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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪♪ ♪ >> tonight, u.s. and chinese officials hold their first face to face meeting. the debate? is china our friend or foe? lots to talk about. with us tonight, michael pillsbury, brian babbitt and mark lamb. they'll be here along with ford o'connell, joe concha and deneen borelli. there is so much to discuss tonight beginning with this: the white house finally calling the situation on the border a crisis before quickly walking back. it lasted about two seconds. plus, the whistleblower stepping forward over new york governor andrew cuomo's orders that led to the deaths of thousands of covid patients in nursing homes.
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to california and why that state's democrat governor is now facing new and bigger problems. and we'll also tell you why 21 republican state attorney generals are threatening to i sue the biden administration. hi, everybody, i'm ashley webster in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ashley: okay. let's begin with the secretary of state, antony blinken, sitting down with chinese dip lo at mats in alaska today in their very first face to face meeting. it was two months in the making. are we going to get anything out of it? blake burman is at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: this meeting's been going on for about 45 minutes or so in alaska. let me take you inside the room briefly as both sides have been giving their opening remarks, i guess you could call it.
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front and center, left side of your screen, tony blinken, the u.s. secretary of state the. right side of the screen, jake sullivan, the national security adviser. those are the top two diplomats for the u.s. who are meeting with their counterparts from china. the white house, the biden administration had led us to believe going into this that the discussions would be very frank and very direct, and they have been. listen here to the secretary of state in his very first remarks in these very first face to face meetings. watch. >> we'll have an opportunity to dusky priorities, both domestic and global, so that china can better understand our administration's intentions and approach. we'll also discuss our deep concerns with actions by china including schoen jang, hong kong, taiwan with, cyber attacks on the united states, economic coercion toward our allies. each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability.
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>> reporter: once again live inside the room there, the chinese side, ashley, still going through its opening remarks. they said at one point, quote: we must abandon the cold war game, end quote. another quote, the u.s. has overstretched the use of force and financial hegemony. so they're talking. they're face to face. we were told that the bar was going to be very low and a lot of issues would have to be worked through, and seemingly all of that is starting to play out right now in alaska. by the way, ashley, the white house over here earlier today was also saying whatever might come of this, sullivan and blinken would report back to the president, and the white house wouldn't necessarily guarantee that there might be another meeting or meetings after that and what pace this might occur saying that there's not a scheduled series of meetingses at this point in time. we'll have to see. ashley in. ashley: yeah, indeed. see what the mood is when they finally wrap up the meeting. interesting stuff. blake, thank you very much.
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joining me now to discuss is hudson institute director of chinese strategy and author of "the hundred-year marathon: china's secret strategy to replace america as the global superpower," the one and only michael pillsbury. michael, great to see you. okay, they're putting down their markers in the early stages of this brief meeting. what's your reaction? >> well, this has happened eight times before, ashley, first round and a new president. both sides are going to sort of read off their talking points. the meeting for the trump transition was two hours. unfortunately in the trump administration, our first secretary of state the, rex tillerson, was extremely pro-china. he was out of touch with the president's views, and he kind of ruined his fist trip to china and misled them. so what tony blinken is trying to do as secretary of state, been very clear about this, he wants these chinese officials to
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hear it directly from him just how concerned the united states is about a long list of issues. he doesn't want it to be filtered through think tanks or journalists or low-level people. so i expect the chinese side will just give the same thing back to him, don't interfere in our internal relations, but out -- butt out. we only want one thing, which is a summit with joe biden. they want it on earth day, and they want john kerry to come with him. [laughter] the chinese have clear demands, we don't have clear demands. we just want to express grievances about china's challenge to the global world order. that's a good thing, but it's not the same as the chinese, targeted and focused. we want joe biden with xi jinping, we want it in a month. ashley: just yesterday blinken himself announced new sanctions other beijing's crackdown on the pro-democracy advocates in hong kong. that sends a message, does it not? >> it does, but it's very meek
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and mild. these are the kind of sanctions of these 24 officials, can't visit america. well, you know, too bad. an earlier sanction was hong kong's leader, carrie lam, could not open a checking account in hong kong. these are kind of slap on the wrist, what's called virtual signaling sanctions. they're not serious sanctions. and the chinese, i think, in this meeting in alaska are going to say keep out of hong kong. they've got pretty much everybody under arrest in hong kong who is a challenge to them. ashley: yeah. >> they could easily release the prisoners, ashley. that would be a major gesture, front page news, we're releasing the top 50 prisoners today. they're not going to do that. chinese play really tough. ashley: well, talking of which, how much different will the strategy be from what we saw with donald trump to what we're going to see with joe biden? if are the chinese happy to see the back of donald trump? [laughter] >> well, in the beginning you
