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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  February 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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out, they can spend the money they've been sitting on, travel and do things. hopefully, it's going to be the new start of the roaring '20s. charles: history will repeat it. courtney, thank you very much. maybe she's on to something with this reopening trade. liz: well, yeah, and did you just see the 10-year? while you were talking -- charles: oh, my goodnessment. liz: -- it just hit 1.3% -- i know. slightly off that. folks, make no mistake, it is risk on. yields are rising. wall street trying to squeak out new records after hitting intraday all-time highs for the dow, the s&p and the transports along with the nasdaq on this first session after the long holiday weekend. any gain for any of these are do the trick. we're almost all there except for the nasdaq. mother nature providing a boost here. the epic cold snap in texas is
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sending natural gas higher as the oil patch falls into a deep freeze leaving millions in the lone star state without electricity, and in some cases temperatures of 1 degree. no thank you. i lived in cleveland. i don't need that. as texas shivers, bitcoin believer basking in the warmth of $51,000. overnight it crashed through the $50,000 ceiling, and just hours ago the february futures traded on the cme as high as $51,065. wait til you see where the may and june bitcoin contracts stand. i'm about to show you. plus, the biggest mystery right now on wall street about to be solved this afternoon. what did buffett buy? before the oracle of omaha's secret filing of stock purchases become public after the bell, we're going to let you in on the names buffett watchers think he scooped up or sold last quarter. and the 5 p.m. quarantine, definitely a thing during the
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pandemic, boosting alcohol sales. will that translate to investor interest in a private wine giant about to go public? the former ceo is here with his new vintage of spac that has investors licking their lip ares. but first, we've got to start with a fox business alert n. a stunning term of temperatures, new york is nearly 50 degrees at this hour while texas is freezing over, leaving millions without power. from to snow-covered highways to rolling blackouts across the state, some 4 million people woke up to no electricity or heat this morning. the epic cold snap is causing energy prices to spike. take a look at natural gas, jumping 7.5%, settling at its highest price since early november. crude prices also up nearly 1%, settling above $60 per barrel. that's its highest finish since january of 2020. let's flip it over to federal
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express. shares slightly higher even though the severe weather is disrupting operations in the u.s. while fedex does have a contingency plan to minimize the operations related to vaccines -- because, you know, they've got to be kept at a certain ten -- a facility in houston housing 10,000 moderna vaccines lost power. yes, it's winter, but to see these kind of temperatures as far south as texas is really unusual. how high do you see energy prices going here? >> you know, i think this is a warning sign, liz. yes, there is unprecedented, or at least the coldest weather we've seen in 30 years in texas, but i think it unmasks some of the problems that we have with the energy infrastructure not just in texas, but around the country. you know, this is a situation where we're trying to move off of traditional sources of energy like oil, gas and coal, and we're moving to renewables, and
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we're seeing that renewables are not as reliable as oil and gas. so i think, you know, some of the concern right now as we move quickly into a transition to these alternative fuel, we have to be prepared for the backlash of what goes wrong when these sources of energy are tested x. if so far in one of the big first tests, they've failed miserably. liz: well, can i just say though, i mean, i remember during hurricane sandy when we had electric outages everywhere on the eastern see beard, there was no gasoline because the gas pumps need electricity. so nobody had any gas i think that's why you've got to do a check all the boxes kind of policy here. sarge, we cannot ignore tailwinds from the economic recovery. look at the 10-year. we just talked about, what, 20 minutes ago, it punched through 1 minute 3%. it's at 1.294 right now, but that's the first time it's been above 1.3% since march of last
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year. so with the sort of sentiment here, what names have you picked up, i don't know, today, in the past couple of sessions or sold. >> well, with bonds trading like this, you have to be long jpmorgan, u.s. bank corp., wells fargo. you don't have to be long on those names, i am long on those names. the important thing to watch is not so much the 1.3% 10-year yield, it's the spread between the 3-month expect 10-year. between the 2-year and the 10-year. the 2-year, 10-year has gone from 109 basis points, so suddenly you have a butch better environment -- much better environment. when the government spends money, there's always growth. we hope we get organic -- liz: is so what do you buy?
