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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 6, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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miss aoc once the climate core. i don't know folks, i am betting on the marines. god bless them. i am "kudlow" we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: montana has a solution for the birth of workers who are opting out of restaurant jobs and such in favor of couching it with federal unemployment insurance, take this cash and shove it right in your wallet. montana governor says his estate will no longer accept federal unemployment money to small businesses there it entice workers back to work with actual jobs. what? of course there has to be a ^-caret served with the stick. so he will redirect federal stimulus money to $15 million fund to pay servers and chefs and others $1200 after they have worked for months but
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that's to get people back into the sunlight of bars and restaurants can take advantage of the vaccination euphoria without a worker shortage. democrats say it is nonsense three under dollars weekly peace has anything to do with jobseekers standing from the market for they say it's condescending to suggest people at opt-out traditional employment in favor of federal mailbox money, are they high? if you can sit around and make more white buster hump busing tables customer they have suppressed the economy and employment. montana is right to strong-arm them out of the way so their state can open up and compete with other lockdown states like oregon who will never quit the heavy mandated mandate in places like florida there are so few people showing up her interviews, one mcdonald's is offering $50 if you just pop in and pretend to apply. i would do that. if they are paying and gift certificates for hot delicious fries. especially at 2:00 a.m. when you do go back out in
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your mask was dining glory, and you will, please be generous in tip for great surface. one of the consequences of the force shutdown has diminished capacity would restaurants finally reopen most bars and restaurants. only 25% the tables are full, that means servicers are only getting 25% of potential tips. there's only one way to go out of his nasty pandemic and the grotesque side effects is economic oppression. work hard, be nice to people and tell the federal government to get the hell out of your state. you go montana. that is the memo. kennedy: earlier today on fox news governor jim ford to explain why he's cutting off the federal firehose. >> we have a restaurants that are shutting down a couple days a week because they cannot find staff. we are coming into tourist season. americans probably are not going to go to europe this summer but they're welcome to come to montana, enjoy glacier national park. maybe get a line or wet one of
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our trout streams of what we have the restaurant staff, hotels staff, cooks, carbonates were not going to write for the visitors come to montana. this is about getting ready and getting all of montana back to work. so for all hands on deck party people. would it be great if all the governors were looking for their constituents customer should others follow his lead? what's meet tights party pale independent senior policy advisor the federal's contributor finest atman is here. we've got democrat strategist and former biting campaign surrogate he has been very federalist he is kevin walling. and young americans for liberty he is the chief of staff, sean is here, hey sean good to see you enough the flesh. >> honor to be here kennedy. so let's discuss this a little bit, inez. it is not just bars and restaurants were suffering. but once the most vocal parade they been the most creative trying to comply with all of
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the rules and standards that have nearly choked off entire industries. but who else is suffering with these oppressive mandates? just about any business that relies on labor that is usually or is not economic to pay more than the roughly 600 -- $800 per week and take home between and state benefits often combined. where the under covered parts of this has been the agencies that staff caretakers pray there's a lot of people in the united states who need care. they are unable to get caretakers because the agencies are unable to staff their offices and therefore send out caretakers. this labor shortages affecting a lot of different industries but you're right restaurants are speaking out the most current perhaps it should move us more. we are just seeing the sort of end of the tunnel here where we are seeing even blue state
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starts open like new york. forcing a restaurants cannot even staff their half capacity level of focus goes ahead and opens. kennedy: what is going to have to happen, kevin, restaurants are going to have to raise wages if they do not get up this federals for goetz. that means families will not be able to afford to go out and participate in the economy because there also have to raise prices. the unintended consequences of this suppose a do-gooder re- is harmful. isn't it time to recalibrate? >> it could be kennedy. interesting to see how this experiment plays out montana with the governor going for this plan presell the present today at a local restaurant tatting some of the senate of this restaurant rescue package. you've seen republicans tweeting out for folks to sign up for pre-mention the restaurant today had 50 employees before the pandemic had cut back down to seven. it's now back at 50 for full employment. we will see that play out
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across the country as more and more people getting full employment. kennedy: i hope there is full employment. there's employment and full participation. because sean is the government was told people they cannot work. they can't work. to their only choices sit around and healthy checks keep coming. the only offer this administration had was to keep throwing money at different people in different places and different sectors. but he see happening here sean? >> i'm a libertarian. i believe people should be left alone. certainly do not believe we should be wasting money incentivizing people to not even work. these stimulus checks are creating unemployment not solving it. we might have a whole generation of folks who are dependent on these government handouts. that's not compassion thus not human respect.
