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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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reporter: possibly laying the groundwork for a fleet of martian drones. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. brian: the wright brothers go to mars. that does it, thank you, william. that is it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: tonight the white house distancing but not criticizing maxine waters for going to munn minn for protesters quote get more confrontational to police. hours later two national guard troops were victims after drive-by shooting. they suffered minor injuries. nancy pelosi and waters are out today, they're defiant. noll apologizing joining us detroit police chief james craig, horace hooper, ron marshall, congressman greg stuebe. congresswoman beth van duyne, kiron skinner, former border official ken cuccinelli. more on reports coming in that
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maxine waters asked, asked for a police escort to minneapolis to incite violence against police. this debate did maxine waters endanger community groups, regular folks doing patrols to help police? did she endanger many businesses many minority owned and in neighborhoods hurt by her comments? did waters endanger cops? 43 dead in the line of duty so far this year? even black community leaders are calling for refunding police as violent crime spikes. we'll take you to the states where they're moving to make permanent covid-19 restrictions. we've got that. and more on dr. fauci's blind spot. we'll tell you what it is as doubts and questions grow about dr. fauci's guidance. separately hbo's bill maher even says the media and democrats are badly misinforming, misleading the public with quote, panic porn getting facts about the pandemic wrong.
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biden administration is getting doj to go after a republican whistle-blower who called out fbi spying abuses in the trump-russia probe that led to the conviction of a fbi attorney, a probe even the justice department watchdog said the fbi botched. also more on the government now investigating a fiery car crash in texas over the weekend involving a self-driving testsa the car had nobody at the wheel. two are now dead. tesla is being allowed to beta test self-driving cars that don't yet have government approval. we'll break that down. also tonight, climate envoy john kerry in a new fight involving china, russia, south korea, environmentalists like greenpeace. they're outraged john kerry and biden administration supports japan releasing water from a failed nuclear plant in japan into the ocean. why are you letting japan turn the ocean into a sewer with radioactive water? is this story. we'll get to the facts in this story. plus president biden finally
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admitting the border is in crisis as biden's poll numbers the border plummet. white house is backtracking on the use of the word crisis again today. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. thanks for joining us. we begin with detroit police chief james craig is back with us. it is great to have you on, sir. your reaction. maxine waters getting a police escort, flying from washington to a protest in a minneapolis suburb telling protesters to ramp it up get confrontational with cops. she ignored the curfews. this city is on edge as the george floyd trial heads to the jury. it is with the jury right. >> i can say two words, reckless and destructive. i spent the lion's share of my career in los angeles. i know representative maxine waters. i remember rodney king, while we
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certainly don't support the tragedy involved in rodney king, she was out stoking flames then. she is doing it now. the time in our country that is just, it is a bad time. so, between representative waters and rashida tlaib, reckless and disgusting. it does nothing to support -- elizabeth: we hear you, sir. >> i'm just like, disgusted. elizabeth: we hear you. we're feeling you on this. two national guard troops sustained minor injuries. drive-by shooting, their vehicle windows were shattered. there is lots to unpack here. listen to maxine waters. watch this. >> we got to stay on the streets and we've got to get more active. we've got to get more confrontational. we've got to make sure that they know that we mean business. elizabeth: okay.
