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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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zoom meetings. how they're constantly staring at themselves. we'll be around other people. we'll see. jackie: it will take some time. bret larson, great to see you as always. thanks so much. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." thanks fortuning in. "the evening edit" -- >> tonight the crisis at border is worsening by the day. we have every angle covered for you from the humanitarian toll on the migrants and immigration officials alike to the financial toll on the u.s. with us tonight, jason chaffetz, ronald vitiello, kirsten tate, angelo santabarbara, james carafano, vince collagnese on this and today's other top developments including why bernie sanders is picking new and bloody fights with two of the world's richest capitalists. we'll get into that. plus how florida is balancing
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reopening the state's economy while at the same time trying to restore law and order on the streets of miami after spring break parties turn into riots. then, to new york, where a still defiant governor cuomo declares he is not going anywhere as he faces escalating scandals over sexual harrassment and deaths of thousands of covid patients in nursing homes. lots to talk about. i'm ashley webster in this evening for elizabeth macdonald. guess what? "the evening edit" tarts right now. -- starts right now. jackie: ashley: president biden telling migrants not to come. arizona sheriffs says the border crisis was triggered by the biden's immigration policies. they want him to foot the bill.
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our very own hillary vaughn live from maricopa, arizona, with the latest developments. hillary? reporter: hi, ashley. what the sheriffs also tell me they are forced to do a lot more with a lot less because they say the federal government has diverted resources away from them at the same time that they are seeing an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings in their counties in arizona but all of this has a price tag attached to it. ultimately the person that is paying for that price tag is the taxpayer. the latest analysis we have of the cost of illegal immigration is from 2017. it puts it at $116 billion total every single year. that is about $800 for every taxpayer in the united states. but that was in 2017. in just the past two months local sheriffs here tell me they have seen massive spikes in
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illegal border crossings along the border they now say they are essentially being left to manage on their own. >> in december we had 2500 illegal entries, which was double from august and 500-pounds of illicit drugs. now we're off the charts again. you asked the question if president biden owns it? he bet he owns this. he is a president of a free country. he owns this. he is the one that triggered the policies. reporter: not only has federal government stopped cold the border wall construction, it makes local law enforcement job a lot harder, both sheriffs tell me some cpb agents are pulled from the border to handle child care, adult processing and no longer working besides them to control the border. it is also not just manpower. they are not getting the same cooperation and communication from the federal government they have in the past.
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>> he gave us no warning. he just changed it overnight. none of us had time to prepare for this. they are limiting hand cuffing these guys. this is putting undo stress on my patrol, my guys. costing me more money at my agency. i have to dedicate more resources towards something i shouldn't have to, it is the federal government's responsibility. reporter: ashley, the cost is continuing to go up. fox news confirmed that i.c.e. paid out an 86 million-dollar contract to a non-profit to pay for hotel rooms, care and covid testing for illegal immigrants but they're not really getting the best deal, ashley. $86 million is only getting them 1200 hotel beds to house these migrants. ashley? ashley: wow, it gets worse. hillary, thank you very much. on the front line at the border. president biden promising to visit our southern border. take a watch. >> are you thinking of going to
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the border? >> at some point i will, yes. ashley: joining me now is jason chaffetz. great to see you, jason. former house overnight chairman, author of the upcoming book, they never let a crisis go to waste, the truth about disaster liberalism. what a great title. jason, welcome to you. talking of disaster, what are your thoughts about what is going on the southern border right now? >> it was totally avoidable this is not something that happened by accident. joe biden had this ready to go with kamala harris on day one of this administration. they sent out word during the campaign, come north. people did. they fundamentally changed the policies, the direction. they have taken assets, given, think about it. we'll spend $86 million on hotel rooms for people that are illegally crossing our borders. at the same time people have to wear masks, live by certain, you
