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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 13, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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you something, how far left that party has gone. it is our money, but the government money democrats, bill clinton capitol gains john f. kennedy slashed tax rates. he was the first, i wrote a book on this a few years ago. democrats, get with it. ♪♪ >> hello. i'm in neon yellow, we must begin. you thought you couldn't be more disgusted with teachers union to refuse to go back to the classroom to teach, it appears would not yet reached rock bottom outrage shows we are pretty close. growing of the pandemic and lockdowns are damaging our children's mental health. today we learned los angeles teachers union, ut l.a., there's a lot more than education. maybe more about margaritas. anyhow, a viral posting on the private ut l.a. facebook group, teachers are warned not to post spring break vacation photos on
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social media because it's hard to argue that it's unsafe for in person instruction if parents and the public see vacation photos and international travel. one, it says, amen! and it's important to say, don't travel, it simply says don't post pictures on instagram. hypocrites. fortunately the public is getting wise to this nonsense. there's a protest in l.a. commanding teachers back to school to teach but it's not only looking out parents who want their kids back in the class, kids want it as well. what. >> we are fighting for our right to go back to school because science says it's safe and ut l.a. won't let us. kennedy: the science has been clear for quite a while, it's
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safe for kids to go back to school and teachers as well. covid transmissions go very well and kids are suffering need the going on by the teachers unions do this? let's get into it, we got attorney on the fox news channel, emily is here with media podcast host and spectator usa contributor, stephen miller. democratic strategist radio host fox news jupiter, leslie marshall. she is here, we are ready to party. emily, i'm over it and sick of hearing about teachers in l.a. and cleveland and chicago and new york who don't want to go back to new york because they say it's unsafe yet they are obviously traveling and flying, they are going to grocery stores and walgreens and walmart, why can't they go back to the classroom?
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>> that's the million-dollar question and this is one more illustration, not that we needed it, of who actually hold the power, the unions and who killed the control, union leaders. it has nothing to do with the actual concept all this is transparency for work optics, all they care about is control and power. i don't understand as we been navigating pandemic situation, what actually will be persuasive? is anecdotal evidence? we been screaming from the top of our lungs since the beginning. disadvantaged children, disproportionately affected like those with developmental abilities, black and brown communities, those in underserved communities and the like or is it statistic because those who don't seem to worry working either. suicides skyrocket over two 100%. i don't understand what will be the tipping.for the unions to be put in their place killing children, harming the children,
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not helping them in best interest 30, it would have made physical month ago. kennedy: for a long time, stephen, parents had a great deal of empathy for teachers and say they do deserve a raise and now the unit and politicians are as well. people have to stop voting for politicians who want to the unions. i think you should go one step further. last night, i said if you are a teacher and we went through the vaccine, he should be fired. i don't have a problem with firing about the people, get rid of the union who should replace them? >> no one is going to buy them because the teachers unions have the most power they've ever had. i think teachers are in a tough spot. teachers who want to be in the classroom, they want to teach, it time to stop, just hire
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grocery workers to teach our kids. throughout the last year, there were a few of them, these people showed up and went to work. grocery store clerks, first responders, they risk more teachers unions reps are risking. if any good comes out of the last year, we are just at your mother's mass public reckoning public teachers unions have too much influence, too much power, they need to be abolished and earth consulted behind them. grocery store workers deserve a statute on the national mall during the last year end these people deserve a permanent sabbatical. we need solar panels. kennedy: that's right. we shouldn't, we have to be more forceful in our declaration because we have to stand up her children. i know you are pro union, i get that, i don't fault anyone for that especially if the grown up in union families and cities, i don't agree with them.
