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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 19, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> mr. presi [inaudible] >> no] you can't. [inaudible] [laughter] [background noises] [laughter] s larry: secretary buddha just not a car guy, joe biden is a car guy events electric carpet river publican senate leader mitch mcconnell tomorrow night, please be here. ♪ ♪'s before it was never about the science it was always about control and you know it. now nancy policies latest it's a critical mass nonsense says she's drunk on power and unfit to hold the top job on capitol hill. last week the cdc and has fully vaccinated people no longer need to work masks inside or outside. house speaker refuses to follow those guidelines so when a group of republicans protested, massless on the house floor, nancy flipped out. slept for this or publican law mixed with 5-dollar fines break you believe this, they
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are following the freaking cdc guidelines man. today on fox went up liz's victims florida congressman explain why this proved policies nothing but a hypocritical harpy, watch. >> i went onto the floor of the house of representatives, i had to speak but as i was sitting there as a house sergeant at arm staff approach massive is going to put on my mask and i said no they sit okay. [inaudible] page >> the only thing that speaker below sees protecting right now is control. it's too radical control. she's been vaccinated, there's no reason for you to have to wear a mask on the floor of the house. >> she is a two radical racks. seven other republicans got away stern warning saying they better play by the rules or else, or else what, nancy customer going to find them $2500 expense in two political reeducation question regarding next guess one is very lawmakers who got one of the
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warnings, kentucky republican congressman house judiciary committee member thomas massie is back. let's get sassy with the massie welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me on kennedy. wake until side about the signs are democrat members of congress that walked out of the chamber, they tear their mask off and they go about their business. you can only be fined if you are on camera. if you are in the chamber of the house or if you are in a committed she will slap you with a five hitter dollar fine. i was a little bit disappointed i got off with a warning yesterday since today i will back to the floor without a mask a major got that $500 fine. if our congratulations were very proud of you. you have to stand up for this when it's in uniformity here. i need you to explain this to me. we are told by doctor felty that the country has to achieve heard immunity. he said that if some of between 70 and 80%. the house conceivably has heard immunity because 75% of your fully vaccinated.
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why isn't speaker pelosi trustees vaccines? >> there is a good question per cheese send the wrong message to america. members of congress were beginning to get vaccinated in december. trust me, these geriatric legislators chugged their way to the front of the vaccine line they have all had two shots by january. so all of them who wanted to put their folks like me who have the virus, got the antibody test, i am fully vaccinated by nature. okay? and it has been proven in studies that is just as effective as a vaccine for am not advocating to go get infected instead of the vaccine. you should probably get the vaccine and said the infection. but we have either had one or the other. kennedy: you have to count ever heard immunity is part of the equation. to back it is part of the equation there's no way we can give it to each other now part she knows that's what that's like a walk around the halls. we are elbow to elbow on airplanes and cafeteria here in congress.
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but we go to the floor in your front of a camera she wants the theater to continue prey that is why she slapping us with these fines. but look, this is a predicate for all of america. if we do not stand up to this right now, then there will be employers all over the country who are going to mandate that everybody turn over their medical records. everybody get vaccinated or they don't have a job where they're coerced into getting the vaccine. that is why we are standing upright it's not about us is about sending the right message to america. number one if you've developed immunity either through a vaccine or natural infection, there is no freaking reason for you to wear a mask. number two you are boss cannot mandate that. kennedy: think the democrats are going to lose in the midterms because of stupidity like this. i wish her more liberty minded people like you was there more libertarians but they are not. right now you are our last best hope it appears.
