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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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want to say thanks to the freedom foundation for helping me with this message. david: we wish you the best, i know a little bit about the struggles that you go through and you guys deserve a lot more than what the unions are getting for any of us. thank you very much, that doesn't prosper "fox business tonight", "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: it keeps getting worse with abiding border. crisis, trump and biden have been sparring over trump says he will visit the border and biden's poll numbers are dropping over the mishandling, the debate, why does president biden and his team keep claiming that there on the stick at the border when there is 0 no border meetings on the white house schedule just one with democrats tomorrow. vice president kamala harris missing in action after president biden put her in charge off the border now we hae this 800,000 trying to cross illegally beating 2019 numbers despite the biden team saying
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know they are there, there is a problem, we have senator ron johnson at the border with republican senators last week also jason chaffetz, liz peek, vince: ace, ric grenell, james carafano and ice acting director ronald vitiello. we have a jampacked show, senator john kennedy calling out items border policy as bone and deep down to the narrow stupid senator tom cotton because it totally insanity 15 house republicans headed to the border as republican senators were there on friday and democrats instead here's what they're doing there focusing on doing out of control big government spending and now this senator chuck schumer he wants to do an end run bending senate rules to ram through the 3 trillion-dollar infrastructure spending we will explain the democrats plan to ban taxpayers. and pete buttigieg and humiliating back down he had to back down after he got blasted
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for a new tack on the middle and lower income taxes, taxing drivers by the miles that would've slammed the working for in the trucking industry but we have the debate on what they plan to do instead. a ninth woman sherry, accused democrat new york governor andrew cuomo of sexual harassment is a new york state attorney general dozens of cuomo's aides and his team members including to find out whether the cuomo team tried to intimidate into silence cuomo's accusers, how does cuomo's team keep their day job, this would not be allowed on the private sector to republicans, lee zeldin say the world health organization is china's useful idiots for downplaying the possibility that the covid-19 virus leaked out of the laboratory in china even former bill clinton ripped the w.h.o. and their investigation is very unserious senator kitty same biden's people need to get off the train to trump town and get
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the w.h.o. to go back in and reinvestigate or the world will be at risk from china. thank you for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: we begin with senator ron johnson the chair of homeland security and multiple other committees, he has joined senators at the border last week we are so glad to see you and have you on the show, welcome th the show president biden and his team are saying there's no problem at the border, move along there is no there there. >> hello, they are in complete denial, this is the worst crisis i've seen of the border since i took over the chairman schiff of the homeland security and the senate, i'm no longer chair because democrats are in charge, i'm so sad about this and was so depressing it did not have to
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happen after the 2018, 2019 surge president trump got it under control, he put in place the migrant protection program, the return to mexico policy and in agreements with mexico and other central american countries and we pretty well stop the flow of unaccompanied children and migrant families that were exploiting our very generous asylum laws but then president biden even though his transition team asked the trump administration what can we do to prevent the border crisis, they told them keep the policies in place and the first thing the present abiding did he dismantled all the programs and so this is not only predictable it was predicted and it's just sad. elizabeth: people are being assaulted, children aredr gettig killed trying to cross illegally, people are being trafficked by the cartel and you have three out of five americans disapprove a president joe biden
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handling of the border crisis, that's according to a poll, donald trump plans to go to the border, president biden says he doesn't care what president trump is going to do what is your reaction of president trump going to the border. >> anybody willing to go to the border that can bring press witt them so they can highlight the depredations that are occurring is welcome news, the human trafficking element of this as never been fully reported once we reported on 2014, 2018 or currently. i can't even describe some of the things on air, it is horrific but a couple of them for example the vote on the rio grande, the people that were giving us a tourist one of the traffickers techniques when they are approached by cbp or texas public safety they will literally throw a child overboard into a pretty rio grandeiver, the is very strong and strange
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current, they will throw a child overboard as diversions of the can complete their mission the drugs that are flowing through as a use these children and aversion, the trafficking the involuntary, it is simply not been recorded properly but elizabeth the border is 100% under control, you do not cross without paying the traffickers e people don't have that money how do you think they pay that off they do it in the sex trade and other involuntary search the depredations of were predicted and predictable and president biden kamala harris went forware with a horrible policy anyway. elizabeth: you are giving us information that there seems to be a blockade by the biden the administration there must less transparent thanan the trump administration is been blocking the media at the border in a gag order what your reporting to us