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however, ut l.a. is not like a typical union, they are awful. >> i have to say, i have two kids. yesterday my son went to school 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and it was glorious and too early to drink, sadly. that aside -- [laughter] is the thing, i am proud union but with the union asks for has been given to them. here is what they asked for, one, have the numbers in a certain place. 7.2, .2% from the seven that you need in l.a. county to open schools. money for ventilation, that was given to them by governor newsom in the budget. vaccines, essential workers, teachers considered by governor newsom to be social workers, they've been able to be vaccinated since the vaccines first came out after the elderly long-term facilities and elderly
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were vaccinated here and even specific centers vaccination centers just for teachers so yes, i am pro union but old enough to remember when they said this is what we need, who knows. they got it so now there are no more excuses. they don't need to be vaccinated the cdc said. kennedy: under joe biden they said that. teachers will be vaccinated to go back and they've been vaccinated, now go back or go home for good. screw off with your dumb lives on vacation because children need better than that. speaking of children in a horrible situation, migrant surge of the southern border is so overwhelming, dhs pleading for federal workers to travel to texas and join a volunteer force to control the situation. no overtime pay there, no payroll. jen sake today the biden
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administration, no problem at all. >> a crisis of the board? >> i don't think we need to sit here and put new flavors on what we already conveyed is challenging. >> and uptick in the number of migrants including thousands of children? if that doesn't qualify as a crisis, what does? >> we think it's important to explain the policy of what's happening, what the root cause are why these kids are coming and what we are doing to try to solve a challenging circumstance at the border. >> it's a crisis, you guys. it's not a crisis, it's a challenging circumstance, bethel. they're not keeping anyone from crossing the border. texas republic greg abbott said the situation will only get worse. >> this is a low number month of the year. it will increase dramatically. we are scaled to have a be up to
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1 million people across our borders this year so this will be a total disaster. >> good news, nobody is talking about wind mills. if he asleep at the wheel or is the president encouraging illegal water crossings on purpose? if he is, it doesn't make sense because whatever they are doing it is inhumane. we are going to talk about hillary clinton a little later. at least they are not separating families, they are separating families and thousands of kids showing up, 400 the first week in gained weight and found 3500 the what is going on? >> i don't know what is going on other than its incredibly chaotic situation jen said we need to drill down into the policy of strength there this is an administration the power of
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the pen without legislation or conversation or debate and without diplomacy. policies there, executive order that doesn't make sense. they say their priority is covert management but doesn't make sense to increase that capacities from 8000 up to the full 13000. i only say this, our greatest ally in monitoring the search remains mexico and for someone in office over 47 years, president biden over anyone should understand we need collaboration with the southern countries, we need consistency with the seven countries and legislative participation. the reason -- >> i actually put that at the top of the podium. i don't have a problem with resident and mexico's president sitting down talking about which
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he says make the most sense for both countries because let's be honest, people are going to keep using drugs so stop trying to extend the drug war, is stupid. you're not stopping supply, prohibition is it working but prohibition of people doesn't work and creates so much confusion when you open everything up that you put people in harms way and create humanitarian crisis with this legislation dodging, it's awful. stephen, damn it does and damned if he doesn't, president biden. >> he has a problem on his hands largely one of his own making in the left. when he heard for years that these facilities are concentration camps and kids are in cages, under the obama administration and these people were too busy taking follow-ups for twitter on fence lines, they don't know how to back up their own labeling. that's the problem she found herself in. who don't want to play with this, he labeled it for years that this is literally hitler if biden closes the border down.
