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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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have a great sunday, go to church. ♪. maria: good sunday morning walk on the "sunday morning features", i am maria bartiromo, coming up neanderthal after all, the country follows texas wear masks are often encoded related deaths, cases continue to go down. governor greg abbott on covid, the border in the biden agenda coming up with new weapons and omission in narcotics at the
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southern border this week. along with 170,000 people apprehended in the month of april, then from texas to the middle east to russia and china, joe biden's foreign policy wonder former national intelligence director john ratcliffe on the advice he gave the biden administration on the way out and why they ignored it. in gaza, will the cease-fire hold, then breaking news across joe biden summer plan to jam through as much tax-and-spend policy as possible, arkansas tom cotton including biden's plan to give the u.s. treasury direct surveillance of the flows in your bank account. then surveillance deadly experiments from the heavy hand of communist china here is congressman devin nunes on this program last week. >> i think they're sitting on suppressing a lot of intelligence that the american people should see in order to
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know how to move ahead over the coming next years as china continues to gain control of the life science arena and global economy and trying to move all the technology back to china while at the same time not answering basic questions about the origin of the virus. maria: world health organization advisor on how the pandemic started and why china is trying so hard to stop the investigation as dr. fauci now says maybe covid did not develop naturally after all, all of that and more right here, right now on "sunday morning features". ♪. maria: versus morning texas reached a major milestone last week recording an entire day without any covid-19 deaths for the first time since march of
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2020, the good news does not stop there the lone star state was the lowest number of covid related hospitalizations and more than 11 months and the lowest a7 positivity rate that the pandemic began this lease president biden with egg on his face after he criticized greg abbott for dropping the mask mandate and reopening texas in march. take a look. >> we are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way we were able to get vaccines in people's arms we've been able to move that to the end of may to have enough for every american to get a shot in the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking they get in the meantime everything is fine, take off your mask, forget it. maria: join me right now the governor of texas greg abbott, it's always a pleasure, thank you very much for being here, congratulations on your leadership and good judgment,
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give us an update on where texas stands today. >> the numbers continue to improve and to put this in context from the very beginning many businesses remained open and back in october businesses opened up at 75% and as you pointed out in march we had the entire economy open up 100% and no more masks, president biden and the democrats railed against it, you heard what president biden said and other democrat said i had issued a death warrant and as you pointed out we continue to have a decline in deaths after we opened up 100% until we reach the mark of the day was 0 deaths and hospitalizations continue to go down even more, the number of cases in positivity rate continue to go down even more yesterday was of the was positivity rate that we had on record during the history of the entire pandemic.
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it shows that the right move was to make sure that we did open up, get things back to normal and also one thing that i did last week was to make sure students would all be back in school, no more masks and school, it's time to get back to normal with regard to business openings as well as children back in school with no more masks. maria: governor connect the dots in terms of the economic story that is flourishing in texas, i know texas is one of 22 states to pull back on the $300 a week federal unemployment benefits but you've got businesses opening, small businesses once again getting back to thriving in that is coinciding with the big boom in terms of jobs and growth, market therewith happy with the economy. >> the economy is booming and one reason we withdrew from the federal unemployment benefit
