot longer than we knew. they knew vulnerable populations could die from the pandemic. they knew it was very contagious. they allowed tens of thousands of people to travel knowing many of them were likely infected. they would turn it into a global pandemic. all those things remain true. this fundamentally getting to the core of the chinese communist party. the way this government is structured it cannot share information in an honest and transparent manner. in a public health world that is terrible. you know what the g7 should do?
6:51 pm
should walk in, look if the w.h.o. tomorrow we'll all leave. that will not get people's attention but that is not going to happen. elizabeth: we'll cover it if it does happen. colonel james carafano. good to see you. thank you for your service to our country. good to see you. come back soon. next up detroit police chief james craig on the growing number of cities like minneapolis now backtracking, you know what? defunding the police is a bad idea. crime is skyrocketing hitting the minority communities. we need the cops back. we need them back fast. the story next. ♪ than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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>> welcome back to the show detroit police chief james craig. so great to have you back on. thanks for joining us. a growing number of cities are saying to themselves, defund the police was a bad idea. we don't want to do it anymore. minneapolis is backtracking. saying bring back the cops. what do you say? >> i would say it was a complete failure. i knew it months ago when they started peddling this nonsense. it is really a tragedy when you look at the whole idea of defunding the police. first of all who is making
6:56 pm
statements? those folks that live in poor communities, communities of color that experience high crime. i have tell you what i know. nobody is talking to the community members. many folks who launched the protests all summer long and some who tried to incite and did incite violence they pedaled the whole defund the police movement. it wasn't the people living in the communities. look, that is not even something that detroiters want. it has never come up except for a few of our council folks that, hue and cry for defund the police. here what they got for defund police. recruit and retention, they can't do it. they're down 200 police officers. now they want to bring them back. police officer morale is down. who wants to work for an agency, city are with there is no support? rising crime. no surprise.
6:57 pm
slow response times. these are all things they're now talking about, reason why they want to bring police officers back. the good men and women who left should come to detroit. we'll hire them right now. they will be supported here. they will have stability. elizabeth: yeah. you guys, i mean, chief, you are really heroic example for the country. i'm not overstating that because, you didn't see riots in detroit. your city had a history of it. you guys know how long it takes to come back from, it takes generations to come back from rioting and looting. detroit suffered. you guys saw that. you knew it. you knew what your community needed and wanted. now we're seeing california, washington state, oregon, even in new york, they're saying to the city leaders are saying you know what we were likely wrong. skyrocketing crime is slamming minority communities. what do you think of that? >> you know, it is so sad what i see. i spent 28 years in the los angeles police department. i hear from my colleagues from
6:58 pm
los angeles. and what's going on there is just really another tragedy. they defunded them. now i just heard last week, those first-responders haven't gotten the vaccine yet. i was shocked. these men and women are out there putting lives on the line. i think los angeles may have lost 7 or 8 police officers to covid. i mean what is the message in that? doesn't look like support to me. elizabeth: right. exactly. you know what? we had some really profound sound, a sound bite from a mother, in minneapolis last year. this stayed with us, chief. she was terrified over the violence breaking out in minneapolis after they defunded the police. it goat so bad you could hear police helicopters overhead and she had to keep her children, bring her children to sleep in her bed with her, hide in bathtubs as the violence spiraled out of control. let's listen to this.
6:59 pm
>> i hear every little thing that is going on, police sirens, like helicopters and gun shooting everything. i have four children, i will sleep with them all in my room because i'm scared, terrified that something is going to happen to them. come here. meet with us. face us. stay here for a weekend, for the love of god, just come here and say something to us, the people that are freaking voting for you and depend on you to take care of us. where are you? show your face to us. do something. don't just sit there and let your city go down to the ruins. elizabeth: but that was five months ago in minneapolis still has to suffer from crime. she said that five months ago, chief. what do you say? >> so sad. it is so sad but once again i've said it before, i will say it again, who is talking to the people in the neighborhoods? you let these people come to
7:00 pm
start pedaling this nonsense about defund the police, let's just dismantle the police department with no plan. then you talk about bringing in, hiring, you know, outside agencies. it's ridiculous. elizabeth: i know. it is ridiculous. thank you for your service to our country, chief craig. dagen: good evening, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowel, this is " fox business tonight" on this prime ministers' day. presidents' day. two governors facing fierce backlash. in new york governor andrew cuomo on defense this afternoon responding to growing demands for an investigation after one of his top aides admitted that the administration downplayed, covered up the number of nursing home residents who died from covid-19. >> to be clear, all the deaths in the nursing homes and in the hospitals were


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