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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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when the got wind of the photo they were suspended. administrators say they have to redo the entire semester. they are refusing refunds on the 16000 tuition. released a statement number of public health this semester. the public health protocols and the consequences for not complying those messages were on social media. the parents say the punishment is way too heavy-handed, watch. >> cruel, just cruel. >> heartbreaking. it is for what? one of the hardest things i have seen or go through prospectus process has been horrible like horrible and so not fair. there is nothing i can do as a mother. it breaks my heart. >> it is important to point
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out dr. anthony fauci now says wearing a mask could be a seasonal thing from now on. will that just mean more people need for not following arbitrary rules. we have attorney republican strategists alex wilkes along the podcasts a fifth column soy podcast broadcast from the international space station. matt welch is here that's happily true. with former senior advisor to then vice president biden and unicoi hunters cocreator moe vela welcome everyone. >> thanks for having me. so let's discuss this a little bit, alexander you are an attorney. if i were a parent this to be my case because they have filed a class action suit against the school rightly sobered number one the party was off-campus for number two the school is not said when the unmasking occurred. we do not know if any of those
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kids tested positive which will also have you think some sort of impact on the suspension. and there was a complete disparity. they won the championship in april there were not supposed to be any parades had a big parade with lots of people attending. they were all in masks and they were not suspended and disallowed from taking a final exams. what say you alexandra? >> i think that's the strongest claim the students have is one that says the school is not applying the rules equally. the school is an agent of the state. i don't think the students are going to win in terms of challenging the constitutionality of the masked requirements themselves. it is been long established by the courts as of appropriate to the states public health powers whether you agree with it or not. but in terms of the school punishing one set of students for certain circumstances and not others seems to be the
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real crux of the claim here that they might have. i'm not surprised this is happening on the university campus. the masks have been about power and not about safety. universities have long been trying to rewrite the first amendment, take away the process. it's not a surprise to me this is all happening here. before also matt i would be scouring social media for pictures of other students in masks but i would demand to know if they were also suspended because essentially they lose if not the entire semester the entire year they could not take their final spread they were not notified until later in other have to reapply for the fall, they might not get in, what do you say lover of liberty matt welch? >> to heck with knocking on the other students. go to straight to the chancellor print let's go to the academic senate, let's go to the faculty club. i'm sure have got some dining there the faculty club. it is important to point out sure they may have the right
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to create arbitrary rules i suppose. but how arbitrary are these rules? we have known for 13 months, that is a long time. it's only been 14 months of known 13 of those one of the best things you can do is to be outside. and to be like talk with your friends as long as you are not absolutely going full irish drunk in each other's faces that's true, can i revise and extend my remarks? no, there is a way to be safe in this pandemic. part of it is definitely to be outside. these rules are terrible to mourn the why gavin newsom is facing impeachment as he closed the playgrounds through the falls in california and close schools outdoors and that kind of stuff. this is nonsense science at a university. they should be embarrassed. they should be embarrassed to walk outside and act like normal adults.
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even if they lose this contest this suit or whatever, i hope they take it on the chin and the court of public opinion. this is disgraceful behavior. they deserve anything bad that happens to them at the university. 's before the students deserve to take their final spread they deserve to be reinstated they could have been given probation. could have given much milder suspension per seems like the people making and enforcing the rules have lost their minds. >> you know a couple things first of all things or have me back, candy per misty. it's good to be back in an era or alexander, matt, and i can agree is a couple of things i have observed. there is an inconsistency in the application of the arbitrary rule. i think that's at the root of the problem to alexander's
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point. and to matt points, i think first of all the university needs to recognize the punishment here does not match the infraction if you want to call it that, right? there is no doubt about it. the university has misplayed their hand here. and i think you're going to see, i hope you see some course correction just for the sake of consistency, quality, and removing the arbitrary nature of this kind of activity. kennedy: that is a great point. students at this age have had a really, really hard time. think about of these are freshmen away from their families, completely locked down. they're not supposed to exercise outside per the really not supposed to do anything. they comply as best they can. but human beings are social animals. college undergraduates especially social. i think you are absolutely right there. they have to take all this things into consideration paid
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will be following this story. and we will be following you home for the panel returns will bit later in the program, lots to discuss tonight first at the covid-19 pandemic kills millions across the globe. but could that just be the beginning? my next guest is a dire warning about the next disaster that awaits us. he said we are not ready for senior fellow at the hoover institution author of the new book, politics of catastrophe, niall ferguson is here, welcome to the show niall. >> things can degrade to be with you. kennedy: let's discuss first and foremost you were one of the first people to really write about covid in terms of a catastrophe and a pandemic. a lot of people did know it to believe it was true. they thought it was essentially alarm is in. so if there is another pandemic coming, i think there could be another disaster but not necessarily in the form of a pandemic, how do we separate a alarmism from reality and true warning signs?
