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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 1, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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maria: welcome back. that doesn't press. thank you for joining us "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: thank you. good morning. when you start on a morning like this, a big monday morning rally, another new vaccine on the market and yes, trump is back. let's go to the money. the dow industrials will be up over 300 points, s&p on the upside, nasdaq up about 160 points. big rally. of the pandemic is clearly winding down, that's helping the markets. new cases, deaths, hospitalizations continue the long decline.
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third vaccine already on its way to medical facilities across the country. johnson & johnson one shot normal temperature vaccine approved by the fda and cdc with nearly 4 million doses going out this week, 20 million by the end of the month, that is helping the market. also, a decline in the yield of the 10 year treasury. 1.6% last week all the way down to 143 this morning, that is a huge downside move and stock investors like. bitcoin is still volatile, but still well below its recent high of -- $40000 is the latest quote and that's up about 4% from the latest closing. 48100 is a bitcoin. then there is no known trump back. in the moment we will sell it-- how he opened his speech last night. he said did you miss me
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yet, and went on to attack critics of the republican party and a shredded president biden's policies. he teased his conservative audience about writing and 2024. you will hear it. monday, march 1, 3 weeks till spring without big rally on wall street. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪ >> do you miss me yet? we have the republican party. it will unite be stronger than ever before. i am not starting a new party. that was fake news to joe biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history. in one short month, we have gone from america first to america last. the only reason that most parents do not have that choice is because joe biden's-- still biden sold out america's
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children to the teachers unions. with your help we will take back the house. we will win the senate and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house and i wonder who that will be. ♪♪ stuart: i have to say that would be former president trump with a sharp edge, vital, robust last night. what a speech at cpac. we have all the details and we will have little quotations of its rather program today. we will take a closer look at it also. but get to the money, the big story of the morning. checking markets, up over 1% on all of the indicators with her that if dow jones, nasdaq, s&p, a better than 1%. about as a rally. keith fitz-gerald joins
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us. what is behind the rally-- i'm going to call this amount up. >> absolutely because the rate dropped, stuart what people don't understand is how much leverage is involved seven the rates drop they can put their foot on the gas, by their companies and moved to the future and that's when things get excited so i'm very happy to see it, long-overdue. stuart: i don't understand it. rates drop, okay you are talking about the yield of the 10 year treasury. what is it about that drop in long-term rates from 162 map 1.43%. what is it about that makes investors buy stock? >> in very simple terms, money just got less expensive so imagine if you are going to the grocery store and there's a thousand eggs, but only 10 buyers, the cost of the eggs will be low but when everyone has access to the capitals all of a sudden you have 10000 buyers and five eggs, that's what's happening this morning.
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stuart: i take the vaccine from johnson & johnson is helping, consideration of the 1.9 trillion spending deal, all part of the monday morning trolley. >> yes. stuart: hold on for a second. i went to divert for second and go to warren buffett because he is encouraging investors to quote never bet against america. susan, is he saying this because they are more signs that the virus is winding down? susan: made mention of the virus once in reference to his furniture company. we know he's been a big believer in the us economy as a whole and says there's no better place than corals and incubation with unleashed talent, never bet against america reiterating pretty much what he said against-- last year. six largest company in the us and profits jumping by a quarter in the final three months of 2020. biggest holdings, apple now with $120 billion
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worth and it's incredible only spent $35 billion to build that apple starting in 2016. 's second-largest investment bank of america 31 building, american express and the new a billion dollar plus stake in verizon buffett had it cash file of $130 billion on the balance sheet at the end of last year and said he could not find any company to buy so instead he used the money to buy back shares, $24 billion instead and said he's not a fan of us treasury and that was before he had the tenure yield rocket up two map 1.6%. stuart: he loves apple. thank you. pointed back to keith because buffett's still be on apple and he loves those stock buybacks and mean are you buying more apple as we speak? >> i'm going to buy lots more apple if i can get my hands on it and microsoft and tesla also because by america is some cannot fill strong about.
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is the innovative capital of the world in the world is coming towards us and we need to get those companies now. stuart: you can see the virus backing off and winding down? >> you know, that's interesting. i see the virus sticking around more than the headlines suggest which means we will learn to live with it, which is a good thing, so i don't see it going away anytime soon, but acs learning to live with it and get back open. stuart: so you are still with big tech, not let us down yet in the last five or six years and you're still with it buying more. i hope you make the same profit. thank you for joining us. whiskey to bitcoin. where is that this morning? i think $48000. earlier today it hits the lowest price in 20 days. that's not much of a statistic, susan, lowest price and 20 days. susan: worst weeks funds-- i
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think it fell to 43000 and we can so lowest in three weeks. higher rates and money is taken at a riskier asset like bitcoin and you are still up 30% for the month of february and believers are still out there including j.p. morgan that said bitcoin could represent 1% of diversification in all portfolios and if that happens j.p. morgan predicting bitcoin will get two map 146,000 in the long term as it competes with gold as the alternative currency and kathy wood view room of the moment saying if companies allocate 10% of their cash holdings could mean bitcoin could rally to over $200,000 per coin. you have to be a believer to buy an. stuart: i guess you do with those prices. we have a monday morning rally i think it's because we got a third vaccine on the market, still talking about spending 1.9 trillion and i think the pandemic
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is beginning to wind down anything else? susan: yields coming down to map 1.4%, but again i think you have to put it into context 6% away from record highs for the nasdaq , two to 3% for the s&p in the dow jones so striking distance of all time highs. some thinking 1.4% is not that judgmental to stock prices. stuart: of about 300 for the dow jones futures. of 300 dow futures, 150 nasdaq, that's a monday morning rally. coming up, talk-- top of the 10:00 o'clock hour i have a "my take" on cuomo and newsom, new york and california governor's in major political trouble and i say this is a golden opportunity for new york and california for real political change your will they take that opportunity? i will editorialize it about it.
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editorial from the "new york post" reads: america is getting closer to normalcy, it's observed to paint it any other way. i will ask doctor sig alert he agrees with that. also a lorry shot of can-- a live shot of kentucky where the third vaccine, j&j vaccine skiing ray to get shipped out. more "varney & co." after this. ♪♪
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stuart: futures show a nice gain all across the board. looking at when in a quarter percentage point move up or better with nasdaq up one and one 3% astrazeneca reportedly shoulder 7.7% stake in
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moderna and i presume they made a profit. the stock is up only slightly with the dirt up .8%. ceo of johnson & johnson says the vaccine should be available in the next 24 to 48 hours and we have showed video of it being shipped out as of today, shots in the arm in the next 24 or 48 hours and by the way j&j's still on to deliver 100 million doses by june, of this year. dr. marc siegel joins us now. there are three vaccines available now, so do we get to choose which one we want and what would be your choice? >> stuart, right now with the vaccine scare to you don't get to choose. you take what comes but if you want to know what i think, once we have a choice i would say this, i think the johnson & johnson is really good for people that only went to take one shot or
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can only have one shot or here's another thing, healthcare providers like me, primary care, the only one we can really put in the refrigerator so i will have a lot of johnson & johnson, i hope. in terms of how powerful this shot is and how may people it's been tested on, i don't think you could do better than the pfizer or the moderna. mrna vaccines have been incredible, so we don't know if we can reach 95% with johnson & johnson even with we have two shots, but we can reach hospitalizations with johnson & johnson zero, debt with johnson & johnson zero, decreases transmission greatly from data coming out of the fda meaning it's a pop out of the pandemic. these three shots almost 50% americans over the age of 65 have had one shot, one of the mrna vaccines decreasing hospitalizations and death even for than the party going.
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stuart: and we need to look at this op-ed in the new york post with the title: america is getting closer to normalcy, it's observed to paint it any other way. apart from mask wearing a social distancing, do you think we wouldn't will be back to normalcy, everything open by same may or june >> eisai june, provided we keep vaccinating at this rate and we can overcome vaccine hesitancy. the vaccines are minimal and public health invention in the 20th century, incredible with these great vaccines. if we can get 200 to 250 million people vaccinated we are pretty much out of this and i think we can by june if we overcome vaccine hesitancy and get it in to pour hours to get everyone to take at least one shot. i like to shots for the pfizer in moderna, but one shop for j&j has been shown
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scientifically. people comply with the vaccine and we will be out of this by june. stuart: should employers require employees to get vaccinated before they get back to work? that would be a good public health measure, wouldn't it? >> yes, stuart. here's what i will say coming from the school of economics why do we offer incentives could get the vaccine and you get about-- bonus. you get a vacation or you can go to this movie theater that you couldn't otherwise go to. i like incentives as a stimulation rather than something more regulatory or putative. what do you think we won you are asking me the questions now? will, it works, do it. i don't have a problem with that and i like to see maximum vaccinations we get maximum speed and back to, back to normality. i think the country is crying out for that. >> i agree, but the way to get that is one-on-one, talking to patients, explaining why
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they are doing it, not just for the better good but for themselves. the viruses so much more dangerous than the vaccine and we have to cut through the myth. i don't want anyone else losing their job. so me people of lesser job and that's why should ^-caret rather than stick, but we need everyone in the country taking the back selling. everyone takes these powerful vaccines it's over and we go back to normal. stuart: excellent. doctor, thank you for joining us. keep in touch. we went to see how fast we get back to normalcy or normality. dr. marc siegel, thank you. by the way, larry kudlow was at cpac and he was very supportive of the vaccine operation known as warp speed. watch this. >> through operation warp speed, which developed vaccine by using government deregulation and private enterprise, private
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sector genius generated the most extraordinary medical scientific event probably in american history. stuart: yes, private sector genius, good line. larry kudlow joins us. use on the show about 11:30 a.m. on this program. the white house will start charging reporters for covid test. i don't think that will go over well, but susan, when does it start how much will they charge? susan: we are looking at $170 a pop every time they enter the white house and people get something like an omission fee they say. smaller cash-strapped news outlets may not afford it and no white house comment as to whether this will be implemented, but officials reportedly set budget constraints at the white house as a deciding factor. for bigger tv networks expect to rack up massive fees think of cameramen and reporters
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as they pile out to the white house press conferences. a crew of eight would cost over $1300 a day. reporters from bigots more outlets say they express her unhappiness, but let's see if it so goes through because there are arguments on both sides and obviously it will benefit the bigger networks may be smaller ones will be crippled. stuart: okay. susan: inequity, it? stuart: i'm going to leave it right there. i could say all kinds of things. instead let's look at the monday morning rally it's really big. the dow jones will be up about just over 1.1%, 350 points, one and one 3% gain on the nasdaq and s&p up 1.1% of the gas futures and how we like it to open. here's where big pakistan's, another rally especially in apple up over 2%. we will take you to wall street for the opening bell next.