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you have to stand your ground for those of us laypeople, civilians, we look at this we are incredibly confused. we are told if you are vaccinated you can go massless, indoors and out. however i walker new york city and half the people are still masked outside. most everyone inside supposedly governor of new york lifted the mask mandate. so we do not know whether were coming or going. that is like that across large parts of the country particularly in heavy-handed blue states. spirit look states like florida and texas. that is what broke the cdc on this issue. they had to acknowledge rates are going down in florida and texas. they have done away with their masks there. one interesting thing, candy, the floor of the house yesterday was one of the ones in this revolt, what happiness we decided to go to the front and stand in the well and there were more women than men. some trying to figure out why
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are there more women willing to stand up? republican women. what i realize none of the men are allowed to spend $500 for the fine for they don't have the chapbooks that women do they went ahead and write the check. kennedy: i will also tell you why to become fully honest, women are pissed. it is because of regulations like this and kids been kept out of school at many of them have been kept out of job sprayed some of your colleagues are very lucky to be gainfully employed in congress of many women across the country not participate in the labor force because they can't. they're staying home taking home and taking care of the kids are zooming because of the federal stupid idiot dumb dumb government. i hope i did not offend you. >> that she has had this fall children should say mask up in school. that is ridiculous. i understand why mothers and fathers are upset about that. >> congress and massie is good to see you and your full face. spin. [laughter] face freedom, kennedy. kennedy: new survey shows
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americans are losing trust in the cdc and who can blame them. even a child conceived given arbitrary edicts untethered to science or reality purchased last week a 10-year-old florida boy confronted his school board about nonsensical mask mandates, watch. >> it all just seems unfair and it does not make sense. i miss seeing people's face for a miss the way things used to be. i am scared the liver go back to normal. breathing freely does not seemed like something we should have skin the other people for permission for. kennedy: very well written that's fourth grader john provenzano pertaining throwing to fox and friends enjoying the nail even harder on the head help masks have affected kids and all of this, watch. >> is just a simple state of like do we even know any other people? we are dehumanizing. kennedy: are americans finally read stand up to the too radical public health officials or are we going to
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make her ten -year-olds do it for us? once get into it tonight hump night man panna we've got political columnist anthony fisher he's been writing about this heard for the first time it is editor-in-chief jon gabriel of ricochet. an attorney and democrat strategist ethan bearman. welcome fellas. >> welcome kennedy thanks for having me. kennedy: good to have you, i'm drinking out of a mug, john. [laughter] that got a forgot my mug today. >> how dear you. and they didn't you because the cdc has been wrong on so much starting with tests and then dismissing masks and then forcing masks and then sank to masks and then quickly no masks. it really is not a surprise that people have lost faith. >> the room plenty of reasons to watch ms. faith in the pandemic.
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cdc would be wise to stop this helpful lying. originally when they're trying to preserve ppe for first responders and medical personnel, which i understand but the trade-off of that is they lost to better their credibility. now 15 months into the pandemic as vaccinations are clearly working, as heard immunity is taking effect, and estates one by one are getting ahead of the cdc and rolling back there covid restrictions, the cdc kind of snapped. director rochelle wolinsky said a couple months ago she feared impending doom. before i feel impending doom you guys what that hell does that mean? >> the thing is they have not ever had a clear concise message. at this point is seen but they're following the people. seems like the saying hey we
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have been listening to your medical advice or science advice assigns advices mask is not necessary. kennedy: they are teaching abstinence some of our teenagers who are already pregnant. my favorite things about the pandemic, and there were a few, spending time with my daughters, lighter traffic within the fda process dismantled i thought those were positive. i actually do not mind if there is an erosion interest in such an agency rate $6.6 billion a year agency. is it outdated? >> it is completely outdated. i was shocked to see the industrial age 1930s era agency failed find that shocking to you as well. and has outlived its usefulness. where the government succeeded
