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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 24, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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a bit wild for that usually subtitled subdued sport tops challenger brooks was ticked off at the crowd into his nursing a back knee. thatet is cool fulfill but getting a danged a few times is not my idea of fun. still, the accolades from mickelson won the day give hope for twilight comebacks in all sports. we have did you back here tomorrow probably speaking to senators steve daines and congresswoman nancy, see you then. before the coronavirus origin plot thinking once again. wall street journal reporting three researchers at the controversial wuhan lab are hospitalized back in november of 2019 with symptoms that sound out awful lot like covid. and it happened months before china admitted that a deadly new virus on their hands. that they were about to spread throughout the world. house republicans demanding more from answers, but what if anything is president biden went to do about it? the bomb shell journals give coming from a previously undisclosed intelligence report where the virus may
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have escaped from elaborate nest of health officials including dr. anthony fauci are flip-flopping all over town. their vials of infectious diseases were his or her doctor found she had to say about the lab leak theory back in may of 2020. >> if you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what's out there now, there is a very, very strongly leaning towards this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated. the weight the mutations have naturally evolved. a number of very qualified evolutionary biologists had said that everything about the evolution over time, strongly indicates that evolved in nature and then jumped species. kennedy: but here's what doctor fauci is saying this year and this month. >> are you still confident and develop naturally?
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>> i am not convinced about that. think we should continue to investigate what went on in china until we find out to the best of our ability exactly what happened. kennedy: in other words, china, this is no longer a theory back to my original theory, what is sleepy joe going to do about it? earlier today our own peter doocy asked that same question at the big white house, watch. >> why isn't president biden pushing for more taxes more information to get the bottom of exactly what happened? >> we are in we have repeatedly called for the w.h.o. to support and expert driven evaluation of the pandemic origins that's free from interference or politicization. kennedy: translation they are still not playing hardball with china the country it may be responsible for what appears to be the deadliest man made disaster of all time. so when we take off the kid gloves? let's get into with her monday night man pentagon committee and host a fox across america on the fox radio network that
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is jimmy failla. we've got former clinton d.o.j. spokesman group gordon communication principal michael gordon is back along with 2020 libertarian party, vice president optional candidates taking on the world spike cohen. welcome everyone. [laughter] someday we will all be here together. so, jimmy, here's my problem with this whole thing. we attacked the vaccines with urgency. he got the fda out of the way it's where the best things the federal government has ever done in decades. that will have hopefully long lasting impacts but that's why people are not walking around without masks on is because of the vaccine urgency. the origin needs to be just as desperately need to have the same desire the same fire to figure out where exactly this virus, where and how it
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started. i'm not quite getting that from this administration what else we need? >> for so many found she did go. he is a fame horror and he realizes now that spreading gloom and doom does not sell anymore he's trying honesty for a change, understand this, fauci then what he's copping to now. but the politics are more important than the people it should bother everybody watching this right now. because when donald trump, for whatever you think of the guy to work battling this virus the democrats had donald trump for this was a common cause moment it was attacking all of us with no regard for how we voted. very much like 911. cops did not run to the world trade center and asked who voted for, they just tackled the humanity that they are faced with. that is what we should be doing here but we are not. in fauci, juneau and he reminds me of kennedy? you know when the beatles had a guy they believed in the maharajah and realized after six months he did not know what he's doing could just trying to sleep a third girlfriends and get them drugs?
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>> made their music really crappy? selected hymn of the scene and now is the kuiper and nine months later were wondering if he knows anything customer i don't think he does. moral of the story to not by gps off of algae because it changes every few miles you'd be driving into the woods direct driving through twist and turns. kennedy: now experts, people within the administration, the cdc they are all saying yes the lab theory the lab leak theory is now viable. i do not know why it took so long to come to that conclusion. but whatever happened there if there's gate a function or research they didn't modify this virus. so it was easier to transmit to humans, what else are they doing there? there is no accountability there is no oversight. the commonest chinese were throwing doctors prison and threatening everyone else. many of these doctors died
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because of china's opacity. >> so, the w.h.o. did a quote unquote investigation. is terrible it relied on everything chinese said which was a huge mistake. i think it is good news that found she's coming around too this position. we actually do not know if it came from the elaborate think it's good news he's saying that. until adequate ability to. that will encourage biden to go after this with the veracity you want them to. the thing with fauci is this is a brand-new virus. okay? you learn a lot over the course of time for that causes him to change his mind. so that is what's going on. i still trust him. think it is good news that he's saying it possibly came from the lab. and i think the administration should look at it seriously but not trust the chinese. >> with all due respect i trust this uchi at a strip club buffet more than voucher
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at this point. the guy's been wrong about everything. literally everything known to man. it drives me crazy. >> that's not true he's the one that said. kennedy: he has been wrong about enough that we couldn't raise suspicions and skepticism for every declaration that he makes. okay want to bring in spike because people have a much easier time they have because of politics trusting the propaganda from that commonest chinese government without any real international oversight. what is that say about where we are at close to works mixes left to do with whether or not he's right or wrong for this is a man getting behind $600,000 in taxpayer money to that same wuhan lab for this again a function research. who is then spend the better part of your saying oh no, all the experts are saying there's no way this could've happened when there were experts and could have happened and they thought it actually was happening.
