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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 16, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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keith: another, that is good news and it out his down the s&p getting is the biden said that he has no plans to visit the southern border printed so think that everybody pretty so to guide you through the next hour is charles payne. charles: hey david thank you very much and good afternoon everyone i am charles payne and in making money. we s&p 500 out of record territory the nasdaq raising for the most part. investors are guarded going in 24 hours, companies are back into the spotlight and they will make a decision that will move the stock market in a major way. i'm just not sure which direction and is by the retail sales everyone is looking forward to massive consumer spending to increase and texas are being dulled out and we have some of the best retail analyst
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who are tell us the big winners from all that freighted just moments president biden will be on his way to pennsylvania. jenny is live, to promote the massive covid-19 relief plan. this is a hot thing, one democratic senators bragging about getting through the next bill but we will get a live report and also reaction from senator mike in just a moment. all of that and so much more on making money. ♪ ♪♪ >> even as checked in the rescue plan are still making the right to american households, while the biden administration is beefing up this in from structure bill, supposed be bipartisan and maybe it will be
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down through just like the rescue plan. at least those with a calming words from the democratic senators, deterrence and secretary pete yesterday. live on capitol hill with more details. reporter: of democrats run through the covid-19 relief using markings reconciliation without one republican vote, democrats said that it's going to be different pretty publicly joe manchin publicly pronounce that intersection would be something that has brought bipartisan support and reconciliation would not need to be used for some of his democratic colleagues are signaling their already going to use reconciliation. >> so ultimately it will be put together similar to help. [inaudible]. and most likely. [inaudible]. reporter: reconciliation: be used once in fiscal year so that
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means democrats have one more opportunity to seize their policies through. and using that method is a way to work around the filibuster that was forcing them to get ten republicans on board. but even democrats are already wondering if the filibuster should be next on the chopping block. >> none of the democrats are bound and determined printed they will use the second round reconciled that the revenue portion of that. i'm sure that we talking about a wealth tax so they will talk about that, the raising over talk to 20 percent. the money is mobile, is findable and can move around and probably will. reporter: the tax increases that are expected to be into the infant structure package as a way to pay for biden's agenda are things like raising the corporate tax rate from 21 - 20 percent and taxing capitol gains more higher and state taxes and income taxes but other ideas likable tax were not part of biden's agenda during the campaign but yesterday, the white house signaled laid would
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work on the wealth tax which is something champions like senator elisabeth warren with annulment mind. charles. charles: soaking another $2 trillion be spent without regard for a republican all makers printed senator of indiana. it does sound like this administration is made up his mind which is really more than likely this will main belt ignore the senate parliamentarian who obviously will rule against the budget reconciliation on this. or dissing the filibuster earlier today senator mcconnell earlier today senate will be complete scorched earth, and disaster in the senate if the democrats did that predict your thoughts. david: we just got out of her senate luncheon a leader mcconnell accentuated that again. but charles, the way i view it is that you can see that they are unleashing the great enthusiasm everything they have dreamed about for you and i think that reconciliation will
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be used to the max. i think that other shoe the drop when you talk about spending a lot of money, eventually is going to be taxation. and didn't hear mention which what i think was a big driver for the economy pre- covid-19 was the qualified income deduction for small business. that is due to sunset in 2025. and that will be in the chopping block as well. so the bad thing is that every time we have a budget committee meeting, i bring up the statement that were breaking can record revenues. we were pre- covid-19 and we have a spending issue here. two thirds of it is driven by stuff we have no political will to address medicare social security, and medicaid. so we cannot have the revenue to only spend a little bit of the gap of the spending frenzy that we are on it. so them because i think anything is on the table and they want to
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get it through fast. under the radar of the american public. charles: like 2009 and 2010 for you had less revenue coming in and even with president trump lower taxes, every's - we saw higher record-breaking revenues as the treasury but it does not matter because were his mother were taking it but apparently if there is going to be bipartisanship, and mike, at the expense of bringing back earmarks, no i thought from the republicans, that ship sailed forever. would you be okay with bringing them back. mike: absolutely not. that is finally one thing that makes sense to most americans that you cannot let any individual senator a rep. flip in appropriations bills which is what the way is to work before we had trillion dollar deficits. imagine having that's now on top of a shrug your shoulders running trillion dollar deficits.