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>> let's look back. i am a historian my job is to spot these patterns. we have a pattern of mismanaging disaster that goes back a long way. i don't think we can claim we manage 911 very brilliantly for think about what we subsequently did. i will not even get into katrina. it's given to the financial crisis we thought we had a regulated financial system a blip on our faces but on paper the united states was prepared for a pandemic 2019 was ranked top of the charts from the pandemic all those turned out to be useless when a pandemic happened? we need to understand the something going wrong with the way our government reacts to disaster. we are meticulously prepared for the wrong thing. spickler we prepared for? >> right now we prepare for climate change the elites have convinced themselves that's going to be the next disaster.
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kennedy am here to tell you it may well be a problem over a period of decades. but in the short run we could face something far more immediately disastrous but suppose the u.s. and china and up in a war over taiwan. with just seen an attack on critical infrastructure. the european criminals, all that attack on critical infrastructure through the internet would cause a disaster that is almost unimaginable given how reliant we have become on the internet. think what happens in the big one, the big earthquake finally happens. it's eventually on the san andreas fault page you think healthwise going to handle that well? look how they handled wildfires last year. i think we have to recognize disaster comes in many shapes and sizes. if you over prepare for one or two scenarios you're going to get blindsided like we were at last year by covid. spickler me ask you this. honestly we cannot all be hermits we cannot hide inside from the next disaster.
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but from what i'm gathering from you and what i believe a lot of this has to do with individual preparation. we cannot necessarily rely on the centralization, your thoughts there? >> there are some things that need to be done centrally in the case of an emergency. there other things best delegated to individuals. we've not done a great job of that during this pandemic. member showed us rapid response get test isolate the protected. connect the cdc would not let us. the cdc emergency protocols and not allow institution and research abilities to ramp up the kind of test that was necessary. you had medical tinkerers who figured on their own. and finally that that is the
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main corollary. last thought niall had to close it up. >> the key thing is to be generally paranoid, be nimble be meticulously prepared for the wrong crisis. that is what our government needs to learn. on the national and the state level. >> that assists into a putting it. i worry the government is getting so big that we are sacrificing our nimbleness. that is what we have to be vigilant of and rely on as integral to jewels, niall ferguson thank you so much. >> think it kennedy. support coming up maybury's side for attack. shut down a pipeline in the country who did it? and will they strike again? our very own hacker dave kennedy is joining me to it break it down in moments. y how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening!
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heat on the east coast are screwed by the company had to shut down after the hackers had random report today president biden said it likely originated in russia. >> so far this is no evidence based on from our intelligence people that russia is involved. although there's evidence the active ransom ware is in russia. they have some responsibility to deal with this. so for the hacker group name dark side pose a apologies to the trying to make money. and then they sell themselves by saying they donate some of it to charity. robin hood hackers that sounds great. how well is our central infrastructure actually protected customer joining tonight white hat hacker founder ceo s. [inaudible] i'm sorry, but trusted, dave kennedy is back. i love your last name dave. it's a great name.
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darkside they've been at this for well because they make money they make about $3000 every time they make one of these ransom or hacks. it seems as though the colonial pipeline might be negotiating with them. if people are paying what's to stop them? >> your absolute right kennedy thanks for having beyond. this is a problem not just with darkside itself but the rants of our industry as a whole. they're making millions and millions and millions of dollars but we've seen that upwards of $500,000.10 million, to get the recovery back at all depends on the size of the company if you are at larger company expect to pay more you have more money. and so they're making tons of money off of this there's no dissent of his nation whatsoever to stop these payments because they target their backup they target everything they do to operate as a business. these companies are crippled, shut down the cat business anymore. literally everything they built of the last 15, 20, 50, when her dears completely nuked in a blink of an eye.
