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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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want to end the words of my foreigner bosses but for mr. reagan lower tax rates mean greater freedom. whatever would lower the tax rates our entire nation is better off. and for mr. trump he argued lower tax rates will make america first. thanks for watching folks, axthat is "kudlow". tax to the max but we can still beat it and low taxes are the best of all. ♪ ♪. kennedy: so can we ditch the masks are not? the cdc facing major backlash for confusing new guidance on pandemic face coverings. nobody in the abided administration could give a straight answer in every state and city seems to have different rules. so what on earth are we supposed to do? especially if we are vaccinated but today i hit the streets defined it with the party people thing, watch this. ♪ ♪'s >> i'm here in times square, new york is coming back. half the people are masked half of them are not. we are going to talk to them
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and see him getting the vaccine has changed their lives and if they are embracing the hot freedom, let's go. smrekar right so what if he was masked one is not why? slick i just have it on. >> can be been vaccinated? yes i have been. we were the cdc says she knows were masculine vaccine especially outside rates back were in open space you never know. kennedy: had a good is it feel to not wear a mask? i mean i am not aware when thus far. but for the rest of people out there think pretty good. megan thought were back. kennedy: was your massive are people out there want to continue to her masks? >> get lost. get out of here. kennedy: has a fielding honor that amasses a feel pretty good? amazing. steve irwin is alike in florida? >> beautifully have a great governor dinh santos has done a great job rates before where used to wearing a mask? back i don't know why. kennedy: how i going to keep the mask on?
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when you think that's going to be next year? i'm not sure. kennedy: did you get the vaccine? >> adjusted reason to wait two weeks. so back of already been vaccinated once. yesterday was two weeks. i guess on sunday next week right can get the third vaccine or the second vaccine. i don't know, it's the pfizer one periods before you looking for joe? >> i'm not into that i don't believe about whatever. if i get on camera, i will do it. for me, it's always a good day in times square. [laughter] kennedy: he is flexing. he said some very horrible things we cannot put on camera. naked cowboy new york is backward who's a boeing for the cdc bumbled mask messaging? can we finally start tossing the face comment in the trash? independent women's forum senior policy analyst and contributor at the federalist and is a step mind is here. one of the fifth column
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podcast was just ranked number one and podcast weekly it is matt welch for a democratic strategist form abiding campaign surrogate the lovely kevin welling is back welcome everyone. a candy good to be with you. thank you so much kevin great to see you all. i know so start with you it is very confusing. i love i should wear a mask in my apartment building? i got a sternly worded letter today from the building saying no in new york we still have a mask mandate. the cdc says of your vaccinated no mask inside no mask outside per but no one really knows what to do. why the confusion? >> this is been a story from the scene to see the entire pandemic. thirteen except in confusing contradictory, changeable quickly over time. the fact is change so radically overnight also even though i grew the guidance, does not give a whole political flavor once again to
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the science of change in the last few days. but i have noticed in york city it made a big difference the date the cdc guidance went out i saw lots less masks on the streets cruelly people are not are listening to imprints >> just about every person i talked to today has been vaccinated. so the vaccine messaging was not working. not enough people were getting the vaccine because they were being told repeatedly by the cdc, beit rochelle wilensky i am pending doom. and by dr. anthony fauci, even if i were a masked go through all stressing in the hills are live i was still very much be triple mask. so what are your thoughts, matt? >> i think that actually you do the better when and should go on saturday night life of the cold open from now on. i see the same thing inez and you saw in york this weekend