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that's the aetna medicare advantage. call today to learn more or to be connected to a local agent in your community and we'll send you a $10 visa reward card with no obligation to enroll. stuart: if you are just joining us, smile because we are going straight up at the opening bell,
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up over 300 for the dow jones, 170 for the nasdaq, positive pandemic news, lower yield on the 10 year treasury and that they are talking about the $1.9 trillion deals in the next couple of weeks, added up and you have a big rally. about the shorted stock, the frenzy stocks? they are up especially gamestop which is above what it was, $104 per share, gamestop. how about netflix? dominated the golden globes. some of their winners are on the screen, the crown, the queen's gambit, netflix dominated the golden globes. no man's land took home the award for best spoken picture and drama and we have disney pixar that one best animated feature so netflix and disney plus were in there .
9:27 am
how about jeff sica, what is it he come in for the day. great night for netflix, do you think they continue their dominance when that pandemic the lockdowns are over? >> stuart, i think they will continue their domination of the entertainment world. they came in with guns blazing yesterday, 22 nominations for tv, 20 nominations film. they won big, but the one thing that netflix did-- keep in mind they will be spending $17 billion on new content this year. they are the only company i was able to manage these lockdown correctly. they put a movie out every single week during this. they were on top of their game. now, as it comes to an end a lot of people are saying there is naysayers that are saying they won't keep up the momentum. bottom line, streaming
9:28 am
is here to stay. they put up enough content that they will make it and it's going to be a good year for them. they know how to make film. they know how to work with producers and directors, so i anticipate that stock price were quiet and year. stuart: we used it to say that roku was the ultimate streaming stock because it brings them together and puts them in front of you and right now it's up $406 a share, you think it's going to 500 to? >> yes, stuart, back on your show you always talked about pork county and back on your show of march, 2018, roku was about $32 a share and we were talking about how it is for streamers and look how far it has come. they have 3000 channels through roku and they have multiple ways to make money. what i think it's going to happen is a lot of
9:29 am
people that are paid for services that are paid for subscriptions are beginning to get tapped out paying hundreds of dollars a month, so there will be a need for these paid channels and roku has access to them so if you look at their earnings report of last quarter, which i thought was excellent, if you look at it, they are finding ways to make money on ad revenue, so they aren't only making money from the subscription services, they are making money from ad revenue. they are the toll bridge i think they will go to matt 500 and they will do it relatively quickly what's going to happen is they have also bought and they are producing their own original content so my prediction for roku's don't be surprised if you don't see roku sitting in those seats at the golden globes and the academy awards next year with their own content.
9:30 am
it will be big for them. stuart: jeff sica, thank you for being with us. netflix and roku, you like them both. they'll is ringing. you will see a strong right out-of-the-box rally this monday morning. it's march 1, by the way here comes the rally. we started trading, we are off and running with stocks in the green. we already have quite a lot of green. i imagine most of the 30 the have now opened up and i think most of the 30-- in fact i'll probably will be in the green and right from the start we are up close to 400 points on the dow jones, better than one and a quarter precent. that's a monday morning rally. check out the s&p, that's of nearly one and a half percent, strong gain and the nasdaq, i have to believe that's up. yes, up 1.6%, 200-point game, very solid gain in the early going for the
9:31 am
nasdaq. the vaccine makers all doing well, moderna is down a bit, but johnson & johnson which will deliver 4 million doses this coming week of their newly approved vaccine, one shot, low temperature, normal temperature, j&j is up 161. with the nasdaq up about one and two thirds% i imagine big tech is up and it is across the board. what we have on big tech crew to the grunts like apples on, amazon seen out of the gate rally coming off the 5% selloff that we saw last week, worst week for the nasdaq going back to last march so there's a bit of rotation with people looking at discounts and by the way it's the week to look at growth in the us economies with job numbers due friday. we have recovery and services in what is it mean for the recovery out of covid.
9:32 am
stuart: and about drop in 10 year treasury yield helps big tech. tesla, please. they have something of a selloff last week. they are still not quite back to $700 a share. tell me more. susan: tesla was the worst performing s&p 500 member last week losing over $200 billion from its market. last week a part-- part shortage shut down when the production lines which elon musk assesses back up and running. this-- the disruption due to ship shortage. just this weekend nickel is the biggest concern for elon musk. as a result he's now shifting center range cars to an iron battery instead because there's more iron available. will that help in supply, some say yes given we not only have a
9:33 am
ship shortage, but also nickel target buying. stuart: we will have a story on general motors in a moment, but i have to say what you are looking at is the early going of wall street with a melt up. close to 500-point game, up more than 200 points for the nasdaq composite. i don't know how you define a melt up, but it sure looks like a melt up to me at this moment. loads of factors very much in favor of this rally. we have the third vaccine on the market. we have yields on treasury way down to map 1.43%, good for investors. we are talking about $1.9 trillion spending plan. add it all up and you have when major league rally as we start this trading this monday morning. hope you are watching. smile, folks. you are making money. now to general motors. they are at this morning , nice game.
9:34 am
do they have a plan for cheaper electric cars, susan? susan: under $34000 redesign electric chevy volt-- volt which will come in a hatchback, the first in a full lineup of what they call affordable ev, electric cars as they try to break down the cost of its next-generation battery tech along with the car so they are higher end models if you like the gmc hummer, which i know you do. that starts at $100,000, six-figure price tag and also warm breath it still holds around 4% of general motors so that's actually weigh less than buffett's best in a chinese electric car company where he holds around 80% or so. stuart: fascinating that we don't often talk about what i would call old-line industrial stocks, general motors, whether it's forward, chrysler or i'd p.m. susan: would you say they are trying to shake off that branding given morgan stanley
9:35 am
said electric cars will outsell gas by 2035 and morgan stanley says the leaders in the future of this electric car turnover will be volt dragon and john roll motors and not tesla so they are ramping up but you have to spend billions to do that. stuart: you doing. let's look at citigroup because jane fraser takes over as the ceo today. she's the first woman to run a major american bank, stock price is up 4%. that's a better gain percentage wise than the dow jones which i notices up 500 points. folks, this is a rally. cruise lines most rallying today. i guess this is all about a return to normality. susan: it's about cash raising so we know cruise lines have been great performers in the month of february with royal caribbean up 40% of the past four weeks and they are taking advantage of the rally and
9:36 am
higher prices to raise cash. royal caribbean that raising one and a half billion dollars. also about half a billion dollars after carnival did that last week raising a billion dollars. these cruise lines need the money after their business was decimated last year. say they lost over $5 billion. similar losses as well for carnival when they report next month but some say they are taking advantage of the spike in rotation back into the stocks over the past month. stuart: i mean, a year ago these stocks were sinking through the floor and now they have rebounded on the preopening hopes in the raising of cash, staying in business. susan: value play. stuart: value play, essentially there is value there . i want you to talk about walmart. they are dropping their 35-dollar minimum charge for the two-hour express delivery service. fascinating.
9:37 am
you know, delivery is the name of the game and if you are going to get to our delivery to march lower cost i would say that's a plus. susan: it is but i'm concerned about cost because we know amazon-- we saw costs go up for amazon to get to the same day delivery and same thing for walmart if they dropped the minimum that means you will be eating some of the bottom-line erosion which could be a smart thing as sales increase enough to make up for the difference. stuart: this pandemic brings out the delivery services. susan: this is the new world and the new economy. stuart: got it. 10 year treasury yields 1.42%. of that's a plus for stock investors because its way down from the 1.6% yield we had a few days ago. yield down, stocks tend to go up, that's the normal pattern. price of gold, its not
9:38 am
the hedge against inflation that we thought it might be. $1700 per ounce up $11 today, 1740 price. bitcoin may be the new gold at $48900 a morning , up 5% in the price of oil, it's $61 per barrel, down a little bit today. however, gas prices keep going up. national average for a gallon of regular is $2.72, up to 28 cents from this time last year and straight up in the last six weeks. moving away from money. not looking good for new york governor cuomo. look at this, some of the sunday editorial headlines, they all think it's the end of his political career. didn't see that coming. more on that coming up. political host bill marceau's counsel culture-- i'm surprised
9:39 am
at this, he says it's destroying america. listen to this. >> liberals need a stand your ground law for careful culture. counsel culture is real, it's insane and is growing exponentially and is coming to a neighborhood near you. stuart: didn't expect that from him, but nonetheless david rubin agrees and we will hear from him he will join us at the top of the 11:00 o'clock hour. monday morning rally, everyone. enjoy it. ♪♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪
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stuart: don't you love it, stocks a straight up on a monday morning with the dow jones up 500 points, nasdaq up 200. when the dow jones goes up 500 points there has to be a lot of winners,
9:44 am
probably all 30 of the dow jones are but that biggest is bowing up 4.8%, american express, goldman sachs are the big winners of the 30 stocks in the dow jones which is a 512. s&p has 500 stocks, these are the biggest winners and as you see its energy energy up 12 cents the rest solid gains in terms of percentages. the fda, here's the big news of the week, certainly help in the markets, fda says johnson & johnson is one dose vaccine is okay and it's being shipped as we speak. you can see it right hand corner of your screen. is going out today. let's bring in doctor paul, chief scientific officer at johnson & johnson. congratulations, doctor. remarkable stuff you have going here. take a bow, please. your vaccine is 66% effective globally.
