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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 28, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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thank you, you are always ready for a courtesy laugh. i did it. stuart varney is up right now. stuart: good morning, everyone. this is it. the long holiday weekend is about to begin. it is a turning point. by memorial day, that is monday, we should be looking at covid in the rearview mirror. restrictions being lifted, masks are coming off, half of us are vaccinated, $2 trillion in our bank accounts, millions will fly, tens of millions will drive. this is a breakout weekend
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about to begin. stocks breaking to new highs, the dow looks like it will be up 100 points, should establish a new high above 35,500. thing with the s&p, another high expected in early going, nasdaq coming in with a modest gain of 20 points. that stocks, cryptos down and down sharply. bitcoin back to 36-6. it could not hold above the 40,$000 level. have a guy got a quote on ethereum? not sure we've got at this point, yes we do. it is down not much, that is not a big decline for ethereum. $2,594 per coin. that is where you are on ethereum, not as much as bitcoin. let's sum it up on the friday before wall street goes on a 3 day break, stocks are up and cryptos largely down.
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the budget is the kiss of death for ratings when you even use that word but we have to do it because this is historic, the president wants to spend more than at any time since fdr fought world war ii but biden is not fighting a war. biden wants to spend $6 trillion to transform america along socialist lines, looks to me like bernie sanders is calling the budget shots. a lot more on that coming up. we will take a closer look at amc, to the moon again. i don't get it. look like a gambling casino to me but we are going to cover the action moment to moment. friday may 20 eighth 2021. the long holiday weekend is upon us. "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪♪ this is how we do it
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♪♪ this is how we do it ♪♪ stuart: this is how we do it, montel jordan. >> in the 90s. you don't remember it? stuart: i do not remember that. good morning, everyone. here we go. i want to go straight to the money. we have some green this friday. the market is close, you have a 3 day market weekend. interesting that people should be willing to go long on stocks right before a long holiday weekend. look who is here. i want to see a big smile because this is an important weekend for investors. at the end of the pandemic impacts on our everyday life, the mood, this is my opinion, the moon is shifting to be more positive. that is important for
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investors. where are you coming from today? >> i am coming from boca raton, florida but you are right. this is going to be the launch of life back as normal. i said this this morning. it is a holiday weekend. volumes are going to be low, moves tends to be exaggerated because there is less people playing, more movement and i suspected that was happening yesterday at happening today. it does feel good. the economic data is good. a lot of this was priced in. i wouldn't be surprised if we see the markets attempt to test the highs of the s&p on 4230 which is only 7 tenths of one% higher from where we are so it would not surprise me but next week when people get back everyone is back at the desk after the weekend after they celebrated focusing on turning
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to the broader political stuff for you to talk about leader, budget, taxes, inflation and all those expectations. stuart: all the worries will come back next week after this long holiday weekend. will we hit new highs, dow, s&p, not nasdaq, you think we will hit those highs today. >> there's a possibility on the s&p but it only has 4230 do. it will open at 4216 if futures remain where they are right now, it will open to yesterday's highs but european markets are up, the move feels good. it is a holiday weekend and moves tends to be exaggerated and you could see it happen. i think 4200 which is representing resistance in the short term will continue to do that but today is an outlier on the long holiday weekend. stuart: you have a great weekend in florida where i know it will be open and bustling and we will see you next week. next case amc and game stop,
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look at them go, again. amc was up 35% yesterday and again this morning, up another 16%. look at that screen, these means stocks, can't think of a better word to use, back up again. >> there's a lot of talk on social media. a lot of the mood of money coming out of cryptos might be going to these means stocks once again so amc up 100% plus this weekend you mentioned a third on thursday, 1100% this year. you saw that volume. 700 million shares changing hands yesterday, more than that, 7 times the average volume, most actively traded stock on the stock exchange yesterday. stuart: was in a short squeeze?
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did the redit crowd figure short of these stocks, we are going to pile in? >> i don't think so because usually 100 million shares, 700 million shares changed hand yesterday. it would just be 100 million. we saw game stop up 40%, people who lost $1 billion doing that. i will reiterate what i said yesterday have you not learned your lesson from january. why would you do that when you know amc has replaced game stop as the most talks about stock on that cage. stuart: we call him the little guy or the retail investor. >> the retail investor is buying in. stuart: that is moving game stop 2% or whatever it is? >> institutions are not buying 700 million shares. you think -- stuart: i don't know. >> it is social media driven. money can that came out of crypto has to go somewhere.
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>> things like a gambling casino to me. >> i don't know about that term because there is a business with actual movie screens. stuart: right. and you think amc with its movie screens is worth whatever it is on screen, $31 a share. the underlying value of amc. >> the euro and the business and infrastructure they have in place. stuart: place those bets. bitcoin hovering around $36 this morning. i think we've got another big name, celebrity of some sort, a big believer. >> i think you know who this is. what about the greatest quarterback of all time? tom brady. stuart: he is a big believer in cryptos. >> i'm a big believer in it. i don't think it is going anywhere. there's going to be volatility but at the same time, knowing when there is a lot of change
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and this option in markets a lot of people will fight those systems. >> he's not the only celebrity talking about crypto, you had lindsay lohan, and ethereum hinting at a bull run for nft so ethereum everyday low after that. the money coming out of cryptos. it will be interesting to see the trading action this weekend because that is usually when you see lots of volatility. stuart: all right. >> i love looking at the screen. stuart: we will move on to something i know something about and that would be costco. they came out with their earnings. the stock is down and i imagine they have to have a good earnings report surely. but don't tell me. it wasn't as good as analysts expected so why is it down? >> it has run up so much to
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sample offerings are back on the floor. they are coming back soon and costco restaurants will reopen soon too so maybe you can take me to buy a hot dog for a but, better sales, better profits. is there a buck 50 for the hot dog? does that come with a drink? stuart: yes it does. >>:and hot dog. you as well. gap is making money instead of losing money, that is where you by your genes. it is up before forecasts, categories like activewhere and dresses. we want going to go through my wardrobe? >> we can go to my wardrobe, not as interesting. printers making a comeback for hp. hewlett-packard, they made more money, printer sales are booming, remote work and schooling, they are raising for your guidance and also warned of a chip shortage impacting their business. stuart: that is what has done some in. 5.5% down where they say the future looks bright.
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i have -- i am going to go through costco news again. the food court and free samples are coming back. it will start next week, 170 of their 550 locations. they are also bringing back a new and improved toros. >> i like the pronunciation. stuart: back to futures. this is our market is likely to open up friday morning. green up 150 for the dow jones average. mayor lori lightfoot says she would only grant interviews to journalists of color. now she is being sued. if you think inflation is a problem now, wait till you hear about president biden's plan to spend $6 trillion. the new york post has an interesting take, hogwild, pure pork. we haven't seen that spending since world war ii. ♪♪
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♪♪ the best things in life are free ♪♪ >> the greatest first line the best things in life are free, wonderful song for a financial news program. there is the white house, dc, 68 degrees and president biden is releasing a $6 trillion supposedly pork filled the
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budget, releasing the details today. it will bring federal spending to a ties level since world war ii. susan is here and will break this down for us and promises she will not make my eyes glaze over. >> a man with a short attention span. >> $6 trillion should make your eyes wide open, $2 trillion for infrastructure, you have been $1.8 trillion plan that includes education, parental leave pay of the recently passed $1.9 trillion stimulus bill and the entire $6 trillion budget, up 20% from last year and doesn't even include $3 trillion in mandatory spending for social security and interest on the national debt. that is a lot of money the us has to pay out but we have no idea if the budget includes the extension of the tax cuts we saw under donald trump in 2017 of those expire by 2026 and it'll income families, low income families benefited from
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those tax cuts as well. stuart: let's bring in mick mullaney, the perfect guest because he used to run the office of management and budget. welcome to the program. why do we need this $6 trillion budget? we are not fighting world war ii any longer. >> love the music on fridays, my favorite day to do the show. we don't and what you are seeing is the democrats own playbook, everybody knows the playbook is you don't let a good crisis go to waste. very little of what you are hearing has anything to do with covid. we need to do something to jumpstart things after covid, did we do too much? i think so but that is open for discussion but what you are seeing is what democrats want anyway and now they have an excuse to do it. $6 trillion, looking forward to the budget coming out at 11:00 this morning. the last budget i wrote was $1.5 trillion. don't know that is apples to apples the total government
9:19 am
spending was 4.3 so i want to see where the 6 falls in. i want to see what the projections are. the budget is a tenure document if they go by the convention of doing it the way it has been done the last few decades. we will see the spending they are proposing for this year in the next 10 years. taxes for not only this year but the next 10 years. it is going to be an interesting document that comes out later today. stuart: underpinning this thing is this modern monetary theory which says you can spend all you like, you can print all you like and it doesn't matter. it won't heard the economy. that is modern monetary theory and that is what they will use to pay for this thing. in my right? >> you are seeing janet yellen, you and i talked about this 5 or 6 or 7 years ago with janet yellen is really independent or a progressive in disguise and the veil is off of that now, she's just as progressive as
9:20 am
aoc is. what they are talking about at treasury and to a certain extent that the fed is the level of debt doesn't matter, just a level of interest payments. as long as interest payments are okay you will be all right, the equivalent of saying if i make minimum payments on my credit card i will be okay. the difficulty comes when you realize interest rates are not fixed, they could go from one.5% to 4%. you and i are old enough to remember when interest rates were 14, 16, 18%. it is a dangerous game, dangerous experiment to use a word that was overused and inappropriately so during the trump administration the, this is unprecedented and i don't think they have a plan beyond spending a lot of money to get their agenda passed. stuart: at the end of the day i don't think he will get $6 trillion worth of spending over the next 10 years. how much will he get? what do you think? >> it will be shy of that.