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but that's okay because now is calling for the world health organization which were the same people who essentially work at the chinese communist to cover up that theory by allowing for the conditions they not even research it when they come into the country, coming to china to do their origins research in the first place. this looks like the cover up that many people have been saying and has been for well over a year now. i am old enough to back in the day when even suggesting such a thing get you blackballed and fact checked in society. it's an entire yesterday ago. >> if you suggested the virus originated in the wuhan lab, you are pepe the frog but a right michigan rocco violating her orders once again this type mass close in a crowd of restaurants corunna restriction saint no more than six people per table. so she also violated social distancing rules but governor whitmer said she did not stop
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to think about it and i am human i made a mistake. but it's a real mistake imposing these nonsensical restrictions on michiganders in the first place. jimmy, your thoughts? >> i do agree with you the real issue is not that she violated the restrictions but that we still have them. open up everything. but kennedy i love that her excuse was like it just all came together they were sliding the tables i didn't realize at the thing i used to drive a cab in york city el prado driving when again tomorrow with the hit is going out for this is a classic excuse guys give to cop so they get caught with a hooker. as just asking her for directions. and then money fell out of my coat pocket he bent over to pick it up or top fellow officer. >> that is a consensual transaction. when president spike cohen has his way, anyone can have their
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way. >> absolute not should not be involved in that. so michael, how do you defend this? it makes people really mad >> i cannot stand these unforced errors by politicians she's violating her own guidelines. when your whole state you do not fleet it like ted cruz. you don't eat at the french laundry like gavin newsom. you can i cannot stand these hypocritical unforced errors that cut across party lines by these politicians. >> there is no defense people in michigan are sick of it because she's involved her husband, she was taking private jets to florida to see her ailing father, she was using taxpayer money for travel she's a pretty bad governor, spike. >> i am outraged here. gretchen whitmer is going, she's abusing her authority to be able to do than she's telling the people of michigan that she can't do.
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who does she think she is? her own husband a few months back when he was making sure to first treatment? here's what we know for the arty new politicians are liars bird we know they're hypocrites we know they regulate flout the same orders that they tell the rest of us to obey. here's the real point, kennedy, if gretchen whitmer thought for even a second these orders were necessary to keep people safe and healthy, it should be following them herself because she would not want to get sick. the fact she flew to florida which has no lock down and lived the life in florida on the taxpayer expense incidentally is proof she realizes this is a bunch of garbage for it all the data showing lockdowns it absolutely nothing to slow the spread of code. all they did was cause widespread human suffering not to mention the economic devastation. perfect example of politicians down the truth showing they don't think these things are necessary for the only did them for control and fear mongering. >> it's exactly the same thing with nancy pelosi.
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she's telling everyone on the floor even if they've achieved her community in the house they have to wear masks. even if they had been vaccinated they have to wear masks. she goes to an event she's hugging gordon lightfoot and she's 2 inches away from everyone cackling in their face, but with her ice cream breath, jimmy bates met fancy ice cream breath. it's almost like they wanted to prolong the lockdowns of this political theater the reason the virus is some sort of trojan horse to past funding for things it cannot stand alone. >> i don't mean to get conspiratorial i do not mean to start the flute non- movement but there's something going on a washington d.c. basement michael gordon i'm going to give you the last were glad and take a sobers brick first log on to say whitmer is still popular in michigan she should be she's done a lot of good things for the state.