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remember xi jinping and donald trump were best friends. that evolved over time to when they wouldn't even speak to each other. so bind's getting a fresh start -- biden's getting a fresh start. but i would expect. a deterioration in the relationship fairly soon if the u.s. side does not make serious concessions to china. that's what they want. there's more than just the summit with biden that they want out of this, and my fear, ashley, is that we're going to make con sessions to china in order to get that climate deal, that green climate deal from china. who are the world's biggest polluters. that's why they're so important to climate change. ashley: well, and that's the big flaw in the paris accord, is it not? it's ridiculous. but, you know, we do have those tariffs still in place, i believe, billions of dollars in tariffs that came in in the trump administration. we still have bans on chinese apps -- >> right. ashley: do you think joe biden
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may give up on those as, you know, a goodwill gesture, and is that a good move? >> some people are afraid of that. my own prediction, and i could be wrong, my own prediction is that the chinese are going to be nasty in this meeting. joe biden's going to get the brunt of it. there's going to be a debate, and he might get tougher on china than even president trump. he could increase the tariffs, he could take a number of steps against china. because he's going to know as of tomorrow that we don't have the leverage to bring the chinese around on any of the key issues. this is a country that thinks they're about to surpass us and that we're the declining power. ashley: interesting. i tell you what, michael, listen to this, this is what joe biden said about china back in 2016. take a listen. >> contain china, we're not trying to slow down chinese growth. the growth of china is overwhelmingly in our interest.
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ashley: well, what do you say to that? that was four years ago. >> right. well, he's changed his views. he put out a statement saying the opposite now, he said something like if we don't get a move on, china's going to to eat our lunch. so he's obviously changed his view drastically, which is a good thing. whether he'll go the next step, ashley, and start taking stronger measures against china to get movement, to get concessions from them, that's the big questions at stake here on these alaska talks. ashley: well, very quickly, ten seconds, do you think joe biden has the backbone to do it? >> well, he's got his fellow senators. i knew him when he was a senator. a lot of senators, both parties, are really angry and disgusted with china. so joe biden is in touch with the senators all the time. they're kind of like his peers. when he hears from them, you know, china is an extremely
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threat to our country, joe, i think joe biden's going to have to listen to his fellow senators. he's not just on his own on this. despite john kerry and climate change. [laughter] ashley: right. right. michael pillsbury, it's a pleasure, as always. thank you so much for joining us tonight, we do appreciate it. >> thanks, ashley. ashley: all right. coming up, texas congressman brian babbin and arizona sheriff mark lamb on the white house finally admitting what's happening on the border is, in fact, a crisis. >> let me talk about the economic side. at the end of 2019, we had the lowest poverty rate in american history. ever. and that wasn't just from the deregulation and the tax cuts, it was also because we were enforcing immigration law which allowed poor americans' wages to rise. and one of the aspects of this biden effect is that is not being discussed is how it gives the economic shaft to american
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so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at ♪ ashley: as the migrant crisis worsens at the border, the house has just approved an immigration bill that includes a pathway to citizenship. fox news congressional correspondent chad pergram is on
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capitol hill with the details. chad. >> reporter: good evening, ashley. as you say, the house just passed the dream act. of the vote was 228-197, nine republicans voted yes. it gives many undocumented persons brought here as minors a path to become an american citizen. it's unclear if comprehensive immigration reform could become law, but that's why the house is focused today on narrow bills, the dream act and granting legal us to migrant farm worker. >> these bills are not comprehensive immigration reform, but they are supported by the american people because they know that dreamers are adding to this country's value. >> reporter: democrats accused the gop of using the border problem as a reason to oppose the dream act. republicans say democrats are focused on the wrong things. >> you know, democrats are only
6:16 pm
exasperating the problem at the border by creating the incentive of amnesty with no discussion of border security. >> reporter: critics contend the dream act is a magnet to attract to the u.s. ashley. ashley: all right. chad pergram, thank you very much. now more. >> on the southern border it's dangerous, it's dangerous for the american people because the human traffickers are benefiting from this, the dug traffickers are benefiting from this. joe biden's administration is aiding and abetting in the trafficking of persons. he's complicit in this, and it must stop, he must reverse course. he must. ashley: that is texas congressman troy nehls calling out the biden administration on its response to that surge in migrants at the southern border. the administration has refused to call the situation a crisis, but rather, a challenge.
