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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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more things, more safely both of yours as well as indoors. larry: well there you go finally me? i'm going outside to get some fresh air. mask free and maybe take my dog or walk in central park mask free. i will see you tomorrow folks. i'm kudlow. kennedy: better late than never president biden announcing what most of us knew if you are fully vaccinated you can go outside without a mask kind of. watch. >> starting today if you are fully vaccinated and your outdoors comic you need and not in big crowds you no longer need to wear a mask. i want to be absolutely clear if you're in a crowd like a stadium are added concert you still need to wear a mask. even if you're outside. the bottom line is clear if you
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are vaccinated you can do more things, more safely both outdoors as well as indoors. kennedy: finally someone saying something kind of positive but here's the part president is fully vaccinated you see him outside and along with his mask still on. one reporter called them on it. watch this. >> what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone? watching me take it off and not put it back on until i get inside. kennedy: in other words it was all for show. theater a few well and i know you will. there's a lot of that long around and that's the year the administration and they hope it will be a step towards normal living and encourage more american to get vaccinated. we do all the other things that make this country great like tipping strangers. there was a big question on twitter. who knew a crowded baseball game rocking out at a hot and sweaty
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concert pants optional or dining inside of your face at -- favor raw restaurant in busy saturday. joining me is correspondent author dr. marc siegel is back to dr. seagal how big is this announcement from the president and the cdc today? >> it's a step in the right direction. i spoke to michelle walensky the cdc director and she said getting rid of the mask when he been vaccinating as a liberating feeling and she feels the science proves that you don't need a mask outside because people aren't getting sick that are vaccinated. people aren't spreading it if they are vaccinated. people don't go to the hospital. millions in l.a. to people are getting vaccinated and it's working but the question is are they going far enough? the these guidelines allow you to play sports outside but as you pointed out the president is still wearing a mask outside. what message is he sending.
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he is wearing the monsoon calls with other foreign leaders. maybe he doesn't want them to see his expression in, not sure but one thing is for sure you are vaccinated you are protected. i asked him kennedy i said is this an incentive to get more people vaccinated and that is that we you are doing it? she denies it and she says the science is why they are doing it which expects the liberating feeling from taking out the mask to get more people in line to get vaccinated so is secondary gain she says. meanwhile people should get vaccinated just because they don't yet know but i think they are going to slow here. think that they should go faster and send a message if you are vaccinated you are not at risk. kennedy: in places like texas where they live to the mask mandate dr. that she said was still wear a mask after vaccinated and that's where people lost their minds. there's no incentive to get a vaccine when you hear this view stories about people having a bad reaction and you can't go to
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restaurant or see people and you have to wear a mask. it seems like a really way of marketing this all to import the vaccine and in places like texas you see their numbers didn't spike when they lift did the mask mandate. is that because so many people there were exposed to the virus and maybe didn't get tested and in a place like texas that has been locked down will achieve herd immunity through natural immunity fact there's? >> i don't think so. i think it's more that these things are low risk situations but i think florida's smart to be wide-open and by all of this focus on the virus itself we are considering the public health issues. if you have an open restaurant the owner gets to stay in business and people feel better about themselves going out somewhere and not getting depressed. studies are showing by the way fewer shutdown at home you're more likely to spread covid-19. this doctor gets on a plane now that he is vaccinated this
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doctor went to an indoor restaurant in michigan now that he is vaccinated and the guy serving as vaccinated. the restaurant was empty but the food was terrific and more people that were vaccinated should have been there. we are making ghost towns of some of our state. i like what's going on in texas and florida and it's not a cousin of herd immunity. it's because people understand how to take personal responsibility. kennedy: that's the best point and when government realizes that people can make their own choices you know gavin newsom made his own choice to go to the french laundry with some of his friends and powerful people who wanted access to him and other people were able to do the same thing. restaurants aren't able to protect people and i hope the virus is dying and i hope the vaccines are succeeding and i hope people get more of them by their own choice so we can reduce something because when
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you're by yourself outdoors it's nice but it's not enough. >> they are is natural immunity also. natural immunity look at england and israel. if we just go that next step we go another month with more people getting vaccinated we will be in the same shape in the meantime opening up especially the summer coming is a good idea of the most thing you said is about the hypocrisy of leaders telling us one thing and doing something else. we are not stupid. we can sense that the public says you are not being for real with them they won't follow what you have to say anyway. kennedy: they will go to a state where governor officials like other human beings. dr. marc siegel thank you so much. good to talk to you. same here, kennedy. kennedy: a new survey says 70% of ceos and business leaders expect their workforce back to the office by fall and 50% of workers say they if they can