9:45 am
pfizer 95%. moderna 94%. why the difference to make one of that we studied the vaccine in a different circumstance we tested it globally and in the us, south america and south africa huge surge of the pandemic as well as with new variants and blood became clear is if we focus on what matters most is that it's protective against severe disease and 85% including on the variant as well as 100% protection for death and hospitalization starting date 28 and that's what matters. the vaccine does what it has to do to prevent against severe disease, death and hospitalization. stuart: i went to repeat that you're going to to say again, how effective is your vaccine against these variants? >> no difference between what we saw in the us
9:46 am
with the variance not yet present and south africa where 95% of the people living there in our study had the new south african variance. we also saw high protection against disease and also against hospitalization and death. no deaths or hospitalization postdate 28 of the study. stuart: scientifically, doctor, what was the big turning point? >> well, i think two things. very early on we decided that we were going to go with a one single shot because we knew from all the vaccine developments that we could do that and get a very high-- very high protection. we did that. the important turning point was studying it globally because it's a global pandemic and if we don't get it under control globally it won't be it under control in any parts of the world so very important is that we could show this activity on the variance with the same protection as the us and hopefully with
9:47 am
the vaccine we can keep the variance under control. stuart: if someone gets the johnson & johnson vaccine, can they still transmit the disease -- not the disease, can they still transmit the virus? >> we don't know that yet. we had some discussions on that on friday at the advisory panel of the fda where we showed initial data which looked good, but only a small part of the study we have been able to analyze for that yet so in the coming weeks we will finalize the work and we will be back on the prevention of transmission, but there's good hope we get to a good number on that , but more news to follow. stuart: can i talk to you about the production level? i've heard lots of numbers, 3.9 million doses go out this week. 20 million doses by the end of march. 400 million doses by july, maybe a billion doses by the end of the
9:48 am
year. are all of those numbers realistic and achievable >> first, let's go back to the us at the moment. we-- 4 million immediately in the coming week, 20 million will be out by the end of march. 100 million by the end of june. we are gearing up production globally to get to map 1 billion for the world by the end of the year-- that is realizing we will come back with details, but that means there will be huge numbers of vaccines available in the second part of the year for the us and the rest of the world. stuart: now, do you use partners in producing what may be a billion doses by the end of the year, partners around the world? >> definitely. we were a small vaccine biotech and j&j before the covid happened. maximum we ever did was 2,000,004 people are so from 2 million to a billion we now have three plants for vaccine
9:49 am
production, seven plants which have been partially inside partially with partners and more to follow. we have a very extensive global collaboration with partners to make sure we can deliver. stuart: doctor, thank you for joining us and congratulations on behalf of myself and all of our viewers. i think you've done a remarkable job. you've helped us all out. , again soon. >> very much appreciate it. stuart: thank you sir. a related story, the fda had authorized the dells at home covid test just moments ago. it lets you test quickly nasal swab at home. you don't have to send the samples out to a lab , but you have to be prescribed a home test by a doctor. you only get it if you show symptoms. okay. new test out there .
9:50 am
by the way, bottom right-hand corner of your screen, 500 points up for the dow jones. former president trump made one thing clear at cpac, he's not going anywhere. roll tape. >> we will take back the house. we will win the senate. a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house. i wonder who that will be cheering up. stuart: i wonder who that will be. [laughter] stuart: steve scalise will join us a shortly. what does he think about, i wonder who that will be? the rising costs of labor and the need for more contact less services pushing businesses towards automation. we are headed to a restaurant next where they are going fully automated. we will be back without a moment. ♪♪
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9:55 am
theme and it's happening. lydia who has founded a fully automated restaurant with a dumb have to worry about $15 an hour. would you have? >> suit is no longer going to be delivered from a person, it will come from an automated locker, fully automated process at the automatic kitchen in jersey city. of the concept is not new, but the technology is new. you come in and place your order at a kiosk or maybe you placed it through your online platform in advance and your name appears on the big screen. when it's ready they pop it in with the shaft making the order and pops it in through the back of one of these lockers and you get a text message when it's ready. you can open the locker on-demand. there is your food, no person to deliver its. we have waffles and a chicken pot pie that we will begin to later, but for now, we have bob who is here, the managing partner behind the technology and he says
9:56 am
it has a useful purpose, not just in the advent of covid, but for the long term you will to technology and other places. tell us about where we might see this. >> the obvious thing is because of the brand-new technology it has an touchless technology, you can see in hospital cafeterias. you could see it in university cafeterias, airports, so the application covers a lot of spectrum. >> covers a lot of places and bob was telling us they have plans to expand to you could see that an airport or convenience store at a neighborhood near you. stuart: why am i not surprised. thank you. good stuff. now, big show ahead. we will cover the massive rally 500 points up for the dow industrials. we will feature dennis gartman, steve scalise, dave rubin and larry kudlow. we will be back
9:57 am
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♪. stuart: oh, yes, pink floyd. did you he no, ladies and gentlemen, that on this day, march the 1st, 1973, that's when pink floyd's album, dark side of the moon was first released? i bet you didn't flow that. i know it one of my favorite albums, it was on the charts for about 10 years. enough of that, everybody. it is still 10:00 eastern time
10:01 am
here on the east coast. check your money. why not? look at this, the dow industrials up 540. the nasdaq is up over 500. there is confluence of factors. new vaccine on the market, spending $1.9 trillion and this, look at it, the yield on the 10-year treasury, believe me, folk, this is very important in the market today, 1.43%, down from 1.6 last week. that is encouragement for people to put their money in stocks as opposed to bonds. bitcoin that is benefiting as well. bitcoin coming back top 48,900 bucks per coin as we speak. not quite the 58, 59,000 we saw last week but we're up 5%. 48,800. the latest read on manufacturing. this is important, what do we have, susan? susan: very strong. for the month 60.8 is the read. much higher than economists forecast. more importantly it is the
10:02 am
highest manufacturing pmi read since february 2018 going back three years and that number back in tech much 2018 was the highest since may 2004. the factory floors are churning once again, helping possibly with the v-shaped recovery out of covid. stuart: surely that helps the market, doesn't it, susan? now the dow is up close to 600 points. if you have a bounce-back by the economy of this kind of magnitude with manufacturing i'm sure this has got to help the market, right, susan? susan, a absolutely. anything above 50 is expansionary. this is way above what was anticipated. that manufacturing section of the u.s. economy is churning out and hopefully adding to jobs. >> hopefully we see on friday's jobs report. stuart: nasdaq is up 235. great day to be alive. now this.
