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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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away with a sexist male centric terms replacing phrases like freshman and sophomore with a much less interesting first year or second year i don't know how much further can possibly go, that does it for us on "fox business tonight", this evening and "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: the new site is not just over biden policy, the jimmy carter 2.0, the gas shortages, gas lines, inflations, jobs and the economy policies, deeper dive reveals a bigger problem, the biden administration over the top, critics accused trump of that but the evidence is growing the biden team has cranked up the white wash machine and misleading voters, the follow tonight, mike huckabee, florida congressman byron donalds, marty makary and
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former national security council chief of staff and the daily "colored bins colonies, guy reschenthaler and acting ice director tom homan, tonight, why the biden administration on indian mask mandate under mandates, what science do they follow for that when dr. fauci said we may be wearing masks until 2022, is this instead about the political science that turned against them, also texas report 0 covid-19 deaths, two months after president biden slammed texas for a neanderthal thinking when texas dropped his mask mandate, we have more a big fox dropping mask mandate if you're vaccinated, new developments on the sexual harassment investigation ramping up into governor andrew cuomo more women accusers reportedly subpoenaed, we also break down her governor cuomo contradicted
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and stepped on his own new york state law that he sign which crackdown on sexual harassment, also former secretary of state mike pompeo calls china's covid-19 cover-up staggering and he says the risk of bioterrorist from supervisors research is very real as 18 top scientists a there not ruling out that covid-19 likely escape from the wuhan lab in china in the new york times and the media follow we know warnings we have been reporting for years, border patrol catching illegal border crotch are under crossers from around the globe more than ever before, think of the number of countries that they're coming from and then think higher, thank you for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right e no. joining us now we begin with former arkansas governor, mike
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huckabee back with us, it's great to have you want, were about to show the viewer, the biden administration track record of misleading the country on inflation on jobs, pipelinesi and much more, the country is reopening, more americans see how they're being misled. >> i think you really touched upon something of great importance, the amazing thing the meeting that's them get away with this, could you imagine if donald trump said there is no inflation when ceos on an investment call said the inflation is up 800% in the last year, pipelines, joe biden cancels the keystone xl pipeline, oil prices shoot up, we have a disaster on our hands and even the secretary of energy says those pipelines are pretty good deal after all, this is the kind of thing were dealing with, we don't have a't crisis on the border if we do it even some democrats are starting to say that, if you go through the list
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whether it's pipelines or gas shortage, the border crisis, joe biden seems to be living in an alternate universe, not the one that the rest of us are seeing in its stunning that he gets away with it in the press other than a few folks like you are not calling them out on it. liz: trump was accused and called out for that, trump, critics say committing topspin, were talking about something else it's actively misleading like saying the border is closed, to say in light human beings and infrastructure to thn president saying five former fed chairs support his economic growth plan, the thing is to fed chairs are dead, two former fed chairs are dead, i don't know what biden is talking about in the five irs commissioners are saying it's about growing the irs to bring in taxax revenue that's what biden was referring to is not growing the economy is going irs.
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>> i think you're being a little so nicole to former chairman are dead but they did vote in the last election, the good democratic voters and therefore we do have a voice from the past speaking from the grave saying everything that joe is doing is just peachy keen. liz: i guess you're being funny, the other thing to the thing that i think that america is really paying attention to and escorts to shelter 13 million i want to talk to you about the border seeing the order is a challenge showing border challenge of empty facilities what is the most critical and
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bdamning? >> i think it's a border crisis, we have a human crisis there there being trafficked, exploited, used and abused in some of the injuries, they will never recover from it, i don't like the economic problems that we face most of us figure out how to work and to make things work, when you think about two and 3-year-old children who are being traumatized because they were brought across the border by human traffickers and left to themselves, how do you ever fix that, it's a human tragedy that hurts me the most, i am saddened that joe biden teams oblivious to what is happening to these children down there. liz: governor huckabee thank you for joining us come back soon. joining a staff order congressman byron donalds, it's great to have you back on, where you come down on this critics