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work from home and president biden said the vaccine -- and many are hesitant so is the return to normal round the corner or are we in and covid limbo for yet? let's talk to attorney and republican strategist and a host of "fox nation" to cohost on the "fox news" channel kat timpf and the richard feller show news can facts news contributor richard fowler. welcome back everyone. you have to very important groups of people alexandra 70% of ceos saying nope you are going back to work and 50% of people say you have disrupted our lives and we are going to stay home. what happens from here? >> i think a lot of people got covid comfortable. we all know it's a hassle to arrange childcare and dog
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walkers and there are some things that are easier done if you are at home with your laptop open. i have full faith that we will hear this out of something can be offered to employees without ever-increasing work balance and workplace balance that as people would e-mail you and the company would say she's coming back to the office for more money more than a fifth or leave you alone on weekends to but look i do think ultimately this does start at the top. the president is a symbol and it's disheartening to see his continued persistence with the mask. i think it gives people an excuse to rest on their laurels and not get back to normal. kennedy: kat what do you hope stays that we've been engaging in for the last year?
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>> i think there are certain people who i have not seen because of covid who i don't want to see ever again. so ending toxic friendships was the good positive thing. i think we need to go back to a lot of things. i love leaving the house a lot more than i thought. i don't think i will go to the club but i think waiting in line could be fun and meeting new people come i don't know. it's crazy because we need to be able to get back to work. kennedy: the ring tone music and drinks or 40 bucks. i could just bring a flask and stand in line i mean let's do it. i'm all about working from home. kennedy: we do need to get more people vaccinated. there has been some suggestion
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that maybe president trump made it back saying more of his supporters would take a jab. what are your thoughts get manned? >> i think that's right. everything we can do to ensure that americans get this vaccine will create the new normal or the back to normal. i don't think we'll ever go back to normal and here's why. or so long in american workforce people were told your job can't be a work from home job and there's no way to work from home but family and a global pandemic and people found they could work from home. they have to come up with a new normal that some have have to go in the office and some days you don't. while i'd love to return to the studio there is comfort in doing it from my garage with the basketball court. kennedy: your garage? a garage and a full studio and there's only six cars in there.
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but kat what google is doing and this might be a model for traffic treaty would cut down on traffic. google is talking about working from home three days a week. if you have a hard time getting out there or if you like being in your slippers and a short order cook i liked that part. is it sustainable? >> i think it could be. i also agree with you that the less traffic has been the one good thing about the economic collapse of the city. i would like to continue to have less traffic and that could be one way to do it. kennedy: i'd have to say the ware eats cyclist must have the most incredible legs. we have been keeping them in business and i want to say thank you to the most important frontline workers. up next podcasting star under
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kennedy: superstar podcast or
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joe rogan suggesting young people we don't need to take the covid-19 vaccine. why? >> if you are like 21 years old and you say should i get vaccinated i say, no. are you a healthy person? don't do anything stupid but you should take care of yourself. if you're a healthy person and you are exercising all the time and you are young and eating well i don't think you need to worry about this. kennedy: you want to explain that his young daughters had covid and while it affects everyone differently for them it was nothing but a small coal. today dr. fauci push back calling joe rogan's, to correct but he didn't explain how so do they a year ago the pandemic who should we listen to put combat and leslie marshall and mike cohen. tom i will start with you. is joe rogan wrong there? >> well i mean that depends on your perspective. he he's entitled to his opinion
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and for all the people out there who say yes to lose his job that's ridiculous. i don't prescribe to the idea that everyone sitting around taking their medical advice from joe rogan. people are going to make their own important decisions and look fauci's position is unique to be vaccinated because we don't want to get covid and the unwittingly pass along a symptomatically to other people. you are doing it for the greater good, the common good. i mean people out to make a decision that joe rogan is entitled to his own opinion and the fact that he is to be censored is ridiculous. kennedy: he doesn't get paid a lot of money to spout his opinion and leslie you're a top radio host and you know your job is to come up with a dependent and people have a lot of them about covid. we have talked about -- who should get the vaccine first.
