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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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story tonight and being on with us. we wish you the best of luck. folks that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" is going to start now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the political collapse of the democrat governor of new york andrew cuomo. he is now in a major slide. the cuomo administration today lawyered up with a criminal defense attorney as the new york state attorney general now investigating allegations of sexual harrassment against governor cuomo by two women. this as the fbi and the justice department are still probing cuomo's alleged coverup of nursing home deaths in order to make himself look better. with us jim trusty. kristin tate. vince collagnese, texas attorney general ken paxton. more on the political melt down
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of andrew cuomo, accused of coverups, bullying, sexual harrassment and even gaslighting. can he recover. this as democrats last cuomo for a major conflict of interest, allegedly trying to choose his own investigator into his own sexual harrassment probe. critics are also asking this, why did democrats stay largely silent so long on the nursing home coverup allegations but they're now speaking out on the sexual harrassment allegations? also this tonight, the biden administration sources in washington say they're playing defense as trump rattled them over key policies that trump says are mistakes, on jobs to energy, to lockdowns and the border. not all republicans though are signing on to trump running the gop. plus a key house investigator who works on fbi abuses in the trump-russia probe now says that the government is covering up,
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quote, damning information, detailing additional alleged misconduct by the fbi and u.s. toll generals in intelligence in the trump russia investigation. antifa riots turning violent in portland. they're targeting biden's immigration detention facilities an issue. those facilities are being built at the border. more democrat double standard, california governor gavin newsom again in do as i say, not as i do controversy and a top teachers union president caught on tape bringing his daughter to school while advocating and saying schools must be shut down for everyone else in california. also take you to the border. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us tonight to explain why he says president biden is quote, blatantly violating u.s. law trying to do an end-run around congress with his executives orders. texas will battle back.
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new homeland security secretary called out today saying there is no border crisis as human trafficking, drug trafficking and the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border is rising. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. let's get right at it with former federal prosecutor, jim trusty. jim, how can governor cuomo hold on to his job because now he is accused of trying to steer and hold his own sexual harrassment probe by himself? >> it's a multifront war. he has the war on his hands related to the nursing home scandal and very damning and very devastating. he has an increasing drumbeat of sexual harrassment, at least creepiness in the first-degree, something in the area of
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possible civil or criminal liability. it is probably not going to get better. this last moment picking his own judge failed in what, 12 hours? i love the notion to pick my own judge when i get in trouble. that ship sailed and sunk quickly and the state ag is looking into it with a serious examination. elizabeth: yeah the judge is that he wanted was an ally of cuomo. the new york state attorney general, letitia james, has subpoena power. sexual harrassment allegations are considered political strychnine to a politician's career. he is lawyering up with criminal defense lawyer abramowitz. your take on that action today? >> the subpoena power is ability to see how reckless this man was. his comments at the very least were reckless f they're to be believed, they were stupid comments to make perhaps
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violating title vii and other laws. he might be the type that is so reckless he put some of this in writing as well. the state attorney general looking at text messages, looking at emails that could be literally what breaks his back in terms of finding damning information. elizabeth: let's go through the information. charlotte bennett, a former new york state official, about the same age as cuomo's daughter, saying that he spoke inappropriately, that is the allegation, inappropriately to her. questions about her sex life. whether she is monogamous. whether she likes sex with older women. repeatedly asked her about a sexual assault she endured. that is charlotte bennett. lindsey boylan also a former aide. these are both democrats by the way. that he inappropriately tried to touch her and kiss her. we have the doj-fbi probe into the coverup related to his order.
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he is being accused gaslighting with his statement on the harrassment allegations, your reaction to that. the allegation he is gaslighting coming from the sexual harrassment working group. you take that on. >> a variety of things to talk about. one, the conversation purported to be talking about sex with older men and all the other components are first class creepy, they may not be criminal in terms of any sort of physical conduct. that is one of the divider lines, look what words create liability versus the physical conduct but think for a minute about manipulating a prior sexual assault to have these conversations with this woman. i don't know about the legal part. the moral part is pretty unmistakable there. it is pretty horrific. i think what you're talking about overall is gravitating what they call hostile work place environment. that is what title vii was expanded by case law to cover, not just quid pro quo harrassment but creating a uncomfortable atmosphere based on these sexual power plays.