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here's the thing, studies show anywhere from a third to a half of police forces are minorities. there is a lot of destruction of minority neighborhoods right now. 30 people killed in the riots since last year. what do you say? >> what i say is in our majority african-american community here in detroit the majority support the men and women who serve every single day. they support us and i think i can honestly say that for a lot of the communities of color in other places who rely on us to do an effective job. now i'm not supporting bad policing, not at all. we should hold bad police officers accountable but when you have people in seats of influence and you notice, liz, i didn't say seats of leadership because i cannot attach leadership to individuals like waters or talib. that is not leadership. leadership is coming up with reasonable solutions, not
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knee-jerk reactions. let's face it, liz, we know this is really all about self-serving. this is about self-serving. they're catering to a fringe group and it is shameful. it is shameful for the people who live in these cities who rely on policing every single day. where is rashida tlaib or waters on the individual that tried to assassinate our police officers last night? 3:00 in the morning, here in the city of detroit. not a peep. elizabeth: we've got breaking news. got breaking news. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says he will introduce a move to censure maxine waters. she took an oath to preserve and protect of the constitution. do you think she violated that oath? kevin mccarthy moved to censure her? >> i think it is wonderful. about rashida tlaib for the first person to call for her resignation and throw her a
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going away party. she needs to be censured. this is not helping the situation. it is putting our police officers in danger. making our communities less safe. be quiet and take on a roll of leadership. elizabeth: you know, she is saying get more confrontational. how do you get more confrontational when we have 43 cops in the line of duty so far this year and billions of dollars in damages to neighborhoods across the country including many minority neighborhoods and minority-owned businesses? how do you get more confrontational at that. by the way, the democrats never mentioned this at their convention. >> when someone says get more confrontational, it doesn't take a brain surgeon or astronaut to figure out, that means resist, react, go against law enforcement. we all know what happened in many of our major cities across this country last year. now i will tell you in detroit, we didn't have that kind of
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resistance because i took a firm stand. i saw what happened in l.a. i saw it. i was there on the front stage. we don't back off here. we're not going to because the community expects us to stand our ground and protect this city and we're going to do that, even though there is that kind of rhetoric that permeates across this country. elizabeth: all right. thank you, james craig. good to have you on, sir. thanks for your service to the country. let's bring in author, co-chair of project 21 horace cooper. great to have you on, sir. the country bracing for more riots. calls to refund police in cities that defunded the police. what misconceptions do you see in this debate? >> there is two things, one there is clearly no justification for the claim that to be a black man in america means that you're being targeted by law enforcement. the evidence does not bear that out. the number of shootings does not bear that out in fact. you're more likely to be shot if
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you're white than if you're black. but the second lie is that this represents even, if not true, the idea understanding of black americans. that also is a falsehood. it turns out that black men who are less than 7% of the american population make up more than 11% of all law enforcement in america. if i told you that less than 7% of the population was black and more than 11% of the prison population was black, the people would immediately respond with, well that tells us a lot. i'm telling you that black americans are committed to law enforcement by putting a disproportionate percentage of black men in the role of poe teching americans. and who are the americans that are needing protection? all americans benefit from a law
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and order circumstance but black americans and other minorities disproportionately participate and benefit when law and order exists or is restored. elizabeth: we hear you. >> do you know rosa park. elizabeth: go ahead. >> rosa park was a sill rights leader but she left alabama and move to michigan. the media failed to report her home was broken in, in the late 1990s when we were looking away from crime enforcement and she was beat to the point of hospitalization. how many americans today are going to have to be the new rosa parks, living in these communities where they live in fear? that is the reason black americans disproportionately say we want higher enforcement, law enforcement presence and we want
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higher funding levels for law enforcement. the media narrative to the contrary is a lie and it does not reflect where black america actually is. elizabeth: we hear you. critics also saying is rashida tlaib going to her home district in michigan to say get rid of the police? we don't see her doing that? we don't see maxine waters going to her home district in los angeles county, saying get up in the police face, the face of police officers. you know, she was in 2018 saying get up in trump officials faces at restaurants, department stores, gas stations. now we've got a, a defense witness in the george floyd trial getting pigs blood sneered on his home, a pigs head left in his home in santa rosa. it is his former home. he no longer lives there. generational highs in violent crime, as we see mass shootings taking place across the country when we need the police to help
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out and defend us. what do you say? >> we're sending the mainstream media is, meese progress systems elites, so many of these elected officials in washington, even if they don't tell you directly to confront the police, they are undermining the authority, the rightfulness of the behavior of law enforcement. they undermine it and we are seeing a wave of crime taking place. here today, 21st century, 2021 we are in the middle of a pandemic that has had devastating effects on our economy, particularly in those communities where the so-called blue progressive mind-set has wiped out industry. black americans, brown americans, and other americans are particularly hard hit. the last thing these communities need is to have law enforcement shunned in their areas.
