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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 10, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EST

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classroom they should not get a single nickel. you want to teach? we will give your money. no teaching, no money it's real simple. these urban union sees teachers unions are keeping 25% of schools a population close down. i will be back tomorrow night. ♪ ♪. kennedy: well, hello. i am in neon yellow. that means we must begin. just when you thought you could not be anymore discussed with teachers unions who refuse to go back to the classroom and teach, it appears we have not yet reached rock bottom. today's latest outrage shows we are pretty damn close but with growing evidence that pandemic lockdowns are damaging our children's mental health, today we learned the los angeles teacher's union or ut l.a. for short cares a lot more about optics and education. maybe more about margaritas than math test. i can't blame them. in the anyhow in a private ucla facebook group teachers are warned not to post spring
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break social media posts because it is hard to argue that it is unsafe or in person instruction if parents and the public see vacation photos and international travel. one commenter said amen. it's also important to point out it does not say don't travel, it simply says don't post your poolside pics on instagram, utter hypocrites. fortunately the public is getting wise to all this nonsense. yesterday there is a protest in l.a. demanding more from teachers go back to school to teach. but it is not always stressed out parents who want their kids back in the class, the kids wanted as well, watch. to back what we are fighting for our rights to go back to school because science says that it is safe. and ut l.a. will not let us. >> heartless pastors for the science has been clear for a while that it's safe for kids go back to school and teachers as well. kobe transmission and school
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is very, very low and her kids are now suffering needlessly going onto year two. so why did teachers unions keep macy needs excuses? let's get into it tonight's panel with got a doozy got attorney and coast of outnumbered on the fox news channel emily campagna was here. along with versus me a podcast haute and the spectator usa contributor stephen l. miller, and democratic strategist radios and fox news contributor leslie marshall she's got four ells in her names we are silly with them she's here rated a party. so, emily i am over it i am sick of hearing stories about teachers in l.a. and cleveland and chicago and new york who do not want to the back to work because they say it's unsafe. yet they are obviously traveling. they are adversely flying there of us to go into grocery stores and walgreens and walmart. why can't they go back in the classroom? >> i mean that is the million-dollar question for
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this is one more illustration, not that we needed it of who actually holds all of the power, the unions. and who yields all of the control, the union leaders but as you said in your introit has nothing to do with the actual concept. all this is is a transparency further worked optics that all they care about is that control and that power. what i do not understand, kennedy, as we have been navigating this horrific pandemic situation what actually will be persuasive? is it the anecdotal evidence because we have been screaming that from the top of our lungs since the beginning. those disadvantaged children the ones are disproportionately affected like those with developmental disabilities, those in black and brown communities, those in underground conservatories and the like those don't seem to be working either. the fact that skype suicides have skyrocketed to an ever separate the mental health all of that. i do not understand bowl be the tipping point for the unions to be put in their place that it is killing the children it is harming the children, not helping them.
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if their best interest was serving them they would make this call months ago. >> for long time, steven, parents had a great deal of sympathy for teachers they say gather teachers do deserve a raise. but now they see that teachers are beholding to unions. and politicians are as well. so people have to stop voting for politicians who will not stand up to these unions. i think you should go one step further pray like in cleveland last night i said if you've taken aback senior art teacher in cleveland and you refuse to go back to work, you should be fired. so i don't have a problem with firing a bunch of people to get rid of the union. but who should replace these teachers? [laughter] no one is going to fire the because the company just elected the guy is going to get teachers unions the most power they've ever had pre-teachers themselves are a tough spot. i know teachers who want to get back in the classroom and want to tease for their beholding to the union. i think it's time to quit scoring route and higher
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grocery store workers to show up and teach our kids. every dropped out the last year there were a few of them, these people showed up and they went to work, grocery store clerks, first responders , they risked more than what teacher union reps are risking. if any good comes out of the last year, we are just about at a year, it is that there is a mass public a reckoning that public teachers unions have too much influence per them too much power. the need to be abolishing the earth needs to be salted behind the progress you still workers to meet deserve a statue on the national mall for the work this last year these people deserve a permanent sabbatical bird weed solar pounds at a building at the not happy doing this. before it's absolutely right steven. we have to be more forceful in our declaration. because we have to stand up for children. now, i know that you are a prounion person especially they've grown up and union families and union cities.