9:21 am
i don't think he will but get the backdated capital gains because of the turmoil that would throw markets into. this is a messaging document, not a spending document. it is what the president would do if he was in charge all by himself and to that it is insightful as to what we have elected in joe biden. not a lot of people expected but hard-core left-wing. stuart: bernie sanders and aoc are in charge of this show. mcilvain he, great stuff, thanks for being with us this friday morning, see you later. we did get some numbers on personal income and personal spending earlier this morning. can you go this without my eyes closing over? >> it was down a record 13%. stuart: a pay cut? >> probably. i wouldn't make a dent that you would but that follows a record
9:22 am
20% gain, you are up in march by a record and then down by a record the next month and i do want that goes to. has to do with stimulus checks. consumer spending was up half of one% since matching estimates. coming off the high levels we had seen january, february march because of stimulus checks. stuart: we've got to put microsoft on screen. this is a story that does not affect the stock price but affects a lot of people who use microsoft products. we are told there has been a cyberattack, the russians that are doing this. what are they doing? >> major warning for microsoft, the same group behind the solar wind cyber attack, the biggest attack ever on government agencies, back at it again. they call it novella, that is the group originating from russia targeting government agencies, think things,
9:23 am
consultants and nongovernmental organizations, microsoft says they are back at it again and it is concerning. remember what happened to the colonial pipeline a few weeks ago, a few days ago, another russian hat group, they are really targeting american access. stuart: they got into 3000 email accounts. that is what i am reading, the russians got into 3000 email accounts of important people in nongovernmental organizations, a big deal. at my futures says the script, futures show gains across the board, better have a look at amc. look at that. it is up 21%. got to follow this thing moment to moment. the redit trade is back. ♪♪ the red, white and blue ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: three minutes to go, we are on the upside when "the opening bell" rings. as for big tech, this is premarket, all of them except facebook on the upside. not much but they are up. i to bring in mark mahaney who
9:28 am
brings us a fine headline. he thinks amazon stock currently at 3244 is going to go to $4,500. you did say that, that is your headline. now you've got to back it up until was white is going to 4500. >> happy friday. this is our favorite pick across the internet space. we did survey work for a decade and the survey work shows for a variety of reasons amazon has emerged stronger from the covid crisis than it did coming in. we see a surge in prime penetration, most loyal customer base, the rise of satisfaction rates and a reversal of the deteriorating trend of the last few years, increased frequency of shopping with amazon and buns customers. they are gaining more strength in the retail segment, that is one of the reasons it is the topic. stuart: if it were to be broken up, just if it were, with the
9:29 am
separate parts separately be worth more than the current whole? >> almost certainly, depends how you slice it up. if you separate out aws, amazon web service almost certainly what is worth 4 is shareholder pre-dip event. stuart: you guys are covered whether broken up or not, it is worth more. the primary beneficiary of the pandemic, that is your case. is that correct? >> the company has done a couple things. to the company's credit, there was one company that said we are going to amp up spending for employees, distribution by $4 billion, they also expanded distribution capacity by 50%, this is the one company that was uniquely aggressive in responding to the covid crisis where every other retailer cut back on the number of people
9:30 am
they were hiring or firing, amazon stepped into this. that is one of the reasons they emerged stronger from this crisis. stuart: those numbers give you a very good case. 4500 says mark mahaney. we will have you back to justify that, thanks for being with us, have a great weekend. this is a 3 day weekend for wall street, quote, it is memorial day, now it is -- right from the start we moved up. it is not a huge rally but it is solid, about 3 quarters of the dow industrial 30 stocks on the upside and from the start up half of one%, 160 points, the s&p a new high from the start only up a fraction, a third of one% but 4216 is your number on the s&p, the nasdaq
9:31 am
not so much of a gain, third of one%, 13-7 is the level right there. what you've got to do is check amc because that thing is moving all over again. right now it is 3159, up another 19%. it is surging 5 days in a row. >> 1100% on the year, up 120% on the week and the highest since 2017 and there's huge volume, the most actively traded stock on the stock exchange, 700 million shares more than the actual shares they have. stuart: it is back and so is another meme stock, used to be a meme stock, beyond to meet. look it it it is up 10%. >> it has become a means stock. it was up 16%. no news, the 6 value pack of their incredible burger in canada but that doesn't move stocks, 20%.
9:32 am
it is the most talked about stock, people have been talking about value, but this is momentum, social media and the retail guys getting into these popular names. stuart: we've got to deal with crypto selloff, we have bitcoin at 3680, it didn't hold above 40,$000 a coin, lady kathy would, you talked about her a lot. >> she's probably the most influential fund manager because she returned 100% in the past year of performance. stuart: now she is naming names as to who is to blame for the crypto selloff. >> ted what made her name so she is blame elon musk and socially minded investments for these crypto selloffs. a lot of institutional buying on pause because of concerns
9:33 am
over mining and the environmental impact, crypto money picks up more electricity and energy use than argentina. kathy would was the first to call 15,000 and that is how she became known so she's pointing the finger at elon musk. i find that interesting. stuart: the masks are coming off. when the masks come off you need to wear makeup again. that accounts for ultra beauty's success, stock is up 5%, they have a terrific earnings report that just came out. the masks are off. >> you need your lipstick and that is why we saw some fantastic earnings, twice as much profit, that is incredible. the reason for your guidance, selling so much more makeup, cosmetics are coming back
9:34 am
because you are taking off the masks and seeing people again. stuart: it is not a joke. you take the mask off, see the full faith and go out and about. >> people are wearing more makeup. >> haven't worn makeup in two month on tv. i just get a suntan instead. >> it is an environmental social cause. stuart: we are up 130 points on the dow. we've been in business four minutes and these are the winners, is a big winner, the biggest winner among the dow 30, susan will explain that in a second, we are up 7% on salesforce. s&p winners headed by salesforce but alter beauty and so is decks, and loads 82% higher, nasdaq winners, we will not see the big techs up there, not one of them is a big tech winner right now. let's get to salesforce surging this morning, tell me why. >> they had huge earnings raising guidance for the full
9:35 am
year as well and lapping up to the quarter where it is easy to beat with the coronavirus pandemic so comparisons will look really good. they say it will contribute $5 million to their sales this year. you know what the teen chat apps is? it is always dangerous territory. they bought that for $27 billion and they expect that to close by the end of july. teens communicate by chatting, we can do that instead of talking in person too. stuart: i believe there is news on tesla. >> really interesting news. this morning it looks like report say chinese state bodies are reviewing tesla ownership
9:36 am
among staff. the chinese defense department said nobody can own tesla because of spying concerns and the cameras they use, imagine if the chinese but the central bank, i can think of so many bodies right now, communication ministry, everything. there are a lot of people that can't buy tesla cars in the second most important market. that is the threat. stuart: not necessarily the reality, threat from the chinese government. the high is the reason tesla has rallied 900% the past 18 months. stuart: investors are not taking that seriously. >> one more piece of news, just got german approval for construction of smokestack, berlin factory is opening up pretty soon, elon musk said in 2021 people take his timeline with a grain of salt but that might happen. stuart: smokestacks? the industrial revolution of 150 years ago, does the tesla factory have a smokestack?
9:37 am
>> apparently so. factories, manufacturing plants require some form of smokestack even if they are electric cars. stuart: check the big board, 6 and a half minutes, up 120 points. the level please, 34,588. we haven't quoted this yet, we will do it now, the yield on the 10 year treasury dropping below 160, 159-9. did gold get to 1900? yes it did. 1902 is your price. bitcoin at 36-9 as of now. the price of oil up to $67 a barrel moving up a little bit. the average price for a gallon of gas still the same, $3.04 but all you lucky people in california have the most. the average for a gallon of regular in the formerly golden state, $4.18 a gallon and that is regular.
