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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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arkansans can take care of families. we can have low cost fuel to put in our cars, get kids to school. get groceries. jackie: with i got to go, thankk you good luck with the suit and courage to bring it. that is it for "fox business tonight". elizabeth: president bidennen relied on notes and friendly reporters with softball questions. this as authorities warn president biden is botching the border crisis. blaming trump when crossings plummeted 730% under trump. even biden's homeland security secretary says this is the worst crisis in 20 years. we have all-stars, hector garza, joe concha, new york state
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assemblyman, angelo santabarbara, ford o'connell, sam dewey, lieutenant colonel james carafano and tom homan. a lot of attempted victory laps on biden on things-like vaccinations that began under trump. states are doing the vaccinations doing the push there. president biden talking tough, claim he is going to take on china in the north china sea when there is north china sea. it doesn't exist. this as arizona governor doug ducey slams vice president kamala harris as quote the worst possible choice for the border response. she has trivialized it. as human and drug traffickers are bearing down. as the white house tries to answer its media blackout at the border with scripted, stage managed tours at facilities. critics warn that you botched it when local border towns are calling states of emergency and
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texas democrat henry cuellar says mexico gives him more information than biden administration. prioritize specsing a section vip testing for cuomo's family, his brother, chris cuomo, his mother, one of his sisters, as well as cuomo's allies, no one else could get tested this is going on. cnn getting ripped for lame defense of anchor chris cuomo here. this is unfolding as governor cuomo's policies are accused of killing other family members putting covid patients back into nursing homes. family members in new york state. white house press secretary jen psaki blasted for claiming she didn't know about a widely publicized senate report showing hunter biden allegedly got millions of dollars in shade by business dealings from overseas including 3 1/2 million bucks from the wife former mayor of moscow in russia when jen psaki
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talked about it last december. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's welcome back to the show national border patrol council vice president hector garza. he is down there at the border. let's go right at it, hector. president biden hitting a new low at his first press conference trying to accuse trump of allowing migrant children to starve to death on the mexican border this is a slap in the face of the president of mexico who is working with trump on remain in mexico. your take on that? >> it is very clear the crisis on the border is due to changes in immigration policies under the biden administration. that is getting rid of the migrant protection protocols, better known as remain in mexico policy and also making changes to the title 42 deportations where minors no longer apply for
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title 42. those are the main, the main policy changes that are driving this border crisis on the border. that is, both policies actually reduced catch-and-release on the border. that is what we're seeing unaccompanied children coming across. that is where we're seeing our border agents being over overwh. guess what, cartels are taking advantage of the crisis. they're bringing dangerous criminals into the u.s. and drugs into our communities. elizabeth: henry cuellar says the cartel made $600 million in human trafficking. they charge 6,000 per migrant. there are 6500 unaccompanied children in overcrowded facility. that is happening now. under trump illegal border crossings plummeted 70%. how is president biden blaming trump when he said in 2019 we will accept a surge to the border when his own homeland security secretary says this is one of the worst crises in 20
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years? migrants are seen on camera saying yes, because of joe biden that we're coming. how is this all trump's fault? >> so it is definitely not president trump's fault. again this is created by the biden administration. we know that they started with open borders rhetoric maybe two years ago when they started on the campaign trail. and this is all due to that messaging that pretty much our borders are open and essentially what is happening down here in the rio grande valley sector where i'm located is that it is catch-and-release. we're allowing people to cross the border illegally. they're getting a free pass into our country. again these people are gaming the system because it is simply a rampant abuse of our immigration system. elizabeth: okay. biden cares so much where is his nominee for custom and border protection? still hasn't named one. so where is it? >> that's what we're asking? we want to know who is leading the cpb agency because right now
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we have a crisis. we need proper leadership at the top. more than anything we need to do it with politics. we need to make sure that we take care of our country. make sure we take care of the men and women in law enforcement. to do our job. stop with the political rhetoric. we need to secure the border. we're putting people in danger. these children are coming across the border unaccompanied without any guardians or parents. it is because we're encouraging illegal immigration. the worst part of this is that our border patrol, our resources were not ready. we do not have the facilities to hold so many people. we don't have the transportation that is needed to transfer all the people coming across from these countries. we're seeing on the southern border is, we're seeing entirety of countries coming to the united states illegally. elizabeth: arizona's governor doug ducey calls vice president kamala harris quote, the worst possible choice to tie to fix the border.