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know, mandates that our government gives us, meanwhile these people are coming in. they have a huge percentage of them that have covid and look at those disgusting pictures. i mean there is no social distancing. i don't see very many masks. who wants to live like that? that is, that is horrific. that is happening with president biden and kamala hairs. ashley: you know what is interesting? throughout this so far with the pressure growing homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas you know, look he blames trump for the border surge. by the way mexican officials telling "the new york times," look, trump's policies actually helped curb the surge of migrants. that is earlier today. take a listen if you can. >> well, they're destroying our country. the gentleman said the violence in this country. we're bringing the violence to our country because many of the people coming are not non-violent people. they're violent people. many of the people coming. these countries don't send out
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their finest and in some cases i'm sure you have wonderful, fine people, but you also have criminals. you have murderers, you have sex traffickers, you have a lot of very bad people coming into our country. ashley: yes, you do. i want to get to that in a minute, jason but you know what is ironic about all of this? how the democrats, biden himself just criticized donald trump time and time again. your administration is in chaos. you don't know what you're doing. since biden has come into power, into the white house, on the border, lack of communication. you heard it from the sheriff there, sheriff lamb in maricopa county. no communication. blacking out the media. meanwhile the situation continues to get worse and worse. yet this was exactly what they accused the trump administration of being like. >> total incompetence. look, we have one of the weakest presidents we ever had in our nation. the wind literally blows over the current president of the
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united states. that according to the white house. so i got to tell you, it is disgusting. it is human trafficking. understand who controls the northern part of mexico are the drug cartels and these drug cartels are nasty people. agents that i have of been with on the border have told me, the majority, if not close to 100% of the women coming north are raped along the way. this are rape trees out there with all kinds of hideous things that are happening. people are paying thousands of dollars to have the coyotes take them across the border but joe biden, kamala harris, come on in, come on over. now they said, well, come at some point but maybe not now. we're not quite ready for you. it is total incompetence but there are real human beings, they have been tacitly told to come to be in this country and it is fundamentally and totally wrong. ashley: it is so distressing, jason to see these thousands of unaccompanied children show up every day, no adult with them.
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some of them very young. they're supposed to be put through the system within 72 hours. we now know that many are still been in this custody in the makeshift shelters which are not great 10 days or more. takes a toll on children who are incredibly frightened for them, but border patrol are not day care operators. >> law enforcement officers in horrendous conditions, huge amount of covid flowing through the processes. one of the things that is supposed to happen, they came there is a family coming through, they're supposed to do dna testing. people i'm talking to at homeland security, they are telling us they will get rid of that dna testing, to authenticate, you say you're with the family? how are we supposed to take care, thousands and thousands of children less than the age of 18, where are we supposed to
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take care of them? who are we supposed to give them to? who is going to take control of them. there is a reason why joe biden and kamala harris do not want you to go in there to see those pictures. because they're -- [inaudible] ashley: very quickly, i don't see how this ends because many of the migrants questioned along the way from central america talk about, donald trump is gone. joe biden says come on over. he is directly responsible for this. he did it with one executive order. soon as he got into office. he has created absolute chaos. i don't know how they're going to stem the tide? >> no. i think the people are going to come by the tens of thousands. look, the administration now recently said, go ahead, if you come here, we're not even going to bother to give you a court date. you will supposedly come back for an asylum hearing at some point but there are very few immigration judges. these things are years out. they're just going to be released out into the homeland and then what are they going to do? it is illegal for them to get a
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job. so they will have to commit a felony to get a job or engaged in criminal activity. what happens to them once they release them into the united states? nothing like that has been thought through in this administration. ashley: what about this thing called, was it homeland security? i guess that has gone out the window too. we're out of time. jason we can talk about this, so much to get at. thanks for joining us. jason chaffetz, thank you. >> thank you. ashley: coming up we'll talk with kristin tate, analyst for young americans for liberty. check out the scenes. talking about the out of control spring breakers in miami just as the state of florida is pushing to fully reopen its economy. we'll get into it next. ♪ ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming.