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let's have a got her the first place. these lockdowns made it illegal for so many people to put food on the table and work, cleaning up by the way those people are told not to work the businesses were told not to open. they're the most willing to bend over backwards rules that are coming from state and federal government agencies there's no way of tabulating why which restaurants and businesses much higher than it should be announced to hand out still going out, sure there a lot of people in need. there are a lot of people who need assistance because their employment has been taking from them. you do that for too long and you are going to see a generation of people entirely dependent on the federal government. that at some point will not be able to pay for. let's move on to a different
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way that states are fighting against the oppressiveness. america's moving on from our coronavirus nightmare, kind of. some states are doing everything they can to keep it going. looking at you kate brown in oregon. kate brown is issued an extension of emergency restrictions on restaurants and retail businesses and ordered a new and indefinite mask mandate. finally oregon is fighting back organization soon to end restrictions and rain in the governor's emergency powers. so how long can power-hungry governors keep holding their citizens down? you have a tale of two states. in the upper left, u.s. you have montana this is federal government we do not want your money we want to do this the right way. and then you have oregon which says to the restrictions what's going to happen there? >> i think that's what's so great about our federalism, kennedy the states can take
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different and there's going to increasing pressure as other states do that pressure florida's putting on new york. i think andrew cuomo and our politicians here are not even though they want to ignore it for some time they will ignore it they cannot ignore forever people will eventually, people and businesses will eventually move away from the state when their other states fully open the win for federalism i do believe the pressure will be too hard to open they simply without able to compete. kennedy: that's a really good point, kevin. as the economy others will be lagging behind. places like oregon which have the new indefinite policies per they had to make them indefinite. the governor's emergency powers, they do not go on
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forever. so now you've got institutions that are suing to lift the stuff. they look over at montana people are going to realize we live in two different americas. they would rather live in the one where they can work, and thrive, and live, what you see? >> me too, kennedy. i am with you. kennedy: let's move to texas. it's spread let's do it or florida south carolina had a blast down there. as a democrat on this panel i do not have a plot problem with mask mandates for it i have a problem with closing down businesses and restricting indoor dining at all that. turning a corner and the president another 70% goal of adults vaccinia by july 4 what's keep moving in that direction. let's all select common sense prevailed. if your outdoor dining if you're indoor dining, just have common sense. do not close down restaurants, do not restrict ours but empower people. i guess this is a libertarian
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argument, let people decide for themselves the precautions they want when it comes to things that are directory contradictory to the cdc. kennedy: yes, there are contradictory rules going from one place to another. you can eat in a restaurant without a mask. but you cannot go to to back you cannot dance at a wedding in d.c. now which is silly to me you can have a wedding but there's no consistency. storm not only going to party on the dance floor, i am also going to sing as i did at cats wedding on saturday, sean take us home. >> i love the restaurants are part of this lawsuit, kennedy. we told the broker restaurant owners for their the ones that instituted health standards, safety standards to protect their customers. they did not need a politician to tell them what to do. so kate brown coming down here walking on the state a year ago, extend the emergency order she and her party are trying to take credit for what responsible entrepreneurs of already done for the restaurants have been hit harder than any other industry in covid.