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i don't agree with them, however ut l.a. is not like a typical union per they are awful. >> i would have to say i live in l.a. as you know i have two kids. yesterday my son was able to go from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. it was glorious and sadly too early to drink it was lovely. supports for clock and new york leslie. >> it's happy hour summer. here's the thing i am prounion but, what the union asks for has now been given to them. and here's what they asked for, one to have the numbers in a certain place. we are at seven-point to percent from the seven, that you need in l.a. county to open the schools to money for ventilation that was given to them by governor newsom in this budget. essential workers were considered by governor newsom to be essential workers they have been able to be vaccinated since the vaccine first came out after the elderly and long-term facilities and the elderly
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were vaccinated here. they were even specific vaccination centers just for teachers. so yes i'm prounion, but i'm also old after member this is what we need. and they got it. so now there are no more excuses. in the cdc did say they don't need to be vaccinated to open sadly i would agree with that. before the cdc enter joe biden said that. michelle wolinsky said that part she said teachers don't need to be vaccinated to go back. and they have been vaccinated. now go back or go home for good. go screw off with your dumb lives on vacation because children need better than that. speaking of children and a horrible situation the migrant surge at the southern border is so overwhelming dhs cheap is begging for federal workers to join texas and join a volunteer force to control the situation. no overtime pay there, no pay albert accord to white house
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press secretary jen psaki today the biden administration think there's no problem at all guys, this is great. >> i just a crisis of the border? >> i don't think we just sit here and put new labels i what we have already conveyed that is challenging. smith the huge uptick in migrants be the same including thousands of children's quest market that is not always a crisis what does? it would think it's most important to explain the substantive policy of what's happening, what the root causes are of why these kids are coming and why what we are doing to try to solve what has been a very challenging circumstance at the border. kennedy: it is a crisis you guys, it's not a crisis it's eight challenging circumstance at all it is you guys. but these word games are not keeping anyone from crossing the border for the texas republican governor greg abbott said the situation will only get worse, greg. >> this is a low number month of the year. the people coming across the board erbil increased
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dramatically. we are on scale to have maybe up to a million people across our borders the texas border this year. and so this is going to be, turn into a total disaster. so for the good news is no wood stacked up frozen windmill street so is the biden in ministration asleep at the wheel? is the president encouraging all these illegal border crossings on purpose? if he is emily does not make any sense. because whatever they are doing, it is inhumane. for going to talk but hillary clinton a little bit later she's trying to justify it. police are not separating families. they are separating families. you have thousands and thousands of kids showing up at you have like 401st week in january. and i've got 3500. so what's going on? >> i do not know what's going on other than it is an incredibly chaotic situation but let's pulled apart apart for a second. sgt psaki said we need to drill down into the policy that's occurring there. but this is under the administration under a president that wielded by the
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power of the pen without legislation, without conversation without debate without diplomacy policies down there via executive orders that don't make sense. they say that their priority is covid management but it does not make sense than to increase those bed capacities from 8000 up to the full 13000. i always say this, kennedy, you hereby our greatest ally in moderating that search is in mexico. for some of that was in office for over 47 years present a biden over anyone should understand that we need that collaboration with those southern countries. that we need the consistency of the southern countries. and also the legislative participation. so far that that's critical i would put that atop the podium. i do not have a problem with our president new mexico's a president sitting down talk about which visas make the most sense for both countries. so let's be honest, like drugs, people are going to keep using drugs to stop trying to extend the drug war, it is stupid. you are not.