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i'm not done asking the question, hang on. we have talked a lot about it who should get the vaccine and people have different opinions about that. people in nursing homes particularly people of color in nursing homes you get the vaccine first and we didn't talk about who should get it last. i think that's a fair discussion. go ahead. >> he wasn't saying -- but here's the problem if you look in some states michigan is a good example of this right now for the state of michigan not only their having spikes but seeing unusually high numbers of young people in the hospital wards right now this is not just do the covid-19 want that one of the five mutations in variants of this virus. i'm a talk-show host and kennedy if you have a heart attack do not come to me because i am not a doctor and joe rogan is not a doctor and he can say in my pinion if you were 21 law,
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block -- blah, blah. kennedy: he was saying if you are young and healthy. joe rogan is never claimed to be a doctor and he talks a lot about the fact that he is a comedian and what he was saying wasn't his opinion people under the age of 21 probably don't need to take it especially fair healthy. if you are under the age of 21 the out of dying or having serious complications from covid are lower than they are from the common flu or that age group. given out and think you can decide whether or not you agree with joe rogan but it's interesting that government who didn't allow doctors and medical professionals to test covid patients for the first several weeks that the virus was here and started shoving covid patients in the nursing homes and mental health facilities where the people were the most likely to die from it or give morey's link infected to push
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for long-term lockdowns would have been demonstrated not to work or do anything other than to cause massive human suffering and economic devastation is troubled about the fact that podcast to give his opinion about a vaccine. kennedy: in many non-medical people have weighed in to your point who actually have a lot greater jurisdiction over some of those choices. many of their choices were not informed by science and they have promised. leslie i know your husband is a doctor and i'm a doctor to a lot of people. >> i didn't mention it, you did. kennedy: i do offered vises pursuance unsolicited. a big speech coming up and they will talk about a couple more things to kick off their but first of federal investigators executed search warrants at the home of new york city, former president trump's personal
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lawyer rudy giuliani. we are told they were there to seize electronic devices. investigators say the warrants were based on suspicion that giuliani violated the foreign agent registration act after he pushed for probative the biden families dealings in ukraine for the former mayor was not seen today but his son enter spoke to reporters and he says this as political retribution. in the american whether red or blue should be extremely disturbed by what happened here today by the continued politicization that the justice department. this is disgusting. this is absolutely absurd are the only piece of evidence that they did not take up there today was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in their and it does not polanto my father. it belongs to the current president son. kennedy: i was watching that video and i thought prince harry
8:22 pm
shave so what comes next to the former mayor does the justice department asking for the mercenary port? mike chase welcome back good to see you on the show once again. let's discuss what do the ads have on rudy? >> they are indicating that they are pursuing a violation. what's tricky about that is there's not much to the violation claim. it's essentially two main elements you are acting on behalf of a foreign government and you didn't register in the government is going to know full well that he didn't register so the only question is reacting on behalf of a foreign government. kennedy: is that hard to prove? >> at not necessarily hard to prove. it's like charcoal and that you won't have always clear evidence that a person is at thing at the behest of or on behalf of that
8:23 pm
whether they need material things from him to rob noble cause. they go before a magistrate judge to get this stuff so presumably they have evidence on acting behalf of element and they know about the registration element so at the end of the day we all have to wonder what more are they looking for pics thy seized electronic devices and that's potentially huge amounts of information. kennedy: you are saying terra bytes and terabytes of information what happens at privilege information? the is that compromise their case? >> that's one of the first hurdles that is remarkable is that even just for the justice department to execute a search warrant on attorney there are a lot of internal checks and balances so that means they are feeling gung ho about this but if the material is privilege which inevitably some of the will be, the department of
8:24 pm
justice will establish something they call a -- team that will review the material first. they are going to decide whether or not they will send that off to the people who are looking into this case and they will decide is this privilege or is it not in this one big exception called the crime fraud exception which means it's from rudy's legal advice is being used to carry out the crime it's not privilege any more. kennedy: that's exciting but this is not thus far a criminal act. when does that get bumped up into the criminal realm and when could we possibly see charges your? >> it could be years or it could be never. there's a statute of limitations on these violations usually five years so if in five years we don't hear anything he might be in good shape but what happened here is there could be criminal
8:25 pm
charges and i will only come about either by way of a plea for criminal information they call it for you would see an indictment handed down and it would be the united states of america versus rudy giovanni and that would a pretty fascinating. kennan -- kennedy: -- the feds have a high batting average. they are ready or than 96% and including cases the dough to trial bear about 90-point something%. kennedy: they are shooting for a sentence right now. >> is an athletic person i agree with that because i know a lot about sports. kennedy: that's why you are an informal sports reporter as well as a legal aid so you are what is called a moot multitool player. thank you for your expertise break coming up newsom has himself a new challenger for
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governor. caitlyn jenner turned her olympian fame joins me from the golden state to break it down. e, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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why? why do we ignore the things that give us pause? that seem out of place. that don't feel right. the answer to “why” defines who we are. so, if you see something, why do you say something? i seesay for my friends. for my community. for my family. for each other. because all of this matters.