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it will make it nearly impossible for them to recover. terrible schooling policies, now with no schooling policies in these communities are going to lead to generational consequences. shame on these individuals for condemning law enforcement in that environment. elizabeth: we also have the mother of breonna taylor. she was shot in a no-knock warrant by police. she is saying that black lives matters is quote, a fraud and since deleted post. florida governor ron desantis saying we'll not defund the police in florida. he signed an anti-riot law. final bit of news, former hud secretary ben carson, sir, has an op-ed saying this is turning upside down what martin luther king said. the race wars today are judging people based on the color of their skin. mlk you look at a person's character inside. your final word, sir? >> these actions are a slur
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against america, america's founding on the idea that the citizen was going to decide policy and we fought together side by side to stand up for martin luther king's vision. that the citizen was going to be someone judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. today's progressives are asking us to do exactly that, the opposite of that, and it is harming us all. elizabeth: horace cooper, you were terrific. come back soon, great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, republican senator roger marshall, states moving to make permanent covid-19 restrictions on businesses. we've got that. more on dr. fauci's blind spot. we'll tell you what it is. doubts and questions grow about his guidance. hbo's bill maher said media and democrats are badly misinforming the public with panic important. he says they're getting their facts wrong. >> does covid have an alarm
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clock? does it turn off at a certain time? nobody is saying it is not a dangerous situation but when they inconsistently apply these rules across the board it is enough to drive you mad at some point. i truly believe it is. i just heard them saying hey, new york, they still look like zombies but down in florida everybody is back to life. why is that? the science backed that up. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer,
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now, kansas republican senator roger marshall from the small business committee. senator, thank you for joining us. you're also a doctor. do you think dr. fauci has a blind spot? he won't answer, avoiding, not talking about the economic impact of millions of jobs and millions of businesses destroyed in the lockdowns. he is avoiding that. we've looked through the footage and videos. he won't talk about it? >> elizabeth, you're absolutely right. i did five town halls this weekend and kansans are tiring of wearing the mask and there is not a good reason to wear a mask anymore. even the mental health crisis going on across the country this, control of us, the government trying to control us is adding to the mental crisis. to go to your point, the
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economic crisis, that it is creating as well. this is slowing us down. if we don't get our kids back in school, and it is starting to happen but we need dr. fauci to let up on us. if dr. fauci were a highway patrolman he would give you a ticket going 50 in a 75. he likes to wear belts and suspenders, i get that. to stress the doctor point of this, once you had the vaccination, morbidity and mortality from this virus is less than the seasonal flu. let us go, dr. fauci, it is time. give us a goalpost. tell us what the bar is going to be. >> let's show the viewer the things that dr. fauci has been flip-flopping on. we'll show it now, senator. you know government officials are supposed to save lives and save jobs. you know, critics are saying he botched it at the house hearing last week. jim jordan's question was reasonable. dr. fauci refused to answer the question, what metrics what standards are you using to reopen? remember 15 days to stop the
6:21 pm
spread, but dr. fauci is saying, quote, very frustrating when people question him about that. he is saying this has nothing to do with liberty. when all americans of all political stripes have sacrificed a lot during the year, he says there is nothing to do with liberty? >> right. i think that the kansans i talked to feel like demanding we wear a mask is taking away of our liberties. i think this is adding to the vaccine hesitancy. one of the reasons people won't get the vaccine, what is the reward going to be? so if you won't give us a goalpost, we've been doing a lot of listening groups as well. what is causing vaccine hesitancy and dr. 's fauci vague comments is adding to the vaccine hesitancy. that we feel he is not being truthful, honest with us. americans can take the truth but they want you to be fully honest with them. elizabeth: they feel like a lot of people are saying he is being arbitrary, capricious. he changes the standards on herd
6:22 pm
immunity based on public perception and the polls. "new york times" reporting that. pandemics do not happen on anybody's timeline including dr. fauci's. you know the aids crisis during the 1980s, act up were very angry with dr. fauci because the government then led by dr. fauci's push here for in the aids crisis, they felt he was botching it. the, senator, let's listen to this. south carolina democrat congressman james clyburn. he is the majority whip. i want you to hear this disturbing comment he made at the fight between jordan and fauci in the house last week. watch this. >> what number do we get our liberties at. tell me the number? >> when 90% of members of congress are vaccinated. >> you're not a doctor, mr. clyburn. he is. what is the number? we're seeing the number, oregon, making permanent indefinite restrictions on businesses.
