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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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ily, is everybody's got something that they're really passionate about that they really wanna make a difference. i am so happy and honored that you did this with me, and i really mean that. - thank you, harvey. - i really, really mean that. - thank you for doing this. - thank you. - thank you so much. - love you. - thank you. thank you so much. - thank you. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: oes cancel culture print is an angry beast that so deeply ingrained in every aspect of our lives it does not matter how you work. how much you make how inter- specialized your friends are print as a chant something of of done it sometime in your past or your pants, it could get you canceled. dr. seuss, sharon osbourne, jk rowling, the cleveland indians, to kill a mockingbird, spongebob, eskimo pies you might be on the list. so how to be get to the point
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where hand gestures, decade old tasteless jokes and pass plot lines get people fired? the reputation is destroyed, kids are getting kicked out of college's products and books bands, but why? essentially for violating one sided social contracts when tenets of orthodox challenge in speech, act or thought right retribution is swift, harsh, and irreversible. it does not matter how far back in adolescence your sin stretch from the aggrieved mob activates breed the appearance of critical mass is reached and employers acquiesced out of primal fear being associated with anyone tagged with a scarlet letter, c. reminded tackle tonight per journalist to cover every absurd and tragic angle. you will meet a man is fired from his job with no recourse, for cracking his knuckles but i will talk to a college professor who was fired for sharing his political opinions on twitter and of course de snyder is here. there has to be a way out of
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this reckless pool so we can hopefully eventually find redemption. went to cancel something? cancel this. i'm kennedy. so far right some historians claim cancel culture is an evolved mechanism for keeping humans in check. that may be true. but the rights and social media has accelerated an weapon iced it into an unforgiving cultural wrecking ball. but how did that happen? and how can we fight back? i got a credible panel of cancel culture specialist for their here tonight including reason senior enter an author of panic attack the young radicals in the age of trump, robby soave is here. and the author of cancel this book the progressive case against cancel culture, dan kovalik. even celebrities outlook at this cancel this book i love it i cannot wait to get that about going to cancel i'm going to read it. you're going to tweeted how about that. artless get this party started. gentleman how are you?
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>> great how are you. >> great to be a thank you. kennedy: this the great topic. a lot of people like to put cancel culture in one convenient boxes that it is just progressive's were trying to cancel everybody else. and it is true, progressive cancellation is verlyn but it does happen on all sides. what we do see is when someone is targeted for cancellation, robby you say the response is disproportionate. i think that is what we have seen in the last year or two but is that disproportionality when someone does something that is perceived offense, they are squashed with a weight so much greater than anything that triggered the reaction to begin with. what is that? >> that is exactly the problem. people say and do things that are wrong all the time. and ideally you would correct them or say why they had bothered you.
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and then humans would grow past tapered there would would be forgiveness that would be it. people do not need to lose their jobs or lose their place in college or be on person or ostracized from polite society because they did or said nothing wrong. particularly those years ago they were an adolescent. young people today are growing up in a ruthless time for everything they do and say as recorded on their smart phone and shared on snapchat, or facebook or twitter or anything else. it's always there to resurface in their moment of triumph and wreck their lives but we need to just say we are going to ignore that. we do not care. we forgive you. and that media which is driven so much of this needs to practice per journalist need to practice stop writing stories about things people to lead when they're 15 please just stop. >> i look at lexi who is the editor at teen vogue for about a week before some of her adolescent tweets were on earth. and a bunch of people at her work got really mad, made a
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big deal about it. people started writing about it and she was fired. she lost her job and her reputation is no damage. turns out the people targeting her also had racist tweets in their past. so, no one is sinless in this venture. and daniel, you bring up a good point. there are aspects of our lives that some things are outdated. some things we need to evolve on as a society. but do we really have to target individuals and ruin their in order to do that? >> absolutely not. i think the whole idea, if you are really concerned about social change and social justice, you want to bring people along. when is that yet you did that we think that was wrong. but hey, you want to say you're sorry and move on. why do we have to punish people for things they did years before. you know, this has become almost a religion.
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and it is a bad religion for its one of the only religions i know of that does not have a sense of forgiveness or redemption. many people will apologize for what they did. and they are still canceled. like a dictatorship. they make you say you're sorry, place a fealty to the government they shoot you anyway. that is not a good religion. that is what you are seeing. what concerns me is someone who is interested in social justice is that i see people bowling other people in the name of social justice. and i think that frankly is disgraceful. >> it is disgraceful. so how did we get here, robby? >> there's nothing we can do with the rising social media. it is with us we cannot unring that bell. and things people say and do's going to be recorded or memorialized on twitter. people need to be more careful.