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in the science backs this up. a study done in the people's republic of los angeles county if you can believe it, less than 4% of all covid transmissions occurred in restaurants. so we should follow the science here and open these bad boys back up. kennedy: for the party that said we filed the science it's like then you should actually do that. if you decide what science is, it is a series of objective data points going follow that. do not make them up willy-nilly. unlike gavin newsom's say i'm sorry you shut down i know you cannot eat indoor output by the way i'll be at french on a 1200-dollar bottle. he does have great harry does have great hair. you got to watch them lots of soccer moms and angered business owners and anyone with a child in school, which is a lot of people in california. party panel returning low but later. premiering the brand-new
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kennedy: house republicans abetting answers about the cdc cozy relationship with teachers unions as the agency has been molding its reopening guidelines with union input. what could go wrong? white house press secretary jen psaki claims this is all totally normal you guys. >> it's actually long-standing best practice for the cdc 2ingage with organizations and groups that are going to be impacted by guidance and recommendations issued by the agency paid the cdc gauge with around 50 stakeholders that are on the front lines of this pandemic and have requisite perspectives for the guidance. >> yes the cdc is supposed to offer impartial medical advice is that a farce? and how could get the teachers unions to trust the science instead of manipulating it? here to discuss the federalist cofounder fox news contributor
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ben domenech, welcome back, ben. great to be with you, kennedy. and you know what, you look at the situation and once again we see a situation where the stakeholders involved are all people who are conflicted by their own political interests, shored up by the teachers unions in their own states. so the national governors association of course, they do not particular have a reason to care about teachers unions prato weights, that is the most important lobbying entity in most states. what we are seeing here is another situation where america is falling behind the rest of the western world because we have these incredible powerful, incredibly political teachers unions that do not care about the education of children. they actually only care about extracting money from the taxpayer. and exercising power when comes to their impact on government for the upshot of all of this is that we are
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about too go through an experience where we learned for the first time what it really looks like when people are completely denied for more than a year any kind of in person schooling. something that will likely result in them being unable to hold down a job. unable to have a relationship. unable to get married. unable to move forward and likely end up on welfare forever. i am not exaggerating this. we have the research to support it. and yet, it is the teachers unions that are like, we just want to stick to the science but we want to take it pay attention to the science. unlike the rest of the world that is already been open when it comes to educating kids. kennedy: the cdc, the debbie ho, the ama, so many organizations who are critically looking at the data, they have said there is no reason to keep schools close. and rochelle zelensky said that.
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jen said that as a private person. and it's like that is nonsense. she is a medical doctor paid when she is looking at this data she does not develop a private opinion and a public opinion. the numbers are right there the transmission rates are right there. and i cannot believe how heartless these teachers unions are when they defend places like los angeles with 30% of the kids, they do not even know where they are three days a week. they have no idea where these high schoolers are. you're right about them they are being raised by social media. so, maybe tik tok should get the teachers bonuses. >> candidate now that you've use this word, and i allowed to use us on special report and fox news sunday the word nard's? i really would like to be able to use that word. so far i give you special distant taste station. so here is the thing that really sticks out to me about all of this.
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we have been a railing against the negative influence of teachers unions from a bipartisan perspective for a long time in america. what we have before us right now is proof, undisputed bull proof that they do not actually care about all of these different racial segments of society that they claim they value more than other entities within our communities. they are leaving black kids, brown kids, asian kids behind at disproportionate levels to a degree that they are not going to graduate. sort they are not they're not going to be great proficient there's no way. were going to be done with this for decades, kennedy. it's a thing people look back on to say why did people make this incredible decision? the reality is going to be because the power of the teachers unions, the money they spent within the arts we need politicians should not
12:22 am
beat republicans they are criticizing this. everyone should be criticizing this. it's clearly inhumane. the opposite of what we want the education system. frankly it supports everything i believe moving away from a public education system. moving to something that looks private, home, coalition -based that is a great word yes spiritual but teachers unions before the children of color in classrooms. so they can learn and be fed to they can be looked after the teachers who eyeballed them it's either not victims of abuse for the teachers unions are more concerned about keeping teachers at home and sweatpants drinking rose all day. not a horrible way to live but
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what an incredible disservice to the claim they want to help? it is not, thank you very much ben domenech. great to be with you as always. smart thinking i care about you. kamala harris struggling to go to the border. blaming the migrant surge blaming the migrant surge there here and coming up. ♪ when i was young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪ those days are done. ♪ i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪ go with us and find millions of flexible options. all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with.