6:23 pm
clyburn said 90% of congress needs to be vaccinated. that is when you get your liberties back? is that the standard? >> that is what everyone is telling me back home right now, it is just hypocrisy, right? everyone on capitol hill had the chance to get the vaccine. so theoretically most were going to have, we're still keeping wearing masks. america looks at this, what is up with that. be honest with us. is there ever an endgame? why a lot of people won't get the vaccination, even if they do they will still have to wear the mask. dr. fauci realizes that mask is a sign ever being drug around, we lose our independence when we have to wear the mask. we want to be talked to honestly. we want to know what the potential side-effects are for the vaccine. people don't believe dr. fauci. he lost his credibility with the american public. elizabeth: we hear you. a lot of people say you know, masks do help but here's the thing, when you see a
6:24 pm
congressman say, nine out of 10 members of congress need to be vaccinated first before people get their liberties back that is kind of weird. >> you know absolutely. we know the science is really weak behind the mask mandates. i think if you look at anything pretty objectively the studies show there is no difference with states that mask and states that did not have mandates as well. they're not really following the science. elizabeth: senator marshall, thanks for joining us, good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: next, congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary on the biden administration accused of quote, playing dirty. it is getting the doj, the justice department to go after a republican whistle-blower who called out fbi spying abuses in the trump-russia probe, a probe that even the justice department watchdog says the fbi botched. the story next. >> mr. comey doesn't have a ton of credibility in this area. what we have now documentarywise is a paper trail that shows the
6:25 pm
case was going to be shut down and peter strzok, our famous agent here, reached out to the people that would shut the investigations down said no, no, the 7th floor wants it open. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show congressman greg stuebe. great to have you back on. is the biden administration doing payback now? because "the washington post" is reporting that the biden
6:29 pm
administration is getting the justice department to do a leak investigation of republican whistle-blower cash patel who called out the fbi for spying abuses during the trump-russia probe? are they doing payback here? >> look what happened under the obama-biden administration conspiring with the doj against the trump campaign. you had active members of the the doj on operation "crossfire hurricane" were surveilling on american citizens using their quote, investigation into the trump campaign to, collusion with russia that we now know never existed. it wouldn't surprise me that the biden administration is doing the same thing with republicans. doing the same things with those that used to be in the trump administration. where are the durham investigation? where are all the investigations supposed to be going on all this time, to look at the abuses that were happening in the doj for "crossfire hurricane" and the trump administration? elizabeth: we've got cash patel
6:30 pm
worked for house republicans on house intelligence. he worked in the office of the director of national intelligence. he was basically saying, wait a second. there are abuses of constitutional rights in the fbi spying on the trump campaign in the probe. but you know, here is the thing, congressman, the doj watchdog said it was botched. you know the fbi official, james comey, peter strzok, james clapper, they would all later say they didn't have a case for collusion but now we have them going after kash patel, in some kind of deep state intelligence agency complaint to go after patel? >> they're using -- they know they didn't have a case back when they were investigating it because they were using the russia collusion hoax and a dossier promulgated by hillary clinton and the democrats and so they knew then they didn't have a case. they were trying to manufacture things. now they're trying to bring
6:31 pm
other investigations against republicans when they haven't finish investigations against the democrats part of the doj during this period of time. what happened to peter strzok? what happened to individuals that clearly violated the law? that went against things in the evidence before them, when there clearly wasn't evidence that the trump campaign colluded with russia. what happened to those individuals? using the doj for political bias and political investigations? elizabeth: yeah. patel, kash patel embarass them. now it is payback. he was highlighting the fbi abuses of the secret fisa court, when the fbi was using the fisa court to wiretap carter page. the aclu is saying open up the fisa court basically we've got a lot of surveillance of americans we saw in the fbi trump-russia probe that was roundly criticized and condemned as botched. >> thankfully, right before trump left office john ratcliffe
6:32 pm
