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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 31, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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affect doses currently being delivered and used nationwide. all future shipments of the vaccine in the united states have been halted while the fda investigates. that does it for us. "fox business tonight." thanks for joining us. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: republicans gearing up to battle and block the coming tax hikes in president biden's new infrastructure bill. president trump, former president trump today calling it a quote, radical ludicrous monstrosity, a cruel and heartless attack on the american dream. it would send jobs to china, overseas and elsewhere as president biden would increase taxes on companies higher than what china is doing. now reagan, fdr, lbj, how does this all stack up? is the best course of action get people vaccinated and reopen the economy? tonight we have mark short, texas representative tony
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gonzalez, tom homan, along with league eagles, harmeet dhillon and hans von spakovsky and hector garza. vice president border czar kamala harris on the hot seat. missing in action the border, not showing up. a growing number of americans disapprove the president biden's handling of the border crisis including latinos. kamala harris will do diplomacy. not seeing that yet. democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez facing a barrage of criticism trying to claim quote, this is not a surge and even though it's a surge, she was one of the first to show up at the border to criticize the trump administration. either way cortez is missing the point, border officials say. house and senate republicans joining warning that violent human traffickers and drug cartels taking control of the
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border. putting u.s. border towns and communities in danger. illegal border-crossers at risk of losing their lives. big blow back of vaccine passports the biden team wants. more states following florida saying no. a major study ripping into yahoo! news getting it wrong. falsely accused florida of undercounting covid debts. hunter biden making dubious claims in his new book, trying to claim he would not have taken the job again at a ukraine gas company. why? because of partisan politics f that were so why isn't hunter biden divesting his 10% stake in chinese investment fund like his father said he would. hunter biden says he is not ike eric or donald trump, jr. hunter got where he at on his own f that were true why does hunter biden turn around say the biden last name was considered gold by the ukraine gas company
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that paid him a lot of money to sit on the board. he said having the biden name at the ukraine company, that was an f-u to russian president vladmir putin. we'll break this all down tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with president biden wrapping up his day in pittsburgh. announcing a new $2.25 trillion infrastructure spending bill. with me now, former trump official mark short. you're forming a new conservative group to fight biden tax hikes. good to see you, marc. what is your battle plan to fight this. >> thanks for having me on tonight, liz. the reality is the biden plan even though they say it is a tax for the rich will tax every american.
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this is the first phase. there is second phase, what "the washington post" reported total spending $4 trillion, $3 trillion will be tax increases. best estimates if you raise the corporate tax from 21 to 28%, maybe at best case creates 700 billion-dollar in revenue. of you do the math. 2.2 trillion more tax increases on every american and it will kill jobs. the reality we'll put together a coalition of businesses and individuals fighting back against the tax increase. we're getting great response. we'll focus in many swing districts across america where nancy pelosi has a thin majority. as you know they can't afford to lose any vote in the senate. it is a target-rich environment with all the taxes they want to raise. elizabeth: so you do the math. you can't pay for this by raising taxes on the upper bracket. they have to tax the middle and lower brackets, is that what
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you're saying? >> absolutely. if you look at the proposal, talked about for one bringing back the individual mandate. that is a tax of 90% people pay earn $50,000 or less. you heard pete buttigieg talk about a user tax. in essence people would be taxed by number of miles on the highways. sometimes driving two jobs like truckers. think of all costs incurred by consumers when the price of shipping goods across the country goes up? many cases you know, liz, capital gains bracket is something for the rich to pay. the way they're looking to do this is across the board. corporate tax increases you know too, end up being passed down to the consumer an kill jobs f you raise the corporate tax, the best place comes to reduce it to reduce their workforce or move the jobs back overseas. perhaps one of the most insidious elements of this new biden tax plan is increasing astronomically the global tax. basically creates an incentive,