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addition on top of the texas a&m women benefit is because there is high demand for workers and according to the texas workforce commission we have as many job openings as are people who are seeking unemployment in addition to an important fact, that is 18% of the people filing unemployment claims that turned out to be false but here's was going on economically from last april to this april texas added a million new jobs according to the dallas federal reserve throughout the remainder of the year we will add 800,000 jobs, the last report for the state gross domestic product texas was second in the united states with a robust 7.5% quarter over quarter increase in gross domestic product. i've got to tell you this consumer spending is through the roof as you know consumer spending is two thirds of the economy according to the dallas federal reserve, consumer
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spending now as above where it was before the pandemic even hit and you see this in busy stores and in crowded roadways and you see it in restaurants and things like that but one thing that is powering the economy is so many businesses are fleeing shutdown states, you know tesla giga factory oracle moved from california to austin, hewlett-packard enterprise moved its headquarters to houston yes cbre the fortune 500 real estate coping moved its headquarters to dallas and earlier this year charles schwab opened up its headquarters in dallas, texas. we see so many businesses coming to texas and that is one reason why texas was recognized by the ceos of this country and ceo magazine for doing business and why texas ranked number one of the nation last year for the most new economic development projects and one last factoid is what happened over the course of
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the covid year, texas moved from tenth to ninth globally as the ninth largest economy in the entire world. maria: that is terrific i know you're seeing a lot of people and businesses move to texas look at the income tax, no state income tax and that's one of the allures as president biden efforts raising taxes, pretty significantly for businesses and individuals, wages texas voting law stand you mentioned ceos had a lot of ceos blocking over the voting laws going on in other states, i want to get your take on what you're doing in texas and when you'll sign it, let's go through the election bill that passed the texas house on may 7 prohibiting unsolicited ballot applications by election officers, banning paid vote harvesting activity protects poll watchers to observe what is happening, when will you sign this bill? >> hasn't finally been passed, it should pass this coming week
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and i'll be signing immediately. what this law really does, in texas every session we focused on making sure safe and secure elections and this has absolutely nothing to do with the past presidential election but one thing that we do know in texas, mailing ballot are right with fraud as well as ballot harvesting and i have to tell you this very quick, it's not me talking, it is a federal judge appointed by barack obama in texas that made a ruling that said ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots fraud happened in abundance in the state of texas, barack obama himself with joe biden as vice president they investigated and prosecuted a ballot harvesting scheme in south texas where they were using cocaine to buy boats, were just making sure we crackdown on voter fraud like that. maria: that is unbelievable and
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yet even as obama and biden were behind that the democrats are pushing for the h.r.1 and that has mail-in ballots becoming the standard, before you go we've got a talk quickly about the border and how you assess things today, i was grateful to take the helicopter trip with you on the black hawk helicopter and able to view the border in broad daylight and we see groups of five, ten, 15, 20 people on that road next door to the rio grande as a regular cart right now, you tweeted this weekend about the seizure of weapons and ammunition yesterday, there was a seizure of weapons and ammunition by the department of public safety, tell me about the seizures you're seeing in terms of illicit narcotics and guns at the border, have you seen any change in terms of the border in the apprehensions and the people coming into texas.
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>> there's been a dramatic increase in the amount of drugs coming across the border and it's very dangerous to people across the united states the texas department of public safety patrols aboard every single day and they've seen in a hundred% increase in the amount of fentanyl coming across the border, they seized this year end a fentanyl to kill every man, woman and child in the entire state of new york, we are cracking down because this is very dangerous, what happens pills or other drugs that people may buy off the street are laced with fentanyl and killing more people, americans need to wake up to the crisis, the border issue is not of the rio grande valley that goes up to new york or minnesota or chicago, places across the country and what the border crisis is doing the biden has opened up his enriching the cartels who profit off of moving fentanyl and other drugs into the united states.