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biden trivialized the situation by choosing harris. harris doesn't care. she was criticized laughed after asked by a reporter if she was visiting the border. she jokes not today. she decriminalized border crossings and called i.c.e. the kkk when i.c.e. carries out the. >> i would not make it a crime punishable by jail. it should be a civil enforcement issue but not a criminal enforcement issue. >> are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws? and do you see any parallels? are you aware there is a perception -- >> i see there is no perception puts i.c.e. in the same category as the kkk. elizabeth: that is a really incompetent analogy by the vice president. this is back in 2018. i have don't think, critics have
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said no senator should be allowed to sit there and equate i.c.e. to the kkk. that is just flat-out wrong and immoral. your reaction. >> that is political rhetoric. what i say, we're enforcing laws enacted by congress. elizabeth: all right. hector garza, thanks for your service to our country. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. come back soon. let's get his take, coming back in "the hill" media columnist joe concha. joe, great to have you back on. so you, when you heard what hector garza and i were just talking about, what was your take? >> my take was, boy, wouldn't that have been a great question to ask during mr. bidennen's press conference today, sir, you just appointed your vice president to take care of the crisis on the southern border that you're not calling a crisis but regardless, you think that kamala harris is the right woman for the job here to fix the problem but she compared i.c.e. to the kkk and believes that illegal crossings should be
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decriminalized. so why due think this person is the best person for the job with rhetoric and world view like that? boy, it would have been nice to hear a question like that today, elizabeth, no question. elizabeth: a lot of softball questions today. joe biden would not commit to a date when the media would be given access to the overcrowded facilities. joe, instead we're seeing stage managed tours with nbc, with one camera. so the media is still under a gag order at the border. let's listen to the president today. watch this. >> i'm going down with 18 senators friday. if i am denied the ability to look into any mace i want to go, we're going to shut the senate down. where are all the liberal hypocrites? where is aoc? where is elizabeth warren? where is vice president harris basically protested outside after facility in homestead, florida, during the trump years, holding migrant children?
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elizabeth: sorry about that. that was senator lindsey graham saying he would shut down the senate. he is going, if he is not allowed access to border facilities in his visit with 20 other senators tomorrow. he is echoing what you and i, joe, we've been talking about this for months now. where is aoc? where is the "squad" protesting at the border facilities? what is your reaction? >> now there is a democrat in office it is now okay. aoc sent a tweet once, took eight seconds to write, this is unacceptable but no photo-ops at the facilities. when the president was asked, when can the media come in to see these facilities? he says well, once my plan is enacted then that is when you can get in. he was pressed on that. when is that going to happen? he said i don't know. wait a minute here. so you're saying that until you clean up everything around make everything look nice when the media comes in, it looks like a decently-run facility that is when we get in? the police showing up with a warrant, you're a criminal, let
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me clean up the apartment, get rid of all the evidence before you come in. that is such a ridiculous answer. this is supposed to be the most honest and transparent administration we've ever seen. now they're justine walling that when you have a facility in donna texas, over 700% capacity, hundreds of migrants are testing positive for covid and some of the migrants are released into the u.s. population that literally bad for optics and he can only stonewall biden and this administration. elizabeth: was your final take on the president's first press conference in more than two months? he is the first president in more than a century to wait this long? what was the take on the performance. social media is lighting up. saying it was incompetent, what do you think? >> i found the press corps, questions some of them were shameful. the president said some outrageous things elizabeth. when he said he doesn't have the support of republican lawmakers but he does have the support of republican voters well, if you
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look at gallup he is currently at 10% approval from republicans. so why no one pushed back on that from the press corporation i have no idea. but you saw, amish, pbs, tax dollars at work. she literally gets up there makes argument surge at border was only happening because joe biden is moral and decent man. nothing brings up that biden said surge the border when he was candidate. she actually says that biden should back the filibuster in the name of civil rights and accused republicans suppressing the vote. this was bias in broad daylight. it was activism playing out on tv supposedly a very serious journalist. the questions were mostly horrible. he was not pressed. there were no follow-ups. joe biden spoke for minutes on end without interruption a big change from the hostility the previous president got even spoke more than 20 seconds from a press that didn't like him. they were very hospitable to