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we all have something worth protecting. so why do you seesay? report suspicious activity to local authorities. if you see something, say something. kennedy: california has enough signatures to trigger a recall election. governor gavin newsom is sweating. caitlyn jenner says she's running to replace him. she will run as the a republican against the state's high taxes and aggressive lockdowns. the kardashians will not back her. running is a trump surrogate can she went? post to "the next revolution" sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the "fox news" channel steve hilton is back, welcome back steve ray's >> hello kennedy. how are you doing? kennedy: i like the idea of this candidacy because caitlyn says she's been a california resident for 50 years. what do you like about her
8:31 pm
chances and her platform and what could resonate with voters here? >> the mechanics of the recall election really favor someone like her and specifically her for the way it's set up. they are two questions we are going to get on this recall election. it's going to be perhaps in november for two questions in the first one do you want to recall gavin newsom yes or no and enough answers from the yes died and you go to the second question which is who do you want to replace him? the that question whoever gets the most votes wins. a very tough for republicans to get a majority in this very blue state as you pointed out earlier. you could win with 10% if you are a a divided field so the candidate with the most name recognition that best known at the huge advantage so she starts
8:32 pm
way ahead as the official republican candidates we have seen you have probably never heard of. have you heard of kevin faulconer ex-mayor of san diego? kennedy: he has been on my show twice. >> you are doing your bit to get the name recognition they need that frank lee caitlyn jenner steps ahead. kennedy: absolutely and this is why in 2003 obviously we saw arnold schwarzenegger. he won that recall election when gray davis was recalled and it's because he talked about politics throughout his career. people might have had enough of celebrity candidates between jesse ventura and arnold schwarzenegger and even president trump but she will appeal to business owners because she's running as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal and both of those things are very attractive to
8:33 pm
californians especially right now. >> that is exact a right. the message seems exactly right and what we are hearing so far it and it goes beyond the republican base. you can say the republican base in california is pretty small but remember the more people voted for donald trump in california in the presidential election then every other state apart from to and there are a lot of republicans here but not just republicans with the way the one-party democrats have destroyed with the shutdown the school closures. people who voted democrat for years that i'm going to consider this because i'm sick of the way it's being run an independent minded voters arnold schwarzenegger had a track record getting involved in health and fitness promotions but also running school clubs and getting involved in the challenges facing inner-city youth. you have more of a record of public service so in that sense
8:34 pm
caitlyn jenner needs to demonstrate a commitment to the state as well as having the right message which she looks like she or he has. kennedy: and it's more than what we see from john cox and kevin faulconer. what they would have done differently with the lock down and how they are specifically going to tackle the homeless crisis. if england is serious about this she needs to put together a pretty solid proposal for how she's going to do that and still be constitutionalists. it's probably the most difficult political issue outside the pandemic that the mayors and governors have to tackle and knowing, chicken figure out getting kids back in school homelessness is a real campaign. would you vote for her? >> yeah. here's the breaking news
8:35 pm
kennedy. my signature applications move forward through the bureaucracy. any week now hope to be able to claim and announce my u.s. citizenship so i may be able to vote in this election my first vote in america. kennedy: that's awesome and congratulations to you. if there is hope for you we can all be dreamers. steve hilton thank you so much. >> rate to see you. kennedy: you can seem on the "fox news" channel. the senses is out now and there are ramifications. the census bureau laid out the apportionment of congressional seats seven western states gaining their taxes will pick up two house seats florida north carolina montana colorado and oregon each pick up one at the same time look at the losers new york california illinois michigan ohio pennsylvania west virginia all losing one seat. people are fleeing high-tech
8:36 pm
states? the to me now to break it down hedge fund manager and "fox news" contributor jonathan is here. is it any of this a surprise to you john? >> the maps are being redrawn in front of our eyes. in a free country and we still are free country a little less everyday but in a free country people vote with their feet more than anything and we are seeing almost an exodus as you alluded to an exodus from the high tax high regulation low ropes states both of which happen to be dominated by democratic politicians. the south and the west for example are growing at two times as fast as the northeast and midwest while the west is growing everyone is growing except for california. the california population kennedy going back 120 years. that's why they lost a seat and we see people leaving california