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when evans offensive statements or photos leaked all at once we may have a moment of okay, everybody's out of our system are going to forgive everyone and move on with it. the biggest thing i think is to stop. because criticizing people is fine. the people lose their job, your employment is attached to so much grief it's attached your healthcare, your emotional well-being, it is really wrong to i think demand that short of summit committing like an actual crime. something about kids not getting into their preferred colleges or college at all. so people need to be a lot more forgiving and say to themselves what i want to suffer this consequence? am i so sure this i think ever said in my whole life that would not prompt the same overreaction if it resurface? and for most people have not live saintly lives which is basically everyone, the answer would be the same. before that is a great point. there is this demand for
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purity from people not live purely pretty wondering author near times reporter alex berenson he says cancel cultures beyond wrote an op-ed for fox not long ago. it took a lot of heat for that. so alex, in addition to calling out the aspects of cancel culture that are the most destructive, you are also a victim of it. your most recent novel, no one will review it because essentially the people, the editors and the people who are in charge of reviewing books and getting them to market, they are more than happy to cancel the why is that? >> , dismiss somewhat different perspective. this to me is not about my personal follies which i'm not going to pretend i've lived a perfect life or anything like that. in this case i been punished essentially because i have written about cannabis in a way that the liberal media
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establishment doesn't like it. i've written about coronavirus in a way they don't like. not saying it's not real. not saying it's not a problem but saying perhaps the lockdowns what way too far. perhaps school should have been reopened last september. they absently should have been. because people at the time do not like that they punished me journalistically. basically i'm only allowed on right wing conservative talk shows and things like that. >> libertarian two. they like the speech we like challenging other people. we like being challenged pretend to not get as offended about cultural issues. and, like to poke the hornets nest every once in all because bees are pretty. oh yeah go ahead by sword alex. >> so i was not enough to punish my political views and try to block me that way.
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they went after the books i wrote a novel i wrote. i been a novelist for a number of years. since before it back to journalism. this novel has nothing to do with covid. has nothing to do with canvas. it is a spy novel. but because i'm now the outs with my old friends at the times and other places nobody would review it. so the power couple. >> alex is not cancel because people review his book. he's been criticized for saying ridiculous thing about the vaccine pretty is is not a victim of cancel culture whatsoever. >> absolutely not true. [inaudible] he deserves every word of criticism is ever got. [laughter] certificates shows about cancel culture alex is about to be recanted by someone is taking stock and cancel culture. the pants when you stick out that much more to talk about don't worry pretty meanwhile celebrities are setting the field to burn their starting to speak out for two weeks ago jay-z said he felt bad for
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up-and-coming artists because they are expected to perfect answers to questions about hot button society issues. and twisted sister lead snigger dee snider's thinking of some song lyrics based cancel culture killing our culture in the process? here with me now songwriter for the legendary hard rock, twisted sister, dee snider good to talk to respect high candy i don't know i can't see anybody on the show. but you can hear me, you can see me so we are good. kennedy: think it's a sunglasses. so you were at a seminole moment in the crossroads of culture in 1985 along with frank zappa and john denver and you were at some senate hearings talk about the pm rc. the parent music resource center. that was headed by tipper gore. al gore's ex-wife. i am wondering what you see the parallels then i had group
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of powerful parents and powerful lobby who were trying to cancel and censor it in the government to censor lyrics and music. what you see that happening now cross culturally with cancel culture? >> first of all let's be clear the effort in 1985 was a bipartisan effort. by the oil they could agree on during the reagan era. now what i have seen, even though al was a dem. is a very conservative dem. he was dangerous he was a republican and dems clothing back then. so i see now a conservative effort is now been taken on by a more liberal group. we have got more liberal people trying to censor by using pc as the reason for it. we got to be pc. like i said i wrote a new record i was very tough. because here i'm trying to write lyrics. an metaphor has been kind of
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removed from my repertoire. you can't use metaphor in writing, makes it really tough to write lyrics. you know? it's definitely become a more liberal link censorship right now. before metaphors take it literally. when something taken literally betrays your intent. even if you do not literally intend the thing you are writing about, think you are saying. what would frank zappa say to you for self-centering? >> frank would chastise me. i cannot say i completely self censored. but i have to think about. i have a song called in for the kill on the new record. i use a freight i'm in for the kill, fire at will press referencing like going for. you're at that moment in time you're really going for. but here i am using gun phraseology. and life and death words to
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describe my exuberance. i still put the song on the record. mcanany i wrote a song back in 1979 called shoot them down. and in the song i use the phrase shoot them down with a gun. metaphorically buried this was pre-columbine, preschool shootings, pre-any of that stuff. and honestly i don't if i could write that same song today with the same exact lyrics. knowing how some people are reacting to lyrics like that or taking words like that. kennedy: aren't where does music go from here? does it become so watered down and safe that seems the opposite of what rock 'n' roll is supposed to be. >> welby can't do that. can't do that. you've got to write your songs, he got to be in there, it got to stand up you got use metaphor. freedom of speech is a great thing to wave as a flag, first amendment all that stuff.