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during this pandemic has been when they got in the government out of the way for it said the fda process. we just need to be leaner and meaner about these things. last i heard about the cdc that let that zombie virus out the walking dead. now they have is pandemic their messaging alone has just been incredible. you people in the preparing for decades but you cannot decide a 2-inch by 4-inch peace of cloth works for the change their message constantly. very influenced by the political winds and trying to control that. it only growing and been all over the map. they are horrific communication on testing at the very beginning of the virus. only testing people who returned from china, your
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thoughts ethan? >> we need to intentionally destroy what is there with the pandemic response team. this was a novel virus you guys are painting over 600,000 dead americans. doing with data this changing by the day. this is odd to listen to you make fun of that, 600,000 dead americans but i'm glad to hear tom massie is now a nudist was to change the rules of the house legal walk around a nude. kennedy: this cdc change you know what, they changes cdc change the rules. the federal agency that is been dictating the rules hasn't said a vaccinia people do not have to work masks. they have known the efficacy of the vaccine they know the vaccine will keep you from transmitting or receiving the virus. they have known that as long as they have known any of the
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data since december. so the fact that withheld information the data has changed. that is a bulk crop empty talking points. bechtel people not to get it. [inaudible] there's a whole vaccine segment of the population prints before juno i the cdc has been all over the place. there is no incentive for people to get a vaccine when they have to work to masks according to doctor fauci three weeks ago. right the man panna returns the later so much more. governors across the country ending free federal handouts to push people back to work. what if you knew your job is replaced by a robot? was that late enough to get your keister off the couch? montana governor joins me next to discuss what he is doing to intensive incentivize montana workers, next ♪♪
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kennedy: the only new. [laughter] during the commercial breaks. present biden's big that unemployment checks are workers are fused apply for jobs it's creating a staffing shortage across the country. not a short staff. now with got bad news folks who would rather collect government checks then take a
8:18 pm
job put more companies are looking to fill your job with automation. so you may never work again part one governor saying no to the extra government handouts and is giving bonus checks to his constituents for getting and keeping a job for a month. will the plan work? or have robots already taken over? here's nay montana governor greg gianforte, welcome to show how exciting for you. suspect kennedy is great to be with you thanks for having me on. kennedy: love montana it's a beautiful state. and i know that you are frustrated because your businesses reach out to cause sensate we cannot fill these positions. we want to make money we want to serve people or reentering the economy, please help us what you say? be met yes that is absolutely right montana's open for business. we got rid of all of our restrictions but i inherited a bunch of stuff from the prior administration, we got lost protection place for businesses. but our businesses cannot find workers for it i had one hotel
8:19 pm
in one of our communities here, they have been advertising, they have been in scenting, we were paying people the supplemental benefits up to $42000 a year to sit home on the couch. it was time to get back to work. so we took some decisive action. we got rid of the supplemental unemployment benefits breed be reinstated work requirements. and we said if you do go back to work and work for four weeks were going to give you 1200-dollar bonus were the first state in the country to do that. that same hotel and the next week after he made that announcement they had 60 applications for work. they're opened up again. kennedy: do you worry about automation? automation has essentially doubled requests or automation equipment outside of auto manufacturing just in the last year, like during the pandemic a lot of businesses are figuring out new ways to get stuff done without human
8:20 pm
beings is that were you? >> i think it is part of adam smith's invisible hand for always going to see continuous improvement in our business owners are innovative. they will do what they need to to stay open but with this worker shortage, we had restaurants that were closing a couple of days a week because they cannot fill the shifts. we had truck stops where they are supposed to be a 24/7 kitchen they were closing at 4:00 o'clock people cannot get a meal. it's hard to get back on your feet and get profitable again if you cannot fill the jobs you have open. kennedy: that's absolutely critical for their been governors and other states have followed your lead, what other governors have reached out to you to if your plan is working? >> it is incentives matter. now over 20 states have followed our lead and gotten rid of the supplemental benefits.