6:17 pm
then in today's briefing white house press secretary jen psaki did say crisis when talking about the border but, oh, then quickly walked it back. watch this. >> a crisis on the border -- >> challenges on the border. >> okay. but that doesn't reflect any change in the administration's view of this? >> nope. ashley: feel like she slipped there. she said crisis but, oops, no, i meant if challenge. let's bring in congressman brian babbin of texas. good evening to you, and arizona sheriff mark lamb. gentlemen, thank you both. sheriff, let me begin with you, if i can. since this surge has a taken off, what have you seen in your particular county? you're between phoenix and tucson, if i'm not mistaken. >> yeah, that's right. we're about 60 miles off the border, but we've seen a huge increase in numbers. we've gone back to, like, obama
6:18 pm
era numbers and actually probably a little worse. just last week alone on wednesday, 49 apprehensions here in my county. to the south end of my county a native american reservation which actually extends into mexico. there's no wall down there and, honestly, they are coming in unfettered right now. you've got to remember, we've heard talk about this, it's about human trafficking and drug trafficking. the drugs are flowing with these people, and that affects all of our communities across this country. ashley: it's, you know, words actually escape me on this. congressman babbin. let me bring you in. this is clearly what's going on. now we're getting kind of blacked out, if you like, by the biden administration. the media is not allowed in to take a look at what's going on, we're not getting the real numbers of those migrants that are coming in on a daily basis. do we really know how many unaccompanied children there are. there's no other word for it, it is a crisis, but how long can this go on, congressman? >> it can't go on much longer without the destruction of our
6:19 pm
great nation. they have, the cartel, in fact, sheriff lamb said it -- i had the pleasure of meeting sheriff lamb a couple years ago when i was touring the southern arizona border. but i want to tell you that the biden administration, especially the president himself, has himself to thank for opening this border up with his rhetoric, his promises. and then he tries to back up and say don't come now. well, they're here. they know our laws better than we do, these migrants do. and they're not just people coming in the here to look for work. we've had a number of 'em just recently that were caught that were on the terrorist watch list are. we've got covid-positive illegals being turned loose on my border here in texas to fan out into the country. it is most definitely a crisis and a crisis that joe biden owns. and he needs to own up to it, and he needs to start listening
6:20 pm
to some sense and not only -- if you're not going to a take care of the american citizens and put them second to the migrants, then think about the migrants. because they are being, they're paying through the nose to the cartels who have been empowered. they're bringing in drugs, human trafficking, and it is an unmitigated disaster down there that needs to be rectified and rentfied quickly. rectified quickly. >> absolutely. spot on on -- ashley: go ahead, sheriff. >> he's spot on. this is about they are abusing the rights of these people. sho it shouldn't matter what party unfortunately. if you care about human rights and human beings, you should care about these people and border security. they're raping and abusing the women, they're extorting the men, forcing them to carry drug into this country. and what they're doing with the unaa companied minors is crazy. and they know our policies better than we do. and that's the issue that we're dealing with the.