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>> oh, you have to -- i can't tell you to go crazy, because i'm keeping a pretty good cash level -- [laughter] but you have to, you've got to stay in technology -- liz: go crazy. >> the amds -- [laughter] you've got to be long the amds and invidias, the salesforces and stuff like that, but you also have to keep the dividend names because there is some point, there is some point where we heat the end point of the whole debt supercycle. now, i don't want to scare you, and i know you all say, oh, sarge, you're crazy, we're not paying $7 for a gallon of milk. one today you will. i don't know when it's coming, so you need metals. buying gold and silver, especially with gold depressed against bitcoin because, you know what? when the lights go out, you've still got gold, you don't got bitcoin. [laughter] liz: you know, again, the mining, bitcoin mining, you need the electricity. guys, it's great to see you. we've got a bitcoin panel coming
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up, sarge. i want both of you guys to watch that because that's an excellent point. we do have the dow up 82 points at the moment. let's take a look right now at what we're seeing on the screen. it is a live picture of the white house. we do expect that joe biden is going to take his very first trip officially since becoming president, and he is going to milwaukee, wisconsin. but in the meantime, he's going to be there to push his $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan at a town hall meeting. grady trimble in wisconsin ahead of the president's visit. speaking to manufacturers about what they would really hike to hear from if joe biden tonight. grady. >> reporter: well, liz, they hope the biden presidency builds on the momentum here in wisconsin from the trump presidency. wisconsin added about 4,000 manufacturing jobs over the last four years, and that's despite the pandemic. and so they have some suggestions for president biden.
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the association of equipment manufacturers laid out his top priorities for the sector. you see them on the screen. they include business-friendly tax structures, an infrastructure plan, equitable trade deals with countries like china and a modern work force. we're at husco, the company makes hydraulic parts and components for vehicles. the ceo wants president biden to roll back tariffs, but here's the number one policy proposal he says will help grow manufacturing jobs. >> he's in wisconsin, he's focused on manufacturing, i think that's a really important first step. you know, if i had one message to give him, it would be let's get a big infrastructure bill passed through. you know, infrastructure helps our economy work more efficiently, and it'd be a big boost for equipment manufacturer and all sorts of manufactured products. >> reporter: and while wisconsined ad manufacturing jobs during the trump administration, the overall sector hasn't recovered from the hit it took during the pandemic.
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so manufacturers here are hoping that the president will listen the their suggestions -- to their suggestions because they say, liz, that will help grow jobs and create a more robust economy especially for manufacturers. liz? liz: yeah. and watch those infrastructure stocks because that may be the one thing that both sides of the aisle agree on. in the meantime, the house financial services committee readying for battle. charlie's about to break it on what the democratic led committee has in store for robinhood ceo ten we've and it dell founder ken griffin ahead of thursday's grilling. and paul walsh clinking glasses with vintage wine estates on their way to the street and to investors. their plan to win over the quarantining crowd and compete with the hard schultzer craze is next. closing bell ringing in 51
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minutes. again, records for the s&p, transports and dow right now are in play. stay tuned, we're coming right back. oh, yeah, and a potential guest. mr.-- well, let me just wait -- [laughter] he's coming up. my buddy. ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter... she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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♪ ♪ liz: the house financial services committee gearing up to take on the ceos of robinhood, reddit and citadel on thursday in a capitol hill battle for the ages. charlie gasparino joins us now on what new details he's getting about where this congressional, i guess, firing squad will aim for these titans. charlie. >> right. and melvin capital, the one hedge fund that needed to be bailed out by being on the wrong side of the gamestop frenzy, ken griffin from citadel, robinhood's founder, vlad tenev, the ceo of reddit, steve huffman and your roaring kitty dude, what's his name? [laughter] liz: he doesn't need another name. >> yes, that's right. they're all going to be there. we've obtained a memo from the
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house financial services committee that discusses what they're looking at. it's pretty fascinating. first of all, the hearing's titled gamestop: who wins and loses when shot sales, social media and retail investors collide. it talks about potential abuses in short selling, puts that at the top of the list. so we're going to hear a lot of negative stuff, probably, about the practice of short selling, making money when stocks go down. they also talk about market manipulation. again, that's a big thing, because if people were buying shares at the belief that gamestop would stay at $50, was there a purposeful manipulation of that, was it a pump and dump scheme with people using robinhood to facilitate these trades. the memo's going to question, what it says in the memo, it questions -- the hearings will question the gameification of trading through the robinhood app9 and the use of social media, when that's appropriate