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with it becomes responsibility. not on the writer but the recipient as well. just like the second amendment i'm a pro-gun guy i'm a concealed carrier. doesn't mean i can to my guns off willy-nilly but there's responsibly that comes with any. kennedy: that's correct you have great abs for out of what you're doing over there, but you are in fine shape my friend. so keep it up, keep writing, keep pushing, keep going in for the kill. >> keep ring set up space before a lot of core work. the back and see me in person sometime it's good to talk to you. >> a pleasure candy take care. kennedy: coming up have a california man who is canceled and fired from his job after stranger accused him of using a racist hand gesture. he claimed he was cracking his knuckles. what happens when even the truth can't save you? truth can't save you?
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kennedy: cancel culture can lead devastation and it's awake. especially if you are innocent. take the case of emmanuel cafferty. a hard working born and raised mexican-american who landed the job of his dreams after
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living years paycheck to paycheck he was abruptly fired from san diego gas and electric last june after photos spread online of him allegedly making a racist white hand gesture by the symbol looks like the universal okay gesture that is been recognized for millennium. i spoke with emmanuel cafferty about his struggle to get his life and his job back after being targeted by online outrage and a mob, take a look. back what is your story? what happened in june of last year as you were driving past a blm rally in san diego? >> literally nothing happened as i passed the blm rally. long story short, guy takes my picture and frames it that i'm using a white power gesture at the blm rally. his proof to prove its accusation is a photo of me doing this mama half away.
12:21 am
kennedy: a file gently flipped you off your hand was out the window, he took that picture and it went viral. you were in a work truck. so san diego gas and electric is on the side. he posted, it goes nuts, and your employer essentially terminates you with no cause. you try to explain yourself. you say i'm 75% latino that fell on deaf ears. make everything fell on deaf ears. the fact it was not the correct gesture, the effective taken a mile and a half away, everything fell in deaf ears. i felt like i was in a coffin buried live and no one could hear me. >> was anything on your social media? because san diego gas and electric said they did an investigation. there are not going to lift all the conclusions that they came to and the evidence that they have. was there anything in your social media that would suggest you are following white supremacist or you had a
12:22 am
radical political views or something like that, that would give credence to the twitter initial claim? >> absently not. and it ten months now none have surfaced because none exists. >> they have not called you back in after the kerfuffle died? as i can your past work history, had you been late? had you been given a citation that worker put on notice that one more thing and you're out the door? >> absolutely not. i would say i was a model employee. their people in that building who knew me for up to five years before that. there is nothing in my past that would ever suggest i belong to any white supremacy groups, hate group or pride group of any kind part i am not a political person. i was never even on twitter break never had social media before that. i've never even heard of these
12:23 am
hand gestures until after i was accused of making one. i'd never heard of a twitter mob until one was formed against me. i'd never heard of cancel culture until after i was cancel breaks direct fired from your job did you assign all this would die down and your employer good faith would give you your job back? >> i had hoped. especially a week after i got fired, this man recants his whole accusations. >> he tweeted his twitter account right? >> is his biggest inconvenience throughout this period he had to delete his twitter account will my whole life has been turned upside down. student this is what happens. one person abstracts a single moment, miss labels that, puts it out there, throws it to the mob is a giant chunk of red meat. they consume it and then they devour your existence. so how does it feel to be canceled? >> it feels powerless.