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these organized crime groups make out the time of money with it. it's a major pandemic we face on the cyber side were dealing with right now. tapping a forgery every single day. kennedy: so where are we most vulnerable? think about all the implements along that chain that require some device that can be hacked. think about our satellites. we are seeing it with energy. be seen throughout municipal government. where are we most vulnerable? >> we have this infrastructure of what we call critical infrastructure. some of the core things that run our energy, our water treatment facilities. salaries-florida there is a facility hacked to turn the water poisonous. we are seeing more and more of these actual hacks as computer nerds of and talk about for years but it's actually happening now. we are actors and critical infrastructure being targeted
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for just a few years ago the fbi released an advisory that the russians were hacking into her energy grid to potentially shut it down in the event there's a conflict. we are most vulnerable in these older systems that control things like oil or pipeline proposing to control our energy pre-things at controller waterbury radar for our aircraft spurred all those things are really, really old legacy systems frankly very difficult to secure. these companies do not take very seriously. they get hit with ransom and they either have to pay the ransom or rebuild from scratch which can take months. most of time they pay the ransom to recover from these. kennedy: unfortunately kiersten jill rall was mocked for saying childcare's infrastructure. but listening to you isn't infrastructure infrastructure? isn't this the kind of stuff are going to spend trillions of dollars which we should on most things but for going to should we be spending it here? >> yes critical infrastructure is the most amount of care and attention. if you think about the systems
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are 15, 20, 30 years old they've not been touched because they worked and run properly on where the >> of time. it is archaic technology. even the newer stuff they have what are called scan infrastructure to essentially render energy infrastructure and critical infrastructure. all of those are notoriously riddled with security vulnerabilities. unfortunately were not focusing on that silver major protection efforts of defense. look at the critical infrastructure agency really focusing on trying to protect from a defensive perspective all the different areas for himself a really long way to go. the organized crime in nationstates have a much upper hand in all of it. kennedy: at least are not attacking romania, my people. dave do we have enough good nerds? >> we do breed the industry itself the cyber security industry is booming it's one of the fastest-growing industries and technology. the biggest issue is companies investing in security and focusing on the important areas that they do print a lot of companies don't feel they are big have to be targeted by
8:22 pm
a nationstate. critical infrastructure it's working out not going to break bringing an awareness to build these defenses that are proven techniques that can really help shed these kind of attacks in the future. i'm for sleep most of these do not spend their resources to fix them. if you like they're not the ones to be targeted in the first ones hit. >> right dave kennedy thank you so much for your time. >> awesome thank you. will see you again, no we won't. coming up a lousy job support showing just how much the biden administration can bungle the economic recovery. they can screw it up. do we have people back to work? i will explain, my memo is next. he wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary,
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be 70% higher than the 266,000 new jobs that popped up in april, too much government. people making tutor dollars a week and federal unemployment insurance are staying on the occupational sidelines will bars and restaurants are desperate for people to show up, so much so they are offering all sorts of incentives just for interviews. but they're not when you show up because are making more money at home key string on the couch. don't believe me question for cures commerce make my point. >> these unemployment insurance has been a lifeline of survival lifeline for so many americans. the number one reason now that people are not going back to work is what you said, fear. or they cannot find childcare or schools are still closed. we will monitor it as necessary. right now we don't think that's the reason people are not able to go back to work rates before yes it pretty much is. and she's right that money was a life light a year ago.
8:28 pm
knows a death sentence for that leisure and hospitality industry will workers take on 33% more on unemployment than they do slinging hash and greasy spoons and pubs. job search activity and google is down 50% since march. the national federation of independent business reports 44% of their members have job openings they cannot fill. so what about the fear? look no further than present biden dr. anthony fauci. the blender twins of marketing the so more doubt in the mind of skeptics any cueing on chat room ever could. biden were masks outside, alone. algae said will be masked up till y2k present masks might be seasonal and super helpful against the flu. would you want to binge one division or get coughed on by stickies if the money was the same? also points of the most glaring problem in all of this, it is not an argument for more stimulus is the case for less government.