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if he opens up, he has not only public relations crisis, a public health crisis. covered cases are being tracked and i don't know if they are doing trace testing of the border but right now again, american schools closed and fence around the u.s. capitol, a border wide open and administration either in denial over what's happening there are purposely trying to distract people with stories of the cat and dog the white house, i don't know. [laughter] kennedy: the dog, major, attacking people left and right. a killer. i don't know what's going on in the white house but the biggest problem in terms of immigration, it's not people from the border, the biggest problem is minors and they haven't talked about how they are going to stop that because it's a bad thing for everybody. >> absolutely and this is not just a problem with joe biden, it was a problem that was donald
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trump and with covid, it makes it worse because when you look at the countries they are coming from, not only does covid increase the amount of time and violence but decreases opportunity, jobs and money which propels more people to come over the border send their children over the border. physical accurate numbers, we had 13000 beds but with covid restrictions because of social distancing it down to 8000. kennedy: what are you going to do when 13000 kids show up? send them to four seasons? >> no but if you have more places to put people in, children specifically to get them into the family homes here in the united states, we will see some of these headlines and i don't think we will. kennedy: i think that's violation of the third amendment somehow. coming up, governor gavin newsom saying his shutdown order saved his faith. all right, california is signing recall. the governor's speech askew his
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career or recall run and out? coming up in moments. ♪♪
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welcome back. democrat governor under siege from coast to coast for smothering their state small
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businesses following the science when it comes to covid. of course gavin newsom in california where he's facing a likely recall election, the governor giving a state of state address for optimism. insisting he's made right choices and no regrets of shutting down his entire state. watch. >> we are not going to change course just because of a few naysayers and doomsayers. the california critics out there promoting partisan political power grabs and outdated prejudices and rejecting everything that makes california truly great, we say this. we will not be distracted from getting shot in arms in our economy booming again. kennedy: still the governor is finally on board with getting california's economy booming again but will voters decide it's too little too late and replace him with someone who didn't mark them down while enjoying thousand dollar bottles of wine at the french laundry?
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campaign manager rescue california joining me. welcome, and. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: where are you at your campaign? >> we are where we need to be. we got a week from today. we turned everything and but we been turning in really every couple of days. we are turning signatures and literally everyday and i think we are going to hit our $2 million goal. 2 million signature goal. we raised over $3 million is in our committee so we've done a lot with very little in the things last night's speech indicates to us he's worried, show up his base. the campaign kickoff event, masquerading as a state of the state was interesting he held it in l.a. so he must be weak in l.a.
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also speaking directly to the hispanic vote. we know by looking at our signatures that 13% of our signatures are hispanic. by the way, 23% are nonwhite. 36% are non- republican so all the naysayers and doomsayers, that he calls them and he got the prejudice word in their, i knew that would show up. he's being partisan about this and even though he says he is not distracted, he already is, he is campaigning. as a campaign stop last night. kennedy: california does have a ballot initiative in order to recall the governor, new york doesn't have that luxury. we are seeing in new york more people piling on democrats and republicans on the embattled governor, andrew cuomo, using democrat support waiting for gavin newsom?
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>> a lot of tire kicking. we sought early on last year, nora's narrowly one, ground zero the recall effort, kick tires early on and said the task force he created to deal with these $500 million edd jobless benefit scandal and now estimates to be closer to 35 billion, kicking around all the billion numbers, i guess 35 million is chump change. it's a good 20% of our annual state budget got evaporated. no comment from him whatsoever about battle and she called a ridiculous response to a very big problem and he's right. we haven't heard much from her so clearly they've got her under wraps will be a big. kennedy: i think you're going to
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see in california what's happening in new york and that is, he will reach a point where people have had enough in california is a state where people like their freedom and the freedoms are being/weathered homelessness, poverty, wildfire response, kids still out of school. ut l.a. is kind of coming to a deal to maybe get kids in school next month and in l.a. in may, a month maybe of in person teaching. he got covid response, all of these things, i don't see how newsom survived this but do you think the recall will be successful? >> absolutely one 100%. i don't care when he maneuvers his way through using the bureaucracy at his fingertips to call this special election to be in august, december but you can
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guarantee going to pick a date that best benefits him and we are going to get him either way because people are not going to forget. you do not close beaches or release violent balance in the community, you don't survive being 49th or 50th in school real openings, you don't survive being the worst business climate, i don't know what he was talking about last night when he finished by saying there is no better state to do business in the in california. how is that possible? kennedy: you mean texas. thank you so much. we'll check in with you again, see how the recall is progressing. now let's take it to new york. andrew cuomo is here, he's far from a ladykiller unless they are senior citizens but tonight, dammit new details from six actual harassment accusing the governor rubbing her in a
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sexually charged manner after summoned to his mansion late last year according to the albany times union newspaper. at the same time, families of new york nursing home victims demanding formal corporate the money he made from his book sales where he trades for his leadership in the crisis. while he might have been covering up astounding numbers. washington examiner, senior political columnist and american institute resident fellow, quite a fellow indeed. it's not getting any better for andrew cuomo. when the press loses track of the accusers as they come forward, i think he's in a bad position here but now it's interesting because the victims of these nursing home patients who died when they were forced to cohabitate with covid positive patients, they are think the government should forfeit his book money to them
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or at least a fund for these families. what are you hearing? >> it's all part of what's so galling about it, he not only was so horrific uncovered but he decided to declare himself a hero and so many of our colleagues in the media went along with that. similarly, he's acted as a feminist hero for women while any one of these six stories is true, he's the opposite. i have a colleague, an examiner who says when the second one came out, there's never to women, there's zero, one 13. the democrat role as we go back to al franken, the number eight they start calling on him to resign. kennedy: they started up. democrats in new york, they are over it. >> bottom up or not high enough.
