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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 5, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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we didn't like virtually didn't know. >> would like too. >> binds getting virtual feedback from students and virginia. many of biden's critics are not quite as forgiving. arguing the biden administration school openi gets an f for failing kids wait larry's going to back your tomorrow, we'll see then. ♪ ♪. kennedy: welcome to the dollhouse. photo surfaced of president mrs. biden visiting the hobbit carter's the 39th president as the current occupants look like they were towering over their counterparts. and they were un- masked indoors. president biden, why are you trying to kill old people? of course need biden's emerged from the tree house they again masked, alone. outside. joe if you don't know you're doing it wrong for it last night i compared piss pork covered with the wildly effective reptile dysfunction at we have been seeing for generation.
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when a guy pops a osceola, not sun valley pops, he's virile, handsome, active flirty about a riffing pavement joe biden gets his co- indexing he is startled, terrified when he misplaces his mass, and will not be a barefaced man on a zoom call or even out side. it made me think, maybe he knows something. went to see lasix octave years ago and back i perform the surgery every day was wearing glasses. and i thought now i'm keeping my four eyes. if biden were really confident in the jab he be line dancing, hobnobbing, air sniffing but slapping and high-fiving. but he scouring and shrugging. and it's the worst possible visual from the unconfident chief marketed that cannot stop begging other people to get masks but do not get me so without you. 40% of adults are fully back seated. president conman face was that number up to 75% or 70% by fourth of july pre-that's a good number.
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but is that the number for herd immunity? factory will not say either way. when he suppressed for a scientific answer he keeps saying herd immunity is elusive like it secret jackal up only he will know about when he sees it. once he said it was 70 sent. then he changed it to 81% because he's making up numbers as input is necessary people keep putting him on tv. he is not taken into account natural immunity nor the "new york times". that some people already had the virus. we have no idea what that number is because people could've gotten sick before tests were widely available. people were infected had no idea now they are protected. the real herd immunity number is a summa people been affected plus those of unvaccinated. the more that have been exposed means he factors will get to kiss strangers and blowing dies. that is also why it seems they're having more success in texas and florida fewer lockdowns and more general long-term hobnobbing forget your vaccine, stop wearing a mask outside, go have some safe fun and leave the virus
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for a broadway production of outbreak. i'm joe, stop trying to kill elderly hobbits and that is the memo. present biden's changing rules more chimes in at 9-year-old losing a game of monopoly. now surprise the price he is once again moving the goalpost for just last week this was the guidance for national reopening. spermatic july 4, this is our target date to get life in america closer to normal. we began to celebrate her independence from the virus. kennedy: writes. this week's fourth of july no longer seems to be the objective. maybe to him. >> think by the end of the summer we will be in a very different position than we are now. kennedy: the end of the summer? what the southern hemisphere summer? come on man what do we have to do to get a straight answer from these guys? let's get into it's an ex parte pet of "new york post" columnist inspected usa
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contributor got comedian and host of the part of the problem podcast dave smith in the house. democrat strategist and author of the end of democracy, it is doug welcome everyone. >> looking good feeling good. feeling strong. couple things really make me mad. one is not following science is just changing us to suit your own whims is off often times her doctor found she does. the other is this idea you can keep schools closed forever. based on nothing. what are your thoughts carol? >> the worst part is, the schools generally open all over the country except in very blue areas where the anti- science teachers unions have a lot of control. i would think those people who are joe biden's base would get mad about impression of the biden administration to do something. he is already made it rain
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money on these schools. what else do we possibly need? look at any state or the schools are open he keeps shifting the goalpost this is where we are today. >> this was the party of women , why are they letting women let it rain on themselves by going back to work when their kids are in school? because we talk about this a lot last night and a lot last week. we keep women particular at home the economy suffers. families suffer. the "new york times" that whole column about how never going to reach herd immunity. will probably have temporary rules they don't take into account natural immunity which is should be part of the equation very >> is audible podcast of the debt questions and things about the vaccine pretty may have seen that kicked up some dust.