6:21 pm
and, you know, us as sheriffs, we've created an organization called protect america now, and you can check it out at protect america we're not going to tolerate these bad policies and undermining of the rule of law. people will say, well, they're good people. guess what? good people get duis. it is against the law to come here illegally, and that's what we're trying to uphold, the law. if they don't like it, they need to change it. ashley: you know, you bring up a good point, sheriff. let me go back to the congressman. congressman, homeland security, you mentioned it's not only just a surge of migrants looking for a better life and doing it illegally, but you have the drug cartels, covid, people on the most wanted list. this is the homeland security problem. how can that not resonate with those on the other side of the aisle? >> it is politics. they're using the border as a political weapon, ashley. it is really, really a terrible situation. because as an elected official,
6:22 pm
our federal, state and local elected officials need to keep their own constituents, their own citizens at the top of the list of safety, national security and well-being and health. and biden in his own words is putting illegal immigrants ahead of his own citizens here in this country. and it is despicable to see this. and then to turn around and not want the public to know what's going on with this unofficial gag order where you've got border patrol and sector the chiefs are not allowed to talk to the press, not to show 'em pictures or videos. we have no idea, but we do know five times the number of unaccompanied children are coming in now than they were back in january. and we had a 6,000 crossing in one day of illegals in general, and if it's not, if it's not an emergency, why did they call in in the federal emergency
6:23 pm
management agency? why are they opening facilities here and there and shifting these migrants sometimes thousands of miles if they're not, if this is not an emergency? and also all of a sudden they're not cages like they were under president trump. these are family holding facilities. it's as cynical as it comes. >> yeah. ashley: well, and i -- let's be honest, it's only going to get worse, is it not, sheriff? very quickly. >> you're right. it's going to get worse. biden, the washington times or "the new york times" is now saying that biden is quietly pressing mexico. hmm, sounds like something president trump did, and he finally recognized that president trump was right. [laughter] we've got a problem ahead of us, but we're fighting against it. >> and even president obrador in mexico has said president biden is the migrant president and helping the cartels. and it is really a shame to hear that said. ashley: we're going to be talking a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months. gentlemen, thank you. congressman babbin, sheriff
6:24 pm
lamb, thank you so much for talking with us tonight. we do appreciate it, thank you. coming up next, new york republican assemblyman kevin byrne on how the scandal surrounding governor cuomo, well, they just got a whole lot worse. ♪ ♪ >> everybody on the judiciary committee are attorneys, most of them are practicing attorneys, and we got the impression that they're pulling the wool over our eyes. you know, we'll deal with that. ♪♪ a flexible wealth plan. you'll have access to tax-smart investing strategies, and with brokerage accounts online trades are commission free. personalized advice. unmatched value. at fidelity, you can have both. (deborah vo) i was hesitant to get the hearing aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them. (vo) discover the exclusive, new miracle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids with over 70 years of experience. (deborah) when i finally had miracle-ear and i could hear
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♪ ashley: a whistleblower dropped a bombshell revelation in the cuomo covid-19 cover-up. stat then island nursing home administrator michael krause says governor cuomo's infamous orders placing covid patients back into homes, quote, petrified nursing home executives and their objections were silenced. watch this. >> many, many facilities vocalized it. they were petrified, but they were more petrified of the department of health. once it was shot down, i never spoke again. ashley: well, joining me now is new york assemblyman kevin byrne. kevin, thanks for joining us. are you surprised by those statements? >> thank you for having me, ashley. knowing what we know now and how this above has responded to criticism from anybody including the medical community, no, i'm
6:29 pm
not surprised at all. and, actually, it completely matches up with some of the things we've heard as legislators. ashley: all right. so where does this all stand is? because it seems to me -- i'm not going to say he's teflon, but where do we stand on the impeachment effort with regard to governor cuomo? >> well,ing we've moved forward successfully pressuring the majority which is we need a two-thirds democrat majority into opening up an impeachment investigation. i and many of my colleagues support impeachment. the investigation is, has been selected to the judiciary committee which the speaker announced a couple days ago. there's some troubling news coming from that front. they appointed a law firm to help them with the investigation. not against having the resources of a law firm, but there's questions about political influence and a potential of conflict of interest that many
6:30 pm
of us are concerned about. one of the former law firm partners for over three decades is the husband of the chief judge. i'm not on the judiciary committee actually, but i've been very involved in this erin shoe of trying to expose -- this issue of trying to expose the march a 25th policy. and what we've done is compiled a timeline about all the different things that have happened, the march 25th to present. and the answers that we've gotten from this governor and his administration, department of health have evolved over time. and by doing so, we were able to actually pinpoint close to a dozen things that we believe are impeachable offenses. i've teamed up with my colleague here from the hudson valley, and we actually wrote a letter to the chairman of the judiciary committee, chuck levine, and to all the committee members to try to make their jobs a little easier. giving them this timeline,