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is something that the american people are not hearing right now, illegal crossings generate hundreds if not billions of dollars of smuggling revenue fog the cartel that control access to the border, how is it that the biden team can try to get away with trying to do a gag order at the border, including senators like you. >> mainstream media is in their back pocket, they pick their candidate and did everything they could to report on hunter biden to make sure joe biden one, the last thing that theyg want to do is prove themselvesf wrong in taking the wrong horse, a lot of the things that we revealed in 2018, they actually sell children to people who want to come across in a family unit and exploit their lost. we have known this for years and this is exactly what president biden is allowing to happen, it is absolutely shameful, they realize that a picture is worth a thousand words 2018 - 2019
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crisis, 2-year-old child drowned in the rio grande, the biden demonstration is allowing the press in their so the american people don't see the pictures but 18 senators went down to donna and we took pictures and it's like being in communist china, i have been there and the chinese party, the commonest party always has minors with you so you cannot take pictures same thing with the vice president or president biden telling us to delete photos and we said no, were a separate branch of s government were doing oversight the american people need to see this, it was so real he felt like you're in communist china. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying we hear you loud and clear, there are the humane ones. border authorities are saying you are being inhumane with weak border policies and as you point out all sorts of depredation in a horrific crime committed by
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the cartel when you weaken the border. that something to senator kennedy on the biden team he saying bone deep down is stupid. >> if you talk to the border patrol agents, those women and men will tell you, what president biden is doing is bone deep down to the narrow stupid, the people that president bidenu has puto in charge to make bordr security policy are not qualified to manage a food truck. >> we are being overwhelmed that the border is not a crisis it's a complete loss of sovereignty. elizabeth: a complete loss of sovereignty, that is serious stuff, what do you say. >> first of all she knows how to turn a phrase but he's absolutely right this is so stupid the policies that the administration are inactive but is personal under purposeful one
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of the things we learned that was shocking to me in 2018 - 2019 trump administration was being criticized and taking them 7 - 10 days to do the background check and try to make hore that those children belong to those adults before they release them. this administration is bypassing those controls and putting a goal and for cbp to process and release these family units not knowing who people are, not doing dna test within eight hours, we also learn two saturdays ago the word came down from the biden of administration in the cbp don't issue notices to appear that takes too much time, these people are entering this country illegally and let into the interior of america they have no legal obligation to appear before court to have their asylum claim made, this is close to complete as anybody could imagine. elizabeth: it's out of control, now we have a memo that the biden team is feeling pressure
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and it's asking for volunteers across the country for up to 12o days, there is that how is it republican senators like ted cruz were allowed to be blocked by biden staffers that are recording inside a migrant facility and mike braun who went to thedeig border friday said of biden's representative tried to get him to delete a picture of the facility, your senators your job is oversight how is this allowed to happen where the biden team lower-level officials are allowed to block you guys. >> it felt like you were in communist china and you have the minors trying to bird-dog you, you notice we have a lot of pictures we did not listen to them, we ignored them and i asked them to please stop bothering me, coequal branch of government and the american people need to see that, please go away senator cruises murder he took pictures of her minor,
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this is totalitarian type of tactics but the mainstream media is in the back pocket of the biden of administration so there allowing the biden of administration to get away but pressure is building. elizabeth: senator ron johnson, thank you for joining us you were terrific, it was good to have you on the show, come back soon. coming up former house oversight chair jason chaffetz on senator chuck schumer now trying to pressure the senate parliamentarian to bend the senate rules beyond recognition in order to ram through trillions of dollars in government spending, why democrats have lost legislative credibility could they lose big time in the midterm next year, that debate next. >> none of that fits my plan, i'm a welder and that's what i been doing, him wanting to rebuild the middle class he is cutting welding jobs in oil and gas in the oil and gas is pretty
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. elizabeth: joining us fox news contributor jason chaffetz is back with us he launched a new podcast jason in the house, you're in the house with us tonight senator chuck schumer is pressuring the senate parliamentarian to bend the senate rules beyondni recognitin so democrats can do more government spending without any vrepublican votes, a budget reconciliation to a simple majority, can he get away with her? >> i don't think so, just as the other parliamentarian rules but not to dive too much into the weeds but so you understand the under the normal budget process in 1974 years of post of 12 different appropriation bills and their supposed to be brought up one at a time in any member can offer an amendment but they've only done that once since 1974 and the process is broken and what pelosi and schumer trying to do is trying to change the rule of how reconciliation works so they can power through a bill with only