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my went from 60% up to 40% not that i'm counting up to 100 outside and stirring every spaces i'm not doing that at all every day. on the side of the cdc at this point we have to understand for 15 months of the stuff we should learn one thing, their job as they see it is not to tells the truth. it is to model our behavior they're shaping us or attempting to shape us like clay. and like all paternalistic such efforts that is a disaster. snow that should have been doing this pandemic. they should've been saying here's what we know, here is what we don't overhear some things we recommend we are not sure about or do you know what, q3 is in the early days the fact is we don't have enough mask so maybe don't go out and binged by them all at once. they could've cleared with us from the beginning they never have producing changes not the science at all it was the percentage of people who were vaccinated. and also the communities that were not taking the vaccine and people were trying to come up with like social promotion
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strategies what we do to reach those people? that is not a health and science message that is a promotional message. i get it you have to find ways to get back i love the giveaways like the calendar egg is speedway, giveaway for people is super awesome. there's a lot of creativity here hopefully we do not have to ever see bill de blasio eat french fries on camera again. [laughter] just tells the truth, people been shamed in this, and transmit filled the blodgett eating french fries are bad or worse than bill casey eating pizza and pancakes, kevin welling. >> i think they're both equally bad. you know kennedy to your point the cdc i think release these guidances on thursday taking everyone by surprise but including many in the biden administration. the present was brief by reports that morning. we are three days or four days into this in terms of businesses individuals navigating i think to inez's point on base in washington d.c. i see a lot of smiles on the street not a lot of mask
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wearing bread we are at the phase were still grappling with what this means. people making individual decisions. i think as a whole may 13 is going to be a day we celebrate as a people going forward in this country. spirit guess inder cuomo said as of this wednesday there will be no more mask mandates. that is not just an evolution that is a 180. it was so incredibly jarring many governors were caught completely flat-footed. nebraska's governor said what? so there is some confusion all around not for the panel though. that panel's going to be for much of the show they return a little bit later but first up, dr. anthony fauci at a graduation ceremony for emory university great universes we can tell students their the cold in 19 pandemic has exposed racism in america, watch. >> the unacceptable disparities and experience by minority groups relate to the social determinants dating back to disadvantageous
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conditions that some people of color find themselves in from birth regarding the availability of an adequate diet, access to healthcare, and the undeniable effects of racism in our society. kennedy: what he is saying in and of itself racist. i'll explain why. first the cdc says black and hispanic americans indicted a higher rate than white americans in part due to higher rates of comorbidity like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. pc right to say the pandemic tragedies are implicitly racist? your discuss fox news political analyst and vaccination host lawrence jones. i think it is a racist on its face to say that if you are black, you are too dumb to eat healthy. and you're too dumb to make good decisions for that's what i get from his statement. there are things you can tackle in terms of access to healthcare because that is very real. and mistrust with inca beauties of color, that is very real.
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but you tag all this is racist is that shortsighted? >> it is shortsighted but explains why he's had his position for over 40 years because he is a period there. i tied this is one of the most political beings have ever met in my life is trying to be open to the stuff he had to say because he's a doctor and i wanted to see what he had to say. the fact he did not go through causes and the fact that diet and poverty levels and things like that concerns me. the fact that him straight to race. he's a doctor he knows the science behind this. he knows based on your class the access to quality healthcare. the fact we don't have nutritionists and a lot of our communities because they are poor. the fact that he did not go into that and say how can we make life better? and say look at the country being racist is shortsighted actually intellectually dishonest for a truly he knows the truth but he decided to pander to the audience for that was concerning for me.