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stuart: it is a rally before the long holiday weekend, dow up 170 points. we cannot get enough of these meme stocks. amc actually hit an all-time
9:43 am
high record just moments ago. i want to bring susan into this. there are other redit trades. >> we are looking at a 10 of them. i saw blackberry up 8%, and the last time we talked about these stocks was during the game stop redit saga at the end of january. they are back inside. amc had a record high, game stop getting close to what we saw at the end of january but this is about retail traders getting back in and a lot of chatter on the wall street for romance social media, they discussed their stock trades and the social media world retail is driving these. stuart: see what andrew has to think about this because he is joining us. andrew, susan is of the opinion
9:44 am
it is the retail trade people driving meme stocks all over again. how do you see it? >> there is no institutional support, maybe some outdoor rhythms but nothing long-term. it is ridiculous. there is no fundamental basis. it is fine if people are making money with it. when it is time to get out it will be time to get out. in my opinion a low form of insisting but is working for many so money is money. stuart: the lowest form of investing, that is rather an insult i would say actually but to me they are gambling chips and the people are in them or out of them, have no concept of underlying value. i can't be the underlying value in amc, can you see any value, i will use the expression meme stocks. >> there is no intrinsic value,
9:45 am
this is more of a legal ponzi. i hope somebody else buys it again, no one who owns it owns the historic numbers or things movie theaters are coming back so strong, no one thinks game stop will be an $18 billion company. let's buy it and have some fun. the lowest form of investing which is a shame because there are some wonderful companies that whoever's buying these meme stocks should put their money in these companies and strong manage and let them grow. stuart: do you think there's a flow of money like we are seeing a money flow out of the cryptos, in particular bitcoin, meme stocks go up, is there a flow of money out of that into this and tomorrow back into that is out of that? is that how it works? >> the sad part of this conversation, talking from bitcoin into meme stocks to another form of coin to another meme stock instead of people
9:46 am
selling apple and buying amazon, or selling microsoft and buying us steel are cyclicals moving around, that is what the conversation should be and that is what i mean by the lowest form of investing. stuart: what are you buying if anything today? >> this sounds not to be boring, it will not go up 100% tomorrow and probably not going to make a meme about it but i look at something today like what salesforce has done. salesforce's customer relationship management, quality rex is the leader in customer experience management, a wonderful software company with current revenue, strong declines including microsoft tightly held by strong institutional investors and good silent investment especially if you miss salesforce. that is one thing. stuart: you own it already? >> yes and i'm not going to make a meme about either. it is just a good company. stuart: it is up to at a
9:47 am
12:45%. see you again soon. thank you for being with us. music superstar is set to speak at robin hood's investor conference. i'm supposed to ask susan who is it but that guy on the screen. >> superstar rap mogul beyoncé's husband is expected to talk about his business career. could be an opportunity for jv to tell his story to group of wall street executives who might be interested in pursuing future deals, we will talk about his recent deal with title and square, jack dorsey's name and company. robin hood is a foundational chair ready event taking place virtually on june 16th at robin hood raises money, first time he is speaking there. stuart: robin hood is a form of entertainment.
9:48 am
>> they go to raise money to help the poor. everyone gets dinner each and every year. that is where the wall street titans are. stuart: robin hood is -- all these revolving flashing lights and all that kind of stuff. >> you are talking about the investment apps. this is a robin hood foundation charity which is based in new york city. >> 6 of one at half a dozen of the other. >> j the has a smart business model, he built his champagne. stuart: you just caught me. totally wrong. you are talking about the robin hood foundation. >> that is correct. but i was very polite about it. stuart: not wearing any makeup but i do believe i am blushing. that was a mistake. just made it. >> you have to admire mistakes, that is great. i respect that.
9:49 am
stuart: not very often. in my opinion this weekend marks the end of covid's grip on our everyday lives. it is memorial day weekend. masks are coming off. we will be out and about, this is a big deal. that is what we cover for the next two hours. largest online commercial real estate exchange. you can close with more certainty. and twice as fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... or fedora shopping. talk to your broker. ten-x does the same thing, - but with buildings. - so no more waiting. sfx: ding! see how easy...? don't just sell it. ten-x it. ♪ na na na na
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>> absolutely beautiful this morning, long-distance vision and 82 degrees. america is open for business ahead of memorial day weekend, 37 million traveling. 2 and a half-million in the skies, 237,000 going by train or bus. people are breaking out and getting their freedom back in here is what you are paying 4 a gallon of gasoline. $3.04 per gallon as we speak.
9:54 am
look who is here now. patrick's title is now the head of patrol analysis, we remember when he appeared in t-shirt and jeans. so i am tired of all this whining about $3 gasoline. that is not expensive. by historical standards it is cheap, isn't it? >> as you mentioned we are only $0.06 a gallon above where we were in 2018. and and gas prices getting back to normal, they are more expensive because of the drop in demand last year, oil prices, oil production took 2 steps backward, we are seeing
9:55 am
the wheels in martian, and americans hitting the roads, looking at gasoline demand yesterday, it is the strongest thursday we have seen since covid started so it is looking like a brisk start to the weekend for demand. stuart: of gas averages 300 for right now nationally where do you think it is going? by july 4th. >> there's a little bit of downside potential and upside potential. i will go on record and say over the course of the summer the national average will range between 275 on the low side but it could also have upward potential of 325 and any unexpected hurricanes or a refinery problem like the colonial we could have, and adjusted for inflation, 275 a gallon this summer, that really
9:56 am
is cheap. california, the average for gallon of regular gas, $4.18. give me 20 seconds on white is $4.18. >> the gas taxes have increased. several years back in 2017, california voted on july 1st, and and the total taxes approaching the gallon. stuart: thanks for joining us, hope you continue to make progress in your career. still ahead, mike huckabee, steve hilton, lara trump, lee greenwood is getting into the litter business. he is and he is on the show.
9:57 am
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♪ ♪ don't stop the party ♪♪ stuart: yeah, don't stop the party. pit bull -- [laughter] okay. i think i got that one. good morning, everyone. [laughter] it's 10:00 eastern, and let's get straight to your money. you'll like it. dow is up 140, s&p's on the upside, nasdaq up 73. that's a rally. the reddit brigade back at it again. look at this. we now have amc hitting an
10:01 am
all-time high, $34 a share. express, blackberry, gamestop, they're all up. moving again today, and the meme stocks are higher. bitcoin, though, some of the cryptos are going in the other direction. bitcoin back to $37,005 per coin. cryptos down, stocks generally up. meme stocks way up, that's what's happening. and now the late numbers on consumer sentiment, tell me. >> in lewin, 82.9 -- in line. that's actually dipping from april's read of 88. we were 88 in april, dipping to may. pretty much in line with some of the other economic numbers that we saw today. without stimulus checks, the consumers feeling less -- well, less willing to spend. stuart: it's still a relatively strong number. any other time you'd say that's
10:02 am
pretty good. >> that's pretty good. stuart: look who's here now, jonathan hoenig. he's got a good smile, this lad. [laughter] i say we're off to the races. we've got a booming market, booming economy. it's a long holiday weekend. tell me if you agree with me here. i think the whole mood of the country, investors and wall street, has shifted to the positive. what say you? >> oh, no question. and all it took, stuart the, when you think about it, is a 100-plus point move from the bottom of the stock market back in march of 2020. look, you're right, the economy is strong. the numbers are good. the market is forward looking. and when i see those big risk assets, those headline risk assets like bitcoin, apple, even tesla starting to stumble, and, stuart, when you talk about the reddit brigade, the amcs, the gamestops, that type of speculation historically is more towards the top than at the bottom. back in 2006 -- more like
10:03 am
2007-2008, those same gen-xeres just wanted to put their money in the bank. given the fact there's so much animosity toward big tech, maybe i'm missing out, but i'm waiting for the shoe to to drop. stuart: that's interesting. i give you an introduction saying, hey, we're going to the races here, fantastic weekend coming, the whole mood of the country has turned positive, you agree with me and then check in that -- chuck in that cold water which is the signs are saying we are very close to the top. so you're cautious. >> well, my -- yeah, look, my customers pay me to be cautious, stuart. you mentioned the long weekend coming. we'll be celebrating, but we'll also be remembering and talking the moment to think about those true american heroes, truly, who gave their lives in the service and our protection to be able to peck late, to be able to have this wonderful country and free market. i'll be thinking of my positions in the market, but i'll really be thinking of service people and their families on this long
10:04 am
holiday weekend. stuart: well said, jonathan. before we close out, are you really would in. >> oh, absolutely. worried? >> oh, look what's coming down the pike, a trillion here, a trillion there, and congressman matt gaetz talking about using the second amendment against technology companies. i think it's going to be a tough row to hoe even for investors who are very bullish. stuart we hear you loudly and clearly, jonathan hoenig. have a great weekend. >> be well. thank you. if. stuart: thanks, everyone. now this. when america fought world war ii, we spent an enormous amount of money. fdr set spending records that lasted, what, three generations. until now. joe biden is not fighting world war ii, but he wants to spend more than fdr. ain't that something? we've beaten back the virus, the economy is growing rapidly, but this president still wants to
10:05 am
unleash a gigantic spending spree. all right, point number one, he's doing this not to fight a world war, but to transform our society along socialist lines. 18 months ago we had a terrific economy, so why do we now need this rush the socialism? are things so bad? are the rich so horrible? are the corporations so rapacious that we need to reject our past? no. we don't need this massive spending. but bernie sanders and aoc think that we do need it, and they run the show. the second thing that popped out at me was the red ink. the biden budget will mean deficits of more than a trillion dollars every single year until at least 2030. that, apparently, doesn't matter 'cuz the left has signed on to this new theory, modern monetary theory which says you can product and spend as much as you like with no consequences. how convenient. has anybody thought how dangers
10:06 am
this budget is? -- dangerous this budget is? we're gambling with our future. when you're playing fast and loose with a $40 trillion debt, you are rolling the dice. when you believe socialism delivers prosperity, you are ignoring history. second hour of "varney & co." rolls on. ♪ ♪ stuart: we've got news for you. a bipartisan group of lawmakers introducing a bill that will let covid victims sue china. ah, that's a revelation. mike huckabee, form or governor of arkansas, joins us now. this is a big deal, governor. the stakes are really high. just imagine if it were proved categorically that china started the pandemic at that wuhan lab, you've got a sensation on your hands here. we're dealing with a major story here. >> it's a major story, but it's also an important one that we've got to follow. for, you know, more than a year we've been told that it was racist to even mention wuhan
10:07 am
virus or chinese virus. even though we talk about german measles and, you know, the spanish flu and all sorts of things, even the indian variant. all of that's fine, but you can't say anything ugly about china, because that's racist. well, it's about time that there's something that comes out of washington worthwhile. in this case, bipartisan. and it's that we're going to try to hold china accountable for what happened out of that laboratory if we can definitively find out that this virus started there, not some bat soup or a wet market. stuart: it seems like both sides of the aisle are onboard with finding out exactly how this thing got going. i see democrats, i see republicans, both sides really pressing hard for this thing. do you think we'll get to the bottom of it? >> well, we have to, because if we don't, then we basically are have surrendered to the communist chinese party. we have essentially told them do
10:08 am
whatever you want to to us. destroy the world economy. kill 600,000 americans. bring us to our knees economically. and we'll just look the other way, and we'll criticize not the communist chinese party, we'll criticize the critics of the communist chinese party. stu, if that's not surrender, i don't know what is. stuart: okay. i'm going to change the subject to something a little less difficult, shall we say. i just want you to watch -- [laughter] i'm being star cast cantic here -- sarcastic here. the pressing questions the media asked president biden. watch this. >> mr. president -- [inaudible conversations] >> chocolate/chocolate chip. >> [inaudible] republicans who are -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] stuart: it was different just a couple years ago, wasn't it, governor? >> oh, no, they were much nicer to president trump. they were really harsh, pinning
10:09 am
him down on the flavor of ice cream that he liked. they would never have done that to donald trump. they would have asked him, you know, questions about how was the cone, was it crunchy enough? this is such a disgraceful demonstration of how the media has become totallier responsible, reckless and, quite frankly, worthless. they are worthless are to the liberty of the country. they're supposed to be the watchdogs. they're nothing more than the lap dogs of joe biden. in fact, they're nicer than joe biden's dogs that had to be sent away for rehabilitation a couple of times because they were biting people. these press people, they lick everyone in the biden white house. they haven't bitten anybody. stuart: i'm glad we changed the subject and got to the ice cream flavor. and i do hope, governor, that you have a great weekend. good tough. >> and to you too, stu. let's remember those wonderful heroes who gave us this great country. god bless 'em all.