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for the inexperienced investor. it's wide ranging. there's going to be a political element here. i still think short selling's a good thing, we need more of it. and here's how you now the markets are filled with doubts, just look at the wild trading in so many stocks and spacs right now. one interesting spac, liz, we should look at is churchill capital. put it on the screen. this was trading at around $10 a share in early january, it's trading at $50 a share. why is it trading? well, if you talk to traders, there's lots of talk that a deal with the spac to purchase i lucid motor, one of the major competitors of tesla, is imminent, that it's likely to come in the next month or so. it's a massive valuation, and that's putting these churchill capital spac run by michael klein, top investment banker at
3:17 pm
citigroup almost ran it at one point, as a matter of fact. again, this is rumors. people are talking about this, have been talking talking aboutr two months. the traders i talk to say it's imminent, but it would be a big deal if it happens. it just shows you how rumor, again, liz, this thing's billion on a tear since january. liz: yeah, it has. >> on a rumor, okay? in no company comment, just continued talk. i would just say this, generally when stuff like this percolates, there's obviously, you know, they're probably in talks, if you're going to bet. but these deals can always fall through. and if this deal does fall through, retail's going to be holding the bag of you know what because it's not going to be worth $50 a share. lucid is considered -- and it's not lucid energy, it's lucid
3:18 pm
motors. considered a major competitor to tesla. you can understand the full scenario here. but, you know, be nice if we had some comment from the companies like this is happening or it's not happening. liz: yeah. >> that's why -- and it's an amazing chart. if it does happen, it's going to be an interesting story. of liz, back to you. liz: something tells me you'll get it. charlie, thank you. >> i'll try. liz: it is with a heavy heart that we say today a good bye to a legend in the business world. marriott ceo arnie sorrenson lost a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer. the first non-family hebb to sit in the c suite of the hotel giant, he oversaw the merger is starwood hotels and sat on the boards of microsoft and the special olympics. the very vocal advocate for sustainability and gay rights was forced to cut back on his schedule earlier this month to pursue more aggressive treatmentses for his illness. the business community celebrating arnie's life today.
3:19 pm
gm ceo mary barra tweeting, quote: he was a wonderful leader who led with empathy, integrity and authenticity. i had the chance to interview arnie multiple times throughout my career, most recently at the world economic forum in davos, and i will miss him. arnie soren seven was 62 years old. we're coming right back. ? not until i'm sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪♪
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or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. liz: fox business alert, the lunar new year lighting up the box office in today's pop stocks. i max shares hitting a post-pandemic high in china have a record-breaking opening weekend for the new year holiday, beating out 75% capacity limits for theaters there helping imax to a $25 million haul for february 14th. that's a 45% jump from its previous all-time new year haul
3:24 pm
back in 2019. the stock right now is up 6.5 percent. remember there's imax china stock, imax here in the u.s. here we have it also jumping 6.5% on the good fuse from across the pacific. earlier amc was getting a halo effect, i believe it still is at the moment. it's above $5.60 with fewer than 48 hours until what we see will be the center stage along with gamestop at thursday's reddit rebel robinhood hearing on capitol hill. but the reddit9 crowd losing the game a little bit, palantir shares got a boost earlier, look at this, it's down 12% at the moment as fundamentals take over. the big data analytics warned investors of slower revenue growth this year. so also to 2020 direct listing company is also bracing for its ipo lock-up expiration if in three days which gives inside
3:25 pm
everybody, if they feel like it, a chance to sell shares with no limits in place. palantir, if you recall, i believe, jumped into the public markets around $10, so it's at $28 right now. you might see some selling on, in three days from now because they want to cash in a little bit, i'm sure. no curtain calls for msg entertainment shares after jpmorgan gut from over-- cut from overweight to neutral. moving lower by 2% right now. a lawsuit dimming the spirits of constellation brands over its alleged misuse of the corona brand name in its hard seltzer line. now, just to elks plain this, the corona name is owned by modell low. they say it allows for that name to be used only for its beer products, nothing else. right now constellation's the
3:26 pm
one getting hit, down 4%. anheuser-busch up 1.7%. all right, from beer ballots we move to public wining. stocks weren't the only thing popping after hitting pandemic lows back on march 23rd. if you look at the s&p 500, that was the low over the past year, and you can see the big climb. yes, it popped, but you can throw wine corks into the mix as well. retail wine sales growing by 16 is % according to nielsen over the same period, a trend our next guests are looking to capitalize on. 20-year-old vintage wine estates is going public in a spac deal valued at $690 million giving investors the chance to soon add some red, white and maybe some green to their portfolio. in a network exclusive, we welcome the two men behind the multimillion deal, ceo path rooney and capital acquisition corp. executive chair paul walsh. great to have you both.