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i hope there's nobody in the republican side, on the i am on the appropriations committee now, i'll be allowed to voice against that party to. charles: apparently they think there might be a few takers out there. i want to talk about this featured that you had from the wall street journal. it tells about your pushed it into the dingus ban on estate tax cuts. mike: so if you look into that treasure trove of spending, along with the stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, and felons and there is another interesting one. this was spearheaded by joe manchin. and that was if you take any of the state money, $350 million, was largely killed in two blue states because it was based on population only. they give more money to the shutdown states with high unemployment rates printed but there was a small fine print at the general caught my team
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caught it, you cannot use that money if you lower taxes in your state. and of course that is something the governor in west virginia as talked about and why, that shows you how far the democrats will go to put that type of restriction on good business climate states like indiana. or like west virginia with a considering lowering some state taxes. the joe manchin amendment said that you cannot do it, it's probably unconstitutional. and that is when the any things you get when you look at a belt so full of any things that you don't need. mike: i'm sure you all will find surprises in there for a long time to come for you and glad you got this one though. first they rewarded the most irresponsible states out there that already have reckless budget deficits. and then add responses to the covid-19 disaster and then they 100 other states to lower the taxes because lower taxes have
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been phenomenal for the states who have been able to do it talking to people and businesses. senator, congratulations i appreciate your time. mike: thank you. charles: someone is wall street want to see next on the government. one ring in advisor groups any along with two strategist david nelson. david you know you remember there was a time when everybody used to say the most rate was good gridlocked but it look like they really love massive spending of more than gridlocked. what are your thoughts pretty. david: wall street talked a lot about fiscal responsibility but in the end, they showed me the money. it's also instant gratification in voting system with monies going to do a lot, does a lot near-term and obviously retail sales are listed in this manufacturing as a relates to retail sales and even some of the money will find its way into the stock and bond market. so i get the idea that everybody wants this cash right now but even on the road, there's a
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price to pay for it, wall street will write check. charles: in one area and they're looking at the steady, and it it will be something like 2 trillion or maybe even $4 trillion and we see material names this year industrial names affected pretty well this year. where would you want to have exposure. if this kind of money just flooded into the economy and did indeed do infrastructure projects, we know last time that this was an unmitigated disaster so how would you want to be exposed to that. eddie: i still think you need to own industrial, the leaders so far this year we figured continued to lead over the few months because we do begin the infrastructure will happen, that's even more inflationary to the inflationary issues we have now. so financials and industrials and of course the physical opening trade we have been talking about all year, and energy will continue delayed that's where you need to be over waited in my opinion because these assets are going to continue to inflate as long as i
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continue to print money and continue to do things their inflationary to the economy because this economy is going to overheat as we get to the summer months. charles: there is not about the reopening, it just will not not stop by the bank of america printed monthly survey/maryland and he came out this morning with a seat big attack, even with the recent pullback is the most crowded trade out there. have got to tell you the last 24 hours feels like maybe david, the selling has decided a little bit. to certain dipping the toback back in the big tech. how are you handling it pretty. david: look charles, this loan largest sector in the s&p 500, how did they not have any exposure at all. we see to pull in and out of luck with this sector almost on a daily basis. for good reason. last year, the economy is rolling out in the vaccine is rolling out and about a hundred
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million people vaccinated already and everybody's going back to work. you don't have to pay nosebleed evaluations to have exposure to the sectors. twelve times forward and apply mobile markets you complain sector that weight and i feel overextended. charles: and by the way, mike is taken off like a rocket today. the prices have gone through the roof that take a look at and how do you reconcile that we do like the way the open trade which is not gangbusters to the right expense of technology and can you and both pretty. >> and i think you can come not for the near term. big tech we know long-term, we love this business is there going to be good for virginia but the next four - six months, the bottom line is they are so over owned that in order for these funds to rotate into the areas that were overweighted and now they have to sell the big tech, couple that with the fact think the tenure this year is going to get from 18219, the