12:24 am
when the truth cannot save you, you feel like you don't count. like you do not matter. when the truth cannot save you it's a very hopeless feeling. >> you said you took great pride in your job. it is something you had been working toward prison first time you were not living paycheck to paycheck. they have taken that all away. i know they're parties that want to work back for sdg&e. i hope they hire you backward i hope someone does your office a good person caught up in a horrible climate. and hopefully that will be just as here, immanuel, thanks for your time. >> thank you. doing to fight cancel culture? help emmanuel cafferty give him a job there is his twitter, hit him up. get him employed frederick coming up a born and raised portland off their now fears for his life after he wrote a book about aunt eva. can the lefty mob decide which books you are allowed to read?
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back. kennedy: cancel culture not get you fired or get you injured or killed. my next guest was beaten by entity for mobile reporting on the groupers writing was controversial number of mumford and sons were canceled. just for reading and pleasing him. when boycotted in stores and now he has to keep his location secretly for fear being tracked down her try me now to tell his story the post- millennial editor at large and author of unmasked inside ntfs radical plan to destroy democracy andy ngo is here. welcome andy. >> hi kennedy. kennedy: you and i are from the same town, portland, oregon which has been under attack by domestic terrorists
12:30 am
who want to cancel the entire city. what have you seen on the front line? >> so the >> of my book on masques details besiege portland and others been under 2020 but also describing the groundwork for how that happened. i think calling all this cancel culture does not go far enough to describe what's going on. we are really good with a political phenomenon where people want myself and others who do some work for me to it be dead. i think you can look for example how the hard left and mainstream left celebrated when rush limbaugh died. they do not want to cancel they want to permanently remove ability to speak ever. kennedy: the very drastic form of extermination.
12:31 am
the most drastic being desperate think you're right. there are mobs especially important to our hell-bent on that. as you have pointed out, they are not just walking in lockstep take advantage of them it's not cancellation what is antifa doing? it's more than an idea. >> the goal is to destroy the united states. they viewed the american idea the american philosophies as racist. as on were formable in either destruction or abolishment. which is what they say is a lot of meaning behind things like burning flags. but they also pick their targets wisely. such as when they are targeting but look like
12:32 am
american institutions they go after. what is been very disparaging to me is deceit mainstream democrats in many ways lean in and sort of embrace across the lines with antifa rather than recognizing them for the threat that they are to the republic. kennedy: how many times and have barely even attacked? >> i was beaten severely in 2019 by a mob right in front of the central police station. except as give it a brain hemorrhage of's lucky to that. the months before that i was blinded with chemical spray. they have given me a certain number of warnings they're willing to escalate but i they would actually attempt to kill me. i was naïve because they went on to kill last summer for the height of the rights and portland they hunted down in downtown portland they shot
12:33 am
dead and lead out of the state before killed by federal authorities. >> on the mayor and the d.a. they are not doing anything about that. that is not liberty, that is freedom, that is not something to defend. now they're looking at a bookstore called powells. it celebrates books that have been banned for they still sell them. for fear of having their stores burned down. his violent protests of the book's publication in some ways i have sympathy they like all businesses in america are struggling from the economic devastation of covid-19 policies. just as they were begetting to reopen they were hit with these in protest of sometimes turn violent by business it force them to close on several occasions. >> it's really insane. stay safe but stay vigilant.
12:34 am
keep reporting because people have to know about this. andy ngo thank you so much. >> my pleasure. kennedy: can't college campuses were full of free speech member of the intellectual diversity? now they are culture cancel factories in the opinions outside the lines are silent and punish pre-students and professors across the country to their net now afraid to voice real opinions in public even in private. my next guest is pressure to leave his job, job he loved doing just that. join me tonight former university miami school of law professor daniel ravicher welcome to the show. >> hi kennedy. my brothers name is david and my sisters dana. kennedy: love them both so much trouble d. so let's talk about this a little bit daniel. you were in a job you love, you voiced on social media some of the issues you had with the 2020 presidential
12:35 am
election. you did not cite your employer. but what happened then? >> i love teaching law. i've done it for 15 years and dedicated to it i i had one of the most popular courses, student evaluation student of all races and genders love to me. and my faculty manual was clear anything a faculty member says off-campus in the personal life is aptly protected and should not be the basis of any discipline or any punishment or consequent. nonetheless, because i said some controversial things on twitter, might dean said i had to retract them and apologize as a first step. if not my contract would not be renewed. when i refused to do that because i'm not going to apologize for anything i said. i do not say thing wrong. i stand by everything i said. they decided to make life is
12:36 am
miserable for me as possible. including telling my students i was a racist or greater. as a pass fail if they think i gave them a bad grade based on their race per the baseless allegation is no support and might 15 years of teaching. >> i wish i could go back and do that. wish i could go through classes pass fail but he can't do that that's intellectually dishonest. so how did schools get to this point? how did students become so entitled and soap bubble wrapped and fed so much propaganda that this is now the arrow we are living in? >> i'm partially lot of universities are now profit centers. whether it be through sports or on-campus housing. they do not want to do anything that would upset their customers. they do not realize education critically relies on making people feel uncomfortable.