8:37 pm
asked them why they are they are leaving they have three reasons all which are ever met related. one of which is the fires and we talked about that before forestry management the other is the height of the living and the high taxes and added up you see this exit is california illinois michigan new york pennsylvania all losing seats in losing populations. kennedy: california is never lost a congressional seats of this is really something. they try to downplay that when there's a net loss with the return of migration of people leaving the state but you are right and we talk about it on the show so many times. one of the biggest issues not only with the homeless crisis but people trying to buy a home and move to the state. there's no availability because it's a bureaucracy and the zoning of the way the laws are set up you cannot have multifamily dwellings in most of these large counties in california. you add to that wallop and taxes
8:38 pm
the high sales tax a high income tax and if you don't live in california but you worked there you get taxed. >> that's a great point. it's not like the water is different in texas or montana or colorado or florida than in illinois or california. it's all the things you alluded to and it's a warning or signal with the will to a lot of democrats because the state that voted for joe biden lost an average a net three congressional seats. this is an viguerie beauty asian for joe biden's message the fact that on a the congressional level so many people are leaving the state. kennedy: are you surprised that illinois is up there? now you can't run. >> a lot of people are running and if you talk to texans they are concerned is people leaving from illinois and california turned texas blues although we
8:39 pm
are seeing the maps shift in that sense more people moving into the red states if you will that's the theory that more democrats will move to the red states enter in those states blue but that's the competition we are seeing among states and put parties and political ideologies in america. kennedy: everything is going to be purple. jonathan hoenig thank you so much. coming up did you miss the cannabis. gold rush quick night can put your money into it. psychedelics going public as they have the cure for your mental illness. and we have great news for you.
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kennedy: could drugs like lsd and mushrooms be the key to good mental health? one company things done they debuted on nasdaq hoping to treat addiction and other ailments the psychedelic compounds currently illegal psychedelics of another help with a variety of issues in ways that no other medicines can touch. what kind of regulatory red tape needs to be cut so the plan doesn't become a bad trip? the maybe i need some of their products. joining me jr ron. hi jr. this is an exciting day for you and i know a lot of the talk and finance has been about cannabis but the real action is with
8:45 pm
psychedelics and by action i mean compounds that are literally tiering ptsd and having a profound effect on the opioid crisis. so tell me what are you using and specifically what are some of your products that can treat opioid evictions collects >> we are looking at many different drug programs. you mentioned one that is focused on the opioid crisis which we crisis which we all know is costing this country way too much money and we are using something -- psychedelics derived from -- used by lots of veterans that are seeing profound effects using psychedelics. what we tried to do is synthesize a long hallucinogenic version of that to effectively be an antibiotic for addiction. kennedy: that works on addiction specifically and that is one of the areas that traditional
8:46 pm
pharmaceuticals have not participated in not taken hold there but psychedelics have been very profound. what other aspects of mental health and as you pointed out 40% of people during a the pandemic have mental health issues. so what other -- that some day someone to go to the doctor and get a prescription for? >> i'm going to say a scary word right now but lsd. we are looking at using lsd to can treat anxiety disorders and we were at the fda in december having conversation with them about how we can open up a medical trial using lsd and i think right now this country the state we are in we need trial options and we are really focused on bringing this to the d.a. and the value weighting them as medicines. we are not really interested in
8:47 pm
making somebody's burning man or kiss concert a better experience. what we are interested in is healing people suffering from mental health and there are many in this country that are. kennedy: they will work to get these vaccines to market and they could do the same thing with the psychedelics because the mental health crisis in this country is that pandemic levels. mindmed, jr rahn congratulations to you. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. stay here. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign?