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if you bring any money back, taxed at a higher percent. companies will leave jobs overseas. they will hire overseas. they're not hiring american workers. this plan does nothing but kill jobs. elizabeth: it is a disincentive to invest in the u.s. corporate inversions will come back on in a fast track way. "washington post" reporting less than a third will be spent for roads and bridges. but now biden wants to raise taxes on companies at higher rate than china. when we talk about the nickel and dime taxes the president again saying, if you make less than 400-k you won't see taxes go up. economists and say he is totally misleading the u.s. saying your taxes will go up. all brackets will get hit. do you agree with that? >> 100%. all brackets will get hit. all americans will pay higher taxes across the board. when donald trump and sighs president pence lowered the tax
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bracket from 35 to 21 for corporations we only came to the middle of industrialized nations. the top 35, there are 16 have a lower rate, 19 have a higher rate. if you go back up to just 28%, liz, you're back in the top four, top five of countries. basically competing with socialized economies across europe. why would you want to do that? all you will do is encourage companies to move jobs back overseas. as you said when we lowered the tax rate there was a large number of inversions came back into the united states. what the biden administration is doing creating incentive to move people off our shores like they were before the trump presidency. elizabeth: how does this stack up with reagan, lbj, fdr? biden is spending more as a percent of gdp than fdr. is the better course to get people vaccinated and reopen the economy? >> of course it is. reality we have unspent money
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from previous covid relief bills and 1.9 trillion from the last covid relief bill. there is enormous amount of fiscal stimulus in the economy right now. it is antiquated democrat notion that you keep spending money and taxing the rich as a way to create jobs. think back to the last obama-biden stimulus, when they pushed the big stimulus with alleged shovel-ready projects t took us more than three years to get under 7% unemployment. it doesn't work. when we lowered the corporate tax rate, provided tax relief to americans it, created 5.3 million new jobs in just two years. you had the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years at 3 1/2%. lowest ever for african americans and hispanic-americans that created jobs, lowering the tax rate. not this notion that government will create jobs by spending more money. elizabeth: even president obama admitted that the shovel-ready jobs were not there. they were not so shovel-ready.
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he said he had inside joke, inside of his administration, it was called train and prey. do job training and pray people get jobs. that is top down government approach. you're talking about a bottom up approach that worked under the trump administration. joe biden was a job czar under, under president obama. he went and studied it for a couple years. spent a lot of money and found job training programs and these tax hikes, stuff like this, this doesn't work. so i mean here we are again. we were there with reagan in the first term of reagan. reagan had a stimulus plan in '81. by the time 86 rolls around he did tax cuts. the money didn't come into the economy in the five-year span. it had yet to come in. reagan saw how bad the idea was. long-term rates, higher taxes on income brackets could trigger a stock market reaction, that is
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the fear. >> 100% it can. capital gains would be destructive to a lot of asset value in the market. i'm optimistic we'll have a great chance to kill this. there is very narrow margins in the house and senate. when the american people hear it's a tax on all of them. they will approach us we will see the democrats failed policies of tax and spend will create more support for conservatives and republicans who want to push free markets. elizabeth: so biden says no to senator elizabeth warren's wealth tax but we're looking attacks hikes going up to nearly 40% for the upper bracket. capital-gains taxes going up. gas taxes potentially going up too. so is your battle plan to take this fight to the battleground states and hit the democrats hard in the upcoming mud terms? midterms, is that the plan? >> there are a number of more moderate house members will have great reluctance towards these
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house increases. particularly if you look in the senate, liz, multiple senators who were not here to vote on the 2017 trump tax relief. their voters need to know where they stand on this, particularly two senators in arizona. a new senator in georgia. a new senator in nevada. as well you have maggie hassan is up for re-election in 2022 in new hampshire. joe manchin will be a pivotal member. those people merit the most focus and response from their constituents whether or not they support this type of huge tax increase on them? elizabeth: marc short. great to see you. >> sure. elizabeth: texas representative tony gonzalez. he is fired up. he just toured the border earlier this week. what you hear from the biden administration is not the truth what is really going on? vice president kamala harris, biden's border czar, she is missing in action at the border too. we have a new poll coming in
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showing the growing number of americans disapprove of president biden's handling of the border crisis. the poll includes latinos who don't like what is going on either. the story is next. >> neither joe biden or kamala harris has been down to the border to see this crisis they created and it really is, it is a stunning lack of disregard. many ways they feel politically trapped. they made promises to the hard left-wing base they won't enforce the border. they will allow people to come. and they don't understand why that is produced this crisis. ♪. ferently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me!