12:37 am
making people listen to ideas that offend them, make them respond to those arguments. when they stand up in court i get brutally murdered every time i stand up in court by a judge. that's what colleges for what i do respectfully, ideologically not personally. but some students do not like that. and parents don't like that for they start complaining and administrators kowtow to the almighty dollar. select they do. you have a lot of alumni who are fed up with it. they read stories about people like you who are canceled at places they matriculated. they are over it. and obviously in many ways it is generational. but at what point does it change? we cannot have a society based on this model, not a functioning society. >> like you i am a libertarian. i believe in free market forces. once we expose what they are
12:38 am
doing and sunlight is the best disinfectant. civil we are doing tonight's were spreading the word. when students decide where to matric like they should ask questions like this pray they should do their research grade they should not go to schools that are intolerant of views that somebody think are controversial. the university of chicago is a star for defending the right of free speech. they will not give students who complain 1 inch of room to any administrative action of faculty there. but other universities like my former employer do not have that commitment to free speech and true education because they have other priorities. >> they cannot all be prosecutors. gifts have defense lawyers there daniel think it's much appreciated. >> thank you kennedy. >> of luck with everything. before coming up we've heard stories about people been unfairly canceled, is the room
12:39 am
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>> welcome back. so if you get canceled, is there any way to achieve forgiveness and redemption? how do you un- cancel yourself question problem is the chances of out the mob if you do not have a lot of money or a fancy pr team. so can the average person or even god forbid a teenager dig themselves out of this kind of cultural bit. the party pals back. robby soave, alex berenson and dan kovalik. >> it certainly does not work. but mom still comes through with the same sort of vigor it did before. let me more angry. it's like you're trying to
12:44 am
deprive them of their reason to be angry does not work. what we need to do to not have it occur in the first place is to have new standards for how these things shake out. bike leave people alone if it is not newsworthy. do not join pylons in social media. the harassing up man. maybe there's more going on and you could embarrass yourself of getting it totally wrong is what occurred with the actual example arm referring to. people need to be a little bit more patient. less apt to jump down each other's throats and want to be outraged and angry all the time. that is the broad kind of social or cultural change we need parts make it take some real reflection to not be so reactive. alex, same thing is there a possibility for forgiveness? we see people cancel but chris harrison no longer the host of
12:45 am
the bachelor. a show he's hosted for 15, 16 years, what you think? >> i'm probably the worst person to ask this. the more people who try to jump on me the stronger my position gets. i have sold close to half a million unreported truth booklets in the last year. someone like robby singh something that's not me that's not true, people are able to form their own conclusions. read my feed for itself read books for myself weatherman accurate reporter. most have done that. i'm the wrong person to ask about this. you're saying a double down. go twice as hard. if i've made a mistake i will correct that mistake.
12:46 am
i corrected openly in public in immediately as soon as i get it. if i haven't made a mistake i don't back down. people feel like they have me in a foxhole i think i am on top of the roof i will pick my target as i see fit. i do not engage with trolls. i think that's the way to go. move forward make your point don't back down. >> it's hard not to sometimes. because daniel, trolls are really good at getting under people's skin. even if you think you are better than that, even if you think you are thick skinned can't help yourself what is your advice? >> i agree my advice to the would-be counselors that are at least well-intentioned. i agree you take a timeout you do not react all day. when you believe someone has done something you disagree with or you find offensive that you wait. you see what facts come out.