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kennedy: nearly a month and half after being tasked with solving the border crisis vice president kamala harris still has not been to the actual border. but now she's going to visit mexico and guatemala purge she also said she was a target the root causes of illegal immigration, watch. >> this is a priority for our nation. and a role that i take very seriously. we are focused on addressing
12:28 am
both the acute factors, and the root causes of migration. there are the long-standing issues. the root causes. and i am thinking of corruption, violence, and poverty rate the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate, adaptation and climate resilience. the lack of good governance. kennedy: the vp also noted three to $10 million in party cash to central america, part of with it is be for billion-dollar investment in the region. no strings attached so far. it's more spending and other countries really what u.s. immigration reform looks like question departed panels back. and as systemic, kevin walling. i nestle it's go here. i talked about this a little bit earlier on the side today the urgency this country had it getting vaccines a process and approved, was exactly what we needed in the middle of a
12:29 am
crisis. we often that same kind of urgency on the border if these people care about care about children at all. blamed it on climate change is ridiculous between last year end this year end two years ago is an obvious redirection. and frankly, the kind of things are happening on the border would be treated as a scandal and a crisis if it were happening under the previous administration. not only do we have detention centers what used to be called kids in cages are now called the welcoming centers or whatever euphemism the process using today. those centers are sometimes at 17 100%. frankly the press has not been given open access to these detention facilities were there been reports of lawyers being turned away from these
12:30 am
facilities. any of that was going on under president trump would be headline news it would have been called the crisis it is. of course it's not been called that under the biden administration. sport also and equally shameful bird cabinet and the reason the vice president is called the border is a twofold problem. if not just root causes you can talk about the root causes for months and years without actually doing anything. part of the problem is the surge. it's the surge of unaccompanied minors. you have to see them in order to be emotionally affected by them. i want the vice president to see you then. i want her to spring into action because she is so disturbed by what is happening. they have not followed this crisis no matter what lip service she or the present pay to it. >> candidate think he going to the vice president go to the board of rethink her staff is indicated that is in the works to go down there. i will note this is been an ongoing crisis for multiple administrations were insert at a crisis point right now. i think there is value in terms of speaking to the root cause of why these people are
12:31 am
coming here. if we do not tackle that at home in this northern triangle then we are going to still see people coming across the board of trade setting their children unaccompanied with coyotes, with violence with girls getting raked across the border if we do not tackle this root cause is pretty think is a twofold problem both in immediacy and getting the vice president damages see for themselves. heino secretary and others have been to the border along with members of congress. kennedy: she is in charge of the problem she is in charge of the problem she's not tackling it she's not talking about it. that's not tackling tackling is doing for theirs in action here and she should hold a press conference. she should hold a press conference in the press should be pissed where they should be peppering her questions, challenging her, putting on the spot >> to does something. having a zoom call with the president of honduras does not do anything. i ruth you bird i believe there needs to be more accountability very well that been 88% drop in terms of migrants in these communities
12:32 am
over these last five weeks for the administration is only 100 days old and are dealing with this crisis. think you're going to see the vice president as i said go to the border to hopefully tackle this. and at the same time continues important by laterals. hopefully get a solution in their countries to preach but guess what the solution is? she's tapping around the real root causes. you know what, they created them with several crime bills including the 94 crime bill, go ahead sean. selective, and they biden administration to really tackle the root causes i'll give the pro- pro- liberty playbook pretty will not cost us a diamond save lives per the u.s. government can and latin america displaces people causes them to flee their homes. we can end the war on drugs we can abolish our state and
12:33 am
abolish the programs of people want to come here peacefully let them work. do not want to see a single kid and eight government cage of any national paid for by my tax dollars. americans don't see that let's go through partisanship and get it done. >>'s before that means we have to change a lesson means commerce have to get off their collective keister and do something right and pass something so we can have guestworkers because this sort of chaos, it only breeds doom and death but that unacceptable. as president biden ready to sign a whole bunch of much needed get out of jail free cards? he should be. report claims he biden ministrations buttes criminal justice reform advocates for granting clemency details are under lock and key usually move the presidents take another waiting days in office bread there are 15000 clemency petitions backlogs at the d.o.j. why can't president
12:34 am
biden start doing it now? inez. becca not sure why president biden does just about anything to be honest with you. certainly this is part of the president's review these kinds of cases. this one prerogative is in our constitution kind of an odd power is jammed into our constitution that used to reside with european kings this power to grant clemency. it is been used and abused by different presidents over time. i would be interested to see what out of that backlog is getting the president's attention the attention of his staff? kennedy: a lot of the discussion around pardons and clemency in the last few weeks of the trump administration, he's going to pardon himself is going to pardon his family. that did not happen. if so much oxygen was not sucked out there with bad reporting maybe we could have learned aboard the stories and thousands more people could