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♪. elizabeth: with us now is texas representative tony gonzalez. you were at the border this week, congressman. it is great to have you on. congressman, the biden team is downplaying this, this is just cyclical, nothing to see here, move along. what do you say to that, and can you tell us what you're seeing? >> yeah. we've been sounding the alarm for months. we saw this coming a long time ago. i was just out in el paso and what has happened things are spiraling out of control. not only on the american side but also on the mechanic can side. when i was in el paso i traveled to juarez. we visited that area as well.
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on the mention can side they have 18 ngos working around the clock to try to take care of some of these migrant aches situations. it is just spiraling out of control. elizabeth: a migrant caravan out of honduras is trying to cross into guatemala head into the u.s. a new pole from marist, growing number of americans disapprove of biden handling of the border crisis. they picked up two toddlers apban dodd by human smugglers at the border. we're seeing south texas special on group of texas rangers saved a six-month old baby, thrown overboard by human smugglers. they broke the leg of the mother when she was assaulted by these smugglers. i don't see how the democrats, biden team can be copastetic with this dangerous humanitarian crisis. >> it is absolutely terrible to see. when i was in el paso i did a
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ride-along, with chief and deputy. we did tree 1/2 hours. their mobile surveillance platforms are game-changers. there is a technology piece that is absolutely needed of layered defense. they not only need more manpower and need more technology. this is another thing, the vice president was deemed in charge of this a week ago. i would love for her to get out there, visit be part of it. listen to those on the ground seeing it every day. this is only going to continue to get worse unless we act now. elizabeth: yeah. okay, we've got, basically border authorities are saying as you point out, where are you kamala harris? because you were sure vocal under the trump administration along with other democrats attacking the trump team for trying to stop the border crisis there. let's listen to this.
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watch. >> comparing this president to the president we have is outrageous, number one. we didn't lock people up in cages. we didn't separate families. we didn't do all of those things. >> we have got a person who put babies in cages, separated children from their parents. >> i will release children from cages. i will get rid of the private detention centers. [applause] >> i've been down to the border. i have seen the mothers. i have seen the cages of babies. we must be a country that every day lives our values. elizabeth: okay. so, we've got border authorities and republicans saying the biden team is using cages. there are children in cages right now at the border, including babies and mothers. so the democrats are awol here. your response? >> you know i visited the facility out in fort bliss. what is happening, now they're starting to go on military
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bases. this facility at fort bliss is an hhs-ran facility but it will house up to 5000 migrant children. just continues to spiral. part of that is this administration has to act. that starts by insuring title 42 remains in place. there are tens of thousands of people on the other side of the border f they do away with title 42, this will absolutely explode at the seams. elizabeth: got it. congressman, thanks for joining us. for his reaction we have top border official tom homan with us. you heard what the democrats were saying in the sound bite montage. now we have alexandria ocasio-cortez trying to say this is not a surge, what is happening at the border. your response to that? >> first of all let's remember that the so-called cages were built under the obama-biden administration. i was there i saw them being constructed first of all. alexandria ocasio-cortez says,
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you call it a surge you're a racist and white nationalism. she simply needs to get a dictionary, the dictionary says sudden, forward upward movement especially of a crowd. that is by definition what is happening on the border, matches the definition of surge word for word in the dictionary. she is trying to deflect because, pull out the race card, they think that will shut everybody up. you want to know why children are dying on the border? you want to know why 31% of women are sexually assaulted making that trip, all the tragedies you've been seeing lately? because people like alexandria ocasio-cortez and the left demanded open borders. they demanded president biden do this to get their votes. so she wants to know why tragedy happening on border? she needs to simply look in the mirror. elizabeth: but you know alexandria ocasio-cortez has yet to visit these overcrowded facilities despite showing up under the trump administration, what do you say to that?