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it really does remind me something out of the soviet union were none of the people even believe it anymore. i mean, how many people even the liberal peoples invariably states he was actually following these rules for over a year now? there mass at every indoor gathering with friends and family as we see even joe biden is having such a big deal out of the theater wearing a mask on zoom calls does not wear the mask when he is around the ancient corridors. so far by the way, president carter, 96 for his lovely wife 93. should be fully vaccinated. there's two golden american joint to a protected when they be the habitat for humanity guy? back if you can take off your
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mask around people are fully vaccinated as i've been lectured about this week, or doing it to protect others but why can't nancy pelosi and kamala harris take off the mask? it's all such a strange display of virtue signaling and pseudoscience. >> you're absolutely right. pseudoscience in the politicization of science replaces actual science that is when you have mass skepticism. that sourcing 20% of people saying i'm not going to get the vaccine haven't been sick yet not going to do it. they do not believe spermatic masks skepticism or mask skepticism or both. i am just above fondled by what we should do. one of these people is try to follow the rules. i don't know the rules are done we should be doing purdue know this. schools can and should be open the teachers unions elected
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officials that's just plain wrong. let us get this country back to work and open. let's stop shaming people if they are wearing a mask, not wearing a mask, dividing us. les get back to it, kennedy, does not make common sense? >> that is common sense. we need more of that from everybody paid not just democrats we need from everybody. i have been running without a mask in central park for a few months now because it is impossible to run longer distances with a mask on. joint read on msnbc said she ran the same day i did she said she wears two mask spreadsheets fully vaccinated. that is cuckoo bananas. she should have a broadcast license revoked. i had to reapply for my every team it's i don't know why i don't fit in but l says but she should have her taken away immediately.
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group effectors are told virtual learning does not work for them. watch. >> i definitely prefer. there really tired, sometimes you kid. [inaudible] [laughter] kennedy: that's right. they are napping, they are eating, they are laying around all day. not really doing much. they're like firefighters for the bided evisceration still will not commit to reopening all schools by the fall, why would you? citing the uncertainty of the coronavirus. his close schools hurt kids presents a by his first 100 days schools will be be
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reopened for it out of it what he meant by schools are fully open with thousands of not happen. the main thing is we need to stop listening to the cdc stop listening to the cdc. but they literally contradict themselves every day. that you can listen to them one day the day prefer not the next. there always talking about different things. the person the schools need to do is focus on getting kids back in classrooms. forget about any distancing rules just like you did back in september get the kids back in regular school print look, everybody knows this remote thing was a joke. the only people in the score teachers unions. the hybrid model is not school , none of it is school. 6 feet apart is not school prints all such nonsense. but do not what i realize because i'm a sophomore in high school? i think the high schoolers are writing the roles of the teachers unions and the cdc.
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they're the ones that you know if you pretend there's a problem with your computer and you can't login, you can just sleep to the entire period and then they have to pass you. they absolutely have to pass you. your thoughts on this adolescent way of making up rules? >> i'm sympathetic to calling it joke and poking at the absurdity of it. this is not just a joke. this is greatest strategy in modern history. this is child abuse based on pseudoscience children's lives by the millions have been destroyed. depression anxiety, children falling behind. it will be decades that americans will be suffering the repercussions of what we've done to kids over this
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last year. it is unconscionable. it's really, really horrible stuff. i get it, it's funny, it's absurd in all of this. to watch joe biden up there with a 90 -year-olds without a mask, masked in front of these children, what has happened to this country? the criminal hack governor cuomo had this whole thing if we can save one life. kennedy: is it worth sacrificing the well-being of millions of people? in the biden administration is if you get get k-8 up and that's enough. that's something i've been a railing against the entire time. that's not good enough for the children you're talking about the ones with higher suicide rates and threats of suicide they want to been seeking mental health are adolescents. those of the kids yeah i joke but they are adapting to it. because kids that age believe it or not they will figure out a way through it.