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mr. biden en. elizabeth: thanks for your insights today. coming up new york governor andrew cuomo reportedly ordered state health workers off their jobs to prioritize vip access for covid testing for cuomo's family members during the first few weeks of the pandemic this included his own brother chris cuomo, his own sister, and cuomo's allies. even democrat angelo santabarbara is furious. he is ready to go. >> i will never forget being in the white house, every single day we had that cuomo press conference and then president trump would come on later in the afternoon with his press conference and we were constantly compared to governor cuomo who was the wonder boy, the gold star person, the person leading the way on the pandemic. we were constantly compared to him as a benchmark when now we know what was going on behind the scenes. not only this, preferential
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testing his vaccines are now reportedly bullying people saying how favorable they were to cuomo before giving out vaccines this is incredible. when you compare that to president trump where when the vaccines came, he said no. my west wing, most people are not getting it. i didn't get access to a vaccine. others didn't get access to a vaccine before the american public. president trump waited to get it because he prioritized american people. chris cuomo was being preferential to his brother, andrew cuomo i should say to chris. miracle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids with over 70 years of experience. (deborah) when i finally had miracle-ear and i could hear for the first time, i started crying. i could hear everything. new miracle-earmini. so small and comfortable that no one will see them, but you'll notice the difference.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now is new york democrat state assemblyman angelo santa barbara. sir, good to have you back on. will this be added to impeachment charges against new york governor andrew cuomo, that he reportedly ordered state health officials including nurses pulled off their jobs to prioritize special access vip covid testing for his mother, his brother chris cuomo and one of his sisters, also his top allies? is this going to be added to the charges? >> absolutely. this is something that needs to be added and that is being discussed right now. these latest revelations are
6:19 pm
absolutely, you know, beyond shocking that someone would do such a thing. back then i remember the covid tests were so scarce. we had seniors, people in our communities couldn't get a covid test if you wanted one. taking state resources like that and using it for, for personal use like that, state troopers, state nurses, it is just, it is beyond misconduct. it should absolutely be used in the probe we're doing right now for impeachment. it's a clear violation of new york state public officer's law which has been cited in some of the articles. it goes against the policy but we have the leader of our state here, just sort of hoarding resources for himself, just last week we saw that he weaponized our vaccine distribution by having the person in charge call county executives to try to gain support for the governor. so we're seeing a person that can't be trusted with testing, can't be trusted with vaccines, can't be trusted with state
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resources. how can we possibly trust him to lead the state during the critical period? the answer is, we simply cannot. elizabeth: so this was allegedly unfolding as governor cuomo's policies are accused of killing members of other families by putting covid patients back into nursing homes. cnn getting blasted for trying to defend cuomo's brother chris cuomo getting special vip treatment of testing at his home in the hamptons. cnn saying quote, not surprising chris cuomo turned to any help he could. he had cuomo's spokesman, rich with really incompetent response claiming, trying to claim this was early form of contact tracing. did you get tested in your home assemblyman? did you get state troopers to rush your test results to the state lab in albany as these results were rushed by state troopers? did you have a nurse show up at your home to test you? >> absolutely not. the tests were not available
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even if you wanted them back then. so to see he not only had access to the test but he mishandled the way he used them and used them for personal purposes like this. you know we're talking about medical need here. we're talking about a crisis, middle of a pandemic. we're seeing the governor make personal choices, decisions to personally benefit himself. it is just outrageous. what you mentioned, in addition to that, then you talk about the nursing home beds. he still has refused to acknowledge or say anything meaningful about the excuses that he has given us really don't make any sense. we just had a passed a bill this past week to reverse the nursing home immunity that he gave to some of these facilities and now the fbi is making an inquiry on that immunity because they believe that it is tied to his campaign donors. so we see just a pattern of abuse, a pattern of misconduct, and just a, a cloud at the
6:22 pm