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>> this is politics. she is ignoring what is going on. she is part of the problem. she wants to call out president trump for his terrible policies. this was not happening under president trump. we had the border pretty much secure. families were not rushing across. children were not drowning in the river and mothers were not getting their legs broken. she wanted to open the border. we're back to the chaos. you can say what you want, she went haywire of 2500 separations because of zero tolerance. advise her of something, because her open border policies she supports, 18,000 families have been separated because their parents chose to put their children in the hands of criminal cartels of policies of this administration will release the children to the u.s. elizabeth: all right. tom homan, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. good to see you. >> good to see you. elizabeth: next up the big fight that is growing over covid-19 passports. arizona now joining florida governor ron desantis saying no,
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we'll not allow that in our state. we have attorney harmeet dhillon on this breaking story. she is up next. stay right there. ♪. >> i think there is a huge cultural frame here that liberals have this kind of punitive strain in their politics that they like the idea of being able to stigmatize people who don't agree with them on van seeks creating a second class sit currency for them. i think that is a big part of the motive. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. get a hobby. you should meditate. eat crunchy foods.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now top rnc official, attorney harmeet dhillon. great to have you back on. the battle against covid vaccine passports, arizona following florida to block vaccine passports in the state of arizona. what do you say to this. >> vaccine passports are two trends of our time that affect liberty, big government overreach and big tech overreach. the big tech companies are always salivating to get hands of our data and commercial, advertising purposes, joining hands with a overreaching government to force people through this technological means and barriers on our travel into taking a medical treatment that many people have chosen not to take for very good medical and
6:28 pm
personal reasons. so look, elizabeth, i have taken the vaccine myself because medically indicated for me. many will make a choice not to for very good reasons and it is not the business of any business, airline, government frankly whether somebody took that choice or not, given the experimental nature of the vaccine. it is not tested. not finally approved. we don't know the long-term side-effects. we don't know effect the on fertility for women who might become pregnant. this overreach will be fought. it is illegal and unconstitutional. i'm glad states are stepping up to bar it. elizabeth: we have breaking news. johnson & johnson is halting shipments of vaccines as the fda is investigating human error at a manufacturing plant reportedly ruining 15 million doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine. we have got ibm executive saying they're working with all, practically all states and federal agencies on this
6:29 pm
covid-19 passport. congressman greg stuebe, says watch out. like you, harmeet he is warning about this too. listen to congressman stuebe, like your reaction to this. >> this is absolutely absurd when we look what is happening on the border right now, we have people coming across the border, 500 kids a day who we know have covid, 10% of them, they're not even being tested. they're being shipped out across the country to be in different places because there is not enough places on the border to house them. so we'll force the citizens of our country to be able to show proof of being vaccinated in order to travel yet we're going to allow illegal immigrants to come across the border in droves without being tested for covid? elizabeth: not having a passport, coming illegally. what do you think of that, harmeet? >> hypocrisy is obvious but quite frankly i think that is the least of the problems here. our government is hypocritical all the time. that doesn't trouble me frankly on a legal basis as much as the idea all of a sudden after 250
6:30 pm
years of civil libertarians resisting the government, being able to search your property and make you show your papers when you're a black person walking in a neighborhood affluent, we'll allow a regime suddenly on the basis of a highly survivable virus that makes people show their papers, literally to go into stores, to fly. we have a right to travel in the constitution. so we will be fighting this in conservative civil rights establishment very hard. you can absolutely believe vaccines are good, you should take them but not believe in totalitarianism. elizabeth: we also have this happening. you know, there is, a movement in social media to really go after florida's governor ron desantis. we have authors of the study of american journal of public health saying yahoo! news incorrectly reported that florida was undercounting death by 5000. study said yahoo! got it wrong. experts told the yahoo! reporter
6:31 pm
said his angle was incorrect. dan weinberger, cdc researcher saying story was off. university of south florida epidemiologist said it was wrong. we have this attack on florida. they're saying the excess deaths were middle of the pack, they were average. your take on this knee-jerk reaction to go after florida here? >> well look, florida is public enemy number one for democrats because governor desantis shown through prudent leadership of his state, the state came out with lots of liberty compared to new york and other states, not the lockdowns that destroyed the economies of those states. florida is looking good right now. we can't have that with governor cuomo, governor newsom, liberal media establishment praised these governors for shutting down and destroying economies and some lives of young and old people in their state. what is at stake is the politics of this. there is no surprise that the liberal media lapdogs of these democrats are on the attack on