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[inaudible] the group that the accuser flag is a white ring group that only goes after democrats. did she do it? kennedy: to choose taxpayer money on private plane? [inaudible] it's a not a good group they would go after government spirits before if it is true, they have every right. [inaudible] >> makes it medially political and suspect respect stacy abrams. [inaudible] for we are all mad we are also mad, michael gordon you are going to sit in timeout for just a little bit. the man painted the manliest of man pales returns later coat however it uptick on the
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jewish community and progressive democrats continue to criticize israel. so how do we stop the hate? human rights attorney brooke goldstein joins me live from israel to break it all down and moments. geico lets you file a claim online, over the phone or with their app. ♪ that makes me wanna say... ♪ ♪ stay... ♪ (sniffles) are...are you crying? uhh, there's pollen... geico. great service without all the drama. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. before well israel and hamas
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have apparently agreed to a cease-fire. here in the u.s. violence against the jewish community is reaching terrifying levels for just the past week jewish people from l.a. to new york at all places in batavia have been assaulted, and terrorizing synagogues have been vandalized but some say a recent trend of progresses calling israel an apartheid state is making things worse fanning the flames of anti-semitism. over the week and progressives condemned the rise in anti- semitism while biden finally got around too posting a tweet about it today. but is it too little too late to reverse this horrifying trend question or jointly to discuss human rights attorney founder directory of the law fair project, brooke goldstein joins us from israel. thank you so much for coming on the show for a know it is very, very, very early in the morning for you. thank you brooke. >> thank you for having me i appreciate it. before these are things that are happening with alarming regularity right now. this is not political protests. these are overt acts of
8:19 pm
anti-semitism. what is going on within the democratic party that squad members are calling acts of israel war crimes and referring to it as an apartheid state you think that's making things worse? >> yes absolutely. i have to say the last week and a half really has been the scariest of my life. as you mention i'm here in israel with my family. my children and i spent many nights sleeping in the bomb shelter with her big rocket shot at us and shot at us for one reason only, for jew hatred. this is nothing to do with politics. this is not a land dispute. this is geologically motivated jew hatred. the only thing scarier than being attacked with rockets is seeing the main stream media, seeing influencers and seeing u.s. politicians justify this
8:20 pm
violence, operate as human propaganda shields for a terrorist group, hamas. you would never see politicians justifying isis violence or al qaeda violence. but the justify hamas violence for they don't based on calcining conflicts. you are absently right, kennedy, the rising jew hatred the violent attacks against jews in brooklyn, and los angeles, this is nothing to do with politics. this is racism through and through. >> it's almost like some people were looking for an excuse. i know there are a lot of strong feelings on both sides of the issue. a lot of americans are really struggling to understand the geopolitics and what is going on here and what can be done going forward in terms of brokering peace. we are never going to have
8:21 pm
that with this sort of brute terroristic mentality. when you see a guy being chased through a parking lot or someone being attacked at a sushi restaurant in l.a., we saw what was turning into a riot, right out here right out this went on 47th street on the diamond district. you could see people running for their lives because they did not know if the fireworks were being thrown at police officers or bombs. >> rates. could you imagine if this was happening to any other minority community? if gangs were roaming manhattan, going around beating up black people are going to restaurants asking the patrons if they are muslim or not. and if they said yes attempting to beat them up? there would be national outcry there would be world wide outcry. and yet the anti-semitism is this last socially acceptable form of bigotry where you can
8:22 pm
use a foreign conflict happening thousands of miles away as an excuse to beat up a jew. now the other thing is the miss information the falsities i just have to say one, that neighborhood a municipal decision about tenants not paying their rent to a landlord this is literally being used as an excuse to justify over 3000 rockets being launched in american civilians. can you imagine in protest of american immigration policies mexico would lob 3000 rockets at the united states? that would be absurd. and at the bigotry of low expectations, this is how the muslims can behave. in any other normal country this to be dealt with in a court of law in a municipal port.
8:23 pm
this has resulted in the world excusing it, it is outrageous. and one more point, this is iran. this is nothing to do with israel and palestine so to speak. hamas is an iranian prophecy. what iran is doing is testing the biden administration to see if it strong on terror. it's using the jewish people in the jewish state and all of its inhabitants right now is a daddy political. >> they yelling at him and he tells them she is quite a fighter. she is something buried brooke will see you thank you so much for your time go get some sleep. >> thank you. before coming up official government report on ufos due any day now. mr. and everybody's mind, i will tell you why it might be a good thing they are coming. my memo is next. how long could you survive in the wilderness? make me not long at all.