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maria: we had 90000 overdoses in america in the last year largely due to fentanyl. i don't understand why biden and harris are not doing anything about it as releasing by ice of illegal immigrants into the country, that is also increased dramatically, you're right, what happened to texas doesn't stay in texas it goes from the border to the interior of our country, it's great to see you this morning, thank you very much. >> thank you maria take care. maria: will be watching the development governor greg abbott. former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe is here on biden's leaked foreign policy is emboldening america's most dangerous enemies making the country less safe and why is biden nominating a former legal advisor to while away as the next general counsel and the (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on
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>> we worked for four years and we made clear they will not underrate you, were not gonna send american taxpayer money to the palestinians why you're committed to wiping israel off the face of the earth, this administration came in and underwrite the palestinians again they handed billions of dollars over to the iranians in terms of enforcement of sanctions the iranians are underwriting firing rockets into jerusalem and tel aviv. maria: that was former secretary of state mike pompeo last week explaining how president biden foreign policy is inviting violence in the middle east my next guest warned us in march that negotiating with iran would set the united states onto a very dangerous path, that's exactly what is taking place, john not cliff is a former director of national
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intelligence pre-he joins me right now, it's good to see this morning. you did not want to be right, tell me how this all happened a month after joe biden sent money to the palestinians, suddenly we see a similar scene under the obama administration, rockets fired at israel, do you believe the cease-fire will hold? >> i was listening to you talk to governor abbott about the crisis on our southern border it struck me when we look at national security and foreign policy mistakes by the biden administration already chapter one how to create a crisis after southern border by reversing policies that are cruelly working, chapter two what were working about in iran middle east peace by emboldening and very clearly reflect that there gonna tell you watching joe biden two days ago take credit for a cease-fire with an arson
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at the time taking credit for putting out a fire that he helped start, let's be real clear about this, the 4000 rockets that went into israel were not hamas rockets, they were iranian rockets, they were paid for built by or put together by hamas militants trained by iran in aerodynamics necessary to attack israel. you don't have to take my word for it, the iranian leader ayatollah took credit will include the victory over israel by iran and hamas is leader thanked iran for his help in the victory, to watch with the biden administration how they have emboldened around, as you said we warned them, if you reverse these policies you're gonna jeopardize the hard earned middle east peace into your question about whether the cease-fire will hold, that
6:19 pm
remains to be seen but the path of the biden administration has chosen with respect to iran means there will be chaos in war in other places in the middle east besides gaza, syria, yemen, afghanistan, iraq, if you give iran more money to fund terrorism i done in the past with $100 billion of the obama biden administration gave in the first tracy poa agreement, they're only going to do that again and i think it's really troubling that the approach of the biden administration has taken to take our sovereign ally in the middle east israel and bring them down to the same level where they raised hamas a terrorist organization and said both parties are at fault, i think that's a tragic and troubling foreign policy approach. maria: as if it's an equal comparison, you have is really iron dome obviously incredible
6:20 pm
technology but how much can the iron dome take as there is a debate in the congress the squad does not want to send or sell any arms to israel, even after we know that the obama administration gave iran money that is using to train and arm hamas and yet they're pushing joe biden not to sell any arms to israel. >> the biden administration seem so concerned what you haven't seen in this 11 days of fighting any combination or attribution to iran for this because the biden administration is so concerned they want to bring iran to negotiate a failed sequel to the failed original jcpoa agreement that gave iran $100 billion to fund this terrorism and no air defense system is immune from numbers, it is science and what iran has
6:21 pm
tried to do and once they get the resources to do it if sanctions are lifted is again to create platforms to be attacked from syria, lebanon, gaza, afghanistan, iraq, all these places to target israel and the iron dome cannot withstand that and the israelis know that and we should help israel not hurting them in this foreign policy hurts israel. maria: real quick on russia, the administration has waived the sanctions on the company operating the norge stream to, what kind of hypocrisy is this that were allowing the norge stream to pipeline to double is effort and he kills the pipeline in the u.s., the excess pipeline even as his administration members are saying the safest way to transport energy is to pipeline. >> i really surprised of this biden being tough on russia and
6:22 pm