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say it's an isolated cyber attack at a crucial pipeline but is it bigger than that, the thing 70s of the result of the country being hostage to imported oil and inflation but is it just one pipeline or is there something bigger going on, what do you think. >> is a lot bigger than the colonial pipeline, the keystone pipeline being shut down on day one, the dakota pipeline being shut down, you have is a administration not renewing any nieces on federal land, this is designed to shrinker oil production here in the united states, joe biden can put on the progressive line of the green new deal and pursuing renewable energy which are vaguely not ready for "primetime" to power everything that the united states needs. it's not an isolated incident this is him pushing his radical agenda and all the american people despite the fact that itt will increase prices and despite the fact that google hurt poor
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and middle income people of our country because of the price of their goods will go up as a result. liz: that the hidden gas tax as well. kevinmc mccarthy saying i went o georgia and brought back carter's c policy the white houe is shutting down pipelines and despite surging inflation their neck and back away from trillions of dollars of new spending, the president did have two and a quarter million jobs a plan, is not about cybersecurity it's a cybercrime, is that true? >> there isn't, i think they need to do more, i said this before when it comes to private companies investing more in their own private security that joe biden needs to understand you can't raise her taxes and increase regulation, alonesq gog to do is squeeze the dollars available to take your security matters, i think he is half right about something, they need to invest more in theire
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cybersecurity, as a country we have a responsibility to step up, you cannot squeeze enterprises and get money out of them and send it to d.c. or squeeze their operation to regulation if you want them to take care of the security, does not make any sense. liz: 85% of u.s. energy is in the private sector, they are doing things for utilities which empowers the electric cars, it seems upside down and backwards what is going on, the biden team painting pipelines as evil when john kerry said they are rather more carbon efficient than trucks and trains, final word on that. >> is a administration is not following reason or economic they are following car marks, woodward worsened an fpga and they might love what's going on but frankly they're dead, people who are going to suffer are the american people whether they voted for joe biden or donald trump, this president needs to get into the 21st century and
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come to reality when it comes to economics and energy policy and stop following the radical left. >> congressman byron donalds, come back soon. let's turn to this development, protest broke out over the weekend in los angeles, new york, boston, philadelphia, atlanta and dearborn michigan against israel's airstrike on the gaza strip, in israel on the ground with a very latest. >> we are into week two of the battle between israel and hamas militant group, so far on the ground, there is no sign of a break in the action, take a look at what we saw earlier today in central israel. >> were hearing sirens near the city of the central part of israel, you are looking behind us as her cameraman can show what were looking at and that is the battery -- it is going up in the sky, a second one going up
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in the sky looking for targets, they sent a third, they sent a fourth, looking to target hamas rockets coming from gaza several miles away. >> we watched the four rockets intercepted by the iron don't missile's but one got through hitting a building in the city nearby injuring three people, the rockets in response to heavy israeli airstrike throughout the day and gaza targeted militants in their underground network, were told during the week plus of strike ten is0 really's have been killed, 200 and gaza women and children included all sides cease-fire, we talked to defense official we asked them when with their be assigned an indication of a cease-fire and he said when the rockets stopped flying or they taper off, no sign of that today.
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liz: thank you, be safe. still ahead doctor marty makary on this new debate, why the biden administration sudden about faith in the mask mandates, what did they follow for that, dr. fauci has been saying we may need to wear masks until 2022, critics say this is political science as a headline negative against the biden team, is not true, were going to take it on next. >> what determines when, i'm sorry, what major, are we just going to continue this forever, when do we get to the point, what major what standard what objective what outcome do we have to reach before americans get their liberty and freedom back. >> indicating liberty and freedom and i indicate aub publc health major that prevents people from dying and going to the hospital. >> you don't think americans liberty has been affected they have beenav assaulted.