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that is the civil side t might graduate to something more depending what the witnesses say but it is pretty damning? elizabeth: got it. jump trusty, thanks for joining us. kristin tate, young americans analyst. great writer. critics are asking why it took democrat lawmakers like nancy pelosi and kristin gillibrand to criticize andrew cuomo even with the nursing home death coverup story? your reaction to that? >> because cuomo is a democrat and democrats have been able to get away with far more than republicans when it comes to receiving criticism from their allies but look, they're things are starting to look really bad for cuomo. these scandals cannot be ignored anymore. in 2020 the media glowingly labeled him america's governor. in a few weeks, the governor is seeing this constructing with
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left hinge allies collapse around him. his hypocrisy, recklessness, inappropriate behavior, is so flagrant the left-wing press can't ignore it. in 2018 he was campaigning using "me too" movement, the same year one of his aides resigned because she said was inappropriate touching and sexual harrassment by the governor that started in 2016 this can't be ignored any long every. elizabeth: charlotte bennett is saying he, alleging he sexually harassed her with inappropriate comments and other statements at the height of the pandemic last year. let's listen, new york state democrats criticizing andrew cuomo. we have the new york city mayor also without with statements about andrew cuomo. let's watch this. >> that is not a laughing matter so you know, people have done something wrong need to admit io change and i certainly didn't hear that i think, more and more people are going to be talking about what they have experienced
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and i think as people see more and more evidence it is going to be clear this is not the way any leader should treat anybody. elizabeth: governor cuomo in a statement saying he was, if people are misinterpreting, they may be misinterpreting unwanted flirtation and he was making inappropriate jokes and the like, so your reaction to that. >> such hypocrisy he was supposedly a big champion of the "me too" movement but i would point out the hypocrisy doesn't end with his reported inappropriate contact with women. this is a guy who wrote a book praising himself for handling of the virus as thousands of elderly new yorkers died after his disasterous nursing home policy. cuomo went on to line about the real death toll in nursing homes for a year. cuomo is no more than a power hungry politician and wants to bolster his public persona and doesn't care who gets hurt along
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the way. cuomo only cares about cuomo. if the lawmakers in new york won't home him accountable, the voters will do that next year. he has early election in 2022. elizabeth: there is this video reemerged on social media showing governor cuomo questionably pressuring a female reporter about, with sexually suggestive statements about eating a certain type of sandwich. the reporter is denying anything wrong with that people saw the video. we watched it. we saw his daughter sitting next to him, looking really uncomfortable about that. there is that going on, kristin. there is these kind of videos are emerging, kristin. then we have this. we have dana bash at cnn asked white house press secretary jen psaki for her reaction about this. jen psaki said both sides need to be heard. she found what is going on uncomfortable. this is the same jen psaki who attacked senator susan collins as a quote fake feminist coward to vote to confirm
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brett kavanaugh. there seems to be a bit after double standard critics are pointing out, kristin. your final word? >> that is exactly right. multiple high level democrat left-wing women have still remained silent on the cuomo situation despite passionately objecting to brett kavanaugh's confirmation on the supreme court due to decades-old, unsubstantiated claims. kamala harris and elizabeth warren still said nothing about cuomo. yet they were the ones spouting the believe all women talking points, saying that kavanaugh had no place on the court. so it has become clear for a lot of democrats, not all of them, a lot of them the "me too" movement was all about politics and not protecting women. elizabeth: okay. kristin, thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: coming up fox news contributor jason chaffetz. the biden administration, people in washington are saying now on defense saying that donald trump did rattle the biden team over what trump says is key policy
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mistakes on jobs, own energy, lockdowns, and the border. not all republicans signed on to trump running the gop. we'll break down the story for for you next. >> cpac, do you miss me yet? joe biden has had the most disasterous first month of any president in modern history. that's true. [cheers and applause] already the biden administration has proven that they are anti-jobs, anti-family, anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women and anti-science. in just one short month we have gone from america first to america last. you think about it, right? america last. ♪ investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech.