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cards are stacked against big tech partner with the big ten years going to go much higher than what we are in order to rotate on the going to have to continue to sell those heavily weighted stocks. charles: i want to ask you guys about the craziness that we've seen in the four-week sling leading up to this week. so-called - that we all know about it, is just earlier in the session because the lowest point since the onset of the pandemic. so does this suggest you david there's maybe never reaction to all of this. david: i'm not sure it's an overreaction, they make sense because the tenure yield kind of edit around 1.6 percent. the elevation is a 30 basis point by the end of the year, that is fairly modest in terms of velocity. i think the markets will be able to handle that but if we start getting about 2 percent approaching 2.5, the toy to look higher. charles: benefits big meeting
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tomorrow, a little you guys to handicap it for me and tell me how you want to be positions ahead of it printed david of the back to you on this one. i think that they're going to do something. not sure what some people said he should do nothing your thoughts. a. david: i'm good do trade outside, normally not a fixed income guy that of a look at nancy davidson interesting volatility of etf, this is a way to play and and flotation but also on the other side of that, i think that they will be very soft and very pro- equity and going to be really talking inflation is not a challenge right now. going to try to sell a message in the question is will the market by its. charles: we better not do that cool hand thing you been the during the last two times. unity growing up and gave us a lot of stuff. in any davis, and thank you both a lot. meanwhile federal government has conjured up trillions of dollars to throw at the pandemic of my guess that there's no such thing as free money.
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charles: my next guest repeat testing of americans got much benefit from all of his physical relief packages and all the stimulus spending since the start of the pandemic. the foundation for economic education editor brad points out that the stimulus reaches $6 trillion almost 42000 for taxpayer of course most of it did not go to individuals or households of brad joins us now. brad you point out the government cannot create wealth but not at least out of thin air and they would have to do three things, you cited directly increasing taxes, running up debt, and frantic money. the administration and the federal reserve is actually doing all three. so the question is what is the problem and what risk are we inheriting here. brad: the government is not santa claus, i hate to break into the social some progressives of the world with
2:20 pm
the government cannot just create wealth. so everything will getting in stimulus benefits, whatever we are getting, some of been diverted to the partisan priorities like the blue state bailouts but whatever will getting we have to weigh against the cost printed anyone honestly say that we just get 6 trillion, 42 grand per federal taxpayer like you said, can anyone take they got that much of benefit out of all of these relief packages. i can't think of anyone who could so was it going. that should bring some serious eyebrows printed. charles: seizing the government cannot be santa claus but there is a real philosophy out there and i'm sure you know about it, so the government can be santa claus robin hood or any easter bunny all rolled up into one. and people are now believing is true. what you say to these philosophies that are emerging that the government can provide a guaranteed income to everyone and that the government can do a stimulus package every single year and the government can payoff all student as because it sounds like this could rule our
2:21 pm
economic policy in a couple of years. brad: look at the danger of the philosophy and is wrong whenever can't. it will lead us entitlements that the markets rely and combust where we are paying trillions of dollars of unit taxes just cover the interest payments on her out-of-control deficits and debt. so these people, it's a convenient political spin. to say is not real, the government can just pull money out of thin air but that is not the truth most people understand that some of the truth. so the politicians are telling you that, ask yourself what they try to cover up. in this case, even play the fact some of the literal meaning fact checker pointed out the 90 percent of biden's latest stimulus bill, is not directly related to covid-19 so using this philosophy to cover up the fact that there's something americans a life under the guidance of the covid-19 bailouts. a. charles: i'm getting a ride but i want this in. real quick, lifelong seven talking about going over this fiscal cliff, do you think there will be a greater epiphany when
2:22 pm
i stop it or to be just eventually have to go over the cliff before we learn the hard way. brad: unfortunately we may have to learn the hard way which we could get the act together now because not to read do this now but if we don't, we have to learn the hard way. charles: at least you're young and you can recover. brad: and paid off for the rest of my life. charles: i really admire rewriting him a lot is being made of the disappointing retail sales in february but i say is the january revisions should guide you in investing. plus walmart open and tapping top designer to bring the stars are bringing fashion into your home. would you go there to find fashion. they're not only retailer trying to stand out in the crowd printed i've to the best expert to break it all down printed there next.