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he argued in the editorial, chuck schumer from new york and majority leader and joe biden, president of the united states, they can get on the phone. kennedy: how can they do that? how does that look? >> one thing, you say look, andrew, all of your donors were mine first. chuck schumer can actually say that. joe biden can say the people who support you whether they are wall street banks who love him or other big employers or fundraisers, democratic party, all of the same people who fund raise for andrew cuomo are the the same who will listen to joe biden and chuck schumer, pulled in behind the lever and the scene levers and make private phone calls and say the democrat a partisan reason but i think they have a lot more big reasons. kennedy: don't they have a moral reason to do it? they have obligation to these families? this is 15000 people and that's why they want a memorial, a fund. they want something to mark with
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their families have been better. the pain and death that was callously discarded by the governor who said who cares where they died? daycare where they died. >> he was lying when he said it, too. he knew it mattered so that's why he covered it up and lied about it. it's massive and so much of the public lost so much trust whether it's the media for medical experts or government. if you're joe biden, you should want to rebuild the trust. getting andrew cuomo, whose demolished the public's trust in the establishment, getting rid of him and start rebuilding. kennedy: we will see. still, i maintain this, i hope they get rid because they broke this offer, not only in the pandemic but so many ways it has to be accountability in this country. thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, tonight we are playing stating joe welcome.
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how can you tell joe biden from dictators? you can play along coming up next. ♪♪
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new game, save it, joe. our new president likes to tell everyone he's no socialist but we did a little digging and it turns out he often sounds a lot like some of the world's most notorious dictators. i'm going to read a quote, the panel has to guess whether to joe biden or one of history's worst lefty tyrants and we have movie villains to make it interesting. and out of owners, quitting panels it's a trip to a siberian trip. once this time of year. ready to play. >> i am so worried about this.
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[laughter] >> you should be worried. [laughter] >> cap place to win and kevin -- >> she's a dictator. >> emotional warfare only. >> gary, this one is for you. you may not be interested in more but more is interested in you. who said it? joe biden, darth vader or leon? >> trotsky. kennedy: first.of the board. with your question, here you go. who said this? i can tell you i've known eight presidents, three of them intimately. joe biden, castro or corleone a? >> joe biden. kennedy: joe biden is correct.
8:34 pm
she can already smell the victory kevin, this is for you. yoga does things with the human body that defies the imagination. who said it? joe biden, patrick or fidel castro? >> going to say joe biden? kennedy: no fidel castro said it. >> really? [laughter] kennedy: your not working, not drawing from jail, you have plenty of time. question number four, round two. here is your books. for too long in this society, we celebrated unrestrained individualism over common community. who said it? joe biden, shabbos were bold market? >> thomas. kennedy: it's actually joe biden. [laughter] we celebrate under served
8:35 pm
communities, he can be impeached for that. good to call congress. kat, this is for you. when the middle class does well, the rich do very well poor have no hope, who said it? joe biden, shabbos or robin hood? >> this is really hard. i've never seen the robin hood. is it a book? i don't even know anything about robin hood. robin hood. kennedy: no. as a fake choice. [laughter] you really going with robin hood? i'm giving you a chance to change your mind. >> i'm going with robin hood. kennedy: you are wrong. [laughter] kevin and tied up now. >> who is robin hood? [laughter] kennedy: the original aoc. >> i don't know.