10:10 am
stuart: thanks, governor. see you soon. let's get back to money. those markets, big lots down 7%, it just popped up on the screen in front of me. [laughter] what do we know about big lots? >> you say it so well. they're down after cutting their springtime sales forecast, and this is a discount retailer: they actually did better the first quarter but not as bell as the second quarter as -- as well. we have some big news, cannabis maker -- [inaudible] is up 10%, third deal of the year already. they've been busy. stuart: isn't that the continuing rationale9 and the get-together of all the cannabis companies in. >> yeah, consolidation -- stuart: that's the word. >> i'm using a e higher vernacular. stuart: what are they doing in the pot business? >> they make pot -- stuart: they grow the stuff. >> gap making twice as much as wall street forecast in the first quarter of this year, but, you know, when you do so well,
10:11 am
people sell off afterwards. and dell is down after they said the global chip shortage might impact their laptop business this year. hp reported put good earnings, but they said they'll be impacted because of the chip shortage as well. you see this over and over again. not just car companies. stuart: yeah. we've talked about this endlessly. >> endlessly. stuart: i didn't realize it was so extensive. >> apple, gm, ford -- stuart: you would think with a worldwide shortage you could tour up a couple of factories here -- >> not flipping on a switch. pretty sophisticated to make a check up these days. tooth institute i hope you've got more on this, we've got amc, of where have we got that? $34 a shower. >> yep. stuart: okay, 33 right now, still up 24%. how much are the shorts, i mean, those people who bet that these stocks are going down, they're going up, how much of a shorts loss? >> well, we've got new numbers here.
10:12 am
$1.8 billion, that's how much they've lost trying to short the so-called meme stocks or the amc entertainments, as you see there, we hit a record high. blackberry just hint a two -- hit a two month high, reddit at the end of january, also the knocke owes of the -- nokias of the world with, blackberry is back. some of these names we haven't talked about since the end of january. and people are saying that there is this social media, right now this social media buildup in momentum back in these names. amc is now, we've been talking about them on the wall street bets forum. stuart: that's fascinating. could be some money coming out of cryptos -- >> i have some news out of uptoes, the reason we're looking at -- cryptos, the reason we're looking at a selloff, the bank of japan and japan government officials say they're going to talk a closer look at crypto. and you know when there's more government regulation, there is concern from prices. stuart: okay. question: what do lindsay lohan
10:13 am
and nfl star tom brady have in common? i'll tell ya, they're both bitcoin believers. roll tape. >> so i'm a big believer in it. i don't think it's going enough. i think absolutely there's going to be volatility. stuart: we'll tell you what else they're saying about cryptos. that's just ahead for you. indiana university joining the list of colleges requiring the jab. the state's attorney general says that is illegal. the state's attorney general is here. facebook reversing its post about the wuhan lab, but my next guest says it's too late. big tech has already revealed itself as a state actor in disguise. after this. ♪♪ nobody builds 5g like verizon builds 5g
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10:18 am
♪ it's too late to apologize, it'o late ♪♪ stuart: that there is san francisco. 52 degrees, a little cloudy at 7:18 a.m. west coast. facebook reverses course, ending the ban on posts saying covid was manmade in the wuhan lab. all right, we know are where you're coming there if here, you're saying that big tech is a basically a state actor in disguise. i've got all of that and, frankly, i agree with you. my question is, what can we do about that? >> look, i think we ultimately need to sue these companies in federal court, especially people who have had their posts taken
10:19 am
down or censored under the theory that, yes, conventional private companies can take down content if it's on their web site, but if you're acting at behest of the government and you're given a special form of imp moonty to go do it -- immunity, then you have a case to say those companies are bound by the first amendment in the same way the government is. clarence thomas basically threw out a smoke signal that the supreme court was open for business on that idea. i think this is the unique challenge of our time, and i actually think people can bring cases now. this particular story was perhaps one of the most disturbing because it goes to the hart of truth about the origin of this virus which might be the most important question of our time. stuart: yeah. for a long time, you could not say, you could not even approach the subject of the virus starting in the wuhan lab. all of a sudden biden wants an investigation, and one go, you
10:20 am
can -- bingo, you can post about it. that's a ridiculous turn-around. >> these are just state actors in disguise. as soon as the party in power says it's okay to talk about it, silicon valley decides their going to follow suit. stuart the, it's even worse than that in this case. the very scientific elites who have told us from the foothills to trust the science may have been the very scientists who were funding research on the origin of this, on the engineering of this virus. and then lied about it and coordinated with social media companies to censor stories to the contrary. so i think that as this plays out, we'll have to see what the truth of the matter is, but this is possible this could roil public trust in not only science, but in all of our institutions for a generation. i'm not sure that's something we can talk, but it's an important issue we need to get to the bottom of it. stuart: i'm changing the subject here, mayor of chicago lori
10:21 am
lightfoot, she is now being sued after she said she would only grant interviews to people of color. surely it's illegal to grant interviews on the basis of skin color. it's clearly illegal, isn't it? >> discrimination on the basis of race is discrimination on the basis of race. and i think that it doesn't matter if you're one race discriminating against different race what the color of your own skin is. discrimination on the basis of race is a civil rights violation. and i don't care if this is black people, white people, brown people, it doesn't mart. i thought that was a shameful act, the fact that other mayors piled on to compliment her, to bring this kind of race consciousness saying they would only take meetings with journalists of a particular skin color. this is regressing and roll back six decades of progress since the civil rights revolution where the place that we wanted to get which was a country where you would be based on the content of your character, and
10:22 am
now you're judged, police sitly on the color of your -- explicitly on the color of your skin. it's going to take everyday americans to reclaim the american soul. stuart: well said. i hope you have a great weekend, and we'll see you again soon. gotcha. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: now this, celebrities getting in on the crypto game. lindsay lohan, tom brady, and crypto's back to 36 on bitcoin. what's with quarterbacks and -- [laughter] >> well, i think it's going mainstream, and that shows that bitcoin, cryptocurrency's going to be here for a while. getting a check mark, an endorsement from the greatest quarterback of all time. >> so i'm a big believer in it. i don't think it's going anywhere. i think absolutely there's going to be volatility, but at the same time knowing, you know, when there's a lot of change and there's disruption in markets, there's a lot of people that are going to fight those systems. >> we mentioned lindsay lower hand, she says -- lohan, she
10:23 am
says either rum is hitting a bull run. when celebrities get in, that means there's something to it, don't you think, for crypto markets and cryptocurrencies? we have seen it bounce back. the reason we're looking at 'they are yum is because we're heading into the weekend when there's a lot of volatile trading, especially with thin trading. the bank with of japan governor says he doesn't see it as a long-term means of settlement. stuart: okay. they the really do affect the crypto market, don't they? >> the fact that they're getting onboard, there's been trends that they see they can make money off of. stuart: you've got some story on tesla here? i'm looking at the prompter, and it says tesla is losing some top safety endorsements. >> yeah. because of that shift away from radar. so they're going all cameras and sensors, pure vision instead for
10:24 am
their driver assistance program, and tesla's really going the opposite direction of other carmakers like gm, waymo, these are the self-driving car makers, maybe apple one day. they prefer the lidar which uses raisers, but because tesla's zigging while others are zagging, consumer reports and iihs are taking away some of these safety ratings. they reported that iihs also plans to remove the model, 3 as a safety plus designation. the model 3 2021 and model y cars that will move away from radar. stuart: that's a wig deal. -- big deal. >> and consumers listen to these endorsements. stuart: i've got a big mover here, gotta put it on the screen. it is salesforce, way up, 6.5%. that accounts for nearly all of the dow's gains as of now.