10:03 am
there is an opportunity at least for real change in new york and california. both states are reeling from the pandemic and both governors, cuomo and newsom, are reeling politically. looks like their remaining time in office may be limited. it's a golden opportunity to change course. i'm kind of laughing. i don't really expect it but if these states want a way out of their current mess, how about, oh, cut taxes? yeah, unthinkable in these one-party democrat states, right? yes it is, how else do you stop the great exodus? californians flee to low-tax texas. new york is fleeing to no-tax florida. i know it sounds impossible, but democrats really should think about cutting taxes to get people to stay, grow the wealth. don't keep chasing it out. how about shifting climate policy to accept cheap, american, lower carbon natural
10:04 am
gas? new york and california make consumers pay very high energy costs to satisfy their green dreams. now is the time to shift. please, knock off the hate trump demagoguery. trump grew the national economy. he wanted to open up and grow states economies too. cuomo and newsom, they went the other way with disasterous results. look, i know it's a long shot. you can't reverse a generation of democrat rule overnight, but the opportunity is there right now. it is not impossible to reverse the long decline. voters in new york and california will soon have to make that choice. second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪. stuart: big deal, president trump returned to the public eye last night. oh, did he blast president biden's roll back much trump era
10:05 am
policies. watch this. >> all right the biden administration is proven that they are anti-jobs anti-family, anti-border, anti-energy, anti-women and anti-science. in just one short month we have gone from america first to america last. stuart: well look who is back on a monday morning? our own stephen moore. welcome back, stephen. good to see you. i'm sure you want to see those economic policies that trump era policies i'm sure you want to see them come back again but to get them to come back you have got to win elections. do you think you can win elections if president trump is the candidate in 2024 and leads the party into 2022? >> first, stuart, i just want to really applaud what you said at your, at the top of the hour with respect to california and
10:06 am
new york. you are so right. just think, stuart, how well the u.s. economy would be doing in california and new york were governed the way texas, florida are. we wouldn't have a recession. we would not have had the deep, deep problems we have. you are so right. it is high taxes, it's high regulations, it anti-energy policies killing those states. it is hard for the u.s. economy to grow if california and new york are anchors on economy. well-put, belle put. by the way the answer to your question, yes i think those states can reform themselves. you remember proposition 13 in california. the tax revolt that really led 25 years of california prosperity. i believe it can happen, stuart. now on your question about trump, it was fascinating it me the straw poll there in orlando that showed about half of all the delegates, i think it was even more than half of them want trump to run for president in
10:07 am
2024. there is no republican who has the massive following that he does. now that said, stuart, you know there are some real superstars on the horizon in the republican party. i'm thinking of people like ron desantis, who has been on your show, the great florida governor who is really showing the way nationally. don't forget kristi noem of south dakota who has been an amazing governor there. there are a lot of good, up-and-coming young republicans who could take that crown away from donald trump. stuart: okay. the market rally today. you're up nearly 600 on the dow, 200 on the nasdaq. whether role is the johnson & johnson vaccine playing in this? seems to me we're looking down the road we can see opening up big time here? >> i couldn't agree more. this is a comeback with the u.s. economy that really, goes back to trump. it was the "operation warp speed" getting
10:08 am
the vaccine out faster than anybody thought possible, that we did it in nine or 10 months. you have three vaccines out there with very positive results. it is very likely by the end of april we are going to see, you know, tens of millions of americans, if not 100 million americans vaccinated. that changes everything. stuart, gets to the point i made last week on your show, i got to say it again, we do not need $1.9 trillion in more debt. the worst idea i ever heard. open up the blue states, get the vaccine out there. you will see the biggest boom in the second half you ever saw. stuart: i think you're absolutely right. stephen moore, thanks for joining us, appreciate it, sir. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: guesting back to money. i want to bring dennis gartman in right now. dennis is not that enthusiastic about this rally. he calls this a bounce. what's your problem, dennis? make your case. >> it's not a problem, stuart. it is actually the fact that
10:09 am
we're yes, up 550, 600 dow points. we were down 1250 dow points last week. we'll see how the volume comes in today. i pay a lot of attention to what volume does on rallies what volumes does on declines. and first of the month we always see inflows on new markets and that always happens on mondays. it's a bounce. better than having the dow down 650 as it was several times last week but it is just a bounce. watch what is folk on the long end of the yield curve. yes, we had interest rates come oaf a bit from the panic last wednesday or thursday but we're still close to 2.25 on the long end. we're going to 3% over the course of several months that will be detrimental to share prices generally. yes the economy is raging. it will continue to get stronger as impact of vaccines occur. after all my wife and i got second one last week. we're not the first to have done
10:10 am
that we'll have the whole country vaccinated in the course of the next five or six months. no question the economy will be stronger but i'm fearful about inflation. i'm fearful of the fact stock prices were down dramatically last week. today it is nothing more than a bounce. i haven't liked stocks for a month. i could be wrong. i've been wrong in the past. i will be wrong in the future but i'm putting my money where my mouth is. stuart: we hear you. dennis, thank you very much indeed. just a tiny bit of cold water on today's rally. he calls it a bounce. thank you, dennis. very much indeed. when you have markets moving like this so strongly in fact you have pretty big movers. susan has the list. what have you got? susan: i want to show you the hot cloud twilio, maybes calls for uber if you can't find your ride. they are purchasing a messaging company synaverse.
10:11 am
palantir tripling since last time. adding on the dip buying nearly 3 1/2 million palantir shares in that silloff last week. big tech led by apple, leading thecom back. apple is warren buffett's largest stock holding. $420 billion on the oracle of omaha balance sheet. plug power getting a buy at $635. that is lot for the ev company. united airlines paying 49 million-dollar fine last friday but adding 25 new 737 maxes this morning for a total of 180 over next few years. this is the vaccine reopening inflation play we're seeing on the markets as well. stuart: wow, really big movers. not surprised when the dow is up 600 points. it is a monday morning rally.
10:12 am
bitcoin, i saw that down at 43,000 buck as coin? 49, good news here anywhere? susan: we traded as low as 43,000 over the weekend but citi just came out with a really bullish note on bitcoin. citi is calling a turning point for cryptocurrency and it could become the national choice for international trade. it means more dope shun to digital currencies from the world's biggest countries including china and the u.s. that is a big deal for adoption. citi was the first to really go bullish on bitcoin last summer when they called $300,000 for bitcoin in the future that was bullish. a bullish catalyst for investors. jpmorgan also said that bitcoin could represent 1% of all portfolios out there which is why they are predicting 150,000 plus for bitcoin. companies like square, tesla, and microstrategy have been adding to their bitcoin
10:13 am
purchases. just this morning microstrategy said they added another 15 million to therapy 15 billion-dollar cash pile. if they keep adding to the balance sheets and you can only imagine the price goes up. stuart: you can't ignore major corporations when they say this thing is going to 300,000. you can't ignore them. these are powerful players. 49 even exactly. go ahead. susan: take the ups and downs, right? volatility is definitely something part of bitcoin trading. if you can't stomach 10,000 down you really shouldn't be in it. stuart: well-said. here is what we have for you still on the show. pipeline workers across the country say president biden's assault on oil and gas is taking a toll on their livelihoods. watch this. >> been on pipelines for 21 years. this is all i know how to do.
10:14 am
the recent administration has taken my livelihood from me and expecting to me to get a job somewhere else. stuart: that pipeline worker will be with us this morning on this show with his full story. pga golfers paying tribute to tiger, wearing red. woods has also spoken out for the first time since his car wreck last week. we'll have details on that too. first how long does governor cuomo last? new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis says it is past time for the governor to go. she is here next. ♪.
10:15 am
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10:19 am
stuart: let me confirm this, that is a rally, the dow is up 654 points, better than 2%. the nasdaq is up very close to 2%. among the dow winners, there is some major companies doing really well. look at that! boeing up 6%. dow up 4%. intel 3%. disney 3%. out of sight. some serious gains here all across the board on the stock market this monday morning. change of subject, let's look at governor cuomo. he is addressing the sexual harrassment claims made against him. he says he was simply, quote, being playful. congresswoman nicole malliotakis, republican from new york, joins us now. honest question, honest answer, does cuomo leave office before the end of his term in 2022, if he leaves, how is he out?
10:20 am
>> i believe he will leave prior to his term and at this point with the mounting allegations i believe it could be by resignation most likely. obviously there is a criminal investigation, potentially by the department of justice, fbi. fibly is also looking into governor cuomo's handling much the nursing homes, the stonewalling of state legislature was in a confessed coverup occurring to his chief of staff to hide information from the justice department. so there is an investigation there but obviously these are very lengthy. i think that it is very possible that you hear more women coming out speaking against the governor which would most likely drive him out of office. people like speaker pelosi and others calling for investigation, alexandria ocasio-cortez, those who have protected the governor are also now speaking out. stuart: i editorialized earlier on the show this morning saying, look this is a golden opportunity a great opportunity for new york state to change
10:21 am
course, maybe lower some taxes. maybe step back a little from the uber green policies that have not done the state that well. do you think we'll have that? we got the opportunity. do you think new york state will take it? >> well i think it is very possible depending on what happens in next year's gubernatorial election. look lieutenant governor cathy hocal i believe is a bit core conservative governor cuomo. when you hear threats of a stock transfer tax or threats of increasing the income tax that is already driving people out of the state, that may be something she may pause. i called for the governor and the mayor to commit not to raising taxing considering they will relief billions of federal aid. they should make a commitment to the people of new york who are leaving in droves because they can't afford to live here anymore. you have an opportunity next year whether the governor resigns or not to put up a good candidate on the republican side
10:22 am
who will be someone who can restore new york's promise to the nation. we've always been a state that has had commerce and trade and business but we're losing that little by little. we need someone who will get serious about respect the taxpayer's money, and getting back to the brace beings of what government responsibility is. stop spending money on all sorts of stuff you shouldn't belonging in. government thinks they know how to spend money more than the people do. stuart: it is a daydream. i look for the hope that new york will see the light but you never know. nicole malliotakis. thank you for being here. >> thank you. stuart: i think we better do coverage of the golden globs. it was a big night for the streamers last night. what have you got for me, susan. susan: you sound so enthusiastic. i thought it was great. disney and netflix taking home 15 of the prizes. disney grabbing the top award
10:23 am
for the picture, nomad land. best picture. i watched nomad land. it's a beautiful film, great cinematography. what we cover is business and the economy and aging american workforce being sidelined. that is real trend taking place across the u.s. >> worked at the usg mine in empire. i was a substitute teacher. >> it's a tough time right now. you may want to consider early retirement. >> i need work. i like work. susan: we're talking about the transition in the u.s. economy starting back in 2008 after the global financial crisis, moving away, shifting away from manufacturing more to services. that is leaving older american workforce behind. covid-19 is probably a sakser baited that trend, we're talking about trillions of dollars in stimulus. let's hope it gets to the right people. that includes older working people out there. other streamers, netflix
10:24 am
dominating the tv, "the crown" and queen's gambit dominating the awards. amazon, winning with the borat sequel, the best comedy sequel. tied it back into the economy. talking about billions of dollars in checks and we need it stuart: did you watch all the way through? did you watch all the way through to the end. susan: of course not. we have to get up to the show. i bet you didn't watch one minute of it. stuart: i didn't. i don't care for that kind of thing. this is for you. golfers wore red, the championship yesterday honoring tiger woods. i think you got it down there, what did tiger have to say when he saw all the red. susan: he was touched of course, tweeting out his appreciation from his hospital bed at cedar as sinai in los angeles. tweeting it is hard to explain how touching today was when i turned on the tv and show all
10:25 am
the red shirts. to every golfer and fan you're truly helping me get through this tough time. even rivals wore tiger's trademark red and black and including rivals in the past phil mickelson, rory mcilroy never wore red and black on the golf course but he is paying tribute to the 15-major icon. i hope we see tiger woods back again on the golf course. coming back after the fractured leg but there are concerns it is something in the distant past. let's hope not. stuart: something in the distant future. hope it is in the distant future. susan, thank you. president biden using his megaphone, i have to wrap my arms around this one, he used his megaphone, his public position, to support amazon workers who want to unionize. whoa, that is new to me. we have the story for you though, and the implications as well. president trump teasing a
10:26 am
possible 2024 run. one republican senator explicitly ruled that out on this show. roll at that tape again. >> i don't think president trump is going to be our nominee. you're asking me a theoretical. if you will i kind of reject the premise of it. you can pick many reasons. among them being his age. i don't think he will be our presidential nominee. stuart: well, that was republican senator from louisiana steve scalise who is minority whip in the house. he is from louisiana. and steve scalise will be on the program shortly. we'll ask him the same question. what do you think of trump 24? ♪.