12:47 am
a lot of this the problem is there is no due process for these people many times. and i think again is somewhat on the left of the political spectrum of always valued do process. now i feel a lot of us on the f left him given that upbraid me to it afford people the chance to explain themselves. to have due process. i think those on the sidelines are just as important to this. they see someone being canceled wrong like me to it speak up. i think cancellation depends on silence, and people not defending their friends. not defending people who are unjustly attacked. i was inspired to write my book because of a friend of pittsburgh. a 50 year long peace activists was canceled over very small thing. i decide i cannot be silent anymore had to defend that person. >> i think that is a great point in the mall but relies on silence and compliance for don't think you also much.
12:48 am
robby, alex and daniel thanks again. >> thanks for having me. >> very good. special counsel culture topical storm for
12:49 am
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12:51 am
kennedy: new york city.
12:52 am
found one thing topic number one, meghan markle is not the only bony trying to cancel a princess. the un- ferris liberals of the mall are now trying to cancel snow weights. so i became the target of cancel coulter after her enchanted wish right reopened at disneyland paris that is when someone finally realize the seven dwarfs had been greeting her with the words hi ho. true loves kids. cancel coetzee prince charming was committing assault by kissing snow white without consent to while she was sleeping you guys. nothing i do to new yorkers every day on the subway. kiss. they want to. reporter: the stories of the kiss never happens and snow white stays asleep forever.
12:53 am
just like cnn viewers. we all know liberals would not be happy until they completely ruin the fairytale adjust it for them. from now on let's call it alyssa milano and the seven dobbs. there's a dot, dopey, grumpy, look, here is happy and sleepy. as for the last two there's no democrats who are sneezy or bashful. it's just call them sleazy and cherokee. let's have some powwow chow from mama mp powell and the tb. topic number two, the own time the awoken crowd is gets animated is when they're ruining lives. no target is too small. even speedy gonzales could not outrun the liberal mob. the loony goons accused sweetie of stereotypes by wearing a summer area. a course they're all quiet as mice went frederick wilson does it. to be honest it's not fair to
12:54 am
compare her to speedy because she is not too quick. thankfully he speedy managed to dodge the cancel coulter bullet after some prominent mexican-americans came to his defense. another looney tunes was not so lucky, peppy lip you was canceled and cut from the new space jam movie for being too centrally aggressive toward women. now i am no prude, but i have to say i kind of agree. i went back and watch some of the old pepe8 videos. i cannot believe how he manhandled those girls. forcing his skunk breath on them, stroking basis, trying to kiss them when they're pulling away. when the right you're right, liberals there is just no place in this country for a guy like that. topic number three,. [laughter] cancel coulter comes back to bite you for that's what happens when aoc tried to cancel, then again i might try that too if i had to share the house chamber with eric swalwell.
12:55 am
that's why congress needs to wear a mask. they all started the ceo visited the white house and call president trump's leadership a blessing. to which the president replied, i know that. thanks captain obvious braid that is when aoc called for a boycott. a boycott. just like eric swalwell it backfired. the ceo had the last laugh on sales increase 1000% per even named aoc employee of the month for causing the jump in sales. the only time in history a communist leader has put more food on peoples plates, good job aoc. if you like your cable subscription act like it. no matter how hard you try you cannot cancel me. this is viewer mail. it can access off with cancel candidate. no.
12:56 am
alex tweets i have been following you on twitter and now i will be canceling my account. good i'm glad i ruined you. nobody likes you. greyhound mom writes candidate nation you are unprofessional. that connection to be my mom who is always hanging out on greyhound. just servicing the long-haul bus drivers. dh 211 ends with fox news please cancel the show. it is on foxbusiness them down. [laughter] [laughter] alright i'll be right back or experience capability, crafted by lexus. the remarkable gx and lx. lease the 2021 gx 460 for $529 a month for 36 months. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer. ♪ when i was young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪ those days are done. ♪
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kennedy: thank you so much watch a special edition of candy, cancel this bird enjoyed having a file meant candy an instagram, you can e-mail me anytime candy at the end hate mail, cancellation hate mail, cancellation reques harvey levin: the objects people choose to keep in their home define who they are. this is "objectified: steven tyler." these are the original working lyrics - for "toys in the attic." - oh, my god. may i? this is fantastic. i'm harvey levin. this is a story about a man whose name became synonymous with rock and roll. ♪ sing it with me, sing for the years ♪ ♪ sing for the laughter, sing for the tears ♪ steven tyler became one of the biggest names in music and enjoyed every perk that went along for the ride. as a rock star, how easy is it to get laid?


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