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and i am confidence not going to be anytime soon. but i do not know college applications are going to look like in your body do feel for those juniors and seniors right now. so i see how this is been bought jesse women out of the workplace i alluded to a little bit ago. i do not see how rochelle wilensky can keep her job as head of the cdc pizza back you know, i think because the advice changes from day to day and week to week, their nuance differences seems to sort of follow the science some of the time, i do not think the biden administration is going to acknowledge that there are problems with the cdc. i suspect a year from now or shout wilensky will be in her job and more important, to the kids of the united states randi weingarten will be in her job to an head of the aft. and sadly based on the e-mails
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i saw in the near post trying to get pre-guidance on directives and the like. i was deeply saddened and disturbed. kennedy: i hope the whole thing implodes pretty really do i will not shed a tear of these teachers unions completely fall apart because there has to be a message sent to someone. joe biden was to just throw money at a bunch of problems. he is creating more problems and the cdc and the aft right now know the kids are resilient. government is not completely inflexible. that inflexibility is so cruel that's were going to see that repercussions. party petals going to return a little later in the show. coming before that while new have cyborg super soldiers to win the wars of the future. so how soon until we see humans combined with machines on the battlefield? is this the best idea ever? join with us to discuss.
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kennedy: listen to this this top scientists of this base was that a fight and have
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super soldiers could be coming to our military within the next decade. and that we need to do before enemies do. chief scientist joel mozart said were entering the age of human augmentation, go on instrument been there for a while party added it is imperative to combine the powers of humans and machines to maintain military dominance. most reset ai would punch the possibilities while humans would resolve ambiguity with judgment and ethics. our cyborgs the future combat? what powers would they want. army veteran cohost of fox and friends we can this week is hosting the fox news primetime 7:00 p.m. on east coast the fox news channel pete hugseth. welcome to the studio. >> deserving of view. kennedy: has been augmented with lights. there's nothing like it that's why you're here in the flesh. we need your perspective. i read this article is said to
12:20 am
myself there's only one person onto talked about this. this is pete hugseth. you have been in combat. so it superpowers would you want from the great minds that are seeing the assimilation of ai and humans? >> i really would suit your opinion on that is ultimately productive share that "after words" as well. power would i want? people on active duty there are a part of the current voter selfies and things like that is probably augmented biceps. things that are not all that useful imperfect performance. kennedy: the everything guide to put motor oil on his biceps? >> no i've never seen that. but you're going to augment guys to better augment the legs and the back. those are the things that go. if you are not talking about machines. machines are hold of the thing the artificial intelligence you compacts and equipment to protect but humans once the legs and back. stopping without supplementing up it all go with biceps
12:21 am
impacts. so far like robots as lawns are not expensive especially the reduce of in casualties. >> absolutely reduce the amount of american troops that need to be on the ground. that's part of the reason why the military industrial complex oath loves them because they're expensive to your problem. but they are also wary of them a little bit because it does minimize the amount of involvement when man getting involved in. once an american gets killed or injured on the battlefield you're that much more likely to be invested in a conflict. this is inevitable i hate to say i don't wanted to be. but if you are looking at enemies who are able to used to send leverage it you have to keep up. it's like the weapon nation of space. if you don't do it your behind. see if i think it's inevitably start swapping parts for think it's going to happen with surgery and technology and everything else. if you ever had some of the knee replaced that, gosh i can play tennis again this is fantastic. but what when things get even more advanced? all the sudden the things that
12:22 am