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and building it with my son has been my dream job. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at ♪. elizabeth: welcome back. with me now former house oversight chair jason chaffetz. good to see you back on the show. what was your take on president trump's first major speech since leaving office? he gave it at cpac. he tore into president biden on what trump calls policy mistakes. your reaction? >> no, i think he is right. most of the media, maybe a lot of people at home are missing that the maga doctrine, that making america great again, really has taken hold with conservatives and bulk of americans. the idea of putting america first and, the policy agenda
6:17 pm
that donald trump was able to institute, really made a difference. when the president went item by item all the way down the list, i think you're looking at the contrast between joe biden and what this administration is currently doing, and, i think donald trump's right. i think it resonates with america. elizabeth: cpac's straw poll, 55% chose trump for 2024 run. second was in running there was florida governor ron desantis. we've got republican senator bill cassidy saying trump should not be running the gop. that basically you know, republicans lost the house, the senate and the presidency because of trump. we know mitt romney, liz cheney, susan collins, lisa murkowski, ben sasse oppose trump and adam kinzinger as well. your reaction to that? >> i think a lot of those people oppose donald trump the person
6:18 pm
and his tweets but i would suggest to you that if you dived down and ask them what do you disagree with on the policy of making america great, i don't think they come up with anything. some of them got caught up in the cult of personality there. i think democrats have egged that on. i think they want desperately there to be a continued discussion about the personality of donald trump and his aggressive nature. i like it. i like that donald trump plays offense. i think there are a lot of republicans that don't like to play offense. they just want to sit back and maybe be democratic light, think that is the pathway to success. i happen to disagree with that approach. but policywise donald trump from immigration to foreign policy to energy, taxes, deregulation, that is the core of the republican party and it should be. it's a very conservative approach. elizabeth: yeah. you know, trump also celebrated
6:19 pm
his administration's achievements in "operation warp speed" to create a covid vaccine. trump went after president biden and kamala harris saying they inherited a empty medicine cabinet, had to start from scratch on vaccines when biden and harris got vaccinated in december, so did health care workers. let's listen to donald trump here. watch. >> by the time i left that magnificent house at 1600 pennsylvania avenue almost 20 million americans had already been vaccinated. 1.5 million doses were administered on my final day alone, 1.5 million in a day. yet biden said just a few days ago that when he got here, meaning the white house, there was no vaccine. he said there is no vaccine. oh, good. say it again, joe. we took care of a lot of people including i guess on
6:20 pm
december 21st we took care of joe biden. he got his shot. he got his vaccine. he forgot. elizabeth: biden-harris said they would not take a vaccine developed with the help of trump but they did. your reaction? >> donald trump is intellectually right. donald trump was smart enough back in january, february, last year to understand that the government wasn't going to solve all these problems. a lot had to be done through the private sector. the trump administration got rid of the roadblocks, impediments to do "operation warp speed." i think it is aptly named, came up with the vaccine, just had another one that was approved. so intellectually they will not win that argument. i think democrats are on the heels. they have not opened the schools the way they promised to do it. they have not done, improved anything in their first 40 stays in office that anybody can point to that is fundamentally
6:21 pm
different than what donald trump was doing. elizabeth: nih director collins said usually takes five years to get vaccine. we have three in one year's time. he went after biden with one of the official acts of killing the keystone pipeline destroying thousands of jobs. i think we have sound on trump. roll the tape and let's listen. >> one of his first official acts was incredible, again, he talked about energy. he never said he was going to do this. he canceled the keystone xl pipeline, destroying -- [booing] -- 9,000 or the 11,000 jobs that you hear but 42 great-paying jobs on just about day one. under the radical democrat policies the price of gasoline has already surged 30% since the election. and it will go to $5, $6, $7 and
6:22 pm