3:27 pm
paul, i want to start with you. while looking for a pac target to take public -- spac target to take public if, you met with more than a hundred companies. why why did you pick vintage wine estates? in because it offers us all the characteristics we want. it's a growing business, it's in a huge, growing category. the category's fragmented and, therefore, we can continue to do what pat's done very successfully, grow organically, bring in smaller acquisitions and, with the two together, have a phenomenal growth run ahead of us -- runway ahead of us. liz: pat, you're profitable. you've run this company for 20 years. why take on the headache of going public? there are obvious payoffs as well, but to you really need to sit this every quarter and deal with the announcements and earnings? what do you gain from this?
3:28 pm
>> well, we gain a great partner with paul walsh and the b spoke team. they have got a solid track record x we're taking a page out of paul's playbook to grow the company through organic growth and acquisition. and we also get almost a billion dollars of capital to make acquisitions. we're excited to continue our rapid growth for the company. liz: paul, the pandemic has really become, you could say, the new spirit of at-home bartending. people started hacking their own drinks, etc. you could look at some of the gains that areas of this sector have really seen whether it's whiskey or it's premixed drinks, it's pretty stunning how much they've seen sales really spike here. but wine in particular, what do you see for the future? because you've got to present to investors an opportunity to
3:29 pm
scale up. >> well, first of all, if you look at beverage alcohol generally, it's an incredibly enduring category. in my long career, again, you'd have economic blips, and you'd come straight through it. the other thing that's been very interesting about the pandemic is the move to home delivery, or in the case of bwe, direct to consumer. this is the best, the best placed wine business of that particular trade channel. we've seen it grow, we expect it to continue to grow. so we're very excited about it. liz: i would imagine. and, pat pat, you look at -- pat, you rook at what's happened to certainly sales in the industry, and what have you seen? you've seen legacy brands, new generations of vintage wines,
3:30 pm
but we saw during the pandemic so many restaurants shut down, so many places -- tasting rooms were not open. so has it almost been a wash when it comes to the demand that you've seen? >> well, we've actually grown through the pandemic, and we've certainly seen some shifts from rooms being shuttered and on premise being, you know, closed down essentially. but that really has pivoted to a lot of growth, a lot of pantry stocking and growth in the major retailers as well as the direct to consumer. and particularly we've seen almost a 10-year growth in the category in the last seven months on the dtc side, and that's why we've actually gone to two-day delivery across the country. we think that it's really going to be a trend that the consumer is going to continue in terms of buying online. we're excited about filling that need. liz: paul, bespoke capital acquisition corp., we've got it up on the screen right now, because it is the company that
3:31 pm
trades public at the moment. you're looking for this target. originally you guys were looking for cannabis names, and then you shifted to spirits, to wine. what happened with the cannabis idea? >> well, first of all, we indeed did look at cannabis. that's why initially -- [audio difficulty] listed on csx and on the nasdaq bspe on nasdaq. i think the cannabis space is still very confused. we've seen a lot of companies who continually miss numbers. the regulatory framework is still unclear and, therefore, we felt right now it was not for us. so we pivoted. we looked, as you said earlier, at a lot of companies and focused on beverage alcohol and then started a dialogue with pat and his team. and, yeah, we think we're in the
3:32 pm
right category, and it's not just a category play. this is a platform. we can do other things in this space to capitalize on the great distribution that pat's built up. liz: well, pat, paul, come back when you guys go public. we're excited to see this actual spac merger come to fruition during a time where i don't know about you, but everybody's -- on a tuesday, tuesday's the new saturday night when it comes to drinking. [laughter] guys, thank you very much. all right. forget the year of the ox, it's the year of the bull for bitcoin in 2021. its bull run looking nearly unstoppable after breaching $50,000 and then $51,000. yeah, that happened a couple of hours ago. where does the original crypto and some of the ore hot digital -- other hot digital currencies go from here? we'll ask the ceo of the world's first crypto bank that question next.