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51 votes normal you need to break a filibuster at 60, i don't think they could do that, you could do that but once a year but they're trying to do it twice in a year and that would be very abnormal. elizabeth: biden's going to announce a 3 trillion-dollar infrastructure transportation secretary pete buttigieg is walking back his plan to tax drivers by the miles that would slam the working poor in the middle class in the trucking industry, it is been flat out called one of the stupidest ideas they have ever heard because it require more government satellite tracking of how long you driving your car. , the biden team is acting like they have a mandate, they do not they do not have a majority, slim majority in the house, they don't have a majority in the senate and he won by getting tens of thousands of votes in
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three states but there acting like it's okay to ram through trillions of dollars of spending was 0 republican oversight and here come the tax hikes, the good after-tax the middle class, you can't do it by taxing the upper brackets that is complete insanity to think that way. >> they have done everything the opposite of what the campaign has said they're going to do,o, the first thing they did is cut jobs now they want to raise taxes, they have gone away from border security and built a wall around the capital that has been dismantled but that's where they decided it did work around the capital but they do work on the southern border now they want to raise taxes not just on the wealthiest 1% that shows their talking point, yeah pete buttigieg throwing it out there every siegel person in this country would have a raise at the gas pump, that still a raise in taxes and they also talk about and studied in washington, d.c. as we don't spend portrayed
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in dollars as a base budget, 75% of which roughly is mandatory problematic spending and they keep during trillions of dollars at this without a single republican vote in joe biden kamala harris said they were going to unite the country, bring us together but they haven't even talked to mitch mcconnell since joe biden became president. elizabeth: now the name of the game is to try to ram through more spending and taxes by getting rid of the filibuster by trying to call it racist biden described it as jim crow when he defended it and used it for four decades soda senator barack obama democrats used in more than 300 times last year and republicans only used it once democrats used it to filibuster senator tim scott reform bill but somehow they are trying to get a high ground by trying to convince the media in the country that the filibuster has been around for decades is racist, this is shameless, this
10:21 pm
is shameless activity on the part of the democrats and fast was incredibly. >> absolutely 110% they totally flipped and democrats are in charge and chuck schumer has a a gavel a whole another set of rules, they want to rewrite history and put a whole new perspective on it but what they promised and what they said they're gonna work withre republicans and literally have not picked up the phone and had a simple meeting with them but to try to use this little process overcoming the filibuster, every single time they go they use the tactic of disaster liberalism, what do they do they try to call you a racist that's the only card that they can play, you are racist because you don't follow her lead. elizabeth: it is pathetic it is not what the u.s. taxpayer deserves in the way of legislative activity or
10:22 pm
rhetoric, it is good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> fox news contributor liz peek on the ninth woman her name is sherry ville she stepped forward to cueso andrew cuomo of also sexual harassment, unwanted touching, the new york state attorney general is subpoenaing the aids about the sexual harassment allegations and whether cuomo's team tried to intimidate into silence cuomo's accusers, they would not get away in the private sector wire taxpayers allowing them to get away with it in government. that story next. >> i think it is long overdue, multiple reports indicate you have a culture of corruption in the governor's office and you have a staff that very much act like their boss and getting to the bottom of this is critical. there are two investigations going on at the moment, one from
10:23 pm
the attorney general's office with respect to the sexual harassment and assault obligations and one from the department of justice investigating the nursing homes, in both cases his staff is knee-deep in it, there are a lot of questions for his senior staff especially melissa derosa who is involved in both cases ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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elizabeth: menino fox newsh:
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contributor liz peek we love having you back on the show a nice woman has come forward to accuse andrew cuomo of sexual harassment, she is a photo of it gloria allred is helping her step forward this woman has been married for 30 years, what is going on withwa governor cuomo. >> i don't know is there a magic number, doesn't have to get to 15, how many women have to come forward before the world gets to understand the governor cuomo is a creep and he's behaved badly h toward so many women who were employed by him, aids in his office et cetera, this is not accidental, this is a groundswell of so many people calling out the governor for a thuggish behavior and people trying to silence witnesses and people mightor come forward, abusive behavior towards people who work for him, it's pretty
10:28 pm
horrific, i would say this in the midst of all of this let us not forget the nursing home scandal, to me as awful as a sexual harassment, the nursing home problem and the fact that the cuomo administration have lied to the federal authority to cover up the number of deaths is even worse, we cannot lose side of that. elizabeth: how is cuomo's team allowed to keep their day jobs, you point out there accused of doing what would never be allowed in the corporate world of trying to silence cuomo's accusers the new york ag is located to that were talking about cuomo's top aide marissa do unto derosa as his spokesman intimidating his accusers just as they tried toti intimidate ad silence the truth of nursing home deaths you see the same activity in the same behavior happening here with the sexual harassment allegations, your word on that. >> you think they so powerful and he's been so powerful in new york state, let's not suggest