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(woman) why can't i lose weight? (announcer) you may be suffering from insulin resistance. measure your waist. females measuring more than 35 inches and males measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's ashley: spring breakers shenanigans, that quickly escalated into near riots, forcing miami beach police to call in s.w.a.t. teams and fire tear gas and pepper balls into the crowd. my, oh, my at least a dozen partyers were arrested on saturday night as the city took extreme measures to try to contain all the chaos. how is it going right now? fox news's phil keating is in miami beach with the very latest. phil? >> ash sri, the very latest this
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afternoon, police here announced they have two young men from north carolina in custody who are accused of drugging a young woman in town from pennsylvania, who then died down the road at her south beach hotel room. so depending on the medical examiner's conclusions, those two men could face hurt charges. last night was night two of the brand new miami beach new state of emergency and all the new rules which intended to end the party, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. with a curfew. it doesn't work out exactly like that. last night the partying crowd was defiant to the end. jumping up on a somebody's car smashing hit until people on ttvs pushed people out back to the hotels or the mainland. curfew outside the entertainment zone, tourists were not giving up having a twerk-off in the
6:17 pm
middle of a residential street. they see chaotic fights sometimes nightly with people exploding with flying fists and crowds running for safety. so much chaos, city leaders declared a state of emergency on saturday. new rules apply thursday through sunday. all restaurants and bars those days now must close at 7:00, which is obviously costing them tens of thousands of much-needed dollars after this year of pandemic. so far since spring break began last month, police have arrested about 1000 people, and the number of weapons confiscated now reaches 120. ashley? ashley: yeah. quite remarkable stuff. phil keating, thank you very much. appreciate that. let's move on if we can, bring in young americans for liberty analyst kristin tate. kristin, you look at that video, your reaction to the scenes from miami beach. >> look, ashley, there is no
6:18 pm
excuse for lawlessness or rioting or anything like that but i think what we're seeing here is a response from young people around the country who have traveled to miami beach for spring break to what's gone on over the last year. many people are fed up with being locked in their apartments for hundreds of days. being told they can't socialize, they can't go to work, they can't go to school, they can't do other normal human behavior this is especially true for young people who are not in particularly high-risk group, for people who get very sick from covid. we were initially told 15 days to slow the spread that was over a year ago. it has become clear, a lot of these lockdown measures across the country are not really there to protect us but really to increase government's control. that became especially obvious when politicians like bill de blasio or gavin newsom, repeatedly violated their own covid measures while sending the cops out to arrest people for breaking the same rules.
6:19 pm
there is again absolutely no excuse for the lawlessness. ashley: no. >> you can't lock down society for nearly a year and not expect civil unrest. i think that is what we're seeing in miami. ashley: i mean, listen, we all feel that way. i'm not young anymore. i'm not heading to spring break. everyone to a certain extent feels cabin fever from all of this, buff don't behave like that. this has gotten out of control. you see fights, restaurants, businesses not allowed to serve outside now, to have a 8:00 p.m. curfew. that hurts business, who thought maybe this would be the opportunity to start earning money again but these youngsters, by the way a lot of them adults may not be at college, just went to miami for a good time. it's a real mixed bunch in the crowd. do you blame the miami beach police for taking steps they did? >> absolutely not. there should knob tolerance for this kind of behavior for property destruction, zero tolerance.
6:20 pm
it is time i think for young people and people who have been vaccinated to be allowed to get back to normal life. and perhaps we will see fewer of these incidents in the future. the consequences of these strict lockdowns have been absolutely devastating. young people who should be in college socializing throughout the year and learning are instead sitting in a bedroom in their parents houses taking online classes. we've sheen americans lose their businesses, their livelihoods, their jobs because of these lockdowns. we've seen the anti-science school lockdown at the k-12 level lead to wider achievement gaps and underserved students being stuck in failed online learning model. meanwhile lockdowns led to other health props. i saw a survey today that said 42% of americans reported unwanted weight gain. the average weight gain is nearly 30-pounds. so during a pandemic, you know that is more deadly to overweight people, people are
6:21 pm
more overweight because of the lockdown measures. we have to get back to a sense of normal. there should be no tolerance for rioting or any kind of law law breaking at all. ashley: given pent-up emotion, do you think the police and authorities in miami beach underestimate what they were getting into? >> probably, maybe they did. seems like they did underestimate this. one thing that really puzzles me why we continue as a society treating covid as though it has the same impact on everyone as though, the threat it poses the same for everyone. young, relatively healthy people are not at particularly high-risk of getting seriously ill from covid. ashley: right. >> when something like spring break comes along, they are more likely to go out, go crazy, go party, especially after a year of lockdowns. so, yes, certainly seems like police may have under estimated the threat of that happening.