10:27 am
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>> don't ever forget it. [applause] with your help we will take back the house, we will win the senate and then a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house and i wonder who that will be. [cheering] stuart: well that was an obvious
10:31 am
tease you might run in the 2024 presidential election that is the way i read it anyway. i wonder who that will be? congressman steve scalise joins us. he is also a republican from louisiana as was senator bill cassidy, steve, who was on this show last week saying, president trump, donald trump will not be the republican nominee in 2024. what do you say? you're also from louisiana. you're also a republican. what do you say? >> well, stuart i think you saw from yesterday's cpac speech that president trump is still the one who gets the most enthusiasm from republicans. he keeps them guessing right now but look, he's still the most vocal voice and the leader of our party who is going to play an important role, number one, in us getting the house back next year and president trump made that very clear. he wants us to fire nancy pelosi and win back the house but ultimately he will be actively involved in making sure we win the white house back in four
10:32 am
years. whatever role he chooses to play is up to him. he has got a lot of options and an incredible amount of support amongst the base of the republican party. stuart: well do you think that the republican party can take back the house and or the white house in 2024 with donald j. trump leading that party? >> absolutely. you know when you look again at what's in front of us, we need to flip five more seats to win the house back. you've seen joe biden working with nancy pelosi to move so far to the radical left in such a short period of time, just what he has done on energy to kill the keystone pipeline, to put a freeze on leases and on permits. it's been riveting and devastating to the energy industry all across this country. states like pennsylvania, states like ohio, all across the nation, obviously louisiana, mississippi, we see it, north dakota, no matter where you go you're seeing a devastating impact on jobs.
10:33 am
just the reissue of reopening schools where joe biden are going against the science and nancy pelosi and joe biden are supporting teachers unions across america. there are parents across the country i've heard from, republican, democrat, independent, who are livid that the democrats in washington are siding with the unions over students and science to reopen schools. on every front republicans are very poised to win the house back. president trump wants to help us, and will be able to help us fire up those people that we need to show up next year to win those seats back and to get the house at least back as we work to get the white house back in 2024. stuart: the first thing he said in his speech last night was, did you miss me yet? i'm sure you were watching. how did you feel when you heard that? do you think most of this country said we missed you? or do you think most of the country said, we're glad you didn't say much for the last six weeks? >> for the people that hated this president and who tried to
10:34 am
impeach him before even took the oath of office they have always felt the same way. but for the people who loved having a robust economy, who loved having a national security policy both from the border where we actually secured america's border to around the world where we supported our friends and look, israel, there is an american embassy in jerusalem right now because of donald trump. we support our allies. i think a lot of our allies miss that kind of bold america first and america's allies first foreign policy. you got joe biden talking about getting back in the deal with iran to let them get a nuclear weapon. giving russia opec leverage in energy by dismantling america. getting back in the paris accord where china's economy will have a chance to dominate again. that's what people miss because they like the fact that the trump policy was working for america including the vaccine by the way which president trump talked about. three proven vaccines by the fda because of "operation warp speed" which was
10:35 am
president trump's aggressive stance to say we'll not wait three or four years to get a vaccine which is what the experts said. we'll get one in less than a year. we have three in less than a year with over a million people getting shots in the arms every day where we should be able to try to ramp up that up even more. joe biden again has taken a less aggressive approach. stuart: steve scalise, minority whip in the house, thanks for joining us, steve. see you real soon. >> great to be with you, stuart, thanks. stuart: by the way the senate is set to take up that $1.9 trillion relief bill this week. we have susan, look, the question, everybody asks me is, when will people get their checks? susan: it will be after march 14th. that is when the democrats want to get the bill on president biden's desk to sign. that is when the extended unemployment benefits run out. there is lot more wrangling to do on the senate floor. no 15-dollar minimum wage. we will likely get 1400-dollar
10:36 am
checks. that will survive. individuals earning up to 75,000 and married couples earning up to $150,000 will each get 1400-dollar checks. you get $1400 for each dependent. eligible family of four gets $5600 which is great in those checks. no gop member voted to pass the bill in the house. that is likely to happen in the senate along partisan lines. democrats cannot afford to lose one single vote there there will be a lot of wrangling to go. stuart: president biden weighing in on the alabama amazon union push. in alabama amazon workers pushing to form a union. i believe that president biden's on their side. he wants the union. what is he saying? susan: how often do you see that the president, white house chief to send his support here. he is sending his support to workers in alabama and all across america are voting whether to organize a union in
10:37 am
their work place. it is vitally important choice. one should be made without intimidation or threats by employers and every worker should have a free and fair choice to join a union. we know one amazon fulfillment center in bessemer, alabama, 6,000 workers there have been voting since early february whether or not to organize in a union. that final tally of votes expected in the first half of this month. this is the first union attempt at an amazon warehouse since back in 2014. and despite the fact that you have had unionization and unions at fulfillment centers across europe, they have been successfully fending off any of these unions here in the u.s. for the past 27 years. now iowa might be the next union fight at another amazon fulfillment center. president biden in that video message posted on twitter said america is not built by or for wall street. it is built by the middle class. that is why he is lending his support there. stuart: got it.
10:38 am
thanks very much, susan. the cancellation -- bottom note, right-hand corner of the screen. we're up more than 2% on the dow. that is a 671 point gain. this is monday morning rally. we'll be all over it, i promise you. nasdaq up 275 points. next case, the question, has the cancel culture gone too far. bill maher says yes, it has gone too far. roll tape. >> liberals need a "stand your ground" law for cancel culture. cancel culture is real. it is insane and growing exponentially and it is coming to a neighborhood near you. stuart: won't stop until somebody has a backbone to stand up against it. the ruben report, the host there of, david ruben, he is on our show next hour. sounding off on the cancel culture. how about this, going hand-free? chevy's all new electric bolt comes with a semiautonomous
10:39 am
feature. gary gastelu is here to tell us all about this. ♪. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or.
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stuart: we've got a third vaccine out there, we've got $1.9 trillion spending bill being considered very, very soon. we've got the end of the pandemic roughly in sight. add it all up you have got one big rally. the nasdaq is up close to 300 points. the dow is up more than 660. that's a rally. boeing, look at it now, up 6 1/2%. that is a dow stock. it is adding about 93 points to the dow. it is the best performer of those 30 dow stocks. general motors, releasing new plans for lower priced electric vehicle. susan, what's the price they're talking about here?
10:44 am
susan: we're talking about under $34,000. that sounds pretty affordable, don't you think? redesigned all electric chevy bolt will come in a hatchback and a new crossover model. this is the first what they call lineup of affordable electric cars as the automaker tries to bring down the cost of the next generation battery tech and cars that go with it. higher end models, they offer the gmc hummer, you like, goes sideways with the grab move. $100,000 with the price tag. warren buffett's berkshire holds 4%, a little over 3% of general motors, gm that is way less than buffett owns in the chinese electric car company, byd. berkshire owns 8% there. he is playing the electric revolution we're in this transition. stuart: yes, he is indeed. more on this, let's go to gary gastelu. he has got an early look at
10:45 am
chevy's new autonomous electric car. what does that mean? what does it let you do in a car. >> first super cruise, first time general motors puts it in a chevrolet. hands-free on premapped highway it knows it can work on. uses cameras, senses, gps date too to locate it within the center of the lane. a facial recognition system make sure you're watching the road, in case there is problem, you need to take over. other systems including tesla's autopilot, require you to keep a hand on the wheel. let you know to pay attention. this facial recognition, this is the first to advertise as a s-frees-s-eatutu. whetr youe takin ainernoon bebe theheel yheave t ady tketa ove sffecti andpful ay dve thats ihat i it isse for.