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>> it's a disney movie. [laughter] kennedy: why do we sound like for old ladies? what is a latte? [laughter] >> muppets in the balcony more than anything. [laughter] kennedy: kevin, i'll have to have a disclaimer and pay money for that. people say poverty is bad but in fact, poverty is good. the poorer people are, the more revolutionary they are. joe biden, the joker? >> mal. kennedy: how you like me brown cow. you are correct. a three way tie. as we move into around. i have a wife. i like women. how good is a kissable woman? who said this? joe biden, montana or nicola maduro. >> robin hood.
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[laughter] kennedy: you cannot answer for him. [laughter] >> i'm going to say joe biden. kennedy: no, it was maduro. you start off real strong. >> i fell off the cliff about the. kennedy: a woman with a mustache and smells like the oil. okay, kat. we have predators on our streets, we have no choice but to take them out of our society. you said it? joe biden lex luther? >> biden. kennedy: biden, kat, you're in the lead. kevin, she can smell victory. can you snatch it? siberian gulags together. [laughter] what are you going to do? what you ask for that? like dogs and -- >> we are going to have to cuddle up, it's cold. >> that's sweet.
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[laughter] kennedy: kevin, ancient hawaiian says when you are itching for the waves, the only lotion is the ocean. who said this? joe biden, tycho or bodie? >> bodie. [laughter] kennedy: no, god rest his soul because i do is patrick swayze. that was not him go. it was tycho. american vodka, i'm stretching this out, kat. [laughter] >> congratulations. pack your parka. >> i'm just getting a head start. kennedy: coming up, future starship.
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soon go to mars. went up in flames, will humans ever make it to mars safely? if so, when? america's favorite astrophysicists about this big question in the universe in his new book, next. ♪♪
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elon musk plans to send humans to mars, it's a bit. video showing the starship touching down successfully after launched for the rocket burned into a fireball minutes after landing. leak in the propellant tank may be to blame. will we ever get to mars? joining me now, astrophysicists and author of a brand-new book, how we got here and where we are going. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: great book, i love your book.
8:44 pm
it makes me so happy because it brings back wonderful memories from physics and astronomy but then you have so much new stuff that happened all around us in this century and decade in the last few years, you must be exciting for someone who does what you do. looking at elon musk, the push to get to mars, if we go to mars, what would it tell us about the universe? >> first of all, explosions as spectacular as they are, i'm reminded of wisdom shared with me by a professor in graduate school, what he said is the day you no longer make mistakes is the day you can pretty much be sure you are no longer on the front tier so when i see the explosions, is anyone else testing rocket to mars? no so yes, you're going to make some mistakes and fix them and you make it better and keep at it and eventually it works,
8:45 pm
right? one is saying it's impossible to get to mars, it's beyond our technology. no one says it, it's a matter of just getting it done so that's what's going on. i'm not days in the least by the explosions. kennedy: in the grand scheme of science and astrophysics, who the more important figure? love it or elon musk? [laughter] kennedy: was at the foundation of our understanding of how stars are born in the about their lives and die. in terms of what stars are made of. before she came around, we didn't know sure what was going on inside of stars and she came around, flopped the data and put it together and figured out and she was an early pioneer in the earliest century. empowering an entire branch of modern national physics to take hold. that's important. elon musk is also important if he realized the dreams of getting into space cheaply so when you ask that, it's like
8:46 pm
what's more important on a bicycle? the steering wheel with a spokes everything matters for the whole thing to move forward so i embrace it all. kennedy: one of the great things you embrace in the book, the things we don't know, in any other field would be incredibly first rating. you just thank your head against the wall at some point but it's the unknown that keeps people like you, philosophers of science, it's what keeps them going so you talk about dark matter in your book, will we ever know what that is? >> i hope so. [laughter] but the fact that we don't know makes it all the more exciting. his capturing the essence of the book in your few sentences, encapsulating, a collection of the deepest questions humans have ever confronted in
8:47 pm
civilization. where did it come from? how did it be this way? i will the end? is the life in the universe? we pose these questions in each chapter addressing them according to what we know. in some cases, what we know is spotty but we are candid about that and in other cases, we are not sure if we are asking the question so this is a book not written but has answers to all your questions, it's written such that it elevates your questions to the highest paramount levels and we see what we can do what what we've learned in the last century and decades or the last years. kennedy: that's what's so exciting about it because every time we do learn something new, once you've started that pursuit, it's addictive and you want to learn more and more in your book is great for that.