10:29 pm
otherwise that he can get away with the most anything, i think the astonishing thing to me is a lot of voters still think he can run again in 2022, not many but there is still a subnet forget portion the don't think any of this matters, my question is what are they happy about, the state is number one in taxes, number two in deaths per 100,000 in the country from covid what is it exactly that cuomo has done so well that he gives this license to still be in office, it is completely mystifying. elizabeth: you raise a great point, we love having you on, liz peek with terrific analysis, thank you so much let's move on to vince vince coglianese, you heard what lizco peek said and e also have this the cuomo administration reportedly ignored in upstate county
10:30 pm
official for covid test for nursing homes in his county in april last year while the governor was giving allegedly bip test for family members, his mother, his brother, cnn anchor chris cuomo and his sister so nursing homes could not get test but cuomo's family members and top allies could, what is going on here. >> this is steuben county new york they wanted test for three different nursing homes only got enough supplies for one in the midst of all of this in april 2020 last year. you had to endure cuomo's family being tested by the state at the direction of the governor and it's an amazing thing, chris cuomo, not that old of a guy a cnn host and he is definitely not the kind of person who is in the dire range in terms of the impact of the coronavirus, he was getting exclusive access to test people in the state much worse situations desperately needed and the only reason is because his brother was a governor and the length of which
10:31 pm
they went to try to keep this covered up they just usedl initials they did not write full names on the test, they categorized all the people in the cuomo family as specials that police escorts they gave state troopers the testing supplies, brought them to labs and enforced lab workers to work overtime just to get the results for andrew cuomo's family it is absolutely disgusting and a total abdication of the governor's responsibility to the people of his state who desperately need his attention and help. elizabeth: we were just talking about upstate steuben county they were saying we need test for nursing homes in our county and they cannot get the test. were talking about people who were exposed to covid-19 because cuomo ordered patients back and now we have new york lawmakers telling us it's going to be loaded into the impeachment probe what is this going to happen with cuomo impeachment
10:32 pm
probe. >> i'm concerned it does not have the things we have the story, a couple of weeks ago the audio of the conversation with state legislators, and the conversation they indicated they were taking something of a half measure they were launching an impeachment investigation rather than a full-blown impeachment, what does that mean the state party this democrats have signal cuomo stands accused of all the things he's denied it's time to move on and gets the people's business, i don't think were ready to move on and new yorkers should not be ready to move on with the governor who is so mistreated, could he survive this, it's possible we seen the governor do in virginia is a powerful governor in newark but he does not deserve this. elizabeth: governor northam did not face but governor cuomo is alleged to do. thank you so much. thank you for joining us we really appreciate it. we are excited to have back on former acting director national intelligence ric grenell they are same in the world health organization for completely
10:33 pm
incompetent botched report there edcalling the w.h.o. china's useful idiots, there downplayed the possibility of the virus leaked out of a laboratory in wuhan, china and senator john kennedy since president biden get on the stick get the w.h.o. to find out the truth of the origin of covid-19 in china or the world and the u.s. will continue to be at risk. >> at the rate were going we will never know because doctor ted rose who is in charge of the world health organization is owned, lock stock and barrel by china if you took president xi jinping jumping off china, turned him upside down and shook him doctor ted rose would fall out of his pocket. no disrespect but the biden people who rejoined the world health organization need to get off the bullet train to trump towner, doctor ted rosen center
10:34 pm
team back in and if the chinese don't cooperate we are out of here we will not support the w.h.o. anymore. short of that we will never find out what happened.
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♪. elizabeth: with me now, former acting director of national intelligence, back with us is ric grenell. ric, we elizabeth: former acting director of national intelligence is ric grenell, we love having you on lee zeldin republicans calling the report of covid-19 calling china's useful idiot after they did not look into whether china covered up the lab leak, they did not have the purview to do that, what is going on here. >> surprising that there even talking about the still, everybody knows the w.h.o. is overtaken by the chinese, all the media had to do was read the
10:39 pm
publicly available statements that the trump intelligence community leaders were making, we made it perfectly clear they made incredibly stupid mistakes from the very beginning of covid i spent eight years at the un and i tell you the chinese is over un agencies trying to control them, trying to make sure that they are fully in the leadership of different organizations, just in case something happens like w.h.o. where they can control the message i'm really surprised at the biden administration is just now realizing this. >> the whole world including tha u.s. is the lot risk of what's going on in china even former bill clinton official who serves on the national security council with 60 minutes of the w.h.o.