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[inaudible] that you put people in harms way. you create a humanitarian crisis with this sort of legislation dodging. he's damned if he doesn't he's damned if he doesn't president biden? >> he has a problem on his hands but it's largely one of his own making and the left's own making will be heard for four years these facilities are concentration camps and their kids in cages which were constructed under the obama administration. these people were too busy phasing photo of twitter along the fence line. they don't how to bake back off their own labeling it's the problem jen psaki found herself in. we do not want to label this. will you labeled it for four years was pretty much hitler in biden closes the border down. if you open it he has not only
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a public relations crisis is a public health crisis. going back your last segment we have schools closed in the fence there either in denial over what's happening there, or they are purposely trying to distract people with stories of their cats and their dogs at the white house, i do not know. so for that dog a major tacky people left and right it's a bloodthirsty killer was going on in the white house. but, leslie the biggest problem in terms of immigration is visa over stays for some people coming across the border, the biggest problem with the border is unaccompanied minors. they have not talked about how that when to stop that. that is a bad thing but it's a bad thing for everything. this is not just a promise joe
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biden it was donald trump's. look at the countries are coming from not only does covid increase the amount of crime and the amount of violence, but also decreases the amount of opportunity, jobs, money which compels more people to come over the borders and their children over the border. we also have numbers physical, accurate numbers which are we had 13000 beds. but with covid restrictions because of the social distancing that a sound 8000. so far what he was doing 13000 kids show up you going to send them to the four seasons? >> know if you have more beds to put people in you can process people, children specifically to get them into the family homes that are already here in the united states we will not see some of these headlines and i don't think that we will. so finding that the violation of the third of men that somehow we will figure out a way. >> cages basement compliment cages that's all got up at three into bed bed a little twin size bed that's what they create it's very sad britt art party panel returns later.
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kennedy: well hello. tens of thousands of precious covid vaccines have been reported been thrown away as they expire. now there's a new way to say the vaccine that would otherwise be wasted and thrown out at clinic set up leftovers shots were it's called hi duck britt matches users with nearby clinics that have presses shots left over after other appointments have not shown up or they just got extra stuff in the vials. it was created by wildly medically of pointed abducted bees were due to providers in york and arkansas so far. this is going to places you need to be. but they said this going to be hundreds of providers in the coming weeks. so how long until this vaccine hunting tool becomes your neighborhood best friend? how does it work joining me now founder former ceo and he is the founder of the vaccine standby duck derby, cyrus
12:19 am
massoumi. welcome to the show survey to act i think this is fascinating. we talked about one doctor in houston who got fired because he had on used vaccine and he gave it to ten people there were 11 doses in one biopic he had ten left and called people in need. and they fired him and tried to charge him but the judge threw that out. it is not unethical to get in the way of a thrown out dose, is it? >> will ultimately look everyone is trying to do our part to make sure that we maximize every single dose that we have. this is a scarcest resource on the planet at the moment. and we are all not going to be safe until the entire world is vaccinated. that's going to take a couple more years but we have to make sure we make the most of every dose. see for we do and they're throwing them out left and right, they are because at the end of the day you know
12:20 am
pharmacies they can't store the stuff. and once a seal is cracked you can't just screw the lid on and put it in the freezer and hope for the best. once it is thawed you have to use it. >> absolutely. i think it's one of the most common plaques logistical challenges both the complexity of the vaccines themselves as wealthy situation where patients are camping their no-show point with 20 to 30% of the time. i think the combination of these things is resulting in a very difficult process of managing. kennedy: how does your site work? >> any provider goes to duck derby simply has to indicate how many doses they have and when they expire. we have already accumulated patient sign-ups all over the country in all 50 states. we are able to locate patients in that immediate vicinity who fit the local government priority criteria. we prioritize them accordingly and make sure every single dose gets allocated.