3:33 pm
the dow is up 77, it's just the russell that can't quite make it into the green right now, although the s&p's turned slightly negative. down just a fraction at the moment. we're coming right back, don't go away. ♪ ♪ ♪ well we have a safety net. we'll be ok right? ♪ at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up.
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a choice he'll never regret... ...unlike the choice to hitch hike. ahhh! which ruined his hand modeling career... it's over. don't worry, carl. things are looking up. visit now. lower mortgage rates mean higher savings. ♪ ♪ liz: okay. it was crazy enough to see bitcoin top $50,000 last night for the very first time ever, but after doubling its value in less than two months, take a look at the high hit today for february bitcoin futures on the cme. 51,065. okay, there's more though, a lot more, especially when it comes to driving this historic run for the cryptocurrency. let's bring in the anchorage cofounder and president and isaiah jackson, krbe digital assets group cofounder and author of the book "bitcoin and black america."
3:38 pm
isaiah, i will go to you first because you were recently on, and you predicted that crypto-- and not just bitcoin -- would continue to go higher. does 51,000 surprise you? >> not at all. actually, i think we're just getting started. and i think what you're seeing in the bitcoin price is a reflection of the fact that inflation-based economies, fiat-based economies tend to push people towards assets that bit inflation. and bitcoin has proven that, and i think 50,000 is just the start, and i think we will see more growth throughout the year. liz: yeah. you guys, i'm about to show you in just a minute from the april and may contracts are trading. you're not going to believe this. diego, what do you think is the real driver? in just the last week or two, we have talked about bny mellon, with we know elon musk has made a huge investment not to mention
3:39 pm
cities like miami are very interested in now paying tear employees in bitcoin if they so choose to receive that. i would imagine they're doing it because they're getting requests for it. what else would be driving this? >> yeah. i think we have to realize that this is a very different run from the one in 2017 which was primarily retail driven. this time around it really are the institutions that are coming in, taking a position in bitcoin and really validating this capital preservation goal, this digital gold narrative that has won the hearts and minds of, for bitcoin. we're seeing companies like tesla put $1.5 billion of their treasury on bitcoin. companies saying they're going to allocate and fundraise $600 million more to buy more bitcoin and, obviously, square, which was one of the first to come into the space. liz: okay. and, you know, you guys, there seems to be so much optimism. some might call that a result or
3:40 pm
sort of bubbalicios behavior. we're moving higher,52,630. flip it over to may, we're at 53,375. that was the high, again, that traded today, basically, for these futures. look at the -- hold back on june for a minute. isaiah, something tells me that there has to be a moment where things climb, let out a little air, fall and that allows them to climb again. do you foresee any pullback here that's more than just a couple thousand bucksesome this. >> yes, at some point. this year, simply because that's how markets work. we have market cycles. you will see pullback at a certain point, but i want to remind people that in 2017 we saw no less than six 30% pullbacks on the way from 3,000 to 20,000. i don't think this'll be as
3:41 pm
harsh because we do have institutions who are buying, and that dip is getting bought up a lot quicker. so we will have that, but we may be sitting here saying, hey, bitcoin hit $100,000 and crashed back down to 80. i don't think anybody will have a problem with that, and if you look at the starts of bitcoin long term, that may have been the case, however, 100% of people in bitcoin are in profit today. liz: and, diogo, you are approved by the comptroller of currency. we know that bitcoin is considered a currency, but the sec is always the wildward. wildcard. where to you see names like xrp and etherium going here? >> i think it's clear that all cryptocurrencies are not the
3:42 pm