unclassified some of those documents but there is a ton of those documents that haven't been unclassified that all of those different things to get the subpoenas to surveil on the trump campaign went through the fisa court. we don't know any of that information because the john durham investigation is supposed to be investigating this but this has been going on for two years and the american public wants to know what happened. if there are things that were criminal or things that were happening to target conservatives by the mere fact that they worked with trump's campaign or worked in the trump administration, that should come out. unfortunately the american people haven't heard it. members of congress are frustrated. members of the judiciary committee like myself are frustrated that investigations like the john durham investigation have not come to fruition of the evidence we have before them. elizabeth: congressman stuebe, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> come back soon. sure. still ahead congresswoman beth van duyne from house
6:33 pm
transportation. we have more on the government investigating a fiery car crash of a tesla in texas involving a self-driving tesla car. nobody was at the wheel. two now dead. there is that story. also this, why is tesla allowed to beta test on u.s. roads self-driving vehicles that don't yet have government approval? we're taking on those two stories next. we started with computers. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it.
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♪. elizabeth: government investigators now heading to outside houston, texas, where two are now dead after their tesla electric self-autonomous car crashed into a tree, ignited a massive four-hour fire that took the size of three swimming pools to put out. welcome to the show congressman beth van duyne from house transportation. big backlash against this. what is going on here? >> i know it is being investigated. absolutely terrible the loss of life, two people who lost their
6:38 pm
lives, that's awful and i know right now they're looking at safety issues what happened, trying to make sure it does not happen again. was it a technology failure? they're looking at all those things but what i think it does do, brings to the forefront our focus on the next transportation bill coming down and lack, i think of focus on safety, on looking at newer technologies. on prioritizing what those things are from a transportation and infrastructure bill. elizabeth: yeah. you know, the fire was so bad fire officials had to call tesla to figure out how to put out the fire in the car's batteries, lithium battery. now we've got the national transportation safety board telling the highway traffic and safety administration that tesla was using customers quote as guinea pigs to test the autonomous technology on u.s. roads before officially
6:39 pm
approved. so the government is now investigating 23 crashes involving tesla cars. how can the government allow tesla's car, still in beta mode to be tested and on u.s. roads when they are not yet approved? >> it's a great question. currently there are $1.5 billion identified for safety projects compared to what the proposed biden administration is $175 billion that is tech coasted more towards of these electronic charging stations. i think exactly what you're taking about, the increases in technologies, the these advancements in technology are riddled with problems we need to focus on before we sit there, talking about focusing a major, major portion of our transportation bill to that technology. we're definitely picking winners and losers. when you think about some technology they have got coming out of toyota, hydrogen fuel cells at end of the day it burns water, what you're seeing water
6:40 pm
vapor at the end but a company like toyota will not invest billions of dollars in research if government already picked the winner being electronic vehicles. we shouldn't be in the job of picking winners and losers. elizabeth: we hear you. is the ghost in the job of telling any private company you're allowed to test drive your car, you know, in beta mode and test mode? you're allowed to drive the car on u.s. roads, maybe thousands of these cars are out there? the ntsb says this is going on with limited oversight or reporting requirements. do we do that with airplanes? do we allow beta tests of airplanes to fly over the sky of u.s. neighborhoods that have not been approved by the government? >> again it is a fair question. i wish more of our energy was looking making ways of having safer transportation, instead of looking at with i'm calling the green new deal phase one programs. yes, we absolutely need to focus
6:41 pm
on safety. when you think about the new transportation bill coming out, $2.3 trillion. it is only focused on updating making 10 bridges safer, we are missing the mark. we have an opportunity to do a lot more with a lot, a lot less and a lot better, we're totally missing the mark right now. elizabeth: they're looking at 10 major bridges but they're looking at a lot of other, hundreds of little bridges across the country. we hear about the 10 bridges. we understand what you're saying. congresswoman, thanks so much for joining us. good to see you. coming up former state department official kiron skinner, climate envoy john kerry in a new fight involved with china, russia, south korea and environmentalists like green peace. kerry supports japan releasing radioactive water from a failed nuclear plant in japan into the ocean. all these individuals, these countries are saying you're turning the ocean into a quote, sewer, letting japan
6:42 pm
unilaterally do this. later in the show former top dhs official ken cuccinelli on president biden finally admitting the border is in quote, crisis as biden's poll numbers about the border plummet. the white house backtracking on the word crisis again. we've got the story. >> this was a hail mary pass. they will not solve the border problem they have created by lifting the caps by a little bit. it is a -- this really makes me so mad, liz, because trump had solved the prompt. we had a secure border. we had a process. ♪.