6:32 pm
order, on command. it is really shameful, yahoo! should publicly apologize for this gross mistake which has been gaslighting the governor and all the people of florida who have enjoyed this liberty. so we really need to wake up to see what happened over this past year and make sure we never let it happen again. that starts with the media telling the truth so we can make decisions for ourselves. elizabeth: got it. harmeet dhillon, great to have you on, good to see you. come back soon. up next heritage foundation hans von spakovsky, hunter biden out with a new book trying to claim he would not take the job again at a ukraine gas company. why? because of partisan politics. if that were so why isn't hunter biden divesting 10% stake of a chinese investment fund as his father said he would. we have more dubious claims from hunter biden coming up.
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elizabeth: with me now is heritage foundation senior legal fellow hans von spakovsky. great to have you back on. hunter biden out with a new book. claims he wouldn't do it again, getting paid a lot of money sitting on the board of the ukrainian gas company even though he had no experience because he claims partisan politics, really? he has yet to divest the 10% stake in a chinese equity fund like he said he would. do you believe him here? >> what is so shocking about that, he still doesn't admit or acknowledge the complete conflict of interest and ethical problems raised by the fact that he got a job paying him millions of dollars from this ukrainian energy company and he basically admitting only reason he got it because his father was the vice president, supervising our country's diplomatic and trade relationship with the ukraine. so he doesn't see a problem with that and the fact that, it could, it could affect the
6:38 pm
wealth of the biden family. elizabeth: he is also claiming, hunter biden is claiming in his new book that he is quote, not like eric trump or donald trump, jr., that hunter is saying he got where he is at on his own. if that were true why does hunter biden turn around and say biden last name was considered gold bit ukraine gas firm. and having the biden name was quote a f-u to russian president vladmir putin? >> he is talking out of both sides of his mouth. he is profiting because who he was, the potential influence he had with his father, the vice president. the fact that he hasn't diversed himself of his ownership now in that chinese company investment firm means that the key decisions being made by the president again on our trade relationship with china could potentially affect the wealth or
6:39 pm
profit or loss of members of the president's own family like hunter biden. i can't think after worse, or more strategic conflict of interest that sets up. elizabeth: yeah. even the state department under president obama was concerned about it. officials in the state department said there were conflicts of interest here. >> right. elizabeth: it was a real concern. those concerns came out during the impeachment hearing about what hunter biden was doing. let's move on to what reports coming in that the criminal prosecutor john durham is reportedly not finding issues with obama era intelligence officials in his probe into the abuses of the trump-russia probe but he is doing grand jury subpoenas and doing witness interviews about alleged abuses still by fbi officials under james comey. still looking into that. what is taking so long? >> well we don't really know. on one hand it could be because this was such a complex scheme that he has got to investigate
6:40 pm
and talk to a lot of people. on the other hand, it might raise questions about is he getting all the resources he needs to thoroughly investigate that? unfortunately he is not commenting. we don't know which of those two are true. elizabeth: former president trump has been frustrated releasing a statement asking where is john durham? durham's investigation lasted longer than the mueller probe. so the witness interviews, grand jury subpoenas, i mean, this is sort of like, you know, where have you been, john durham? how come it is taking so long when the information seems to be out there with department of justice inspector general reports, multiple findings there. >> right. elizabeth: that you know, and also that the use of the anti-trump steele dossier was used to get fisa warrants but the fisa court was not fully told what was happening there. your final word on this? >> yeah a lot of this investigation was already done as you report by the i.g. report
6:41 pm
and it pointed out serious abuse of the fisa statute and fbi agents, in essence misleading and lying to the court in a way that should not have happened a and needs to be prosecuted. elizabeth: all right. hans von spakovsky, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: hudson institute michael pillsbury on major conflicts of interest in the world health organization report that the virus did leak out of a lab in china. we break it down with michael pillsbury next. illness attempts to steal. ♪ dignity demands a rapid covid test, ♪ because we all need an answer to move forward. ♪ dignity demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now is michael pillsbury. he is the hudson institute director of chinese strategy. author of the book, the 100 year marathon. always great to have you back on. let's jump right to the w.h.o. report. it its being called a whitewash of china's responsibility, and role in the pandemic.