12:21 am
kennedy: but what if you run out of people on the criteria listen you just have a bunch of normals, what is wrong with them getting the shot? >> ultimately, what's important in the cdc of course his recommendations of how people should proceed in the situations. we follow all local government criteria. kennedy: sometimes he criteria stupid. if you have got a line of ten healthy people who are go-getters and going to freely associate and get on planes there standing right outside and if that ten doses, you are going to thrown away? >> we are not throwing anything away pretty we are making sure they get allocated the most efficient way possible. we are making short follows all of the criteria. before government's been really bad about doing disparate government is failed on a number of levels with the supply chain and has not really anticipated some the problems that have come up with the vaccine but that's why the free market had to step in with apps like duck
12:22 am
derby and get people the v. >> i think my dog probably agrees with you, i apologize for his barking. ultimately this is our generation's world war. we all have to do our part. i very much believe that yes is a private sector initiative that we have been working with folks all over the country in the private sector, the public sector this is not an american problem is not a public or private sector a promise the global did everything we can to make sure rates before sometimes have them soak local solutions. that means jeff to find smart people who will figure out where the supply is, take the people who have the demand and hook them up. that is what you are doing a thing of the great part of you talk to vaccine hunter at all? i have looked at vaccine to try to do something similar or are they a competitor question much and i'm not a set anything? smith is actually an organization that started by two stanford classmates who went to sanford about a decade ago. very talented. they were doing something very
12:23 am
similar. they had similar insight as we had the world needed universal standby list for join forces a few weeks ago. jimmy john from that team has been one of the people the effort on our initiative now to ultimately. kennedy: ultimately more people will get jabbed because of solution oriented apps like this. cyrus think is auteur coming by we appreciate it. >> banks can have great weekend. sue vargas who is back. hold harping hillary chiming in on the state of the republican party. you won't believe what she said i will respond to my all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha!
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about a soul obsession beat till the day she leaves this earth, donald trump hillary will not go away she cannot let go of the 2016 election. it was a layup and she lost spectacularly the man who is no longer in office he halts her dreams every waking thought. and as long as she won't let go, will neither will i. she was pathetic blabbering on and on some "washington post" live interview that serve the disingenuous screen about the republican party. >> i am hoping as i said earlier that the republican party will find its sole. [laughter] will find its center again and understand they cannot keep playing with fire. >> lady, you want them to play with fire so badly. you bought them a flame thrower. republicans are her enemy don't take it for me remember this gem from the 2016
12:29 am
presidential debate? >> of all made a few people upset about your political careers which had a merry most proud of? >> in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians. [laughter] probably the republicans. [applause] [laughter] kennedy: of course she made her way the object of her obsession in the interview. number 45 is still live and he killed her presidential hopes. >> it is really troubling to see the republican party turn themselves into a cult. and basically pledge allegiance not to the united states of america but to donald trump. something i do not understand, cannot accept. [laughter] kennedy: that's the best partial never accepted pre-shall keep muttering to herself about the human tornado who blew her political
12:30 am
house down as she sifts through the toothpicks of her life that never was at mother's curse words between coughing fits. she's talking about a cult. her little motto as i am with her because she has boobies. the thing that really grinds or gears though other than knowing abiding that 15 million more votes than she did, proving she really was the problem is that she will never be president. and there is a chance he still might, again. she must have tiny feet it awfully big mouth because she continues to stick her foot in that gaping cavern, still never really able to answer the burning question that consumes her like napalm, what happened? that is the memo. hillary also claims for president trump never accepted the awesome responsibility that goes with being president. why can't she accept the responsibility the fact she is a two-time loser who will
12:31 am
never be president. the party pain is back, emily campagno, stephen l. miller, leslie marshall. leslie, i love it so much she rears out of the ground like an angry mole for it i just have to pay her some lip service. [laughter] 's vehicle i happen to like mrs. clinton as you know. >> you are with her. wait a minute. kennedy: hillary's not going to wait nor should she because republicans constantly look at her her and her husband's name. i think more than anything hillary chomp ever and saying hillary. it is not hillary or bill clinton at the barack obama. they have conflict putting her to go back she is a person about right to speak. kennedy: no one is saying she does not have a first amendment right leslie don't bring up that tired strawman. let him take a nap. so stephen l. miller, what
12:32 am