cause you aches and pains, you can take human biology and swap it out. >> their limits of this is the ethical side of it. at some level, are you forcing people to make decisions that have a lot of risk work modifications will live with them for the rest of their life? make if he signed the dotted line with the army are they then able to say to you know were putting chips in your brain and we are putting gears in your sprockets. >> is chip in the brain and the fine print? it might have to be. and you have to know what you're getting into. not yet, you know why customer gets under the emergency order. under no emergency order they cannot force a protect active guys in them military they say it's common. when i was in guard recently the flu vaccine mandatory the code vaccine a course of a mandatory pre-that's of the military because it forces you to do things you wouldn't want to do often it does not make sense wire doing it. so far i would like to see the
12:23 am
technology is going to go. i don't think we should be so naïve that we are getting back to muskets. >> you want to go back to muskets who want to give up your country. the unfortunate reality of the arms race but as a nuclear bomb, whether it was the machine gun was change warfare altogether, words now the weapon nation of states or hypersonic missiles. the chinese is saying we have a mislead can't even see that reaches you faster than you could identify the take out your ten aircraft carrier groups in 30 minutes. now is where your superior. super why what what would you rather see his time with fine over military security like that, roper cyber honig missiles are getting to mars first? >> brother have a friendly race to mars for sure. kennedy: a nifty private sector is involved. could not have a good old-fashioned cold space war and so long. >> i know but now we can talk
12:24 am
to each other so much more quickly and see each other's intentions so much more quickly. maybe we can hold a virtual zoom summit to declare we are going to mars, ready, set, go now. she divorced anyone his freedom loving as we are in the night say that be fine with that paper the chinese government a bunch of commies spice rack turns out, who knew? [laughter] savoy thickly saw that all coming. while continued success this week go crush it. crush their dreams. keep us in mind. >> i crush it every night thank you. kennedy: pete hugseth. thank you. new report finds they have not stopped their widespread spying. why do they hate freedom customer leslie california recall they begin their ad blitzes against impaired republicans from the governor out of town? the party panel returns to debate, stay right this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter.
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kennedy: some things never change and clean the fed spying on you that a warmer new revealed documents of the fbi made widespread privacy violations in the fisa court system. even after being told to stop right now to republican lawmakers are demanding more from answers. congressman jim jordan and andy biggs wrote letter to fbi director christopher wray demanding more from answers avoid the secret system is not falling in line with the law. here's congressman jordan had to say earlier on fox, watch. >> we need to what important thing. it is the foreign intern intelligence surveillance act. not spying on american citizens. this should frighten everyone. kennedy: 's innuendos able to hold the spying government agencies accountable? the particle >>, karol markowicz, dave smith, and doug schoen. karol let us discuss a little bit.
12:30 am
the fbi has been violating the fourth amendment in many ways for quite some time. whether it is illegally working with different law enforcement agencies, and creating cases against people who have not been criminally charged, or in this case violating section 702 of the fisa law. they have been going after healthcare fraud, bribery, public corruption, violent gangs, things that do not fall under section 702 which is really bad guys were not american citizens outside the united states were national security threat. that is a pretty narrow lane, your thoughts. >> the fbi has had a bad few years is far as their pr is concerned. this is just another hit for them. i don't understand why silly republicans were worried about this. democrats are not concerned about fbi abuses. they're not worried about them overstepping the bounds spying on americans. think they should be. i imagine that we parted
12:31 am
something mccartt to be concerned about. but for some reason it's only republican speaking out about this. if i do not know why that is right now protect to the center for morgan several times this show, dave, he is very concerned about fourth mm violations. and he is concerned about privacy mass surveillance. bernie sanders was in the same vote for some time as well. but, man did they violate carter pages civil rights here. and christopher wray reminds of mark's soccer broke before he goes before congress yet we did some things runs will do better. we will do better. but nothing ever changes, why? >> you can always be confident when republicans are demanding more from something, nothing will happen. that is just how things work in america. i have taken very deep dives into the carter page podcast in my last two years. this is what the biggest scandals in modern american history. a stop at the fbi didn't or