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had 15 days and one year of lost liberty, what metrics and what measures what has to happen before americans gets more freedom. liz: remember the heated exchange between jim jordan and dr. fauci just about a month ago jim jordan was asking what standards was dr. fauci using to keep the mask mandates and lockdowns in place dr. fauci was talking about masks until 2022, what changed in a month time but ask john hopkins university professor of public health and fox news contributor doctor marty makary, why all the sudden about faith, what changed in a month time. >> we haven't had any good criteria put out by her public health officials, they have been moving the goalpost and people are getting frustrated you see congressman jordan there getting frustrated we have long said
10:18 pm
before we get ten cases before hundred thousand we would get back to normal but we are there now the vast majority is there where we said then there's less than 30000 cases daily and dr. fauci said 20,010,000 and if you listen there is language he uses the word considerable a lot, we might possibly be able to consider doing something if there is a considerable change, that general language is not helpful for a public that is trying to plan t businesses, i don't know who to blame him or cnn or "face the nation" and all the programs that put them on nonstop, he's one doctor and he basically doesn't answer any questions directly. liz: to your point, critics are saying they put dr. fauci on a pedestal and if you try to ask dr. fauci questions and he would dodge and not answer and if you pressed him on it is people like cnn anderson cooper saying that is disrespectful, that is called journalism, rachelle lewinsky
10:19 pm
extended her 180, she claimed the science has evolved into weeks time, what were the sudden breakthroughs in two weeks that we don't know about. >> are public health officials need to be held accountable and journalists are supposed to do that, when dr. fauci goes on for an interview he should be asked specifically what congressman jordan asked, what are the criteria specifically, what are the numbers what percent of the public does he estimate to have natural immunity they have been blowing off natural immunity, what is happening behindhi the scenes, these staffers are polite to each other theyn don't want to defend the government agencies and they don't want up is off the white house, they put out things that are consistent with the language and keeping everybody happy, they know kids should not wear masks outdoors and summer camps, these are smart doctors and they know they're afraid of speaking their mind because they don't want to upset people.
10:20 pm
liz: it is about power and grant money and overseeing research, it's about who can pull the first strings and make the decisions, these players have been in place for years including dr. fauci he was heavily criticized during the aids crisis to her basically speaking not in clear ways to those who are affected by the aids crisis, let's listen to the cdc director rochelle walensky changed her tune from earlier this spring to late last week. watch this. >> i'm going to reflect on the pending vehicle. >> over the last several weeks we have had seen emerging science and growing body of evidence that if you are vaccinated, you are safe andnd protected. liz: we go from impending doom to it's okay for v vaccinated, americans months ago have the common sense to know whatt works for them and their businesses, when you watch the administration watch dr. fauci
10:21 pm
and watch pendant on cnn and msnbc they made it like americans were killing each other when they walk by people outside when the new york times has reported researchers to find no case of the viruso being spread by people walking past each other outdoors. so what was that all about. >> it's clear that the announcement on friday was rushed, this is not a planned announcement, they did not prepare the country and they did not say they're going to makeern announcement like they do with every other announcement the political analyst can see if it's a distraction but it's clear that cases were plummeting a lot faster than they anticipated because they ignore natural immunity and the public was getting angry contradicted the very message that the cdc was saying about vaccines and after three months, by the way the message on friday was threeo months late we should've led until let vaccinated people go without masks three months ago, the so-called evolution of science in the last two weeks, the idea that they made this announcement based on emerging
10:22 pm
science, gimme a break these studies came on february march from europe and israel. liz: now we have targets, cvs, costco, publix, sam's club, a lot of big box stores a new could come in if you're vaccinated without a mask, we are seeing those things moving in force including home depot, kroger's, walgreens, on and on, it looks like america is stepping up and getting it done, your final word. >> businesses are scribbling because the models were incorrect and the public health officials did not prepare businesses so now there stuck trying to figure out what the public perception is in the risk we should have that guidance from the cdc along time ago. liz: is going to be a year for the history books, doctor marty makary, thinking for joining us, you been terrific, former national security official fred fleitz warning violent extremists who exploit america
10:23 pm
up in the e-zine of the covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, we will explain that and why police nationwide warning it could be a longe hot summer and violence across the u.s., that story next. >> protesters in portland literally p set fire to police facilities with the police inside this is attempted murder what they want to do is burn police officers to death. ♪ e my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx, crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer. $439 a month for 36 months. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, experience amazing, at your lexus dealer. but i'm relentless every day.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. we're coming i liz: welcome back were coming into the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox business network, homeland security and people across the country warning about a c potentially lg hot summer of violence, homeland security talking about foreign and domestic threats, joining is now national security council chief of staff and center for security policy president and ceo fred fleitz, when you heard that can you break this down what do you think this means, what do you think they mean foreign terror attacks. >> good to be here it does mention that there are foreign terrorist like al-qaeda and isis that may try to station events and i'm glad that they mentioned i was disappointed in the document because it seems to say the biggest threat is from right wing extremists the real life is