advice you have for hillary clinton? what should she do in your post- presidency or hernan presidency? [laughter] speak i was a nothing she's not the president. i guess sikkim burns on podcasts when you're the person you lost a donald trump route i don't have a problem with her saying she hopes the gop finds its soul, i just hope she finds a state of wisconsin eventually. so far she so mad at wisconsin but she blames wisconsin, she claims obama, if obama had come out and just talked about russian disinformation 2016, i would still be president. i was looking at the vote totals. john got 62 million she got 65 million, joe biden got 80 or 80 million, emily what is that say? >> that she is not as popular as she thanks she is. i will say this, the saddest part to me besides her being
12:33 am
like the least involved in least self-aware figure out their issue really is totally obliterating the platform she could have used for good. she really could have been a party unifier. she really could have exemplified elevating women's voices. she could be so much. and instead she reduces herself to this embittered figure for the reason i think the republican party keeps bringing her up is because she keeps bringing herself up in that way. she has made herself so much smaller that i think really is troubling to see someone squander an opportunity like that. i don't think she will ever be satisfied her to your point i think she will go to the grave muttering trumps name. [laughter] kennedy: i know, i know i do not have to sample i did not vote for the guy. i did not vote for him either time i don't carries not president. i just think it's really funny that she's not president.
12:34 am
[laughter] speaking of an actual queen, the queen has spoken we have been waiting. buckingham palace releasing a statement responding to meghan markle imprints harry six posted interview with oprah winfrey. these two rays are concerned will some recollections may vary there taken very seriously will be addressed by the family privately. meanwhile megan's estranged father, oh this guy, and her sister with the wonky eyes have both expressed skepticism about some of the claims made in the interview and accuse the duchess of mistreating them in various ways. suffer everyone from the queen of england to her own feeling nervous have a problem with megan isn't possible she might be the problem? or is that just a kind of unfair speculation that drove her and prince harry to live as humble chicken farmers in the simple underprivileged and authentic hills of santa barbara? leslie your thoughts.
12:35 am
>> [laughter] my best friend lives in london and we have these argument about the royal family and this couple in particular all the time. let me just say it does take someone brave in her position to talk about thinking about suicide and ending her life, perhaps to her for that. it's good to have a conversation regarding race. but here's a lot of problem a lot of people are having prepare individuals right now that really want their kids back in school. they really went the jobs backward they want their lives back or they have lost lives in their family or in their circle due to covid. so when you see three very rich entitled people talking about ms. treatment or things are going well for them, sometimes i think the violins of the american people who do not love perhaps the queen, is much as those across the pond there, even the 17 million tuned in there's a lot of people "after words" that set on the one hand they're like while were glad she mentioned that and it's terrible to have
12:36 am
racism. but there are some out there going you married a prince. two for one digit they was going to happen? i did not google him though so i did not know who he was. i thought his grandma was a freddie mercury tribute band. steven your thoughts? [laughter] >> reachers to leslie but the tone of the interview and what i think people should be focused on. i don't have much to say about the racism claims but of course is racism and the royal family has she met her husband? he had it not the armband, come on. first i don't think you go on television at the paid millions of dollars and drop vague accusations against your own family or in-laws. in-laws are okay nobody likes them. but for nefarious and prejudicial behavior. i am not commenting on the truth of them or not. let's only knows the family. if you're going to drop
12:37 am
something like that, name names. let them defend themselves. no one looks good here including in my opinion a socially obsessed, social media and mainstream media is just like suddenly here's a shiny object here are the khakis. i didn't watch as i did not pay attention to it. we fought an entire war so we don't do care about the inter- drama of a royal monarchy. kennedy: do not believe them for a second, emily when they said they'd only seen a little bit of the crown. i wish i could swear right now that is a hot pile of cow dung part they watch everything energy slick should play me. how do you're not a good enough actress. emily. >> this is cracking me up so much. here is how i deal. everyone's journey as their own. so prince harry one third for
12:38 am
mental trauma and mental well-being are so veiled i do not with the touch that. kennedy: has a mental health foundation. he has a foundation is devoted to mental health and he could not ask for help? what is wrong with him? how sick is that boy? >> i just went to say this you guys. i do not want to judge them. but i feel like the ammo waited stayed if they would've stayed as a family and then change from the inside out. she talked about how much representation matter so why didn't she stay in that? is your company that representation across the commonwealth. and synergist ditching in four years. that's college. college was one hazy night for us all for it was just four years. if she would have before i was pregnant my senior year i try to rush a sorority pregnant i should sue i should hire emily to sue them.