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kennedy: is antiscience. >> it is. before i talked to doctors. a good friend of mine who is the president of the american heart association in california, whatever biggest challenges is outreach. particular to black women. she is always trying to figure out ways to reach people who just aren't given access to information. that is science a base that's based on data. but the thing we are all guilty of this original sin of racism is almost washing your hands of it. but with always had it, it's never going to get better therefore. >> not even real starting point. he has a powerful position and he could be too powerful he could be going to committees how can we make life better? what decisions can be changed and our diet and the way we get you quality healthcare? that will also require him to go after the people is pandering to his got to be honest about where black folks
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live although they say they're trying to help folks out, they are really not. we look at all the resources government provides, sometimes is not the best there's a lot of fraud, waste, abuse. then you have the food stamp system. sometimes it requires them to give quality meals but if you going to go to root causes you got to state races and they got to the people who continue to push racism in our community. like this issue is much like education. if you really want to simplify if got to go back to who is holding those kids back. that is the teachers unions printer course democrats are never going to attack root causes make sure the kids have called the access to charter schools because that would go against the people that pay them to stay in office. that is how this conversation goes as well pizza back if you look at menus and failing public schools versus thriving charter schools, if kids in poor neighborhoods who do not have access to a lot of
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schools of them access to more school choice. have access to better nutrition as well. >> the idea that a lot of these think tanks have always said, especially when the advocate for the teachers union if you are poor, your black, you come from a hard life, then there's nothing we really can do. we are at a disadvantage. that is dispelled when you have these same kids are getting full ride scholarships by the way the goat of these charter schools. the thing is, it may be desist and needs a change. maybe the people in power need to change. may be found she needs to go? maybe we could start their, maybe fountain is a gophers making the top dr. who's been on the government goal for so long. >> this is the speech he gives to the people. select america's races therefore that is why more people of color died. and you know what? he could've done better at the beginning of the pandemic or he has been in power for so
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long he should have known what he was dealing with and done a better job of outreach and the second vaccines were available i said we needed a wiener mobile with a syringe going right into community centers and churches and give people shots right then and there. >> do it's interesting though, kennedy, for him to say it was this pandemic that exposes you have been in that position for over 40 years and it took pandemic to get this theory of yours to show? it's just so dumb it's so lazy it does not make any sense. it is not really help solve the problem but again he's talking to educated people on the top schools in the country this is the type of stuff that being fed to your kids, these are adults they're going to the workplace with this chip on their shoulder. i'm always one to talk about disparity in how we can grow that was not the conversation there. >> as empress of kennedy nation i say he is no longer
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in charge. so dr. fauci been relieved of duty thank you. thank you lawrence jones great to talk to you. before coming up it is been six years since billionaire robert durst. that is back on trial for murder espresso gears found get a conviction? anthony mccarthy breaks on this crazy case, next.
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kennedy: remember that crazy show the jinks on hbo the number robert durst confessed to murder and the finale. oh so creepy but guess what the show must go on. the murder trial for the real estate murder can -- the jinks himself was absent from work asked to postpone his bladder cancer is life threatening manner bill survived the trial. target to help even faster rate they denied the motion opening statement are expected later this week. so will this trial finally pin durst down after decades of potentially getting away with murder cosmic tournament to discuss former assistant u.s. attorney foxy's contributor andy mccarthy, welcome back andy. >> kennedy great to see you. this is such a crazy case.
8:19 pm
this man has allegedly murdered three people. he's only on trial for the murder of susie berman. and he apparently offed her because she knew that he killed his ex-wife, your thoughts? spin that is right, they say he knew or she knew he killed his ex-wife years earlier. and then when he was apparently on the llama for this murder that he's on trial for, he killed a second person who figured out that he was on the lam and living as a mute woman. [laughter] so it is a crazy case. it is been delayed for 14 months because of covid. they had about six days of trial and then covid hit and everything got shut down. so it was supposed to restart today. he evidently refused to come to court. although there is a dispute about whether he actually refused to come, or had some
8:20 pm
different objection, his lawyers that is not actually refusing. the judge is playing with fire a little bit, kennedy. there is constitutional law for the proposition a defendant is entitled to be present at all important stages of the prosecution against him including all stages of the trial per he was not present today per the judge went forward. >> if he is in fact found guilty, his counsel could ask for a mistrial because he was not in court for this presumption. he said he is sick and dying. can there be some sort of videoconference? can he be compelled to leave his cell? he says he's very sick design being treated by medical students, which apparently is not troopers got very good residence or supervising physicians at the county hospital. so he is in good hands.
8:21 pm
>> this is why i think the judge would be well served, even though i can understand his impatience and his desire to go forward, the judge himself said he is going to have the court doing independent examination of whether this guy is fit to stand trial. now the judge has said that i think you better do it and make sure the record is made that the guy is fit to be on trial before they resume. and then i think at that point if he refuses to attend even after the court examination has found he is fit to go forward on trial, then i think they would be all right on appeal. but to go forward as a real role of the dice if they have not established he is able to assist his defense. kennedy: then taken this long they can go the extra step and have him evaluated. this guy has to be pinned down.