8:21 pm
not all states have put incentives in place. i know arizona has, a couple others have as well. but kennedy, incentives work. we are in scenting people to stay home. the pandemic, or coming out of that were getting back to normal life. we need to be in scenting work now. that is were doing and montana. we are seeing people come back to the workforce. >> if i reload driver in my state in the pickup. it is so beautiful. that's i would just drive around. >> that is my job. we just finished a legislative session here we lowered taxes repealed regulations back we secured our constitutional rights against federal overreach. it was a happy day when her when her 50 legislatures left town went back home. we only meet 90 days every two years. i got all 56 counties every year. and for everyone listening out there we have beautiful trout
8:22 pm
streams. you get a line went glacier national park. kennedy: i grew up trout fishing in oregon where you down for reelection? >> i just got sworn in in january have a four-year term prospectively to primary on for years as that sounds like a great job rethinking so much governor. >> given a chance to travel to status the academy. speckle do it super thanks so much. the governments illegally spying on us. wait till you hear which innocent sounding agency is actually doing the worst worker. help break it down in my memo, that is next. and it's not something we just achieve at the end. it's a feeling... of freedom to live our lives the way we intended. though the ups... ...the downs ...all of it. this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan, protect and retire.
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8:27 pm
gross per here's what they do, these companies companies like clearview ai, facial recognition site that has amassed over 3 billion social media images they share with law enforcement. as well as the tap social media sites with keywords to keep tabs on protesters. an infusion that's another company that allows to make secret untraceable social media and e-mail accounts where they is all of the above to infiltrate your mojo. for real, that's is harmless right? keep the posts appear safe during riots and whatnot. that is dandy. but as a ruse to warrant private pre-crime comings and goings to other law enforcement agencies like the fbi through a slippery dhs intelligence sharing portal. basically building a case against you without a warrant and they are using private tools to encompass all online covid operations beyond dark
8:28 pm
web marketplaces to include publicly accessible websites and private sites. they are sharing with a known who can arrest you, spy on you or snoop their luke to get the rocks effort it makes sense the nsa was busted by noted for spying on americans illegally billions of phone records, text and e-mails with direct access servers. fbi using their surveillance toolbox to spy on americans that carter pages wiretapped to a warrant application with such ease and corruption the cia can pretty much affect any device phones, macbooks, cars with malware that can apparently also kill you. these are the programs we know about it make sense for surveillance bullies at these agencies to let some federal sheep like the post office do the dirty work for them. and it is filthy. the question is, it is either major party have the backbone to stand up to agrees just
8:29 pm
warrantless spying? until we elect the first libertarian or at least liberty minded president. they will probably get spied on comment docked and threatened into submission. and that is the memo. >> lawmakers in both sides avail calling for federal into federal spying in a new letter coming like that senator ron wyden encompassing raskin both democrats they say they want to ban the d.o.j. from spying on journals. meanwhile jim jorgen andy biggs both republicans one of them decorated, they say their demanding more from answers and the fbi widespread pfizer violations if there is bipartisan agreement the federal spying stinks, why is the post office getting its hands dirty question work the party panels back the man panel les anthony fisher, jon gabriel and ethan bearman. anthony list talk about this. neither party really wants to tackle it. both of them should.
8:30 pm
they are both guilty when either one is in charge and it is so easy to do it and to abuse it. it is got to end. they say it does like the nsa still getting busted for violating the fourth amendment. >> i was just doing research on the clinton era law that was passed right in the wake of the oklahoma city bombing which was. [inaudible] after 911 the patriot act was passed in response to islamic extremism and the atrocities they committed on 911. it goes on and on. right now the left and the right the democrats and republicans like to spy on each other that despite on black lives matter on the left is like to spy on people who they think of right wing extremists or anyone involved the generation of the right at the capitol. they see the necessity, the
8:31 pm
absolute national security necessity to spy on americans. and when it is their team it's what matters to them. >> is the post office. when you read this headline a quarter they doing? coming through your mail like holding things up to a light cosmic i realize they have an entire law enforcement arm that is using these companies to collect data in a way, wyden is going to have insulation in it should the government does not use clearview ai to gather images for future cases. but the post office is doing it. it is discussing is not something that should happen in this country. >> belongs in china doesn't belong there either of course. certainly not an american birthday could maybe focus on delivering the mail it will be a vast improvement. but the things you get when you make government so huge it was far beyond what it's therefore, they cannot do the basic things they talked earlier about the cdc.