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charles: retail sales giving up unexpected, sales before 3 percent last month. with the january number shows the real consumer story in my opinion. during willis has the details. >> is absolutely right retail sales for february other showing disappointing slowdown. 3 percent compared to a half percent and by the way this 19.e same month last year. this back appear, the here's the devils and the details in the story, february data looks disappointing apart because january was blockbuster for retail sales and in today's reports the commerce department revises the sales to gain of 7.r estimate of 5.3 percent. and part of that is due to the stimulus checks that went out. so what happened in february, a combination of winter snowstorms plus the fact that february
2:28 pm
typically is a slope retail month as a result sales are furniture electronics home improvements, lower and sales gas stations up against prices through the roof and compared to last year, sales are up 6 percent over the last three months think about that pretty 1400-dollar checks out of the weekend is a strong month in march and it got to all street as all revising higher estimates in the meantime another historic walmart has hired texas fashion designer printed maxwell to receive the retailers so-called elevated brands in the project runway judge has trust people like lady gaga michelle obama and his ascended back to you charles and i will tell you that i would look at the stuff online, most of the stuff on the runway is kind of really. not his, it is gorgeous predict very exciting for walmart. back to you. charles: well walmart is already converted one person, jerry, thank you very much.
2:29 pm
in a gotta say that i agree with her, the february retail number was so-so in january number really in those revisions up in the bump of the call at the johnson redbook, up eight and a half percent and that spikes retail sales be in the same store trends on a weekly basis so i think we have the momentum and obviously we have the money pouring into the whole sector with the latest round of stimulus checks. there will be a lot of excitement and money to be made a party retail outlets toys me now predict international economist. i would like your thoughts on this next wave of stimulus coming in, how big of a deal will be for the retail segment. >> is going to a huge deal for you think about limited debt was paid is down since the last year in 2020. it was $83 billion predict i think that a lot of people are hunkering down and certainly in the using all of that money to
2:30 pm
pay down the debt. so we have pent-up demands right now national retail federation is expecting retail sales to go up between 6.2 - 8.2 percent into her point, nashville will be the creative designer and walmart, making moves for walmart. listen, i would go walmart just to see people at this point. having held up in my home right now people just want to get out and see people party. charles: you know and are and what is amazing to the point, paying down debt, credit card debt has come down dramatically this last year to do see councils are sitting on santa money. he fully go out and spend it. >> i think were going to see a shift in warmer spending our money because in the last year, we spent a lot on improving our home. it will continue. however, we are also sick of
2:31 pm
wearing sweatpants and leisure every single day. so if you look at urban outfitters numbers that just came out, seven of the top ten products they sold in january our dresses party to some women are really ready to kind of strut their stuff again and go out and dress up for unit which will spark a whole new impetus and what is turning in retail so i think i'll be super interesting going forward. with the people are paying down the debt and credit cards however i am concerned with how much we are tying consumer behavior and spending and retail numbers to the stimulus because it seems like were only having up months after stimulus checks are spent writing that is a bad habit to get into for the long term. charles: in this you think nancy pelosi will send you a check every three months. you may ask both ladies would you make of what is happened in the sector from the investing point of view. these brick-and-mortar retail places have been mind-boggling
2:32 pm
revealing the index, up 100 percent year over year in the top doctors game stop and but nothing but small they like a scholastic some of these are names that a year ago, most people thought we go out of business and instead, even superhigh flyers. are we changing as consumers resist one of these things where they're just oversold pretty. >> i think aaron was talking to you about trying to come i think the consumer is good is another trend as well for you and what is it that the target would be to go to start over the last year. and you've seen that is looking at the study done by oracle that consumer package goods was a focus unprecedented focus for the last year printed a 43 percent versus 32 percent last year. and across the board, different spending groups, one statistic here the millennial's in the spinning on fancy napkins charles pretty fancy napkins was at 337 percent.