8:29 pm
schools and many plays are still closed but only 37% of california secondary schools are open right now. giving future governor a well shot foot in the door. moms were staying home to care for their spot or precipitate of the dropping off the labor scribe rate women's labor force participant the real employment number dropped by 64%. closed schools, bad messaging generous adults are a trifecta of destructive over government. they have to turn off the tap of the ever with the economy to recover an overflow as it was primed to do. and that is the memo. president biden today pledged to clampdown on unappointed shenanigans. so no one can game the system. watch this. >> families who are just trying to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head, they are not the problem. we need to stay focused on the real problems in front of us.
8:30 pm
beating this pandemic and creating jobs. again, the law is clear. if you are receiving unemployment benefits and you are offered a suitable job, you cannot refuse that job and just keep getting the and employment benefits. kennedy: what are you going to, take them back by the gym? with that be enough to get them to work question at the party panels back, alexandra wilkes, matt welch and moe vela. give janet yelena president biden, alexandra all sank there is no correlation between people getting three hunter dollars a week in unemployment insurance and people not seeking jobs in bars and restaurants and other aspects of hospitality. too thin to tell the truth? >> it was complete embarrassment today, kennedy. the president simply was not telling the truth. when he got up there today there is no evidence
8:31 pm
unemployment benefits are providing a disincentive to work. that is a complete washington bubble way of thinking. if he or the people who work in his white house were to go outside the washington bubble, talk to a small business owner, in any of the shops that have a help wanted sign up they would hear from the owner who said i cannot find people to work. the people that i am looking to hire are making more on unemployment. i think that is completely ludicrous when he also then said if they simply just paid more people would then go back. that is not how small businesses work. democrats failed to grasp that. the owners will either work the hours themselves or close up shop because it's not worth it. runic communities the fabric of neighborhoods is a complete disgrace this façade they're putting out there.
8:32 pm
kennedy: that's a good point in the best of time great economies restaurants have very, very narrow margins. on their 25% capacity it's even worse. they cannot find people to come in there is no way they are going to stay afloat. whether it's the teacher's unit or congressional leaders, they have been on the government dole for so long they do not know what it's like to be in the reward. there not talking to people who are struggling to survive. not in spite of it but because of government. mickey pointed to the stat that's probably the craziest during this pandemic which is the female labor force participation rate dropped to levels we have not seen since the reagan administration. that is crazy. most of the recession has felt the unemployment has been a gendered recession. it is been to females.
8:33 pm
picked up in january and february thankfully and some people got back in the game. once schools and almost exclusively republic governed locales open up the school was five days a week. but the amount of uncertainty as you know so well that you want discretion buddies eyeballs out, the amount of uncertainty for people who live in places like new york and live in places where you cannot predict what's going to happen this week, next week and even to the day in the fall. this whole state there is no guarantee happens in the public school to fall. would you take any job right now if you are overwhelmingly responsible for the childcare kids here do not know what your going to do with for the next five months? no. that is really, really mostly a democratic failure. again i felt like saying that because i'm not a republican. but it is also true. the single biggest thing you can do to make this recovery
8:34 pm
better is to have all places say we are going to do anything we can to open up schools five days a week full time and person. they absolutely have to. find there's a six south carolina and montana horsing we are no longer accepting federal funding for on employment insurance because they have to get businesses going again. but you say to that vote? >> first about this is an old-fashioned love fest. we actually agree on that stuff or am not going to go this. i do agree on some things very think we got to lead people off the dependence. just like every thing else in life you've got to say it ends here, right? and i am not in any way implying people are gaming the system. i'm sure there are some that happens in everything in life right? in every industry, and in the sector and every stop
8:35 pm
function. don't focus on that. we need a deadline and at this point they got to wean off of these benefits. you've got to get back into the workforce. as long as we can make it safe which i believe we are at that point so it's wean off the benefits let's get back to work. so for you know how it goes, whenever anything fun happens the feds want to come in and busted up. crypto currencies and knows government target. the new chair of the securities exchange commission recent told lawmakers crypto should be regulated, watch. >> right now the exchange is trading crypto assets does not have regulatory framework. that is still greater man is not a market regulator and descriptor exchanges. there's not protection against broad manipulated. kennedy: can the government keep your go from going to the