10:28 pm
from antifa black lives matter, their protest and violent protest never ended and it's never mentioned in this document it's another effort by dividing the administration. liz: nothing about that, nothing about 30 people estimated dead inin the riots, there is no mention of that, why the whitewash of that? >> and pretend that there's going to be a continuation of the 16 o the tax, we know protet continue but it actually says and there could be criminals trying to exploit court protected freedom of speech actions linked to racial justice and police use of force concerns, i am sorry but looting
10:29 pm
still cities and burning them iy not a protected freedom of speech exercise, remind you of a mostly peaceful nonsense, we heard from the mainstream media last summer, they do not want to, antifa black lives matter they want to focus on the right wing extremist and there's no evidence they will do anything. liz: let's stay on foreign terror f threats, the authoritis are signing traffic and chatter of social media and online forums warning that foreign terror rooms with restrictions and lockdowns ease up, what does that mean, they're not saying any specific threat, can you break this down again how is it linked to lockdowns e-zine up in foreign terrorist coming in. >> i don't think it's linked to the lockdowns being loosened up, i think foreign terrorist are penetrating our southern border, these are the evidence of jen's hockey was asked about that she said this type of thing is
10:30 pm
uncommon, that means foreign terrorist are penetrating the southern border and none of them should be this is always a threat we know this terrorist groups is looking for opportunity to attack in the united states and they may have more opportunities because it's easier to sneak into this country. liz: whenever you're here white house press secretary saint terror attacks are uncommon and where, so is 9/11 it was uncommonon and rare, let's put that into context, police are ramping up their presidents in new york city in dallas and in chicago they are ramping up her troll spread, your final word that the frontline cops the guys who capture the really bad guys including terrorist, we know shootings and homicides are up a radio third in the last quarter of 2020, can you talk to us, final word on defunding the police and how when you weaken the police you can't touch the
10:31 pm
bad guys that attack minority and immigrant communities and they can't catch the bad guys like foreign terrorist, your final word, were just stating the facts, go ahead. >> it's a very scary situation and the people in these cities are going to regret the day that they listen to the black lives matter and antifa extremist to lower their defenses which allow them to attack in a terrorist attack and i think the left is going to pay a political crisis, very high one i hope very soon. liz: fred fleitz, thank you for joining us, up next the daily caller, new developments of the sexual harassment investigation now ramping up into governor andrew cuomo of new york. for women accusers reportedly subpoenaed under oath, we also have more on governor cuomo under stepping hee contradicted and stepped on his own new york state law that he signed which crackdowns on sexual harassment, bring explain all of that next.
10:32 pm
>> for him to say that just because they feel uncomfortable, that is not harassment is not about feeling uncomfortable this is arrogance to the tenth degree, i can't believe that governor cuomo who has a lot of grief for heaven sakes uses assesses logic is like a drunk driver running over somebody insane it wasn't my intention to run over them so there is no damage, it is about the consequences of a person's actions, not the intentions.
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omnipod. liz: let's welcome back to the show daily editorial director vince, it's great to see you, it looks like the sexual harassment investigation into andrew cuomo is ramping up, for women have reportedly testified under oath and they were subpoenaed to the new york state attorney general, what do you think of this
10:37 pm
development. >> it's a big deal when subpoenas are involved because it means that the women whose ae involved are testifying under penalty of law, if they testify into anything that's incorrect they can be held accountable for misrepresenting details. the stakes have risen dramatically the women are not only testifying and extensive documents were told by the new york times with text messages, e-mails and photographs, i think the scandal has dialed itself up to a new level for andrew cuomo. liz: the information there handing over and you cite text and e-mails back to 2013, this needs to be making the case about abuseht of power cuomo is getting more strident, he's making statements like he did
10:38 pm
last week so he's saying if i make you uncomfortable does not mean i'm sexual harassing you, that's effectively what he saying with the law that he signed two years ago said sexual harassment is making people feel uncomfortable, his unwanted advances s with sexual marks, wt is up with andrew cuomo ramping up his own denial? >> he could be taken down by the very law that you cited one that he signed into law in the idea that he can standnt up there as the chief executive of the state and tell you that the law as written is not what sexual harassment is, that is typical andrew cuomo, he thinks at this point he can power his way through this, if he insist that these are all lies and he's the only one that is a good guy that he so often does in all the scandals we see him go through he thinks he can survive this thing and it's yet to be seen, how many democrats in the state called for him to resign even
10:39 pm