even higher. elizabeth: yeah. even democrats like richard trumka, labor leader and you know, joe manchin opposed the killing of the keystone pipeline. your final word, jason? >> shame on those union leaders who said biden would be better because the first thing that joe biden did was get rid of union johns. and it is playing out right now in real time. elizabeth: jason chaffetz. thank you so much. we'll be right back. stay right there. at liberty mutl customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home. insurance is cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ living with insulin requiring type 1 or 2 diabetes? how does no daily insulin injections sound? omnipod delivers insulin through a tubeless, waterproof pod. and the best part.. no more daily injections! plus, omnipod is covered by most medicare part d plans.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. joining me is florida congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary. congressman, so good to have you back on. >> good to see you. elizabeth: good to see you. kosh patel is key house investigator. he worked underneath devin nunez on house intelligence. he is now saying there is quote, more damning evidence of fbi misconduct in the trump-russia probe but that information is still being kept under wraps and classified. what do you think this has to do with? >> thankfully trump before he left office declassified some of those document the which we have but i can guarranty you there is
6:27 pm
treasure trove full of documents at fbi, doj. americans may never know what really happened in "crossfire hurricane." what really happened when the fbi as we know now was surveilling on the trump campaign. we may never know. and so until there is, we're certainly not going to know under a biden administration. they will not let the information go. it is very troubling to me as a member of congress on the judiciary committee there are things that happened at the fbi, there is bad malfeasance going on by fbi members. we may not ever get to bottom of things that occurred that directly go against the american people. elizabeth: well, for people who believe in open government and tans paren sy, what you just said, they would find that deeply concerning because patel said house intelligence under devin nunes was continuously blocked by the intelligence community, claiming you will hurt our sources and our methods. patel said we didn't lose a single source. we didn't lose a single source relationship t only showed
6:28 pm
coverup and embarassment. this is a guy who helped unearth, uncover the antitrust steele opposition research, the dossier used by the fbi to get fisa wiretaps and also other things like the fbi misconduct with andrew mccabe lying about the leaks to the media. kash patel is no joke. he is pretty serious stuff. >> devin himself won the medal of freedom from president trump because of all of this. if it wasn't for congressman nunez, his work in the intelligence committee we wouldn't know after of what we know today, be probably the tip of the iceberg. how deep does the injustice at the department of justice go with things that occurred at the fbi? we know now that the mainstream media if he americans a lie with the russian collusion hoax. they were overtly attempting to surveil members of the trump campaign to try to dig up some type of dirt they could use against the campaign which we all know was all precipitated by
6:29 pm
this dossier which was 100% completely false. so how much more information is out there? i can tell you this, once republicans take control of the house in 2022 i guarranty you will be working very hard with devin nunez back in as chairman of the intelligence committee to get to the bottom of this information. until then we never know. elizabeth: it is about getting information declassified. patel said he read the underlying intelligence the fbi used. there are major holes in what they were doing. he also has written himself a report about it, that is yet to be declassified. he is probably the guy to watch. you mentioned devin nunez. devin nunez spoke with our very own maria bartiromo what he found in recently unclassified government documents, congressman, that the fbi made stuff up based on an informant's rossering information on general michael flynn. let's listen to this. >> when you go through that it is frightening. imagine being spied upon by your own government.
6:30 pm
that spy makes up a bunch of lies about everybody. they framed general flynn. it should have been house when i was chairman of the house intelligence committee. it should have been brought four years ago. we should have been seeing what they were doing running these spies during the campaign. elizabeth: this is in reference to cambridge university professor, stefan halper a paid fbi informant. alleged that general michael flynn had an encounter with a russian british grad student. that grad student said that is false. william barnett, an fbi agent, that is wrong but somehow that information was used to go after general flynn. your reaction? >> it was used to go after general flynn. now four years later this graduate student is finally finding out who the source was that was spewing these lies to the fbi. now she knows who it was that was sourcing information to the fbi which was an a complete and utter lie.