8:36 pm
moon? alexander what you think about this? >> like you said there's simply too much money to be made for washington and regulator and right getting crypto currency. we know to be true about regulation is that just hurts the little guy. the little guy who cannot afford a lobbyist and a lawyer that is who it affects. this crypto currency has been a response by the little guy to instability out there in the marketplace, and the world, overspending by government. i have no doubt washington was to get their claws into it. kennedy: absolutely. gary who top blocked mit eight know something about this. negative voices here, matt,
8:37 pm
the government just wants to get a stranglehold on this. but why did crypto come into being in the first place? >> if you're someone who wants to hedge your bets sure you're managing your risk one of the things historically done as you play currencies off what another prince of the is going to big spending era i'm going to invest in the swiss right great but they paid theirs to the year old you can't really do it with the swiss franc anymore. every government is spending. there's not a last reserve currency at those guys are going to be hard. the germans used to be that but they lash themselves to the year old there policy and greases policy is the same. that is what bitcoin does in addition gives elon musk something to nerd out about. it's the last hedge against
8:38 pm
freespending, costly debasing national currencies and it is hilarious to hear a washington regulator pretended that his concern is to want to get people more confidence. dude, why do you think the prices run up so much? it is because you been nowhere near that's the points. kennedy: i cannot believe the number of people who are so anti- crypto they are such dinosaurs. my we are running out of time is crypto here to stay? >> the co- created coproduced coke starred the access to the investment ecosystem. bottom line is crypto currency you see on our show here is the deal, i trust people to decide wisely. where to invest, how to invest their hard-earned money. so do you know what? crypto currency hope it is here to stay. but i say let people make their own decisions. i know i sound like a
8:39 pm
libertarian tonight, candidate. kennedy: and that is why i love you. alexander, matt and moe vela, thank you so much guys go hit the showers. coming up soaring crime rates and the exploding one world-famous beach town on bearable and unsafe or is it a mystery why people are fleeing california? on-time l.a. resident bryan suits joins me in mere minutes. stay right here. it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. ♪ ♪. kennedy: welcome back. people in california are dreaming, dreaming about leaving. venice beach art fears theocratic boardwalk is turned into a large stinky feces covered homeless encampment. not to mention dangerous according to locals the area is now crippled by crime robert shooting fires even dog
8:44 pm
attacks since the pandemic began over intensive popped up on the sandy shore encroaching on more businesses when they struggled to open people are fleeing fast bird population is dropped for the first time in california ever gruesome newsom's california cronies do anything to clean up the state? here the me now radio host the one and only bryan suits bird it is not nick, welcome back students. >> are you going texas? okay so venice has become dangerous is been dangerous for a while became gentrified super dragon and now it's gone back it is just nastiness what you think? >> it is one of la's premier magnets for tourists, right? we are in the middle of hate californians do your vacation in california. but we all know it's on
8:45 pm
vacation a bowl in the coastal major cities. if you come to l.a. what would you do? you go to will rogers beach you go to venice beach. they are unlivable because were not enforcing basic civility laws. we are tolerating drug use and insanity is very little daylight between them in los angeles. before there's so much daylight there there not sleeping in their hopped up and have fights at seven in the morning. people are getting hurt, the getting knocked over. there's one barber that's been assaulted twice. people love venice. this is what's happening in big cities from the statement is not just california it is portland, it is seattle it's only here new york, go ahead. >> here's the thing what our elected leaders a super majority of democrats the california democratic party is unaware of is the first thing
8:46 pm
they taught me at b washington state university was if you pay for anything you get more of that thing. we had this half wit they are in the dim wit governor they continued the democrat core belief that people are responsible for the choices they made in life. we are a magnet to people like you and i california pay for them to come here. they're getting this and they refused to enforce basic laws and now they are mystified by more people have left them or even born. and they wonder why. i guess california is actually the populating almost 200,000 people left the state last year because of problems like this and you have high taxes, you have high crime, and you have a mono party state that is really unwilling to do the tough work to tackle this.