2:33 pm
is not just in smaller retails for were talking about that walmart the targets of the world. target for example which is something i do like, up 13.7 percent on the sales. charles: erin by the way, i get a minute to go so i'm going to see you last, 22 things pretty do you think the designer guides going to make a mark heart. man member rj became a household name. and what name is standing out to you. what trend is standing out the most in terms of something that are investing audience may be intrigued by. a. >> i think brendan maxwell will be a big hit with walmart customers. in this because this is not just a one off situation like we had the target where 70 came in and for two or three month span. he actually brendan maxwell is having a job, long-term play with walmart and he is personal invested because he's a texan born and bread and he said that
2:34 pm
i want to merge when i am doing now in my life. the glamour of new york and la and i want to bring it home to the people i grew up with. so is truly investing his bread in walmart. >> i just have to say that they try to do creative directors at walmart so any times elevate the brand. i don't think it successful but i do love maxwell and thank you so a great designer printed. charles: between you two of their i am intrigued. we will revisit this long from now. thank you both very much appreciated afraid of meanwhile and more americans are taking governance free stimulus money but guess what, approving their own lot in life in fact there investing following up on the new route to freedom and always find the next for you later timmy and bruce on the washington post for its massive corrections on the story about
2:35 pm
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charles: did the biden administration bring back the big welfare society. more cities spirit with things like guaranteed income. to be an epic struggle. any folks will accept that the economy supports the economic that their martin by embracing a variety of these government programs and promoted his ways to level the playing field but they keep these stuck pretty historically the big welfare option has some success by being since advising work in merit savings and investing. the environment of free money go complaint against the american prominence and work hard sacrifice take chances and rewards can be unlimited. admittedly when you're born into poor property it's hard to resist all the those who say no
2:40 pm
thanks to all of this programs on the economic ladder, they also forge ahead to true freedom. but something is happening right now and i see it. younger americans are taking the free money but the no selling their souls for giving up on improving their life and sent him there actually investing that money. they estimate that young adults will be taking large plots of this latest by the rescue package and totals about $170 billion and put it into the stock market up to 23 -year-olds, 40 percent and 25 - 34 -year-olds, 50 percent. i can tell you right now that the establishment cases and events even though the response outbreak with them millennial's are not in the market. summer trying to take advantage including robin hood which is currently promoting and de facto give us years offer. let's talk economics. market tackler.