8:22 pm
is an absolute sociopath and i have no doubt in my mind he is gesturing to skate out of this and somehow get off the hook again but i do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth, westward we got 20 seconds. >> canning you cannot be on the jury if that's where you're coming from. >> i can spot guilty people just like that. i use the old george carlson trick this is me off every time but are andy mccarthy thank you so much for your time appreciate it. >> thanks kennedy. gerry: has burned his london bridge now after his latest comments on free speech or in the u.s. to be sent him packing? i think so. i will break it down. my memo is next. to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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ignorance. recently bladder and brick went on podcasts were used constitutionally codified free speech and take aim at our first amendment. here's what he had to say. >> start going down a huge >> one which i don't understand about it for short period of time. you can find a loophole in anything. you can capitalize or exploit what is not said rather than uphold what is said. that's what i would say but the first amendment. [laughter] sold understand it is bonkers. kennedy: it is bonkers. all right shut up and dribble you grandpa coming so i buy. is he not note is protected are the first amendment customer list them all the freedoms shyly, freedom of religion, which you probably that has that godless monster. freedom of speech which he indulges in and a card-carrying ignoramus but most terrified because words hurt his feelings. freedom of the press which he winters had used and exploited
8:28 pm
in toxic including harry and meghan, freedom of assembly and the right to petition the government. june who does not have a first amendment other than great britain? china which jailed 47 journals last year, 61% of the world in prison journalists are in chinese prisons. june who cannot indulge in primitive assembly? media baller is rotting in jail on trumped up charges for protesting abuses in hong kong. china locked up most of hong kong's pro democracy protesters to go whining on chinese television how crappy their country is, harry. june who cannot petition the government? 1million plus ethnic uighurs who are dying and concentration camps in china can genocide on a group of people who dare practice their religious freedom. they are systematically race and sterilized their not tortured and killed. that is why we have free speech and a free press because we do not have a bunch of inbred babies and air mind
8:29 pm
who create institutions to protect them like they do in the british royal family. go frolic in your knots that uniform and keep your intellectual deficits to yourself. the constitution protects her precious right to say stupid things. the least you could utter is a thank you, princess pickle brains. and that is the memo. well, it is not just me who's mad as hell about prince harry prete listen to former brexit leader nigel said on fox news earlier. >> what i hoped the americans are begin deceit through these two. you know, frankly they are out for themselves. they do not care damage they do to the united kingdom, and ultimately they won't care about america either for their purely out for themselves. they're becoming a dangerous young couple they are spreading to younger generation a message of freedom of speech does not matter for that freedom of speech is bonkers. so i hope people there rejected my really do. so far i reject present is harry's bonkers comment fit
8:30 pm
the new comment coming actively against free-speech question of the party pen has return, inez stepman, matt welch and kevin welling. china's all-star theory kind of admit he did not know a lot about the constitution. but then goes on to attack, how do people in the u.s. feel about prince harry? [laughter] >> i do not how they feel about prince harry m and the majority camp that we purchased outright not to care about this ridiculous family in 1776 with a grade of blood and effort. but on the substance of what he said i'm guessing what he is referring to is a fact that libel laws are considerably stronger in the uk. i think a lot of us don't realize how strong and how wonderful our first amendment actually is but even in comparison not to china should point out your monologue, but even to places like the uk or canada. for example in the uk there can be criminalized not with a
8:31 pm
call hate speech was defined as anything to certain extent that is offensive to particular people some people might river the case of the internet a few years ago that guy got a fine because he taught his pug how to do a hail hitler salute. be not the greatest case but something to take for granted in america. we should actually be grateful for strong protections. harry can just return to his castle backhoe if he does not like it. kennedy: they keep doing interviews but it's interesting, matt, he will not shut up. i'm so worried about my privacy. the first amendment is bonkers. how do you not just up and imprison your journalist? >> i say your accent says a lot more posh than his. i was kind of expecting a cleaner mick jagger talks nicer. watch the show. >> a point inez was alluding to that's very important for
8:32 pm