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will help you get there as you plan, protect and retire. this is lincoln financial. kennedy: they are already here party people the aliens arrived a while ago and now they government is softening our collective beach so we not shocked and emulsified but we do the wrong thing at the welcoming ceremony. the fact no one is truly freaking out about the forthcoming intelligent report on unidentified nominal or uap's, not to be confused with wap's which apparently stands for waffles and pancakes according to my daughter it shows you three things for number one, most people believe alien existing have the technology to make contact. number two, our governors no way more than they are saying it's pretty big break number three we have been subjected to so much insanity, nothing
8:29 pm
shocks us. so just slap aliens atop the ptsd pile. i know a lot of people putting physicists and intelligence types are hesitant for us to make contact. that is fair. but if various lgm's are shaming to wormholes, traversing billions of light-years to keep us it means their tact is there legit. if you are flying a tiktok ricky lee sound barrier with those sonic boom, stopping on a dime, hitting gas during a mock 35 and then disappearing your martian guns are also beefy and deadly but they want have a massive human weenie roast they would have done it by now. we would have been skewered but maybe they are curious? babe there some version of universal intelligence and goodness and curiosity are the default settings not murder and destruction, it is possible if there is this universal goodness evolution occurs through out the heavens maybe they can teach us to stop being a bunch of hull.
8:30 pm
speaking of which a victim violently known laws of physics with this incredibly advanced technology where they sticking with the anil probe? is it some sort of weird cosmic fetish the aliens have? jimmy carter admitted he'd seen a ufo before his president and promised to tell us all what he learned on day one of his term. he didn't. they never do for they elude to something. it is a miracle president trump did not spill the beans because he cannot keep anything secret. he went on podcasts and basically said i know something. and it is really good by pinky i would not spill det. get it? now if this it and wait politely until june. whatever's in that report we have been so titillated with, it's uniting mark rubio, shack and former president obama for their all freaked out about her pending close encounter per the truth is out there. and if the report is some dumb bluff or is in the way holding
8:31 pm
something back, i'll be the first to ask for a special probe. and that is the memo. so what does president biden to get the alien taught? peter doocy asks him on friday, watch. >> president obama said there is footage and records of objects in the sky. these unidentified aerial phenomenon. he says we don't know exactly what they are. what do you think? >> i would ask him again, thank you. [laughter] all chuckles from the president. what a laugh but will biden have the last laugh with the report findings are out of this world? demand panels back, jimmy failla, michael gordon and spike cohen. you are not worried about this are you questioning i'm not worried and i'll tell you why. but we went to the moon we invented tank in tempur-pedic
8:32 pm
mattresses that was us. they have already been wherever you can possibly go. they have got good stuff. and if they haven't killed us by now they're going to share. let me jump right in prison guys spent about ten years driving a taxi at new york city i have definitely met people from other planets. 1000000% prime not concerned at them coming here for a multitude of reasons. first and foremost anyone observing our society from above thanks we are insane. they are all walking around staring at these tiny screens in their hand and in the posting pictures of their food and arguing about an election that took place seven months ago but if aliens or other tag attention to this place i don't want to compare their freda flanigan been told they are ufo consisting of green people must be racist because it's not proportionally representative of all of the other ethnicities here in our country. that's why they probably will not even bother. >> there's not enough intersection allie i don't think from the alien community
8:33 pm
rates make their going to be green martian space brick stop the hate. when you think you're going to glean from this report? >> i do not know what's more interesting that or that wuhan lab report. i would just say that why is it in tv and the movies, aliens are always like ugly and scary versions of human beings. what if they're really nice? kennedy: with their super hot? with robots on the ships? maybe they can solve the democratic republic and divide and make us all get along again or the middle east or bring world peace i don't know. let's take the optimistic view of the report respect i'm optimistic surely that there is some universal goodness spike when you see happening here? do you think they mean us harm? select clearly not are we would all already be dead, enslaved or whatever
8:34 pm
privileges of their technology, if there are aliens are able to do all the things including counter that is being able to see them, they are to have that pretty think they've solved the democratic republic and divide pretty think in order to become that advance of a society they clearly must be libertarians. as reflected in the foreign policy because here they are watching us. they're not debating us, that not attacking as they might occasionally probing us what a great transition between anil probe in jimmy carter i saw that. i think it is clear there waiting to see if one day we become libertarians and are worth interacting with by think we need to get on that bright also i don't believe there's a shot helper going to find everything the government action things about ufos. am i the only one thanks the government tells everything to think about they know about ufos? >>.spike and with the one 100% for the snowy they are libertarians for the late libertarian strength they cannot fly the ufo that well. there's just no chance. >> they got autopilot now pretty figured out that too, jimmy. kennedy: is in the doll in airplanes they have got that
8:35 pm
with sexy version of that place many think will get the wuhan lab report we forget this report. kennedy: that's very possible. new environmental survey shows americans are itching to get back outdoors, speaking of the coveted and might be itching when they get there to put on 35% of respondents were able to correctly identify poison ivy. while the average american said they thought they could survive for 16 days in the wild, only 17% said they felt confident about their ability to start a fire with a flint regardless of their full survival skills a large majority said this pandemic at increased appreciation for nature but are you ready to run into the woods away from societal comforts? how long would it take for you to come crawling back? jimmy, i think here i love reading about survival is in. you know that i love knives and i like gear and i like wargaming. i think people often times estimate their ability to actually survive in the wild placement social media has given everyone a confidence they do not deserve to have.