10:40 pm
investigation was in wuhan, let's watch this i would like your reaction. >> i would not call what happened in investigation it is essentially a highly chaperoned highly curated study to your a group of experts only saw what the chinese government wanted them to see. elizabeth: then you have the loan american scientist peter saying what were we supposed to do. what you were supposed to do is be an investigator, what do you say to that. >> philosophically that stop phback for second even the un ad sectors in iran they are scientist and they go there to look at open doors and information that is presented to them they don't carry guns, i tend to agree what are we thinking when we send to doctor into china, the assumption is that china is going to be the
10:41 pm
transparent and come forward with information, that's a really ridiculous assumption, i don't know why were playing this game in the communist party of china, this is what they do when they take technology and they steal data, the german intelligence service in europe warns germans before you travel to china, you should bring a burner phone because the chinese steal data from you, the whole world understands this, the bigger problem is that the biden administration continues to look across the table at china and pretend like we got a partner equivalent. the cohabit in alaska the chinese government in bringing immediate and and this is something that they don't do in their own country that we allowed them to do this in alaska, a couple of days later after they played us on our own
10:42 pm
american soil, they announced a deal with iran $400 billion deal because they know that the biden team is weak and not able to stop them, they would've never done this under the trump administration there would've been immediate penalty, tariffs or something donald trump knows how to negotiate and what we have right now is that the chinese, russians, iranians and others will come, kim jong-un and others testing this administration because they nobody really cares about what president biden really cares about is a consensus with them or the european and the goal is for happy talk the goal is to sign up on a statement not make progress or protect the united states if it was the goal we would've looked across the table
10:43 pm
in alaska and said how dare you make these statements, you don't even let your people have aav basic human right, you don't let them have free in fear information, this is outrageous and we did not push back. elizabeth: it's great to have you back on, will have you back on s soon your insights are spot on, it's good to see you again, ric grenell, coming up retired lieutenant colonel james carafano, china pushing back hard over the biden administration 9400 deal and under billion-dollar deal with iran china wants iran to oil, look at this china wants to put the biden administration back on his heels, how, it wants to host israel, palestinian peace talks in china, colonel james carafano next. the thing about freedom is... freedom has no limits. there's no such thing as too many adventures... or too many unforgettable moments.
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♪♪ (car horn) ♪♪
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(splash) ♪♪ turn today's dreams into tomorrow's trips... with millions of flexible booking options. all in one place. expedia. elizabeth: joined me now
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lieutenant colonel james carafano, it's good to see you your reaction to china making a big push into the mideast with the new 25 year deal with china and iran, 400 billion-dollar china is going to invest in iran with a steady stream of oil, what you stated this. >> will see if the real deal, the belton road was basically paved with press release, never got past the press release, hundreds of billions of dollars in time on, they might as well just give their money away where they should go to fandual embedded all on a team that lost to the sweet 16 and said they will win the final four, i don't think the chinese are that stupid i think this is a lot of posturing. elizabeth: you don't think this will come to for ration that china will even put money into iran in exchange for oil at all. >> of their idiots, probably oil, they will not invest hundreds, idiots invest hundreds
10:49 pm
into this country, similar with this were to broker a deal, they have nothing to bring to the table, the just posturing, they're just poking in the chinese need to think about, they are committing genocide against the million muslim people, now they say they will poke their nose around the middle east how could we do think it's good to be before they attract the attention of every islamic extremist in the region and they become a target. i think the more they meddle in the middle east the more they will regret this. elizabeth: that is interesting, there is talk that china wants to work with turkey, pakistan, also i run also the uighurs as you pointed out the subject to genocide inside china and equivalent of concentration camps, do you see any indication that the muslim world in the middle east is taking note of
10:50 pm
that? >> i think the government can find all kinds of excuses not to deal with this because they want to make money and maybe the look the other way but the likes of isis, they will not do that, they will see this is potentially the new great satan this will be a new opportunity for them to rally against the government which they hate anyway into their murdering muslims in china and these governments are embracing them i don't think the chinese will do any of this because are not that stupid but if they are they will waste a lot of money in a bush a lot of nothing and they're going to probably draw a bull's-eye from al-qaeda and isis. elizabeth: interesting, james carafano, think you to your service to our country, thank you to have you on in appreciate your insights. next up ron vitello, where is vice president kamala harris,