12:39 am
emily, steve and leslie's been a dream come true thank you all, what a trio. before coming up the dems are inching closer and closer to passing the coverlet bill. feelings of those doubts been showered on local governments that don't need it. is this a total waste question mike freedom loving mike freedom loving congressman sassy thomas ♪ over 10 years ago, we made a promise to redefine everything a truck can be. ♪ and while we've made good on that promise by winning back to back to back motor trend truck of the year awards, the work is never done. ♪
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if you smoked, get scanned. talk to your doctor or learn more at ♪ ♪. kennedy: those last nights of mouth from monday song. this week's winner, mark. the big day the bloated covid relief bill is likely pass to the house. president biden hoping the monster spending package, that sounds dirty, also known as the american rescue bible excite americans enough to keep the big government gravy train rolling to the 2022 midterm.
12:44 am
republicans signed the alarm the bill provides $28,050,000,000,000 in state cities territories and tribes. many of which are not suffering shortfalls at all principal lawmakers so break the free money? or remember for generations are joining now kentucky rubbing on congressman house judiciary committee member thomas massie's back but let's get sassy with massie. welcome back sir. >> sounds like groundhog day. instead of seeing my own shadow men shattered by mountains of debt here in washington d.c. you know, the irony here is republicans are complaining about all of these things it had been stepped into the 2 trillion-dollar bill. but those of the same things over stuffed into it a year ago when this was trump's bill. this is money for national endowment for the arts. money for national endowment for the humanities. in the national museums for there's foreign aid and it prints chock full of all the
12:45 am
same goodies that was in the republican/trout bill. one year to this day. >> it's too much money it's too much money it's unsustainable. a lot of this money is going to states that don't need it. forty-seven of the states that are going to get this money will have surplus. a lot of local governments have surpluses. property tax revenues have gone down in a lot of places, but they are flush with money right now are they enough. it's the opposite of what we thought was going to happen during the pandemic. >> that is one thing that this bill that was not in the bill last year. all of the bailouts of the blue states. one thing that really bothers me about this bill is there is more money for the governors who did the worst jobs. like the higher the unemployment you caused by your shutdowns and lockdowns, the more money you get great this just incentivizes them to keep things close for a longer period of time. kennedy: yes and create more misery. but still look like you are
12:46 am
trying, write a book about if you are and are cuomo. her promise $6 billion to schools if you're gavin newsom. i hope they throw both of those guys out. they are the failed poster children of pandemic axis and authoritarianism. there's a lot of talk that 2022 could be a change for republicans but boldly the downfall of democrats? and do you actually see republicans taking control the house in a year? >> i think they might overplay their hand tomorrow for this also going to be a gun bill on the floor. i called the universal gun registry produce going to require every gun to have paperwork every gun built when you pay your bill to buy your gun, purchase. that is the only thing moderating their extreme socialist policies as they want to maintain their majority in the midterms.
12:47 am
it is so slim and i think is there they're going to lose it. even bernie sanders says tomorrow's covid bill is one of the most progressive bills he's ever seen. they are just pandering to the left. kennedy: the pink yardstick has spoken pray people should be terrified by that. joe manson was looking like he was going to be the most powerful person the country. mib kristen said about she might be the only person standing between socialism and the great abyss. >> maybe that is why so much of this covid relief package is not even spent his share. spent in future years some ten years from now. so only 5% of the school money is going to be spent this year. maybe that's because the democrats anticipate losing their majority in the met what to make sure the gravy train keeps flowing part i don't know that they have much to worry about it. they spent just as much, i got yelled at by the president proposed a 2 trillion-dollar
12:48 am
bill this time last year. so far i hope every president yells at you for voting down the bills. congressmen think is a much appreciate time. appreciate time. >> thanks kennedy.