12:35 am
have been pardoned or had sentences commuted by but that did not happen. why does it only happened at the end of a presidency, kevin that's ridiculous. we are in total agreement shouldn't put absolutely showed it. the factors 15000 folks currently behind bars waiting for the clemency application to go through, i think is a stunning number pray this should set a precedent should be something over four years of a presidential term not just at the end for there are a lot of people, you shine a light on this all the time, kennedy, that are behind bars because of nonviolent drug offenses. those people want to be productive members of society if we actually believe in rehabilitation and not just throwing them behind bars and lock you in the key. i fully support any kind of move in that direction to get these folks into productive members of society face if i understand it's uncomfortable for the president he created a climate of mass incarceration and now we have to unring that bell. we can follow the portugal
12:36 am
model. we can look at ways they did outreach with addicts and decreased their heroin overdose rate bite 90% prints out nonviolent drug offenders, why are they still sitting in cages of their own, sean? in part because biden helped make america and incarcerates a nation with things like the 94 crime bill. no one should spend the rest of their life behind bars for nonviolent drug offense. biden has a chance to pretty us to step up and change his ways on criminal justice reform maybe even make friends of the liberty movement per here is a few things he can do, granting clemency today for these folks. not at the end of his term for political theater. free ross albrecht from his double life sentence price before amen. i am a manning you so much right now. feel like you're approved thank you per your absolutely right. is at least i can do. >> [laughter] you can fire kamala harris do the locked up 2000 plus people for marijuana charges and then
12:37 am
she goes on it last about smoking weed on a podcast. i think that's ms. unfortunate. super i think she is unfortunate. she has not lived up to her hype and they can make good on some of their campaign promises by springing people some nice commutation throughout this administration pray thank you so much belgrade to talk you guys. inez, kevin, sean, way to hump night. thank you. >> thanks kennedy. before summer is going to be here soon. baseball games, concerts, summer camps, maybe not summer camps. filled with covid restrictions doctor amesh adalja breaks and what you canna cannot do in camp in moments. camp in moments. ♪ na na na na
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: oh one, welcome
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back. across the nation demanding more from a return to normalcy. but when a reaction when they get it? they are soon going to lift capacity limits for the fully vaccinated. unfortunately you still have to wear a mask regardless of vaccine status or blood alcohol content. that cdc says kids at summer camps will have to wear masks while outdoors but even doctor fauci said we will be strict prepared shows are coming back. the full capacity indoors. outdoor teams are so restricted infectious disease specialist and senior scholar at the john hopkins center for health security doctor amesh adalja welcome back sir. thanks for having me. savard love the idea of getting back to yankee stadium. love the yankees. i not been vaccinated that we impetus enough for me. vaccinated only sections what
12:43 am
your thoughts and feelings? mech i think that is a good way to get people to be motivated to be vaccinate protection reflects the science treats an individual very differently than unvaccinated individual. so we can increase capacity we can relax on the social distancing requirements and some of the covid mitigation you're dealing with only vaccinated people. we do have a large swath of the population fully vaccinated. >> we do. real excited people got it first did whatever they could because the noble people getting chapters following? back moved into the general population for this lot of vaccine hesitancy this lot of procrastination people do not think they'll benefit from it because i think they might be healthy and not be at risk for covenant to me that's going to be the challenge to get us closer to herd immunity and
12:44 am
the destruction of this virus can be hardly johnson & johnson pod took its toll on people. it's just now about selling the vaccine to people by showing the benefits of what it allows you to do. leisure did return to pre-pandemic life and hopefully that will reiterate that message. >> that is the thing that will lift us out of this collective depression. what about the j&j vaccines? are they going to go free to india? are the ever coming back? should we be helping countries are most in need? >> did cause a good pause in the uptake of the johnson & johnson. it's back now but you can get it people are not running to get. because what people remember is not that this was an extremely rare side effect that happened in about one in a million chance a rare side effect that could be identified and treated now. they are never the pause there were the problems with johnson & johnson that cause them to have more hesitancy buried
12:45 am
this is an important vaccine especially places like india. as a single-dose vaccine it does not require cold storage. this is basically a vaccine for the world. hopefully were able to use johnson & johnson vaccine as well as the other vaccines that are out there to stanch wherever it may be flaring prints important india because at the place to going to export vaccine to the rest of the world where there's a major ripple effect if this is allowed to burn out of control in india. >> i'm sure they look at the j&j data, the number of people at serious complications incredibly low. they have an incredible daily positivity and death rate. let them choose, it definitely help them out pretty do feel bad for kids going to summer camp this summer with these restrictions where they have to be maxed outside unless they are swimming. they cannot share toys. didn't we learn anything from anything?