10:25 am is a dow stock, doing very well. dow's up 76. california offering $116 million in prize money to people who get the jab. what does our california guy, steve hilton, think about that? what does he think about these incentives? you know, steve hilton dislikes a lot of things. i wonder if he dislikes vaccine incentives. ♪ dollars, dollars, dollars, what i need. ♪ i don't know if i'm walkingen on solid ground ♪♪ ♪ ♪ smooth driving pays off. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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♪♪ stuart: all right. president biden's releasing his $6 trillion budget proposal today, and break berman is going to -- blake burman is going to tell us what's in it. he's going to go through it and, blake, i'm going to ask you to do the same thing i asked susan, go through it, but don't let my eyes glade over. can you i do it? [laughter] >> reporter: i actually can't, stuart, because we don't have the budget just yet. the expectation is this is going to be released later this afternoon. all we know is coming from a report from "the new york times"
10:30 am
putting it forward that $6 trillion figure. i've got to say, the white house has been incredibly tight-lipped about this, but we do expect to have this in our hands to be able to report, stu, in the upcoming hours. what the white house is saying though is that this proposal will reflect the president's spending priorities. watch. >> what the budget will reflect ask that he's going to continue to deliver on his priorities, getting the pandemic under control, putting people back to work. and those proposals, the more than jobs plan, the american rescue plan, the american families plan will put us on better financial footing over time. >> reporter: when you have a roughly $6 trillion budget as the times is reporting, stu, they also say the projected deficit would be $1.8 trillion, fiscal year 2022 starting in october. your friendly reminder that over the last couple decades the national debt here in this country has racked up to $28.3 trillion and counting. stuart: yes. because we're going to have trillion dollar per-year deficits as far as the eye can
10:31 am
see with this budget, at least until 2030. so that debt that you're talking about, $28 trillion, that goes pretty close to $40 trillion by the end of this dad, i think. i think that's where it's coming from, right? >> reporter: it's going to be year-over-year over year, it's not going to be a one-time shock and all of a sudden we're going to be deficit neutral. [laughter] you know how it works in this town. stuart: yeah, i do. and my eyes stayed open for that whole report. thanks very much, blake. see you again soon. look who's here now? peter morici, who claims to be an economist. [laughter] this is a very big weekend that we're about to get into. i think the mood of the whole country is changing dramatically towards the positive. and i think that's going to have a big impact on our economy and its performance going forward. are you with me? >> yes. america with a mile on its face just performs a lot better.
10:32 am
the most important thing you have to remember about this country is it's a fantastic second-half team. after a slow start with the pandemic, we got it all together. in communities across the country, people are volunteering and doing a great job with the vaccination program. that's boosting morale. the economy's on track. we're going to have a great somewhere in the stock market, i'll tell you that. stuart: a great summer in the stock market. picking up my if attention right there. that's just the result of all this money and the economic performance, that's it? if new highs? >> well, i think there's two things. one is that the market is not overvalued. we're going to get profits for thing second quarter in july that are about 15% higher than the prior year, and that will take the pe ratios way down from these peaks. so that'll leave a lot of head space for stocks to, you know, improve. and the second thing is this budget is the last, very last campaign statement of the 2020
10:33 am
campaign. it's a campaign document. it's value signaling. i think that we're going to get big deficits, but he's not going to get to spend all this money. he's really not going to get the taxes he wants, and as a consequence, he's going to have to curtail some of his plans. it's that simple. stuart: so it's a great summer, the market's going to hut new highs, and we do have a rocket ship economy at least into the early part of the fall. is that the message you're leaving with us as we head out for this glorious weekend? >> yes. go out there, have fun. have confidence in the american system. there are a lot of democrats -- my congressman, joe biden, who lives a couple of blocks away -- not joe biden, excuse me, he's scratching his head about these capital gains taxes. that's true because he owns all the car dealerships in my neighborhood. there are a lot of democrats that are scratching their heads about these taxes. he's not going to have the votes
10:34 am
he needs to get all this stuff. it's that simple. this is not chicago or new york where you have one-party rule. you know, you don't have to go to russia to see one-party rule. just go call up ms. lohan over there in chicago. she only talks to people who look like her, agree with her. that's not america -- stuart: you mean hover true lightfoot. >> i know, excuse me. stuart: well, look, that's a fine message, peter. i hope you have a great weekend yourself. see you again soon. >> yeah, take care. stuart: yes, sir, will do. we've got the markets up pretty much across the board, but boeing is way down. 1.7% lower, that hurts the dow industrials because boeing's a dow stock. they've got problems with the dreamliner? >> the latest is that the faa has just spoke out, and they say that boeing themselves have temporarily halted deliveries of the 787 dreamliners because the
10:35 am
faa, the agency, they've asked for more data to determine if the planemaker's inspection method actually meets the federal requirements. and you know why? because of what happened with the 7. 37 max. 737 max. there's been a five month extension for delivery, american airlines was with expecting to receive a brand new 787 this week, but that's going to be delayed a few more weeks as boeing comes up with this information to provide the faa. stuart: do you know i've never if flown on a dreamliner? >> i haven't either. have you flown on a max? i haven't either, or the jumbo, the a-380. i really don't think i need to. stuart: i've not flown on the a-380. that can hold 500 people. i've never flown on a dreamliner, and i don't know if i've flown on a max jet. >> i usually check the type of plane because i, i fly a lot, but i'm also afraid to fly
10:36 am
because i've watched investigations too many times on discovery. [laughter] that might be a thing to do, but i always check how old is a plane. stuart: i never do. never give it a second thought. >> you're fearless. stuart: no. [laughter] stupid, maybe, but not fearless. susan, thank you very much, indeed. the main stream media -- oh, a little sarcasm here. pardon me. the media getting the scoop from president biden. watch this again. >> mr. president, what did you get? >> chocolate/chocolate chip. >> what is your message for republicans who are prepared to block -- [inaudible] >> another some chocolate -- >> yeah! [laughter] stuart: ooh, they -- chocolate/chocolate. chip, my, that's different than the way they treated president trump. i abandoner what lara trump -- wonder what lara trump thinks about that? first though, we're going to talk you to chicago's o'hare
10:37 am
airport for a louvre report just ahead of -- live report just ahead of the holiday rush. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away ♪♪ at fidelity, you get personalized wealth planning and unmatched overall value. together with a dedicated advisor, you'll make a plan that can adjust as your life changes, with access to tax-smart investing strategies that help you keep more of what you earn. and with brokerage accounts, you see what you'll pay before you trade. personalized advice. unmatched value. at fidelity, you can have both. ♪ more than this ♪
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muck time keeps on slipping, slippin, slipping into the future ♪♪ stuart: yeah -- [laughter] there is general agreement in this studio that time, time, slipping into the future is a wonderful song. it certainly is. my colleagues on the floor -- >> i think the agreement, the consensus is that we want to talk you to karaoke. stuart: no way. [laughter] you're looking at o'hare airport. we're doing this because 1.8 million people passed through tsa checkpoints yesterday. probably going to be a lot more than that this holiday weekend. so let's go back to hour airport
10:42 am
where we find our own grady trimble who's been talking to travel all right. okay, what are they telling you, grady trimble? >> reporter: stuart, they are telling me that it's busy and it almost feels like normal again except the masks that we still have to wear. they also have told me they've noticed hotel and our fare prices going up recently. in fact, the folks at the travel booking app hopper tell us that the average price for a ticket right now in the u.s. is around $280. that's way up from last year when hardly anybody was traveling, and it's up 12% from april into may, and they're expecting the ticket price to climb and peak in june ahead of the fourth of july holiday. but the people that i've talked to this morning, they say those prices do not deter them. there are just happy to be flying again. >> i booked this flight about a month and a half ago, and i was really kind of shocked. looking at other places, other times a lot cheaper, but this
10:43 am
weekend i paid a lot more. there's more people, more cars, almost seems back to normal. >> it's just time for us. we've had enough of, you know, staying indoors. >> reporter: and the tsa is responding to the pent-up leisure travel demand. they're hoping to hire 1,000 new agents by july 4th. that's in addition to the 3,000 that they've already hired since the beginning of the year. and if you're wondering some of the top destinations that people are flocking to this memorial day weekend include orlando, florida, las vegas, nevada and honolulu, hawaii, stu. any of those places sound good right now. stuart: looks like back to normal except for the masks, and maybe soon no masks. we shall see. grady, thanks a lot. it is asian-american and pacific islanders heritage month. tell me about the director of crazy rich asians, a movie i really liked. >> i know, i was so excited to hear that, that you loved row
10:44 am
habit you can comedies. the director said a diverse cast and film making can make money at the box office. and crazy rich asians director john chu wants to help open the door to talent of all colors. ♪ muck. >> call me joe. >> we are here on day -- i have no idea. crazy rich asians. >> director john chus has enjoyed his fair share of box office success working with some of the biggest names in hollywood. >> i didn't want to be seen as an asian-american director, i just want to be seen as a director. >> before making blockbusters, john chu grew up near silicon valley where his family has owned a chinese restaurant for over 50 years. >> i get thrown all the stuff to carry around on a vacation, and i started shooting our family on these vacations. >> but success wasn't instant
10:45 am
for chu. he made big budget action movies, but not all his films were hits. >> i made a movie just four or five years ago that i think was one of the lowest opening movies of all time. >> disappointment didn't stop him from taking risks on the big screen. directing the first hollywood film featuring an entirely asian cast for the first time in 25 years. >> i really see our movie as a result of people speaking up. i really see our movie as a reflection of what's happening, of the movement that was happening around me. >> but for hollywood to change, chu thinks you have to empower people to think beyond limits. >> i need to dream bigger not just for myself, but i need to dream bigger to show that the next group that comes that you're allowed to dream that big. >> yeah. so his advice is write it down, take the first steps because a lot of the stories that don't get told, the first step isn't taken and, of course, be hungry and stay naive.