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♪. elizabeth: we welcome fox news contributor kiron skinner. good to see you back on. biden administration, climate i believe r official john kerry with a new firestorm. they back ad plan to release radioactive water hit by the
6:47 pm
fukushima reactor in 2011. china, russia, greenpeace, they say they heat he hadly object. then say the ocean is not japan's story, -- sewer? what do you say to the story. >> this is a unforced error by the biden administration. john kerry envoy for climate change, meeting with the south koreans, declaring that the united states should reach carbon neutrality by 2050 while the south koreans, as you mentioned and many others including the taiwan east are deeply concerned about japan's move. they're making arguments that need to be really thought through carefully. one, john kerry has said that the japanese consulted with the international energy atomic agency, that is basically the consultation that is needed but
6:48 pm
what about all of the regional partners? they don't feel they're getting enough information from the japanese government. there is a concern among greenpeace japan, even and among other governments that the japanese leadership has not looked at all technologies available. they're going with the cheap, easier one. you just go down the list. this is not where the united states wants to be. absolutely. it's a -- elizabeth: sorry to interrupt. we've got a foreign minister spokesman, spokesman for the foreign ministry in japan. he says that the ocean is not japan's trashcan, is not japan's sewer, if it is so safe will japan drink it? if john kerry says it is safe will he drink it? millions of tons of contaminated water. that japan filtered it, radioactive isotope, hydrogen
6:49 pm
isotope, if it is so safe why are they releasing it over two to three decades? we're talking the equivalent of 400, about 400 olympic size swimming pools. so if it is so harmless, why is it taking three decades to release? china's spokesman for its foreign ministry says, japan, if it is okay, japan, you drink the water, show us. >> you're hitting on real important points about the geopolitics of all of this and it is really not good for the united states to be in this position. we're supposed to be in the biden administration leading the globe on climate change. the top priority issue is energy and the environment as well. and here we've got the russians and the chinese and many others questioning our leadership. have we thought through what we're endorsing as well? and that's not something that i think will help the united states in terms of building
6:50 pm
confidence with international partners on other issues. so it's something that will probably maybe, they will have to walk back. elizabeth: yeah. you know, not to mention tens of, 10-tons of plastic dumped into the ocean every year. china does a lot of that too. south korea will take this to the international court. they will fight it. kiron skinner, you're always terrific, thanks for joining us. next up former top dhs official, ken cuccinelli, president biden finally admitting the border is in quote crisis. biden's poll numbers are plummeting about the border but the white house backtracking on the use of the word crisis. we have semantic fights again. the story next. >> the government we have today doesn't even pretend to control immigration. the result is chaos and cruelty we see at the border. biden, harris, they have created a moral stain on america getting bigger by the day. ron klain, the chief of staff,
6:51 pm
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♪♪elizabeth joining us now, former homeland security acting deputy secretary ken cucinelli back with us. okay, ken, can you take this on? president biden said the border situation is a, quote, crisis on saturday. it's the worst in 20 years, border authorities tell us. polls show biden's approval numbers are dropping, but now we have the white house press secretary today saying, huh-uh, it's still a challenge. critics are saying this is really irritating, these distracting, time-wasting fights about semantics. what do you say? >> well, it is irritate -- irritating, but the reason is because it demonstrates they don't take this nearly as seriously as the whole rest of america. polls show even democrats are dissatisfied with how the is handling finish the president is
6:56 pm