10:51 pm
president biden put her in charge of the border but she's missing in action, why stick right there, we will explain. >> we have repeatedly asked president biden and his own vice president mocking the situation at the border and it's a kids that are losing and his policies have incentivized in this committal behavior. will enter ♪ ♪ ♪ h by working with your mouth to boost absorption of calcium and phosphate which naturally strengthens enamel. pronamel mineral boost helps keep teeth strong, white, and protected from sensitivity. new pronamel mineral boost
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perio elizabeth: let's welcome former ice acting director ron vitello, can you straighten this out for us, president biden puts vice president kamala harris in charge of the border but now she's missing in action atel the border even though the president ordered her to take charge of it last week there are not any plans for her to go there or adjust the issue. let me get this straight, she is upset reportedly lit rodeo or trim renovations with joe manchin oven slow going, that is going on so she is not doing her job but gets away with bullying of i.c.e. officials and border officials doing their job it's okay for senator, then senator harris to compare ice to the kkk but they go a-wall and missing in action and not to your job at the border when the president told you to go do it, what is going on here.
10:56 pm
>> that incident in my g confirmation hearing is very personal, she tried to paint the entire ice workforce as something that came to the kkk,n that is a very regrettable thing for u.s. senator to say to anybody in government so set that aside, there's a real problem of the communication, the president charged with helping fix this problem but i look very carefully at the event that they had at the white house with hhs secretary and the vice president and the president talked about what he was assigned to do in 2014 and 2015 surge which as he described it to bring a bag full of money to the northern triangle to make investments when they were supposed to be private concerns that match the government investment as well, i liked the really hard at the rhetoric then and they look for results of our investment year-over-year in the
10:57 pm
northern triangle, there is billions of dollars set up and spend the effort but there is very little evidence that made any differenceth whatsoever so she's in charge of the diplomatic relationship and bringing resources to the northern triangle, it is awkward to help the border patrol it will not help the dhs families, will not help with going on in the border in the short term, a visit to the border by either of the principles would benefit them. when i was running border patrol and acting deputy commissioner there is an energy that occurs when you visit the field, they are proud to talk about whatt they do, they're asking for more capability and this is certainly a crisis in which the leadership of the highest level showing the support for the workforce and families would be very important. elizabeth: we have heard kamala harris symone sanders pushing back saying that the vice president is not doingit the border, we've got people being
10:58 pm
sex trafficked at the border we had ron johnson telling us that children including 2-year-old infants are being thrown overboard off of boats, we have a serious problem with people getting assaulted they think they're being humanitarian and they are not, they are exposing people including children to being killed i making the trip illegally, when are they going to answer the phone that the wake-up call that has been ringing off the hook for months and give them a stick and do something about it. because right now, the harrison president biden your falling down on the job. >> the border is always a difficult risky place but when you have thousands and thousands of people going to the border and hundreds of kids coming alone the border patrol is distracted with caring for them and getting them into the system and processing them overloaded facilities and then you add to that the cartel who are making money hand over fist because of this flow through taxing and smuggling people and border patrol is distracted to more drugs entering the country so
10:59 pm
leadership engagement at the highest level is in order. elizabeth: we do not want another person assaulted and we do not want another child killed because of weak border policies, that is a problem when you have week border policies yet the drug cartel in the human traffickers stepping in and they don't care about human lives, let's listen to senator lindsey graham what he had to say about this. watch this. >> vice president harris this is your job to fix, i promise you i will work with you but you cannot possibly understand your job unless you come here. elizabeth: your final work, what do you think. >> we have tools in place in the prior administration to abate a surge of the border and effectively stopped it to the 21st of january and now they have to recover from what happened there to augment of what's going on with the board and then to think about what they did. elizabeth: take you for your service to our country, it's good to see you and thank you so
11:00 pm
much for watching him elizabeth macdonald even want to "the evening edit", that doesn't for us we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ night. ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, markets today mostly higher, small gains in the dow, 500 still up from a new close, lots of records on the stock market, we will talk about it later on in the program. i want to begin with more class warfare from the biden white house, i talked about this and have to talk about it aga


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