10:46 am
is madee regar b bev. yo have trttata000 spend0 to g s s e a e hummer will take it all electric livenup to 2035. bolt sales were up 25% on the back of some pretty good incentives. they raised prize of both models. they hope the new larger model will expand their customer base. stuart: did you feel comfortable on the highway hands-free? >> it is surprisingly good. the look the main thing about this system, it knows the road it can work on. won't try to work on a road it can't work on. even if the surface is bad, the
10:47 am
lines are not that great, it has gps, map data to back that up a lot of redundancy here, where it approaches not capable of working. the strip on the wheel turns red. the big voice yells please take over. if you don't take over it will stop the vehicle in the middle of the lean and put on the hazard lights and call for help. stuart: wouldn't fancy that. gary, thanks for joining us. we'll think about that one. see you later. then we've got berkshire hathaway, their class b shares, they're up, how much? 3 1/2%. what's going on, susan? susan: so instead of five or six figures for class a, you can pay 250 for the class b shares. a little more affordable. the stock is up today after berkshire reported a jump of 23% in its profit. warren buffett doing something he doesn't normally do, i found interesting, he is buying back his own shares. buybacks at $25 billion last
10:48 am
year because they couldn't find a new company worth paying for with this cash pile of $138 billion in cold hard cash. when you buy back the stock, that means the price also goes up as well. apple's buffett's largest holding, $120 billion at the end of last year. he only spent $35 billion buying it in 2016 up to 2018. other big stakes in buffett's holdings, bank of america, 31 about the. coca-cola, amex, verizon, that was a surprise announcement. state purchases and chevron with $4 billion and snowflake, some cloud computing stock as well. it is really unlike, buffett, isn't it, stu? you know what he has been like over the last 20, 30, 40 years. he doesn't buy the companies he doesn't understand including technology. there is maybe a change with new leadership coming in with ted and todd. stuart: he is 90 years old now. maybe he is beginning to change
10:49 am
his ways. susan: they are trying to convince him better use of capital. that's all. stuart: that's a good one. all right. next we got this, the administration insists oil and gas workers displaced by their own policies can just pivot. watch this again. >> what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives. that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. stuart: well, one pipeline worker whose entire livelihood is now in jeopardy will respond to that. the pipeline worker is next. ♪. lately, it's been hard to think about the future. but thinking about the future, is human nature. at edward jones, our 19,000 financial advisors create personalized investment strategies
10:50 am
to help you get back to your future. edward jones.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
♪. >> my name is jason jernigan. i'm 45 years old. i'm a member local 798 pipeliners union. i've been a pipeliner for 21 years. this is all i know how to do. the recent administration has taken my livelihood from me and expecting me to get a job somewhere else. i have got my whole life
10:54 am
invested in this. stuart: yeah. that pipeline worker is jason jernigan and he joins me now. jason, you've lost your job. what exactly are you doing right now, living on what? >> i am un employed. i am living from the last job, last summer i worked. i can't draw unemployment even though i'm approved for it. i have trouble getting in. i'm living off of nothing basically. stuart: i asked you, i want to ask you, how much did you make as a pipeline guy, how much? >> my craft is hourly was somewhere around $53 an hour, plus benefits and retirement and everything, medical insurance even more than that. and on average on a year, you know, two years ago i made 150,000. three years ago i made 180,000. four years ago i made 100,000.
10:55 am
it is not is much -- so much now. stuart: john kerry suggests that you might want to go to make solar panels. what's your response to that? >> well, that's just easy for someone to say. you know, i haven't been offered a job. i haven't been given a phone number or contact anything for that. but even if i did, i researched it, topped out, unless i had a full-time job work negotiate solar panel industry, i would take a 35-dollar an hour cut. stuart: what does the next year look like, what does the next year look like to you? >> it doesn't look good. mr. stuart, it really doesn't. we've been fighting this for, for a long time now, for since the obama administration basically. and, just doesn't look good. one thing i would like to say that is that we get out this for
10:56 am
the people that doesn't understand, you know cheapest way to, cheapest and safest way to transport oil and gas is through the pipeline. right now as we speak it is being transported through railcar. and that is why our energy prices are spiking up right now because it costs so much more money. and not as safe. stuart: jason, it is a really tough story. i and our viewers really feel for you. we hope that something turns up that will get you out of the mess that this administration put you in. jason jernigan. thanks very much for sharing your story. we're obliged to you. >> thank you, mr. stuart. for supporting the coverage. we really appreciate it. stuart: you got it, sir. big hour coming up, larry kudlow, david ruben, heather macdonald. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> johnson & johnson -- zero, it is that simple if everybody takes these powerful vaccine this is they think sofer we go back to normal. >> 20 million will be out by the end of march, and 100 million by the end of june. we're gearing up production globally to get to one billion for the world by end of the year. this is a comeback with u.s. economy, that really was goes back to trump. get the vaccine out there, you're going to see biggest boom in second half you ever saw.
11:01 am
>> very simple terms stuart less expensive imagine if you're going to grocery store a thousand eggs ab ten buyers cost-of-the- seg going to be very low so when everybody gets access to that capital you have 10,000 buyers an a thousand eggs situation reverses and you go off to the races. ♪ ♪ well, you know, you asked for this. our viewers demanded more beatles rolling stones there you have it hard days night a lot there. rather cloudy moshings to look out on to. yes it is now 11:01 east coast it is monday march the 1st. got to look at this. this is a monday march 1st rally big time you're up nearly 300 points for the nasdaq. a 670 for the dow.
11:02 am
we've got johnson & johnson now available their third -- the third vaccine available now. rates coming down. and we've got the pandemic looks like it is truly winding down add it up you have a very big stock market rally now this. yes, the pandemic is winding down, of course look new variants with a whole new virus could really change the picture i got that that's understood but the case load keeps falling. and so does a number of deaths and hospitalizations. things really are looking up. time to take a look at what went right. first and foremost, trump's warp speed development of vaccines. a year ago we knew very little about covid-19. now, we know enough to inoculate millions of people every day. trump moved heaven and earth to do this. he marshal power of private
11:03 am
enterprise, trump cut government red tape to unshackle private sector that's why we have three vongs the market already with two more probably still to come. and there's another reason why we can see light at the ends of the tunnel trump allowed the states to set their own open up or shut down policies. and what we see is a success of republican states which opened up. florida is open for business. gives people their freedom. and there's a very positive vibe. still restricted california and new jersey and illinois, new york they're all in despair, and small business chaos. just look at the market, stocks rallying again, big time this wouldn't be happening if there were no vaccine. it wouldn't be doing this and no rally if we were all still locked down. the official start of spring is just what -- three weeks away, march 21st i sense a hang in the national
11:04 am
mood, a yearning to break free. we're almost there. third hour of "varney & company" about to begin. 19 minutes we've been open now the dow has gone straight up we're up 6:60 now look the nasdaq hit a gain of exactly 300 points. that is a rally. an expert david is the man of the moment and he joins us right now all right david add it all up what are factors that are driving this market up so much this monday morning? >> yeah. thanks stuart. if you look specifically at today i just think it is a little bit of a -- of a recovery from what we saw last week where i think the market got a little bit spooked by the rise in interest rates and the fact that it happens so quickly.
11:05 am
but i don't think this is a reason to be too concerned and we've looked at this closely and slice and diagnosissed numbers when interest rates rise from low levels, it is a sign that the economy is getting stronger. and that tends to be associated with better returns for stock markets. so yeah, i think when things move quickly, it can create some dislocation and markets. but i think if anything this rise in interest rates is validation that the economy is getting better and we're going to see some pretty good growth numbers later this year. >> good growth numbers later this year i think we've already seen pretty good growth numbers already aren't we a manufacturing report out this morning which was pretty good i have to say -- are we going get even better in the second half of this year? >> yeah. i mean, there's no doubt, and you know from a gdp perspective we're going to be looking at one of the strongest gdp growth years in decades, i mean, apartment of that is a function
11:06 am
of the fact that last year was very difficult because of the pandemic. but on top of that there's been so much government stimulus that has been deployed whether it be spending from congress or what the fed is doing in terms of supporting markets, and market functioning, so yeah we're going to see an explosive set of number when is it comes to economic growth as the economy fully reopens later this year. >> the danger i guess would be what? inflation? pushes interest rates up so spoils a whole party is that a real risk? >> yeah. i think there's a -- i think there's a little bit more inflation, is actually good, and you know if you look at over the last ten years or so, inflation has been running lower than the feds target and the fed has been trying to get inflation back up to its target of 2%. now look we could have a little bit of a spike in inflation as the economy reopens in the next
11:07 am
several months and on a more complete basis it wouldn't surprise me to see some hotter than -- hotter than normal inflation readings. but i think that will subside as supply side adjust, people find workers they need to advocate the surge in demanding there's still 10 million people out there who have lost their jobs, and a lot of those people are going to have the opportunity to come back off sideline back into the work force so i don't think you're going see these persistent inflation pressures but yeah stuart that's one of the curving factors to watch is how quickly does inflation rise? >> well david it is great to have you on the show on monday morning especially march the 1st you've got portrayed a rosy picture for the rest of the year. we love it. thank you so much for joining us i hope to see you again real soon. thank you, sir. stuart: yes we do have a rally following on this program, this morning, and listen to this. bill ma says cancel culture is
11:08 am
destroying america. that's what he had to say that's very interesting coming from a liberal like bill ma. david ruben is with us he does the ruben report he joins us this morning. is there any sign that the cancel culture is actually winding down, david? >> no, i don't think there's any sign that it is winding down, but i do think that there's a sign that people are waking up. look, i'm thrilled to see that bill maher who i would expect in maybe the last ten remaining decent liberals who are not fully woke that we have here in america i'm thrilled that he's onboard this now. but you know, to talk about bill for a moment, this guy still runs around calling half of america racist, and homophobic and rest of that. some in effect is a type of canceling but his premise here is right that cancel culture is destroying america. america is nothing without the ability to debate ideas. america is nothing without the ability to have a plurality of
11:09 am
opinion and see which idea wins so now that it is coming really for the liberals because mostly coming for the conservatives right mostly coming for anyone right leaning trump supporters that sort of thing and seeing what it is doing on college campuses like bill maher is waking up and great that it is happening but a lot of us have been talking about this for four or five years already. stuart: would you agree with me this stops when somebody in authorities get a backbone and says, i'm not a racist sexist homophobic whatever i'm not leave me alone. and i'm staying in this job and i'm still beginning to write what i want to write and still going say it. when we get to that point, maybe we'll have a backbone as a country. >> that's it. that literally is it, and it is not just somebody that the politician or public figure but that message is for every single person there isn't some magical
11:10 am
brigade that's going to show up and save all of us the only way we get saved is good people saying these attacks no longer work. the baseless claims of just because you disagree request someone who automatically being racist or senate zero bigot that cannot work just because a twitter mob comes believe me i've been attacked on twitter many times and thousands of accidents coming after me for marginal things that pebs and you know what you survived i think a lot of people they get attacked. they see a little something happening on facebook or twitter or people saying these and they just immediately fold that is what the woke mob is preying on they're preying on our weakness as people. we just need more people and every single level of society to do what you just said right there say no, i refuse to step down by the way, we're starting to see it because look what happened just in the last two weeks with gina carano and disney their fired her and what happened she quickly signed a deal request ben shapiro and thedale wire, and people are
11:11 am
thrilled to see she will continue and now she's in the fight. we just need more people in the fight. stuart: come back on show and give us example of backbone because we love to see a back backbone in our society. thanks for joining us like your story. >> my pleasure. stuart: got to get back to the market because it is look at it. look at that dax up 315 points who is a big mover suzanne? >> best day for the nasdaq since apple leading this comeback for the technology heavy index and apple say it is that all u.s. apple stores are now open for the first time sings last march. march 2020 down and opening and then reopening and closing of apple stores which doesn't impact on apple services and bottom line because people can't go in to fix their apple devices or apple care. it is what it is called let's look at tesla backup today after a rout to last week and lost 200 billion in market gaps from its peak so it is tesla traded back
11:12 am
on today and that's after one model three production line in fremont back up and running according to elon musk hinting nickel might be a bigger shortage problem for him in tesla over chip that's why shipping possibly to iron base batteries instead new video hands down covid lockdown winner reporting results today after the bell. and reporting 300% growth in sales and three quarters not enough, wall street pricing is something even better and talk about high expectations so we'll see how well they do after the bell also looking at quickly check in on johnson & johnson rolling out its first one shot covid vaccine over 60% effective against all covid. but also the 100% effective against severe cases. according to doctor anthony fauci finally streaming racking up golden globes last night and roku services streaming over 58 billion hours, and this is a way to play all of the streaming devices or all of the streaming services to get to stream to one and fox and most of that market
11:13 am
shares right now being overtaken by roku. stuart: you know there are some huge winners today. all across the board, no surprises. you know the dow is up close to $700 points as we speak all good. yep, all right larry kudlow is going to be with here he's already here actually he'll join us very shortly. he says if president trump runs and wins again, well i'm asking the question, would larry work for him again? i will ask that question. so restaurants workers for robots this is because of the push for the $15 federal minimum wage. we have a report from new jersey for automation. first, dr. fauci says elementary school students likely won't get the vaccine until 2022. [laughter] that way off could teachers unions hold up back to school until then? good lord.