8:32 pm
their basic functions that government should be doing and they are failing at those regularly paired meanwhile they're starting all these new programs now that are invading our privacy constantly. i don't blame them for wanting many, many photos good for them i understand it. this >> is willing the flesh is weak. but it is insane that anything i would post to facebook a picture of my kids, which have all removed because of stuff like this, and a picture i posted instagram or something they have no need they don't need to know a date for lunch yesterday. they do not need this info. kennedy: that's a really good points but as you know, even, you walk into a school and say hello fellow students. you know that kids post pretty horrible things on snap to pay but now we know the post office is using these various platforms to anonymously create accounts in their
8:33 pm
gathering all of that information. that is pretty dire. >> this is an area i think we actually have a lot of agreement between you and me, kennedy. this is an absolute intrusion. they are circumventing at the very important point they are circumventing the fourth amended by using these private third parties to vacuum up all the data. this is actually a time or he passed a lot to a point that both parties should come together. this is absolutely wrong to use these gigantic third-party services like clearview ai to circumvent our constitutional rights, our civil liberties. and have the post office of all ridiculous, the post office. there is no argument for the post office. for i don't buy it were just try to keep our workers sacred oh you are? you are crating bots to spy on everyone and jam it through the slippery intelligence
8:34 pm
sharing portal to the dhs? that is malarkey that is hot billerica that is hot stank malarkey. speaking of malarkey the winter olympic games are heading to beijing in 2022. u.s. lawmakers both sides of the aisle are causing boycott. yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi suggested government officials hold a diplomatic boycott the games to purchase human rights abuses in china just like they did in 2008. it did not work but they are protesting the treatment of. today senator rick scott sent a letter to nbc saying has a unique opportunity to condemn oppression and stand for human dignity by declined to air the 2022 olympic games list that moved out of calvinist china. i urge you to do so immediately. so what are the chances anyone takes a stand against the commies? man panel what you think? anthony, i do not like the idea of games going back to china. i did not like the games in
8:35 pm
russia it's like having the games in north korea. so why not just move them to salt lake city with have all the venue? >> romney would love that. it worked out great for him last time. there are all kinds of tea use the word, problematic association with international sport. they had to use slaves to build these stadiums. china come as you say, it was absurd went to the olympics normal in 2008 franchise when the worst human rights violators for half a century. out with the slave camps and some people are using the word genocide when it comes to the uighur muslims in china. kennedy: the biden administration. >> is simply outrageous for us to go along as though this is normal. sue for the go to pull out of atlanta for the all-star games because their voting law, then
8:36 pm
how the heck can we spend a delegation to china. no one should send athletes this is disgusting. into ethan's point, this is what the chinese are doing. they are using a either using facial recognition to identify so they can pluck them off the street and send them to concentration camps. they are actively doing this. i know it might hurt lebron james sneaker sales it's not just the genocide is it, jon gabriel, there are other issues with china. >> completely we talked with the privacy issues that's going on. they're cracked out on hong kong. trying to enslave those people as well who have been free up until recently. again and again nursing problems with china. the other thing to his those who depend on advertising for the olympics, nbc especially pray they should extend china's extremely unpopular now where they're going to be much much more unpopular a year from now. so far and god has what they
8:37 pm
are capable of providing out of time ethan go ahead and take us home. >> i think it's important to note i love chinese people, chinese culture the communist china is bad for basically the world for their playing a long game right now. happy to see the speaker stand up. i love to hear that senator rick scott is speaking out as well. we cannot just keep pushing off the issues that are happening with china. let's address them now together. steve i heard scott and nancy pelosi were making on the cloakroom is that true? >> at that could be think i heard the same rumor. man panel thank you so much great anthony welcome to the show in ethan great. thank you. sweeping the nation as the pentagon prepares to build a beam on what they know. former president obama said he cannot wait. are the lgm's here question of who better to ask that her old friend jimmy failla joined me in studio live. stay here.