6:31 pm
devin nunez is right, some of the most decorated general in our military being surveiled on by the fbi under false pretenses. that should make every american very earn concerned about the safety and security of our country. fbi and doj weaponized to go after conservatives, go after political targets. very unnerving as a member of congress. all americans should be very concerned about it. elizabeth: at the center of this is abuse of the court, the fisa court meant to catch terrorists. the fbi found to have abused that court. potential perjury charge coming from john durham in his criminal probe? the doj has a page dedicated to the john durham probe of the fbi trump russia abuses. what do you think will happen there? >> i hope the biden administration, his new ag won't tamp down things john durham has been doing. members of congress have been told over a year, john durham investigation is coming, it is coming. it still hasn't come.
6:32 pm
when will there be justice for all the things that occurred at the doj? i'm very concerned about the investigation. now that biden is in the white house, his people are in charge of the doj we'll never get to the bottom of this. john durham will never complete his investigation. i hope that is not the case. his investigation should be complete and we as members of congress and the american people should find out what occurred. elizabeth: as years go by, people start to talk in washington. so that is something to look forward to. congressman greg stuebe, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: just ahead fox news contributor deneen borelli. antifa riots yet again in portland, oregon. yet again they turn violent but now they're rioting over president biden's immigration detention facilities at the border in texas. the story next. >> local law enforcement be allowed to do their job. will they be allowed to go out and arrest? if arrested and charged, will
6:33 pm
prosecutors then not drop the charges against these rioters who have been destroying businesses, buildings, lives and livelihood in many american cities? ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now fox news contributor deneen borelli. antifa riots again in portland? they turn violent again?
6:38 pm
this time against biden's bored he detention facilities in texas. your reaction? >> well, liz, it is obvious nothing will ever be enough for these domestic terrorists, these, this radical mob. now they're claiming that they're in the streets because of president biden's immigration policy where weeks ago, months ago, it was for something else. they have been in the streets, liz, since former president trump was elected. this was in 2016. so these folks have been out in the streets wreaking havoc, causing chaos, massive destruction, and they are out there continuously because they know that, they continue to do it because they're not going to be held accountable f they're arrested, they're released immediately. this is ridiculous. i feel bad for citizens, the people in these communities who don't feel safe anymore. these small businesses. but something needs to happen. where is the local government on
6:39 pm
this issue? this has been going on for years elizabeth: so the critics are saying why would you open up a business in the downtown area? i mean they again vandalized businesses. as you note, small business. also starbucks, chipotle, a bank. going after the federal i.c.e. facilities. police were overwhelmed, deneen. the police were responding to multiple shoot national the area. then on top of that, you have this. so you know, it is, it is past time, critics are saying to throw the book at these rioters, because this is just spree very violence. this is spree rioting. it is spree looting. your reaction? >> no, you're absolutely right. any person who would open a business now, how can they possibly? i think a lot of people are trying to get out of portland. it is dangerous. it is not safe. the citizens, the consumers, everyone is being harmed by what these domestic terrorists have been doing for years.
6:40 pm
and, it is just beyond me why the local government is allowing this to fester. because you make an example, you throw the book at some of these people, they will stop what they're doing. elizabeth: they're using, rocks, batons, weapons. conservative journalist andy ngo, he wrote a "new york times" best-selling book about antifa. he recorded the much of the riots destruction. he tweeted out about it. democrats like jerry nadler, antifa is a myth. these riots are spontaneous events, but they're highly organized. that is what local cops and authorities are saying. your reaction? >> politicians like jerry nadler need to be shown the door, that is putting it nicely, but liz, thank goodness for someone like andy and joe, who is reporting, exposing these individuals. he is trying to report the truth. he is also putting himself in danger. his life in danger.