putin and we look at what is happening are administration i sat in the administration room with mike pompeo and national security advisor o'brien how do we stop norge stream and we did straw but we told the carriers and the ships of origin and all of the companies and parties involved you can do business with russia or the united states, you pick and we put sanctions on to ensure that this pipeline would not be finished and it was not for the past year. it is really strange when you look at this, you know how to be great at math to look at this joe biden killed the keystone pipeline in russia wins, the colonial pipeline gets shut down by russia, russia wins another response from the biden administration is to give vladimir putin a shiny natural gas pipeline and nord stream two, russia wins again. it's really hard to believe how we got from america first america worst in such a short
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6:27 pm
>> you have to make sure that women have a chance to succeed and thrive throughout their careers, there is a saying used in a different context of chinese saying women hold up half the world. it's an absolutely stupid position not to make sure it represents half of what we do. maria: i understand the point on women but to quote now while the u.s. coast guard is actively battling communist china principles right now in the south china sea, where the cpp is trying to dominate and bully neighbors, john ratfliffe is with us this morning and i have to ask you your reaction why quote a communist dictator while speaking to the very men and women defending our coast and our country, do you think this
6:28 pm
is what is expected to send off china's bad behavior. >> it's poor judgment and it's what he's going to continue to be criticized about being soft on china he is the founder of the chinese commonest party in the chinese communist party there is no group that is treating women worst than the chinese communist party treating uighur women right now, millions of them. it is really poor judgment and will continue to open up the biden administration to criticism as they continue to make soft policy decisions that are good for china and not stand up in the chinese communist party. maria: it seems a another policy decision has highlighted everyday, president biden his worst move arguably is giving the u.s. vaccine technology to china waiving any protection or vaccine makers had on the secret to the vaccine and then this
6:29 pm
week this last week the senate had confirmation hearings that the office of the dni general counsel nominating the general counsel for the head of intelligence apparatus the person they are nominating did work for waterway, can you explain that one. >> really poor judgment, why they would do that i don't understand, huawei is under the direction and control the chinese commonest party which means lawyers for huawei under the direction and control of the chinese communist party. i do agree with me many people have china's greatest national security threat why would you put one of china's lawyers in charge of our intelligence community the highest lawyer within the intelligence community to deal with a great threat, doesn't make any sense. to the point about covid in china's role with respect to that, the biden administration put out a 200 page strategic
6:30 pm
plan on covid-19 and not a single word, not one word on the origin of covid-19 even though there's increasingly intelligence and evidence that indicates that the origin was from the wuhan institute of raleigh but the biden administration refuses to confront china on the issue and other issues like weird genocide and what they're doing in hong kong in the aggression of the south china sea and the biden administration is going to get criticism for being soft on china and they're not helping themselves by putting people in the house ties with the chinese communist party or doing work for china and the chinese communist party into the administration. maria: i don't understand any of this. i don't understand why the issue of origin of covid never came up in joe biden's conversation with xi jinping and it never came up in the alaska meeting i don't understand why they want to get the united states back into they
6:31 pm
ran deal, the obvious is not in the best interest of america. the covid situation back in december, you were with me on this program, you warned us because you wrote it in your op-ed that china is trying to biologically enhance its soldiers, this week chinese professor with close ties to the ccp declared this he said china defeated the united states, they one in a biological war in 2020. we also had news a couple of weeks ago from another reporter out of australia who said the idea of using a biological weapon was talked about five years before the pandemic occurred, what are your thoughts on all of this, by the way the global times has recommended that the ccp bomb l straw you, we know the global times for the chinese communist party, the ccp should bomb australia, australia
6:32 pm
has been one of the courageous countries the pushback and they want answers on covid and the origin. >> my thought on that, this is why i did something the dni's don't typically do or have never done when i rode op-ed last year saying china is our greatest national security threat and i laid out many of the same things you accurately laid out. as you recall, a lot of people mocked me for that and said russia is a much greater threat in a greater threat in china's not that bad. now the majority of national security experts agree with me for the reasons that you outlined in its inexplicable that this administration is not confronting almost 600,000 americans died last year as a result of whether by accident or otherwise a virus that the chinese communist party very clearly negligently allowed to be exported around the world and the fact that the biden