8:47 pm
residence and in this beach say people want to live on the beach they don't live in a shelter they do not want any rules going to shoot up and punch each other just like you and i did. >> you offer them houses they don't move in. really, the tragedy of this people do not understand here in california is the taxation model is 1% of the state pays 50% of the revenue. the people that left of the last ten years it was not just 200,000. that was the net after the regular birth grote. people were swimming upstream to tie with normal birth the state would have grown by a million. they beat it by 180,000 buried the people leaving in droves are those who pay taxes. these guys do not know and the government does not know the music is running out. before he's got a new name. [laughter] i'll see you soon thanks man. topical storm is next.
8:48 pm
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kennedy: a new report claims bill gates used to pay strippers to come to his home and swim naked. just for a few hours they had fun. in other words his life was silicon valley by day and
8:52 pm
silicon mountains by night. that was micro- aggression this is a topical storm. topic number one. it's more than just a slogan it's how one lawmaker spends his afternoon. ohio state's editor was caught using a fake zoom background from his litigant during a board mean to hide the fact he was driving, watch. >> you explain to we are close to one or 80 million rate specters and are on the right side are stringently lawmaker wearing a seatbelt in his living room. the real giveaway was when he handed the credit card off stream and asked a stranger to fill it up with the regular. also he suddenly jolted forward and started screaming oh my gosh i killed it. luckily no one on the call notice because they were all staring at that weirdo at the top who was wearing a mask in his own home. actually come after the call the guy ordered a seatbelt for his living room too. anderson reviewed on your
8:53 pm
cosmos car often his attention is always one 100% on the road. in other words he pays attention as the senate meeting into the people elected him, good job buddy, topic number two. it is mug shot monday. tonight we meet a movie buff and figured out how to get people back into theaters after covid, very smart. minnesota theater manager has been arrested for selling cocaine to moviegoers by slipping little baggies into their popcorn. the old popcorn trick it still healthier than that artificial butter. 39-year-old jamie lynn henniker was busted in a sting operation after police became suspicious of her under the snack bar operation bird for one think this was the only theater in the country or people on the edge of their seats for the and the city movie. but at least now minnesota gals their boyfriends wanted to see it so many times
8:54 pm
henniker was caught selling a bag of popcorn containing cocaine to police raid the informant only paid 100 bucks for. here new york that would also buy popcorn and coke and literally it would just be a small soda. now faces a maximum of 20 years even worse she could get off and go back to working at a movie theater snack counter. topic number three. video from the oregon zoo. i'm not timeout portland. watch decoded the black bear cooling off on a warm day just taking a bath. this is a very rare sighting. most people in oregon do not bathe at all i should know them from there. the cutaways he is moving more weight than it movie theater drug dealer and that he is so confident enough to walk around a bare naked. have not taken a bath this big
8:55 pm
psycho ammonium does going. back then he was so hairy and smelly people tried to sign him up for a slam poetry contest. it was also voted ms. oregon two years in a row. eventually saw pete was kept behind bars for the rest of his life. i'll be soaking in here like a teabag. topic number four. we all know getting vaccinated advice but at least now you can stick your neck out for your fellow man and a historical house of horrors. dracula's cancel is covid-19 vaccination site because people trust dracula more than doctor fauci. the romanian home who inspired the legend of dracula as opposed to the werewolf also my people visitors to the q-uppercase-letter nugget three doses of pfizer along with the capitals 52 and evil torture instruments. the worst are astrazeneca and
8:56 pm
johnson & johnson buried the remaining government is hoping this will help them get more citizens vaccinated. also dracula hopes this will make up for one of his cousin starting the virus in a chinese a wet market. that hurt. i'll be right back with mouth trumpet monday. vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (vo) conventional thinking doesn't disrupt the status quo. which is why t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help your business realize new possibilities. only one 5g partner offers unmatched network, support, and value-without any trade offs. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪'s before they give life the best are your day, you are so lucky. tomorrow night on the shortcut katy pamphlets, shapiro and a special role and jonas max ferris. i hope he there for every moment of it. make every day at kenn-a-day. ♪ ♪ >> going for the jugular price cyber attack exposing this country's weakness. hackers shutting down the pipeline. the risk for our national security and fears of a possible fuel storage. the near crime wave coming to a city near you, shocking video of a police officer clutching a 4-year-old girl shot by ale stray bullet as gunfire breaks out in times square, in broad daylight. packed with tourists. the root


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