10:46 am
stuart: his family ran a chinese restaurant for 50 years? >> that's right. now, i think the audience wants to know, but actually loved crazy rush asians. you're a hopeless -- rich augustses. you're a hopeless romantic. stuart: the closing scene in that mauve vie is where -- movie is where the young man chases down the lady. >> >> rachel. stuart: she's e on the plane. he gets on the plane, he wants to marry her, and he's on his knees in the aisle, and he asks her to marry him, and she says yes. >> did you cry? stuart: yes. hopelessly romantic -- >> sensitive sap, stuart varney. i did not know that.i love it. stuart: what did you say, susana? what do you mean ruin the epping? >> no. no, we've all seep it. we get it. -- all seen it. you expect it to happen in a romance movie, right? stuart: you better. >> you better deliver.
10:47 am
that's what everybody wants. i i love crazy rich asians because of the tradition, the food and just the flavors and just the society. it's something that, you know, a all of us in the asian-american community can, of course, associate with and remember. stuart: i loved it. thank you, susan. great report, good stuff. change the subject, why not? indiana university telling -- joining the list of colleges that require the jab. however, the state's attorney general says, all right, don't do that, that's illegal. the torn general is on the show -- attorney general is on the show. and you know him best as the man behind the hit song god bless the usa. lee greenwood, now he's launching his own liquor line. did you know that? he's here to tell us about it shortly. ♪ that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ and i'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still
10:48 am
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♪ stuart: all right. we have been in business now for almost an hour and a half, and we've still got a really going. dow's up 100, nasdaq is up almost 50, and the s&p is up 10. modest green, let's put it like that. and then there's this: indiana
10:52 am
university requires students get the jab before coming back to campus. the attorney general of indiana says, not so fast. the attorney general joins us right now. sir, you say that what indiana university is doing is illegal? is it illegal to do this? >> yeah, that's right, stu. i mean, the general assembly just this past session passed a law that specifically said no government entity, no corporate body politic could require proof of a covid-19 shot. and in indiana a public university like iu is part of our government and, therefore, it's illegal. stuart: do you think that's right though? that the university can say, look, you want to come back, let's make everybody safe, get vaccinated. why is that so wrong? >> it's wrong because it doesn't give people choice, it doesn't respect their individual
10:53 am
decision-making ability, it doesn't respect them as individuals at all. if you go 90 miles north or so from indiana university, stu, you have another public university called purdue where ms. daniels is the president. and there they gave the students, the fact -- faculty, the staff choice. they said, okay, show us -- get an immunization, show us proof, if you don't want to do that, if your situation doesn't allow that, then you'll get tested more often, but at least you'll have a choice. so at purdue they went right up to the edge of indiana's new law, but they stayed within the spirit and letter of it, and ma ma -- that a makes all the difference. stuart: does this extend to k-12 schools, high school schools? can a school say you don't come back to the classroom unless you've got the jab? because they say that already for some other inoculations. >> right. and in the indiana, we'll have to look more closely at that. we haven't got asked that
10:54 am
specific question, but my suggestion is, yeah, if it's a public school, it's part of our government under our laws. government should not be involved in that, in requiring proof of that kind of immunization, and they're the ones that make the law. they're the ones that are directly elected or accountable to the people. stuart: it seems like there's a political split here. >> yeah. stuart: republican-run states are really open, and they don't like vaccine pass posts. democrat -- passports. democrat states much slower to open up, and they do like vaccine passports. it really is a political split, isn't it? >> yeah, it's a great observation. the fact of the matter is if you're left, a and a lot of public universities are, or you're a democrat, you think in the collective. you don't respect individual liberties or freedoms as much as conservatives, libertarians, republicans do who very much value the individualism over the
10:55 am
collective. stuart: when you get a ruling on your suit against indiana university by the fall when kids are supposed to be going back? >> well, we'll have to see where it goes. my hope and expectation is that iu sees they're outside the bounds of the law and reverses course. they already said they're going to look at it, and i appreciate that very much. but if they don't, really it's going to be the parents, students and maybe even staff at iu that have private rights of action that we'll indirectly assist with, for sure. stuart: got it. i'm almost out of time sir. attorney general of the great state of indiana, thank you very much for joining us, sir, and we'll check in again to see what progress you make. thank you the, sir. >> yes. stuart: to the markets, still plenty of green. game so many -- gamestop is now down. susan, you're looking at these markets. >> yeah. that's interesting. there might be some profit taking. we're at the highest now since
10:56 am
the end of january. also amc entertainment hit a record high this morning, beyond meat as well, we have to throw into the meme stock plays. and blackberry is back. two month highs for blackberry, naked, express. and you saw that amc was the most actively traded stock yesterday, right? 700 million shares exchanging hands. and that's almost seven times the normal volume that you see. but i would say that money is going into these meme stocks because you see this talk over and over again on social media. stuart: yep. and the money is going in there largely, and it's a spike this week. i like it. all right, another big hour coming up for you. lara trump, steve hilton, missouri congressman jason smith and country star lee greenwood. plus this memorial day weekend i think it's going to be a huge breakout. are you with me on this? the we'll be back. ♪ rans like martin. when a hailstorm hit,
10:57 am
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11:01 am
let's buy it and have some fun. >> the economy is strong, numbers are good, the market is forward-looking and when i see those big risk assets like bitcoin, his story clean more towards the top and then the bottom. >> moves tend to be exaggerated. it feels good, i get it, we will see the markets attempt to test the highs of the s&p. stuart: 11:00 eastern time, friday may 20 eighth right before the great holiday weekend. to your money it is a rally, the 34,500, nasdaq of 50, 137, the meme stocks are back, amc, still up 18%, $30 a share, it
11:02 am
hurt 34, as meme stocks go up we have the cryptos largely coming down, quoting bitcoin, down $2,000, 36,800 is your bitcoin of the moment. still several thousand new covid cases a day you are on dangerous ground saying the pandemic is over but so many restrictions have been removed, so many people vaccinated that for most of us it does feel like it is over. this long holiday weekend, looking at covid in the rearview mirror. memorial day to the marks the end of covid's grip on our every day lives. masks are coming up, social distancing rules breaking down, people don't edge away from you.
11:03 am
they are getting to gather. and you felt the thrill of sport back to the way it all to be. we will see 2 million airline passengers a day close to where we were. 36 million motorists why not take a road trip and $3 gas, upstate new york, new york city, republican ron florida has been wide open and bustling for months and beginning to see the same opening up in democrat strongholds. people are fed up and breaking out. anxiety is receding.
11:04 am
it is a wonderful thing. $2 trillion, and welcome to a post pandemic summer. third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. on friday morning, steve hilton joins us now. steve is from liberal california. will we see a memorial day break out in california? >> even here in the most extreme and irrational and unscientific we run state of the nation where the lockdown has been so extreme people have had enough. i was in los angeles the other day.
11:05 am
i completely agree, it is churlish to point out, in the first place and i argued from the beginning, we need to go to these extreme lockdowns. the hit to the economy or small businesses, they are coming to the end of it even in places like california. stuart: incentives to get vaccinated, it is $116 million to people and get some money. where do you stand on these incentives? >> i suppose we better be fair and say i prefer it to trying to force people to get
11:06 am
vaccinated, every individual's choice. better to mandate it. if you look at what gavin newsom is doing almost every day he is throwing money at something to fend off the recall. there is some scientific evidence that lotteries are incentives that do work to get people to do things but look at the facts. in california you have the highest vaccination rate in the country and the real point is are we going to have full reopening with those high vaccination rates. one specific example. i live in the bay area, in the county where i live this is the beginning of this week so it is bound to be higher. the percentage of people vaccinated, over 12, not just adults, over 12 was 78% and our local city council published a reopening plan that keeps jim's closed until september. 80% vaccinated, what are they doing?
11:07 am
stuart: why on earth would you do that when you have a high proportion of people vaccinated and the cdc telling you you can work out in the gym if you want to. why are they doing that? >> it goes back to something, they love the power, the control, micromanaging our lives and what i'm worried about is gavin newsom than to his democrat colleagues will want to cling to the power they got used to over the past year. we fight them hard to get our power, not theirs. stuart: well said. steve hilton, we will be watching you, when i can wake up for it, occasionally i set the alarm, 9:00 eastern sunday night. steve hilton, you have a great weekend even if you have to stay in california. sarcasm is a low form of wit but it works on david barneson
11:08 am
who is considering the upbeat move of this country that we will be out and about and breaking out this weekend. what do you say? we've got to look at covid in the rearview mirror after this weekend. what say you? >> i have been looking at it in the rearview mirror for quite some time. i certainly hope the rest of the country is catching up. it is kind of sad how divided that is oftentimes by a political orientation, and, in the city all week, you go to other spots and everyone is reliving a little more freely, it is sociological but the place where i think you will see it coming back in droves
11:09 am
are at the offices of our country. people are ready to go back to work, companies will benefit immensely from a restored community collaboration and improving their own company culture by being back together in the office. stuart: would you extend that to new york city? we have tower blocks of office buildings all over the place, at the moment largely empty. you think they are coming back and will be full anytime soon? >> i think they will be close to full after labor day. i wish it were sooner. i have been pushing for this for almost a year. my company had both of its offices fully open for the whole time, i see day by day as i walk through midtown more and more people coming back, you see more people in suits and ties, myself walking around new york now. we have a long way to go still. unfortunately the calendar has worked against us because you
11:10 am
get to summer, the jpmorgans and goldman sachses have been leaders telling people to go back. the problems have been the law firms on sixth avenue, they are delayed going back. stuart: talking about that, okay. got to get to this. i know you like exxon and chevron. you go for companies which pay a strong dividend and a growing dividend. exxon, chevron, they will pay a strong and growing dividend. >> for about 100 years they did not cut their dividend through covid last year when oil prices went as low as they had gone forever, exxon didn't cut a dividend during the valdes problem 30 years ago so the concern is not the ability to maintain a dividend, they can control, how much they spend up and down in capital expenditures and have strong
11:11 am
balance sheets to protect their dividend. when you look what happened this week with exxon losing a couple board seats it is somewhat shocking they were not able to protect them but ultimately what people are misunderstanding, why exxon is up 100% from its bottom late last year and chevron is up over 100%, earnings are what drive stock prices. unless they think the environment of extremists are right that we don't need oil and gas anymore which is the dumbest thing i ever heard exxon and chevron are going to be producing and supplying a big portion of the oil and gas necessary, a great cash free generator no matter what they say on the sidelines. stuart: you are all right and have a feeling you will have a great weekend. thank you very much indeed. let's get back to money, pure money, costco down one%. what is the problem?