8:36 pm
that is the truth. when you're in the wild to do not have google to solve your problems. this is a generation that the most popular of our generation is people trying to survive 48 hour's of the fire festival after the run out of bottled water and tents. this thing was riveting everybody in the country talked about for two months. the band and play? oh my god call in fema this is embarrassing. most of these people think they can survive in the wild for to exhibit the wild is a story they don't even know what it is. >> that is the truth talking to one of our producers and we agreed if you spend two weeks in the wild and costa rica you would probably do pretty well. they have mangoes and coconut to have fruit and liquid be hanging out with monkeys. >> most will do not know what they are they using to communicate they are in a mosey to the average phone use they're not not to eat a mingo they know to punctuate a sentence with that. so far michael how long would you lessen the wild? >> i grew up in michigan your
8:37 pm
ratings are very high in michigan. then i became a new yorker and lost everything i learned camping as a kid from family and friends rats have been a new yorker for a long time now i would not last five minutes. sliver spike at think you would do well spike. nay lost her firearms in that tragic boating accident but you must have other rates make it was in the wilderness and might find in there. kennedy: they go you might have other arrows in your survivalists with her. >> after being his professional studio field have been in the wilderness all the other times a bit on your show. listen naked and afraid prove self-described survivalists a lot of them cannot make it that long out in the wilderness without basic needs to be able to survive out there. i am not sure what would make any average american who does not even over the food comes from think they could blast out there longer than maybe a day or two.
8:38 pm
write exactly. that's the thing. also, did the survey say whether or not there naked? did it specify that? it clearly makes it a lot harder. kennedy: i think nudity is optional in the scenario pretty need to know. is it wild, wild you have nothing or do you have water? do you have a bag of protein bars? because you could really stretch out protein bars for several days. >> oppose given provisions like a last for a while. before sure absolutely good for camping. >> i keep forgetting that the amazon tribes addiction to cliff bars but always forget when i go into the woods there are plenty everywhere we look. kennedy: you pluck them off trees they're quite good but sometimes you have to wrestle an anaconda, like my prom night. man cannot would you think also it should being how you been delightful you work very well together, jimmy, michael and spike. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: president biden's cramming for ideas on how to pay for his massive spending
8:39 pm
plan. but to beat the irs is facing bigger backlash? is mark government ever a good solution? jonathan hoenig joins me in minutes to discuss, stay right here, stay tuned their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. new pronamel mineral boost helps protect teeth against everyday acids.