capital right now with the chaos that surrounds this governor. he clearly cannot be trusted. he will continue to april abuse power. this is another example of abusing his power. he should have managed these resources to benefit the people of new york state, not to benefit himself and his family. elizabeth: got it. assemblyman angelo santabarbara, good to see you again. come back soon. let's talk more about this with gop strategist ford o'connell. nurses do the testing reportedly vip test houses in chris cuomo's home in the hamptons. they were referred to as quote, specials. the state troopers rushed specimens to state labs in albany. the workers were kept past after hours past their shifts to do this. specimens from cuomo's family members, they were masked, they were obscured with letters, numbers or aliases to mask them in the system. so what, when you first heard this story, ford, what was your
6:23 pm
first reaction? >> well, i think the scandals keep piling up for new york governor andrew cuomo. the latest one should have new yorkers irate, to your point, emac, to the assemblyman's point, this is the textbook definition of abuse of power under new york law. officeholders cannot use their office to take public resources to give themselves and family members privileges. i don't know how much more clear it comes as violation of law. then you put that on top of the nursing home and sexual harrassment allegations, governor cuomo has a lot on his deck but somehow the mainstream media does not seem to care. elizabeth: okay. but, we have just had the as assembly man, angela santa barbara, vip testing that cuomo did of his family members and his allies, ahead of everybody else, remember, nobody else could get testing last year that this will be added to the impeachment allegations.
6:24 pm
your response to that? angelo santabarbara giving news, your response? >> i think it is great it will be added to the impeachment, because i think it is not just important that the new york assembly holds cuomo accountable but the public needs to know what cuomo has done, why a lot of republicans and democrats in new york state are really unhappy with cuomo. i don't know that the story is getting out there because cuomo is turning his back, basically putting his head in to ride out the store. you had joe concha on earlier, you talked about biden's press conference. cuomo didn't come up either. elizabeth: then we have chris cuomo, cnn getting ripped for a really lame defense of chris cuomo getting vip testing at his home in the hamptons, ahead of everybody else. remember, nobody else could get tested. former espn host, keith olbermann, wow who thought this statement would help. this is a long-winded version of don't you know who i am?
6:25 pm
others are saying that as well. cnn falling down for their lame defense of the new york governor, giving chris cuomo vip access to covid testing. >> people should be outraged by this. cuomo's arrogance. cnn coming up with a lame excuse because of some sort of cac tracing. they are trying to protect their town. they're running block and tackle of the governor of new york state. he violated public trust. he abused his power. it is black and white around people are trying to pretend it doesn't exist. we have not even gotten to the nursing home scandal. elizabeth: yeah. ford o'connell, you're right, good to have you back on. see you again soon. good to see you. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: next up former congressional investigator stan dewey on head scratcher from white house press secretary jen psaki blasted for claiming she didn't know about a widely publicized senate report on
6:26 pm
hunter biden's shady business dealings overseas when jen psaki talked about this same report in december. the story next. go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ my name is trisha. i'm 70 and i live in mill valley, california. my biggest passion is gardening. i love to be outdoors. i have jaybirds that come when i call. i know how important it is to feed your body good nutrition. i heard about prevagen and i heard about the research behind it. taking prevagen, i have noticed that i can think clearly. my memory is better. i can say that prevagen is one of the most outstanding supplements i've ever taken. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. joining me now is top congressional investigator sam dewey. sam, always great to have you back on. white house press secretary jen psaki getting blasted for trying
6:30 pm
to claim she did not know about a widely publicized senator report by senators ron johnson and chuck grassley on hunter biden's shady overseas business dealings when jen psaki talked about this same report in december. why is she claiming she doesn't know about it? >> i really don't know and it is you know quite odd to have talked about a report in december and now claim that you don't know about it. i you know can only speculate. i can say generally that sometimes a strategy's used when there is a report out that thorough in detailed, like the one that chairman johnson and chairman grassley put together to try to ignore talking about it, to try to minimize it, not discuss it because you get drawn into discussing it. sure you may disagree with the conclusion here. sure you may disagree with a legal premise here but generally, if you're discussing it, a thorough report like that,
6:31 pm
you're taking damage. so it is really, something i've seen quite frequently, a a come public relations avoidance scheme. elizabeth: if she is working for the taxpayers, she doesn't work for the president, she works for the taxpayer. that means you have to be honest and truth with your answers as she was truthful in december. saki replied, i'm not familiar with it at all. let's listen what she said. >> so there was a report last year from the senate finance and homeland security committees. it claims that the wife of moscow's former mayor paid a company associated with the president's son, $3.5 million, there was no explanation for this alleged payment. i wonder if you can tell us if that claim is accurate, and if so, what the $3.5 million was paid for. >> not familiar with that claim.