12:46 am
>> this is a little bit baffling. it's another instance of the cdc guidance really lagging what people are doing. we know that sharing toys is not likely to lead to the infection of other individuals with transmission from service is not the main way people get infected. we also kids are less like to spread it, less likely to have severe disease and outdoor setting summer camps are like you can be okay without a mask in most circumstances. maybe when you're in close quarters in a cafeteria or certain indoor setting that's where masks are beneficial. when you are outdoors it's really marginal value if any. >> with the kids do archery and canoeing without masks. they have been through enough. doctor amesh adalja thank you so much your time appreciate respect thanks for having me. topical storm is next after that it's your adorable dog. that it's your adorable dog.
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kennedy: on this day in 1962 the soundtrack of west side story which number one in the country. it's also a heartbreaking day for a whole month of near football fans who found out that when you are a jet you are jet all the way. that's a near tragedy and this is a topical storm. topic number one. jeff bezos rocket company setting tours into space but
12:51 am
just like when you buy something from amazon make sure you read the return policy for the companies targeting july 20 for its first suborbital trip carrying six passengers brick course whoever emotional support peacocks and whatever else they might need. space taurus might experience a few minutes of weightlessness and the curvature of the earth from orbit. plus it's a good chance to join the 62-mile high club. talk about rocket thrusters. it's expected to sell for at least $2000 of the technically prime number should get free shipping. comes after years of testing part i guess it's perfectly safe. in fact jeff bezos has bragged statistically are much more likely to die working in an amazon warehouse. that is comforting. topic number two. a belgian farmers be accused of accidentally moving the french border and claiming somebody country from belgium. in other words, invading france is just as easy as we thought. the farmer said he was annoyed
12:52 am
by this stone getting in way of his tractor so i moved it out of his path. turns out this was a border marker between belgium and france. setting the foundry agreed upon two centuries ago, that is when was defeated at waterloo. promise to love you forever more ♪ ♪ so pretty pretty authorities are not asking the belgian farmer to move the stone back. but she will probably do. but what happens if the belgian waffles well that would trigger franco border commission that's been totally inactive for more than 90 years. so it turned out kamala harris runs that one too. phyllis's result france is about 8 feet smaller than it used to be. luckily the people of france are unbothered since this is not a matter of cheese or prostitutes. two of my favorites. topic number three, a floral boy in brooklyn accidentally bought $2600 worth of sponge bob popsicles on his mom's amazon account, accidentally prevents what she really did
12:53 am
scream for ice cream. go fund me has been launched to help the mom of this young boy pay for the 918 popsicles he ordered. also she now needs another 2600 and napkins for the month that amazon will not allow her to return the food items, jerks. but they will give her a $2600 credit towards a ride in outer space with the go find ms. arty raised more than a thousand dollars passive school. the family promises a surplus of b is responsibly to buy commonsense items that american families really need. like 200 cases of toilet paper, obviously. topic number four. do your kids love to read books about demons and which is? how about books written by them instead? megan mark was publishing her very own children's book. hopefully she's a better author than she is an actress. duchess, person, the new book comes from random house which is also where her interview with oprah took place. the book will be titled the bench able focus on the
12:54 am
timeless bond or teen fathers and sons. more specifically and how to break the timeless bond between fathers and sons. megan said the book about from a poem she wrote for her husband harry on father's day. that is so humble. then again, what you get for the man who you took everything from? one random house executive told reporters the book is an instant classic of the desta judy appreciate for generations to come. and i would have believed her had she not finish that sentence with just like the usa networks show suits. [laughter] we'll be right back with the day brew of your dog, kennedogs i ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ (build me up) ♪ ♪ buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ ♪ (let me down) ♪ ♪ and mess me around ♪ ♪ and then worst of all ♪ ♪ (worst of all) ♪ ♪ you never call, baby ♪ ♪ when you... ♪ ♪ say you will... ♪ carl. what have you done? think anyone will notice?
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12:59 am
c ables, look at that colonel getting a mouthful of sunshine. and of course general, wendy sent it in she wrote he is thinking of laughing days of gutter butterflies. or they thinking? alex sent his skydiving pup this is duke he is an actual skydiver priest got his parachute on it in the air. hi duke, good duke good baby. maranda sent this picture of her dog johnny cash he's a chilean brought boxer matches the couch miracle sent in lincoln and lincoln's death and understands commands through silence. he loves sitting by the fireplace cuddling and playing. i love dalmatians. i like your scarf. jason sent and bennett said he has been unwell lately, hi buddy. we be very excited to get a shout out. hi bennett. we like you. thank you so much for sending in all of your dog pictures.
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