our conception as americans especially those, many of us who recently adopted and embraced america and fought harder for than many others i might add, is this is baked into the american revolution. we were fighting against seditious libel laws against the crown in the 1740s, 50s, 60s, 70s aptly informed the writing of the first mm at the writing of the declaration of independence. we were prosecuted as americans for writing and talking all kinds of just garbage against the british overseers of us. it was all technically illegal. but even the provisional courts are the states were like wealthy's americans, we have a different sort of view about this. they started creating even the free independence caselaw against the the notion of seditious libel. seditious libel is libel against the crown against power. we do not believe in that as
8:33 pm
americans. we did not believe that before we were even americans. it's a marvelous victory of the enlightenment and as usual something monarchies who write the great glories and deliberations of liberalism and freedom of speech. it is the republics, he can go take a long walk off a short santa monica. [laughter] 's before kevin he is betraying his ignorance here. mexico really mad that also gives us a wonderful chance to talk about why we enjoy the freedoms we do, why we enjoy the ones were codified in the first amendment, go ahead. >> exactly right candidate. you spoke to that when his or marks on the podcast he said he really do not even understand portably been your short time but he's just going to pontificate about it. maybe every american i know has strong opinions about the monarchy, princess diana, his dad, camilla, the cleat maybe this is a little bit of payback on us americans having really strong opinions about the royalty. but certainly need to spend some time i think studying.
8:34 pm
to matt and inez is.the fact the rights and freedoms we have are as a direct result to the war of independence against his home country. maybe spend some time setting up on that before he starts talking off-the-cuff. kennedy: tell his wife to stop suing journals and trying to get them fired when they express an opinion. she is annoying. well, speaking of the boston tea party is tax state which means you've got just a few hours left to think your government for shutting your business and closing schools. bite forking of your hard earned cash out also stay for pakistani gender studies. under president biden fun is just beginning point soon you can pay off college debt of america's most privileged children as well. the present promises the trillions he needs to fund his agenda will come from corporations and the wealthy. but is that true or mathematically possible question of taxation is theft, inez. >> you cannot soak the rich for $11 trillion it's just not they are in most of these tax
8:35 pm
schemes. i'm glad you brought up a lot of these programs end up benefiting exactly the people they are allegedly supposed to soak. you give an example of college loan forgiveness which sounds like something that would benefit the lower end of the income spectrum. the exact opposite is in fact true because there are so many more wealthy borrowers proportionately then there are actually in the lower two quintiles for example of the economic spectrum. the vast majority of dollars will be flowing from mechanics have done well without college degrees to the essentially a failed of the upper middle class who decided to go to a liberal arts school and study gender career studies for example. [laughter] this is not a fair program it's not a progressive program is exactly the opposite but that something for the biden administration price before there's no accountability no return on investment no reason i shut the paper. only a third of adults has
8:36 pm
come to have a degree and inez is right there's no reason the lower earning two thirds of the country should have to pay for that. but what are weakening for taxes? i look around a sock into an herbal driver there potholes all over the place, crime is skyrocketing and big cities. infrastructure is crumbling. there is very little in the infrastructure bill to fix what's crumbling so when we get? >> we get nice payouts to public-sector unions, to defense contractors, two people get to contract doing diversity, equity inclusion trends for every single hr department on the planet. it is amazing. barack obama was in office he said we used to build golden gate when we do that anymore? granted that's historically lytic alert that was historic money. but these to be as grand things. what happens when protected interests get hold of guaranteed revenue streams? everywhere else in the economy
8:37 pm
you have to earn money. you have to convince someone to buy your stuff. as soon as you really start sucking they're going to stop buying your stuff there going to brood around your toast a little while. government does not have that problem. it can just keep going on forever solve these interest groups : ask around, figure way to siphon paired my god the teachers unions in this country over the past 15 months of pulled with the greatest heights in american history by getting a $100 billion in the federal government who's not even charge of the stuff while every must fling the public school system and they closed. that's pretty cool if you are teachers union. kennedy: and the hits keep on coming for they got guaranteed money toner billion of it coming over the next six years. so kevin, matt makes them tremendous points with $28 trillion in debt. we really have no way to pay for. >> yes you are right and both parties are to blame for that debt.