11:12 am
>> they are warning of increasing costs, they came out ahead, the good news, to greet your fans, samples are coming back, free lunch is back and restaurants are reopening for costco. a wonderful thing, one dollar and $0.15, the coke and hotdog will be on you. tesla is down today after reported recalls of model 3s, trying to verify those reports from the tweets that come out and salesforce the stock of the day, the biggest contributor to the dow gains today and raising sales guidance for the year after a blockbuster first quarter, $27 billion acquisition of a teen chat apps, they contribute half $1 billion. stuart: huge gain for a company that size, 6%, a dow stock. >> virtually all.
11:13 am
you had some employees to every dollar gained and that is why you see the dow, hp and dell reported earnings but both say the global chip shortage will impact sales of laptop and dell printers. everyone is affected. stuart: hp is down 8%. thanks. lee greenwood singles god bless the usa and has a new project to help veterans. beach towns bracing on for crowds, the full report from the jersey shore this time but first a new poll shows half voters support building the border wall, is matches the record set in 2015. i talked to lara trump about that next. ♪♪ you are going to miss me ♪♪
11:14 am
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11:18 am
stuart: this new fox poll shows half of voters support the border wall, finishing it, building the thing. that matches the number of approvals for building the wall back in 2015 before we started building it. lara trump is with us, great to see you again. how are you doing? >> doing great, great from memorial weekend, ready to go. stuart: i've got the feeling that this, the border wall issue and rebuilding it is going to be a more important issue, more and more important as we go through 2021, 2022.
11:19 am
>> a crisis on the southern border since joe biden and kamala harris, what people have clearly seen as you might not have liked donald trump's tweets but he was doing the right thing for america and for the people trying to come here we never want people to have to make this treacherous horrible dangerous journey, we don't want to enrich coyotes, drug traffickers, drug cartels, human traffickers and sadly that is exactly what has happened in the five months that president biden has been president of the united states, we have another crisis on the southern border. they don't want to talk about it or address it but that is why people are saying maybe the wall was a good idea and if you go back before donald trump became president of the united states you know that people wanted security on the southern border, the media was so
11:20 am
masterful in the way they demonized donald trump and his border wall message, it was probably the people didn't like it coming from him and now they are saying maybe we had it better with donald trump in office. stuart: i'm going to bring up the media one more time, forgive me but i'm going to roll this tape again of the president eating ice cream and the media reacting to it. >> chocolate chocolate chip. >> republicans are prepared to block - stuart: i can imagine you being angry because they never treated your father in law like this. it was the exact opposite. you must be a little the oh, should i say? >> i asked my 3-year-old some
11:21 am
questions the media asks president biden at his ice cream photo op. what do we expect? this is what they did during the campaign, that they would give him a pass, lollipops and rainbows all the time when the media gets around president biden they font all over him. when it came to donald trump and i scream they were outraged about the two scoops of ice cream, made a big deal about that, was it bad for his health but joe biden gets away with saying tell them to eat chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. it is ridiculous. not only am i upset because i know what they did to my father-in-law was terrible, bad for him, bad for the country by and large but shouldn't we be focusing on actual questions for president biden, ask him about inflation going through the roof, gas prices on the rise, lines at the gas pump we saw not long ago, protecting our middle eastern ally is
11:22 am
real, surely ask him real questions, they won't do that because he can't handle those questions. get ready for more what is your favorite ice cream, did you get cheese on your burger, what kind of hotdog did you get. stuart: we are ready for it and expect it. thank you for being with us, see you soon. facebook is finally letting people post articles about the origins of covid. they listed there censorship on this issue. jackie deangelis with us, do you think more censorship may be coming. >> big tech, stifling conversations they don't like. we've been talking about facebook, google, their crackdown on covid 19 commentary, it goes beyond that issue alone, it has gotten so bad in florida governor ron
11:23 am
desantis signed legislation to penalize companies are barring speech of -- such a touchy subject that it could go to federal court. on that issue, he said this. >> any floridian who is the platform and or censored has a right to sue big tech, with algorithms and terms of service. >> speaking of the governor he may have a point, youtube band his roundtable on mask science. big tech to the flip-flop on the issue, they were banning the post about covid 19 saying it came from a lab and then issued the statement and said we are going to stop doing that. think back to when amazon band unreported truths about covid 19 and lockdowns, allowed sales after a huge backlash, the new york post story about hunter biden's laptop, band and not
11:24 am
band but initial banning does damage, it is powerful and we need to have platforms where people can have a discourse about things that are going on in the world, and honest conversation. stuart: that was a good wrap of the censorship. staying on social media, twitter is going to offer, still band donald trump, got that but offering a subscription service. >> you write something wrong you can undo it which a lot of people would face more, they found this on the apps store, the subscription service is pretty cheap and some people would pay for an undo button, customization on color themes and easier to read modes from on twitter threads like a book instead. stuart: how long do you get
11:25 am
before -- >> undo your gmail for 30 seconds. it is up there. stuart: that is a button i can use. stuart: let's talk sports. it was supposed to be a routine play that turned into a nightmare for the pittsburgh pilots -- pirates. >> off the back, shouldn't be laughing. not a bad idea. oh my goodness. no way. that is unbelievable. never seen that before. stuart: i do understand baseball.
11:26 am
that should have been a double play, the cubs scored a run and got a double. that was worth showing you. the search -- sarcasm, this is a warning, the search is on for the bigfoot, a $3 million prize for whomsoever can catch sasquatch. it is a joke. president biden just unveiled his $6 trillion budget plan, $2.3 trillion for infrastructure like electric cars. congressman jason smith says president biden is putting wealthy americans first. he is on the show next. ♪♪ ♪♪ money money money ♪♪ money ♪♪
11:27 am
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stuart: i need money, marky mark and the cookie. i am into all that. it is 75 degrees as you look at capitol hill.
11:31 am
youngsters in the studio laughing at me. get out of my studio. president biden releasing a $6 trillion budget. congressman jason smith is ranking member of the house budget committee. do i get a free electric car out of this? >> you probably can get everything but president biden's budget is an extreme show of disrespect for america's working-class families. under his vision washington with the greater command and control over the lives and livelihoods of every american citizen. it ignores how massive government spending will have on americans paying more to put food on their tables, gas in their cars and clothes on their back. you may get subsidies for electric car but when it comes to bring down the cost of the suit on your table gas in your cars and clothes on your back
11:32 am
not going to do the work. stuart: but you don't think he is going to get all of the $6 trillion deal. it will become back dramatically. you think you will get half, two thirds, what do you think you will end up with? >> his party controls the house and the senate. look at it this way. it shows how proud president biden is of this budget, the fact that he was supposed to release it yesterday and release it this morning, now they are waiting until this evening to officially release the budget over the friday before memorial day holiday weekend. basically they are wanting to hide the details. it shows they are not truly proud of this. they are looking at having the highest amount of government expansion ever in the history of the budget, having tax collection at the highest rate in the history of the budget and being the latest a budget has ever been.
11:33 am
he can't be too proud of it but is still offering it. stuart: you just met with donald trump. did he say anything or hint about running again in 2024? >> i tell you he is laser focused, when i say the president, donald trump is laser focused on making sure that the issues and items he pushed forward and the successes that he had in his administration, those aren't forgotten and making sure that america stays first which he is fighting for that and seeing what biden is doing right now, increasing taxes, increasing regulations, making america last sense china and russia first, those aren't the priorities of a trump administration and i think he is definitely front and center, possibly looking to be there in
11:34 am
2024. stuart: are you with him if he does? 10 seconds. >> absolutely. who wouldn't be with someone who had the largest economy in the history of this country and has led this great nation in the right direction. stuart: congressman jason smith, republican missouri, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. that market still going up, 115, up for the dow, nasdaq close to 60. show me amazon. that stock is going to $4,500 a share, 2 hours ago. we are hearing what amazon is doing for stressed-out workers. >> the amazon meditation boost. amazon and zen. a small room where employees can watch company videos about mindfulness while they move the air around. a video was released by amazon so this is what it looks like, a fan runs to cool down the employees, the skylight is blue on top, they have pamphlets and
11:35 am
a computer, they do the meditation video. stuart: amazon do a lot for their employees. >> they have to because they have been accused of mistreating their employees, not giving them enough time to go to the bathroom, they up to their hourly wage to $15 and working during covid, tons of fulfillments, they are working in unsafe conditions, amazon has to probably up their game and spending to do that. spending a few billion dollars. stuart: $3,200 a share as we speak. i am trying to read this correctly. $3 million bounty on bigfoot. that is obviously a joke. >> it is not. stuart: this is your story, it is a joke so make me laugh. >> it is not a joke.