12:32 am
thought he was a russian acid and got it wrong. they knew that he was not because the cia told them and they misled the fisa courts in order to spy on a presidential campaign that they did not like. and then continued it after the guy was elected president. now i am no supportive donald trump. infective argued many times it will argue again he should be tried and prosecuted for war crimes for what he did to the people of yemen propping up that saudi war of genocide. however he is absolutely right when he said there is a deep state who attempt to overthrow the election results of 2016. this was rotten to the core. and the fact that basically nobody has paid for this except for that one lawyer, and he did not even really pay that much, is really an outrage. you are absolutely right that
12:33 am
the democrats should be concerned about it. some of the more left-wing democrats are. the reason the more centrist establishment democrats aren't concerned about is because the very confident it will not be turned on them. kennedy: but it will be. all that has to happen now because the system is so ripe with corruption, doug all that has to happen is the majority has to shift. that is not how the system should work. but that's how it can work because if not cleaned anything up. congress is not dented, the fbi hasn't done it, the dni in the past has light there his teeth to congress. so what does it take? and what is it something they say joe biden is a good guy we can totally trust him. when you have that kind of attitude you just turn the other way all these horrible things happen in the dark. >> you are asking lots of questions there, kennedy. let me answer what i can. i am probably the only one on this panel who can answer for
12:34 am
a corporate management. i'm concerned and pray also the only one on the panel who knows carter page personally. i am worried, i am upset, and i am concerned because the fisa process lax oversight. it lacks credibility. it lacks integrity. look, i am all for keeping corrupt fort influence out of our government and out of our country. i'm worried about what the russians have done to us. what the chinese have done to us. going well beyond the alleged suppose the russian collusion. bottom when it got to be very careful in protecting our system of government. we need to have oversight of our law enforcement. i would say that as a democrat but also as an american. i put america first rather than partisan politics. i think most viewers and listeners to this show would agree with me and see it in a
12:35 am
commonsense practical way, not through partisan way. before the common sense to stop spying on american warrantless sleep. meanwhile the race for california governors heating up there. caitlyn jenness dropped a first political ad. genesis current governor gavin newsom is an elitist democrat who sunk the state by about handling the cove academically the republican candidate will be the first celebrity to possibly win a recall election. you might run for the governor arnold schwarzenegger, the largest share votes in the 2003 recall went to him. should jennifer's catch rate go from calling me to call me governor. i actually like what she is running on here. i have to say this is so far a pretty solid limited government platform that's calling truth to power in a state that has been run for decades by one party, your thoughts. >> i like caitlyn jenner a
12:36 am
lot. i think caitlyn is very anti- woke which i appreciate. i think in general is to make a really good person. i also don't think they can much worse than what they have right now. i know there are some conservative definitely worried about caitlyn not being a conservative. but, gavin newsom is the rock-bottom worst. anywhere is pretty much up from there. kennedy: they are not going to elect mark levin in california, dave. >> probably not. kennedy: they are not. but at least she's talked about some of the failures under the administration that stretch back quite a few administrations, including jerry brown. she's talking about lowering taxes and reducing the state footprint which no one has uttered in statewide politics, in years. >> and coming out against the lockdowns which i think
12:37 am