8:38 pm
we saw between seven and $8 trillion added to our debt through the trump administration. we saw excess spending already in the first wonder plus days of the biden administration. there is no fiscal responsibility whatsoever when it comes our political discourse. you shine a light on that all the time, can am speaking as a democrat these numbers are certainly out of control and see high level of spending without a way to pay for in many cases. now i applaud the biden administration for lease figuring out a way to pay for it as opposed to just adding to the debt. kennedy: they have to borrow they're going to add to that. >> sure there is some pay forward included in these proposals. but again it starts in a conversation that we can navigate around the edges. at least there's some kind of conversation about some taxes to pay for these programs. sport cut taxes cut spend their ego recipe for economic success. party fails to ground coming up policing eric city slamming a decision from organizers to ban officers from events until 2025 paid coordinators claimed
8:39 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: oh they will keep on fighting welcome back newark city police no longer welcome at the yearly pride parade in the big apple through at least 2025 per organizers claim they went safer spaces for they say cops pose a danger to the event, that is not to repeat the parade will boosted security budget to hire private guards instead of using the nypd. police said they are disappointed to be uninvited from the events. the president of the yea officers action league slammed the decision on fox earlier today, watch. >> it definitely hurtful to our members who offer so much of themselves being lgbtq
8:44 pm
people that have come into the criminal justice system, which is not always you know, works for the best for lgbt people or for marginalized people, people of color. and if this starts here where does it end? you know, who is next? you know, on the chopping block. kennedy: what ever happened to inclusivity question of the party panel is back, inez stepman, matt welch, kevin walling. inez crime is spiking in your city homicides are up, gun violence is up. rape is up, robbery, it is all going in the wrong direction. and yea cops left to be part of the pride parade i'm a little upset here. >> you are right about the crime and of course you're also right in the implication that programs aren't lack of programs like defendant the police make that worse, making these kind of really hostile
8:45 pm
attitudes toward the police might be displayed here. also makes that worse. i do think this whole incident shows how hollow the entirety of the identity politics really is. its identity and service of political agenda. that's not really a meaningful identity that individuals could embrace about themselves whether being yea, or some other aspects of their identity. this is not about anything that actually empowers individuals to embrace their identity to very political agenda if you run a foul of that's lines moving ever left for that political agenda you are essentially exiled from your identity per group and that's what's happening here. kennedy: is insane. so matt a part of this week and hung out the yea cop. he was a lovely. also deeply hurt by this. he said in years past when he has marched in the pride parade with his fellow lgbtq officers, that you know he was in tears because of the
8:46 pm
reception i had received. the warm applause and the out elation from the community. now he says he cannot be a part of it. he is heartbroken. >> and these guys had to sue the nypd to get into the parade, they did not have to sue the parade organizers they had their own cops or own mark management to say they wanted to march in federal diverse cremation lawsuit they filed in 1996 they finally got the right. they were so stoked to join this parade. point out the yea pride parade in new york which is the biggest and greatest in the world like launch the gate liberation movement start of the stone wall riots of the cops coming into a yea club in greenwich village, beating heads and a lot of people said screw that they rioted gives the cops for several days. score who started? snag a yea dude who became a cop. he started the pride parade
8:47 pm
his 20-year-old bookstore owner or manager and he went on to move to connecticut and he became the lieutenant in the stanford connecticut police department. kennedy: wonderful things happen or want to bring in kevin running out of time, glad kevin. >> yes kenny all he can saves my experience as a deceiver pride are always incredible. it's always juniper beards a celebration of love for the metropolitan police are actively part of that marching supporting it with security it's a wonderful thing. we need to be preaching tolerance, inclusion, greater bridge building between marginalized committees including the lgbtq black and brown committees and the police and if that compass and let me get his information. kennedy: he is so cupid party panel thinking so much. inez, matt, chemic, great work tonight thank you. topical storm is next [ race light countdown ] ♪♪