6:46 pm
there is weird conflicts of interest coming up, michael. where this american on the w.h.o. team, peter dasik has been collaborating with wuhan lab researching viruses that could jump different species. this guy peter puts out a statement in "the lancet" that quote a conspiracy theory to say that covid virus could have leaked from a lab when already happened in china. sars viruses looked from a lab in china. what is with this guy peter dasik? >> his conflict ever interest is in part funded by the u.s. government to do work in the wuhan laboratory. he has been talking to the media the whole past year. one of main points he works with dr. sure, the so-called bat lady. he admirers dr. sure, she couldn't have possibly done anything wrong. she would have been in charge of something that had gone wrong in the lab. dr. sure, with peter's help put
6:47 pm
out a schumer of statements. one is quite fascinating, liz, she says on new year's eve she was shown the virus, what we call the covid-19 virus and she ran into her laboratory, close to midnight on new year's eve to check to see if all the library of viruses she had contained anything like this virus. guess what, liz? she didn't have any such virus herself. so we have this back and forth now for a year and the w.h.o. survey team, whatever you want to call them, they're very similar to all of this. they asked nicely at the laboratory for apparently two or three hours did anything bad happen here in the past year? all the chinese say no, no, nothing bad happened. this is sort of ridiculous. it is hard to call it an investigation when it is really a voluntary set of questions asked by people who have a conflict of interest. [laughter]. it is got to be done over again.
6:48 pm
elizabeth: that is not an investigation. it is a whitewash. even the w.h.o. director general undercut the w.h.o.'s own report saying a lab leak requires further investigation. i mean you know about this. the state department putting out cables 2018 warning what they're doing in wuhan lab, that what they're doing is dangerous and they had to put a peoples republic of china general on the stick. and lab workers were getting sick with covid-like symptoms. >> right. elizabeth: how could the biden team accept the whitewash of what happened with the w.h.o.'s work here? >> they seem to favor going with dr. tedros to have another round of the investigation but if you look closely at those two cables you mentioned from the state department, people who flew down from our embassy in beijing to wuhan, they actually made a recommendation because the laboratory was so unsafe, they didn't say close it or complain
6:49 pm
that it's a violation. they said we american government people need to spend more money on security at the laboratory. this reveals something most people are still shocked at. we have been in bed with this laboratory for decades. the united states cdc created the chinese cdc in 1986. so the part of, fascinates me about the whole story, liz, where is the american side of the story? dr. fauci seems to be the person heavily involved. where is our side of the story? what have we been doing in the wuhan laboratory all these years? elizabeth: right. is the right guy to be reassuring the public what happened with this lab? because doctor fauci, well, doctor fauci is undercutting former cdc director robert redfield saying it could have leaked. i just want to get to the "washington times" bill gertz with tucker carlson last night what is going on with this wuhan lab. let's listen to this watch.