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at tonight's edition of news that your pride be a bigger deal, apparently ufos are real. the pentagon set to release a bombshell report next month. detailed sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, uf i'm sorry you pas are you a peas. i cannot read. and now even former president barack obama seems to be confirming the rumors. >> when it comes to aliens, there are some things i just can't tell you on air. but what is true, and i'm actually being serious here is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don't know exactly what they are.
8:43 pm
kennedy: [laughter] at the president of the united states admitted this 20 years ago at their bait non- stop news coverage. so why does it seemed like a 2021 we don't care about no stinking aliens know more? here disgusting meetinghouse fox across america on fox news radio, jimmy failla is back. anyone his laid eyes on this report is that holy underwear, we are not safe. >> the only things were not sure in terms of whether the aliens are reels whether biden is offered them stimulus checks and free vaccines. we are at this point that is so embarrassing. we have no ability to scale the importance of newsprint not split social meet has done to us. uf of the biggest existenial of our lifetime are real. everybody's like ufo are they on twitter? nobody cares. we have just found out that et is real it's based on a true
8:44 pm
story. instead of owning helpers for someone to bet's going to beat mars attack that arbeiter fingers off. >> no one's phoning home there staring at their phone it's in the tik tok video. kennedy: aptly right that should put on tik tok. that's of the need to release the report on tik tok because then maybe my dghlt. >>el if i r i rlly m demming t terwi llower so he heane get calv pefgor peg pg p yser desoib br thap andndtherth oday addd au gogoin t abok aboht uf gue gueor gng t tok tal abtousou. aroing gea the peohepleeo aguns trehere goi to t t t afrrho don d. >> tsny. kenn wedhonnednnedoioi r questionallo your bro'sro tistartingar pos pos you y. goodd sf s of u osf a oo another way the government likes to lie to us on a
8:45 pm
controlled basis to eases into what we need to know, i think this or this confirmation they're here on the ground they are walking around right now. so for the public ghosting beat right now. >> you cannot get a return from an alien right now. back to the point i was making that really should bother per they should bother everybody. we spent our entire youth, most of everyone's youth watching movies about exactly this. because it was the biggest fantasy pie in the sky and foil hats, alien, close encounter. was that movie that made you want to leave earth and never come back? love ashley nothing to do with aliens but what it manipulative peace of garbage. >> i'm so mad at ben affleck. >> back with that gross discussing scumbag periods. we do not have to take this pretty yankees are better people by the way. safaris in a stupid asteroid movie brace vicki sucked is
8:46 pm
the worse our yankees are cut above everybody else, giving out vaccines at yankee stadium mostly because of. [inaudible] the point is for helping folks new york is making a difference. aliens are going to kill all they're going to be collecting life. before are we all going to die this is fun,. [laughter] jim congratulations to your brother. >> mike ala the wedding song is throwing it all away by phil calls is going to be great. [laughter] kennedy: equal opportunity offenders of her big brothers. thanks jim, can a dog that yes your dog. might be on the tv, that is next. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah.
8:47 pm
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kennedy: at today's two-year anniversary prince harry met him articles wedding for the queen left them a nice gift of the front door and a flaming brown paper bag. it is flaming dog i love it. that's how you ban your world duties, and this is a topical storm. topic number one, a restaurant group is opening a non- alcoholic irish bar in abu dhabi. but i would have to be pretty
8:51 pm
drunk to step foot in a place like that. the virgin mary bar began in ireland as the countries only no alcohol pub. also it's no customer pub. now they are expanding to abu dhabi under the name tbm breaking the silence of an irish pub to the middle east without the alcohol that goes with it. where's the arab locals call it, a shiite show. [laughter] the bad news is, now you cannot blame it on the alcohol when you bring home some guy from the bar. i'm keeping a close eye on a business center birth this works abu dhabi might be the perfect place to use my imagination or non- gambling desert casino called no chance in hell. going to be rich. topic number two. scientists have discovered impossible christian at the sight of the world's first nuclear bomb test for it just goes to show, nothing is impossible when you put your mind in your nuclear arsenal to it.