probably right now is the most important issue. you know kennedy, i laugh at everyone who's connected to that dumb kardashian show. but there when they get into politics they do more good than any politician in modern american history. but kim kardashian will go to the white house and get some woman who is put in jail for life over a first-time nonviolent drug offense. get her parted for it and then connie made some great points when he went and met with donald trump. so as much as i want to laugh at some of them, you know what? really gets the lockdowns talk what lowering taxes, that is a lot better than what californians have been dealing with. kennedy: she's also been a more effective messenger than john cox, kevin fulkerson some of the other candidates running, doug, so what are her chances? [screaming] i don't really know. john cox also had a launch, but he ran with the animal-rights group by running
12:38 am
as a beastly candidate with the bear on a leash. i'm not sure that's the best move for the republican brand. and caitlyn has yet to really do anything to launch one video. i think this is a very early stage. this will be a referendum that will turn on how people feel about newsom and how they feel about the locked down the time they get to vote which is obvious the number of months away. so it's hard to say with any certaintainty where we will be. this is a very different situation than 2003 with governor schwarzenegger and then governor davis absolutely. kennedy: they kicked great davis out he is boring and beholden to your unions. so is gavin newsom but he is in so much more wrong the gray davis. she has done so much harm. going to talk to be who are going to run for governor the coming weeks on this show. thank you offer great discussion throughout the show. party panel, karol, dave,
12:39 am
doug, thanks again. >> thanks so much. spore after 27 blissful years of marriage, bill and melinda gates calling it quits. howell wanted the world's best-known rich couples break up their billions? join me to it break it down to celebrate salonpas day and our mission to improve people's lives through topical pain relief we invite you to try our powerful, long-lasting patch for muscle and joint pain, get your free sample at hisamitsu
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sweep or break a damper that was last nights map trump monday song can't help falling in love with this week's winner was marie. sometimes you cannot have falling out of love to. after 27 years as husband and wife bill and melinda gates say there marriage is irretrievably broken. the divorce petition said they have a separation agreement
12:44 am
divide up their 146 million-dollar fortune. that's a lot of billions, multiple homes, lots of property and that foundation. so how will this all play out? right joining me to it discuss it is family law attorney jennifer bransford she does a thing or two about the situations. jennifer welcome to the show. back i kennedy thanks for having me. kennedy: let's first talk about the foundation. that is a biggie. that is that life's work for although they have other investments and bill gates still owns a small part of microsoft, they've already put $50 billion into that foundation. they both said they want to continue doing charitable work. but it you're going to work you don't like each other anymore, how do you work together? >> that will be the hard part. that's what everyone's waiting to see what is going to happen. they've been such great work of the chargeable foundation. they have helped so many people. but whether they're going to be able to be along in terms
12:45 am
of giving in the future what they want to do with the foundation and their money has really a question that we are all waiting to see what happens. because often times people are fine in business when they are married and every thing is going well. but when they divorce, they start vying for power, maybe their interests are not quite the same, so it is much harder to run a business when you're not together as a married couple. so with the separation agreement outline how they will run that foundation. kennedy: that is a fascinating document. will that document remain sealed? >> certainly will pay that's why they probably waited so long to come forward with the divorce. they are showing their making a statement together. coming together as one unit coming together because of their privacy. they probably worked out all the details already. who knows how long that's been going on. it may have been months or
12:46 am
even a year this is been in the works. they've been sort of working with their lawyers and figure out how everything will be divided. sewer thing up married in 19 they for it was he rich becton question michael know they do not have a prenup. spanky was somewhat rich. he had a big stake in microsoft. that is his separate property. but they have been married a very long time, 27 years they have acquired a lot of wealth together. so melinda certainly entitled to a good portion of it. varnishes retain the services of robert cohen, how good of a lawyer is he? >> they both have very good lawyers. i think their lawyers have worked i'm sure very, very hard to get there clients interest to represent their clients interest and get an agreement that works for both of them. sue for it yes, it's nice to see is not there being adults about this.