11:14 am
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11:18 am
to help you maintain comfortable, correct form. that means better results in less time. and there are over 20 exercises to choose from. get gym results at home. no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. go to to get yours now. stuart: just receiving this california governor newsom and state legislative leaders reached and agreement which will get or they say will get most public school children back in the classrooms by march 31st. school districts could get up to 6.6 billion dollars that's in total if they reopen classrooms by the end of march to get the money, schools must return to in person instruction at least through second grade. the proposal does not require staff and student to be haven'ted. guess that's progress. a long way away.
11:19 am
boston public schools suspending advance learning classes for 4-6 grades because of racial inequality concerns. they say there are not enough minority students represented in those advance classes. they only shape riley joins frequently on education joins us on this program. what do you make of this? no advance classes and unless you get more minorities into them? what's going on? >> yes. stuart i mean this is basically a situation where you know you have a gap. you can either raise up the bottom or you can lower the top. and unfortunately school restrict across the country decided they're just tbeng to lower the top in order to make everyone perform in a sort of mediocre way and make sure that nobody understands just how badly the achievement gaps that we are creating are affecting people so boston is amazing. this is a school district that actually just decided to eliminate the test for getting into advance schools. and now, they're going to
11:20 am
eliminate one of the ways that kids who are from underprivilege backgrounds would have been able to prepare for those exams by doing advance work in the first place. i mean, we're just going to chop off the top in order to show people there are no gas. >> i'm going to a soundbite from dr. fauci who is saying that school children won't get vaccinated until next year just listen to this for a moment. roll tape please. >> you project reals i to say elementary children will get vaccinated earliest end of the year first quarter of 2022. >> well naomi do you think teachers union could use this as excuse to keep the schools closed until next year? >> any excuse they can find stuart to hold off american people for more money make sure their members do not have to work but this is crazy. as we all know now, elementary
11:21 am
school kids are among those who are least at risk of contracting the virus, of showing symptoms of the virus, of having any kind of severe side effects from the virus. and the idea that we would keep them home out of school in these ridiculous remote learning settings not getting any education and where they're, you know, social emotional health is suffering. it is crazy. but you can absolutely see that that is where this is going. stuart: do you think that school children should be required to get the vaccine before they go back to in person learning? >> oh, absolutely not that would be crazy. i mean, we don't require kids to get flu shots to go back to in person learning and plenty of schools all over the country as you and i have talked about repeatedly last several months president-elect have opened safely and there have been almost no cases of virus transmission while no one has been vaccinated. and now we have a situation where the teachers are all going to have the opportunity to be vaccinated and they are still going to hold up school opening
11:22 am
over this issue. >> it is the demise not completely the demise, but it certainly a retraction in the quality of public school education in this country. i think it is a disaster. >> we're close to demise. [laughter] no we're close to demise and you can see with california, this most recent announcement is crazy. we're going to pay schools billions upon billions of dollars to open to open just for second, you know, kindergarten first and second graders this is outrageous i think parents are hopefully going see this vote reverse going to see this and hopefully they'll hold politicians feet to fire saying no you cannot hold our schools hostage like this. stuart: naomi i hope you are right, and thanks for joining us please come again soon big topic for all of our viewers thank you naomi. now let me see some businesses -- yeah they're coping with the $15 minimum wage threat by turning to robots. we have lidia who at the
11:23 am
contactless automat is this full automation? >> just about stuart. you can see here those behind me where the food will be delivered to customers, no contact with a server, no hostess no waiter, it is part of this next wave what they say the restaurant dining experience is going to be like. it is not necessarily a new concept because it actually dates back to the 1960s that's when we first saw the first automat kitchen. but the new technologies now breathing new life into this concept for the restaurant as we're in this age of covid and also the rising cost of doing business. now customers come into store they place their orders on kiosk steps behind this wall prepare orders, deliver the food for the cubbyholes essentially text message alert when food is ready go to locker pick up no contact with the person whatsoever. and business says it is saving to hire people at the front of house now with news this weekend
11:24 am
$15 minimum wage bill not being passed along, and the stimulus package some business ownerer breathing sigh of relief. but that proposal actually could be a bad thing for workers. because the cbo estimates that by 2025, especially proposal were to pass it could cost around half a million jobs. and the idea is gaining some steam under this new administration. the cbo is now warning they could be lotion and managing partner says their system is also automated system here is saving them from that because they are -- they are ready insulated from rise in costs. they save about 3% off of their annual operating cost through their automations. listen to this. >> every business seeks to be more efficient in their operations. so the back of the house is efficient. the front of the house is efficient. and i use left labor in total.
11:25 am
it is those type of savings that allow this business to be planning expansion and open for five weeks in this location with new locations they say they're opening across this state they said they have plans to bring this technology to places like airport, and hospitals so you could see it coming to a place near you some time soon. stuart. stuart: i hope so. because that's my kind of thing. lidia thank you for joining us see you again real soon. thank you. got to get back to that market -- because you know we're almost up 700 points for the dow. and we're up well above 300 points for the nasdaq this is a huge rally all across the board. show me boeing please -- and show me united airlines why not? united is by 25 max jets, in total they're buying 188 of these planes through 2023. boeing is up 6% and contradicting about 70 points to the dow then we have the cruiselines most of them higher.
11:26 am
royal caribbean will start cruising from israel this summer all adults on those ships must be vaccinated. but basically we've got the cruise lines, airlines on the upside, because of the back to work idea with the pandemic winding down. now take a look at this rioters smash windows during anti-i.c.e. protest in portland. business owners fed up, we've got the story on that one for you and president trump teased a possible 2024 presidential run. larry kudlow worked in his last administration would he sign on for another term if mr. trump is elected i'll ask him because he's on the show, next.
11:27 am
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some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;) this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
11:30 am
all right china gdp in 2020, i believe of they say that it went up about 2% to a total value of 14.7 trillion. however, we should also tell you that china leader xi jinping says that economy will double by the year 2035 double.