6:33 pm
administration will not confront them on the origins of this and hold them accountable is really disrespectful to every american that lost a loved one as a result of the worst pandemic of her lifetime. maria: this behavior forces us to go back to the issue of conflict of interest, is it because the biden family has conflict with the chinese conflict with the chinese communis oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret. eye contact. you feel that? we just had a moment. [chuckles] who would've thought it? geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance. (vo) this is more than just a building. it's an ai-powered investment firm with
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>> if it's confirmed the roads were shut down for a number of days in mid-october it is highly coincidental that there was a major shutdown at about the time one might have expected the virus to first get transmitted to humans. whatever the origins may have been this may be a circumstantial evidence that there was an accident or outbreak from the labs not from the seafood market or anywhere else that's why it's so important that we get to the bottom of the data. maria: that was arkansas senator tom cotton on this program of may of last year adjusting something that he picked up that there was no cell phone activity or major road activity, they were all closed around the will have lab in october of 2019. this is a very busy area of
6:38 pm
wuhan to have no cell cell phone activity. given devin nunes causes evidence in his report on the origin of covid-19, we told you about that report coming out it was released this past wednesday. joining me the first lawmaker to go on the record right here on this program back in february of 2020 has suggested covid-19 could have leaked from the wuhan lab of urology. senator tom cotton. you have done great value for our viewers by your honesty and telling it like it is, thank you for that, do you still stand by what you said and what you learned in the last year about the situation. >> it's hard to believe it's been 15 months since you and i first discussed which is a common sense proposition but it's a big coincidence that it started it a mountain village with caves and bats but downtown wuhan a city larger than new york just a few blocks up the
6:39 pm
road from labs that were researching fact-based corona viruses. since then every bit of circumstantial evidence out of the trump administration that some employees and staff in the lab may have had coronavirus like symptoms as early as october or september 2019 continues to point to the labs of the origin of the virus. not the food market that the chinese communist party used as a cover story from the very beginning. it is so imperative that the biden administration hold the chinese communist party accountable and demand answers for all of these questions. maria: but he is not, you know that all of the things coming out of the biden administration you're gonna be debating another bill this week on not having people invest in chinese companies that are tied to the military and the administration removed one technology committee from the trump backlist and it pushed out, postponed the bn on
6:40 pm
trading stocks of companies tied to the chinese military. what is going on, the biden the administration keeps giving the chinese communist party a break for the ccp, we have a timeline of events on the history of the game of function research and what we have on our timeline is that there was a pause in this research and then the pause was lifted in 2017, let's take a look at the research and funding of gain of function which you raise in a letter that you sent to director francis collins of the nih, tell me what you want answered, your 17 questions, you and six other senators signed this letter to francis collins. >> joe biden has been rolling over for aggressors around the world, not just china but russia and iran in this week joining
6:41 pm
moral equivalence from israel in a mosque to demand cease-fire. but the letter i joined ron johnson a handful of other senators specifically asked the national institutes of health why they were funny gain of function research in the wuhan labs, dr. fauci has been to congress and said that did not happen. dr. fauci is playing more games. the money that the nih gave way to an american organization, turned around and gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the wuhan labs to investigate coronavirus' and to find ways to make them more contagious and more dangerous, we asked francis collins, dr. fauci's boss to come clean, tell us exactly what was happening and why the research was being funded, as you point out in a time when obama administration had explicitly banned this gain of function research. research in the making deadly of passage in even more dangerous and there could be an example here of the public health bureaucrats thinking they know better and they're not going to
6:42 pm
answer to political oversight and accountability even the obama administration and they went ahead with the research that could be very dangerous, that is why it's imperative that the nih come clean and tell us exactly what happened. maria: you talk about the word games that dr. fauci was playing, we know a general named peter the health eco-alliance the nonprofit that took money from the nih and sent it over to wuhan, here is peter day six who runs out alliance talking about coronavirus, let's listen to this. >> you say these are diverse coronavirus and you can't vaccinate against antivirals, what we do. >> you know all this stuff, you commendably pretty easily.