12:47 am
and hopefully they will continue to do charity work. it's really one of the best charities in the world. so i hope somehow they find a way to move that forward, jennifer thank you for your illuminating take on all this, great analysis thank you. thanks for having me. thanks for having me. kennedy: topical storm is ♪ when i was young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪ those days are done. ♪ i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪ go with us and find millions of flexible options. all in our app.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: at least in the city franchise reportedly replacing samantha with three new women. which is also bill gates plan for melinda. that's a software update estate topical storm. topic number one, a production company the czech republic hold a drone light show in prague to list the country spirits forgets are still little depressed over their breakup with slovakia. one hundred drones equipped with led lights took off from the soccer field and flute to the city's river at the longest river the country and the inspiration for a famous check symphony. makes me want to rent a jet ski. but effects ever indifferently. the light show include paycheck formations like the check flag, coat of arms, also the check cord for stronger, which describes both the country spearheaded citizens
12:52 am
body odor. officials say the light show was a much needed distraction from covid-19. and that medical teams are able to sneak up and inject people with vaccines will they were looking at the sky. topic number two, red lobster has released a video teaching high school kids how to turn their cheddar bay biscuits into prom corsages and boutonnieres. see you can guarantee you're probably the crummy's night of your life. yep, the seafood chain advises young people to place a giant cheddar biscuit over small collection of leaves or is chris christie calls it, a salad. then he is a hot glue gun to seal the deal and pin it to your tux. will also want to stuff your pockets with some red lobster strip. that we know it will notice the cheese smoke coming from your chest. amazing of this is not the dumbest thing you can do the red lobster biscuit. that would be eating it. on the bright side, or in cheddar to your primal have you looking extra sharp. have affect these biscuit
12:53 am
boutonnieres make you a total chick magnet. unfortunately the checks will be actual baby birds. when the prom is over you can save your biscuit as a hand-me-down for future generations. just like red lobster probably does when you leave them the table. people just reuse them. we'll just reuse and recycle. topic number three, the colorado legislature has passed a bill legalizing human composting. it gives new meaning to the term dirt nap. the new law would allow human remains to be converted to soil through a process of biological decomposition. i've always heard about people soiling themselves when they die. but this is a rick dickey list for the process takes four weeks to train your remains into odorless soil, right, they are family members complained to the yard. then they can literally do all the things you told them they could only do over your dead
12:54 am
body. the loud place restrictions on the soil so it cannot be sold or used to grow food for human consumption. cannibals. you'll never get to try your darlings clementine. but does not say anything about weed. how about some granddaddy purple for your actual granddaddy? or maybe smoke a fatty for a fallen diabetic. who knows maybe one day you could burn a spike lee joint. that's that i know. too soon. topic number four, the british marines are testing jet suit to help them fly over the sea using jet engines strapped to their arms. that is how much people hate united airlines. the jet suit is coded by gravity industries help enemy votes in the middle of the ocean take back pirates where you can also use them to hopper a cruiseship spring that we will always be able to get there for the '80s rocking glow deck party. and never have to sit through a caribbean night ever again.
12:55 am
this new technology will allow their commandos to eventually fly hands-free so they can hold and fire weapons midflight. but so far they've all just been checking their instagram's. inspired military video to update his secret code. now it is one if by land, two if by jet pack. the makers of this suit called a revolution in tactical capability for special forces. unfortunately, this weapon will be useless against united kingdom's greatest enemy the duchess of sussex. no. center out to see forgo do not forget never forget it is tickle me tuesday. you only have three minutes to get this punchline. please do not cheat use the # tickle me tuesday are you ready? when you called cheese that is not yours. not yours. the answer after the oh, i've traveled all over the country.
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[laughter] 's before it is time for tickle me tuesday but here's the tickle you have been waiting for, what you called cheese that isn't yours? nacho cheese. >> that is bad. i am so over teddy poor teddy. while emma, ryan, andrew and
1:00 am
cal you got early on for it right there on twitter to the break but at what the thank you for watching the best arbor day. tomorrow night been dominant, and as stepan and doctor measure dolls every thursday we have a very special kennedy on cancel culture called on cancel culture called cancel t (upbeat music) (alec) what's up, everybody? it's alec. it's the night before i travel to oklahoma for my filming session. i love seeing my boy, kaleb. so excited to finally go to somewhere new. i can't live without my shoes. broke my leg this weekend. so it makes it harder to move. also gotta bring this thing. i have a hard time choosing which one. don't worry. i got a couple. i like really the pattern on this one, but i also really like the texture and color on this one. guess what? you're coming along with me. let's go! (kaleb) here we go.


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