6:31 pm
public sources, highlighting every scandal we've heard about. the question i get is when's the next shoe going the drop? i don't know how many shoes this governor has. i think he's walking barefoot right now. there's been so many scammed aals, the book deal, the cover-up of the nursing home deaths, the sexual harassment scandals, it's never ending. ashley: right. and, of course, then there's the sense yule harassment investigations that continue to expand and expand. where do they stand, and how much pressure is this governor under? he doesn't seem like -- you know, you're not going to get him out very easily. >> oh, i think anyone that expects this governor to resign on his own is dreaming. i think the only way to get this man out of office is through impeachment. i think that's pretty clear right now. i am encouraged that some of the senior elected officials from the democratic party in new york are calling for his resignation, but that's not enough. the sexual harassment
6:32 pm
allegations and eventually, you know, groping, assault, all extremely serious. the attorney general's investigating that. we know the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office is investigating the nursing home scandal. but as far as the legislature goes, we have an obligation to remove a governor if there's misconduct. i believe there's enough public evidence to substantiate that, and i think the sexual harassment. allegations certainly are a part of what the legislature needs to review when we talk about impeachment. ashley: all right. we'll see how it all plays out. assemblyman kevin byrne, thank you so much for joining us. we do appreciate it. an effort -- just ahead, republican strategist ford to o'connell on why 21 republican state attorneys general are threatening to sue the biden administration over its $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. ♪ ♪ >> we've got a total state
6:33 pm
budget of right around $10 billion as it is. so when the federal government prints money and throws $3 billion at us and then tells us we can't use it to reduce spending or cut taxes anywhere else, that's a real problem for a state like us. so, yeah, we've asked for some clarification here. ♪ ♪
6:34 pm
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♪ ashley: i'm ashley webster in this evening for liz macdonald. 21 republican attorneys general are threatening legal action against the biden administration's $1.9 trillion covid relief package. multiple states fear that it jeopardizes their ability to actually make tax cuts. with us now republican strategist ford o'connell. ford, look, these attorney generals, they say this is an unprecedented overreach. get your tentacles out of our state business. what say you? >> well, i think that the 21 attorney generals are absolutely right. this is outrageous, what the federal government is essentially telling them how they should be running their own government. plus the way that this is structured within the $1.9 trillion non-covid spending boondoggle. it's a disincentive to fiscally-sound government. the question isn't whether or not the federal government can mandate this. i'm putting on my legal --
6:39 pm
[audio difficulty] going to be a close call here because the controlling law on the subject is south dakota v. dole. remember when the federal government said to a lot of states if you don't change the drinking age to 21, we can withhold highway funding? this looks -- ashley: right. oh, that's very interesting. what was interesting to me, you know what, ford? we hope your signal can hang there. we'll keep going. hope you can hear me. the heritage foundation, a conservative group, says, you know what in these states will just refuse the money altogether. to me, that feels like, you know, it's cutting off your nose to spite your face. >> yes. i used to work at the heritage -- ashley: oh, we lost -- oh. carry on. >> ashley, i used to work at the heritage foundation, and i disagree with heritage on this. in my home state of florida, we're going to get $4-10, and if you turn down the money, that money's only going to go back to
6:40 pm
other mismanaged blue state governments rather than florida who did a good job. so turning down that money is a really badded idea. bad idea. ashley: yeah, but someone like illinois, chicago, they can use money to try out universal basic income. i -- it's very slanted in one direction, is it not? >> it is absolutely very slanted in one direction because, to your point, new york, california, illinois, new jersey, the mismanaged governments can do what they see fit. let me say this though, if i'm these attorney generals and these governors in these 21 states, you want to know what? i go ahead and not only take the money, but i use the money to offset tax funds, but i do it backwards. i use it for state funding items and then i cut the state funds and then cut taxes as planned. because at the end of the day, i think you can get away with doing this because i think the way that the covid relief bill is written, i believe it is too coversive under the 1987 supreme
6:41 pm
court ruling and the provision itself is a little too ambiguous. ashley: it's interesting. could you try and prove while these tax cuts are not anything to do with covid relief money, two separate entities altogether? that could get very, very messy and in the weeds and serve nobody. >> well, look, i totally agree with you. we should have never passed this $1.9 trillion bill to begin with. this was, to your point, a non- cospending spree, but at the same time -- non-covid spending spree, but the money can make their states better. if the blue states want to put more people on the government teat, so be it. the rest of the states cut taxes and are fiscally sound so they can attract businesses and residents to their state, and it's been working very well particularly in my home state of florida and texas as well. ashley: way to hang in there, ford. we did, and we defeated the video freshman lins there.