11:36 am
one of the lawmaker is offering the world a chance to find bigfoot in southeastern oklahoma. stuart: bigfoot is the joke. >> he is re-upping this bill he filed in january. the motive might be trying to drive tourism in oklahoma and have a bigfoot festival, a documentary currently being filmed. to collect the reward of $3 million bigfoot has to be unharmed and the capture has to be live and humane. stuart: very soon there will be a sighting of the loch ness monster because the tourism industry has been down a little bit. they will produce the monster and bring him back. >> sasquatch in washington state, more northwest than oklahoma. we are talking the bigfoot migration. is that what oklahoma is betting on? stuart: i have a video to show you. we have a giant shark terrified a boatload of tourists. show me the video. >> it is circling in the atlantic ocean, the large shark
11:37 am
is usually harmless to humans but as you can see here this boat full of tourists got a bit of a surprise on social media. stuart: that is a basking shark, isn't it? >> how did you know that? stuart: it is in the report. >> it is larger than a full-sized person, can you believe that? it is huge. stuart: how big is a full-size person? >> it depends. what are we measuring? stuart: spending was nearly cut in half on the jersey shore last summer. the jersey shore is open for business and we will have a live report to see how it is doing. you know him from the hit song god bless the usa, grammy award winner lee greenwood is getting into the liquor business. we will tell you all about that because he is on the show trying to help benefits. ♪♪ taking my mind
11:38 am
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and i'm proud to be an american ♪♪ where at least i know i am free ♪♪ and i won't forget -- stuart: don't you love it? the iconic song god bless the usa. the finger is lee greenwood and he is back, he things that song, he was on his show 5 or 6 years ago singing that great song and is back now. great to see you again. how are you doing? >> great. hi, stuart, hi, susan. stuart: i hear you are getting into the liquor business. tell us about that. tell me about the liquor. >> i toward this country for 35, almost 40 years and a tourist took us to nebraska. i stopped for a while, a
11:43 am
marine, an army and they tell me about the distillery in nebraska which makes great bourbon and i was like really? my dad used to drink bourbon, he is in the navy, some of it at home and what kind of bourbon is it? we want -- two gold medals in international competition and we would like to have you part of the organization. we talked about it almost two years ago and last night with the launch of the lee greenwood bourbon whiskey out of omaha, nebraska, it will be all over the nation very shortly. most states by memorial day and happy memorial day. stuart: if i buy one of these bottles of liquor how much of the purchase price goes to veterans? >> 5 different charities. we have our own soldier charity while helping a hero but the people have 5 different
11:44 am
charities, most of which are in the nebraska area. stuart: how long ago or i should say when did you first record that song? it was 30, 40 years ago. >> i wrote it in 1983. the original recording was 1984 on the mca label in nashville and i was there 14 years. it was re-recorded again for capital liberty and that is when i released american patriot which is an album of all-american songs, 2001 it became prominent importance because of the significance of the terrorist attack. it has since been recorded again one more time and i have a new version of it coming out shortly. stuart: you've been in the business 40 years. what is the difference between the music business and then in the music business now. put your finger on a serious change.
11:45 am
>> i would say technology, we don't record the same way we used to. instead of big studios a lot of them have home studios. my musicians have their own tools at home. in 2000 turn see -- 2020 we were a lot of studios and couldn't do major recording. that may be the only thing that can -- music is still good, still written by people who are talented and artistic. country music has moved a little bit to the right instead of the left but you still have a lot in texas and georgia making good country music and here in nebraska we are making good bourbon. stuart: i was going to close out with that. this is the lee greenwood edition of bourbon. i got that right? >> lee greenwood signature bourbon whiskey. i want bourbon in a different version of vodka, different
11:46 am
kinds of drinks but i really like the bourbon an awful lot. stuart: you are all right and i am sure your liquor is all right too. come and see us again soon and have a great weekend. >> happy memorial day, america. stuart: now this. it is memorial day weekend. this is opinion, to me it marks the end of covid's grip on our lives. let's take you to the jersey shore where we find lydia who. the masks are off, new jersey lifted the indoor mask mandate today. they are feeling pretty good down there? >> reporter: they are feeling great down here on the jersey shore in every park on the boardwalk. i don't see a mask insight from where i am standing. the ocean is roaring, making for a great memorial day weekend, dropping the indoor mask mandate for in vaccinated individuals, the owner of
11:47 am
layingusa lounge. you have a restaurant on the boardwalk. you made it through the pandemic after a big moment to celebrate. how are you feeling on memorial day? >> feeling sunny. it is awesome up here and we are glad things are shifting. the staff is ready to rock. >> reporter: you like a return to normal? >> the last year and a half, to see where we came from and where we are now and we are excited for a busy summer and lots of guests and people enjoying themselves into being with their loved ones again. it is awesome. >> reporter: face weekend was an indication you're going to be booked solid with lots of business but also there are some staffing needs still. >> the industry is compromised, we went from famine to feast so it is hard to ramp up, get people trained for this, get people back in. a lot of people left the industry. >> reporter: hopefully getting more people back to work this
11:48 am
summer because by all accounts seems like the jersey shore is back to business, dropping the indoor mask mandate, losing the social distancing requirement, people can return to dancing inside, they have all the makings for a great memorial day weekend. stuart: dancing inside in new jersey? my goodness. there is a headline for you. good stuff, see you later and have a great weekend. stay there, everybody. on your screens, friday feedback next. ♪♪ that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you can close with more certainty. and twice as fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... or fedora shopping. talk to your broker. ten-x does the same thing,
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11:52 am
♪♪ it is only 12:30 ♪♪ but i don't care ♪♪ stuart: friday feedback, that is cape coral getting ready for the onslaught of visitors, 85 degrees in florida, susan is ready to go with friday feedback, first, it quack and the. when you say someone projects that a stock will hit $200 for example does that mean in this current year or in general? what it means is i should be
11:53 am
doing my job. if someone said the stock will go to $250 i should say when does it hit $250? we would be negligent. >> 12 month guidance is pretty typical average on wall street. stuart: not to guests on the program but wall street guys give a timeframe. we should insist on a timeframe. there is a good answer. fill right this. stew does and elon musk be down. i bring on a musk interview live on varney. you think i could handle a musk interview? >> he is in an predictable guy, not the most pleasant in interviews. he could shut it down right away. stuart: he might sit there and smoke weed. what what i do? >> you are pretty charming. stuart: this comes from gary who writes the following, i said to share with use of this
11:54 am
week from fort lauderdale to portland, oregon can all the flights were packed without a single open seat, regular tsa lines 15 to 20 minutes, it was nice to see people out and about, let's ditch the masks. you will see a lot of this this weekend. >> 1.8 million already and i was trying to book a flight to miami. they are expensive and packed right now. so are the hotel costs. stuart: next case cutshall but it is chuck hunting, outstanding lately. the subjects, i have been playing a lot of beatles, rolling stones, what is your favorite music? >> gangster rap. what do you think? stuart: i don't believe it. you say that with a straight face. >> what about marky market? stuart: fabulous music.
11:55 am
russell ricky writes this. don't ever spoil a movie by giving out the ending, at least don't do it without saying spoiler alert. when i realized what you were doing i put my fingers in my years and started humming to myself. fortunately i missed most of the spoiler. the gentleman russell is referring to by giving out the ending of crazy rich asians, a movie i loved. earlier today i told everybody how the thing ended. >> i did the same with top gun but it has been around for 30 years, don't think i ruined it for everybody. stuart: next time i promise spoiler alert if i give the ending of anything. jeff mccain, i'm finished link second year living alone teaching the university of mexico march 12, 2020, last time i was allowed to teach from the classroom. that was not zoom. watching varney each morning has been my only guarantee for laughs, smile and think in the absence of a password. we try to enjoy life, don't we? >> we tend to have fun here. it is all joyful harmless banter. stuart: whatever you say.
11:56 am
>> we like each other at the end of the day. stuart: we get along fine and dandy. >> you are not picking on me. stuart: never pick on you. friday trivia question. what year did memorial day become a federal holiday? the answer when we come back. my credit card debt. i needed just one simple way to pay it all off. it was an easy decision to apply with sofi loans, just based on the interest rate and how much i would be saving. there was only one that stood out and one that actually made sense and that was sofi personal loans. it felt so freeing. i felt like i was finally out of this neverending trap of interest and payments and debt. ♪♪
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stuart: here was the question, what year did memorial day become a federal holiday e? and the answer is 1971. the holiday dates back to 1866
12:00 pm
when may 30th was declared decoration day honoring fallen civil war soldiers. in 1971 it was the act of congress which established the last monday in may as memorial day. and that's what it is. may 31st, memorial day. my time is up, but susan and i had a real good time this week next to each other in the studio. time's up, susan. neil, it's yours. neil: all right. thank you very much, and susan as well. all right, it's been an up day, of course, it's looking like an up week and looking like it will be an up month. but you're looking at the great reopening acrosses the country. all of these regions are almost fully open. so they are expecting full-sized crowds. no distancing measures, no restrictions in effect, the kinds of things you saw at the height of covid. some places taking a


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