handling the border. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through their lying rhetoric, to see the utter chaos they have inflicted upon our country and themselves as an administration. and yet they refuse to call it a crisis. a although, look, the president is the president. everybody else works for him over there. he called it a crisis on saturday. might have been a little bit of a slip, but if so, it was a slip of honesty. and jen psaki herself has called it a crisis in a previous press conference. look, reality is hard to deny. and the reality of what's happening at the border, i would say, is far worse than anything in 20 years. people look at the numbers of 172,000 and say we haven't seen that many numbers. we've never seen these numbers when it wasn't overwhelmingly adult male mexicans. the logistics of families and children and people from all sorts of different countries is much more difficult than anything the border patrol, ice-t and the department of
6:57 pm
homeland security -- iceth and department of home -- i.c.e. and the department of homeland security have faced in their history. this is literally the worst it's been in our adult lifetimes. elizabeth: yeah. the majority of americans disapprove of the president's handling of the border crisis. an estimated 1.2 million expected to cross illegally this year. that's about the size of dallas, texas. we've got the house gop, leaders of judiciary, homeland security and oversight, those gentlemen being jim jordan, john katko and james comer demanding a meeting with the vice president saying this is a catastrophe. they going to get that meeting? >> right. well, she's not meeting with anybody else about the border. you know, this is one of those situations the president knew was a crisis, so he said the vice president's in charge. frankly, when he was vice president and they had a crisis, president obama put him in charge. when president trump had a
6:58 pm
crisis, coronavirus, he put the vice president in charge. the fact that biden put kamala in charge shows you they think it's a crisis. this is biggest political hot potato in their administration. none of them are have the courage to do what is needed to be done to fix the problem. again, it's not rocket signs, it's political will, and they won't face off with their own left-wing, extreme political base to do what needs to be done -- elizabeth: yeah, we hear you. >> -- and until they do, we're going to continue to see this flood. elizabeth: yeah. the word is they don't want to be blamed for it. that's why kamala harris doesn't want to take charge of it. >> yeah. elizabeth: george w. bush saying to congress over the weekend, tone down the rhetoric. the u.s. is about immigration. this country is open arms. immigrants worked so hard to make this country great. but that's not what the issue is. >> no, it's not. elizabeth: we're talking about a
6:59 pm
humanitarian crisis. a third of women aring being sexually abused when they try to cross illegally, toddlers being dropped over border walls, children being assaulted by human smugglers and drug cartels. we get what george w. bush is saying. what needs to be acknowledged is all of those issues we just delineated right there. what do you say? >> right. well, i agree completely. look, bush has got the same old bush problem he's always had, and that is he wants everybody to love him or at least the cocktail party set. and the reality is what he's talking about is he's applying our tough rhetoric on illegal immigration to all legal immigration. look, what's happening at the border is unfair to immigrants who play by the rules. elizabeth: got it. >> that's why so many hispanics, recent citizens favor the tough on illegal immigration position, because they played by the rules, and that's fundamental to
7:00 pm
this country. elizabeth: all right. >> and people -- elizabeth: thank you. ken cucinelli, great to see you. i'm elizabeth macdonald. thanks for joining us. you've been washing "the even -- watching "the evening edit" on fox business. join us again tomorrow might nightment ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone, welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow, great pleasure to be with you. i want to begin tonight with my theme that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. the economy is booming, totally booming. the key factor again, the explosion of the vaccines, now well over 200 million, that leading to the roping of the economy. and -- reopening of the economy. and the vaccines are a result of president trump's operation warp speed. and in terms of the booming economy, it was always fundamentally strong, and i don't want to forget that we are still operating under my former boss' policy


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