8:48 pm
i love the way you write. >> when your kids are curious and filled with wonder and curiosity and wonder combined is like the twin engines of exploration. kennedy: that is the greatest gift. thank you so much. get the book today. tropical storm is next. ♪♪
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california creating a new flavor in honor of meghan markle it will be extremely cold fame everything it touches. this is a top of the number one. 711 be adding fish bite towards hot food lineup. now like to keynote for only the second for shift thing in the story from a few fish pies pay to the season and eating them will make you wish you were dead for three days. perfect for when you're in the mood for seafood and don't have the time or money for a fancy night out at long john silvers. 711 calls these the perfect pairing for blue raspberry slurpie or lab in the grid and make it surf and turf. fish bite sold impact and five
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and served with a side of tartar sauce. only in this case, charter is from a homeless man's mouth. [laughter] you got 12. it will be right. all the fried fish sitting around for hours will make your local 711 smell waiter way better than usual. public number two. a stuntman set out to bring business to his favorite mexican restaurant sitting outside in a pool of lean get 24 hours. i guess this guy never heard of a nice yelp review, might be employed. sitting in a tub outside this restaurant. ironically, hunter's parents said he never amount to beings but sure showed them which reminds me of the time i save my favorite restaurant by standing on the highway were nothing but a cracker biller. not to mention last week when house minority leader kevin mccarthy tried to take his favorite author by stating in
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green eggs and ham, good news the beans won't go to waste, hunter agrees to sell them to talk about when he's done. he also says he won't be eating any of the means himself because he doesn't want to turn in to his bubblebath. number three. now to australia were a bunch staged acclimate protest by super gluing themselves to the street. these rebellion protesters are pounding the pavement in opposition to a fracking project after setting off players, spray painting buildings and going hand. part of a plan they came up with while sniffing sniffing the glue they were using. protesters say they know they can't fully stop climate change but at least this way they can act as a speedbump. they better be careful they could end up down. in the end, they were taken by police used nail polish remover
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to unstick their hands. the second time that day they were unglued. oh no, climate. number four. new report claims amazon alexa could be used to monitor your heart rate one day in your heartbeat. not mine. i've got a heart of gold. researchers at the university of washington testing a device that uses deducting the time between human heartbeats. looks at use these, once people of oncoming heart attacks and save lives. even if it fails, it will probably find it in your heart to forgive itself scientists say the technology could be linked to alexa front speakers i can send text alerts when your heartbeat and your home becomes elevated. the only downside, you are about to find out what your husband been doing when you go for groceries and the nail salon for
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the drycleaners, pretty much every time you leave the house, carpal tunnel coming on. we get to your primary account, receive tissues when your heart is broken and of course, those in your household found to have no heart, they will be offered executive positions at amazon that's exciting. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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thank you for watching. follow me on twitter, instagram.
9:00 pm subscribe to my podcast. spotlight, apple podcast fox news tomorrow, an appendectomy or medical experience. good night. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to andrew jackson: hero under fire if. you know, andrew jackson was one of america's most consequential leaders. we're going to examine the remarkable life of our seventh president and find out why he could be so controversial in our day. his legacy is under attack in many circles, and as calls mount to take down can monuments, we're going to hear from both sides of the argument. i've been researching andrew jackson, and i'll show you how important the battle of new


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