2:41 pm
you know mark, yet i yet love the young adults taking the spending and instead of spent spinning out having a party and buying something they don't need, the putting it to work. what is your thoughts on this. >> that is discipline right there. so you have the joke about the mailman son, that is literally made. my dad worked for the post office pretty. mark: moments homemaker i did not get a head start. it was not thinking about stocks of the young age. my first investment ever was baseball cards and i'm they were going to increase in value. but when i need to be her money in college, there's actually no market for them. so my first lesson that i learned investing was illiquidity. so this is a great opportunity for young adults. this is a very unique an incredible opportunity and really did better not blow it because what is happening is easy and adults are getting a taste of capitalism and taste of success. and for a lot of people charles, went to the taste, you want more. so don't blow this opportunity. charles: you feel like they're
2:42 pm
getting better freedom i want to see this closely and i see the hot stocks in the message board and watch the information that they share. i feel like they are teaching themselves. a quick rapid education and i love that as well. mark: and it's really fast, they got learn the flight. at the same point in time, there is real money, i noticed not may be manning that they necessarily earned, maybe it was given to them as part of the package but it israel money, some family so you do need to make sure that you do your homework. everyone makes mistakes predict i make mistakes every single viewer right now makes mistakes and you've made mistakes and sometimes those your best lessons that you can learn from our your mistakes. charles: you don't forget them that's for sure. let me ask about overall your sense on whether the economy as it were the market goes from here printed considering the face of the vaccinations how quickly the reasons are
2:43 pm
reopening, be confident about the economic backdrop for the markets predict. mark: i think the economy will be strong and i think you will see essential rebound the gdp could be north of 10 percent this year and charles the key obviously we continue to reopen the economy. 's absolute tons of pent-up demand from the consumers. travel and things like that. one of the main focus is what we really have to is a small businesses. still on life support right now. so with the economy i think it rebound in the stock market on the other hand, this will be a more typical year, and we will experience some corrections pretty. charles: mark, but rocha, what stock would you tell you 20 -year-old self to buy after he sold baseball cards if he could right now. mark: i would say take the easy w don't try to be a hero make the land first and half-court shop so go get like google
2:44 pm
microsoft something that will pay it play out. charles: fantastic story of congratulations. the postman sun. as want to give a shout out to wall street vets in the community pricing hundreds of thousands for the diane fosse gorilla find it. great great stuff. when well is a break on the washington post admitting he misquoted former president trump and georgia election sorry for the correction coming only days after the newspaper got the audio, any are questioning but the real message is here. tammy has the answer here and she reacts next.
2:45 pm
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act now. charles: the washington post a report on conversation between former president donald trump and the georgia election investigator in the newspapers so i think recordings revealed in the post misquoted trump's comments on the call based on information provided by a source and trump did not tell the investigator to fraud or say she would be a national hero if she did so. sentra urged the investigator to certain things in georgia asserting that she would find
2:49 pm
dishonesty there and he also told her that she had the most important job in the country right now predict and meanwhile trump is responding saying that you'll notice that establish media errors and mistakes and outright lies always slide one way. against me and against republicans. meanwhile the stories that are the democrats are undermining the narratives are very ignored or delayed until they can do the least harm. for example, after an election is over. on that note, i would like to bring a "fox news" contributor tammy bruce. tammy we saw so any media misquotes and corrections throughout the trump presidency. and this one was a serious bombshell because everyone jumped on it. they were talk about impeachment academic and connectivity because of this report. tammy: this of course is that
2:50 pm
even misquoting. thank you got word wrong. they made it up that each quote, they did not even exist. they were not within a feeling or the nature of the phone call. in this what they call too good to check for units of the post resident and then others pick it up. and then a couple of months later, they run for the correction which is meaningless because the damage has been done. but this is quite as you noted, what trump dealt with. what the country dealt with by entities that claim to be journalistic entity sprayed their actually clearly political entities. in the presence trump's point about where the errors go to predict for years, anthony cuomo was protected that he was actually, people said nothing about his behavior which was known by who knows how any people, pretty much everyone in albany but nothing until after the election. on one hand, the willing to make things up unfairly in a spare
2:51 pm