6:41 pm
because they know who he is. he has been targeted. this thuggery, they're also going after our law enforcement, local innocent citizens are under siege like you mentioned. the starbucks. people just trying to go out and enjoy themselves after the harmful lockdowns the country has suffered in some parts of the country. and now they have to deal with this on a regular basis. elizabeth: yeah. we'll stay on the story. deneen borelli, we really appreciate you joining us, thank you so much for your insights. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: sure. next up, "the daily caller" editorial director v coglianese. more democrat double standards of rules they want for everybody else. governor gavin newsom. we have the story. a top teacher union president saying you got to shut down schools for everybody in california, but he was caught on
6:42 pm
tape bringing his daughter to school. the story next. >> joe biden shame fully hurt america's youth. keeping children locked in homes whatsoever. the democrats now we have to pass the $1.9 trillion boondoggle to open schools. on behalf of moms, dads, children in america, i call on joe biden to get the schools open and get them open now. great thing to do. ♪. deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom. at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. ♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show "the daily caller" editorial director vince collagnese. vince, let's set this up for the viewer, explain to the viewer what happened. democratic governor gavin newsom is at it again in another double standard controversy. he is facing backlash. posted a vido on tiktok telling people how to get vaccinated. did it inside of a restaurant where there was food there. the restaurants are off limits to everyone else in california.
6:47 pm
in the city of fresno. why did he, looking at a shot of him inside of the french laundry restaurant. what is this about? why is he stepping in it again? >> because he is about as brazen as it gets. i guess maybe in second place behind andrew cuomo in new york. this is a guy who is really, i think, emblematic of, especially democrat governors across the country, impose tyranny on the own citizens without following rules they imposed on themselves. in gavin newsom's case, as us mentioned caught famous dining indoors in enclosed room elbow to elbow with health lobbyists in french laundry restaurant in napa which most americans cannot afford. he is caught not surprisingly with comedian george lopez
6:48 pm
sitting by him. he carves out himself, with wealthy, connected friend. everybody else in california is left to left to suffer. people living in the state had to knee over the course of the past year because they're sick and tired of it. elizabeth: he has a recall petition against him to recall governor newsom. approaching two million signatures. need 1 1/2 million to get on the ballot. your word about that? >> it's a huge deal. it is a referendum on the fact that californians are disgusted by their own governor. the last time recall election was successful in california. beginning of the century, gray davis was replaced by arnold schwarzenegger, it looks like it could happen right now. democrats are working overtime to disqualify as many of these signatures as they can to try to protect gavin newsom. but he is a threat of being thrown out here. elizabeth: right. california is in dire straits because of the way it has been run by sacramento and by the democrat governor.
6:49 pm
that is what critics are saying. move on to matt ply meyer berkeley teachers union president. he has been advocating shutting down schools in california. he is caught on video taking his daughter to a in-person private sc gorilla momz says he is a hypocrite. schools are unsafe while dropping off his daughter at a school. your reaction? >> we've seen this routinely, haven't we. union officials telling everyone, stay home, stay safe, protect teachers. meanwhile the same officials are tropical locations yucking it up beside the pool this is another example of that. this is a pretty horrific one. this guy is telling public school students and public school families, no, you can't go back. we are going to prevent you from going back. don't tell us how much children are suffering. this is about getting teachers unions as much as they can.