same. and we are seeing correlation on the price as we've seen one cryptocurrency going up, in this case bitcoin really is driving the market up. these cryptocurrencies have very different functionality, and you're absolutely right that anchorage became the first federally-chartered crypto bank earlier this year, and that's part of the reason why organizations can confidently come into the space, participate in the crypto economy. and they're not just buying bitcoin. they're really coming into many new protocols and that thought of them have different functionality. of. liz: this is a story that continues, and it's exploding because, here we go, the june futures high on the cme, let's unveil it here, is traded as high as $54,125. gentlemen, we'll have you back. thank you so much. all right. when i last worked with my next guest, bitcoin wasn't even
3:43 pm
invented yet. let me bring in fox business' newest star, my friend, larry cud row! star of account kudlow" which kicks off right after "the claman countdown." larry, i'm thrilled to have you joining me and coming right after me from now until the next contract -- i'm sorry kidding. [laughter] until the edge of time, we hope. how are you? larry: well, liz, great to be reunited. this is the most fun. i'm not kidding, people here have been fabulous. i'm energized, and i'm also grateful for this. terrific stuff. liz: i would imagine. you're going to be focusing on everything from the markets because, of course, you worked on wall street for many years, but also policy and as an economist, the economy. what do you see right now because president biden is about to speak in wisconsin tonight? >> well, look, i have misgivings about some of his early policy moves and early policy statements. but i will say this, the economy
3:44 pm
itself is probably stronger, liz, than most folks think it is. this is one of the do you wants i have about this gigantic stimulus package, i just don't think it's all necessary. and right now total vaccinations are way above total cases. so we are moving towards not only herd immunity in the next months, but also, you know, the reopening of schools, the reopening of restaurants, the reopening of small business which is so important. and so far taxes have not yet been raised. that may come as a threat later in the year. there has been some reregulation particularly energy, if not crippling, that may be a threat later on. i'm just saying that retail, consumers, manufacturing, housing -- you know, home prices up -- construction, manufacturing, technology -- liz: yeah. >> -- new business applications and start-ups, it's all been stronger. you know, the cbo has got a good growth year forecast. i don't know if they're right,
3:45 pm
but sometimes the they are. the blue chip forecast is kind of a solid growth forecast. so i'm just saying, you know, by mantra last summer and fall a different position was we are in a v-shaped recovery. we've seen a slowdown in jobs, but now as the economy reopens, the jobs are going to come back. i think the recovery is stronger than people think. and wall street, lizzie, profits finish. liz: larry, i'm so happy to welcome you. larry: profits are booming. that's what the stock markets are telling me. liz: it's liz, larry, claman, kudlow. i can't think of a better team here. 3 p.m., 4 p.m., everybody watch the debut of "kudlow" with former treasury secretary steven my nine chin in -- mnuchin at 4 p.m. only on fox business. we're coming right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ liz: we have some breaking news. we are about to get a look under the locked hood of warren i buffett's investment engine. just about all of wall street and main street wants to see what kind of stock fuel he put in last quarter. at any moment the berkshire hathaway ceo will release his 13-f filing which will name stocks he added and subtracted to his equity portfolio. ahead of it, david asman's in the fox business newsroom hunting for clues. [laughter] david: you know, i remember when you and i interviewed him many years ago. it hasn't all been great for him, he's made a couple of bad bets this year. he sold banks at a low, he sold airlines at a low, but he held on to that apple which has given him an increase of $55 billion
3:51 pm
in market cap. the real question is what is that mystery stock. he doesn't very often use, as you well know, liz, the undisclosed, the confidential filing. really doesn't use that much. last time was in 2015. he used it for a purchase of phillips 66 stock, and there's a lot of questions about what he may be doing this time with that mystery stock. walt disney's one he may be buying, maybe home depot, perhaps paypal, google. but there are a couple of oil stocks in there. and when you think of what's happened in the past couple of days -- in texas the past couple of todays and how people have underestimated, a lot of people, the market itself thought that oil was going to take a hit from the green policies of the biden administration. but now we realize more than ever you need oil. you need gas. you need those carbon energy companies at least as backup as you're transitioning to more reusable energy forms.