6:32 pm
doesn't sound like it is backed up by a lot of evidence. do you have evidence or specifics. >> i have the committee's report. so you haven't asked about this. >> i am not familiar with the report at all. elizabeth: okay. social media really blasting this pass an incompetent response because the senate report was based on treasury documents like suspicious activity reports that was tracking shell companies used by hunter biden. so the claim that she was not familiar with the report when she talked about it in december, it just doesn't stand up. >> no. i don't think it does. it's clear around there is a double issue with the answer. first, claiming you don't know something that you had seen before and then second, the notion of give me evidence when the reporter was asking her if she would read the evidence? i point out consistent with the high quality of the work chairman johnson did and chairman grassley did, all they said was, there was this payment that looks suspicious. they didn't draw any wild or
6:33 pm
unfounded conclusions. they stated what they could prove and left the rest to further fact-finding. so i think they made a very responsible claim as you pointed out grounded in documents, it is disappointing there was not more engagement with that claim by the press secretary. elizabeth: yeah. senator ron johnson is tweeting back at jen psaki with a link to the report, the senate report saying we hear you didn't hear about it. here is a link to it so you can read it. so this is sort of feigning ignorance at a really weird time in the news cycle when that story has been out there for months. that hunter biden got 3 1/2 million dollars wired to him bip former, mayor, wife of the former mayor of moscow. so again, when you stand up and you say, claim ignorance about something that has been out there, isn't that a red flag that something else might be going on? >> i think so. it is again a failure to engage
6:34 pm
with the facts. it's a common method to avoid engaging with something that you don't want to engage with. the report has, as i said is very thorough. chairman johnson's staff did a great job. it is full of footnotes. two specific documents. many of them which are completely non-couldcontroversyl records, and you don't want to engage in that, that raises a question why. elizabeth: this indicates something else may be going on with hunter biden. if you're trying to shut down information about it in such an incompetent way, sam you got to wonder, something else is boiling beneath the surface about hunter biden. your final word? >> i think you're correct this is common avoidance strategy to shut down a story. you have to ask questions, what is going on? why is this being done? elizabeth: got it. sam dewey, good to see you. come back soon. >> thank you very much.
6:35 pm
elizabeth: sure. up next general jack keane an north korea launching two suspected ballistic missiles into the sea near japan. this is the first ballistic missile test by north korea in nearly a year. the first since biden took office in january. the fallout of this we'll talk about it with general jack keane next. ♪ i'm a verizon engineer, part of the team that built 5g right. the only one from america's most reliable network. we designed our 5g to make the things you do every day, better. with 5g nationwide, millions of people can now work, listen, and stream in verizon 5g quality. and in parts of many cities where people can use massive capacity,
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now, retired four-star army general jack keane. general, let's start with china. by the way, good to have you back on, great to see you. president biden didn't answer if he would keep tariffs on china. did not answer with the first press conference if he will maintain a tough economic stance with china. he said he would take on china in the north china sea. the north china sea does not exist. there is no north china sea. your take on president biden on
6:40 pm
china? >> i think it was a a little stunning today. when the subject of the uyghurs came up that the previous administration did not take a stand on it. quite the contrary, the previous administration took a very strong stand on the uyghurs. it was secretary pompeo toward the end of the administration, identified them publicly committing genocide. something the united nations also agrees with. it is more interesting in the sense that it appears he doesn't want to give president trump any credit and his administration for anything but in fact, liz, they have, gone pretty much down the line of the trump administration in terms of the principle of taking a tough stand on china, supporting the tariffs and the trade deal currently exists, the export restrictions, the sanctions, they imposed sanctions
6:41 pm
themselves. they support the trump's administration criticism of china crushing democracy in hong kong, the intimidation coercion of taiwan and other allies in the region and also pushing back on the south china sea expansion. all of those things they have agreed with the trump administration on. also trump revitalized the quad alliance. so our audience knows that was an alliance began by bush in in 2007, informnal alliance of the united states, australia, india, japan, like-minded democracies, one reason, one reason only. stability and security in the region because of china's aggressive and malign behavior. it lay dormant during the obama administration. trump revitalized it and president biden had a meeting with them discuss a couple weeks ago, virtual meeting which was a good thing to do but no credit here for actually pretty much going down the line so far in