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pronamel boosts enamel's natural absorption of calcium and phosphate - helping keep teeth strong, white and protected from sensitivity. new pronamel mineral boost
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>> art critics are sounding the alarm over president biden's plan to dramatically expand the irs which would allow the government to poke and prod in your wallet like never before. it's the latest in a series of bright ideas that the president is drawn it is drawn outcry from lawmakers especially on the right. he said he was to hire 87000 irs workers over the next decade to audit you, increase the agency funding by $80 billion and he says he hopes it net billions per year
8:44 pm
bright snooping into american's bank accounts. it is all part of a desperate push to find his bloated spending goals so how much is this going to cost you? here the mail hedge fund manager fox news contributor jonathan hoenig is back. what part of this is most egregious to you my friend? >> it's not just the finances which are eye-popping here comments $80 billion for tax collectors it's the morality. democrats want to raise taxes but sure they want to spend on those cockamamie green energy projects. they also want to raise taxes because they want to punish success. this is the party of you did not build that. for them it is immoral, it is right to raise taxes. it's right to punish success whether it's the guy at the lemonade stand or jeff bezos. and the gop is new lukewarm print they might say higher taxes hurts the economy or it hurts small business. but a majority of republicans
8:45 pm
in fact want to raise taxes on the rich they lack the tea party morality that says i have a right to my own money and the government has no right to take it that's what's missing to the opposition. >> our democrat setting the table for a nether tea party like revolution from the right? >> boy i would love to see it. think about it, kennedy paid we accept the income tax the right and the left. the metaphysical act of nature but this is like 1916 it goes back to you. back then it is seen extraordinary immoral. people would say why should government have a right to my income? it's seen as a given now as we need a strong push back. not just on the practical level, higher taxes will crush the economy but on the moral level as well. if you work for dell you have a right to keep that dollar for it is not bernie sanders or joe biden's or anyone else's to distribute out for the public good. that is in american spirit that's missing from the gop instantly from president biden bird >> i think you are right. i thank you so much is rooted
8:46 pm
in jealousy. that is where our political tenor is right now. it is incredibly emotional, divisive and shortsighted. but it is interesting because people who say their anti- capitalists, that they are anarchists, they still use masks, they still fuel their cars with gas. they still use all sorts of apps for convenience and capitalism. they just have not gotten rich yet so there matted other people have. >> they haven't gotten rich. they are taking advantage of all that wealth that capitalists produce. that's really what it is by providing a service. for the poor the rich and everyone else.
8:47 pm
>> we have some massive spending bills coming up. is there anyone in the democrat party's going to push back against us who come from these purple states like arizona and west virginia? >> at this point i'm hoping that some republicans are going to push back. kennedy a couple of republicans in fact are on board it seems with biden's idea of hiring more irs officials. they think the government is to crack down who are inventing high tech advantages that benefit all of our lives. we need an ideological revolution in this country. you own your own life. it is your life, liberty and happiness that's the idea we need to return to in this country great >> absolute right the power of the individuals most persecuted minority in any society. jonathan hoenig thank you so much. >> be well dear. kennedy: topical storm is next.
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kennedy: new report claims inflation ends meet is hit the hardest are vegans or hit the hardest by a strong gust of wind. it's a lights out this is a topical storm topic number one get ready america those
8:52 pm
annoying freaks are about to be everywhere again not talk with the friends reunion with these cicadas brood x here is a time lapse video of the cicada shedding its exoskeleton a process called molting. for more exclusive content you can subscribe to the bugs only fans but you better sight up quick because it's about to be eaten by a raccoon. they are most vulnerable in the state just like the taco bell case a lupa. keep your eyes on these two there's craving the flavor for 17 years. seeing lots of takeouts outside of belarus pre-that's
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a bugs life for you. spend your whole life hiding underground and die a virgin which is also what it is like to be a republican. one to grow on. for first time in 27 years alabama had yoga in public schools really teaching his students, yoga has been banned from alabama public school since 1993. that it's been lawmakers there deemed it a hindu philosophy and method of religious training. as an act of faith, now the band has been lifted and schools can teach the poses and exercises only english words we use. they're saying howdy partner the oversight party and the style will now be called freedom stretching. the sponsor of the bill said yoga can improve student focus the biggest stretch in schools is a critical race theory, pretty awful.
8:54 pm
topic number three, it isn't buckshot monday. tonight would be a woman with no brakes on her drive. yes this is 34-year-old jennifer weber. she was arrested in minnesota after allegedly walking to car dealership jumping in and out of vehicles while completely naked. talk about an auto body. this gave a whole new meaning to the term new-car smell. when police arrived they found jennifer in the backseat of a chevy silverado being very inappropriate with herself. i did not which go into detail less just say thank goodness the body cams were not working. please say jennifer was completely intoxicated bleaches on the 2000 miles away in st. petersburg florida where course this behavior not only legal, it is encouraged. jennifer's charge of the indecent, narcotics possession and dwi. but if i've learned one thing about jennifer it is that by the time this is all over with, she will probably get
8:55 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for the best everyday and follow me on follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation, facebook @kennedyfbn, email tomorrow night mike baker, karol markowitz and your face. make every day a kenn-a-day. >> it into the bottom have the pandemic began will talk ton doctor steven quite who briefs congress today on his findings of the origins of covid-19. plus, standing his ground by one senator is holding off on the vaccine, at least for now. and eight labor shortagens hitting small businesses. mom-and-pop shops to fight against big companies offering big incentives to lure workers backward we will talk to one of them this hour. i am brian brandenberg and this is foxbusiness, next


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