the top senators, chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand have called on andrew cuomo to resign and he is still his job right now, this is the fight of his life and things are only gettiny more difficult for him as he tries to navigate this maze. liz: we have the new york state assembly still investigating the cover up a nursing of death tied to his executive order putting patients back in and accusations that cuomo you state workers to edit it is memoir, we have a report coming in that he made c over $5 million off of that. let's come back to the abuse of power is something you said before, say he signed this law into effect in 2019 and goes ahead is actually harasses these women, those allegations are proven true you say he can be tripped up by his own law that he signed into effect. >> completely because the wording of the i law suggest is
10:40 pm
about how the women interpret his actions, the allegations are pretty specific, among the allegations are not just the words that he used but that he actually sexually assaulted some of these women ended regardless of what the new york i state law wording is most people have a common understanding among sexual contact, but it is interesting that he saying just because you're offended by something i said is not mean it's harassment. yes it does governor cuomo that is specifically what the law that you signed in 2019 says and that could be the law that takes him down. liz: a final word reports suggest he's doing the bill clinton approach fight back, fight back, deny deny but that eventually fell apart for bill clinton, where does this lead? >> it depends on the bravery of
10:41 pm
the attorney general of new york if she's going to be brave to take down a strong political machine that governor cuomo is operating, he will be taken down by the scandal, but the new york state assembly although they say they're investigating is being accused of stringing along the investigation in order to protect cuomo there's very powerful forces in new york that are protecting democrats, at this moment it is m a coin toss. liz: thank you for joining us, it's good to see you up next guy reschenthaler he sits on the gop house task force, where former secretary of state mike pompeo telling maria bartiromo china covid cover-up is staggering, mr. pompeo says the risk of bioterror from research is very real 18 top scientists either not ruling out that covid-19 escaped from the wuhan lab in china, breaking down a lot of stories and angles for you next, stay there. >> the evidence accumulates in spite of the fact that the
10:42 pm
chinese party will not permit anyone to get any access to the laboratory in the materials and the doctors that are working there the cover-up efforts is a staggering and a combination of the circumstantial evidence combined with the intense effort to deny us information suggest to be strongly this is where it originated. ♪
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geico lets you file a claim online, over the phone or with their app. ♪ that makes me wanna say... ♪ ♪ stay... ♪ (sniffles) are...are you crying? uhh, there's pollen... geico. great service without all the drama. liz: let's welcome back to the show, this one for the highlight i'm going to call him guy reschenthaler and not congressman that's what he likes, it is good to seal when you heard former secretarywh of state mike pompeo tell maria bartiromo that the covid-19 cover-up is staggering from china, what is congress going to do about this so it never happens again that we don't have a virus like that leak out if that is true, what exactly
10:47 pm
specifically is the government doing to stop this. >> specifically we got a call trying out and hold them accountable additionally we can take measures such as what i'm doing i have a bill to make sure we do not fund eagle health alliance eagle health alliance is a mechanism or dr. fauci and others the dod and others were funneling money through this organization that took the money instead of the wuhan institute of her ologies the gain of function research specifically diseases originating in bats that was presumably theng covid9 virus, we also have to show the world that china likely mismanaged the laboratory as a dsl foror laboratory there was safety concerns even before france called f into question ad that the coincidental circumstantial evidence is e doe during the virus and originated from the slab, i can go into it
10:48 pm
but the fact that the media has not covered it in the world health organization and the world so there's nothing to see look the other way andlo move along is very shocking. liz: how much support do you have for your bill to cut funding for the frankenstein super virus research. >> the china task force which is comprised of house republicans democrats won't join they are showing my efforts to defund eco-health alliance you see a lot of support with republicans are crossed but i'm fortunately the democrats have failed to callout china they will not criticize china openly and it makes me wonder what the chinese communist party has on the democrat party it has to be something because they will not callout china dr. fauci and unelected career bureaucrats that are experts don't want to
10:49 pm
go forward and don't want attention what's going on with eagle health alliance and the institute of her ologies and the reason is they were circumventing the obama administration moratorium on a very dangerous and controversial gain of function research and they were using the eagle health alliance system to conduct the research under the leadership of the chinese communist party the people's liberation army acted as a laboratory in wuhan, it's alarming and the fact that nobody is paying attention to it. >> under the obama administration they wrote a loophole into the moratorium the city can do the research if it affects public safety and national security, you could drive a mack truck through that loophole, the eagle health alliance, we don't know what money went out there, open the books, transparency, one final thing why did anthony blinken he said he supports an ongoing investigation buddy shut down the statest department
10:50 pm
investigative task force looking into thehe virus origin, why did he do that. >> the two most powerful governments in the world have so much to lose if this gets out that it originated in wuhan it would embarrass not only the chinese communist party who would embarrass a lot of elected bureaucrats in the u.s. federal government and neither china nor the united states want that to happen but there is more money i just got a letter from the u.s. aid asking them how much money they sent it was $1.1 million i just got the information this week, we are just gathering information now. liz: hang on, echo health got 1.1 million is a double them what's being reported. >> 1.1 million they just gave me a letter i also wrote when the dod has not gotten back to me but a lot of money going to the wuhan institute of virology.