6:42 pm
terms of rhetoric, adopting trump's policies. it remains to be seen, liz, i do have some skepticism about this, whether they are going to be as tough-minded in terms of execution and their willingness to confront china as they are in terms of their tough language. elizabeth: interesting, general. let's move on to about north korea, firing two ballistic missiles into the sea. reportedly near japan. it is believed to be pongyang's first missile test since april of 2020. when you saw that, what was your first reaction? >> well i think kim jong-un, you know, he is a clever guy, he is part of the kim dynasty. he is taking a page out of his grandfather and his father's book. and what, every time they wanted concessions, particularly economic assistance, in this case we've imposed sanctions on them. so he wants sanction relief,
6:43 pm
belligerence starts. some sort of aggressive action to demonstrate a threat, rockets, missiles. it was quite significant in the tail end of the obama administration and the beginning of the trump administration. in 2017 he was firing intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the united states. we don't know if they could successfully carry a nuclear weapon but nonetheless it was a threat all of its own. he also test-fired a nuclear weapons device obviously underneath the ground. but the fact is is all of that shut down when trump and kim jong-un went to summits. that long-range ballistic miss testing shut down, nuclear testing shut down. there has not been anything of consequence in terms of negotiations since we walked out of the hanoi summit because kim jong-un finally was showing his cards. his cards were hey, i'm really negotiating with you because i
6:44 pm
want sanction relief. i will not take any action to put in place a plan to denuclearize. we walked out and stalemated. what is he doing now? same hand. he is playing the same hand. he will likely increase the range of these missiles to get the the biden administration's attention. he will get that back into negotiation. he wants sanction relief. he got that in the past from democratic administration. he thinks he may get it from this one. he did not get it from trump. that is the reality where we are. that i think is his strategy. he will play this hand again because it worked in the past. i think that is where we are. i totally disagree though with president biden's characterization of north korea being the united states number one threat. i mean, until they just fired a ballistic missile, they haven't done anything of consequence like that since 2017.
6:45 pm
it is completely different now than what it was when president trump took over. the number one threat is china. elizabeth: interesting. got it. general thanks for your insights. always good to see you, thanks for your service to our country. come back soon. coming up. lieutenant colonel james carafano with more of president biden today avoiding answering tough questions of china while he tried to accuse trump of giving china a pass on human rights abuses. remember president biden called it, quote cultural norms. we have more on this debate right after the break. (deborah vo) i was hesitant to get the hearing aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them. (vo) discover the exclusive, new miracle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids with over 70 years of experience. (deborah) when i finally had miracle-ear and i could hear for the first time, i started crying. i could hear everything. new miracle-earmini. so small and comfortable that no one
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now is retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel james carafano. sir, president biden's first news conference today, he is basically not saying whether he is going to lift trump's tariffs on china and he didn't really talk about the economic tough line he will take on china.
6:50 pm
what was your reaction to the press conference today? >> i think it is very clear that the biden team came in without a plan on foreign policy period, just not be trump. they kind of resurrected, came in with the old obama formula, could not front them where we must, cooperate where we can. recognize the world has changed. there is no issues united states and china can cooperate. not just china. in general with the biden team where they followed closely to trump's policies like in asia, south china sea, taiwan, hong kong, uyghurs, quad, strategic relationship, they're doing okay. where they depart from trump's foreign policies the most, not just on china, border security, middle east, most places that is where they have trouble. irony, when they act like trump they're doing okay, when they don't act like trump they look kind of clueless. elizabeth: great to have you back on. we're sorry we ran out of time.