12:49 am
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bigoted polls show senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is the least popular republican lawmaker. that's what happens in your nickname is cocaine but you never bring any to the party. that man is a grim creeper and this is a topical storm. topic number one. triple take lodging a makeup line inspired by its menu for it will have you looking like a whole snack. the mexican grill teaming up with freight collection of eyeshadows and lipgloss colored like your favorite triple date foods. usually only get to pulsate colors on my face in my burrito rips (the 12 color i shut up out includes shades of pinto beans, guacamole and rice. so how about you feast your eyes on that? triple take out the idea from a complaint on the last e. coli outbreak that's in the notes all of the biggest customers were looking a little pale. the brand offers a long hot
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sauce and lipgloss only for blessed just tell whoever you're with that you bought your makeup at 777 and your cheeks will turn red on their own. the makeup bag designed to look like a bag of triple take chips. with any luck a stranger will mistake it for garbage and throw the whole thing out for you. topic number two. a snorkeler, i did not even know her. a snorkeler reported 60 pounds of cocaine hidden off the walls of the florida keys. oh man this story is not going to help florida keep spring breakers away. police say a good samaritan, possibly named mitch mcconnell was just looking for blowfish. but end up fishing out some blow when he found a black garbage bag filled with 25 bricks of cocaine. this explains why the dolphins bottlenose's are bleeding that day after several failed attempts to shove the snorkel up his nose the man came to
12:54 am
his senses and called the police advised the drugs at $1.5 million or about the price of a key west hotel room. the man said is happy to turn the secret stash because he's not into hard drugs. but he will be going snorkeling again soon and hope to find some seaweed. okay topic number three. president biden's family dogs have reportedly been removed from washington d.c. after one of them apparently attacked a white house guard. this is why i never let my dog leave q and operated biden's 3-year-old german shepherd manger is in the doghouse after poorly biting a guard causing a minor injury. possibly an amputation. the injury could have been much worse though. thank goodness there is a doctor in the house. i heard she stopped the bleeding with the pages of her boring dissertation. both the president's dog major and champ are now back home in
12:55 am
delaware. now the only one walking on the west wing sniffing people is joe biden. also it turns out he was the one peeing on the carpet this whole time. the dogs left plenty stood in the biden family home because hunter has drugs hidden in just about every room. win win. basically the president still been protected by his dogs at cnn even up major and champ are in delaware, president biden says he won't miss them one bit because he thanks he is also in delaware. is this delaware? delaware? yep. forgot don't forget to tickle me tuesday. you only have three minutes to get the punchline. but do not cheat use the # tickle me tuesday. ready? what did the policeman say to his bellybutton? his bellybutton? the answer is after the his bellybutton? the answer is after the his bellybutton? the answer is after the his bellybutton? the answer is after the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [laughter] kennedy: it is time for tickle me tuesday. and now the tickle you've been waiting for, what admit the policeman say to his belly button? you're under a vest. [laughter] >> that's funny. [laughter] it works. kennedy: congrats to matt, he was the first one to get it. i said mark said, look out, it's the fuzz. thank you for watching the best hour of your day.
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follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation. tomorrow night, great show. tomorrow night, great show. tim carney, kat timpf and gary (upbeat music) (alec) what's up, everybody? it's alec. it's the night before i travel to oklahoma for my filming session. i love seeing my boy, kaleb. so excited to finally go to somewhere new. i can't live without my shoes. broke my leg this weekend. so it makes it harder to move. also gotta bring this thing. i have a hard time choosing which one. don't worry. i got a couple. i like really the pattern on this one, but i also really like the texture and color on this one. guess what? you're coming along with me. let's go! (kaleb) here we go.


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