8:52 pm
this is the trusting site in the desert of new mexico. corrupting in a blaze of fleury asking the entire research team to celebrate taco tuesday. scientists say that heat from the blast created a science defined crystal called red trinity i pierson found only in meteorites but also a rapper had one implanted in his ford. researchers are studying the crystals to learn more about nuclear blast and laser technology then put them on shark's head spread there plenty of crystals at the trinity nuclear testing sites. you can grab some two but be careful by the crystals are guarded by a ferocious monster born from nuclear radiation. he does not care. topic number three. harry potter is getting his own tv quiz show competition. the real winners of the people who do not watch it. the new harry potter trivia show will air on hbo, tbs and
8:53 pm
cartoon network's. you can also fight on channel nine and three quarters for the show will feature consecutive days of harry potter super fans they will battle it out over who knows the best about jk rawlings world. silly game show where every contestant is the weakest link. especially on a dodgeball team. the shows now accepting applications to enter the competition i'd rather run headfirst the wall of a train station but if you are a potter head why not take a break from yanking your wand and sign up now. this is your chance to make your withered house corrupt proud. not your regular house they are very ashamed of everything you do. topic number four. pizza hut japan is selling pizza topic i skip or maple syrup. those are the best stuff to first. i scream and maple syrup or my google translate is broken. that's very straightforward about enchanting as a job with governor cuomo. the pizzas no tomato sauce it
8:54 pm
pizza cheese ice cream maple syrup and oil. or is chris christie because of the five food groups. pizza was invented by employee annual contest for the other recipes involved cicadas. the enchanted pie sells for 2700 japanese again which is currently the equivalent of 8000 bit coin. it's been surprisingly good of the most american say it is a missed opportunity to stuff the crust with peanut butter. silly available and macy have to order soon but be careful the last guy who ate it ended up looking like this. speaking of fearsome creatures i will be back with kristine frazao # kennedogs. but preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ common love isn't for us ♪ ♪ we created something phenomenal ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ foot. kennedy: welcome back aside for this week's edition of kennedogs about dogs filled all the pictures of your wonderful dogs, we love your dogs as much as you do. keep on sending us your dog picks with the # kennedogs to see the chance to see your pooch on this show wednesday nights. all right let's get to it. here's this week's craziest the fund dogs at scrappy center from owner ted. ted said scrappy was to play high scrappy, what you gotten your mouth good boy? say home to sir richard longbottom also known as ricky. showed up my friend set in her
8:59 pm
handsome dog scout. chase for liberty since his dog delilah. she is eight years old she loves hiking height delilah who's a good girl? this is ms. jewell partners jules has a loja height ms. jewell i love wiener dogs. and say hi to drake this was sent in by james, who is a good boy drake? who is a good boy? you are little buddy. this is shadow shadow has a lot of nicknames and including beauty pretty girl but she is in bringing their family joy for ten years are like a shadow. kim sends in good boy gus. it's a fat puppy so we named him after the fat little mouse and cinderella gus gus. here's luke he's cute. dennis@lucas a little shy but he got all dressed up to meet me. i got dressed up to meet you too luca.
9:00 pm
you are such a good boy and your tie is so fancy. thank you everyone who sent in your kennedogs think it was the best every day give involvement in twitter and instrument canonization facebook candy appian e-mail candy and piano to myrna on show the big one guy benson, kristen tate, will kate is going to be here in studio for lc then, make every day at kenn-a-day. good night. that good for putin not for american workers. present biting clearing the way for putin's pipeline in russia after blocking the keystone xl pipeline and all those jobs in the u.s. larry putting american americas workers last customer post new york city reopening today but hurdles still remain. crimee is surging all over the u.s. business shutteredin for good and the police force is facing a pressing roadblock. and worth the risk question at the ties between


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