innocent person on the other hand, they are able to keep a secret and say nothing about a man who is everything that they said trump was. and they were talking about effectively andrew cuomo who represents all of what they said trump was doing when effective course it was a democrat governor of new york. charles: is a review story, i don't believe the washington post would have corrected this if the wall street journal had not obtained a copy of this call. knowing that the wall street journal andy, the truth was going to come out so they had to confront it. tammy: that's exactly right for you he would never know. we now know what their issue is and what they hide with the willing to hide and not take on as an honest effort. this is a very good example of that. the resident rate one else should record all of the conversations with any one because you know this is going
2:52 pm
to happen. charles: thank you and by the way folks, tim is narrating everyone watch its. it's been far too long. from the washington post, on this insurrection, will delve into that more but in the meantime, you can see the market is waffling. because everybody is waiting from guidance from an calling this is can he wall street that is actually in control without taking any action. that is next for unit
2:53 pm
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charles: folks, in 24 hours we'll know what the fed has or maybe has not done, and i suspect there's going to be a violent market reaction. i'm talking a big move to the upside. maybe even a massive selloff from a wall street temper tantrum if they do nothing at a all. i want to bring in alicia levine. again, this is what i think, i think jay powell cannot get away with just lip service. what are you anticipating from the gathering, and how do you see the market reacting? >> hi, charles, great to see you. look, i think jay powell is dancing on the a head of a pin here in that there's very little room for error. so we're faced with probably the
2:57 pm
strongest economy in 35 years and maybe since the 1950s if we get the 10% growth, which is imminently possible. and at the same time, we have a more dovish than usual fed. so jay powell's job is to convince the market that even with this growth and as the unemployment moves lower, it's not going to raise rates x. that's a very difficult message. the market wants to hear something about the long end, what's happening with yields. we've moved 110 basis points since the summer lows, so the market9 wants to hear that the fed is concerned about it, watching it closely and maybe might take action. that should be enough to keep yields lower and move certains asset classes higher including tech which is really keying off where the 10-year yield is. charles: so when he tries to say, hey, listen, don't worry about inflation because i'm going to let it run hot anyway, i'm more focused on full employment and that doesn't mean
2:58 pm
4.5%, that means full employment for all the niches of our economy, all the demographics, is that going to work? i don't think that will work anymore. >> so i think it could work as long as the fed suggests it's watching the long end, and it may talk about changing its purchases for quantitative easing moving more towards longer duration assets and not buying as much mortgage-backed security. it's very seccal -- technical, but it will have the impact of lowering yields. so if there's any discussion of that, that should be positive for the market. and i think you'll see us rally on that kind of message. charles: okay. we did see the ecb on thursday do something, you know, where they said they were going to speed up their asset purchasing and plans, and to your point, the markets rallied bigtime. hey, this bank of america survey out this morning, 43% of these fund managers said 2% yields on the 10-year will trigger a 10% correction, and 2.5% bonds are more attractive than stocks.
2:59 pm
do you yee with that? >> i disagree fundamental hi because i think stocks can move higher as long as yields move slowly upward. stocks and yields can move together as long disease -- ang ang -- as long as it's orderly. so if you move slowly, the market should be okay. it's not an absolute level. you can move higher here. we will move higher here. the bond market's telling you that in yields. so we shouldn't be scared. we should be thinking about rotation though, and we should be thinking about all of those volatile days in the bond market which may affect tech more than the value stocks. you should use those days to build position in the companies that are really very strong, have earnings, are growing their revenues and growing their earnings. those are are the days to buy tech. charles: so buy tech, you know, make the volatility your friend, buckle up, don't be afraid, don't bill clinton. alicia, that's why we love you. thank you very much.
3:00 pm
really do appreciate it. you walked us through some really important things, and i do think tomorrow's going to be very consequential. speaking of tomorrow, tune in right here, fox business, we're going to take the fed decision live. you want to watch me and my special guests. in the meantime, i'm handing it over to my colleague, liz claman. a lot of anxiety today, liz. liz: i don't need to see a special guest, i'll watch you any day, charles. charles: thank you. liz: oh, look, we coordinated. how nice. okay, charles, thank you. [laughter] las vegas. las vegas is opening just a bit wider for business. down for the count at the height of the pandemic, wait til you see what the gambling and entertainment mecca looks like as capacity restrictions just got rolled back in a big way. and speaking of big, the biggest fish on the strip, the venetian, now has a brand new owner. the ceo of the company taking the bet on sin city's return to
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