6:22 pm
ashley: that video is remarkable. kristin tate, thanks very much for your input today. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. ashley: thank you. coming up next, democrat new york state assemblyman angelo santa barbara on the worsening scandals ungulfing new york governor andrew cuomo. yes, there is more. >> the woman he -- owner needs to issue a statement that covered up for his top aides admission of obstructing justice. you know, that is what really motivated and pushed me to come out in public and push back but you know, i thought along with janice dean and others for 10 months to give these families the voice that they lacked and then in one second the governor wanted me to lie and cover everything up to protect him and i wasn't going to have that.
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♪. ashley: the scandals keep deepening for new york governor andrew cuomo. eight woman have come forward with allegations of sexual harrassment. a lawyer accuses the governor interfering with a state attorney investigation. it goes on yet cuomo is adamant not stepping down and proves he still has some fans. watch this. >> you got to -- we still looking for our -- [inaudible].
6:27 pm
>> all right. ashley: yeah, all right, thank you, darling. joining me now is new york state assemblyman angelo santabarbara. thanks for joining us. i guess he is not going anywhere. >> i don't know if anybody yet to call on the governor to resign. we have our state senators. we have members of congress. so many of the state legislature that now is moving forward with an impeachment probe. he continues to be defiant. he continues to try to interfere with ongoing investigations. that is exactly the reason i believe he wants to stay in power, to try to go down that path to manipulate and control. that is a pattern of behavior with this governor. he doesn't want to be accountable. clearly does not like oversight. he doesn't like to be told he is doing things wrong. he doesn't like to be told what to do. he continues to fight with the legislature even through these budget negotiations. i do not believe he will step
6:28 pm
down. i don't believe he will resign without impeachment going forward. ashley: i guess there is a part of this is, if he has got his eye on the presidential bid perhaps, who knows, in 2024, resigning is just not an option for him. maybe that side of politics playing at it as well? >> well i think that, i think there is, you know the governor is not accepting reality. he is in denial. his press conferences have been essentially closed to the press at this point. he is not answering many questions. he still hasn't addressed any issues about the ag's report on the newsing home scandal. a number of issues came up in there. he withheld information from the state legislature. he directed staff to alter public documents to suppress nursing home deaths. these are impeachable offenses. the only wray to move forward is, move forward with the articles of impeachment to remove him from office. the longer he stays in power,
6:29 pm
the more he uses that power to manipulate and control. he has been making phone calls to discredit his accusers. he is reaching out to county executives, weaponizing our vaccine distribution system. having the person in charge of vaccines now call county executives to gauge support for the governor? it is inappropriate. it is unacceptable. he has crossed so many boundaries here. these are impeachable offenses in my opinion. we have more than enough to move forward with just the attorney general's report on withholding data that he had as early as last summer. those, that data could have led to policy changeses that could have saved lives. vulnerable populations are put at risk because of his actions, plain and simple. ashley: well, you mentioned, you know, the nursing homes, thousands of people who died. well, loved ones, families of those who lost loved ones gathered yesterday at memorial for i think 15,000 facility residents who died from the virus. they were there to say what you
6:30 pm
have just said, that you know, cuomo must be held accountable. i want you, to if you can, listen to your colleague assemblyman ron kim who lost his uncle, presumably to covid in a new york nursing home. watch this, get your comment. >> for 10 months to give the families the voice they lacked and then in one second the governor wanted me to lie and cover everything up to protect him. ashley: you know, it's amazing to me, these are people who were in the middle of what was going on and have now come out, some of them from the same party, says, look, he told me to lie. i can't, i can't stay quiet anymore. why isn't that the smoking gun? >> well, essentially, look, calling up, threatening colleagues in the state legislature, these are all offenses that arise above and beyond you know, they are, arise to the level of impeachment in my opinion. as you said, people came together to remember those that were lost in nursing homes more
6:31 pm