10:51 pm
liz: were on it, it was good to see you. thank you for joining us. come back soon, former acting ice director tom homan under warnings that we have been reporting for about four or five years reflect the new york times and the media picking up on it the border crisis is bigger than ever border patrol catching illegal border crossings for more countries and nations and never before from around the world, think of a number, you got that number, think i can, that story next.
10:52 pm
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♪♪ elizabeth: joining us now, liz: joining us now acting ice director tom homan, it's great to have you back on, the new york times is now reporting in the last three months u.s. border authorities have encountered and captured illegal border crossers from 160 countries around the globe from asia and the middle east, 160, that is a lot. >> the whole world is paying attention on what's going on and are border everyone wants to come to the united states in the biden administration may sue the
10:56 pm
border is closed but actions speak louder than words the world is seen thousands of people enter every day being released into the united states or no court date and they know ice has been decapitated they can't even arrest and remove people illegally yet to be convicted of an aggravated felony in addition to being here illegally so now with open borders you get here andnd don't have to n leave because no one s looking for you the whole world is watching what isn. going on there paying attention to her border than the biden administration. liz: does china allow people to cross without any papers whatsoever, does russia allow that the europe allow that, does canada allow that to countries in africa, does india allow that? >> no every country in every nation in the world has border and border enforcement the biden administration made it clear this is an open border agenda we talked about this many times p this is by design is no mistake the promises biden made you will be detained or deported and you get free healthcare the
10:57 pm
remaining mexico program, i'm gonna have asylum, he offered although this and he knew he was causing a surge at the highest numbers the numbers are 178,000 that the 900% increase over last year with trump, people know, we have an unprecedented amount of people entering the country illegally at the same time ice has the lowest number of arrests in the history of the agency last month, it is complete opposite what shouldd be happening telling ice what not to do, this is an open border agenda and this is where we are at. liz: do u.s. airports, chicago o'hare, jfk here in new york do they allow people to come into the airport without any papers and let them go with any documents, did the airportss allow that.
10:58 pm
>> no they won't get their tsa checkpoint when i talk about airports i was in rio grande two weeks ago and here's what's demoralizing to the border patrol agents, my plane fromm ro grande back to d.c. there were seven border patrol agents in the jetway before they boarded the plane going home after being on thehe southwest border they t there and i sat there i counted 14 family units people here illegally with a government packet their free government airline ticket in their government issuedli cell phone boarding the same fright with border patrol agents that arrested them two days ago, talk about a morale buster for these men and women who serve so bravely on the border i've never seen anything like it my career i'm beside myself when i saw this byron york has been all over this to he's been saying why do we allow this to happen when people struggle to get in
10:59 pm
here legally they come heree illegally and they see the sky one in nobody knows how this is going to end, president biden has taken $2 billion from america'sri healthcare program o deal with who ishe coming across the border, but then the biden w,administration went after troe for using pentagon funds to build the border wall, they are diverting funds to, but their marketing criticized for that.on liz: i don't think -- the only thing that is saving this a administration from our open borders with no enforcement is title 42 because her sunday 25% of families back and a lot of single adult and that's a trump policy, title 42, thankfully they kept that in place as part of it, when that and were going to see numbers of the border like you've never seen before. liz: when does not end. got it.
11:00 pm
it is great to see you tom homan, thank you for joining us you will come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald even watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us, thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrows, night. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome to requests kudlow, taxed to the max." i'm larry kudlow. now, in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes. that famous quote from founding father benjamin franklin. i guess i'll have have to acknowledge the former if not exactly the latter. but among all the problems with the biden administration's policy, they even want to raise taxes on your debt. that's kind of a poke in ben franklin's eye with. today's show is not about ben franklin though, it's worth


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