6:42 pm
ford o'connell, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: coming up, fox news contributor joe concha on california golf gavin newsom facing a total recall and new questions about whether he's reopening the economy to save the state or maybe to save himself. ♪ >> he forfeited a whole bunch of the trust that voters should have had in him when he went to the french laundry and had dinner with those lobbyists despite his to own orders. ♪ ♪ es your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ losing a tooth didn't stop you but your partial can act like a bacteria magnet, putting natural teeth at risk. new polident propartial helps purify your partial and strengthens and protects natural teeth. so, are you gonna lose another tooth? not on my watch!
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♪ ashley: california governor gavin newsom scrambling to reopen the economy. critics say it's to save his political career after a massive lockdowns have led to economic damage across the state of california. also a review of signatures is underway as we speak. recall gavin newsom organizers say they have collected more than 2 million signatures,
6:47 pm
certainly more than enough to get on the ballot. so the question is could the democrat golf face a recall -- governor face a recall election? let's discuss with hill media columnist joe concha. joe, california's unemployment rate in january was over 9%. that is twice or certainly twice the national average, and florida has had some of the loosest policies, their unemployment is half of california's. is he scrambling now to try and make up for the damage he's done? >> isn't that a shame. he should be scrambling, ashley, to do what's right for your population, the population of any state in the country and not to save your own hide. and, boy, this sounds familiar, doesn't it? if a democratic governor who's not releasing coronavirus data. i believe i'm seeing that right behind me here in new york with governor cuomo. we're now up to about 2.2 million signatures. look at the approval for gavin
6:48 pm
newsom, 42%, which is okay until you consider he was at 63% last year, he was elected in 2018 with 62% of the vote. when you're 20, 21 points down from your high and going in the wrong direction, desperate times for desperate measures, and that's why gavin newsom is reopening california, not because it's best for californians. ashley: could not agree more. newsom's children reportedly returned to private classes months ago. how nice. but he claims to be a zoom school parent. watch this, joe. >> yeah. >> look, i've been a strong advocate for safely getting our kids back in american. i have four young kids myself, i've been living through zoom school and all of the challenge related to that. we put out a detailed -- >> it's brutal. >> brutal. ashley: it's absolutely brutal. i have to drop my kids off especially early at private school. >> yeah. i don't think lee on zoom because he's on zoom. those schools have probably been
6:49 pm
open the entire time. yeah, it's brutal, all right. i live with that here in new jersey, obviously. my son goes to the ymca, and that isn't run by the teachers union, and they've been open since early september, five days a week, six hours a day with almost no closings. it's a beautiful thing. and for gavin newsom to try to claim sympathy here, it's crazy. let me leave you with this. california, when you compare to florida, 20,000 more deaths than florida. yet california has one of the youngest populations in the country while florida has one of the oldest, yet 20,000 more dead. and yet florida's been open since may, basically. their economy is thriving, to your point around the unemployment numbers. and, look, people are leaving california, or let's face it. look at united van lines, poll after poll showing there's an go discuss out of california and new york for the same reason. high pollution, high taxes, high homelessness, high crime, high traffic, and your leaders with
6:50 pm
newsom, pelosi, schiff, swalwell and alyssa milano. not a good combination. ashley: i would say the only thing newsom has tone for the california economy is really hold the bottom line of those elitist restaurants like the french laundry where it's thousands for a complete meal. that's all he's contributed. >> and the moving vans as well. [laughter] ashley: and the moving vans. >> yeah. i mean, look at that picture. that's six different households right there, ashley. ashley: i know. >> this guy, how he's surviving, i have no idea. ashley: it is absolutely galling, and we could go on all night. joe concha -- >> we could. ashley: -- as always, great stuff. thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thank you, my friend. have a good one. ashley: all rightment thank you, you too. next on "the evening edit" fox news contributor deneen borelli on the backlash over this, john kerry going maskless on a commercial flight. critics say it's just the latest example of the double standards of the liberal elite.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
>> welcome back everyone. white house climate envoy climate czar john kerry firing of back against accusations of hypocrisy after a photo of him that's a mother left maskless on
6:55 pm
a flight making the rounds on social media. kerry tweeting today calling it malarkey. a little heard expression but one we have heard from the past. malarkey a foot on twitter mr. kerry said let's be clear if i drop my mask to one ear on a flight it was momentary but i wear my mask to stop the spread. with the science tells us to do. okay, let's bring in "fox news" contributed deneen borelli. it's great to see you. i looked at this photo for quite some time and i thought about what john kerry said in his tweet it i thought he looks like he's quite involved in reading something. he's got the mask and he's got his glasses on. that to me does not look like a momentary moment. i think he settled in for the flight with the mask hanging off of his left ear.