6:50 pm
>> sure. >> i think the unspoken important part of this story the would you hewn institute of virology denied it was engaged in secret work with the pl after, the peoples liberation army. china has a massive biological weapons problem being carried out in these laboratories in china and nothing is being done to force them to expose the activities there. including such things as ethnic weapons. that is biological weapons that can target ethnic groups. elizabeth: wow. that's terrifying stuff. what do you say to that? >> the chinese have already countered tucker carlson's show. today the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said fort detrick is the one at center. they can go to the security council. they say fort detrick is the where the program is, it is an american program. we have this back and forth there is no end to it, liz. elizabeth: michael pillsbury,
6:51 pm
thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. good to have you on. come back soon. >> thanks. elizabeth: up next top border official hector garza on house and senate republicans joining border authorities in warning that violent human traffickers and drug cartels have taken control of the border, putting u.s. border towns and cities at risk. also putting at risk illegal border-crossers who are in danger of losing their lives. the story next. >> i thought obama was bad on the border. biden has made obama look like a piker in terms of his worder policy. biden is either being lied to by his cab in the officials, he knows the truth and is lying to the american public. we're overrun. america is under siege. it is an invasion of people from around the world coming here. ♪. [ race light countdown ]
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elizabeth: with me now national border patrol council hector garza, it is a ways great to have you back on we have republican texas lawmakers at the border saying listen, the president, madam vice president you have to come to ground zero
6:56 pm
because they are saying you lost control of the border, the drug cartels and human traffickers now control the border, is that true? >> without the fact that we lost control of the border unfortunately because were being overwhelmed in the rio grande valley sector, border security operations are very difficult to accomplish, what is interesting not only have we lost control of the border in the rio grande valley sector but that crisis there is causing other crisis in other parts of the border in the radio we have agents patrolling the border in the same thing at the rio, tucson, arizona, the crisis in the rio grande valley is a real problem and unfortunately we have lost control of our borders. elizabeth: is hitting border towns and cities, we had the mayor of texas, he spoke about what is going on with the mayhem in his area, let's listen to him. >> were having car chases on a
6:57 pm
daily basis in the county area around us right now, today alone, there was probably 20 chases today for illegal immigrants coming in. these are not all people that have squeaky clean records and want to come in, our local ranches are seeing more break-ins at the ranches, more thefts on their cars, ranch vehicles, the running through the fences, it is getting totally out of control it is like the wild wild west, we had a locker school down last week. more and more and it's going on with the police to permit, sheriff department, dps and what border patrol agents can spare from that and is just getting crazy. elizabeth: do you think that the president and the vice president in the biden team and the white
6:58 pm
house press secretary in the leadership there, do they understand what they are doing to the local border towns and cities who are dealing with rising crime, breaking, assault, robbery and more, do they get it? >> unfortunately they do not get it because they would know what they're doing and implement policy changes, to kinda go back to the mayor of texas, just in laredo texas fiscal year 2021 we discovered over 70 houses just in laredo sector those are the stash houses were smugglers key people against their will impact them with sardines, we sell 90 apprehensions of smuggling events where tractor-trailers were involved, those were smuggling events and they packed the back of tractor-trailers full of illegal immigrants as
6:59 pm
they move them up north into the united states that is an out-of-control border and that's a serious issue because in the rio grande valley we see women and children, unaccompanied children but in those parts of the border in rio and arizona were seen the criminal element those bad guys a serious criminal record in the dangerous drugs coming across, something needs to change needs change fast rotted down spiral and it will be very dangerous for border community and our country. elizabeth: if you can speak to the president and the vice president in the white house press secretary and the team what would you say to them, what would you want them to understand. >> i understand there's politics involved with everything and it's a politicized topic, this is no longer about politics is his human suffering on the border and affecting border communities, please come down to the border and ensure that you change the policies at this point were putting people's lives in danger and that's what i would tell president of item,
7:00 pm
come down to the border. elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us and thank you to our service for country we really appreciate you, i am elizabeth macdonald, you been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us thank you so much for watching and we hope you have a good evening. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, great to be with you stocks close mostly higher the s&p 500 hitting an all-time high the nasdaq having a very big day turning positive for the month of march all of that coming ahead of the major infrastructure speech this afternoon by president joe biden in pittsburgh. as i've said before, be careful what you wish for, everybody thinks they love infrastructure, preparing bridges, roads, tunnels, schools, building out broadband and investing in new technology like a.i. in space and


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