6:51 pm
thank you for your service to our country. we'll have you back on soon. we'll be right back. stay right there. ♪. formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. i have amd. it is my vision so my plan includes preservision.
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>> yes tastes expectations were created so under biden there had are you better treatment of
6:55 pm
migrants and from our country wanting to cross the border thinking it's easier to do so. elizabeth: that was mexican president saying president biden did. the migrants are to the border but let's welcome back to the show former i.c.e. director tom homan. it's great to have you on. joe biden is blaming drum for all of this. your reaction to that? 's >> it's a false narrative. the data speaks for itself. during president trump last year unaccompanied alien children was down 70%. illegal immigration was down between 50 and 80% of the data is clear or they study the data. anyone can go to the cdc web site and look at it. the mexican president is right to joe biden made thomases during the campaign that drove this crisis and when he became president he quickly signed executive orders to keep those promises and make them permanent. if president biden created this
6:56 pm
chaos and payment to create this chaos. this is open borders agenda. he gave up the safety and security of our border to win an election so this is what open borders looks like. elizabeth: he came in with no plan and that's what critics are saying it's putting tremendous strain on borders date cities and towns left the handle would joe biden is failing to do and that is securing the border. human traffickers make $600 million according to henry quayle are democrat of texas. there may key a lot of money because of the collapse of the border now we have the government accountability office opening up an investigation into whether president biden illegally stop congressional funds allocated for construction of the border wall. what do you think about story? >> i disagree with the critics. joe biden biden came with a
6:57 pm
plan. his plan started last year. people have been working on open border strategy. he knew it would cause a crisis and at the same time he over term president comes ruling which would result in democrats democrats -- 90% of central americans will lose their case based on the data. but you know what even when this case they are going to leave because joe biden decapitated i.c.e. and non-criminal fugitives are no longer a priority. they get to stay. this is a well-developed plan. i've said it many times what's happening right now is by design not by accident and not biting counter. elizabeth: he cared about the border then where is customs and border protection quickly up and seen a nominee yet heard president biden is accused of committing a grave smear on
6:58 pm
border patrol and on mexico planning that the trump administration allowed starving children to be put on the other side with mexico. mexico is saying no they tried to reunite the children with their families back in their home country. let's listen to bill mcgurn on this. watch this. >> when he uses the press conference the president to say that his predecessor wanted to starve children to death i thought that charge against trump was that he was jailing them on our side but apparently the real charges that he is starving, and deliberately starving them to death. that's unbecoming for a president. elizabeth: it's also slap in the face of the president of mexico. your reaction? >> it's disgusting and i'm glad you brought it up. i was angry when i heard that because 20,000 men and women who wear that uniform every day with
6:59 pm
a kevlar vest to defend this nation deserve better for the commander-in-chief. they saved over 4000 lives last year, save 4000 mice. these men and women are working their buts off and they are falling asleep at work because they are dealing with a crisis that their commander-in-chief created and they are saying they are letting children die? the facts are it wouldn't surprise me if the president if every every man woman turns their back on him. never seen a president or commander-in-chief do what he did today. it was absolutely disgusting what he did. elizabeth: your final word on kamala harris now being go -- to oversee the border. >> she's an open borders advocate that she believes in sanctuary cities. she's compared i.c.e. officer to the kkk.
7:00 pm
she has legislation toward bad behavior and she's going to handle the immigration problem? alessa myth that elizabeth: tom homan thanks for being with us. that doesn't presently hope you have a good evening. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" that i'm larry kudlow lost to talk about this evening. first up stocks closed today higher and that's good but that happened way late in the afternoon long after president biden's news conference was concluded. they were basically flat during the news. i was keeping track. we are going to devote the whole show this evening to various aspects of president biden's policies or lack thereof and i want to begin with something he said that really makes my teeth grind. here is what he said. >> i said the goal


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