than 15,000 as you said, but he continues to avoid addressing any nursing home issues. listening to the press conference, it is unreal, unbelievable, saying things he doesn't care where people died. who talks about seniors like this. it is outrageous. the governor may not care where people died but we do. we're going to continue to push for accountability to demand answers. he has yet to say anything that makes any sense about nursing home scandal. he continues to down play his actions, altering a health report, to try to suppress nursing home deaths, the corporate immunity issue now coming up in the fbi investigation. he has a lot to answer for but he has yet to give any reasonable explanation, anything that makes sense about the nursing home deaths. you heard my colleague ron kim getting a call like that, you're right, it crosses a line. it is unconscionable to see a governor interfering with the legislature the way this governor has a history of doing. ashley: when is enough enough?
6:32 pm
i guess we'll find out but it is you know, head-scratching that he is continued to remain where he is, to remain defiant. we'll continue to follow it. thank you so much, assemblyman angelo santa barbara, thank you very much, assemblyman. >> thank you. ashley: just made, retired army lieutenant colonel james carafano. he is talking about reports that iran is threatening to attack a top american general and as well as military base on u.s. soil. we'll get into that. ♪.
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♪. >> president biden has to acknowledge iran is a paramilitary force now proxied in syria, in iraq, in lebanon which is completely captured and yemen. this is not cooling down. this is heating up. ashley: it is heating up. that is middle east expert, dr. qanta ahmed warning the biden administration on iran in the middle east. there are disturbing reports that iran made specific threats against fort mcnair army base in washington, d.c. communications intercepted in january, that iran's revolutionary guard discussed
6:38 pm
mounting uss cole attacks against that army post. referring to the suicide attack in 2000 in yemen that killed 17 sailors. the intelligence revealing threats to kill the army's vice chief of staff, joseph martin. joining me to talk about this is retired lieutenant colonel james carafano. lieutenant colonel, i thank you very much. you were once stationed at fort mcnair, were you not. you can speak to the vulnerability and are you surprised that iran would discuss a attack on u.s. soil? >> there are a lot of interesting sides to the story. i was stationed at fort mcnair. the confluence of the annacostia and potomac river. the houses for senior officers and generals is right along the shoreline. this sounds like a pretty lucrative target. think about mumbai, run up with some guys and kill people. i don't think that is very practical attack vector. it might have been before 9/11, but something like, that i don't
6:39 pm
think, that water is actually monitored now, and the coastline is monitored. i don't think it would -- what is really interesting why is the nsa saying this? maybe they're trying to spook the iranians, dude, we're listening to your stuff. normally we don't reveal sources and methods. maybe they're trying to scare the iranians off. the last thing the biden administration wants is confrontation with the iranians but it is also consistent with iranian iranian behavior since biden got elected, they're following the lead of the russians and the chinese and the north koreans taunting and testing this administration. ashley: yeah. it is interesting, isn't it? while the general consensus these threats come as a result of the seeking of revenge for the killing of soleimani in baghdad in 2020, in january of 2020. they haven't been satisfied we're told, led to believe what they have achieved so far which
6:40 pm
is basically nothing. i think they tried to hit a base in iraq that, you know, did very little damage, injured some people but not seriously. this is why they're getting increasingly patient but they generally don't do things themselves. they do it by proxy, right? which would seem even more unlikely on u.s. soil? >> let's not forget there was an iranian plot which was a real plot. they wanted to hire somebody to come and kill the saudi ambassador in milano in a restaurant in georgetown. they would have killed maybe dozens of bystanders. they had real plots to attack real targets in western europe. all these failed but these were real serious iranian plots. you would say why the iranians do this? biden says i want to come back, let you out of jail, give you a deal? because the iranians are in a culture where honor is power. they want not just the u.s. to come back to a deal, they want
6:41 pm