6:56 pm
what say you? >> i re-with you ashley. this is like a page out of animal farm. all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. as a matter of fact you better get your copy now before it disappears from the shelves. i applaud the person who took this photo and made a public to call out john kerry. it's a perfect example of ethics hypocrisy and double standards for sure. >> we see this all the time, do as i say and not as they do. we were just talking about governor newsom in the previous segment. his fancy dining at the french laundry restaurant, there again leads with the kind of examples that makes the general public say why can you lecture to us when you clearly go ahead and break the rules anyway? the >> you are absolutely right. it's a bunch of limousine liberals who don't think they
6:57 pm
need to abide by the rules and meanwhile americans are oppressed with these harsh mandates and businesses are opening softly or slowly or not open enough. people want to get back to work in what their children back in school and getting back to john kerry, are you aware of the number of parents who have been tossed from flights because they can get a mask on their child's face? the rizo mom a couple of months ago, her 2-year-old un-american islands was tossed from the flight because she couldn't keep the mask on her kids and here we have john kerry in first class by the way and they didn't see it i guess, i don't know. >> that's interesting. i'm glad you brought that up because again that's a good counter position to that but american airlines apparently said he was on a flight from d.c. to boston or the other way around. either way the taker of the photographs that he was wearing a mask when he was boarding and as soon as he gotten got into that first class seat off came the mask.
6:58 pm
he may have forgotten he wasn't flying on his private jet baby but what was interesting american airline said our crew didn't see that in no other passengers on the plane complained although how many were in first-class? the don't know but they airlines are playing a little bit here. >> i'm not surprised but i'm glad the photo is out there circulating. i don't care what kind of promise john kerry makes calling at malarkey or whatever i'm glad he got caught. >> exactly. by the way want to get your comments quickly on newsom. we know he's going to be the subject of this verified signatures indeed over 2 million that it'll go on the statewide ballot that theirs are saying the challenges of him being voted out are slim to none. do you think that's true? >> will look californians are frustrated with governor newsom for a number of reasons including the high taxes and high expenses in the state and
6:59 pm
how he handled the covid-19 virus. they want the man out of office and i can clearly understand that. he's a governor. >> yes and what's interesting another fact that didn't come out that just noticed they are number 43 out of the 50 states and the number of people who have received both vaccinations. not only was the state shut down for a long period of time it still in many cases is. the unemployment rate is much higher than the national average in much higher than the state like florida who has opened up the floodgates for people to get back to work. anyway you look at it this governor's failed and he likes to talk about much like governor cuomo in new york how great he is. >> he's breaking his arm patting himself on the back, right? look at all the u-haul trucks leaving the state of california because of the policies. >> with that says it all.
7:00 pm
deneen borelli thank you so much for joining us. we really do appreciate it very diamond ashley in for elizabeth macdonald and you are watching mcdonald and you are watching "the evening edit" on "fox business." that does it for us. thank you for being here and have yourselves a great evening. larry: hello welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. market trading sloppy everything was down across-the-board. i wonder whether all this is beginning to penetrate the collective psyche of the market. you can't find a bear but what is supposed to be happening i.e. stimulus is good for stocks doesn't seem to be happening. let's talk about that later in the show. a lot of media coverage today over president biden's mistaking characterization of his personal income tax hike or he's saying only 400,000 individuals


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