3:52 pm
so i'm thinking of a chevron. i'm thinking of maybe ab exxonmobil -- an exxon mobile. he has done it in the past. as i said, in 2015 he bought phillips 66, so it could well be that that confidential filing might be for an energy stock. liz: and, you know, david, you know who loves exxonmobil? i remember charlie munger, the vice chair of berkshire hathaway, warren's bff forever and ever, used to tell me -- this was back when rex tillerson was running it -- is the best run company that he felt was out there. people used to wonder would they buy it outright. i don't think paypal. i know that was on barron's list -- david: yeah, i don't think so either. liz: one thing, he does not buy at all-time highs. that is not a good thing. and you know this, dade, he says -- david, he says you want to buy the quarterback who's lying in the hospital with a sling. david: all these stocks are up double digits, twice as much as
3:53 pm
what they were at the low in march of 2020. there's been a tremendous runup in these stocks, but i think people have underestimated the power of these energy stocks. liz: it's coming out after the bell. 13-f filing, much awaited. ing thank you. david asman. as the biden administration ramps up its infrastructure plan, today's countdown closer has the 3m, he says to use as building blocks as a foundation to your portfolio. -- the three ms. coming up, don't go away. ♪ ♪
3:54 pm
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♪. >> okay, this breaking news with 3 1/2 minutes left to trade. the dow jones industrials and the transport are on track to close at record highs, if they hold on to these gains and i should tell you, look at the s&p 500. it is just down two points. any gain would mean that it's a record but intraday the s&p 500
3:57 pm
has crossed the unchanged line 101 times. that really underscores the jittery trading, that fight between the bulls and bears. let's see who wins that one. maybe it is the bulls. we're down one and a third points right now. president joe biden says his administration is going to build back better. today's "countdown" closer that means you should turn your attention to the infrastructure sector, you know, larry kudlow was talking about that with us, kevin miller. over at e evaluator funds, you have three ms, areas, names are place to be ahead of what joe biden may say? >> that's correct. you've got materials. you've got machinery and we have management. for materials we like martin marietta. they had a strong fourth quarter last year or last quarter price increases while they combine that with cost management. they feel they have a 10-year supply of material even at peak
3:58 pm
demand levels. not a huge dividend play but they're strong in the states that do a lot of public funding for their product. colorado, texas, north carolina, georgia, et cetera. so we really like that from a materials perspective. from machine perspective we like caterpillar. largest construction mining manufacturer in the world. they have -- dealer inventories were down about 2.9 billion. so that means they will have to refill those inventories coming forward. in 2012 earnings per share, excuse me their operating margin was about 13.8. we expect them to exceed that in a couple of years, 2023 to 2025. very good dividend. [inaudible] equity side plus dividend from -- [inaudible]. we like eden.
3:59 pm
eden, they solved the pain points for their customers. they basically have two different sectors, industrial and [inaudible]. fuel pumps and aerospace. example of electrical which texas sounds like they could use right now would be -- power supplies. we expect them to have about a 2.4 dividend yield. which is not that bad. liz: we like dividends. we have about 30 seconds left. give me a quick what you don't like, just a region or an area? >> yeah. we're staying away from you know, any real discretionary spending at this time, like your cruise lines, your travel, things like that. airlines are coming back, have been flying fair amount myself. the planes are getting more filled. the airports, restaurants are being more used. more traveling. not back to the point where we deploy any money in those areas at this time. liz: kevin, great to see you.
4:00 pm
kevin gets the last word on a day where we see a record close for the dow jones industrials. [closing bell rings] liz: thanks for joining us on the claman "countdown." it is time for "kudlow" and my friend larry. ♪. larry: welcome, folks to the debut of cowed low. i'm larry kudlow, i am delighted, most grateful to be here with you. i plan to put forward my vision of the american economy and optimism and faith. supply side, free enterprise, free markets always the best way to a prosperous america. by the way i believe a thriving america leads the way to a happier america. as white house economic advisor during the reagan and trump presidencies i've also learned that a


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