the u.s. to come back humiliated and crawl back to a deal. it is more important to punish us than get back in the deal. iranians are like the north koreans. we ate grass once, we'll it again. they're not eating grass, right? they ever perfectly willing to let their people suffer to show they are strong. it doesn't surprise me at all they actually might seriously want to do terrorist attacks on american soil. ashley: if they did something this bold and brash, they know the might of the u.s. military will come down on them, right? or will it? will joe biden respond with strength? >> look, this is an open question for them and the north koreans and the chinese and russians. he seems distracted. he doesn't seem focused on issues. he seems like he wants to avoid foreign policy because he is working on the domestic agenda. they're not sure this is a president that will boldly strike back and they're testing that. the iranians are a little more reckless than some of the others. again i would not be surprised
6:42 pm
if it was serious but you know, again, i think, the nsa said this they're trying to let these guys know, dude, we're watching you. maybe they hope that is the end of it. ashley: let's hope so. interesting stuff, great stuff. lieutenant colonel james carafano, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. thanks. ashley: coming up "the daily caller"'s vince collagnese on why socialist bernie sanders going full bore after ultramillionaires, you know them, elon musk, jeff bezos. we'll get into that next. ♪.
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6:47 pm
richest man. tweeting we need to focus on earth and the level of inequality in america is obscene and a threat to our democracy. last week sanders went on and attacked musk and amazon founder jeff bezos on twitter for their extreme wealth saying that level of greed and inequality is not only immoral, it is unsustainable. all right, let's get into it. talk about with the "daily caller" editorial director, vince collagnese. vince, is it immoral to have that much wealth for something you built from the ground up? >> well let's talk specifically about elon musk. talk about a guy who is innovative, ambitious, has a big vision. in fact so much of his vision in some ways science fiction that he has resources to turn into reality. and that reality in the united states is specially is a lot of american jobs. just look at a company like tesla, innovative electric vehicle company leading in that field, leading in that industry
6:48 pm
and created many thousands of jobs here in the united states of america. the type of thing that bernie sanders think would support because ultimately that does support american workers. is it right to look at our system to see some problems in it, think there are concentrations of power and wealth that are the product of corruption, especially as it relates to our government? absolutely but pointing to elon musk as an example of one of those people is not the way to go. this guy is in many ways, the person, the emblem that a lot of resources people should live up to create energetic americans. ashley: he is a remarkable entrepreneur. the entrepreneur really, when you think about it. jeff bezos starting his business in his garage, building into one of the behemoths around the world. he created thousands of jobs. good-paying jobs. bernie sanders says we want more, want more of your wealth which doesn't make sense to me
6:49 pm
at all. he is also after, bernie is after bezos for trying to squash the union and this has been an age-old battle of course. should companies allow unions. they want unions? is that trouble? to bezos' point everything the union is promising they're already giving. i think he is right other than the representation but the workers don't want to pay dues. they don't want money taken out of their pay packets to pay for dues to get things they have already got. >> yeah. i think when it comes to the union fights, they're hamming across the country. you're seeing them especially at amazon facilities. workers will fight to be well-taken care of. bezos will already probably answer they're well-taken care of. it is their right to get best odds. it is a negotiation. they're gathering together to do that. but bernie sanders attacking all these guys is pretty rich because bernie sanders is uniquely unqualified to attack all these guys, the people who we are talking about have
6:50 pm
innovative original ideas, bernie although he is amusing unoriginal as anybody in the ideas. he advocates for political ideology socialism tried many, many times. it often ended horrifying business failure. ashley: let's not forget hypocrisy. i like to call him three house bernie. he has two homes in vermont. he has a town home i believe in d.c. why doesn't he sell two of them, take all that money to hand it out to people who are in need of food and shelter? easy for him to snipe from the sidelines but you know what? look in your own backyard once in a while, right? >> that is exactly right. in fact, this guy has leeched off of others his entire life. one of my favorite bernie sanders stories he was thrown out of a commune for being a slob. he was not cleaning up after himself. entirely in character for bernie sanders. so when he looks at other people that are productive he is confused. ashley: that is not easy to do.