6:43 pm
maria: you can manipulate the coronavirus easily, he's telling us in december of 2019 and by the way after i spoke with you and others who suggested that it came from the lab, i sent out a tweet talking about our show and the things that i found out peter day sick tresses me on twitter saying i know nothing, here we are a year later, obviously it's likely that it came from the lab, what you make of what took place. >> i think a lot of the experts in scientific bureaucrats are trying to cover their tracks this can be a genuine scandal, bureaucrats violating explosive direction from the obama white house to continue research that is highly dangerous and potentially susceptible to escape from the laboratory especially in china has notoriously bad safety practices. but a year ago donald trump still in the white house and the
6:44 pm
press did not want to say anything that would help them get reelected or to confirm what people like i was saying since they don't like my politics, now the joe biden is in the white house they're willing to investigate a little deeper, it's an example of how the press has become deeply partisan. maria: really quick before we go we only have a couple of seconds, in terms of domestic policy, president biden is talking about more requirement to the financial services sector, giving $80 billion to the irs is his idea which would help the banks give the treasury direct access into our bank account, what is going on here, does he want surveillance of our bank accounts? >> yes he wants to give tens of billions of dollars to the irs the organization of the lowest learner use bureaucracy to persecute christian groups and conservative groups so they can track the money in your checking or savings or 401k, i don't
6:45 pm
think many republicans will support than congress. maria: unbelievable. we will keep talking with you and catch up where the legislation is going. thank you very much for being here this morning, we appreciate it. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ common love isn't for us ♪ ♪ we created something phenomenal ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity
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>> what we know for this virus a few miles of the lab in the simplest explanation and probably the most likely, it can come on china to prove that it wasn't that lab, that is number one but more important we know for critical six week period of time, china used his influence of the world health organization to hide the virus from the world, this is a time where the virus could've been contained in
6:49 pm
wuhan instead 5 million chinese people went out from wuhan and propagated the virus around the world, that is a critical time. maria: that was former white house trade advisor peter navarro on this program april 2020 exposing china's coronavirus cover-up, here we are a year later and we still do not have official confirmation on where the virus originated in joe biden will not bring it up, last sunday former secretary of state mike pompeo said signs point to where we expect, the wuhan lab of virology. >> we work to get every bit of evidence and tried to deliver this, cdc tried to work with the chinese that covered up terribly but every piece of evidence that we saw throughout the entire time i was there suggested that this originated in laboratory at the wuhan institute of her ologies, i've not seen a shred of evidence that suggests anything to the contrary. maria: joining me now jamie
6:50 pm
metzl and advisor to the world health organization he served on the u.s. national security council during the clinton administration. he has a phd in asian history and were happy to have him on this morning. great to see you, thank you very much for joining me. >> my pleasure. maria: where are we on all of this, i know the world health assembly, an annual meeting of world leaders will happen this week, will this issue come up? >> i think it will come up, the big question for our government and other governments around the world, are we going to do everything possible to demand accountability from china differently from ourselves but most significantly from china to get to the bottom of the terrible pandemic began from day one china has been engaged in a massive cover-up involve destroying samples, hiding records, imprisoning citizen
6:51 pm
journalists asking tough questions and established a gag order preventing chinese scientists from writing anything publicly without chinese government approval and millions of people are dead as a result of this cover-up. it is gotten into, our government and governments around the world will have an opportunity at the world health assembly when it opens tomorrow to demand a significant change. maria: look what happened to australia when it demanded information australia was among the courageous countries to say we want to see how this started. now there's articles in the global times advising the ccp to obama's trillium. lost earliest pickup at the meeting? >> it's outrageous i'm glad you mentioned that the ice trillium prime minister early last year was raising tough questions about covid origins in china
6:52 pm
blasted australia they cut back on important to china, ice trillium copper and beef and wine and many other experts. they were delivering that message, don't ask questions or you will be punished. and then for a tough revolution, it got completely watered down and that was the original sin. maria: we know there's retribution. stay with us, we'll take a break
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
question is why is china trying so hard to cover the coronavirus origin? >> the reason is if it turns out and nobody who i know knows that the origin stems from accidental lab leak followed by criminal cover-up, the implications for china could be massive. with we could imagine xi ginning and people demanding reparations and that's why everybody, we are all together, we should be united as americans and human, wanting to understand how the pandemic began so we can address our greatest vulnerabilities. absolutely real quick before you go. you have done great work on history of asia.
6:57 pm
characterize mau for us. >> people should recognize that. mau is responsible for the death of some 47 million chinese people. the problem is that the legitimacy depends on the mau and the revolution. and the revolution. it's not some magical number. and it's not something we just achieve at the end. it's a feeling... of freedom to live our lives the way we intended. though the ups... ...the downs ...all of it. this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan,
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