8:48 pm
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score and also instill orders on posting a picture of breast-feeding and hansen peterson, she is perform the gymnastics maneuver and her son is right at that teat recalls his first milkshake. that's feeding the trolls of social media, this is a topical storm, topic number one. it is a mug shot monday but tonight we meet a two-faced
8:52 pm
liar tried to hide his true colors. this is a 30-year-old rocky prout under arrest for committing 30 burglars across los angeles well disguised as a white man. in fact you so committed to the disguise, he learned every day song, watch what you say. this is the mask that he allegedly wore during ultimo home burglaries. we scouted security camera cp to be a different person. the police became suspicious after noticing it every burglary the suspect never shut his mouth really was wearing a mask or his chelsea handler. the stories have been compared to a scooby doo episode because the villains in that show always wore masks. also the movie face-off because everyone who sought felt robbed. topic number two. people in india are smearing countdown all over their bodies to protect themselves in covid-19, as you do. you thought doctor factory's recommendations were bunch of
8:53 pm
bull crab. has a group of men covered and down while panting and baking in the sun. and ladies, they are single and ready to mingle. sure it's okay when they do it but when i rub feces on myself i have to leave the olive garden. incident boost their immunity and provides invited silken to their skin print also really helps cover up the smell of kharif arts. doctor said this idea stinks the medical community india issuing warnings this practice is not supported by scientific evidence and is based entirely on belief in other words smearing yourself in cow dung is about as logical as climate change. [laughter] it will keep people 6 feet away from you. and now they're used to being crapped on, these men are outstanding candidates for jobs on amazon, while job felt done fallows. a chicago cat used up one of its nine lies when he jumped from the fifth floor of a burning building have you seen this video is incredible. he bounced off the ground and
8:54 pm
walked away, watch. he is the apartment building on fire in chicago being ravaged by flames it looks dangerous here but statistically burning buildings are some of the yes safest places to live in chicago. not watch the window tennessee the cat leaps for his life, bounces off the ground runs away with only a small point deduction for not sticking the landing with all four paws. you know this about cats, just like hunter biden they always land on their feet. actual this is unrelated to the higher. he's jumping because he suddenly invested a bit point. also someone had a laser pointer five stories down he couldn't resist. the fire department still missing but if you see a mangy animal who looks like it just fell out of a five-story building, please pick up johnny depp and put them on a bus back home. topic number four. i love the story. an australian woman says she got her tonsils removed and
8:55 pm
then woke up in other words, she went a bit down under and then woke up in the top of the morning. here she is. >> i woke up this morning, i did not do anything different, took a shower and i usually sing when i am showering and listen to songs. all they said i was talking in an irish accent. kennedy: oh blimey i do not was going on the sharper that angela who says she's headed accent her entire life woke up one day speaking like an irish woman. she also keeps trying to throw shepherds pie on the barbie. she asked the bartender for car bombs. doctor saint angela may have foreign act syndrome a rare speech disorder causing a person to speak as if they are another country. also sometimes known. [inaudible] i do not know what it is she's
8:56 pm
asking a neurologist helped her accept back my heart goes out to angela i cannot imagine how hard it must be furnace troy into suddenly have a silly accident, guys would outcome] is a math trump monday ♪ ♪. ole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh! you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: that's right for thanks much the show tonight, palm and twitter an instagram nation. basement candy appian e-mail candy appian at tomorrow at robby soave make every day a kenn-a-day. ♪ ♪'s >> is all about the science really? the cdc director said politics has nothing to the agency's decision to change guidance on wearingg masks. yet the timing of the turnaround is highly suspect rick more on the just. moments. plus democrats on capitol hill divided over the violence of the middle east but israeli warplanes have unleashed a fierce new offensive on gaza. after hamas fired rockets into israel. were taking their lives this hour. and, prince harry is under fire after calling the fir


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