11:31 am
hillary vaughn joins us can you tell what you say biden administration will do about this? hillary? >> well stuart, president bide has really focused on making america competitive economically. that i essentially kept everything that the trump administration put in place still in place while they figure out what changes they want to make biden is always said to be more strategic in how they deal with china but here at cpac conservatives have been very concern about china a lot of foreign policy talk focus on concerns about how they handle coronavirus, to how economically competitive they are and national security concerns really echoing what president former president trump has talked about from day one. >> companies that leave america great jobs in china and other countries that have ripped us off for years, should not be rewarded that's what the biden administration is doing but, of course, as you know they have a very close personal relationship
11:32 am
with china. so i don't -- i don't know expect much to happen there. for shame. because it really is a threat it is a tremendous economic threat. >> and that economic threat is only getting bigger as chinese president xi jinping predicting they'll be able to double the size of their economy by 2035 to pass u.s. as world largest economy. the way to get there china would have to double their gdp maintain an average annual groat of 4.7% for the next 15 years. president biden, though, has raised concerns with president xi and his first phone call with the leader but there are major policy gaps that have not been filled in and biden administration is said they want to be strategic with how they approach china but they are underpressure to make sure they keep a lot of the aggressive trade policies in tact and not make my changes from those. stuart. stuart: got it. hillary thank you very much indeed. i want to turn our attention now to the trucking industry. they're expanded because of all of the extra delivery they have
11:33 am
to make during the pandemic. 6% year over year revenue growth for dominion trucking you see nice gain from old. let's go to america's biggest city for trucking which i believe is chicago. graddy is there these guys are keeping busy i take it. >> they are here up about 5% compared to last year, and couple of reasons for that consumers spending is up. people are buying more online, and they're still trying to replenish shelves that were bare because of the pandemic so mike burton is with cnk trucking tell me a little bit more about this growth that you've experienced. >> you know, we were really slow for -- you know in april and may you know right after the covid. and then volumes really picked up right after -- right after covid, and they haven't really declined since. >> is this going to continue? >> a lot it got low so they did
11:34 am
a lot of replenishment but then you know they just continue to be strong with consumer spending. >> quickly i want to ask you about weather clays it is nice here right now in the chicago area. but you had some major delays because of the winter storms from a few weeks ago. >> absolutely. it was about a week and a half when we lost productivity and whaption is volume doesn't move but keeps coming into clig so then you have a back log of freight and so we have been trying to catch up since. and it will take a couple of weeks to get caught back up. >> so i guess the message there stuart is be patient because it might take a while if you ordered something online. [laughter] stuart: patience is a virtue which is i don't have. graddy thank you very much indeed see you later now we have heard protesters all across the country called to defund the police you hear it all of the time hannah mcdonald say there's a war on cops and making everyone less safe. she'll make her case, next but
11:35 am
first -- right after this. larry kudlow. ♪ ♪
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>> stand here today -- okay. stuart: what i'm if to say is this, president trump hinted at a potential 2024 run. watch this. >> i stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we begun together, it is far from being over. >> who knows, i may even decide to beat them for a third time. okay. [applause] [laughter] stuart: priceless. larry kudlow is with us. okay, come on in larry there you
11:40 am
go opinion i can see all right. pif to ask you this larry i have no idea what -- i have no idea what you're going to say. but i'm going asks anyway. would you sign on for another term in a trump white house if he were to run and win in 2024? >> if he asked me, of course, i would serve. of course i would. by the way, i think any time a president asks somebody to serve, you should serve your president and your country. but in terms of mr. trump, whom i spoke to last weekend before the conference, sure i would. i would absolutely, and i thought he gave a terrific speech and he laid out a future agenda, stu. future agenda that would unify republicans and conservatives, economy border security, china, foreign policy, energy, lower taxes and regulations. really well crafted speech. again, this future agenda is a strategy for the future of the gop. i think it's very powerful stuff
11:41 am
whether he runs or not we will see. but sure. if he asked i would serve. stuart: you bet okay i just topght highlight something you said at cpac over the weekend that essentially the warp speed response to getting a vaccine out there in such a very limited time the warp speed enterprise, so to speak, was about best thing that administration did. you had a role in it, i think. >> yeah i mean i sat on the task force i i i think and more othes were instrumental but i think that was a historic achievement. and i think we're seeing the fruits of that today. you know you've got j&j signed off over weekend and yet another. so in six months we did what normally takes -- five, seven, or ten years. that was a combination of deregulation by the administration.
11:42 am
working carefully in a public private partnership with the great pharmaceutical companies, and by the way, we put a lot of money into it $10 billion into it to cover their research, and their sales even if there was failure. that sort of thing is never been done before. and if i want to note it's an issue president mentioned it i've mentioned it on this show many times the bidens will not give any credit saying there were no vaccination when they came into office. well, of course, president biden got two vaccines, i believe in mid-december before recame into office. so there must have been some vaccine. but putting that aside, he's ready to run now of 1.3 million per day he was handed a run rate on inauguration date of 1.3 million. so i think hats off to president trump for remarkable achievement which is -- now moving to herd immunity school reopen business reopen the economy will boom as long as we keep taxes and regulations
11:43 am
down and don't destroy fossil fuels. >> is that why we're up so much today? we've got a third vaccine on the market? the pandemic is winding down and there's a wall on money coming at wall street? is that why we're rallying? >> well there are a lot of reasons to rally. i just find it interesting, stu i'll ask you if it is a coincidence. president trump gives former president trump gives this first speech in six weeks. it was a heck of a speech, and market opens up i don't know what it is now 6 or 700 points is that a coins coincidence stu or what? >> i think two are related. i wouldn't say direct cause and effect i think it is also got something to do with johnson & johnson i know and something to do with the end of the pandemic and the the opening up graduallt yeah i think investors did get encouragement from a robust former president trump -- >> even pandemic stuff, even on
11:44 am
the pandemics, it was a speech of great clarity to keep the progrowth economic measures in place. but even on the pandemic stuff stu, i agree. the j&j announce. so forth we're picking up steam we'll be at 100 million vaccinations pretty darn soon and we'll be herd immunity pretty darn soon but remember that traces back frankly this is my view, that traces back to the work done by president trump, vice president pence, the health care task force, the fda, the whole operation warp speed. the pharmaceutical companies, and it is high team that president biden give some credit where credit is due as grant allison harvard professor political scientist no fan of donald trump he wrote an op-ed piece in "the wall street journal" towards end of the year and he said it wasn't the w.h.o. that caused this great success. but getting the vaccinations out, it was a combination of free enterprise, and president
11:45 am
trump and he said he's not a fan of president trump. but give credit where credit is due. and that's a harvard professor mind you. stuart: that's astonishing larry absolutely astonishing right there. but -- [laughter] we have to be watching you know this larry i know you're at 4:00 on the encore performance at 7:00 kudlow at those times on this network we will be watching. larry thanks for sparing time to be with us this morning with we appreciate it. new study shows -- one-third of conservative academics and graduate students have been disciplined or threatened with disciplinary action is conservatism about to be canceled for good on college campuses? hannah mcdonnell has the story, next.
11:46 am
11:47 am
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to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's stuart: i'm going to show you this headline from "the wall street journal" academic freedom is withering surveys of faculty opinion show that growing extent of the political discrimination and cancel culture. heather mcdonald is with us. heather you're a star many this particular area written frequently about if said poignant things i say that free speech is just about dead in our higher education system. what do you say to that? >> that's optimistic stuart. the universities are ideological monoculture enforced with ruthless severe and dedicated to single prom decision that race schism the defining trait of american society today.
11:51 am
there are centers in silence. nobody is allowed to speak a professor was fired in florida recently for rejecting the idea of white privilege he pointed out the the obvious, that the ubiquitous practices in favor of admitting blacks of hiring blacks and promoting blacks in academia are form of black privilege he's gone you cannot say that and thing that we should be most concerned about stuart -- is that the suppression of unorthodox thought on campus, the inability to offer alternative explanations for racial economic days disparities is now pervasive culture at large all of the cancel culture you've been talking about for last six months canceling of josh hawley book contract firing of a "new york times" editor for running in office by senator tom cotton of all people, this is all a direct import from academic culture.
11:52 am
>> there's no end in sight? that when they cool out of the university it is they get into our institutions and -- i'm going say corrupt them with this -- you know, unified line of thought that you're only allowed into is that our future? >> this is our future unless we simply ban together refuse to be -- people cannot apologize do not apologize if you're called a racist and continue speaking the truth. otherwise, this problem is too stuart the only allowable explanation for nick disparities is bias what we're seeing now the white privilege training, we're seeing science faculties now being mandated to hire on basis of race and gender instead of scientific merit this is going to take down and going make it all the more impossible to produce sound public policies that are based on the truth. looking at behavioral issues, cultural issues, those are the things that need to change if
11:53 am
we're going to have a more equal society talking about white racism white supremacy domestic terrorism, these are all fictions that are taking us down a very dangerous path. stuart: do you see any sign that any higher possession is beginning to grow a backbone? >> not really. no. it is up to us to support them with truth. chicago goes back and forth. there's a few in hills dale rejects government money that supports broad range of views. but no, unfortunately, the students are running asylum. it is a vicious cycle where conservatives start out selecting themselves out because they cannot speak freely. they are so demonized and as white supremacists if they offer any second views. i'm skeptical about government solutions to this because you put those tools in the hands of
11:54 am
a biden administration and it is going to be an even greater witch hunt. i think again, it is incumbent upon those of us outside of academy they have one remaining shred of free speech to start telling the truth that it is not allowed in the academy to try to give support for those silenced conservatives there, and allow them to start expressing their ideas as well. stuart: heather mcdonald we would like you to come back on this program speak the truth. we welcome it here. and we welcome you. heather mcdonald come back soon sure thing. portland, oregon have we got time for this portland oregon caught spray painting businesses, smashing windows, you know that. what's this all about suzanne? >> this is about protesting biden immigration policy, and the i.c.e. agency so this is progressive pushback against democratic president's policy. to reopen a texas shelter for unaccompany children that is
11:55 am
same facility that the trump administration also opened up with the -- for to house unaccompany those underteenagers and democrats protested against kids in cages remember that's the same facility that we're talking about. so starbucks chipotle screen on bank along with urban pantry damage spray painted and pot land recovering from $2 million in j das over summer to federal buildings, it also has been nine months of property damage in a city which has been hard for small business and owners to pay for and come back from. stuart: getting used to it suzanne thank you very much indeed quick check of the market shows dow up 657 points 2% more varney after this.
11:56 am
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12:00 pm
these are huge gains for a major league technology companies. they're leading the market higher this morning. one of the big reasons for the rally is this, the drop in the yield on the 10-year treasury. when these yields come down stocks tend to go up and yields are down today, big time. my time's up. but gerry baker in for neil today . gerry: i'm gerry baker in for neil. big tech is starting the month in the green after the nasdaq suffered the weekly percentage loss since october of last year. let's look at treasury yields retreating from the highs of


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