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kennedy: in a statement post it to our twitter account caitlyn jenner says a run for california governor is about disrupting the status quo and it simply would as if elected she would make history as the verse kardashian to ever have a job. that's during your javelin in the ring. topic number one a prize-winning greyhound in new zealand was disqualified from a raise afterr methamphetamine. the organizers became suspicious
8:52 pm
after the dog beat a ferrari but the dog finished first place in the track in what authorities are calling a -- performance which could describe the last movie. the 4000-dollar prize was revoked after tests showed she was positive for methamphetamine. a shame to see it good dog barking bad but they should have known she was on drugs by the way she was drooling and scratching yourself or the good news is dog slow cold turkey. her trainer was fined $3500 suspended from the sport but authorities say it's not in use the find meth in a greyhound but it's normally just the buses although dogs it's more common than you think. a dog in ireland tested positive for cocaine. many american dogs are known to use marijuana. that's one to grow on. topic number two an incredible video from the uk where kayaker came face-to-face with the
8:53 pm
basking shark. watch. oh he's going to need a bigger kayak or the close encounter was found off the coast of dornwell presided over by duchess kamala who was married to prince charles. fortunately charles has no jurisdiction over the shark because these only the prince of wales. the last time i was this close to the shark it tried to invest my homemade mustard business and all i wanted was seed money. they swim like this and eat plankton and small fish and hardly ever shut their mouths just like aoc. their bodies filter filter out sea waters only solids remain in their stomach. inside a their giant mouth they have hundreds of tiny teeth and just like the people of cornwall they never brushed them. topic number three, the mattel
8:54 pm
toy company has teamed up with universal for a slate of toy-based movies. i don't see the need to. their starting plenty of toy-based movies. i'm making money for the collaboration begins with a rock 'em sock 'em robot movie starring vin diesel or they guess the producers think to him robots seem human. the film is inspired by the boxing game pitting red rocker against blue bomber are just so we need more people punching each other. to be honest this movie should have been out already but the robot keeps punching up the script. metellus and stopping there for the brand is producing to no end the magic 8 ball the magic device that can tell them terrible ideas. it was almost canceled by the studio but then at the last second the director pulled a reverse card. tk everyone but me. topic number four mcdonald's
8:55 pm
is launching a bts meal inspired by the south korean boy band. in other words its soul food. for those of you who don't know it's take a look at one of their videos, dynamite. ♪♪ ♪♪ i don't know who's singing the song but i'm pretty sure it's none of these guys. this is bts south koreans best-selling band the group famous for their socially conscious lyrics with themes such as individual's mental health and self-love or in the case of the song absolutely nothing. they collaborated with mcdonald's for nuggets fries dipping sauces inspired by south korean recipes and the hamburglar will now be the kim chi kleptomaniac or the bts meal
8:56 pm
goes on sale worldwide beginning may 26 expecting to sell out fast. not to be outdone or three will also come up -- team up with mcdonald's for their own unhappy meal. technology for first responders. built on america's most reliable network. built for real interoperability. and built for 5g. it's america's #1 network in public safety. verizon frontline. built right for first responders. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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caregiver: sorry about that... for all-day, all-nigno, no.ection. i've been staying at my dad's place because of everything. grandpa: where are we going? caregiver: he's good. yeah, i know, we keep missing each other. i've been working out of my dad's house. doing some reading. i should be working out more. i just feel like i'm drowning.
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♪imagine all the people ♪sharing all the, ♪you may say i'm a dreamer♪ ♪but i'm not the only one ♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will live as one♪ kennedy: thank you for watching the best hour of your day. e-mail kennedy on "fox news" and prescribe to my podcast.
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