6:51 pm
i mean you should get an award for that. vince, we're out of time. thank you so much. we can say so much more about three-hours bernie. appreciate it. just ahead on "the evening edit," retired i.c.e. axing director ronald vitiello on the emotional toll that the border crisis is taking on migrants and immigration agents alike. we'll be right back. >> there is nothing wrong having a partnership when you're trying to control a crisis or something of that nature. i don't understand, why not talk about it. let everybody know what is taking place. certainly we need, we need help in all different capacities with what we're trying to do at our border. so certainly they're feeling overrun by it as well. purify your partial and strengthens and protects natural teeth. so, are you gonna lose another tooth? not on my watch! i'm a verizon engineer, part of the team that built 5g right.
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>> children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence and prosecution, who are fleeing, terrible situations circumstance not a crisis -- is not a crisis, these photos show what we've long been saying, the border patrol facilities are not places made for children. they are not places that we want children to be staying. >> thousands of children
6:56 pm
unaccompanied showing up at u.s. border is not a crisis. admitting that border facilities are not made for children. conceding it will take some time to get proper sites. and by the way, elite documents show one thousand unacompanied my fran which were have been held at the border for more than 10 days, with me now, retires i.c.e. acting director, ronald. thank you for joining us, it must take a toll on border agents those charged with trying to handle this surge of migrants, the sad conditions as they arrive. but the children who are all alone, it must take an election --' emotional toll on those
6:57 pm
trying to help, a crisis about it is a crisis, it is very sad. the families, go through a journey, they get taken advantage of by corrupt governments and smugglers who leave them in bad condition, and the workforce, and their families, in the history of the department, they have been through this three times this problem has been solved 3 times in this department. yet here we are again because we reversed the policies that were working at the border last year, now we have a unmitigated crisis, people are encouraged to send their kids to the border, they. they can be daycare monitors but that not why they signed up for this job. wait or reinstate them until we can get enough shelter space.
6:58 pm
>> yes, too late now, what about i.c.e. signing $87 million contract to mutt some of the th- to put some of the migrantses in motels. >> what you go after contracts that size quickly it will cost more than if you have planned ahead. we could have planned ahead for more resources in this situation that is money you could use on border patrol salaries and roads and sensors, now we're rushing to buy shelter space, these kids have to be treated you were the law in a specific way and specific conditions it is necessary. >> agents in the field have encountered 17 groups now.
6:59 pm
>> the historic cooperation that we had with mexico last year has ended. they are probably overwhelmed as well. the pipeline never had this many people coming to the border before it is rare that this mean people are in custody at hhs, we're in historic levels of activity and no end in sight, there is snow break, no imagine, no thing that i could think of or imagine to get this to stop. what happens in a surge, people realize there is no consequence, that is why we are now. to stop a surge in my career is to apply a consequence, we're not able do that right now. >> don't hold your breath would be my answer for, that thank you so much for your expertise. >> thank you appreciate it. >> that is it. i am ashley webster in for
7:00 pm
elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching the "evening edit," on fox business, thank you for watching and have a good evening. ♪ ♪ larry: hello welcome back to "kudlow," i am larry kudlow, market today finished higher, bond yields fell a bit, stock market rally could be linked to a biden white house announcement that so-called infrastructure package will be divided to two parts for total of 3 trillion-dollars, we got word from white housing in not be that high. they don't really know right now, i assume 3 trillion would be the baseline low. it could be more. we'll see. it looks like this second infrastruc


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