6:50 pm
meanwhile he realizes how important it is to have students in school. that is proved by his behavior as he drops his daughter off at a private school. pretty disgusting. elizabeth: it is getting so bad in california, that the supreme court has to step in and say yes, you can have church services indoor services open. the supreme court saying that for california churches. california churches are saying we can do it safely. people need their spirituality and their religion at this dire time of the pandemic. people in california say you guys are just making it worse for us out here. your final word, vince? >> they're not following the sighness either. that is the most despicable thing about all this stop preaching you will follow the science and turn a blind eye to it, we know that people need to re-engage in their society in a safe way. elizabeth: okay. vince coglianese, thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> thanks so much. elizabeth: coming up texas attorney general condition paxton, he is going to take on this story, ken paxton, texas
6:51 pm
attorney general is saying president biden is quote, blatantly, openly, violating u.s. law, doing an end-run around congress with executive orders that affect border security. we'll explain that story with the attorney general up next. ♪. so cvs works to make them affordable with a proprietary search tool that looks for savings. plus we deliver, free. no wonder cvs customers are better than most at staying on prescriptions. which tends to make you healthier. get a free prescription savings review at cvs.
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elizabeth: okay joining me now texas attorney general ken paxton, you say president joe biden is openly violating viewless laws with his border policies. >> there is federal law in place that requires that the illegal aliens be exported if they are caught here illegally, on his first day he issued an executive order saying he would no longer enforce that for first 100 days, that means we have an open border, and you are inviting people from anywhere to cross the borders. that is not his job, he is supposed to enforce law, not make it. elizabeth: around the laws that congress writes, is that your point? >> yes. we election people to debate the
6:56 pm
people to come to some type of an agreement, not one person unilaterally making decisions about law, we have two houses of congress, they do it, then president can veto it, it is a long process, we is a president that. >> that is not america. elizabeth: texas sued and got a block. on president biden's attempt of a deportation freeze, tell us about the cost to border states like texas. >> it is significant, we have the healthcare status of people comes across border, and educates people, and law ep fore enforcement, we have increased
6:57 pm
crime, with human trafficking and drugs and other crimes. elizabeth: let's listen to president trump what he said about president joe biden's border policies. >> it took the new administration only a few weeks to turn is unprecedented accomplishment to a self-inflicted humanitarian and national security disaster, by recklessly eliminating our border, security measures, controls all things we put into place. joe biden has triggered a massive flood of illegal immigration into the country, the likes of which we've never seen before. elizabeth: do you believe that the u.s. should have an asylum policy for refugees? >> you know, i think that asylum policy needs to be revisited, immigration lawyers are coaching people as they come in to claim asylum, it is a loophole, and allowed ush biden administration
6:58 pm
previously under obama allows them to come in, it take year to get to their hearing, they disappear and don't show up, that process does not work, we need to have some type of asee m policy but we don't have the right one right now. elizabeth: we have biden homeland security secretary majorca said there is no crisis at border, saying the situation is a challenge, they are manages it, do you agree in. >> no, we're just getting to the beginning, we just opened the border, people will be pushing forward as he claims to tell them there is no policy on the border. there is. but the messaging is encouraging people to come, that otherwise should not come across the border. elizabeth: we have trans national crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking,
6:59 pm
it is unsafe, the critics keep saying that try to cross the border in between the ports of entry, one in three women are sexually assaulted, the children are attacked it is dangerous stuff, your word on that messaging, do you hear that from the biden administration? >> no. i don't understand why. the facts are the facts, there is statistics show crime increases, the types of crimes you mentioned are horrific, affecting women, children and people, and our nation, i don't know why the president is so deaf to that issue, it affects lives, people die. elizabeth: they do. they have passed away. we covering those stories as well. your final word, are you going to file any other laws against biden border policies. >> we're looking at that right now, my lawyers are looking at of executive order that has come
7:00 pm
out, i am meeting with republican attorney generals from the nation, we'll be reviews that as we go forward. elizabeth: okay. all right, ken paxson thank you, i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on fox business, have a good evening. >> hello, welcome back to kudlow, i am larry kudlow. stow, a rally on wall street, dow jumping over 500, s&p 500, nasdaq also having big days, i just wonder for a moment. if it just a coincidence that day after former president trump gives a bang up speech, marking his reentry into politics at cpac last night, the market went up by what? 600 points? or is it just a coincidence? well we can chew on this, i think that johnson & johnson vaccine approval is great news, but that


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